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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  February 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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oxymoron but it is. because it's so cold every flake will stick. the entire region under a winter storm warning until noon tomorrow. we believe it's five to eight inch snowfall totals will be common in the areas in blue. farther to the north, the lesser amounts. a short distance to the south of the district, seven to 10 inches or more expected because this is a southern storm so the closer you get to the storm center and track, the heavier the snow the farther removed you are lighter the snow. everybody will have a high impact event with the snow starting now. will become heaviest between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. in the morning. not only will there be disruptions to traffic and travel but there will be widespread school systems. some systems have already called school for tomorrow. our team coverage will continue all afternoon and evening. biggest snow we've had around here for a while. it's so light and fluffy and so cold it's going to pile up quickly and be crunchy, and be
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one of the storms that you can clean with a broom rather than a heavy lift of the shovel. more for you in a few minutes. >> you got it. some parts of southern maryland are expected to get hit with close to a foot of snow and residents are taking advantage of the president's day holiday to get ready for it. our team coverageontinues with brad bell. snow coming out big time out there, brad? >> it started at 2:00 this afternoon, and as usual, doug hill is dead on right. it's a very fluffy light snow. you can just sweep it away. but it is sticking. it's sticking like crazy. that is the major road and it looks just like this. it is snow covered. it is slippery. we're starting to see clouds slide and you know what? down here everybody took that as a signal to get to the hardware store. the ace hardware is a busy, busy place. snow felt is going fast.
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shovels are moving. fuel to stay warm is the hottest seller. >> you had my pellets. this is my only place that have them. keep warm. >> entire tractor-trailer load of pellets sold in a few hours. >> cold. trying to stay warm. >> it's crazy. we had propane delivered. we were almost out. and so we almost right here we got depleted. >> southern marylanders are expecting nearly a foot of snow. it's the first big snow this year. and it seems many people just haven't spent money on storm supplies until the forecast justified it. now, it's time to get ready. and little ryan myers is ready. >> sled. >> have you? i mean got to take care of your kids, man, absolutely. >> purple sled. he's going to be rocketing tomorrow. i got what i need for the snowstorm. a yardstick. not going to use all of maybe a third. right now, we're up to just about 1/2 3/4 of an inch. according to the forecast we'll
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get just about up to where my thumb is here. we'll be out here keeping you up to date. bottom line right now is these roads are already very, very slippery. brad bell abc 7 news. >> thank you. see you again soon. so meanwhile, the snow forced organizers to cancel today's george washington's birthday parade which was going to be in alexandria. and the martparade has been canceled. >> while some love the cold and snow, others hate it. >> i don't know how people up north handle it. i couldn't. >> it's days like today that have dogs wearing sweaters and humans wearing four or more layers. >> bundle bundle bundle. only way. >> got to keep moving. stand still. >> across the commonwealth, vdot says crews are pretreating roads with 3800 plows and trucks staged in northern virginia alone. meanwhile in alexandria, the bitter cold resulted in the
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cancellation of the country's biggest president's day parade. organizers say several participants backed out. many attended the annual indoor breakfast event. >> mother nature speaks we listen and she has spoken. >> crews spent the day tearing down the no parking signs that lined what would have been the parade route. the city says these parking restrictions won't be enforced today. while city leaders say they're disappointed with the cancellation, they say it was the right call. >> i was scheduled to ride in a convertible. i'm so glad now that i didn't have to do that! >> no one could be more disappointed than alexandria's town crier. >> i live to serve this city. >> he's not shedding too many tears. that's good. in this cold they quickly become icicles. mike conneen, abc 7 news. >> can't be warm. >> it affect everybody. right? >> yeah. >> obviously. metro's announced that all metro access service is going to be suspended at 6:00 tonight and all day tomorrow because of the winter storm. >> and depending on the
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conditions, more changes could be announced. brianne carter is live with a look at how metro is preparing for this. hi brianne. >> well good afternoon to you, alison. they tell us they'll be keeping a close eye on the tracks like this one here at the grovener metro station. they say the outdoor tracks that are not underground, that's what they'll be watching carefully throughout the night and into the morning. that's because metro officials tell us the magic number they say that magic number is eight. once we start to get eight inches of snow on those tracks that are not underground, that's when they can look to see if they have to make any service adjustments. meanwhile, for riders on metrobus, they tell us that they are going to expect some delays and detours as that winter weather starts to head into our area and accumulate out on the roadways. so metro officials will be keeping a close eye to the sky, the roads and rails throughout the night and into tomorrow ahead of the morning rush. from trains to planes at the airports we are seeing some delays and cancellations for
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people trying to get out ahead of this winter weather. we talked to one family they just got back from a warm and sunny cruise. and they ended up here in d.c. their flight was canceled on sunday. and they're hoping just hoping they can get out ahead of the weather. >> it's not that i don't like this place but i want to get home. my wife is, too. >> now, at last check they were weighing for a stand-by flight to try and get stand by on an earlier flight because the flight they are booked on is not scheduled to leave until 10:10 this evening. as we heard doug say, the later we get into that evening hour and into the night, it could get much, much worse. we'll continue to keep an eye on the rails and everything happening at the airport throughout the night. reporting live brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> and brianne, water pipe problems at dulles international disrupted several flights overnight there. a pipe burst in a control tower triggering an alarm and an evacuation. the water affected some of the
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equipment used to communicate with flights so several were diverted. the f.a.a. says everything was repaired and back to normal by about 6:30 this morning. well this extremely cold weather is being blamed for frozen pipes in several homes. stephen tschida live with what home owners can do to avoid a big mess. stephen? >> alison we are indoors but i have my coat on because there's no heat in this specific apartment. that's why, as you can see over here they've got their oven open. but the bigger problem here is the bloken water pipes. you see what it did to the ceiling. over there, you can see the walls that have been torn out as crews try to repair these ruptured lines and a lot of water here in the apartment. but nothing coming out of this sink. water gushed from the ceiling. >> it was pouring. like actually pouring down like it was raining inside the house. >> it turned his apartment into a cold, wet mess.
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all across the region the bitter cold is breaking pipes. >> i had a pipe burst inside the wall. >> the water shot from the pipe inside her son's bedroom. now her floor is saturated. the deluge forced howard from her home. >> i want to stay in my own house and feel comfortable. i don't want to relatives' house and it's devastating. >> yeah here we've got the wet it's going to be used a lot in this specific apartment. and a lot all across the region. there's a lot of home owners that are dealing with these ruptured water lines and the aftermath of all that water saturating their homes. reporting live stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> here are some steps that home owners can take to keep their pipes from freezing. if there are water supply lines in their garage, make sure you keep the garage doors closed. also, letting cold weather drip from a faucet will help keep the
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faucets from freezing and tightly close all your doors and windows, of course and seal leaks in crawl spaces and basements. >> our question of the day is as you might expect weather related. >> the question is if you could escape this cold weather, which warm weather location would you love to be in right now? >> anyone. >> we can just dream right now. take a minute. weigh in on the facebook page our facebook page of course and we'll share some of your comments a little bit later. looking forward to that. and be sure to stay with abc 7 and as we track the winter storm, download our stormwatch app so you can receive weather alerts on your mobile device. doug back with more on the track. >> "good morning washington" will begin early on tuesday morning at 4:00 a.m. we'll keep you updated on the weather and you can learn about road conditions and delays as we
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get them here. >> they are waiting a waiting autopsy results to see if weather played a role in the death of two people. they believe viola cox suffered a medical emergency at home. her 60-year-old son douglas left with her to get help. their bodies were found outside early sunday morning after spending most of the night in subfreezing temperatures. >> a man is under arrest after a bizarre domestic incident in arlington. it happened this morning at an apartment on south scott street. police say the suspect was an ex-boyfriend who broke in through the front window and then crawled through the entrance. he allegedly also started a fire on the stove. police arrested him and firefighters arrived to put out that fire. no one was hurt. firefighters endured the bitter cold this morning to battle a house fire in prince george's county that killed a family pet. the home went up in flames around 9:45 in the morning. fire officials say the two people who live there were able to escape but a dog inside the home did not make it out. firefighters say they believe the fire started in a detached
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shed in the backyard. the cause is still under investigation. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 update to an i-team investigation that we first brought you last summer. problems with thousands of vehicles belonging to military families. how the company responsible for the vehicles plans to handle things in the future. >> learn how local transportation crews are taking action after that loose concrete fell on to a car on a road in maryland. >> we'll look at weather conditions in other parts of the country. >> and doug is tracking how much snowfall we will receive tonight. his updated forecast is still ahead.
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>> welcome back, everybody, at 4:14 this afternoon, we're keeping an eye for you on the roads as the snow begins to fall in parts of the d.c. region. doug's updated forecast is coming up for you in just a few minutes. >> as the winter storm targets part of the south and northeast is digging out from more snow and brutally cold temperatures. >> marcy gonzalez has more from new york. >> terrible, terrible. >> you hear it over. >> it's ridiculous. >> and over.
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>> i figure it's cold when your eyeballs ache! that's cold. >> those cold weather complaints from people here in the northeast where some places hit record low temperatures today while others dealt with wind chills of 30 degrees below zero. >> hating it. ready to move south. >> but it's not much better farther south. oklahoma and kentucky. >> 50-mile-per-hour winds knocking out power in virginia. >> you can definitely hear branches falling and it was very scary at times. >> sleet and freezing rain from georgia to north carolina. in philadelphia ice creating a surreal contrast around this burning building. in new york city, yachts are frozen in place in the arctic looking hudson river. and in boston they are digging out from yet another snowstorm on this, the city's coldest day in 11 years. >> this is crazy. you said to yourself and i'm thinking other people don't, you
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know, it just never stops. >> and for now, the mayor is right. there's more snow in the forecast for tomorrow. followed by the potential for even colder temperatures. in new york, marcy gonzalez, abc 7 not news. -- 7 news. >> let's check out the traffic situation that we saw on mobile track 7 a second ago and see what bob emler sees in the wtop traffic center. what are you keeping your eye on now? >> a lot of people are leaving work early as a result of the snow that is now moving in. that means we've had a bit of a rush hour even on this holiday on the farther south you go and the farther west you go on 66 that's where some of the worst conditions are at least at the moment. and right now, 95 in virginia is one of those areas where traffic is moving slower both ways because of snow cover with the cold temperatures. let's take a look to see what it looks like right now. on the roads, we can look at the cameras and see that 95 is well looking at pretty poor visibility and roads are becoming snow covered out there. it's getting rather dangerous on
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95 the snow is definitely accumulating between the lanes. that's true on 66 out to the west as well. on the beltway in prince george's county we can see in some spots that also you get to see that some of the snow is beginning to accumulate in areas where the snow is falling. mainly on the south side of the beltway near the wilson bridge although farther north, still some dry pavement out there. i'm bob emler 103.5 wtop radio. >> thanks, bob! >> time to talk more about the weather and the timing. and going to be an interesting overnight here. >> let it snow. let it snow. let it snow. >> people have been waiting for this. >> it's going to be fluffy light snow. and it's going to pile up and in the real world, whether you get five inches or seven inches won't make a whole lot of difference. if you stay on top of it you can clean it off with a broom but it will be slippery on the roadways. it will be a big deal. tell you what you need to know. looking at alexandria right now, this is bell haven country club
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and just for the past hour, we've seen the fairways starting to whiten up here. every flake that's falling is sticking. what you see on the snow machine, this is all snow. it's light but steady. the little darker blue areas show a few more moderate patches. this is a band all by itself. the main action is still about 150 miles to the southeast towards the roanoke valley. as far as temperatures, this is crazy. it's 12 right now in gaithersburg. 13 at dulles. 17 at reagan national. temperatures will hold steady through the evening hours here. there won't be any melting to speak of. as far as the headlines, well we've got winter storm warnings up until noon tomorrow. officially kick off at 4:00 just a little while in the western areas and 6:00 in the metro area. now that the snow has started, consider yourself warned and under active winter storm warnings. now, the larger pictures we pulled back will give an indication of the scope the size of this storm. meanwhile, all these counties
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you see in pink from oklahoma city all the way to the atlantic ocean are under winter storm warnings for this storm. a lot of rain thunderstorms, the warm air. there's ice through tennessee. but this is the main area now the heavier snow across east tennessee, eastern kentucky and that's going to slide overhead later tonight and overnight. we expect the heaviest snow between 10:00 tonight and 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning. that's when we'll start to pile it up. tomorrow afternoon partly sunny and breezy but it's the effect of the bitterly cold air and the dry snow that will pile up quickly. our futurecast shows kind of the leading edge here a little bit later this evening. moving into the area from the south and west. and in this presentation the darker the blue color indicates the heaviest amounts of snow. and by 1:00 in the morning, clearly, darker colors, southern maryland fredricksburg. moderate snow in the metro area and lighter amounts to the north. that's why you'll see that we put the heaviest accumulations to the south. check this out. at the back edge of the snow is through the eastern suburbs and fredricksburg as we get through
4:20 pm
the morning skies, clear out and turn partly sunny and breezy throughout the day. everybody wants to know how much. this is what we think. five to eight inches of snow in a band. back across the mountains through the metro areas to the shore, 3 to 5 in the north. seven to 10 and even more the farther south you go. this makes sense because the storm will pass well to our south so the closer you are to the storm the more snow the farther you are away the less snow. with temperatures in the teens, it's going to pile up and have major impact. lots of school systems will be closed. major impact on driving. steve rudin is outside of the storm watch 7 centers in rosslyn, talk about what people can encounter outside and help us see what they're seeing. >> yeah absolutely. it is starting to go get slick out here. the snow beginning to pile up not only on the ground but on my hair. as you head outdoors over the next few hours or so you're definitely going to want to take your time. be careful out there. roadways are going to become slick very very quickly.
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a lot of folks are sending us pictures on twitter. you can find us at doughill abc steve rudin abc 7 #stormwatch7. if you can come back to me on camera, we want your pictures. i know a lot of folks are going to claim they have three, four five, maybe seven, eight inches but we want you to prove it. take your camera and hold it like this. not like this but like this. take your picture, send it to us on twitter or on facebook. once again, #stormwatch7. hold it like this. also, we have a live facebook chat. we'll talk about that coming up in just a few minutes. if you have any questions, send them on over to us. we'll do our best to answer the questions for you. once again, stormwatch 7 for the hashtag. doug? >> steve said he had snow in his hair. i think he's turning gray. next seven days for you, 100% probability of snow here tomorrow morning. arctic cold front, another one could give us snow showers on wednesday. bitterly cold thursday into
4:22 pm
friday and then another system potentially with rain or snow saturday and sunday. you know how to take the picture? >> hold it like this says steve. >> there you go. >> we needed a lesson. >> we'll be back in a little bit. >> good, thanks so much. >> all right. this is some breaking news. no not really. >> broken news more like it. >> broken more like it. this is weather related because the weather is being blamed for a weekend crash involving the oscar mayer wiener mobile. police say the hot dog on wheels slid off a snow covered road in pennsylvania and then slammed into that pole. no one was hurt fortunately, but the front of the 27 foot vehicle was damaged. oscar mayer has a few of those wiener mobiles out there to promote and advertise products across the country. >> you think it would have air buns or something. >> instead of air bags? >> yeah. >> apparently not. >> such the case. >> i'm glad no one was hurt in the wiener mobile. >> ok. >> all right. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 -- for the second time in
4:23 pm
months, a food truck becomes the target of thieves. where the truck was stolen and where it turned up. >> alison and leon she was a local retired schoolteacher who went to a routine doctor's appointment. i'm jennifer donelan. coming up four years later, her murder is still unsolved. >> as we head to break, a live look outside as we continue to track this winter weather alert. we'll show you how district residents are preparing coming
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>> we've got breaking news coming in from west virginia at this hour. where a train carrying crude oil derailed in fayette county forcing homes to be evacuated. one of the tankers crashed into the river and sparked a house fire. the man in that house ran off to safety barefoot in the snow. he was taken to hospital. no word of any injuries. crude oil now reportedly leaking into the river. the cause for the derailment has not yet been determined but it was snowing heavily at the time. tonight, abc 7 kicks off a week long effort to find killers that live in our community. >> that's right. jennifer donelan joins us to tell us about this "7 on your side" pursuit for justice. jen? >> the killers among us got away with murder. the question now is for how much longer? our week long look at unsolved local murder mysteries begins tonight at 11:00 with a story of a retired schoolteacher whose
4:27 pm
case makes little to no sense at all. 63-year-old myra casson retired from anne arundel county schools. she was an active member of her sorority, a mother and her sister's best friend. there was no trouble in her life. what happened to her on january 28, 2011? she went to see her doctor. two hours later she was discovered inside her car with a gunshot wound to the chest. in a parking lot three miles away from her doctor's office. no one and i mean no one has been able to explain that particular detail. was she forced to drive there? did she try to help someone who turned on her? her murder was a shock to the community and most devastating to her sister. >> she was so kind and giving. and trusting. and i would love to know how someone could do that to her.
4:28 pm
she would give you the shirt off her back. >> murder mysteries that we hope you can help solve begins tonight at 11:00 p.m. here on abc 7 news. reporting live i'm jennifer donelan. back to you. >> thank you jennifer. looking forward to that. still ahead here at 4:00 -- >> it turns out that the washington monument is shorter than previously thought? we'll tell you about the reasons is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. plus 24-month financing. know better sleep with sleep number. this is jim. a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied hihim to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto®, jim's on the move.
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>> we continue to follow a winter weather alert. snow falling across parts of the d.c. region now. >> yep. snow lovers are rejoicing finally. more snow is expected as the hours go on. so let's check in with our chief meteorologist doug hill once again. hi, doug. >> hi alison and leon. it looks like the heaviest snow will hold off until later tonight. we have patches of snow throughout our area and a little bit of a break when you get south of roanoke. it appears that break area is starting to fill in. not uncommon. but this definitely is the storm center itself. the low is right over jackson, mississippi right now and it moves east-northeastward overnight to tomorrow morning and off the coast to virginia beach, it looks like we'll get a lot of snow around the area. because it's a southern track, the farther south the more snow you'll see. the farther north you are, the less snow you'll see. everybody gets to have some snow along with bitterly cold temperatures. 14 right now near andrews air force base and the entire region now under a winter storm warning. this will run until noon
4:32 pm
tomorrow. unlike some winter storms this won't be accompanied by thunder snow or heavy winds. this is a dry, powdery snow and will pile up pretty quickly. as far as how much and the timing of the heavier parts of the storm, based on the futurecast, i think it's pretty right. the lighter snow coming in now and the heavier snow will hold back a bit. we'll sew how the darker colors eavier snow starts to overspread the area by ate tonight. this is as of 11:00 p.m. further south is the north carolina-virginia border and some of that will be in the form of sleet mixed in. by early tomorrow morning at 2:00 a.m. we are really going to town south of town with heavy snow falling. moderate snow in the district. lighter snow to the north. that trend will continue when we see the back edge of the snow start to slide out and we'll see some sunshine probably by midday and early afternoon. by the time it tapers off in the morning, we're expecting five to eight inches of snow as a general rule. it's not precise. it's a general rule. less snow to the north and more to the south and even in that
4:33 pm
seven to 10 inch band there could be some areas down to the south that may get more than 10 inches of snow. we'll have a lot more too, steve rudin joins me in a few minutes. back to you. >> looking forward to that. with these dangerously cold temperatures comes concerns about frostbite and hypothermia. the national weather service says all it takes is 30 minutes of exposure when the wind chill is minus 20 degrees for frostbite to appear. as far as hypothermia, it happens when you lose heat faster than you can produce it. so the best way to prevent frostbite and hypothermia is to stay inside when it's cold. if you do have to go outside wear several layers of warm clothing. be sure to stay with abc 7 and as we track the winter storm. you can also download our stormwatch weather app and with these weather alerts on your mobile device, doug will have an update on the storm's track in a few minutes. >> new details now on an i-team investigation into a company that had some major problems moving thousands of cars belonging to military members.
4:34 pm
a federal contract said -- contractor says it's ready to handle the heavy season and military leaders agree. "7 on your side" i-team first told you about issues with international auto logistics last summer. joce sterman is back now with how the company will handle this next round. joce? >> leon i.a.l. had to present its plan to deal with what's called the surge, the peak season to military leaders. and we would love to tell you how their second round of moving cars for thousands of people will go better this time around but that plan is considered confidential. so command can't tell us the details and that may be of little comfort to military members and their families. "7 on your side" first told you their horror stories last summer. some people going weeks or months past the promised delivery for their cars. the long wait times prompted military customers and even lawmakers to evaluate whether i.a.l. could handle the job. but u.s. transcom which oversees this kind of transfer for
4:35 pm
military members says i.a.l. has made necessity improvements and now fully understands what needs to be accomplished when that surge starts in may and they start moving tons of families. the agency says i.a.l. has done significantly better in getting cars delivered on time since october. but again, that is considered an official matter related to the contract so transcom can't give specifics and i.a.l. hasn't gotten back to us yet. transcom has closely been watching this company's performance performance. at one point had to send its own members to look over the company's eye. we learned the contractor moving these cars totalled hundreds of millions of dollars funded by you. joce sterman, abc 7 news. >> all right, joce. thank you very much. well, after calling for changes to a popular traffic app, the national sheriff's association says google cancelled its meeting. the n.s.a. which is based in alexandria voiced concerns about the voice locator feature on the
4:36 pm
app called waze. it is owned by google and the locator feature shows drivers are police officers are located. the n.s.a. considers it a safety concern for cops. >> maryland's state highway administration crews removed loose concrete from five bridges over the weekend. maryland's transportation secretary ordered inspections of all state-owned bridges and they found those bridges needed immediate attention. now, this stems from the concrete that fell from the bridge on to a car driving in morningside last week. fortunately, the driver was not seriously hurt oochlt a food truck stolen from alexandria last week has been found. it was found this morning on penn belt road which is in forestville, maryland. it was stolen friday night from a body shop near the owner's restaurant. no word on any arrest. >> homeless men and women in vatican city are lining up outside the public restrooms near st. peter's square to take pope francis' new charitable initiative. the pope is offering a free
4:37 pm
shave and a shower. the barber shop for the homeless opened up today. the pope's chief alms giver says he gave it because homeless people are often shunned because of their appearance. >> still to come here on abc 7 news at 4:00 "7 on your side" on ways to cut your cable bill. how to pay less without losing some of your favorite channels. >> there's still time to take a shot at the question of the day. if you could escape this cold weather, which warm weather location would you love to be in right now? post your answer on our facebook page and we'll share them a little bit later on.
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>> the associated press reports that its sources have identified the gunman in this weekend's deadly terror attacks in denmark. it's a danish born citizen and police say he killed two people and wounded five officers in two attacks in copenhagen. he was killed in a shootout on sunday. the two suspected accomplices are now in custody and officials say they don't think the gunman was linked to any terrorist group. major developments in the fight against isil after the terror group released a video that they appear to behead 21 christians
4:41 pm
that they were holding in libya. scott thuman is in our newsroom with more on the retaliation. scott? >> leon this is very significant. egypt where the victims are from for the very first time is announcing military action inside of libya. it is also important because it could further galvanize countries that are wanting to go on the offensive against isil. this is video we'll show you into our newsroom of egyptian fighter jets taking off and then these night missile strikes, night vision of those strikes. the egyptian government furious after two dozen citizens who had been kidnapped were paraded along a libyan beach and then beheaded. this is a problem for many reasons that are obvious but also including the fact that it is one of the first actions like this that we have seen by isil outside of iraq or syria. >> libya is now the type of place where isis sees opportunity because there's insecurity and there's
4:42 pm
instability and that's where isis likes to go. so it's a great market for them. unfortunately for us we are going to have to confront them there as well. >> one u.s. ally has already, though, signalled it may be willing to help out and lead this fight inside of libya. we're hearing today from italian officials. keep in mind, they're only 500 miles away from libya. there's a legitimate concern that they, too, could be targeted especially after one of the executioners in the video said they plan to "conquer rome." the italian military that helped out in afghanistan may actually be in libya. we'll have more of what could be next in that development as well as white house reaction coming up tonight at 6:00. leon? >> thank you scott. up next on abc 7 news at 4:00, cable tv bills, they are rising but there's a way to cut costs. "7 on your side" tonight with ways for you to pay less. >> and of course keeping an eye on the snow moving through our area.
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>> back to the weather now, just a short time ago, d.c. mayor muriel bowser updated her efforts to prepare for the storm. >> d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live now to explain what all this involves.
4:46 pm
hello, sam. >> hello, leon. well, the mayor was here. we're at the salt dome area here in northeast washington and as you can probably see behind me there's a lot of activity and they're loading trucks up with salt. it has 285 trucks that will be hitting the streets of d.c. tonight to spread out salt. they said it's so cold that they can't put out the regular salt but there's a special mixture they're going to be mixing with the salt. hoping that it will be effective because the temperatures are falling so low. mayor bowser was here. of course this may be her biggest storm on her watch as she was sworn in last month. and she was here today, basically, asking people to be careful and stay home. >> limit your travel as there will be a lot of our vehicles out on the roads this evening. we would also like to remind our residents to shovel their sidewalks and street their
4:47 pm
sidewalks. and also look out for the health and safety of neighbors. >> and the mayor says that she is declaring a snow emergency. a snow emergency tonight and what that means is that at 7:00 tomorrow, by 7:00 tomorrow if you are on a snow emergency route in d.c. you need to move your car or you will face huge fines. you know d.c. likes to fine people and if they tow you you'd have to pay up to $370 for being towed from the spot. so get your cars off the street if you're in a snow emergency route. reporting live from northeast washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> i think we've all had experience with the fines in the district. >> exactly. >> thank you, sam. on the cable tv bill they've been rising almost 10% a year of late. cable companies are blaming the increases in sports programming fees which have doubled since 2008. >> as john matterise found out, there are ways to lower your bill so you don't waste your
4:48 pm
money. >> even though it's losing customers to the internet every year the cable tv industry keeps raising rates. doesn't make much sense, does it? we're going to show you how to fight back and lower the cable bill. andrea smith is a busy mom trying to make ends meet. it was getting harder and harder to justify paying over $100 a month for spongebob. >> it was about $150 including our internet and they kept adding fees and kept going up. >> she canceled the cable and grabbed a one year promotion from direct tv. >> we are paying $35 right now for three tvs. >> what if you're more like tim bennett? he didn't want to lose espn or internet service and e-mail address. so he didn't want to cut cable completely. >> gotten to i don't know, $105 a month. >> what did you think of that? >> i was not happy. >> but then he figured out a way of lowering his bill and you can do it, too. he first tried asking for a lower rate. that got him nowhere. he checked deals from direct tv
4:49 pm
and dish network. fiber like verizon's fiber was in his area. he threatened to leave and it worked. >> he lowered his cable and internet bill from $105 to $90 a month so i decided to give it a try since my cable bill had just jumped from $124 to $136. >> i'm looking to see if there's any way to lower my cable bill. >> i was ready for the first "i'm sorry." so i launched my next attack. a competing offer i had found. >> $119 a month. >> it worked. the rep offered me free faster internet, a $20 a month value. >> basic internet to standard internet. >> on top of that she cut my bill $10 a month. how to lower your cable bill in less than 10 minutes. do your homework first.
4:50 pm
find promotional deals. find the specific offers you have found saying you're thinking of leaving. ask for the retention department whose job is to keep people from canceling. tim bennett and i got a price cut. >> use that as a tool to bring down the price that you have. >> while andrea smith got a whole new deal and her kids they still get spongebob. of course, you can do what many people in the d.c. area have already done cancel cable and stream your shows on line. the downside, you won't get live sports and still have to pay $40 a month for internet and any subscription fees. negotiate your cable so you don't waste your money. >> time now to share some of the responses we've gotten to our question of the day. >> here's what we asked. if you could escape the cold weather, which warm weather location would you love to be in right now? karina wrote bora bora. sounds pretty good. >> all right. some viewers say that they're ready for the snow. janet mcdonald said i've been
4:51 pm
waiting for real snow all winter. no warm place for me. one wrote who wants to escape? bring on the snow. you may be on your own for that one. thanks for your responses. >> doug says virgin islands. that would be my response. >> you used the words big deal. you don't use that very often. >> no we've been so snow scarf starved for so long. it's fluffy snow. if you have to drive, you can do it. the rate of the snowfall increase. let's cover some quick bases and tell you what you need to know. here's a look at the past few hours, it went from pretty much bare ground to snow falling and things getting covered in a hurry. and if it hasn't happened in your neighborhood yet, keep looking on the your window. it will before long. snow is coming. there's a fair amount of it. shows the snow continuing to fill in across the area. still a break north across
4:52 pm
montgomery county. the blue areas indicate more moderate snowfall and there's more to follow. it's coming from southwest virginia. entire region under winter storm warnings until noon tomorrow. the futurecast shows the steadiest areas of snow advancing towards metro areas tonight. it will get heavier and the darker blue indicates the heaviest amounts of snow and heavier rate of fall. by early in the morning, just after midnight, that will be all across the south, moderate snow in the district. as we get through the overnight early morning, it will push out quickly to the coast. by 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. the snow should be west of town. still continuing east briefly and that, too, will come to an end. might get some sunshine in the afternoon before another arctic cold front brings chance of snow showers for the day on wednesday, by the time it tapers off in the morning, five to eight inches from luray to the metro area to the shore. lesser amounts farther away from the storm in the north. three to five. seven to 10 and, perhaps, more across southern maryland, southern virginia all the way southward. that's the snow that's coming. a little bit falling now. steve rudin has the assignment of being outside the storm watch
4:53 pm
weather center in rosslyn. what are you looking at? >> not so bad out here right now considering it's president's day. a lot of folks have the day off and we are looking at relatively calm conditions right now. unfortunately, the roadways the sidewalks because it's so cold out, now beginning to cover up with snow. they're slick. they're doing their best to cross the street to try to keep everything clear. we're looking for your pictures. we're looking for you to join our conversation on facebook. we have a live facebook chat. join us on abc 7 and you can find us on line. and also send us your pictures on twitter. doug hill abc 7. steve rudin, abc 7. #stormwatch7. we'll do our best to post as many pictures as we can. but right now it's just cold out here. the snow beginning to pick up and doug who needs botox when you have temperatures in the 20's? my face is frozen. forever young. >> that's good. you have to stay outside to keep that youthful appearance. that's all. the next seven days for you it is going to stay cold. 29 will be the best we can do tomorrow and we'll have snow showers turned much colder late
4:54 pm
wednesday. thursday in the teens. 20 on friday. another chance of rain or snow for the weekend. abc
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
>> would you believe it turns out that the washington monument is actually 10 inches shorter than that be recorded for more than a century. >> this is so interesting. government surveyors announced a new height for the historic marker this morning. john gonzalez explains what's changed. >> how tall would you say the monument is? >> in feet? >> 525 feet? >> very close. >> how does this happen? the iconic washington monument isn't shrinking. but it's shorter than originally advertised. >> 500 feet? no. 400 feet. i'll go 400 feet. >> this isn't a case of the 5.8 magnitude earthquake from a few years back affecting the shape or size officials say the measurements have been simply off. >> she keeps getting shorter every year. it happens to all of us right? >> exactly.
4:58 pm
>> government surveyors have determined the new height is now 554 feet 7 and 11/32 of an inch as measured from the floor of the main entrance to the very top. >> it's really big. and we were reading this morning actually that apparently -- >> shorter than we thought it was. >> what does this mean? it means nearly 10 inches shorter than what has been thought for nearly 130 years. modern standards likely use a different base point than what was the normal in the 1880s. >> being able to measure things so carefully. >> looks the same to me. >> some say the monument which was built on land that used to be underwater has sunk about 2.2 inches since 1901. >> not much in the grand scheme of things is it? >> today, the elevator inside got stuck for a few minutes. no indication that the elevator has outgrown its structure. >> it's impressive. >> on the national mall, john gonzalez, abc 7 news.
4:59 pm
>> i figure if it's going to be this cold it should at least snow. >> that's exactly what's happening. the snow is already started in parts of our area. abc 7 has fanned out across the region covering road preparations, the airport and the run on groceries and hardware. >> water everywhere. >> the bitter cold has taken its toll on area homes. what you should do right away to avoid this kind of mess. >> we've got that snow already falling across the area. and we've also just heard that prince william county schools will be closed tomorrow. >> and we could see more than half a foot before it's all said and done. we have team coverage of this winter weather alert with crews spread out across the region. but let's start with our chief meteorologist doug hill. he's standing by with the very latest. hi, doug. >> hey there. and we are in the very beginning stages of this snow that is going to bring considerable accumulations. the most we've seen in a while in the area. why a lot of snow over the area
5:00 pm
had a little snow hole right now, but everyone else light snow and moderate snow spreading east towards winchester and a whole lot more especially southwest of the metro area where we see the core of this storm system. it looks like it will be late at night. 10:00, 11:00 and then when the majority of this stuff moves in. the storm center itself is located just east of jackson, mississippi, tonight, way down off the map here. a lot of rain and some ice. but this is all snow in the bitterly cold air so you can see how many hundreds and hundreds of miles of snow is going to translate to our area. but because the storm is going to stay to our south, the heaviest accumulations will stay south of the metro area closer to the storm track. you'll see that reflected in the snow bands here in a moment. but in preparation of the snow what we have now and what's coming later overnight, winter storm warnings widespread over the entire region. number one question people want to know is how much?


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