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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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ot publicly that there is indeed at least one more american hostage being held in that region. some hoping that means the effort to defeat isil will step up dramatically now. prayers for kayla mueller's return now replaced with piles of flowers. the mueller family sharing an emotional letter she wrote her parents last year. >> she wrote -- "i have to come to see there's good in every situation. sometimes we just have to look for it. and right now, that's what we're all trying to do. >> while president obama vowed to find those responsible, the white house revealed there is at least one other american held captive. >> we have avoided discussing the individual cases of americans who are being held hostage. but we are aware of other american hostages being held in the region. >> the united arab emirates that grounded its fighter jets after the capture and eventual killing of jordan's pilot returned to the skies today. and here at home congress is one step closer to debating the
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scale of this war. >> somebody's got to go in on the ground in syria. i am convinced that we'll have to be part of that force. >> the white house today briefed senate democrats on the president's proposal for a formal authorization but congressman van holland of maryland told me today it could be a long debate adding on newstalk, there must be specific limits on what u.s. troops will do and where. >> if what ends up being proposed is something that is a wide open blank check that allows that kind of unlimited use of u.s. force without further congressional action, then i will not support it. >> now, to stress he and many others support the idea of an authorization and a limit on how long that allowance is good for. the president is going to reveal that proposal more widely in the coming days. but many say it could be weeks before congress can agree if it does on those terms. maureen? >> thank you, scott. developing out of prince george's county. the maryland state highway
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administration is investigating after a piece of concrete fell from an overpass bridge in forestville. it happened this afternoon. one driver was evaluated but not seriously hurt. we have a crew on the scene. we'll bring you updates as they are available. the man charged with abducting university of virginia student hannah graham is now charged with her murder. a grand jury indicted jesse matthew on a first degree murder charge. because he is not accused of capital murder matthew will not face the death penalty, if convicted. graham was last seen leaving a charlottesville bar with matthew last september. her body was found in albemarle county a month later. tonight, we're waiting on a decision in the trial centered around d.c. police use of escorts for celebrities and the demotion of a police commander. and the question is what did chief kathy lanier know about the escort? d.c. bureaf sam ford has been covering this case and he's live at superior court with
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what's at stake. sam? >> maureen, it's the third week of this trial. and this morning, the jury heard closing arguments in the case with one side saying that the plaintiff, captain hilton burton is the victim of a smear campaign launched by the police chief while the other side said he is just a disgruntled employee trying to appear to be a whistle blower against the chief. >> in today's session, j chief kathy lanier in court was d.c.'s newly elected attorney general karl racine. >> lending support to my colleagues and the chief in this case. >> the case boils down to this. was hilton burton demoted because he was incompetent as the chief says? or was it retaliation for his disagreeing with the chief in front of the city council on the issue of police escorting actor charlie sheen blew into a media story? in closing today, burton's attorney again said numerous celebrities were escorted by d.c. police routinely and chief
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lanier's claim that they weren't routine was not true. there was no policy on escorts he told the jury saying chief lanier lied and expected burton to also lie to preserve her reputation. he says when burton refused -- the chief and co-defendant assistant chief lamar green launched a smear campaign against burton. city lawyer steve anderson representing the chief portrayed burton as a reckless commander whose actions might have cost lives in two barricades. who wouldn't obey orders. he has contempt for his boss, says anderson. he thinks he's smarter than chief green. the lawyer reminded jurors that chief lanier could have fired burton for the e-mail sexting of several women back in 2007 but did not. and the jurors begin their deliberations late this afternoon. they did not finish. they will be back in the morning. if burton wins he is seeking restoration of his rank to commander and punitive damages. reporting live from d.c. superior court, sam ford, abc 7
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news. >> it was cold today. but it's going to be downright frigid later this week. abc 7 chief meteorologist doug hill has a first look at the forecast. doug? >> hey, maureen, two very strong arctic cold fronts. one will come through on thursday and another on saturday. not too terrible out there, clearing skies. getting a look a dealing with around the area. temperatures above freezing in most areas. 37 in frederick and quantico. 37 degrees right now in annapolis as well. through the overnight, we'll continue to be cleared out from north to south. the breezes will diminish and we'll have an average overnight temperature of 28 degrees, maybe as cloe as 23 or 24 in some outlying areas from the city and then through the day tomorrow bright sunny day and a few clouds. temperatures will warm to near 41 by lunch time. that's your wednesday weather and then thursday arctic cold front number one comes to town. we'll tell you the effects and how long the cold air will stick around in the forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, doug. a new indictment in the vicious
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attack of a couple in landsdowne. anthony roberts was indicted today on several counts including capital murder and robbery. the attack on william and cynthia bennett happened in 2009 while the couple was taking a walk. roberts is in custody on unrelated charges. the virginia general assembly has passed medical marijuana legislation. the bill allows the use of two derivatives of the marijuana plant for treating severe epilepsy the first effective medical marijuana legislation to win approval in virginia according to the house sponsor. next 6:00 rather new at 6:00, a new development and hundreds of new jobs coming to our area. proctor & gamble announced it's building a manufacturing plant in berkeley county west virginia. it's only the second the company has built since 1971. proctor & gamble expects to create 700 permanent jobs. next at 6:00 a devastating loss
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in anne arundel county. hear from the pastor who lost his wife and child in an early morning fire. next at 6:00.
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>> a community in anne arundel county is mourning the death of three people in a house fire. lettitia sinnah and her
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17-year-old sun sundima died when flames ripped through their brooklyn park home this morning. and neighbor chris rickman died trying to save them. a loved one spoke about the frantic scene as lettitia raced back inside to save her son and rickman bolted in to help. >> when he came out, i told them three people are there and they died just to save my family. >> died to try to save somebody and my son will always be a hero. >> sinnah's older son survived and along with his father. no word of the cause of the fire. happening now in montgomery county, police are looking for the driver who slammed into the state trooper and then took off. it happened early saturday morning on 495 in silver spring. the trooper was standing on the passenger's side of a car at the time. no one was injured. the vehicle may have damage to the right passenger's side. if you have information, maryland state police want to talk to you. 7 is on your side with a
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consumer alert. home depot announces it's adding tens of thousands of jobs ahead of the busiest time of the year. it plans to hire 80,000 part-time and seasonal workers. the jobs include cashiers, sales associates and filling on-line orders. and car max is hiring as well. they plan to hire 2100 part and full-time jobs. richmond based company says its position includes sales, service, purchasing and the business office work. for more information about the application process, check out our website, next at 6:00 a first of its kind training is happening now. what metro is doing to make sure its workers are prepared. and frigid temperatures are headed our way. what you need to plan for this week in doug's full forecast next. >> two local teams ready to play big time games tonight with post-season implications and i have the very latest and john wall notifies the nba he is
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changing his all star weekend schedule. i've got that as well. as abc 7 news at 6:00 continues. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the
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as a small business owner you wouldn't deliver just half of what you have to offer to your customers. so why are you settling for half-fast internet? only verizon fios comes with speedmatch-- upload speeds as fast as your download speeds so files go out in a snap. call today to get $200 back when you switch to fios internet and phone for just $99.99 a month with a 2-year agreement and get $200 back. just call 1.888.774.4418 today. >> new at 6:00 in the days and
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weeks following the deadly metro smoke incident accusations surfaced that metro workers were not trained to respond properly. now, that's changing. metro announces specialized training is happening now. stephen tschida takes us inside the operations. >> they fill a metro tunnel with fake smoke. the idea -- to re-create the type of situation that left a woman dead on a halted metro train last month. >> visibility can be very very limited in here. >> but it isn't just in the vision the training facility aims to re-create. there's fake fire and doors that need to be broken down or through. it has the emergency call box that you see in stations located under the blue lights. >> telephone is to contact the control center and the red button is taken down for power. >> these are actual metro rail cars that were involved in an accident back in 1996. now, the whole design here is intended to give first
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responders a realistic experience. >> this really simulates the environment that they're going to work in god forbid during an emergency incident. >> a train car here tilts to give those undergoing training an opportunity to test their footing in a car that has rolled. there's emphasis on dealing with the third rail. the electrified line that powers metro rail cars. >> this is a warning device to let you know it's been re-energized. >> hundreds of responders mostly from the regional fire police and other law enforcement agencies come here for experience. as far as why metro opened its facility to the media today, apparently to give the public a message. >> just a reminder to the region that there's a whole lot of resources here for them. >> and some reassurance for metro passengers. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> maryland senator barbara mikulski wants all firefighters in the d.c. area trained to respond to an emergency on metro. mikulski sent a letter to the metropolitan washington council
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of government requesting mandatory training right now training between metro and fire departments in virginia and maryland is voluntary. now to boston where there are fears of growing collapses. several roofs have already caved in under the weight of several feet of snow. authorities say older buildings and those with flat roofs are particularly vulnerable. the governor today activated the national guard to help with snow removal. to make matters worse more snow is in the forecast for the boston area later this week. poor people! >> was it like that when you were in college up there? not that crazy stuff? >> campus is shut down. they still trudge across campus. >> yeah. >> there you go. well, we're not going to get anything like that. we're going to get some very cold winds and cold air in here with two arctic cold fronts. two for the price of one. this is in leesburg. and through the day they tried to brighten up a little bit.
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many areas got into the blue skies and sunshine. this part of leesburg did not. but you'll do a lot better out there and farther west into the valley tomorrow. a lot more sunshine and comfortable temperatures. now, here are the numbers. and excuse me while the old guy walks in front of them and turns around. numbers are running in the mid 30's now. pretty comfortable for washington chevy chase and landover, still. the chills not that much different. that shows the winds are very light outside. through the day today, we managed a high of 40 degrees. average high is up to 46. morning low 33. not bad. next couple of days statistical statistically will be very, very nice. tomorrow 43 45 in that range. where we stand in the mid 30's fairly comfortable. we'll bounce back in the 40's tomorrow because of the little disturbance that caused the iciness have moved off shore and the whole bunch of low pressure that's reforming will swing out to sea. boston would normally get a break from this system. they have two more systems to watch.
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another friday and one into sunday where they get additional snowfall. our focus is the two big fronts that are headed this way. first batch of cold air ahead of the front. just that. that's why we're able to recover into the 40's tomorrow. on wednesday, the first front comes through. before it arrives, we may get into the 40's for a while through late morning. then the cold air surges in the afternoon. maybe a few sprinkles and maybe a few flurries colder and strong northwesterly winds. as we get into friday bitterly cold. as we get into the weekend, the second cold front comes through. this one is even stronger and this one will really put a hurting on it as far as discomfort when you're outside through late saturday and sunday because that front is really going to bring in the second and even stronger blast of cold air as you'll see in the seven-day outlook, temperatures will have a hard time rising through the day on sunday. tomorrow, 46 and partly cloudy. that's a nice february day. as we go forward, check it out for the next seven. on thursday increasing cloudiness becoming breezy. 47 possibly before the colder
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temperatures and sprinkles and flurries late in the day. very cold friday. saturday, stronger cold front arriving with a 40% chance of snow showers or flurries. gusty winds and falling temperatures. 23 is the forecast high for downtown on sunday. maybe only near 20 in other areas with gusty winds. staying cold through monday and again through tuesday. maureen? >> thank you so much. this might make you warm. someone is going to win almost half a million dollars. well half a billion dollars, actually. the powerball jackpot has now grown to $485 million. that is the fifth largest lottery prize ever. if the winner chooses the cash value, they will take home $327 million. the drawing is tomorrow night. that will warm you up. >> you got to meet them halfway. you have to buy a ticket. >> certainly do. >> that's the easy part. >> absolutely. >> what's going on with john wall? >> big big weekend. john wall tells the nba he wi
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cut back his all star weekend duties. fridge steps back at rutgers and the maryland women and georgetown men. both in huge games. and i'll have a preview coming up next in sports.xñaó5ñ
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>> let's start with women's basketball because there is a huge game tonight in college park. pick up the kids, buy some hot
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dogs as rutgers at maryland tonight. this is a fantastic matchup. great entertainment for the family. rutgers has won six games in a row and hasn't lost since maryland beat them january 15th. hold on the lady terrapins have won 15 straight and trying to become the first big 10 team to run the table since the 1980s. this is a classic offense vs. defense matchup in college park. >> it's been a lot of hard work and i don't think anyone could have envisioned, you know being fifth in the country at this point after how much we lost with the three starters and five seniors fortunately -- i mean every game is a battle and fight. we've loved every moment of it. >> brenda freeze from the university of maryland. georgetown men play in seton hall and this is a critical stretch run towards march madness. trying to change the momentum and create a new narrative for the selection committee. the hoyas have lost two in a row. three of their last four. g men have dropped out of the top 25 with six games remaining. this is a monster game for both
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teams tonight. now hear this with one game left before the all star break washington all star john wall has pulled out of saturday's skills challenge matchup before -- because of his sore ankle. smart decision. john loves this event, did well last year. he is out this weekend although he will play on sunday in the all star game. unlike football where the ball has to touch the goal line, in hockey the puck has to get completely over the red line. goalie mike smith of the arizona coyotes with the save of the night. the escape of the night. no goal. lose this comes. you have to be able to see white once it crosses the line. you never did. that was the game saver and that is our save of the night. save of the week. let me take you to austria. high above innsbruck, the skeleton event and somebody left a broom on the track. this could have killed her. the boom of the broom put her in the wall.
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i bet she flew off the handle when she was done. sorry. former maryland head football coach is stepping down as offensive coordinator at rutgers. instead, he will be a special consultant to an assistant head coach to kyle flood. come on. get it. flew off the handle? >> get it out of your system. >> swept you. swept together. sorry. >> all right. i'll do this. take a look at temperatures early in the morning, it will be in the 20's in the suburban areas and maybe 30's downtown and through the day tomorrow. it will be nice. hit the mid 40's with partly cloudy skies. with them, the big arctic front comes through. the first of two on thursday. we'll have the latest in the effects of those two and the timing of the cold fronts when they join us tonight. >> trying to whisk me away. >> security? >> "world news tonight" coming up next. have a good night.
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the breaking news this tuesday night on that young american woman held hostage. the letter to her parents revealed. the details she shared with her family. was she given away as a bride? and tonight, word isis e-mailed her parents. the new storm coming. the national guard called in. families taking pictures through their windows. snow higher than the first floor. the mshlg landing. the plane with no nose gear. passengers racing off. american sniper. the trial tonight. the suspect and the photos we had never seen before. and, we hear from chris kyle's wife. and tonight, our oscar series "the contenders." >> i'm batman. >> batman turned birdman. one-on-one with michael keaton and what he reveals, right here tonight. good evening. an


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