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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 15, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. right now, wicked winter storm. deadly pileups. whiteout conditions. >> you can't even see out there, man. the whole thing is white. >> and wild winds. the storm marching from the midwest to the east, now dealing a punishing blast to boston, already buried in snow. bracing for blizzard conditions. mass transit shut down. the mayor declaring a snow emergency. airports canceling flights. >> the roads are so narrow. and these piles are so high. >> we have team coverage of this wicked winter storm. the bitter chill. and the new snow on the way. and there's another big story breaking overnight. terror in denmark. the country in shock after twin terror attacks. a gunman firing into a cafe in the city of copenhagen. [ gunfire ] one person killed. many others wounded.
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was the target an artist who drew cartoons of the prophet muhammad? >> we feel certain now that it is a politically motivated attack. >> surveillance cameras capturing the gunman. just hours before launching a second deadly attack. this one outside a synagogue. the urgent manhunt. just hours ago, the dramatic, violent climax. and good morning, everybody. we'll get the latest out of copenhagen in a minute. but we're going to start here with the extreme weather happening right now. take a look at this live shot out ofboston. where they're dealing with their fourth fierce weekend snow in a row. they're expecting blizzard conditions in parts of the northeast. as well as travel delays and power outages. >> and the unpleasantness is not going to stop there.
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after this storm, a dangerous arctic blast that will bring the coldest temperatures of the year so far in some places. check this out. yet another storm brewing down south. which will dump snow and ice from oklahoma all the way to virginia. we have team coverage this morning from roads to the airports. we'll kick off with rob who is in the town of hull for us this morning. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, paula. we're just getting crushed by wind, and snow, and sea spray as well. we're coming up on high tide now as well. look at this. look at this ocean. this is the bay. we're just across the bay from boston. the waves are pounding the shoreline. the wind as well. they've had plows coming through the area. but the drifts just keep throwing the snow over these roads so that will be an ongoing battle as we go on throughout the day. before this storm began bombing out this morning, boy, it tore a path through much of the country last night. overnight, high winds and snow pummeling the northeast. collapsing roofs. burying cars. and exhausting those left to dig
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out of it again. >> brutal. i never seen it like this. >> reporter: the same storm that d this 20-car pileup in indiana. >> you're going to have to pull that one out. >> reporter: now bringing 50 mile an hour wind gusts and whiteout conditions. knocking power out for 100,000 along the east coast. from baltimore to west virginia. >> you can't even see out there, man. the whole thing is white. >> reporter: wind chills will drop to 15 below zero or lower in pittsburgh and new york, and connecticut. >> i know i'm not going nowhere probably for a couple of weeks. >> reporter: in boston, planes grounded and mass transit shut down today again. the city already hit by six feet and today, likely taking on another foot. >> not much melting is going on. it's just, try to find somewhere to put it. >> reporter: the race to clear the roads, done by the bucketful in boston on saturday. megamelters devouring truckloads of snow by the second. the city trying to dig out what they can. but there was simply not enough
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time. the roads are just so narrow. and these piles are so high. you can't see around the corner at an intersection. it's flat-out dangerous to drive even when it's not snowing. the coastal community of hull, massachusetts, fearing their breaking point. after winter weather continues to battle the shoreline. >> this next storm is going to bring us huge winds and huge tide. it will pretty much paralyze us. >> reporter: those tides are coming right now. parts of this peninsula will be cut off as we go through the morning with the storm surge and high tide. this thing is basically a hurricane, without the warm core. we've got pressures that will drop today so low that we could have hurricane-force wind gusts. all right. this is the storm and how it is going to pan out. it bombs out off the new england coastline. the winds behind this continue to gust 50 to 60 miles an hour or greater here. there will be power outages today. that's not going to be good. wind chills tomorrow morning will be colder than the past few days. and guess what?
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the cold air behind this goes all the way down to the south. and there's a storm developing there. winter storm warnings, watches have been posted for tennessee and kentucky. could see a foot of snow in parts of the ohio valley, guys. so that one will come this way, too. it's a nonstop pattern. and everybody is getting into the act. we'll talk more later in the broadcast. take these off so i can see a little bit clearer. it's tough to keep your eyes open in this wind. >> you look good with goggles or without. so striking to hear you describe this as basically a hurricane. andky tell you as a boston boy, hull is lovely in the summer. apparently not so much right now. thank you, dr. marciano. we'll be back to you later in the show. we should say this storm is making driving tricky as rob showed us if not impossible in some spots. and abc's gloria riviera is traveling very carefully. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. we're on interstate 95.
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that is the major artery up and down the eastern seaboard in danger of becoming impassable if what they say is coming arrives. right now, the warning from the national weather service. we're looking at blizzard-like conditions. we can see major snow accumulation. the snow coming down coming right towards us. we're talking about first and foremost, the wind chill. the wind chill dropping to about 25 or below for three or more hours, that could turn the roads into an ice rink. and you add to that wind gusts of up to 65 miles per hour. i can tell you, we're not driving anything close to 65 right now. add to that, poor visibility. anything about a quarter mile or less ahead of you at most. that is going to make these roads very, very difficult to navigate. this region has been hit so hard. they're bracing yet again. and the advice is to stay indoors. paula? >> and thank you, gloria. let's bring in boston mayor martin walsh.
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mayor walsh, thank you for joining us this morning. first of all, you have repeatedly warned residents to stay off the roads. the real concefor the emergency crews. because fire hydrants are buried. and streets are impassable. how difficult has it been for them? >> we've been working for the last week straight out to try and free up the streets as best we can. we made a major push this weekend. now they're getting buried again. so, this morning, it's a little tough right now in boston. but the plows are out there. we're trying to open up the major thoroughfares. so people with get by. >> snow on top of snow on top of snow. you're buried. what is your solution to get rid of it? >> we've been melting and using snow farms for the last three weeks. just getting snow there. having them melt it. it's just so difficult. to stay on top of it all. because it just keeps coming. just when we get ahead of the storm, we get buried with another one.
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this one here today is not helping our situation. there's a lot of snow on the ground. i'm asking people to be patient. >> well, transit and businesses are shut down. which has really been a theme over the last couple of weeks. i would imagine this has impacted your economy. >> it certainly has. we've had some problems with our public transportation system. where, you know, the snow has played games with it. so, you know, i feel really terrible for our restaurants, small shops, small retailers here in boston. in massachusetts. it's been a very long month for them. >> mayor walsh, i would imagine you're probably wondering how much more you can take. this is the fourth straight weekend. our thoughts are with you. and we do want to thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> thanks. dan? >> thank you, paula. so tough for so many people in new england right now. this storm is making a mess of travel in the air as well. airlines got a jump on the storm, canceling more than 1600 flights in the northeast, well before the weather got too
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nasty. this will have ripple effects across the country. also trains between boston and brunswick, maine, are canceled due to the wicked winter weather, as well. keep it here on abc news for the latest. we'll have compete coverage on "world news tonight." much more on "gma." and 24/7 updates on >> we'll have folks hunkering down today. we turn overseas and terror in major european city. copenhagen is on high alert after a gunman launched two deadly attacks. the first was a deadly assault on a cafe apparently trying to kill an artist who had faced death threats. that triggered a massive manhunt for the gunman. it was caught on surveillance tape. he was carrying a machine gun. then a second deadly attack outside a synagogue. abc's news chief foreign correspondent terry moran has the very latest for us from the danish capital. terry? >> reporter: good morning, paula. copenhagen today is a city in shock and still on edge.
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police executed a search of an apartment here in the city. and they're pointedly not ruling out that the gunman who they believe they have killed may have had accomplices. the city of copenhagen in the grip of terror this morning. two violent attacks killed two people and wounded five. police say overnight they shot and killed the suspect believed to be the perpetrator in both attacks. listen as the horror unfolds. >> why do we still say but when we -- [ gunfire ] >> reporter: a gunman opening fire at a copenhagen cafe that was hosting a debate on islam and free speech. at 4:00 p.m. these caffey windows punctured by dozens of bullet holes. the attack killing a 55-year-old danish man and wounding three law enforcement officials. >> i'm not sure how many shots. by would say 30. people panicked. ran to the doors. other people were hiding behind the tables they had turned over. >> reporter: the cafe was hosting a free speech debate organized by supporters of lars
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vilks. he's a swedish cartoonist. he's believed to be the primary target for his cartoons depicting the prophet muhammad. he was put on a wanted list on an al qaeda magazine. this onslaught just five weeks after the "charlie hebdo" massacre. >> we feel certain now that it is politically motivated. and thereby, it's a terrorist attack. >> reporter: just hours after this attack, three miles from that cafe another shooting rampage near a copenhagen synagogue. two police officers wounded. and one civilian killed. police released this image of the suspected gunman, carrying machine gun. captured on surveillance video outside the site of the first attack. according to the police, he was shot and killed two miles from the synagogue where the second shooting took place. this morning, police remain on high alert amid fears of more attacks.
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one final sad detail. the victim who was killed at the synagogue, a 37-year-old man, who was there the door guarding families and young people who were celebrating a bar mitzvah. dan? >> another terror disaster in europe. terry, thank you. for more on this let's go to chief white house correspondent jon karl. will the latest attack add momentum to the president's seemingly faltering push to get congress to formally authorize the ongoing military action against isis? >> reporter: well, probably not, dan. first of all, we don't know if there's any connection directly or indirectly to isis in this tack. the bigger reason is that democrats are unlikely to have their minds changed. they're concerned about authorizing anything that could lead to another american ground war in the middle east, even a limited one. and republicans, of course, will not have their minds changed. they want the president to have more military options, not fewer. >> meanwhile, the situation is getting more complex.
8:13 am
"the new york times" has a story this morning pointing out that yis yes has quote unquote sprouted limbs and is popping up in places like egypt, libya. how does the white house plan to deal with this? >> reporter: there is no limitation on countries in the documents sent to congress. it is good anywhere. it doesn't specify iraq and syria. the reason for that is they're levering open the possibility that isis may expand elsewhere, as you're starting to see. and they may need to go after them elsewhere. >> isis, a metastasizing threat. the question is will the president get authority to go after them everywhere? and whether he even needs it. jon karl thank you. wee appreciate it. bawl paula, over to you. >> thanks, dan. we want to get more from the ground on america's ongoing military effort against isis. there have been new air strikes after a recent attack on a major air base in iraq where 400 u.s. forces were present. abc's martha raddatz will be co-anchoring "this week" from the region and she joins us now.
8:14 am
martha? >> reporter: good morning, paula. u.s. and coalition aircraft have been pounding isis targets in syria and iraq. we traveled to iraq's border where thousands of jordanian troops have been deployed. to try to stop isis terrorists from coming into jordan. jordan, of course, reeling from the brutal execution of one of its fighter pilots at the hands of isis. but as much outrage as we have seen about the execution, there are supporters of isis. towns we visited where men, young and old, are willing to fight and die. hundreds here have already streamed into syria. they say that u.s. policies and u.s. air strikes make this an eye for an eye battle. that points out just how complicated and difficult this fight remains. paula? >> martha, thank you. martha will have much more on the war against isis coming up later on abc's "this week," including an interview with a terrorist recruiter on how he's able to lure young men to take part in jihad. it's hard to win a war when
8:15 am
these guys are willing to lose their life. >> absolutely. a fascinating take on an ongoing and important story. that's coming up later this morning. now over to ron for a look at the morning headlines. good morning. >> good morning to you. dan and paula. rachel. good morning to you. good morning, everyone. american law enforcement officials are looking into the background of an american woman arrested in canada for allegedly plotting to take part in a foiled mall massacre plot in nova scotia. this morning, a chicago area college student is behind bars in canada. she and 20-year-old, randall shepherd, a canadian, are facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder. they are accused of plotting a valentine's day shooting spree at a mall. shepherd and a third suspect who was found dead were both said to be active members of an online forum obsessed with mass shootings like the columbine shootings. in the ukraine, a fragile cease-fire seems to be holding. but within two hours of a
8:16 am
cease-fire's scheduled start, reports of sporadic breaches. images from eastern ukraine offer quote credible pieces of evidence that the russians have supplied heavy arms to shell ukrainian forces. it's official. former governor jeb bush has his mom's approval to run for the republican nomination in 2016. the former fist lady and first mom, barbara bush, skyped during her son's fund-raising event saying she's changed her mind about a comment she made a few years ago when she said there had been enough bushes in the white house. she also talked about the two big passions in her life. >> and i may be almost 90 years old, but literacy is still my passion. except for one thing. look who i've got with me tonight. [ cheers and applause ] >> there he is. >> former president bush 41. their son, jeb, has yet to officially announce he is running for president.
8:17 am
and finally, a lesson in persistence from a preschooler with big plans for a fairytale ending to his trip to disney world. he's 5-year-old parker. he tracked down every single princess, got down on one knee, and popped the question. the princesses all declined the proposal primarily citing his age. some thought he was overly aggressive. just kidding. he moved on to everyone's favorite, tinkerbell. she was thrilled and parker finally, finally got a yes. for those keeping score at home, disney is the parent company of abc news. >> did you say he had a ring? >> i did not say. i did not say. >> that might have been an important variable. >> if you want it then you gotta put a ring on it. okay? right? >> i think that's well established in law, as a matter of fact. ron, thank you. >> and in song. tonight is the nba all-star game right here in new york city. in the leadup to the game, a wild weekend of fancy parties and crazy on-the-court contests. >> and one of those contests, you're looking at it the always
8:18 am
anticipated slam dunk contest. taken to new heights by rookie zack le -- zach lavine. he scored a perfect 100 in the opening round. just 19 years old. look at that. >> i could do that. >> i know you could do that. that's next year. >> that was last year. yesteryear. >> all-star weekend, not always glitz and glamour. i spent time with one of the game's biggest stars. he gave a group of kids the surprise of a lifetime. >> he can be especially dangerous. he crosses over and deep for three! >> reporter: not only is kevin durant the reigning mvp on the court. >> are you kidding me? >> reporter: he's gracious. >> you're the real mvp. >> reporter: and loves to give back to the community. the oklahoma city thunder star stopped by a public school in new york city as part of the nba fit program, helping host a clinic with some of his smallest fans. you ready to surprise some kids? and we had exclusive access for the big reveal. [ cheers and applause ] you take it pretty serious that
8:19 am
you're a role model for these kids, don't you? >> yeah, i do. i feel like it's my duty to teach what i have been taught. what i have learned over the years. and try to give back and help as much as i can. >> reporter: durant and other pros are in town for tonight's nba all-star game. before the east takes on the west, stars dwyane wade, andrew wiggins, and russell westbrook showed kids some skills on the hardwood in fit clinics in 100 big apple schools. even king james bringing his talents to a manhattan high school. cheering on future foul line sharp shooters. >> good job. >> i was mind-blown. >> reporter: you were mind-blown? >> we were flabbergasted. >> reporter: and having durant show up to that school was a huge slam dunk. even if the students couldn't figure out his height. how tall do you think he is? >> six foot. >> seven foot. i don't know. >> reporter: he's really tall. at 6'9", durant hoping to raise up the next generation of basketball players. >> encouraging them, letting them know anything is possible. it really does help. >> he's such a good guy.
8:20 am
anybody you talk to, they say it doesn't get any better. you don't get any better. >> he towers over you. >> i know. and i'm not diminutive. >> no, no you're tall. >> i loved his mvp speech from last year. he cried. he addressed his mom. he said, mom, you're the real mvp. every time i watch it, i bawl. >> the kids were quote unquote flabbergasted. >> mind blown. someone with his mind blown right now is rob marciano. who has covered many weather stories be has been quite impresseded by what's going on in massachusetts right now. hey, rob. >> i'd say quite cold and quite wet. they're getting it all here in eastern massachusetts, again. an unprecedented fourth storm in a row on the weekend. so this is -- welcome to my life the past month. let's go over how much more snow we're going to get. that's not really the big story. though we'll probably get a foot plus, especially boston, north and east. that will put itver the seven-foot mark for the month. oh, my goodness. now here's a storm developing across the south.
8:21 am
snows across parts of arkansas in through tennessee and kentucky, through tomorrow night. they could see up to a foot of snow. and winter storm warnings have been posted. also a sliver of ice there. that includes northern mississippi, alabama, parts of tennessee. and georgia also. go out west if you want the warmth. they've got it. that's where the good stuff is. they would love to see a little bit of rainfall. that's a look at what's going on in hull, massachusetts.
8:22 am
>> oh, it is just a beautiful day for a stroll on the boardwalk. you mentioned how awesome this place is in the summertimes. daddy's dogs. that looks delicious. they're closed right now. >> frozen. frozen dogs. >> paul larks back over to you. >> it made me sad when he said welcome to my life. may your life improve, rob. >> rob, we thank you. >> letting you into my world. >> thank you to the crew, as well. and coming up on "gma," a terrifying road rage attack, a woman shot and killed on her way back from teaching her daughter how to drive. why was she targeted? plus, forget megamansions. now it's giga-mansions. why one hollywood superstar is leading the charge against this real estate. leading the charge against this real estate.
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update. >> good morning. our top story this morning is the windy and icy conditions making for a tough day getting around down -- town. the wind has been a problem. this is the scene in manassas where a wall has collapsed. no word on any injuries.
8:28 am
we have also heard of a number of power outages in the area. be sure to be safe out on the roads today. here is steve with a look at the forecast. >> under the cold with winds gusting at 50 miles an hour. just seven below zero at ellis airport and 18 degrees today. look for temperatures tomorrow a bit milder but it will be very cold all week long. >> thank you for watching. have a great sunday.
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♪ okay, if you know this movie, you may be dating yourself. but i think you should also consider yourself highly awesome. "the breakfast club" celebrating a big anniversary. showing us a whole new side of detention. the crew dancing to karla devito's "we are not alone." we have the whole story with rachel smith coming up ahead in "pop news." we're so delighted you're here today. >> thank you. >> filling in for sara haines. >> i'm very glad you're here. >> i'm not afraid to date myself. i remember watching this movie as a surly teenager and relating in a very powerful, strong way. >> as opposed to a surly adult. >> i'm marginally less surly now. a hollywood story of a different variety. beautiful megamansions being torn down to make way for even
8:31 am
bigger so-called giga mansions. the huge star trying to put a stop to this. but we're going to start here with a sad new in an outrageous case of road rage. >> a mother teaching her daughter how to drive was shot in front of her own home. she died overnight. this morning, the gunman is on the loose. kendis gibson is here with more on the massive manhunt under way. kendis? >> reporter: paula and dan, there were several new developments overnight in this awful case of road rage. we received word, the sad update, that that mom had passed away. also new leads in the search for her killers in this just-released video. police this morning say this is the face of one of the suspects in the murder of tammy meyers. a 44-year-old nurse and mother of four gunned down in front of her own home. >> i will say this. this is where my wife lost her life. she was a good woman. she didn't deserve this. all she's ever downne is help people. >> reporter: on thursday night, she left a junior high school
8:32 am
parking lot where she was giving her 15-year-old daughter driving lessons. somewhere on the short drive home, she was involved in a collision with a silver four-door sedan, seen here in new security camera footage released overnight. investigators and family say after the accident, three men in the silver sedan followed meyers and her daughter home opening fire in an extreme act of road rage. meyers shot in the head, her son, home at the time, ran out, firing back as the suspects fled. >> you're really disgusting for taking my mother's life. >> and i hope to god they know we're looking. >> reporter: investigators are searching now for those men or any sign of their car. >> as far as we can tell, there was no prior contact with these individuals. they were complete strangers. >> reporter: while meyers' family searches for justice. >> if you know anything, please, please notify the police immediately. so we can get these guys off the streets. >> reporter: police are hoping the video and the sketch of one of the suspects also released
8:33 am
overnight will lead to some arrests shortly. the victim's husband saying, please turn yourself in. >> awful case. >> awful case. we need to find those shooters and get them off the street. >> reporter: they have good leads. we'll see what happens. >> thank you. now let's go back to ron with another look at the stories we've been tracking overnight. good morning, everyone. we begin in denmark, which is on high alert. after two terror attacks that rocked the capital of copenhagen. danish police shot and killed man who likely carried out attacks at a free speech event and a synagogue. two other people were killed. five others injured. today is the last day to sign up for federally subsidized health care. federal officials say the system is back up and running after a last-minute glitch caused some income verification issues. in new zealand, rescue workers helped free some 60 whales that had been stranded on shore since friday. nearly 200 whales had beached themselves in the rare mass stranding. finally, where's samuel l. jackson when you need him? remember the movie "snakes on a
8:34 am
plane." >> is he on a plane? >> no. an alaska airlines flight was delayed on saturday after a woman got on board and was stung by a scorpion. >> no, way. >> no, thank you. >> on board was the oregon fate men's basketball team. the coach tweeted, always loved the band scorpion growing up. >> rock me like a hurricane. >> i did, too. >> rock me like a hurricane. >> it took one look at us and went the other direction. if you're wondering what happened to the scorpion, let's say, it won't terrorize anyone again. >> that's good to know. thank you. i'm taking great delight in picturing and visualizing dan rocking out to the scorpions. >> many times in my surly youth i rocked out to -- any way. let's go to rob who is luxuriating in the lovely weather in hull, massachusetts. in no way surly himself. sir, take it away. >> you know. if there's weather that makes me surly, this might be it. it's miserable out here in hull. this is a main stretch.
8:35 am
the snow has been coming down, heavier at times. the wind hasn't let up. the waves have been pounding this shoreline. we're almost at high tide. we'll have a storm surge on top of that of about three or four feet. just down the boardwalk. look out. we're looking at some overtopping. and parts of this peninsula will be cut off later today because of the encroaching water. all right. we have a situation as far as winds with this. that will be the main concern. power outage will be a huge issue through the rest of today. even once the snow moves out, we'll see winds gusting over 50 miles an hour here and in boston. and even more on the cape. new york and d.c., over 30 miles an hour throughout the day. so even power outages there. wind chill tomorrow morning. behind this is the coldest air of the season. sounds like a broken record. we'll probably be saying that until april. minus 20 in boston. minus 15 in new york. unbelievable.
8:36 am
we mentioned, we have another storm hitting the south. winter storm warnings and watches for parts of the south. and then gotta talk about l.a. which has breken some records as far as heat goes. that's warming me up. temperatures there, a lovely 79, 80 degrees. oh, sounds so good. and here's your national map. more people are getting involved now in the winter weather. that's what's happening in hull and ac >> this weather report was brought to you by walgreens. i think they sell hand warmers there. find me a walgreens right now. guys, it's not so bad. you're from here, dan. >> i'm not sure i believe you. go get some chowder. you've earned it.
8:37 am
thank you, rob. we appreciate it. let me tell you what's coming up on "gma." ballrooms. tricked out bar. two or three pools. the controversial supersize mansions for the ultra rich when just a regular mansion simply won't do. we'll take that wraps off the toy of the year. what is it? rachel, will we find out in "pop news "? >> of course. >> hand warmers perhaps. >> is it a question? >> hand warmers. no. they're not toys. "sheesh, i wish i'd looked some more." that's why walgreens makes it easy to switch your prescriptions and save money. just stop by. and leave all the legwork to us. switch your prescriptions to walgreens where you could save even more on medicare part d with copays as low as zero dollars. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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in beverly hills, the land of subtlety, it's often believed bigger is better. at least when it comes to real estate. >> but when does it become a little too excessive? the trend is for the ultra rich to buy megamansions and tear them down. some of hollywood's big estars are trying to stop it. brandi hitt has the story. >> there are 13 bedrooms. about 20 bathrooms in total. >> reporter: mega-real estate mogul mohamed hadid has made a career of building luxury homes and hotels for the uber rich. such as this one on real housewives of beverly hills. featuring his ex-wife, yolanda foster. these days, he's not making friends in beverly hills or in
8:42 am
even more exclusive bel-air. tearing down megamansions for the new giga-mansions. and nearby residents like jennifer aniston, whose house is 8500 square feet are fighting back. voicing outrage to city officials. the very idea that a building of 90,000 square feet can be called a home seems at the lest, a significant distortion of building codes. why build homes this size? this big? >> there's a need for it. you have a customer is asking for it. >> reporter: the ultra rich living richer. he says a new generation of global billionaires is driving this construction boom. what is the number one amenity buyers are looking for when they purchase a house of this magnitude? >> an entertainment area. they want to have the splash, to have 200, 300 people party. they need several bars area. an outdoor area. something specific about a house that is different than anybody else. >> reporter: luxury mansions soaring beyond 20,000 square
8:43 am
feet are popping up on street after street. some 40,000 square feet. some are reaching a staggering 90,000 square feet. bigger than the white house and taj mahal combined. to some, this kind of giga-construction seems more like a giga-invasion. just jarreds from attorney joe horacek's front door this 30,000-foot wall of glass, steel, and cement is being developed by you mohamed hadid. >> i feel the privacy is completely and totally gone. >> reporter: he says for 15 years, he's lived a quiet life in the hills. until hadid bought the house above him, tore it down, and excavated. the city of los angeles is not happy either. they've issued a stop work order. >> we got our permits correctly. >> reporter: real estate expert david kramer said the high-end building boom started with the selling of aaron spelling's 56,000-square-foot home.
8:44 am
>> people see the reality of we have buyers here. >> reporter: he sold the spelling man nor for $85 million. and says it opened the floodgates for larger luxurious homes. now some are waiting for this real estate bubble to burst. for "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> what do you do with 90,000 square feet? >> what do you do with 28 bathrooms? >> i can't even begin. >> it overwhelms me. >> lifestyles of the 1%, ladies and gentlemen. >> i think it's the 0.00001%. >> fair enough. i've never been good at math. well coming up on "good morning america" -- we'll exercise dan's math skills. but the oscar dresses that inspired desserts, all ahead in "pop news." >> is that a good thing? >> i don't really know. not given. dedication means pursuing your passion. every day. healing is something we do.
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♪ sara haines taking a little time off. we're so happy and lucky to have rachel here with us. >> well, thank you. i'm lucky to be here with you guys, too. i lurve spending time with you. i couldn't resist. first up, playtime. we have the newly named 2015 toy of the year. and, let's see here, ron actually has it. >> i think i can do it. >> i passed it off to him because i was having operator issues over here. >> oh. >> oh, there we go. >> got a little out of hand here. >> hey guys i'm aware it's a long way to christmas. this is zoomer dyno by spin master. this is the onyx model.
8:49 am
it comes in a variety of colors. kids are loving it. kids and ron. >> the kids need to figure it out. >> i think kids could work it better than uncle ron. i would imagine. >> and any of us. i've been trying morning. it is not easy. >> oh, he's growling. >> he spins around. he roars. that is the way -- >> attack, attack! >> sick 'em! >> awesome. yes. there is zoomer dyno. top toy of the year. >> very cool. next up, i'm letting you in on a surprise this morning. all thanks to sir paul mccartney. the former beatle sharing all of his loving on valentine's day in an intimate concert in new york city. take a look. you like that? ♪ and while i'm away i'll write home every day ♪ >> i mean, the guy's still got it, right? ♪ all my lovin' to you ♪ >> our dinosaur won't stop. >> he loves it. he's singing to paul mccartney there. it seems like that very intimate concert was announced on his website. and only a few hundred people were lucky enough to get tickets to his event.
8:50 am
they were only 40 bucks apiece. >> a bargain. >> cash at the door. >> lots of stars in the crowd. eddie murphy, jim carrey, and tom hanks. >> money can't buy you love. but it can buy you a reasonably cheap ticket to see paul mccartney. >> well played. blast from the past this morning. hard to believe the cult favorite, "the breakfast club" is celebrating a milestone this morning. >> you have exactly eight hours and 54 minutes to ponder the error of your ways. any questions? >> yeah does barry manilow know that you raid his wardrobe? >> love it. can't get enough of that movie. it's been 30 years since they got together to serve saturday detention. they never doctor -- >> 30 years? >> right. they made detention look so good. so fun. >> you were what, 25 then? >> to mark the occasion, a restored version of the john hughes film will be shown in select theaters for two nights late next month. cast members are giving fans a look inside the film. it's also available next month
8:51 am
on blu-ray and dvd. and finally, guys, we're counting down to the oscars. one group is counting down in an unusual way. the international culinary center in new york city is putting a sweet spin on the hollywood awards season. check it out. this work from pastry chefs. they've re-created the most memorable red carpet dresses in the most unusual fashion. that would be a cookie right there. >> an edible gown. >> that is julia roberts in cookie form. then we have next, how about halle berry in her elie saab number. and lupita nyong'o in her gown. and finally, angelina in that leggy atelier versace. >> no comments about biting the leg. we'll be right back. keep it here. >> no comments about biting the leg. hold it! come with me. new dannon oikos triple zero is my go to protein snack. cam, protein from yogurt?
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and there is martha raddatz,
8:56 am
getting ready to co-anchor "this week" from jordan. coming up in a little while on abc. we do want to thank you for watching. a big thanks to rob marciano who has weathered another blizzard out there. >> and his crew. absolutely. thanks, everybody. we'll see you later. absolutely. thanks, everybody. we'll see you later. >> now come in abc seven news update. >> good morning. in the news this morning, the icy and windy weather has shut down roads, cut power, and even knocked down trees to some in our area. this one went down in northwest washington. the entire viewing area is now under a high wind warning at 2:00 in the afternoon. this scene out of manassas where the winds are being blamed for a wall collapsed on the 9400 block
8:57 am
of battle street. no report of any injuries. reports of scaffolding and even some structures coming down because of all the windy weather. here is dave to tell us how long it will stick around. >> this is indeed the coldest day of the winter season. the winds continue to whip across the area. they will not abate until tomorrow sometime. this is a live shot. you can see the field covered with snow. most was to the northeast. three inches in columbia and a 10th of an inch at the airport. dulles airport just seven. it is 11 at the reagan national airport. look at the wind gusts. wind gusting and 32 miles an hour at reagan national and 40 at winchester. you combine the tea doesn't you can see the apparent temperature feels like 19 degrees below zero at dulles and seven below at
8:58 am
reagan national airport. we will stay below zero for much of the day. the high temperature is 18. that will be the lowest for this day ever. presidents' day about 22 and not quite as windy. we do not get above the 20's all my long. >> on the luck. thank you for watching. have a great sunday.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> business news from the capital region. this is "washington business repo" witabc 7 national correspondents rebecca cooper. >> thanks for joining us, for a fresh look at t busineness and nance and how iaffectyou. coming up on totoday's show,w, affordablele caract dedeadline time, whwhat bususinesseses need to know in ouroundtable,ome surprises about wn amicanss haveve been doing with all that cash they y have been savingt the pump. new job numbers sw growth inn thdistrict, t it is roh in the d.c. suburbs. it's time for the second part of our e-on-o-one ierview wh ththe cofoundersrs of 1776, which helps startupsot jusust in the district, buarou the wororld.


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