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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> first tonight, an arctic blast is bringing dangerously cold and windy conditions to our area. chief meteorologist doug hill is in the weather center with this winter weather alert. doug? >> temperatures now in the 30's outside the belfort furniture weather center. later tonight, they'll drop into the single numbers to teens. quite a few jurisdictions under wind chill advisories from 7:00 tonight until 10:00 tomorrow morning north and west of the city and through the northern neck and the eastern shore as temperatures fall tonight and the winds pick up wind chills will drop now. in allegheny county maryland already down to 12 degrees with the wind chill at 2 below. 28 in germantown and the wind chill in the teens and those values will continue to drop off through the evening hours. in fact, right now, wind chills ho7 in gaithersburg. still feels like 31 near andrews but that will all change in the overnight as we drop between 7 and 17 and have wake-up wind chills at or slightly below zero.
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more coming up maureen. >> thank you, doug. to the developing story of an attempted holdup of an armored truck that left a suspect wounded. police say a guard opened fire on the suspects when they tried to rob the dunbar armored truck in the parking lot at eastern marketplace plaza in chantilly. one suspect was hit. both fled. fairfax county police found the suspects a short time later on the fairfax county parkway, one was arrested and the other has been hospitalized. no word on their identities at this time. new at 6:00 a stunning new look at the scope of the investigation into rabbi barry freundale. we've learned he's accused of secretly videotaping more than 150 nude women at a ritual bath at kesher israel synagogue in georgetown. these are the first specifics prosecutors have given on his alleged behavior. when they charged him with voyeurism late last year based on the recordings of six women but claim more have been filmed.
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one of the students tells abc news, she may have been a victim. >> we're getting an up close tonight for the first time at the burns components that sent smoke into a metro tunnel and train. the incident at the l'enfant plaza station killed one woman and injured 80 other passengers. as rebecca cooper reports, this comes as ntsb investigators urge metro to improve the way it deals with smoke. >> they are crucial clues to metro's deadly january fire. a series of electrical cables and the cover for the third rail. all carefully stored in a basement of ntsb's headquarters at l'enfant plaza. the very metro stop where the accident occurred. riders say they have no choice but to use metro while the investigation continues. >> it's very disturbing to me. i'm very nervous. and try not to think about it. >> a preliminary ntsb report issued in days after is
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so-called arcing as the source of the fire. investigators want to know why these sparked all through the third rail tunnel. it came where two came together. >> in findings yesterday, ntsb investigators revealed that they were using fans that supposed to clear out some of the smoke. >> rather than using two crucial fans to suck smoke out of the tunnel, the fans were turned inward. causing the smoke to be further pulled in. choking the passengers those fans were supposed to help safe. -- save. >> leon and maureen, at a hearing today, the subject of safety came up briefly. ntsb investigators say it's going to be several months
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before they can issue a final report telling riders what they think happened. rebecca cooper abc 7 news. >> it helped to push the board's proposal to table an increase of fares while cutting service. metro is trying to close a projected $46 million budget shortfall in the coming year. the finance committee chairman is asking board members to find the ways to increase revenue without raising fares or cutting service. by an overwhelming margin the senate has confirmed president obama's choice to run the pentagon. the votes was 93-5 in favor of ashton carter's nomination as secretary of defense. carter a former assistant secretary of defense will replace chuck hagle. he'll become president obama's fourth defense secretary in six years. you are not forgotten. are the words from
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president obama today as he signed legislation to help bring an end to a suicide epidemic among military service members and veterans. abc 7's senior political reporter scott thuman explains the legislation and the marine who inspired it. >> maybe if i share my story, i can help somebody else in need and continue the legacy of my best friend. >> abbey's story is a difficult one to tell. after getting home from iraq, one of her navy colleagues almost immediately hanged himself. >> and then my best friend j.b. passed away in march, just two months later. also from suicide. it was the most horrifying thing when the police call at 2:00 a.m. to tell you that he's dead. >> that is why she and thousands of other veterans began a different battle. one on capitol hill to pass the clay hunt save act named after a marine who served in iraq in afghanistan, been through the
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worst and upon returning home sought help. after waiting lists and lack of personal attention could no longer handle it. he, too, killed himself. >> it is too late for clay. but we can help. we can save the other vets. >> so together they pushed for a one stop website for all the resources they'd need. a program paying off loans of psychiatric students who commit to working with veterans. a peer support program and annual review of the system for suicide prevention. the bill and its roughly $22 million price tag passed in a rare moment of washington agreement. >> will not bring clay back as much as we wish it would. the reforms it puts in place would have helped. >> and today with clay's parents beside the president and abbey in the audience a significant overwhelming reason to smile. >> it makes me so happy because i know i've done something a little bit. >> scott thuman abc 7 news.
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>> thank you scott. a former navy seal who made headlines when she announced she is transgendered is running for congress. christian beck has filed paperwork to challenge long time congressman steny hoyer in next year's democratic primary. hoyer has represented maryland's fifth district for 34 years. abc news brought you beck's story in 2013 when she came out as a way to lobby for the rights of transgender people. congressman hoyer says he'll work to earn his constituents' votes. senate minority leader harry reid is recovering after a second surgery to restore vision to his right eye. the long time nevada senator seriously injured that eye in an exercise equipment accident on new year's day. reid's office said he hopes to return to work after next week's recess. still ahead at 6:00 confusion for drivers when speed limit signs change without warning. why those in charge of the signs say they were also in the dark.
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first, a peace deal between russia and ukraine. why the violence i
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>> the white house says a proposed peace deal could be a significant step towards resolving the conflict between russia and ukraine. the leaders of russia ukraine france and germany announced the agreement today. ukraine would give its eastern
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region broad autonomy in exchange for control of its russian border. however, ukraine's president objected to the timing of today's cease-fire. he wants it to begin immediately. russian leaders want it to begin this coming weekend. well tempers were hot inside the ukrainian parliament today, as you can see, they weren't fighting over the deal with russia but on anti-corruption legislation. the fight between these two members of parliament lasted about 30 seconds before they were separated. the final steppingstone for democratic presidential hopefuls in 2016 will be in the city of brotherly love. democratic national committee chair debbie wasserman-schultz made the announcement by talk a philadelphia cheese steak out of her refrigerator in an on-line video. the convention will be held the week of july 25th in philadelphia.
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that's one week after the republican national convention that will be held in cleveland. sorry, philadelphia fans. i met cheesesteak. not cheesecake. up next on abc 7 news at 6:00 -- >> roller coaster speed limit. missing traffic signs. what is going on in dale city. well, the solution. very simple. we'll explain. live report coming up. >> and bracing for the bitter cold. how cold things will get tonight and when we'll see wind chills below zero. >> coming up in sports the caps show us how the west is won. will there be r.g. 4? the redskins quarterback makes a big announcement while the maryland terrapins make a big statement and wait until you hear what mark turgeon says as abc 7 news at
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>> answers tonight in a mystery that confused drivers on a busy roadway. it started when speed limit signs changed without warning on dale boulevard in dale city over the weekend. those signs were then covered with tarps. richard reeve is live tonight on what caused all the confusion. richard? >> yeah maureen, it's been a rough ride for folks along dale
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boulevard. just today, the speed limit is 45 miles an hour. last week it was 35. then this morning we got a report that some signs were stolen. well, turns out the answer is pretty simple. one section of vdot isn't talking to the other. in a busy vdot construction zone -- >> oh, ok. very confusing. >> drivers are venting over a traffic signage snafu. >> i'd rather just obey the law. >> just last week th speed limit abruptly dropped along this section of dale boulevard. >> no warning that had gone down from 45 to 35. so a lot of citizens were caught off guard. out vdot field crews saw the plans for this widening traffic signal project and changed the speed limit signs without telling the chief traffic engineer like they're supposed to. >> that affects not just people who are traveling but, you know people who want to obey the law. that's not ok. >> problem was vdot engineers
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decided the speed reduction wasn't necessary. so this weekend, the vdot crew removed the 35-mile-per-hour sign. sandwiched on top of 45-mile-per-hour sign. but they didn't tell field personnel. >> stole one of these metal signs and threw the thing off and took it? >> yeah. >> really? field crews put tarps in the 45-mile-per-hour sign. they thought the speed limit was supposed to be reduced. beside, these two signs were missing. >> yes, it would be confusing. because one would say something and the other would say something else. >> they are now on the same page. the speed limit will remain at 45 miles per hour until this project is completed sometime in the fall. live in dale city richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> thank you richard. clients of a virginia based dog training company thought service dogs they signed up for would be their saviors and for some they were.
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but others claim they ended up with nothing more than a pricey pet. tonight at 11:00, the abc 7 i-team digs into complaints from customers who signed contracts to pay as much as $20,000 for diabetes alert dogs. they claim in court they didn't get the training they were promised so the dogs didn't do what they hoped. >> to give my -- it's going to be ok. and it just -- it didn't work out like that. >> tonight at 11:00 the "7 on your side" i-team looks at the scientific claims by the company, its court battle and who else is investigating it. we have a bit of cold on the way. don't we? >> it's getting colder as we speak. will get very cold overnight and tomorrow and a much stronger arctic air mass comes in saturday night and sunday. let's get to the details. >> just in time for the weekend. dreaded wintry mix. >> i'll take the mix. this is just pure arctic air coming in here. we have a number of jurisdictions across the area
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that are under wind chill advisories from 7:00 tonight until 10:00 in the morning, parts of the eastern shore and many parts of maryland virginia and west virginia, wouldn't be surprised if a few more counties are added here because it is going to be dramatically different than it is this morning than during the day. temperatures dropped to 25 and in hagerstown 28 degrees at gaithersburg and look at the wind gusts we've had in the last hour or so. 28 at gaithersburg. 33 in hagerstown. 38-mile-per-hour gusts at reagan national airport. that gives you an idea of what we'll deal with tonight. all the while that will be blowing much much colder air around the area. wind chill is 24 at reagan national. 9 in hagerstown and those lower wind chill values will head our way as the temperatures drop and drop they will. we think by early tomorrow morning, the average wake-up temperature will be 14. that's calculated from a range of 7 to 17 through the early morning hours and wind chills close to or below zero in spots. temperatures to the north and
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west are even colder. 12 in pittsburgh now. that's the air mass that's moving in tonight and overnight. all due to this area of high pressure that's following the cold front. there's a second stronger arctic front that's going to be moving through the lower great lakes, the upper midwest, will arrive here late in the afternoon on saturday. before it arrives, we can hit the upper 30's on saturday afternoon. not bad. but then temperatures dramatically drop saturday night and sunday even stronger winds and even colder temperatures we'll have to deal with around the area as future wind chills show us through early tomorrow morning, these are some of the wind chills we can face. 1 below in the city. 2 below in frederick. 4 below in gaithersburg. add another 10 to 12 degrees below zero to that come the next outbreak. we're talking serious cold for our area. tomorrow, we'll start in the teens and hold in the 20's all day with gusty winds. as we head into the weekend, it all changes here with the strong winds developing late saturday and now, depending on when it arrives, 3:00 4:00, 5:00, rain shower but snow showers, temperatures drop rapidly on
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saturday night. sunday bitterly cold. highs in the teens. cold and sunny monday and it looks like increasing chances we may be dealing with some snow around many parts of our area come late tuesday and through the day on wednesday. is that enough good news for one weathercaster? >> don't need anymore good news like that. >> forecast like that that's cold, doug. >> what's going on with the terps? >> the black and red! they ride the red right out of maryland as the terps set up for the stretch run and the caps find their way through san jose and make it to l.a. for the next one.
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>> the ncaa basketball tournament starts in 33 days and the maryland win last night over indiana has them gaining stability in the eyes of the committee. they're ranked 19th in the a.p. the terps have six games left and they win saturday at penn state and i guarantee they'll move higher. then they had to hang on down the stretch and hope indiana's ferrell, sharpshooter had two chances to win the game. he ended with 28 points and mark turgeon didn't want him to get anymore! >> i was hoping he'd miss it you know. i'm like every other fan in the building saying miss! hope it goes off to the side. what a great game. are you kidding me? you guys get paid to sit there and write about this.
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>> wow indeed. 68-66 maryland. our play of the night. st. john's depaul. how about the st. john's defense to set up this. harrison at the other end with the finish. poor tommy hamilton never had a chance against sir dominick pointer. he says don't bring that stuff in here. a rim rodder. never had a chance. the perfect setup for deanglo harrison. what a block. for hockey fans the caps are making their february west coast swing. they've won four of their last five games. last night's win over san jose came late. late in the night and late in the game. overtime, ward gets a juicy rebound. it's off to l.a. the caps are now within two points of the pens. three of the islanders in the metro division. speaking of hockey how about this? rob gronkowski of the patriots super bowl honeymoon still in full swing. at the florida everglades minor league hockey game playing dodgeball. the gronk, does anybody have more fun than gronkowski? and if you missed it earlier, today is r.g. 3's 25th birthday.
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he announced on facebook and instagram that he and his wife are having a baby, their first. >> he's only 25. still young. >> who is the sponsor? i'm joking. >> stop! >> just saying. we wish them the best. >> we do. we wish ourselves the best in this coming weather. >> much, much colder and uncomfortable in the morning. plan ahead. wind chill near zero in spots. through the day up to 29 with gusty breeze and it will stay in the 30's on saturday until the really strong front blows through saturday evening with bitterly cold air. sunday we'll stay in the teens and then only in the 20's on monday. steve rudin will check all the details for you tonight at 11:00 about the cold blast headed our way. >> we are prepared. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. hope to see you at 11:00.
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on this thursday night, the dach dash cam video revealed at the american sniper trial. the images never seen before. the moments after the horror. captured on a police camera. the suspect chased down. also tonight, the plummeting temperatures dangerous cold heading in. a valentine's storm, up to a foot of snow possible. the fbi investigating three muslim americans, shot and killed. the family calling on the president tonight, and telling americans, this was a hate crime. an abc news investigation. buying your way into america. are criminals, spies, perhaps even worse, paying to live here in the u.s.? mom to the rescue. she jumped out of her mini van, wrestling the suspect to the ground. tonight, the giant surprise for her. and, this evening, we


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