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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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chief meteorologist doug hill is in the storm watch weather center with what you need to know. doug? >> hey maureen. temperatures right now in the upper 20's outside the belfort furniture weather center. tonight, we'll drop down to lower levels. not bitterly cold, i don't think. 29 at quantico. 26 degrees in annapolis and to the overnight, as winds diminish and skies remain mainly clear, we'll drop to the range of 12 to 19 degrees by early tomorrow morning. and through the day temperatures will get up to about 38 by late afternoon, we can see a rain shower snow shower and then the cold, gusty winds will develop transporting in much colder air by early morning sunday temperatures will be in the lower teens in the city. and wind chills everywhere well below zero. here are the highlights of what's going to happen with this big arctic front tomorrow night through sunday morning. a dusting to an inch of snow in some spots. very low wind chill and temperatures in the single digits. more good weather news. we'll warm it up a bit in the forecast in a few minutes,
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maureen. >> thank you so much doug. temperatures and wind chills like the ones we're feeling today can put you and your home at risk. rebecca cooper shows us how some people are coping and preparing. >> most days there are long lines for this mediterranean food truck in rosslyn but while many may be dreaming about mediterranean beaches today, few are willing to go outside to wait in line for the food. he says it is uncomfortably cold. but he was getting cabin fever the office. >> i get sick of going to the same places over and over again. >> good, warm food. cold weather. >> yeah. nice to get away from my desk. for a few minutes. >> plenty of people had to go outside today. experts say when it's this cold extra layers are your best bet. make sure that any pets that go outside are also kept warm in the cold. she modified her dog walking schedule today for the 5-month-old puppy oscar. >> we did one walk. we usually do two.
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>> plus she and her 8-year-old daughter ava gave themselves a little incentive. >> get hot chocolate. >> for this extreme cold protect your house as well. even if you've already turned off water to the outside, you can cover the outside faucets with insulating foam covers fortunately also insulate exposed pipes underneath your home and let your faucets inside the home drip during the coldest period. plus make sure you know how to cut the main water to your house if the pipes do freeze. >> today's cold weather is also posing a hazard along east-west highway at queens chapel road in hyattsville where a water main broke yesterday. the first repair didn't last and crews went back to finish the job today. all lanes are now open. we're told the road is a little icy. you can stay connected with the stormwatch weather team wherever you are. storm watch weather app.
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the agency is adding stickers to train doors so firefighters will know which doors need special keys to open and which don't? the response of the smoke incident one month ago that left a woman dead and 80 others hurt. today, congress had its chance to ask metro officials what went wrong. there were many questions about ventilation fans that the ntsb said weren't working properly. >> i'm stunned that they needed a policy to remind it the metro rail system must have a ventilation system in good working order. >> the family of the woman killed on the metro line is suing metro for $50 million. lawsuits have been filed by dozens of other passengers. bridges across the region are under a microscope tonight after tuesday's incident in morningside, maryland, where a
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chunk of concrete crashed through a woman's windshield. she escaped unharmed. "7 on your side" investigator chris pabst is live in arlington with what's being done to ensure incidents like that don't happen again. chris? >> well there are 50 structurally deficient bridges found in northern virginia. two of them are heavily trafficked and therefore heavily monitored by vdot. one of them is right here behind me. this is the route 27 bridge going over route 110. simply by looking at this bridge, you can tell there's a lot wrong with it. but it's what you can't see that's the biggest concern. in a couple of years, this is what the route 27 bridge going over 110 near the pentagon will look like. but this is what it looks like today. crumbling and deteriorated. vdot tells "7 on your side" this bridge is also cracking internally. construction to replace it is set to begin in the spring. for $27 million.
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12 miles west the route 7 bridge over the dulles toll road is also being watched closely by vdot. its deck is also crumbling while orangern drivers and pedestrians to be aware. it's scheduled to be replaced next year and will look like this after $35 million. >> we're not concerned about safety. it's structurally ok. but we want to get it now before we would have safety concerns. >> while virginia is monitoring its older and weaker bridges, maryland is doing the same. over the last few days the maryland state highway administration has been inspecting its structurally deficient bridges. these are the ones that our viewing area receiving the attention. but regardless of what is found money will be the biggest hurdle. >> congress needs to find a way to fund infrastructure the issue is, to increase the gas tax or find another funding source from our perspective, we don't care
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which one it is. we know that it needs to happen so we can maintain them. >> now, "7 on your side" has also learned there's 21 structurally deficient bridges inside the district of columbia. ddot has plans to replace one of them, the bridge at military road and 16th street. that should begin in a couple of months. live in arlington, chris pabst abc 7 news. >> thank you, chris. a northwest washington grocery store was evacuated today after a car crashed through a cinder block wall in its parking deck and into the store. that was just before noon today at the giant on connecticut avenue. two people were inside the car. they were hurt but they should survive. no one inside the store was hurt. still ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00 what's next for investigators after a second set of possible human remains is unearthed in fairfax county.
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first, though the medical procedure just approved for the soldier convicted of sending thousands of class
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>> the army has approved gender reassignment therapy for the soldier convicted of espionage after sending documents to wikileaks. chelsea manning formerly known as bradley manning sued for the
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treatment. the lawsuit claims that manning of at risk of suicide unless he received treatment for gender dysphoria. the treatment funded by taxpayers can cost up to $200 a month. the showdown between congress and the white house over the keystone x.l. pipeline has begun. today, house speaker john boehner formally enrolled the legislation authorizing the construction of the controversial pipeline. president obama has promised to veto the bill calling the pipeline an ecological hazard. republicans insist it will create jobs. the first 3d portrait after an american president is on display at the national portrait gallery. the life sized bust of president obama was created using 3d scanning. the bust was unveiled at the white house last june and will be seen by the public for the first time. it will be on display at the national portrait gallery through monday. the obama administration says it will allow cuba's small business
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sector private business sector to sell goods inside the u.s. however, the state department says there will be several exceptions. among them food and agriculture products including cigars. also banned alcohol, chemicals, weapons and ammunition. next on abc 7 news at 6:00 the story behind this very different look for a trailblazing supreme court justice. plus how long this arctic air and freezing air will stick around and which days could see snowfall. >> tgif. it is friday and another great sports weekend, the terps head to happy valley. all stars are in new york. and a proposal at pebble beach, it's valentine's weekend as abc 7 news at 6:00 continues.
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>> new video just in gives a clear view of a brazen robbery in sterling. you can see an armed man jump a counter and grab money from a cash register before he can escape a customer and the clerk fight back. this happened around 9:30 wednesday night on enterprise road. enterprise street rather.
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if you have information, contact police. d.c. police say a man killed in an officer involved shooting near dupont circle may be linked to two armed robberies if that area. it happened in the 1400 block of swann street northwest last night. police say they broke up a street robbery and exchanged gunfire with the suspect who fled. he was found nearby suffering from what police think is a self-inflicted gunshot wound. fairfax police say they have no reason to believe possible human remains found yesterday afternoon are connected to a similar case earlier this week. yesterday afternoon, a hiker found remains near a town home community in manchester lakes. four days ago, another set of remains were found. investigators used a helicopter today to survey the scene of thursday's discovery. >> try to determine who the individual was. once you know that you can
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discover more about how they might have died. >> so far police say there's no evidence of foul play in either case. our sharp surprise for t.s.a. agents at b.w.i. thurgood marshall airport. take a look at this. security screeners found these two razor sharp axes inside of someone's luggage last month. the passenger opted to surrender them rather than check them or take them back to the car. no charges were filed. she's one of the longest serving justices on the u.s. supreme court. and now, a local college student is honoring ruth bader ginsburg in a pretty unique way. caroline tucker shows us how. >> you will find niki is an artist tattoo kind but she's never gotten a request like this. >> she said she wanted ruth. my client was like what? >> ruth as in ruth bader ginsburg, supreme court justice. >> r.b.g. which is kind of cool.
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>> notorious r.b.g. justice ginsburg's nickname around the internet. >> i think it's a lot about her personality. she doesn't take things too seriously. she's really like down to earth. she likes the whole notorious r.b.g. >> rachel is a senior at the university of maryland. she studies terrorism, not law and happened to be the one to put the justice in ink. >> she's a role model. like she thought she's actual things and working to help other women. >> would ginsburg like this tat? >> i think it looks great. and i hope that she knows that it's a sign of respect. >> she's looks cool you know. >> will supreme court justices be the next hot menu item here at tattoo paradise? well, not just yet. but niki says she's ready and willing. >> she is inking up again. this time is olivia benson from "law & order s.v.u." >> she's another one of my role
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models. >> caroline tucker abc 7 news. >> quite a tribute. >> indeed. what is going on with this weather? why are we so cold? >> because we have the atmosphere to start delivering one arctic air mass out of another. so until the pattern breaks i'm ready, we'll talk about it as soon as we're finished here. palm springs looks good this time of year. here's what we have. not terrible outside at all. it's cold seasonably so for february with mostly clear skies during the day. temperatures will drop tonight, though. and with diminishing winds, it will be cold but comfortably so. deal with the cold if you don't have a 20, 30-mile-per-hour wind blowing on you. temperatures through the mid atlantic mostly in the 20's right now. a little colder not much colder across the mountains but temperatures in lexington, kentucky indianapolis about the same as they are here. cold air, arctic air is still well to the northwest but strong upper level winds will quickly advance the arctic front tomorrow and a lot of changes will happen.
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when we wake up tomorrow it will be pleasant enough. increasing cloudiness through the day. give them the afternoon and you may see a rain shower or snow shower. temperatures in the upper 30's but then will fall rapidly late afternoon and then we'll start to see the strong winds develop and bitterly cold air start to overspread the area along with the process. maybe some flurries or snow showers to deal with and then as the big coastal blizzard takes shape off the new england coastline in interacts with a huge high pressure polar high coming out of the upper mississippi valley, that will be the mechanism to drive the cold air and cold wind right overhead and give us some of these low numbers we'll show you. snow potential a couple 10ths of an inch and the mountains across the west may pick up four or five inches. 9 at gaithersburg and 11 at reagan national. that's a cold start. wind chill is not a factor during the day because temperatures will be too warm. we go from tomorrow night at 7:00 to sunday morning, watch
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what happens during that 12 hour stretch. arctic air pulls in. we'll have wind chills 10 to 15 below zero here throughout our area early on sunday morning. and probably won't warm that much through the day. now, in advance of all this weather service has a wind chill watch in effect north and west of town for tomorrow night. the entire region under a high wind watch. sometime later tonight or tomorrow morning they may upgrade these to warnings. steve rudin will have the latest on that tonight at 11:00 and get down to business here back to more normal to round out the president's day weekend on monday. 28 degrees. 33, close to that on tuesday and wednesday with just a chance of a little light snow or rain. a little system to our south and remaining very cold as we head through the end of next week. your turn. >> thank you, doug. big weekend coming up for john wall. >> no question about it. he's very excited about it too, mo. it's all star weekend in the nba and john wall looks ahead to the second half of the season. we'll hear from j.w. and melo
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trimble hits the road with the terrapins. it
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>> one sport two arenas and a great weekend in new york for the all star festivities. the nba will use the barclays center and madison square garden for the skills competitions and the game. now, meanwhile, john wall has limited his weekend activities
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to just the game on sunday in the garden and when he's talked to the media, a lot of the talk is about making a second half run to the playoffs with the wizards and he thinks paul pierce could be the key. >> his mentality of trying to treat every game like it's a championship like it's the finals, definitely leadership always coming in and getting the early work in staying after it and just competing. want to compete every play and just his leadership is big. >> john wall with the big weekend in the big apple. college basketball the maryland terrapins are on their way to penn state for a saturday night primetime matchup. the nittany lions gave maryland a a scare 10 days ago. they won 17 of their first 19 games beating michigan state by 16 points. terrapins are 3-3 since and melo trimble did not score a field goal in the last meeting with penn state. >> really try to take pressure off him. i try not to put too much on him. the young guy, enjoy it. sometimes you can just as a coach, you need to step back and, you know, go have fun
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melo. go have fun. and he's having fun, we're pretty good. >> mark turgeon. our play of the night comes from hockey. t.j. oshie behind the net, quick stop. pass through the legs. david backas scores. are you kidding me? how about this? with the slap through the wickets, one-timer and that is our play of the night. for golf fans, all romantics on this valentine's weekend, let's go to pebble beach. pba tour rookie mark hubbard was playing the final hole when the scoreboard changed and said "megan, will you marry me". his fiancee had walked the entire course and followed him all day. megan saw it. mark putted it out and then made it official. i didn't say that on valentines. mark hubbard with our play of the day! and former seahawks fullback -- mo, stop! michael robinson said he talked with marshawn lynch who says he may retire. doesn't know if he wants to play or not. washington says hogwash, he'll play. he putted out.
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>> here's the good news he's going to be my roommate when they put me in a home. let me show you what you need to know for the weekend. it's the real deal. plenty of warning here. get into the upper 30's tomorrow. but turning windy and much colder. snow showers tomorrow afternoon and evening and the bitterly cold air moves in overnight. here's what you need to know. dusting to an inch possible. some areas where you see no snow with the snow showers tomorrow afternoon. wind gust over 50 miles per hour. wind chills sunday morning five to 15 below. air temperatures in the single digits. wind chill watch is in effect tomorrow night and sunday morning. high wind watch is in effect and steve rudin will have the very latest of what you need to know. updates on the advisories and warnings at 11:00. >> freud will be very proud of me right now. auto he'lled
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on this friday night, 60 million americans, the brutal cold and the blizzard. bracing for hurricane-force wind gusts. warnings that travel will bottom nearly impossible. and why the sniper allegedly took aim at chris kyle. and three muslim americans killed. tonight, the president weighing in. the school bus swerving children panicked calling 911. and the image that reminds us of one of the hardest things we face growing up. can you guess our person of the week?


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