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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 13, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. happening now, bitter blast. the coldest air in more than a decade hitting the east coast. alerts all the way down to florida. another wave of arctic air right behind it. temperatures 30 degrees below normal and boston about to get blitzed again. a record-setting blizzard taking aim. breaking news. an insider attack on an air base in iraq where hundreds of american service members are training troops to fight isis. murder mystery. is that a suspect on this tape? police on the hunt for a person caught on surveillance video in the grisly murder of a young washington lawyer found dead in an upscale hotel. his family now desperate for answers. >> mr. grey will see you now. ♪ i need your love ♪ >> and "fifty shades" frenzy. it's finally here. lines overnight for one of the most anticipated movies of the year. will this be the biggest
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valentine's day blockbuster ever? and we do say good morning, america. and happy friday, everybody. hope you're all ready for valentine's day tomorrow. we certainly are. going to take a live look at bryant park the site of our epic valentine's day surprise this morning. we're counting down to that. you see the piano. see the piano there? >> oh yeah. >> the red carpet. >> uh-huh. you're never going to guess who is performing unless you heard me on the wabc promo. i didn't know it was a surprise. our biggest live love event ever. you don't want to miss it. >> on the ice, no danger of it melting. it is cold out in bryant park all up and down the east coast right now. millions waking up to frigid frigid temperatures. more snow on the way including a possible blizzard in boston.
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abc's rob marciano is up there in boston and, ginger is going to start us off in times square. hey, ginger. >> cold is an understatement. only been this cold 8 in manhattan, once so far this winter and there's another blast of cold coming by the end of the weekend. temperatures in the deep freeze all the way from the great lakes and northern plains down into the southeast feels like 25 in jacksonville florida. there are hard freeze watches in florida for the weekend and it feels like 7 below in philadelphia. the windchill is 7 below in new york city and the blizzard watch is on from boston up to bar harbor maine, hyannis, you're included too. high winds saturday night into early sunday. windchill warnings and advisories from north georgia up through much of the northeast. 4 to 8 inches as a base then you've got blizzard-like winds, 35 to 45-mile-per-hour winds gusting to even 60 coming at you at the end of the weekend. our rob marciano has set up a bureau in boston because he's been there so much and i can't
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imagine more snow rob. >> reporter: yeah and this batch is preceded by this cold. it's not snowing for a change of pace but blowing the snow around and the windchills right now, minus 10. it is bitterly cold here in south boston the snow just continues to pile up. look at this car right here. you can't even tell what model it is. more snow is the last thing they need. this morning, another blizzard barreling its way toward boston. the national guard now stepping in to help arriving in hummers to haul away snow by the truckload in a rush to clear streets that could see another foot of snow this weekend. this snow is not stopping right now so i ask everyone to please be patient. >> reporter: an already damaged coastal area the storm likely to pack hurricane-force winds. and right behind it dangerous cold. temperatures so low frostbite could set in in just a matter of minutes to exposed skin. >> you have to put layers on if
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you go out. really important if you're going to be shoveling snow or out in the cold weather for any duration to keep hydrated. >> reporter: in syracuse people are helping to dig out hydrants to prevent scenes like this in michigan. >> it impedes communication. >> reporter: firefighters dealing with frigid conditions even before they get to house fires. most fire hoses average about 300 gallons per minute. most fire trucks only carry two minutes' worth of water. one of the many public safety hazards they're dealing with across the northeast and especially in boston where they've had over six feet of know in the last three weeks. they're tough here george but they're definitely tired of snow. >> i'll bet. they are getting pounded. rob, thanks very much. breaking news in the fight against isis. there's been an insider attack on a military base where many americans are stationed. i want to go to abc's jon karl for more on that. >> reporter: we're just getting this information in now.
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a senior u.s. military official tells abc news there has been an insider attack on an iraqi military base in western iraq where there are 300 american personnel stationed to train the iraqis in the fight against is. we are told at this time that all u.s. military personnel are safe but, george this comes just as the congress was debating the president's request for authorization for that war, an authorization that could include limited ground troops and, george it's a reminder that even though the white house has has reassured over and over never whatever ground troops in iraq would not be in a combat role the fight can come to them and come dangerously close. >> this could increase the opposition to the president's resolution in the congress. another global hot spot as well jon, the ukraine, months of fighting there between the ukraine military forces and other forces backed by the russian government. a cease-fire set to take place this weekend and that could, you know president obama's been under pressure 20 deliver arms to the ukraine.
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this cease-fire for now, at least, puts that on hold. >> reporter: it sure does george. the white house plans to send arms to the ukraine to defend itself against russia is officially on hold while this cease-fire plays out. also plans for additional sanctions on russia are on hold but i've got to tell you there is real skepticism at the white house about whether or not the cease-fire will be real. offs point out that vladimir putin has violated every other agreement in this conflict and there's no guarantee he will abide by this one. >> none at all. set to take place on saturday night. jon karl thanks very much. much more on this sunday morning on "this week." all right, george now to those three muslim students gunned down in north carolina. their families calling it a hate crime. the fbi opening its own investigation into the killing while thousands gather to mourn. abc's tom llamas has the latest and joins us from chapel hill. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. we're learning much more about the alleged killer in this case neighbors describe him as a
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somewhat parking bully who would roam this parking lot armed with a gun and also apparently had a strange obsession with a very violent movie. overnight as students gathered on the campus of n.c. state to mourn the loss of three muslim students all associated with the university abc news learning the fbi launching their own investigation into the killings. >> we have asked for the federal government to intervene in this based on the information that the parents have shared with us. >> reporter: national muslim groups intervening on behalf of the parents of deah barakat, his new wife yusor and her 19-year-old sister razan abu salha who call their killings hate crimes. they say the alleged murderer 46-year-old craig stephen hicks, an outspoken atheist shot them execution style and in the past lased them about their islamic culture. more than 5,000 people showed up for the funeral services thursday. >> this has hate crime written
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all over it. >> reporter: but police say this may have all happened because of a parking dispute at the apartment complex where the three students and hicks lived something his wife backs up. >> something just snapped. >> reporter: the ap reporting hicks' ex-wife claims he had no compassion and obsessed with "falling down" about an unemployed engineer who goes on a shooting spree. >> i'm really sorry. yeah well i'm really sorry too. >> reporter: hicks charged with three counts of first degree murder and has yet to enter a plea. he could face the death penalty if convicted. and in a strange twist in this case hicks' current wife who days ago said he was not a racist or bigot plans to file for divorce. george. >> okay tom, thanks very much. the latest now on the american sniper murder trial. the jury shown dramatic dash cam video of chris kyle's killer after a high-speed chase and one
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officer saying eddie routh had more souls to take. ryan owens there in stephenville texas. >> reporter: good morning. prosecutors are focusing on the killer's action after the murder and the fact he was running from police shows he's not insane but a man who just committed a heinous crime. you're watching dash cam video of eddie routh leading police on a chase just hours after he killed chris kyle and his friend, chad littlefield. one officer rams the truck. watch the collision again. but it doesn't stop routh. the chase reaches speeds of more than 100 miles an hour before the truck breaks down in the middle of the interstate. routh gets out, hands in the air and is swarmed by officers. the truck routh was in belonged to kyle. hero of the blockbuster "american sniper." >> i just want to get the bad guys. >> reporter: kyle and littlefield brought routh to this gun range to help him cope with ptsd. that's where prosecutors say
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routh shot them both in the back. prosecutors say the two men never saw it coming. their pistols holstered their safeties on. >> he says that he killed two guys. they went out to a shooting range. like he's all crazy. he's a psychotic. >> reporter: chris's widow was back in court after a second day after her tearful testimony wednesday. routh, a marine veteran is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity by pleaing from police proves he knows right from wrong. after the shootings prosecutors say this receipt shows routh stopped at taco bell to get burritos. one more video prosecutors showed the jury from an officer's body camera. that's routh sitting in kyle's truck as police try to get him to surrender just before that chase. one officer testifies routh tells them "i've taken a couple of souls and have some more souls to take." routh's behavior on that tape is
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downright bizarre. he's rambling about the apocalypse and says voodoo is all around us and says "i think i'm going insane" and that obviously could help his defense. >> it sure can. thanks very much. now to amy with today's other top stories. good morning, everyone. we begin with a breaking story in houston. a manhunt for three men police say ambushed an armored truck outside a bank. opened fire and killed the driver, a security guard fired back but the three masked men escaped in a white pickup truck. it was later recovered about a mile away but no sign of the suspects. it's unclear if they were able to steal any money. federal investigators now have joined the manhunt. another shocking loss in the world of journalism. the sudden death of veteran "the new york times" media columnist david carr. casino died last night after collapsing in the "times" newsroom. here he is at an event earlier
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described as the finest media reporter of his generation. he rose to prominence overcoming drug addiction in the 19 0s and his boss calling him one of the most gifted journalists who ever worked at "the times." david carr was only 58 years old. new crash details about simon's death. one for speeding and nine license suspensions for administrative reasons. his license is suspended now pending results of the investigation. no charges have been filed. police confirm simon was not wearing a seat belt. a new ruling in the showdown over same-sex marriage in alabama. a federal judge ordered officials in mobile county to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples after they refused to do so. gay rights advocates say they hope this latest ruling clears the way for reluctant officials in other alabama counties to follow suit. and police at l.a.x. airport have released this video of a student they say is behind a
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string of baggage thefts. they say they caught the 23-year-old red handed taking suitcases from baggage claim before combing through them in a bathroom. he is now facing felony charges. overseas may be a cease-fire deal in ukraine but not no the country's parliament. take a look. as two lawmakers started brawling throwing pumps during the debate over an anti-corruption bill. wow. serious fighting there. one man suffering a broken nose the other a busted lip until you see they were broken apart. all right. finally, a supreme court revelation. justice ruth bader ginsburg admits why she dozed off during president obama's state of the union address last month. ginsberg says quote, she wasn't 100% sober. here's my favorite part. she blames justice kennedy's fine california wine that he brought to dinner that night and evening though she promised herself she was going to stick to that sparkling water she says the dinner was so
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delicious it needed wine. >> yes. >> and ginsberg didn't know she was caught dozing until her granddaughter said bubby, you were caught sleeping at the state of the union. >> i understand that predicament. >> she fessed up. >> justice kennedy. >> i understand. >> we feel it. all right, amy. thank you. now to surprising revelations about bobbi kristina brown. police now saying she was in a car accident that left a man hospitalized. this happening just days before she was found face down unresponsive in her bathtub and hearing from her boyfriend this morning. abc's alex perez with the >> reporter: this morning newly released police records show just four days before bobbi kristina brown was found unresponsive in her bathtub she crashed her friend's jeep liberty into an oncoming car injuring the driver of that car russell eckerman. in a statement eckerman's attorney says he has been hospitalized since the date of
7:15 am
the occurrence and has been unable to speak. his medical condition is serious but everyone is hopeful that he will recover. a friend who was riding with bobbi kristina was also treated for injuries. krissy as her family calls her was found unresponsive at her home january 31st. face down in the bathtub. authorities confirm there is a criminal investigation under way to determine what exactly happened to her. ♪ >> reporter: wednesday, marked three years since her late mother whitney houston was also found unresponsive in a bathtub. krissy remains on a ventilator in the neuro icu at emory hospital. her father singer bobby brown, has said his daughter is fighting for her life and this week family members insisted they will not give up on her. >> all we can do is hope and pray she overcomes what she's going through. >> reporter: attorneys for krissy's boyfriend, nick gordon estranged from her family released a statement saying
7:16 am
gordon would not be seeking legal action to see her in the hospital and that he remains in constant prayer for his companion and he hopes to be reunited with her soon. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news atlanta. all right, thank you, alex. that multimillion dollar mystery. who are thethree winners for that powerball jackpot. linsey davis has the story. >> powerball number 19. >> reporter: the winners are one giant mystery. this morning, the hunt is on for three newly minted millionaires sharing the $564 million powerball prize money and 33 tibbs that netted their holders a cool million each matching all the numbers except the all-important powerball. close, but no cigar. >> of course you kick yourself you know 18 and the winner was 19 but i'm happy with a million dollars. >> reporter: other big winners, the story owners where the three jackpot tickets were sold.
7:17 am
this texas store also getting a slice of that multimillion dollar pie. >> million dollar that's a good one. >> reporter: another winning ticket sold at this north carolina convenience store slated to pocket $50,000. >> we got a call from the lottery and it was exciting. >> reporter: the third at this puerto rico gas station. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news new york. >> wow. >> not bad. >> i know. >> what are the rules? the texas store in the big powerball gets a million dollars and the others get less? they get something, though. >> yes, they do. how about that guy in the powerball number was 19. he had 18. >> ooh. >> all the numbers and 18? >> so close. >> and yet so far. >> he's got a million bucks. >> yeah. >> more on that cold now and even a freeze warning in florida, ginger? >> yes, this morning in south georgia and through the weekend in north florida, it's that cold. the struggle is real. even in florida. so let's go ahead and check some of those numbers. freeze warning includes
7:18 am
jacksonville or the watch at least the watching up in georgia. look at miami, the windchill even 58. i know that doesn't seem bad but, hey, for them it's much different than they're used to 18 is what it feels like in atlanta this morning. very warm out in los angeles, san diego goes to 80 today with high wind warnings. seattle could even see a record high in the low 60s. all right. that's the big picture.
7:19 am
>> governing washington. it like negative seven in gaithersburg, negative three at the airport, minus four in hagerstown. a windchill advisory is in effect to the area through 10:00 this morning. that is when we expect the wind to lighten up just a little bit but temperatures in the 20's. st >> and still to come on "gma," murder mystery. a young lawyer killed in an upscale washington hotel. police hoping this surveillance footage will help crack the case. also ahead, caught on camera. a snowmobiler swallowed up by a frightening avalanche. how he managed to escape. plus school bus drivers behaving badly potentially putting your kids in danger. what you can do to keep your children safe. and "fifty shades of grey" is finally here. can the valentine's blockbuster live up to the hype as we count down to our biggest live love
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good morning, usher!
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hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too... we're practically twins! just ahead on "gma" this surveillance may be key to learning the murderer of this young lawyer. taylor swift's new music video rev
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and first things first, let's get to check taylor who has his eyes on the road for you this morning. >> we had a chris -- a crash at the foot of the 14th street bridge. everything has been reopened now. residual slowdown north of washington boulevard, there had been in and in and of north three near johns hopkins road on the left side of the roadway causing an unusual slowdown. the closure remains along northwest, closures with side streets in the area rerouted around the police investigation. >> you will probably want to keep the fire going into early next week. across the region temperatures have dropped into the single digits in gaithersburg, harris down.
7:28 am
gusting winds, it feels like between five degrees below and five degrees above. the wind diminishing this afternoon feeling a little bit better into the teens tonight with snow showers in the afternoon bringing a dusting across the region with cold air coming up in the high temperature near 20 degrees with strong winds. >> thank you for watching this morning. the news continues right now on news channel eight and we will
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7:30 am
good morning, america, right now some of the coldest temperatures in a decade hitting the east coast. a bitter blast all the way down to florida. also right now, police in washington trying to track down this person of interest in the mysterious murder of a popular young lawyer. and caught on camera. a man buried up to his neck in snow after triggering an avalanche with his snowmobile. we do say good morning, america on this friday morning, a lot to get to and you know it's valentine's day eve. love is in the air at bryant park this morning. t.j. holmes hitting the ice with our biggest surprise proposal ever. hey there, t.j. >> hey there, guys. okay it wasn't cold enough. we actually came to an ice rink right. but we are going to heat things up. i'm outside because inside we've flown in 25 couples waiting inside. now, half of those couples, you know just the better half -- not the better half but half of
7:31 am
them know truth of why they're here. the other half don't know and the truth is we're about to see the most epic proposal ever right here on "gma." stick around for that guys. this is going to be something. >> all right, t.j. question pull off that visor. >> looking sharp. a lot coming up. we begin with that murder history. a fast rising lawyer found stabbed to death in a trendy hotel and police released this surveillance footage showing a person of interest and kendis gibson is here with the latest. >> reporter: george good morning to you and this morning many questions surround this murder mystery in the nation's capital. what was a young attorney doing in a downtown d.c. hotel? and who killed him? police believe that surveillance video could lead to answers. this morning, police hoping this surveillance video will help them solve a murder after a popular washington, d.c. lawyer was found dead in this hotel. 30-year-old david messerschmitt discovered with multiple stab wounds tuesday inside his posh hotel room.
7:32 am
>> we have no idea. so everything is open. >> reporter: police turning to this video trying to track down and talk to the man or woman they consider a person of interest seen here wearing a hood and gloves pacing in front of a lobby elevator then climbing the stairs briefly looking right into the camera before eventually getting out on the same floor where messerschmitt's body was discovered. he texted his wife he'd be home in an hour. when he didn't return to his condo his wife seen in this photo provided exclusively to abc news filed a missing persons report. >> we are deeply saddened and shock of the loss of david, our beloved husband, son and brother. >> reporter: messerschmitt's family telling abc news they are pleading for help saying someone out there knows something and we hope they come forward to help the investigation. and there's a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. this morning the large global law firm where messerschmitt worked as an associate calling
7:33 am
the death extremely tragic robin and george. >> it sure is. kendis thanks. >> such that and thank you for bringing that to us and thank you for bringing your mother to the studio. >> my mother stopped by. >> oh there she is. >> smile is the same. >> good to be here. now to a mountain rescue it's captured on a gopro camera breathtaking foo showing a man on a snowmobile triggering an avalanche buried up to his neck in snow. abc's clayton sandell has that story. >> reporter: this is the moment snow snowmobiler sam robinson triggers an avalanche that almost kills him. >> oh. oh no. >> helmet camera footage captures robinson tumbling down this wyoming mountain. >> you can't breathe and you don't know when you're going to stop and you don't know whether you're going to stop at the bottom of the 35-foot pile of snow or if you're going to stop on the top. that's the part when it's most
7:34 am
scary. >> reporter: other snowmobilers race out of the way to avoid getting swept up themselves. then speeding into the aftermath to find their friend. >> there's also some thoughts of the fact you could be going to uncover or dig out a dead guy. >> reporter: finally they spot him. only robinson's head sticking above the snow. they rush to dig him out. >> get his chest out. >> scenes like this becoming all too common. over the last five years about 1/3 of u.s. avalanche deaths involved a snowmobile. >> they're a little more dangerous because you can get into different terrain. >> reporter: he tried to deploy an avalanche air bag like this. it's supposed to keep you above the pile of snow but the slide was just too sudden. amazingly he survived what turned out to be his third brush with an avalanche with only bruises. >> sam, you are the luckiest man. >> reporter: the only injury to his ego. >> always fun to push the
7:35 am
extreme for people like me but it's scary when the extreme pushes back. >> reporter: for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> third time. wow. >> glad he's okay. >> to amy in the social square with "the speed feed." trending this morning the president is presiding on facebook with an unprecedented video from buzzfeed with more than 20 million views in less than a day. the video is called things everyone does but doesn't talk about. and take a look as you can see from this shot, yes, the president like we've never seen him before. it's all to encourage young people to register for health care but in a very creative way. let's take a look. a little mirror time. yep. there he goes. straightening his tie taking some selfie ras well. we've got that. yep. with the selfie stick no less. oh yes, big smile. crazy face then a pretty impressive picture of the first lady. he practiced hoops in the oval office. i figured if it was good enough
7:36 am
for the president -- this is my first time with a selfie stick. there we go. whoo. tell us what's moving up in your feed with the #socialsquare. you know you do it too. >> we want to see your picture. we want to see how you took it. >> i don't know if they can bring it up. i don't know how to work these things. >> it is working. there you go. >> you got it amy. >> you're gorgeous girl. get over here. >> good luck with that. let's go to ginger for the weather. >> there's a little button on the end of the stick. it's embarrassing i know how to use those. look at everybody walking into work dealing with that subzero windchill. you think this is cold? wait till the end of the weekend from ohio to pennsylvania new jersey delaware doesn't matter where you are, another blast of arctic air going to come in. buffalo, new york for example, will feel or will be -- these are actual air temperatures 8 below monday morning. d.c. 8. new york city could see some of the coldest air in a couple of decades. depends if we get to 1 or below
7:37 am
that number since 1994. the next end of snow so the snow is going to be coming through the northeast and especially for boston up to parts of coastal maine and new hampshire. rhode island you're included in part of that too where you get that hefty wind and some hefty snow totals. 4 to 8 in the pink and fuchsia is where you have 8 to 10 plus. oh it's so nice out west and we'll talk were >> a windchill advisory y until 10:00 this mororng, it will blustery and cold,ingle digi below ze at times. this after >> so i've decided i need a coat like that dog. >> yeah. >> because i'm about to get colder. >> i just want that dog. >> i haven't been cold enough. go to go out to bryant park because why not. it's all about valentine's day and love. >> i'm going too, ginger. see you out there. >> i love that dog.
7:38 am
>> oh adorable. coming up clooney the crusader amal clooney scoring a big victory for freedom. shocking behavior by school bus drivers, what you need to know to keep your kids safe. t lot and immediately you are surrounded like a guppy in a shark tank. it just feels like car salesmen want to sell whatever car is best for them, not best for me. there's gotta be a better way. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way em.
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you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. plus 24-month financing. know better sleep with sleep number. . 7:42. back now with school bus drivers in the spotlight after a number of disturbing incidents. they are raisimportant questions about the people behind the wheel and how you can make sure your children are safe. abc's gio benitez has our story. >> why are you all talking? >> reporter: bus driver busted. newly released surveillance video. listen as the driver yells at the children t talking. >> close your mouth. >> reporter: after a half hour she decides she's had enough and calls her bosses. watch. >> you need to send somebody to get this bus and these kids. i'm done. >> reporter: she walks out of the bus. the school district says she waited outside until other
7:43 am
employees arrived but some parents are furious. >> this is not okay when we're trying to teach them you can trust adults. they can't trust people like this. >> reporter: the bus driver resigned and an investigation is under way but she's not the only bus driver seemingly misbehaving. just look at this selfie from a driver in ohio with a beer bottle inside the bus. while the bus company says no children were on board, the bottle was unopened and the photo was taken when she was done for the day a spokesperson tells abc news we are incredibly disappointed by our driver's actions. the driver has been removed from service permanently. believe it or not, experts say school bus drivers receive the lowest amount of training hours compared to other professional drivers. in 2013 this florida school bus driver suspended for texting while driving. a child recording it on a cell phone. remember this bus driver swerving on the roads in utah in october. >> she can't stay in the lanes. she's crossing the double lines. >> reporter: facing misdemeanor
7:44 am
charges for driving under the influence of prescription drugs. her lawyer argued she was suffering from migraines. what can parents do? experts to make sure the bus company or school district has anti-texting and anti-calling policies in place and encourage your child to tell you about any strange behavior on that bus. for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> all right, gio, thanks so much. coming up "fifty shades of -- well a frenzy. lines overnight to see the new film so will it be the big valentine's day hit ever or are we overhyping it? >> speaking of valentine's day. our epic live proposal event, 25 people are about to pop the big question in the most unbelievable way. how will these people skating on that ice have no idea about what's going to happen next. will they say yes? we shall see coming up. ♪ if you have medicare part d, walgreens gets that you might be at the corner of "looking for a good deal" and
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7:48 am
now to the "fifty shades" frenzy. people lining up across the country to be among the first to see the best-seller turned big screen blockbuster but what do you know most of them were
7:49 am
women? >> really. >> abc's paula faris has more. >> reporter: overnight the sexy and edgy thriller paying its worldwide debut and the buzz office buzzing advance sales, "fifty shades of grey" is already the top title for this val weekend. expect it to rake in $100 million. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: from moms night out to date nights across the country fans are eager to see mr. grey. >> whoo! >> reporter: all eyes were on the hottest on-screen couple thursday. steaming up the grey carpet at the london premiere but "fifty shades" frenzy across the pond now sparking concern. the london fire brigade seeing a spike in calls from inspired fans getting trapped in handcuffs and other paraphernalia recording 393 incidents since last april tweeting the mostry kickous ones using the fifty shades of red
7:50 am
hashtag. looking for less provocative ways the "fifty shades" teddy bare or nail polish or you can buy the experience complete with a helicopter ride for roughly 12 grand. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> also wine apparently. i did that in "pop news," the "fifty shades" wine in case you need that if you get stuck in your handcuffs. >> what was this? >> busted. >> you are naughty. >> did you notice -- i'm inspired by "fifty shades." my homage. >> you want to take some more time go ahead. >> thank you, george. coming up update on that story we brought you yesterday, the mama bear that took down a carjacker got a nice surprise. did not involve handcuffs.
7:51 am
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it's deejay friday. still ahead on "gma" we are all about love this morning and look who we are, "the bachelor's" chris harrison dishing on the secrets to winning the dating game and sharing an exclusive sneak peek of sunday's episode. ♪ so wake me up ♪
7:56 am
>> good morning. it is 7:56 a.m.. we checked in with jack taylor about 30 minutes ago and things were not looking bad on the roadways. >> things are not bad for a friday. a couple of problems on the parkway's this morning. beginning northbound on the george washington as you approach 395 there was an accident on the right side of the roadway. southbound on the
7:57 am
baltimore-washington parkway before 197 there was a crash blocking the left lane. moving south of eastern avenue not bad, we've got some heavy traffic there towards the 11th street bridge. both directions are not bad trying to get into the district. is there any relief in sight from the cold? or is it forever? >> it is not forever, at least not through the weekend and into next week, but we will see the worst condition next sunday. it feels like to frederick with three degrees below zero and a windchill advisory in effect. tomorrow a second cold front comes through, bringing snow showers in the afternoon. dangerous wind chills and the high of only 20 him sunday. >> thank you. thank you for watching this
7:58 am
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8:00 am
♪ i think i want to marry you ♪ good morning america. the countdown is on to "gma's" epic live proposal extravaganza. >> we're young. we're happy. let's get married. >> 25 people from across the country gearing up to pop the question in our biggest live valentine's day event ever. and their partners have no idea. and amal fighting for freedom. her client finally released from prison. out on bail. why she says the battle has only just begun ♪ never go out of style ♪ >> get ready, swifties. moments away from the worldwide premiere of "style." the blockbuster debut you'll only see right here. ♪ i know you lie ♪ all that and "the bachelor"'s chris harrison with us live with his secrets to winning the dating game and a "the bachelor" sneak peek as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
♪ >> there's no pressure. chris harrison from "the bachelor" handing out a few roses. >> happy valentine's day. >> chris will share his secrets to dating. >> we've got a lot of secrets. >> i'm sure he does. he's seen that rose handed out time and time again. and it's deejay friday. that is dj irie yes. good choice. ♪ pressure ♪ >> see, spinning up into valentine's day weekend with the hottest tunes, always a pleasure when he is here. and let's take a look at this again. amy's attempt at using a sell if i stick. here's the picture. you see amy's trying to reach the buttons. that defeats the whole purpose of having -- if you have to reach. >> my thought bubble said wait how is this helpful if i have to reach and -- there's this thing
8:02 am
that i didn't have so can i try to do it again. go like this, you go. ah it worked. see. the key. >> we knew you'd get it. >> anything else you want to demonstrate? >> no i'm good. thank you very much. oh you're really sweet that way. it is of course the day before valentine's day and i can tell you this our wonderful viewers, because these guys are seeing but can't hear us. e are gearing to pop the question to their significant others. they're kind enough to share this moment with us. good morning america live. that's 25 will you marry mes live from the ice. i'm about to strap on my skates heading over there. t.j. is over there. hi there, teej. >> thanks for sending ginger out getting bouton theirs on them. this is just a few of the guys the ladies are inside. the other halves are inside. have no idea what to pull off in a few minutes, you'll see 25 people drop to a
8:03 am
knee and say "will you marry me". that's happening live folks. you don't want to miss this. >> 28 minute 29 minutes coming up. t.j. live. first news with amy. the national guard rushing in to help clear the record amount of snow jamming the streets of boston as the region braces for yet another snowstorm this weekend. also this morning, dangerously cold temperatures settling in from the midwest to the northeast. new york expecting the coldest air in a decade. the bitter blast stretching all the way to florida. ginger's forecast coming up shortly. a developing story overseas. isis fighters have launched a new offensive, what a senior military official calls an insider attack on a military base in western iraq. 300 americans there helping to train iraqi troops. we're told all u.s. personnel are safe. the attack comes just days after president obama asked congress to authorize the use of military force against iceland for the next three years. and we are hearing for the
8:04 am
first time from amal clooney, the human rights lawyer making headlines after fighting to free one of two reporters locked up inside an egyptian prison for more than a year now. this morning both men are 23r50e but as abc's lama hasan reports the fight is far from over. >> reporter: free at last detained journalists released on bail after spending more than 400 days in prison. fighting front and center for his freedom, none other than international human rights lawyer amal clooney. sending a strong worded letter asking to meet face-to-face with the egyptian president to discuss fahmy's case. a relief for his fiancee, no longer behind bars. >> it was very tough time for us. we suffered a lot and mohammed is a victim. >> reporter: amal never giving up saying she was ready to travel to cairo to secure her client's release. in asaying there is
8:05 am
no guarantee that a retrial will be carried out in compliance with international standards or result in the full acquittal on all charges that fahmy deserves. this case is not over yet, but it should be." clooney vows to continue her battle to bring justice and clear her client's name. for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news london. >> and now to an inspiration on the runway. a model like no other strutting into history, actress jamie brewer is the first woman with down syndrome ever to grace the stage at new york fashion week. she showcased a dress by carrie hammer a designer who highlights making their way through life as role models not runway models and says the goal is to inspire other women. finally an update on that brave mama in texas caught on camera taking down a carjacking suspect who rear-ended her minivan this week. as you can see the crash left her van smashed up. so a dallas car dealer impressed
8:06 am
with her gutsy moves, look at that so great, offered her a surprise thank you gift a brand-new minivan worth $32,000. she drove off saying the gift meant the world to her. you can see the emotion there on her face so congratulations to her. >> yeah. >> mama bear gets a new van, i like it. "pop news" and weather coming up. lara is in the social square. >> i am. here's what's's coming up on our "gma morning menu." thesuperstar who just pulled a beyoncedoctoring a surprise album overnight. and then the secrets to finding love online. this guy knows better than anybody. oh thank you for the rose. >> look at your "fifty shades" of bondage. >> can you all leave me alone? also on "good morning america" this morning, these guys are about to give their girlfriends the surprise of a lifetime. these are partners. we've got 20-something. all coming up live in an incredible valentine's day event and "good morning america" is
8:07 am
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if you're not on the largest, most reliable network, what are you giving up? verizon. ♪ ♪ dj irie spinning love songs this morning. we've got chris harrison here with advice and then we're just minutes away from our epic live proposal extravaganza. they're all getting ready to pop the question. don't go anywhere. ♪
8:10 am
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8:12 am
surprise album announcing the news on twitter last night with this post. featuring the album's cover. if you're reading this it's too late and trending big time online everywhere. the album is out almost six years to the day since his last mix tape. already getting a ton of buzz. he is a talented guy and -- >> yes, he is. >> downloading that as the kids say. hands up. ow. i'm very funny today. hands up if you're guilty of not always reading street signs. hands up. wide shot. are you? >> you always -- >> you read every street sign? you read every street sign. >> i just asked you a question. >> city officials in california have decided the only way to deal with road safety complacency is to get a little snarky. their slogans now include 35 it's a speed limit, not a suggestion. another one says downhill use
8:13 am
eyes brakes and brain. and i like this one, it says cross the street then update facebook. >> i love that. again, not a suggestion. >> those are great. >> really funny and they are definitely getting noticed. people are reading them like you read everything george. and then finally, a new survey revealing how to tell if you're reached the relationship comfort zone if you will on this day before valentine's day. according to a survey of 2,000 couples it takes and i quote exactly 11 months and 24 days to reach the stage of being totally comfortable with each other. if you're not good at marking your calendar you might recognize some of the telltale signs including not wearing makeup. not shaving and telling your partner when they need a mint or deodorant and nothing says love like that. these are all signs according to the study of a comfortable partnership. >> got married after ten months. >> you got married after ten months -- >> not comfortable and i said "i
8:14 am
do." >> we got married after six. >> april, november maybe seven. >> was there something where you said okay we're in the comfort zone -- >> well we were married. >> take it or leave it. >> we're there. >> would someone get david on the phone? we have got to talk to your husband. you are just wound up today. >> it's all in honor of the "fifty shades" movie coming out as i know you understand with that belt. >> whatever do you mean? >> and we go to ginger. >> meow. >> so what the windchills 7, 8 below. i'm just laying out in the sun and ice in bryant park. what a beautiful day in new york city. even colder of course by the end of the weekend. i'm laying out because i wanted to show you what's happening in california, the sun is too hot. that's why folks there with the umbrellas, yeah just a little too warm for everybody in the mid to upper 0s. sorry, santa monica. oh. the warmth continue though out
8:15 am
west and that ridge is still built in there. the temperatures will go phoenix staying in the 0s, las vegas will get up to 80 by sunday. los angeles, yes you go to 85 today for a high. i want to leave you a look across the nation and the cold here by the way that you know, 1 is the forecast in some places by monday morning and a lot of people subzero so it actually becomes dangerous by that point. >> good morning, washington. the arctic air isis her bundle his s morning. it will feel likikee single digits below zero at time the focacast for the afternoon has diminishing windwith sunshine and a a high of 2 29 degrees.. skieies partlclou tonigight wh a lowwnt the teens. a second arcc front apoaches with a dusting of snow shors in the afternoon and frigidd coitions overnight tonight and tomorrow it is sunday
8:16 am
can't wait to see you guys. big proposals coming up. i can't wait. >> let's just stay on that a second. i can't believe -- >> you're so cold. >> oh she loves it. >> thank you, ginger. topping today's "heat index," the science of online dating. a new study offers data-driven tips looking for love online. sara haines brings us that. >> reporter: with valentine's day just a day away 'tis the season to revamp your online dating profile and this morning, a brand-new study will help you do just that. compiling the top five tips to increase your chances of finding love online. >> without question there's a strategy for online dating and if you don't use it you normally lose. >> reporter: first up your screen name can make or break you. so the study suggests picking a screen name that begins with an earlier letter in the alphabet that way you're at the top of the search heap. >> i'm going to go with an "a" of some form.
8:17 am
aaamazing. tip number two a right way to take a profile photo. >> a genuine smile and slight head tilt. also try wearing red. apparently it helps. >> nailing it oh and recruit some friends too. the study suggests that you appear more desirable if others look like they're having fun around you. >> smile. ha ha, ha i just said something funny. >> experts agree -- ready, we're taking a shot. >> athave at least photo, a face profile up close, a full body. you want to have one photo of you in an activity having fun. >> reporter: tip four keep those profile bios concise and honest and finally when typing that first message, don't just say hi start with a compliment and then a question. you're hot. how are you? done. for "good morning america," sara haines, abc news, new york.
8:18 am
>> that's a nice selfie. let's talk to chris harrison from "the bachelor" about all this. you may be america's foremost dating expert. what about that? >> scary. i'm sorry, america. she mentioned something that was interesting and glossed over it. concise. less is more. you don't have to give it all away. >> your additional tip. don't you have an app for that? >> i have worked with an app before and actually on several and the thing is i like her approach. half fun with it. less is more and, look be honest but maybe not too honest. i love animals. that's good. i have 20 cats, too much. >> we're all excited because we don't have to wait until monday night for more of the mansion melodrama. what we're calling it. two two-night event kicking off sunday and brought a sneak peek of the brand-new episode. let's take a look. >> and confused and really hurt right now like i don't want my husband to see me as like second third or fourth down the line.
8:19 am
i want my husband to really really want me back. >> this was a decision i felt right tonight. maybe you feel like you don't want to be here anymore. >> what would you say to that? i mean like i kind of feel like if you're want to leave, leave. >> i don't know what else to say so i'm -- good night. >> awkward. >> yeah. felt it here. >> clip is called brit blows it. >> talk about the rise and fall of brit. as they say back home in texas it's a short trip from the penthouse to the outhouse. i mean brit really sticks her foot in her mouth and makes it uncomfortable for the girls and chris and chris really doesn't take kindly to that at all being disrespected. >> "the bachelor" tells all. >> i sit down with chris and kelsey one of the more controversial figures and have the first sit-down with andi after her breakup with josh. emotional and heart wrenching interview with andi. >> kelsey had a tough time this past week -- >> yeah look back and she had
8:20 am
the panic attack. >> right. >> supposably allegedly and she -- she recovered from -- >> she recovered incredibly fast you know. >> i'm not a medical expert but, man, she recovered fast. >> all right. so in honor of today being friday the 13th and valentine's day being tomorrow we wanted to play a little game with you called unlucky in love. are you ready? what's the worst thing you can say on a first date? >> the worst thing on the first date, i love you. >> where should you not go on a first date? >> anywhere the person might meet your parents. >> when is it too soon to say i love you? >> well the first date but it's okay -- you know as soon as you feel it it's okay to own those emotions. >> best pickup line you've ever heard. >> lilly, can i go to camera one here. hi i'm george stephanopoulos. can i give you the news?
8:21 am
>> that's good. i think that works 100% of the time. >> he's america's dating expert right there. >> has it ever failed you? >> not once. >> never. >> that's good. >> best breakup line other than it's not you, it's me? >> there's no such thing. that's a trick question. don't try to trick me because if you're having a breakup it's not good. it's never going to go well. there is no good line. everybody -- >> less is more. watch the show. the guys that try and talk their way out of it just get out. >> digging themselves in the hole. >> drop stop and get out. >> a lot of fun. get the full extended sneak peek on our website, on yahoo! and "the bachelor" two-night event starts sunday at 8:00 7:00 central right here on abc, chris in the middle of it. >> always great to have you here with us. >> thanks. >> appreciate that. next up on our "gma heat index," it's feel-good friday and a story to warm your heart
8:22 am
on this cold morning, last friday we told you about the north carolina teen who went viral getting help from target employees for a job interview. that young man got one big surprise and our steve osunsami has an abc news exclusive. >> this morning, celebrating the sheer kindness caught on this blur prix photo from the aisles of a north carolina target store, a moment that moved us all. >> got me a little teary-eyed. >> great story. >> it was really sweet because he asked for a clip-on tie and they said they don't have one and then -- >> he didn't know how to tie a tie. >> someone showed him. it is a good story. >> the photo got more than 55,000 likes so far on facebook alone. >> didn't expect the kindness of strangers. you don't expect humanity on aisle 11 of a big box store. >> reporter: the quiet 15-year-old in the black suit was looking for a clip-on tie for his first job interview but target only sells regular ties. dennis robert cindy moore and kathy scott came to his rescue. >> when dennis was tying the tie we took the time to make sure that his -- he looked
8:23 am
presentable. >> he heard you. >> oh yes. >> everything. >> he was just soaking everything in. >> reporter: this is more than good customer service, yasir moore learned how to shake hands and look his interviewer in the eye. >> what do you feel like you're going to add to our team. >> reporter: after two interviews at this restaurant we knew something yasir didn't. >> i think we are ready to offer you the job at chick-fil-a. >> reporter: out came our cameras and a few special guests from the target store hiding in the food court. >> you look wonderful. you look beautiful. >> when does he start? >> as soon as he's ready. >> i can start tomorrow. >> any advice that you can take grab it because it's just a good opportunity and these people right here helped me so much so you know just be respectful to people that try to help you out. >> reporter: you look pretty stunned by it all. >> are you okay? >> i'm speechless. >> his mother new friends from target all in tears.
8:24 am
>> so proud of you. >> we are. >> you're like ours. you know this don't you? you have more than one mother. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abc news raleigh. >> you called it, amy. >> no, he did it. you could tell he was just such a genuine kid who wanted so badly to get that first job. >> you said -- he said it best respect. they were respectful of him and he of them. and -- >> so great to see the whole community come behind him. >> they were really great employees. >> thanks to steve for bringing us that. that was such a great update. we were happy to have that one. yes. finally here on "gma's" "heat index," the "gma" exclusive, the world premiere clip from taylor swift's new video style from her smash hit album "1989." here's taylor herself. >> hey, it's taylor swift and this is my brand-new music video for style. ♪ midnight you come and pick me
8:25 am
up no headlights ♪ ♪ long drive could end in burning flames or paradise ♪ ♪ fade into view oh it's been a while since i have even heard from you ♪ ♪ heard from you ♪ >> i can already see my girls lip-syncing this song in the days and weeks to come. it's great, isn't it? >> it really is. >> the whole album -- "1989." >> she nails it once again. >> every single time. >> it's remarkable and it couldn't happen to a nicer person. watch the extended music video on our website, on yahoo! and coming up we are just moments away from 25 will you marry mes. it's our epic live proposal event. you don't want to miss it. you have no idea what's coming.
8:26 am
>> the countdown clock. almost there. ♪ all along i believe time would find you ♪
8:27 am
>> good morning. it is a 20 7 a.m., i have your news update and first thing's first, we have an update on the traffic and what it looks like this friday morning. collected delays inside the beltway, both directions between falls church and arlington, a camera is there near sycamore street but you can see it is going in both directions. moving out towards the dulles connector, you will find some slow traffic on baltimore on the left side of the roadway with signals malfunctioning near oregon avenue. jammed traffic headed from 16th
8:28 am
street. not attractive. neither is the weather. >> that is what we like to call you like to wear the hat gloves, the scarf, everything. 16 degrees downtown. five degrees above to five degrees below across the region the wind will weaken as we head into the afternoon and stout -- stay well below the average state -- feels like the teens to the afternoon. the second cold front comes through in the afternoon hours. strong winds coming on saturday and into sunday, causing some damage with a very cold sunday, high temperature of about 20 degrees to next week. >> high of 20?
8:29 am
8:30 am
okay we are so close now. under two minutes moments away from our live proposal event right there in bryant park. 25 couples, we are hoping for 25 yeses. but who knows. anything can happen. >> anything can happen. >> especially when dj irie is here with us because it's a crazy weekend. nba all-star weekend. who is -- oh stephen curry, the leaden vote getter in the nba all-star game. and so we're going to talk to him as we warm up to an epic weekend. can't wait to talk to them both. but as we said we are moments away now. we've been waiting all morning for this. time for our epic live proposal at the bank of america winter village at brypark. half the people there think they've won a free trip to valentine's day -- a concert we're having there. the other half they know the truth. they got engagement rings burning holes in their pockets. abc's t.j. holmes caught up with
8:31 am
these hopeful romantics and gave them a little proposal pregame pep talk. >> reporter: the response was massive. >> i want to propose in a big way. >> reporter: guys and gals writing in from around the country wanting to surprise their sweethearts with a wedding proposal of a lifetime. 25 love birds selected to be part of "gma's" biggest pop the question event ever. before the big day we snuck some of the romantic hopeful as way to bluefin restaurant for a little proposal pregame. >> the other halves have no idea what's happening and look at this. we got -- [ cheers ] we got the crew. don't let the excitement fool you. their partners think they're in town for a romantic concert on ice. >> all right, fellas what are you now most nervous about tomorrow? >> ice skating. >> ice skating. >> oh. >> tell me why now why her? >> we're young, we're happy. let's get married. >> i mean i can't really even be without her for a day. we just take care of each other.
8:32 am
>> thee brings ow the best if me. >> when you find that person who makes you feel better about yourself than you could have ever imagined you can't give that up. >> who is going to cry? you think it's coming. >> we have the exact same birthday so it's just kind of that fate thing when you know that's the right person for you. that's what gets me. >> you believe in the soul mate. one person for you and you found her. >> i asked her to be my valentine in 2008. seven years later we're holding together still strong. she deserves it >> that's the sweetest damn thing i've ever heard. did you know what ring she wanted. >> she put the hints here text messages. showed me multiple times. >> let me see the kneel. how is it going to go. you got to present it up. left right, right knee. i'm engage the on three, one, two, three. >> all: i'm getting engaged! >> hello. am i on? is this it?
8:33 am
i have no idea if i'm on or not but listen guy, they have no idea what's about to happen. i'm trying to be sly. come over here. teej are you ready? >> trust me don't worry you're not the only one. a lot of people don't know what's going on. >> it's live tv everybody. this is a very romantic moment. we have the beautiful -- are you ready. the vocal cords warm. christina perri singing "a thousand years" to ring in valentine's day weekend. christina, take it away. ♪ ♪ ♪ heart beats fast colors and
8:34 am
promises how to be brave ♪ ♪ how can i love when i'm afraid to fall watching you stand alone ♪ ♪ all of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow one step closer ♪ ♪ i have died every day waiting for you ♪ ♪ darling don't be afraid i have loved you for a thousand years ♪ ♪ i'll love you for a thousand more ♪ >> hey, lara something is not right. >> is there audio? we've been having some problems.
8:35 am
haven't we? you know what i think the only thing that could fix this is love. >> yeah. >> isn't that romantic. hey, guy, we may have been playing a little trick on you, right? a little trick. >> yeah. >> partnerer ins, can you help this out. what do you say, let's do it. it's time. >> take it away, love birds. ♪ >> so sweet. >> do we have yeses? yay! >> oh. ♪ >> tears here. eight year
8:36 am
this one is the moment. did you think it was going to day? >> i kind of had a feeling but, no i'm so surprised. >> you've been holding it out with my man for eight years. what do you think now that it did happen? >> i'm just speechless. very happy. >> how did it go? you went to one knee. i know it's a little shaky on the ice. >> as graceful as possible. it's a little chilly but -- >> lara we -- it was tricky with the skates. >> i see that you're in tears and i don't think it's just the cold weather. hi. over here with another couple. >> gabriel and linney. >> are you shocked? >> yes, surprised. yes. shocked, happy. >> did we do a good job -- >> yes, great job. >> we did. it was hard. it was not easy getting up at 5:00 a.m. >> was it worth it? >> it was worth it and it's her birthday today. >> happy birthday. can i say to all of you thank you for sharing this moment with
8:37 am
us. you's make me cry. congratulations, happy valentine's day and here's to a beautiful long life together. to all of you, christina, should we take it away? should we finish the song? i'm going to cry. let's listen to christina sing. ♪ one step closer ♪ ♪ i have died every day waiting for you darling don't be afraid ♪ ♪ i have loved you for a thousand years i'll love you for a thousand more ♪ ♪ and all along i believed i would find you time has brought your heart to me ♪ ♪ i have loved you for a thousand years
8:38 am
i'll love you for a thousand more ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> beautiful. thank you so much to the beautiful christina perri. thank you for creating a magical moment. thank you to our couples. we'll get back to the studio right now, guys. love rules. >> take their gloves off. it's so cold but they had to get that ring on. i love it. >> it really was romantic. >> we were in the studio here swaying away. chris was being a little no one skated off. >> no one skated off. it looks like we went 25 for 25. >> that's right. >> those are steph curry numbers. >> you got that right. >> oh we'll talk to steph curry coming up. it is all-star weekend here. love all around. come on back to "gma." ♪ for a thousand years ♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
and we are counting down to oscar sunday this morning with best picture nominee whip"whiplash." best supporting actor but the acting in this movie matched by some incredible drumming. abc's rachel smith found out how the arcs got up to speed.
8:42 am
>> one, two, three, four. >> reporter: it's the story of the sadistic music teacher viewers love to hate. ♪ >> reporter: "whiplash" low budget indie film drumming up five oscar nominations including best picture, best adapted screenplay and best supporting actor for jk simmons. >> you do know the difference. >> reporter: his target a talented student played by miles teller who the movie director's needed help jazzing up his drumming. >> he sort of looked like -- it was like, you know moving the entire body throughout and then nate worked with m. >> reporter: nate is nate lane a real musician who before filming put miles through a jazz drumming boot camp. >> he asked me if there were any tips and it's just the more relaxed you are, the faster you can play. >> reporter: ironically nate plays a rival shot in just 19
8:43 am
days. i'm assuming very long day. >> well not for nate because nate is very lazy. >> you get me for four hours then i'm out the door. >> nate has child hours. where like it's illegal to keep him for more than four hours. >> child/animal hours. >> reporter: up for oscar nominations for sound missing too. the director revealing half the drumming scenes really are the sounds of miles playing. miles' character, his hands were bleeding at some point. that's real? >> miles is very proud of himself because about three weeks into filming he drew actual blood. it's not like you're cutting yourself but blisters that become bloody blister there is thank you for the description. >> the anatomy is fast -- >> everybody having breakfast. all of that blood and sweat could soon be beating to the tune of oscar gold on hollywood's biggest night. for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, hollywood. >> whoo!
8:44 am
>> nice inside look there. great movie, "whiplash" available on dvd on february 24th. now let's go back to ginger in bryant park with the final check of the weather. >> oh george the energy is so high here everybody is so happy with what just happened. wasn't that a sweet way to kick off valentine's day day? we'll get more to why i'm standing next to snuggle the bear but a valentine's day recast. the beautiful cities like valentine, nebraska. and the saturday forecast is what we're giving you, love oklahoma 66 heart lake pennsylvania 24 for saturday so on your february 14th a lot of folks will be cold but wait until earlyday morning, burlington will be 11 below and that is the actual temperature. baltimore, philadelphia worcester all getting in on that core of the cold air. i go the a tweet from someone in canada that said it's kind of funny you're saying it's cold. it's not funny it's dangerous. west to east for you.
8:45 am
>> a wdchill advisory y until 10:0:00 this mning, it will blusterynd cold,ingle digitsts below zeroro at times. this afternoon >> yay! >> moments ago you saw 25 couples get engaged right here on our broadcast. it was a beautiful and magical moment of the we couldn't have done it without our friends at jetblue. they got everybody here and we're celebrating valentine's day a little early in another way because our sponsor snuggle has brought in snuggle the bear. yes, love your commercial, dude? thank you. >> and you are doing a special event starting right now. >> you know what i'm trying to do? i love valentine's day so much that i'm attempting to break the world record for hugging and i'm taking my snuggle mobile across new york city and we're going to get 5,000 hugs. >> 5,000 and that will break a
8:46 am
record. we have philip from guinness an official from guinness. >> he's official. certified. >> and can start counting. can i be your first? >> ah ginger. >> one down. you. >> you know what ginger that's actually a snug. an extra good hug, it's a snug. >> it's a snug. let's snug some more. snug away. >> snug away. come snug me. happy valentine's day. thank you. two. we're official. we're at three. three. three. thank you so much. four. who's next? who's next? >> four, thank you so much. five. give me more snugs. >> on their way and coming up here nba all-star stephen curry is here live. "gma's" countdown to oscar sunday is brought to you by jcpenney. when it fits, you feel it.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
great to be here with nba megastar stephen curry in town for all-star weekend which tips off tonight, tonight, tonight. steph, looking good,ing looking sharp. hey, number one vote getter. >> unreal. unreal. just having a great year and enjoying this weekend and celebrate what's happened so far. >> great year. golden state, best record in the nba. thanks to you and you dropped 51 last week. >> yes, ma'am. first half of the season good had to match my teammate klay thompson. he had 52 at one point so we're trying to do big things this year. >> and big things tonight, the celebrity all-star game. i told you that anthony anderson was talking smack. said he'll be mvp. kevin hart mo'ne davis, the little league star. any tips for them? >> make sure you stretch before because i don't know how often they're playing but just go out there and just shoot. you know whether you make it or miss it just shoot.
8:50 am
>> you can do that so well. the fastest in nba history to get to 1,000 three-pointers. came up a little short in the three-point contest. did you see the video espn put out, the redemption? >> yes. >> are you going to redeem yourself. >> i've been practicing. i got my eyes set on that trophy this year. it's a crazy competitive field this year so i got my work cut out but hopefully i'll get it done. >> you are so humble and so un unassuming. i love that video with your wife. in the kitchen. >> doing a little dancing. >> a little drake. >> doing a little drake there. and your dad, respect you all in a competition this week the challenge. >> shooting star last year we did it in new orleans and this yearary's suiting back up because neath one of us could make the half-court shot so we got to redeem ourselves in that too. >> and the big game of course on sunday. bring it. give us a little matchup here. east/west. >> crazy, obviously a lot of injuries so lineups have been shuffling but i like the west
8:51 am
obviously because i'm -- that's who i'm playing for but i think we can take them down and have a good time in madison square garden. that's going to be unreal. >> how is it being in the big apple -- are we treating you well all-star weekend. >> except the bitter cold. other than that i still got my jacket on. other than that i'm having a great time. i love to coming to new york and with the excitement for the weekend this is definitely you know showing up. >> now, dj irie plays for that team the miami heat. he usually has his ring on. so you have any music -- anything to get us in the mood for all-star weekend? what do you is for us dj irie? come on. come on. all right. ♪ >> got a big future. >> i think he does. >> a couple rings in his future. >> be sure to catch the nba all-star celebrity game tonight on espn 7:00 p.m. hey, steph, best to you and your family. we'll be right back. you know you want to move.
8:52 am
come on. ♪
8:53 am
8:54 am
♪ all right, we want to say thank you to our wonderful couples. everybody, congratulations! a couple said they may have had a clue. it's cold out here but it's warming up! happy valentine's day. >> we want to thank them for being here but have to thank synchronized skating team
8:55 am
helping us out and jetblue. they flew out all the couples so keep jetblue in mind for all your needs and also want to go over to ginger doing this couple snuggle world record. >> where are you at? >> still a long ways to go but i'll be in my snugmobile all throughout new york so come snug me. >> you want to keep going. >> snug, snug. >> thank you. >> best way to kick off our valentine's day. best wishes to all the couples. >> happy valentine's day! >> maybe i can get one more. >> you want one more? >> yeah. >> ginger, absolutely. you smell so good. okay, next.
8:56 am
>> good morning it is a: 56.
8:57 am
first in this update we get a look at how the friday morning commute is still shaking up. >> there is still a little bit going on. we had slowdowns north of the pentagon into downtown. a lot of bright sunshine out there. big crash on seven he found -- seven eastbound near hamilton station road. hopefully things are getting moved out of the roadway. a late crash southbound after powder mill road, it doesn't -- does indeed block or right lane at two. the weather seems bad. >> i know. i was looking at the map and i thought to myself -- looks ok compared to right now. the wind is brisk out of the northwest. the windchill, we have a goose egg downtown. feels like for degrees below in hagerstown. slow improvements throughout the day as the wind weakens a bit.
8:58 am
fair skies, low of around 18 tomorrow will feature some snow showers in the afternoon hours, picking up a quick coding. saturday and into sunday it will become cold and windy. >> it should make for an interesting holiday weekend. thank you for watching this morning.
8:59 am
as a small business owner you wouldn't deliver just half of what you have to offer to your customers. so why are you settling for half-fast internet? only verizon fios comes with speedmatch-- upload speeds as fast as your download speeds so files go out in a snap. call today to get $200 back when you switch to fios internet and phone for just $99.99 a month with a 2-year agreement and get $200 back. just call 1.888.774.4418 today. >> it's "live with kelly and michael." today from "fifty shades of
9:00 am
grey," christian grey himself, jamie dornan. and nascar champion dale earnhardt jr. plus valentine's day crafts courtesy of katie brown. all next on "live"! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan. [applause] ♪ kelly: hi. hi.


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