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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  February 11, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> and that breaking news this noon, the jury has reached a verdict in the d.c. whistle blower lawsuit. >> that trial centers around an escort for celebrities, demotion of the police commander and what chief kathy lanier knew about all of this. live at superior court this noon with the decision sam? >> jummy, it was a big win for chief lanier and a big loss for
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the police captain, hilton burton who sued her claiming that she retaliated against him for testifying truthfully before the d.c. city council. the trial revolved around the council inquiry into police escorts of celebrities like actor charlie sheen and whether police did such escorts routinely as burton claimed or rarely as the chief claimed. lanier portrayed burton as a disgruntled employee whose ins competence caused her to demote him and remove as head of special operations. she noted she removed him once again for sening sexting to female employees. he did not show up today. >> i believe the chief had lied to you and i still believe that. my attorney and i will testify before god he has put on the best case possible and presented
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evidence that in our eyes was concrete. jury didn't agree with that. i have to respect that. >> there were eight members of this civil jury. one woman and seven men. in addition to chief lanier being cleared, assistant chief lamar green who was also a defendant was cleared by this verdict. reporting live from d.c. superior court, sam ford. abc 7 news. >> new at noon a little league baseball scandal. the league stripped chicago's jackie robinson west the league team of that national title today. the organization said the team falsified its boundary map so kids from the suburbs who didn't qualify for the team could play with the team. the league suspended the team manager daryl butler. officials say they were trying to build a "super team." jackie robinson west was the first all african-american team to win the championship. as a result of today's decision the u.s. title now goes to mountain ridge little league from las vegas. in other sports news now
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basketball analyst greg anthony appeared in a d.c. today. last month, abc 7 broke that story of his arrest for soliciting a prostitute at a d.c. hotel. our john gonzalez is live from the courtroom this noon with why he'll only get community service. john? >> good afternoon. and earlier today, he walked out the front doors here at d.c. superior court and tried to avoid our cameras right here and jumped into an s.u.v. on indiana avenue. well known basketball analyst greg anthony who pleaded not guilty earlier this month to the charge of soliciting a prosually agreed with the prosecution with what is called a deferred prosecution agreement. essentially what that means is that the government here in d.c. will drop the charge of solicitation only after anthony completes 32 hours of community service. our cameras were rolling outside when anthony walked out of the courthouse with his atrneys. he was wearing a gray blazer and
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jeans. they had no comment. now, the 47-year-old did issue a statement after his arrest calling his actions a "lapse of judgment." court documents show anthony responded to an on-line escort ad that was posted by undercover detectives here in d.c. he was arrested at the doubletree in -- the doubletree hilton on rhode island avenue in northwest. he must now stay away from that area and prosecutors have agreed to allow him to serve that community service in florida yes lives. he must do it within the next four months. anthony, we can tell you that he was here in the area last month to cover the maryland terrapins. he has been suspended by cbs and turner sports. reporting outside of the d.c. superior courthouse john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> high rise scare in montgomery county this noon. three workers are now safely back on the ground after being suspended nearly 125 feet in the air. authorities say scaffolding collapsed at a building on
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rockledge drive in bethesda. three workers were near the 13th floor at the time. crews were able to secure them and get them to a roof. no one was hurt. >> developing now, police are investigating a deadly crash involving an s.u.v. and a school bus in frederick county. authorities say the bus was stopped at old middletown road between bussard road and colebrook lane. the s.u.v. driver was killed and the bus driver suffered minor injuries. there was one student on the bus who was not hurt. it's not clear yet exactly what caused this crash. officials are back out at the scene of a prince george's county bridge this noon after crumbling chunks of concrete fell on to a woman's car. it happened last night on the 495 overpass at suitland parkway and luckily, the woman got away unharmed. jeanette reyes is live now with an update on the repairs and what officials are still saying about the safety of the bridge this noon.
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jeanette? >> autria crews have been here for several hours now. take a live look behind me. you have one on each side shutting down the outer lanes. here's a look at the second team here. you can, in fact see them. they're actually knocking down that loose concrete and proxy over this overpass bridge. this comes after a chunk of debris crashed on to katherine dean. katherine dean's windshield yesterday afternoon as she was driving here on suitland road. dean was uninjured. we did some digging into the history of this bridge and it turns out nearly a year ago, it was one of 80 others rated structurally deficient. maryland state highway administration says it doesn't mean that the bridge is unsafe but it does need some work. take a listen to what some drivers we talked to had to say. >> whenever i get to a bridge i always look up. there's so much construction and stuff that needs to be done and when they start doing it they'll take forever. but what really really there's
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something that is to be checked on people are not doing their job. >> and i did talk to officials and they tell me this is simply remedial work. they are saying that much. this is a band-aid on a serious problem that officials are working to address. this bridge according to highway officials, is old and needs to be actually completely replaced. they actually have a model, a design they are currently working on. i wasn't given a time frame on when exactly that design will be completed and this bridge will be replaced. but they are saying what they're doing now will keep drivers safe in the meantime. reporting live, jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. >> enjoy the calm and even sunny weather today. the cold air is a coming and chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look at the first forecast. doug cold one out there. >> it is. we'll warm up nicely this afternoon into the 40's. still in the 30's right now. take a look at live image for you right now on our weather bug network. down the river at bell haven country club in alexandria 38
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degrees. look at how blue the skies are. absolutely beautiful. head to the 40's later on. already in the 40 degree mark at reagan national. upper 30's elsewhere. winds not a factor today. temperatures will climb to about 45 by mid afternoon. we'll see a couple of clouds tonight. temperatures will be seasonal through the overnight hours as well. and then through the overnight as clouds move and southeasterly winds kick in a bit, that will keep temperatures comfortable and overnight low of 31 degrees. as we get through the day tomorrow, that blue thing and cold front representation comes in. it's an arctic front. you will feel it. you will hear it. and it's going to control our weather for a while and when we're finished with that front, there's another one coming here on that saturday that's even stronger. a lot month talk about coming up in a couple of minutes, jummy. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser announced a big change to the city's system of encrypting radio communications. officials blame changes to the settings for radio failure among firefighters and paramedics during last month's deadly smoke
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incident at l'enfant plaza. firefighters dispute the claim. mayor bowser says unencrypted channels will be used for standard operations. encrypted channels will be for events with sensitive communication. transportation safety board officials will talk about that smoke incident investigation today. this in front of the washington council of governments who will also get an update on metro's emergency procedures. carol glover of alexandria was killed and 80 othero hospitals with smoke inhalation after an electric malfunction on the yellow line. police are investigating a homicide in an upscale hotel in downtown d.c. police say the man was stabbed to death. they found his body at the donovan hotel just after 11:00 yesterday morning. police have not released his name and so far, no arrests have been made. opening statements will begin today in the trial of a former marine charged in the shooting death of chris kyle. kyle was a former navy seal depicted in the movie "american sniper." eddie ray ralph is accused of
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gunning down kyle and a friend two years ago at a gun range in texas. his family says he suffers from ptsd. ralph faces life in prison if he's convicted. a push this noon in the fight against isil with president obama now saying the time for military force. he sent a letter to congress just hours ago looking for three years authorization to deploy limited troops in the middle east. the president said that if left unchecked, the terror group could pose a threat to u.s. homeland. you can read his full letter to congress on our website. go to in the meantime, around the world, russian president vladimir putin will fly to minsk for peace talks for that crisis in ukraine. it comes as fighting in eastern ukraine seems to be ramping up. three people were killed overnight after shelling rocked a bus station in the rebel stronghold. 19 ukrainian soldiers have been killed in just the past 24 hours. 10 transasia airways pilots have been suspended for failing a
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proficiency test. it comes a week after one of the airlines' planes crashed. it was caught on dash cam video. the suspended pilots failed the oral exam on handling emergency situations. the pilots of the crashed plane reportedly shouldn't have shut out the second engine when the other one went idle shortly after takeoff. coming up on abc 7 news at noon awaiting test results. what officials are telling us about a suspected case of measles in the area. >> what scientists discovered aurnd under the earth in virginia. >> the new advice that could have you rethinking your diet. >> get ready for an arctic blast. doug is back with when the chilling weather will arrive and how low the thermometer will go next.
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>> we are waiting for word this afternoon about a possible case of measles here in our area. the fairfax county health department is monitoring an individual with measles symptoms and as mike conneen tells us health officials are looking for anyone else who may have had contact with this patient. >> health officials are awaiting test results that will identify whether or not an unidentified patient is sick with measles. there are more than 120 confirmed cases in 17 states and the district of columbia. if this fairfax test comes back positive, virginia would be the 18th state with the confirmed case. even that possibility has parents of young children in particular feeling anxious. >> they're young and their buddies not full of immunity to fight anything. >> as the health department
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waits for the lab results, the communicable disease unit made up of doctors, nurses and epidemiologyists is reaching out to individuals and businesses that may have interacted with possible measles patients. they're assessing their risk whether or not they've been vaccinated for this disease. >> everybody should have their children inoculated. >> the c.d.c. estimates that 92.8% of children have been vaccinated against measles. in d.c. the number is about 96.2% and in maryland it's 95.3%. but virginia is below the national average at 88.6%. >> risks are minimal compared to you know getting the measles or any of those really you know scary diseases. >> doctors say measles symptoms include fever, runny nose and a cough and after a few days, a rash spreads over the entire body. >> if you can avoid it you should get it -- >> they are not saying where the person with suspected measles lives. only that the individual is self-isolating at home. in fairfax, mike conneen, abc 7
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news. >> the u.s. is preparing to withdraw nearly all of its troops fighting the ebola virus in west africa as cases continue to decline. of the 2800 troops that the u.s. deployed, only 100 will remain in west africa after april 30th. president obama is meeting with ebola responders and he will give an update on the administration administration's next steps this afternoon. >> vice president biden host eded purple medal honors the highest achievement for a public safety officer. 22 officers and firefighters received the award including two officers who responded to the 2012 sikh temple shooting in wisconsin and seven others who got into a shootout with the boston bombing suspect. aftershocks from the 2011 virginia earthquake have helped scientists identify a previously
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unknown fault zone. the research marked one of the few times in the eastern united states that a fault zone on which a magnitude five or more earthquake occurred was clearly established by aftershocks. research by the u.s. geological survey along with its partners and collaborators defined the newly recognized fault zone that's been named the quail fault zone. >> all right. well, you can tell that video is not from today. it's nice and sunny and green out there. >> beautiful out there. still chilly side in the 30's. it's not going to last. we're going to tell you several days, had two big cold fronts coming. two for the price of one. give you twice the fun here. this is a look at centreville, virginia. cardinal ridge elementary school before sunrise. watch the sun come up. you'll see it. you won't see the sunrise. we went right from the sunrise to the seven day. how did that happen? the weather center will fix all things. there you go. let's try it again.
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that was your tv by the way, i've been informed that was not our mistake. that was a mistake on your television at home. so here comes the sun up. bright and early on a wednesday morning. clear skies. sunshine. cold start. but temperatures will climb quickly here into the 40's this afternoon. but tomorrow temperatures will go the other way. all due to this first two cold fronts we've been talking. right now, 40 at reagan national. 39 at quantico. gaithersburg at 37. 37 degrees in baltimore right now. we'll add five six, seven degrees to the temperatures this afternoon. it's colder to the north. that cold air will stay in place. that cold air is way out here. this cold front, arctic front is moving through the upper mississippi valley. it will be a little bit of a lag. the cold front will come through tomorrow morning but "entertainment tonight" several hours for the cold air to catch up with the service. and the blast arrives in the afternoon and the winds will pick up. could be a flurry or two coming in. temperatures will start to fall. and then we'll repeat the process even stronger way on saturday afternoon from that second front and the high
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pressure will move in and wind up giving us lots of sunshine for the day on friday. saturday, here comes cold front number two. better chance of snow showers with that one. these are future wind chills from our computer models. watch how the chills drop. by 1:00 in the afternoon, it will feel like 17 to 21 degrees around town. wind chills will drop into the single digits as we get into late friday and saturday. as the winds diminish we'll see a little bit improvement in the wind chills. they won't be that much of the future here. they'll reflect more of the air temperatures as high pressure moves overhead. we'll repeat the process again. so our hour by hour, it will be fine today. turning gustier as we get through the day with temperatures eventually falling into the 30's and we'll put together the next seven days for you. these numbers are all over the place. this has been our story, the roller coaster ride on the thermometer. check out the numbers. we'll hit the 40's before the front arrives. we could see a snow flurry or two with gusty winds and falling temperatures in the afternoon. we'll hold in the 20's on friday. feel like it's in the teens and then we've got snow showers with the saturday
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cold front. we'll fall to the 30's. stay in the 20's on saturday at best. and then warm up slowly early next week. maybe rain or snow possible by next tuesday. >> oh, snow. >> i like the weather the seven days where it's seven sunshine symbols in a row and 80 degrees each day. that's what i want. >> bring that back. >> thank you. >> preaching to the choir, huh? >> absolutely. bring that back. thank you, doug. coming up on abc 7 news at noon a new panel recommendation could change your breakfast plans. and the fallout continues for nbc anchor brian williams. latest move by the network and what it means for his future. you guys can just leave your coats right over here. wow. your bedroom is amazing. oh, thanks. we worked with a designer from havertys. total refresh. oh, i cannot believe people. what? covering up your new bed like that.
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>> leading man sidelined. nightly news anchor brian will wramz -- williams is suspended for six months without pay. nbc's c.e.o. calls his actions inexcusable and says a full investigation is now under way. lester holt will now take over "the nightly news" while williams serves out his suspension. eggs may be back. an influential federal panel is expected to recommend scrapping that warning about high cholesterol food. the group is now saying dietary cholesterol found in foods like eggs, shrimp and lobster isn't quite as bad for you as once thought. they found high levels of cholesterol which have been linked to heart disease may be more to do with genetics than what you're eating. the guidelines are not approved yet but appears that they will be soon. last night, abc 7 reporter jennifer donelan was presented with the prestigious red dress
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award from "women's day" magazine, happened at the lincoln center in new york city. jennifer suffered a heart attack four years ago at the age of 36. she went public with her story in hopes of saving other women from the number one killer. tonight, jennifer and the abc 7 "7 on your side" team with a critical two hours of television aimed at saving women from the number one killer. heart disease. you'll hear from three women who all within the past six months suffered heart attacks. all of the women are in their 40's and are sharing their stories of survival. also tonight, starting at 4:30, we open our phone lines in the help center. leading cardiologist and heart expert from hospitals and organizations across the metro area will be here and will be taking your calls. >> the temperature going on a roller coaster ride this week. >> doug is back with what the rest of the week will look like next. stay with us.
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