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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  February 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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why a lot of snow over the area had a little snow hole right now, but everyone else light snow and moderate snow spreading east towards winchester and a whole lot more especially southwest of the metro area where we see the core of this storm system. it looks like it will be late at night. 10:00, 11:00 and then when the majority of this stuff moves in. the storm center itself is located just east of jackson, mississippi, tonight, way down off the map here. a lot of rain and some ice. but this is all snow in the bitterly cold air so you can see how many hundreds and hundreds of miles of snow is going to translate to our area. but because the storm is going to stay to our south, the heaviest accumulations will stay south of the metro area closer to the storm track. you'll see that reflected in the snow bands here in a moment. but in preparation of the snow what we have now and what's coming later overnight, winter storm warnings widespread over the entire region. number one question people want to know is how much?
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well with temperatures as they are right now. 12 in gaithersburg. 13 at washington dulles. 17 at reagan national, every flake is going to stick. you're not going to lose any to melting on your sidewalks or lawns so i think by morning, these are pretty good estimates. five to eight inches across the greater metro area. seven to 10 and, perhaps, more across southern maryland close to her the storm track. on the other side of the equation, the farther north you go away from the storm, it will be more like three to five. but it will be cold. and it looks like it's going to stay around for quite a while. we'll talk more about the implications, the type of snow and what you should expect in just a few minutes. back to you. >> ok. lots to cover, doug. thank you very much. the snow started moving into virginia about noon today. we have video there on your screen from our sister station in lynchberg. governor mcauliffe declared a snow emergency in the commonwealth at 3:00. jeff goldberg starts our coverage live from fredricksburg. hi, jeff. >> hey, alison. snow has been falling pretty steadily since about 2:00 this
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afternoon. not necessarily whiteout conditions but consistent to be sure. this is 95 south here in fredricksburg and things moving relatively smoothly. you can see drivers taking very much the slow is it he andedy approach. that's good news. this is farmville, fall hill avenue. excuse me, in fredricksburg. we see drivers moving ahead very very cautiously. again, like to see that. people certainly taking this storm seriously. so the crews that are going to be taking care of these roads, they have a long night ahead. when vdot gets ready for the big storm, excitement fills the air well before the snow. >> this time of year. >> he has worked here for 18 years. this is go time. 900 trucks will be blanketing
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the interstates and the main road in stafford in addition to the 3800 pieces of equipment scattered across northern virginia. >> everybody in vdot is working whether you're an accountant or engineer. >> we spotted several trucks waiting to get moving once the snow started falling. the focus will shift to plowing remove the snow as fast as it falls. >> you feel good you know. >> rafael ortiz relies on two wheels, not four. rain, shine or snow. >> i got to put my 40 miles today. no matter >> caroline street in downtown fredricksburg looked like a holiday postcard which is how it felt to this family. >> i love this weather. >> probably no school tomorrow. all the kids will love that and teachers, too many we love that too. yes, happy. >> yeah a lot of people hoping for that snow day tomorrow. this is route 639 in frederick
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where you can see cars moving slowly and steadily. that's good news. when it comes to the response of the storm, this will be vdot's biggest response to this point this winter time. they are going to be out in full force. they are really asking that if you can avoid being on the roads, certainly stay home if possible. if you are going to be on the roads, give their trucks plenty of room. live in fredricksburg, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> all right. thanks, jeff. stay warm out there! now, as jeff mentioned, the virginia department of transportation has more than 3800 trucks on the road right now. the maryland state highway administration plans to have about 2500 pieces of equipment on the roads tonight and into tomorrow. prince george's county planning to have 250 of its own trucks out there as well. and in rockville, a snow emergency takes effect at 6:00 which means all cars should be off the road at that time. if you don't have a driveway or garage, you're told to park on the even numbered side of your street so plows can get up and down to get by. brad bell takes up the team
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coverage now from leplata. how does it look out there now? >> leon it's been snowing since 2:00 this afternoon. you can look past me right now and see crane highway, a snow plow just went down the road there. they've gotten the salt going and it's starting to make a difference on these roads. but everything out here was covered with snow just like this. but as doug hill has been saying it is a very very light fluffy snow. easy to shovel but enough so the people down here are planning for asnow day tomorrow. the snow started falling about 2:00 p.m. with temperatures in the mid teens, every flake is sticking. it had the look of a storm. a predicted foot or so. the kind that allows even big kids to plan for a snow day. >> my kid will be home and i can spend some time with them and my daughter has been sick. it's going to work out pretty good. >> go out. >> they are among the many out today grabbing the snowstorm
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essentials. >> milk, bread, eggs. >> ice cream? beef, pork. just the regulars. >> it's been a while since the last d.m.v. traditional grocery store run but with so many out for the holiday, forgive the tv news cliche today, the markets are packed. >> shopping to get some goodies before i get snowed in. >> couple thousand people in there. lines are 10 deep. everybody is in a good mood. they're all looking forward to the snow. >> all right. >> back live now have an opportunity to show you what a whole bunch of different conditions are like. looking across the gas station, we only have 3/4 inch of snow or so. that's entirely snow covered. that's with back streets, driveways, parking lots are going to be like and then you pull out and you can see the eastbound lane of port tobacco road, slush and snow covered. and then the westbound lane here is actually just wet. that's gotten a little bit more traffic and it has seen a little
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bit more salt. the point of it is tonight, you're going to encounter a whole bunch of different road conditions. you have to treat basically every road like it's going to be the worst condition. brad bell, abc 7 news. >> thank you for that. once the snow starts falling, the clock starts ticking to clear the sidewalk outside of your house. in montgomery county you have 24 hours and in arlington, you have 24 hours. if we get less than six inches of snow. if we get more than that, you get 48 hours and in the district, you have 24 hours as well. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live at the salt dome in northeast with more on the city's plans to tackle the snow. hi sam. >> yes alison we're here at the salt dome here in northeast d.c. and you've had a parade of trucks going back and forth. salt all over the place. i want you to look down on the ground and this is what they are spreading around d.c. these days. they said that because of the
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temperatures going below 20 degrees, this is not going to be effective enough so they're going to mix it with some sort of treated salt here around the city as well. mayor bowser was here recently i guess just about an hour or so ago. at d.c.'s capitol hill institution, fraggers hardware, they were lined up as they are every time d.c. is expecting snow. ice melt in hand. even pet friendly ice melt. >> ran out so i wanted to get some before the snow hits so i can get -- keep my gloves. >> another big seller today, plastic sleds. people with children are getting ready for what's likely to be an extended home stay. >> getting a sled to go sledding this afternoon. we live by lincoln park and we'll probably be doing that. yes. you can see there's lots of energy that needs to get out. >> no school. >> well no school today. we'll see about tomorrow. we're betting there's no school tomorrow. >> street vendors were open today for their winter
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customers. >> because it's a holiday, places like libraries where homeless could stay were not available. additional shelters have been open, the closed sign on the library door gave a number for people who need a pickup. >> all right sam. thank you very much. a quick note here for you. when we do start digging out from the snow several local fire departments have asked abc 7 to remind you please be sure to clear the area around your fire hydrants as well so that they can get to them in case of an emergency. be sure to join abc 7 tomorrow morning for extended coverage of this winter weather alert. we'll be with you starting at 4:00 a.m. and when we're not on air, you can stay connected at as well as through the wjla facebook page and twitter app. if you don't already have it you can download the stormwatch weather app on your tablet or smartphone. leon? >> to breaking news now, alison, from west virginia, people are evacuating people within 1/4 mile of a train derailment scene south of charleston.
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at least one tanker c leaking crude oil to the river. the derailment caused one building, possibly a house to catch fire. there are no reports of any injuries. the state department of health closed intake from the river to prevent contamination of the local water supply. right now, police in ashburn are trying to figure out if a series of burglaries are all connected. thieves stole jewelry and other valuables out of homes watson heights circle thursday and saturday nights. diane cho has the latest on the investigation miles away from a similar set of crimes in sterling that has members of the indian community wondering whether they're being targeted again. >> this loudoun county family didn't want to be identified and while they haven't experienced a break-in, they say they lost their sense of security. >> that feeling is there all the time. it's continuing that, you know somebody is going to break in. >> she says after she heard about the burglary last thursday off watson heights circle in ashburn, she didn't feel comfortable leaving her home the next day. then on valentine's day, she says her cousin's home was
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broken into on barnstead drive less than two miles away. she says her cousin was too afraid to sleep that night after the burglary. >> just went straight up to the bedrooms and they just check all the closets. all the clothes and everything the jewelry they could find. >> the loudoun county sheriff's office says there was a second burglary on that same street that same day. in all of them, they say the suspect came in through a back door or window while the residents were gone. it's likely the homes were targeted because the victim were all indian. >> traditionally, we buy jewelry basically for -- it's a perception issue that we have a lot of it. i don't think that's the case. >> even though they have an alarm system, they're now talking to their neighbors and considering installing surveillance cameras in their homes in light of what's happened. >> much more and there's no scope for them you know to come to any other house. to break in again.
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>> and she is in her cousin's case, the thieves didn't bother with their laptops or electronics in their home. they only went after their jewelry. now, investigators are looking into other recent cases in the area to see if those are possibly connected. in ashburn, diane cho abc 7 news. >> and diane police also are investigating three shootings in just an hour around the district. one incident happened in the 300 block of 61st street in northeast. police found the man unconscious, not breathing. a second shooting happene the 1500 block of 28th street in southeast. police say that man is expected to be ok. and then a third shooting took place on pomeroy road in southeast. two juveniles were shot. they were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. right now, police have no indication if any of these shootings were related. and still to come -- >> last friday i had a wife. i don't have one now.
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i'll be burying here. >> the mother of four shot and killed while teaching her 14-year-old daughter to drive. find out what police think led to this shooting. >> and then a little later, after months of falling, gas prices are heading higher. find out how much more we're paying. >> and as our winter storm hits full stride around here, we'll take a look at how the weather is impacting travel from the airports to metro. >> alison in fact this is inside mobile track 7. we're live on area roadways traveling the regions so you don't have to as the snowstorm settles in. latest on conditions coming up in a live re
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>> welcome back, everybody. well, this would normally be a shot of the washington monument. if you look really, really close, you can see it but at this hour the snow has really started to come down in the d.c. region. and you can barely make out the washington monument in this shot. >> it does look 10 inches shorter. >> buried in snow. >> buried in snow. the storm really is hitting, though, at one of the best possible times. >> if you think about it our luck is holding out. it's a federal holiday so a lot of schools are closed today and businesses as well. the worst of this storm will hit
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when there won't be many people out on the roads anyway. here's a check of how the roads look from inside the vehicle there. hey, jay where are you guys at right now? >> we're traveling northbound on 95 in kind of that warrenton, stafford area. look over to the left and we're passing what appears to be maybe a pickup truck. it is off on to the side of the road and a state trooper is there. this may be a single vehicle crash and the situation is deteriorating as we speak. i must say when we first left at 3:30 and headed south the roads have been manageable but there's been a lot of volume. h.o.v. lanes were a breeze coming down into the dale city area. for the most part on both north and southbound from arlington all the way down to fredricksburg, conditions actually have been pretty good. you know we've seen a few fender benders here or there. not what we totally have expected but for now, it looks like the treating of the roads has gone pretty well.
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live in mobile track 7 abc 7 news. >> all right. all right, jay. just check back in with us later on and make sure you guys drive safely out there. >> let's check in now with doug who is here with the latest on the track of the snow and we can tell you -- did you see the shot with the monument? you could barely see it. >> snow is getting heavier and especially later tonight, it will get heavier. that's when it starts to pile up a little bit more. there's a shot again. visiblities are down. this is ok in daylight when you have some visibility. when you get the heavier rates of snow at night, your whole vision field by your headlights can fill up with the snowflakes and makes it even worse. if get theoor stuff done, if you have to run and get a loaf of bread do it soon. later tonight it will be treacherous out there. let's get to the graphics. this is cardinal ridge elementary school. you can look at the parking lot view from centreville this afternoon. didn't take long for the flakes to start coming down in summerville. temperature only 14 degrees out there and everything stuck. that's the key with this system.
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the air is so dry that every single flake is going to stick and that's going to make things difficult if you get through the evening. look at this, we've been asking for pictures. barbara took us up on the offer from dumfries. beautiful image outside her window here. share your images with us and wildlife and the birds in the snow. because a lot of people have been wanting to get a storm system and a snow in here whether you like it or not, it's here. it will only get heavier as the night goes on. light snow generally but there are pockets of heavier snow already and even more farther southwest closer to the core of the storm. this afternoon, the national weather service extended the winter storm warning up to include all of washington county jefferson, berkeley and morgan counties in west virginia through new hampshire in west virginia. it's a big area under this warning. in effect now from noon tomorrow across the entire area. plenty more snow to come our way. looking a little downstream. storm center over northeast sections of mississippi, it will move like this.
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it won't move just like that. in that general direction keeping us on the northern side of it in the cold air. it will be snow and nothing but snow. but because it has a southern track, the farther south you are from washington closer to the storm's center that's where the heavier snow it will be. the farther north you go the lighter the snow accumulations will be. but because it's so cold everybody is going to see snow around here. look at the temperatures. 9 in columbus. 10 in pittsburgh. even south of the carolinas, you have to get all the way south to fort bragg in fayetteville to find 32 degree temperatures. everybody else, well below freezing. in our futurecast, there's the storm. it's going to make a move tonight. large area of snow ahead of this system is indicated in blue. this snow continues. by early in the morning, as the storm moves off shore, it will take the snow with it. clearing skies in the afternoon. a little sunshine and another front, another arctic cold front come rolling in wednesday afternoon and that's going to produce more snow showers and another precipitous drop in temperatures.
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more arctic air spills in late into thursday as well. close-up of the futurecast shows the snow indicated in blue. heavier snow coming in later tonight and overnight, dark blue color shows the heaviest snow by tomorrow morning. as we get there by sunrise, pull out to the east and see things much improved throughout the remainder of the day. here the big picture everybody wants to see. how much snow? five to eight inches generally across the metro area. three to five in the north. seven to 10 more. could it be more to this? yeah, to the south, there could be a little bit more. i think these numbers are pretty close to the dry, crunchy snow that will pile up quickly later tonight. steve rudin is outside of the studios right now watching the snow pile up here in rosslyn. what do you see? what do you have advice for people? >> even though the snow is falling at a relatively light rain look what's going on. here we are the corner of lynne and wilson boulevard. and you can see the streets are already snow covered. a lot of folks are taking it easy but the roadways and the sidewalks untreated areas, still pretty slick and it's not going
5:22 pm
to get much better as you move through the evening hours and into the overnight. especially with temperatures well below freezing. don't be deceived. even though it's a very fine snow, it is sticking out here right now and will continue to pile up as they move through the overnight. if we have any pictures of your backyard or maybe snow angels or pictures you've taken, action pictures, you want good pictured pictures. pictures that are clean. we want you to send it over to us on twitter, steve rudin abc 7 or doug hill at abc 7. we'll do our best to post your pictures on air. there you have it. we'll keep you updated throughout the storm. back to the desk. >> youit steve. we're starting to hear from some school systems about tomorrow. the word is prince william and stafford counties as well as manassas city schools have said they'll be closed tomorrow. >> all right. still to come talk about determination. a look at why this woman ended up on her hands and knees in a race. >> a 9-year-old boy.
5:23 pm
a 63-year-old retired teacher. a 22-year-old beloved son. these are among the unsolved cases in our area. coming up, a behind-the-scenes look at the detectives who search for the killers among us. >> first, here's a look at what's coming up tonight on abc.
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>> "7 on your side" tonight undertaking a week long pursuit of justice. >> five people were murdered in our communities and the people who did it the killers among us are still out there. fighting back, investigator jennifer donelan went behind the scenes with the detectives that tackled these murder mysteries. jen? >> the years have passed and the leads have dried up. for those who grieve their pain just ran deeper. it takes a special detective to step in and revisit these cases after all of these years. and pursue a killer. >> he knows that he committed the murder. >> when there's a murder in prince george's county -- >> lot of that information is being talked about on the streets and passed on. >> the first several hours of any case are critical. >> trying to capture as many leads and pursue those as quickly as you possibly can.
5:27 pm
>> when hours turn into years. >> typically, if the case is 3 years old and the lead investigator is no longer in the homicide unit, that's when we get the case. >> the department's three cold case investigators take over. >> there is a witness who has a sentencing coming up. >> detective spencer harris is the unit's newest member. >> usually these are investigators who have been investigating crimes before you it. >> i know she lives in your area. >> the detective sergeant has 18 years in homicide. >> at any given time information comes in about a case that you would have never thought you would have obtained. you often run them again. >> spurred by a new tip or a phone call from a breathing family member asking these men to take a second look. >> thank you very much. >> try to see if there's any viable leads that need to be pursued. that weren't pursued before. >> detective bernard nelson is
5:28 pm
the veteran member of the cold case unit driven like the rest to give the family leads to find the killers among us. >> literally don't want people to get away with murder. >> tonight, abc 7 joins in the search for the killers among us. at 11:00 p.m., the mystery of a maryland schoolteacher. she went to see her doctor and was never seen again alive. reporting live i'm jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. >> all right. see you tonight. thank you. and coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, about-face. we'll tell you how much gas prices are rising after months of decline. >> and mobile track 7 is out on the roads as the snow starts to fall. we'll get a live update. >> leon as that snow starts to come down metro will be watching for any build up on the tracks. i'm brianne carter. live report comin
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>> taking a live look outside right now in virginia as the snow starts to pick up around the region. this is a neighborhood in ashburn, virginia. you can see starting to coat the sidewalks, even the roadways a little bit. and we are already getting in school closings for tomorrow. >> that's right. prince william and stafford counties as well as manassas city schools will all be closed tomorrow. we'll let you know as soon as we hear about anymore coming up.
5:32 pm
our chief meteorologist doug hill standing by right now in the storm watch weather 7 with more on the winter weather alert. >> for the kids i bet that list of school closings will get bigger and bigger and bigger. right now, light snow outside of the belfort furniture weather center. temperature all of 15 degrees. showing more snow across the area. mostly light. few pockets of more moderate snowfall. as we look to the south and west near bristol, tennessee, that's the core of this storm and that's the one that will head in our direction across the roanoke valley towards the washington area later tonight. snow is heavy at times and the temperature is so cold, it will be tough driving. tough getting about anywhere later tonight and because of the cold air and the expansion of the snow national weather service has expanded the winter storm warning to the pennsylvania border. it's a big area under warning criteria right now. 12 in gaithersburg. 13 degrees at andrews. temperatures will hold steady. big question -- how much snow? we think by the time it tapers off and ends, after 7:00 or 8:00
5:33 pm
in the morning generally five to eight. this is a guideline. a guideline. it doesn't mean the exact amounts. but the guideline of five to eight through the metro area. lesser amounts heading to the pennsylvania border and then closer to the storm track, southern maryland culpepper, stafford county prince william county fredricksburg and beyond, seven to 10 inches and the possibility down south of a little bit more. steve rudin joins me we'll have more of what you should expect with the biggest snow we've seen in a while coming up shortly, leon? >> ok we're not expecting anything like what we've seen up in new england so far this year. we are expecting a pretty respectable storm and that's going to be a big impact on traveling around the area. metro is already suspended its metro access service as of 6:00 tonight. brianne carter is live at the grovener station in bethesda with a check on more of metro plans and conditions at the local airport as well. brianne? >> leon they're going to be watching not only the roads closely but also the rails. specifically tracks like the ones that lead here into the grove
5:34 pm
grovener metro station. they'll be looking for this any snow that starts to build up. from planes to trains. changes in travel thanks to mother nature. >> come out of the house and stay home! >> starting at 6:00 tonight and running through the day tomorrow metro access service will be suspended. as for metro bus, as the winter weather moves in expect delays and detours. on the rails, de-icing equipment will be used as officials keep a close eye on how much snow starts to build on the tracks. >> it's a quick snowfall and it accumulates that to that eight inch mark we start to contemplate some adjustments. >> at reagan national, some flights are already canceled. this group of students has been stuck in d.c. a day longer than they hoped after their flight to boston was canceled. now, they're concerned the snow could again make it difficult to
5:35 pm
get back to class. >> if we get delayed a little bit here and something goes wrong in new york, we could not get into boston until tomorrow. that would be awful. >> they are also trying to get out of d.c. ahead of the storm. worried their plane at 10:00 tonight won't get off the ground. they're going to try standby on another flight. >> today! >> at last check, fingers crossed for them. the airport authority say they'll have people monitoring the roads and also the runways. meanwhile, back here live looking at those tracks that's exactly what metro is going to be watching throughout the night. you heard them mention that magic number of eight. depending on how that snow falls and how it starts to build up that's the magic number they start to look for when they could make some changes to service on the rails. reporting live brianne carter abc 7 news. >> thank you for the latest
5:36 pm
there. many of us won't be turning to the runways or the rails to get around in the next 24 hours and mobile track 7 is keeping an eye on the roads for you right now. our jay is on board with more of the storm watch team coverage. hi, jay. >> alison we have a dicey situation in front of us. we have one of those sports cars, i think that's a 350z i think, it has its hazards on. it's kind of skidding all over the place. really having a hard time. the conditions have deteriorated in the last 20 minute. the roads are getting icier. the problem is the cold weather and the salt brines and those various liquids don't work as well when it gets below 20 degrees. we passed five cars that are on the side of the road. we hope this guy or person gal in front of us is able to hold it together and get home in one piece. we're live in mobile track 7 jay core, abc 7 news. >> those two wheel drive cars
5:37 pm
don't do well in those types of conditions. let's see how things are shaping up on the roads in the area with bob emler in the wtop traffic center. you're looking here at the beltway? >> yeah leon. it is getting slick out there on that stretch of the beltway in prince george's county near route 5, we had a crash. it's out of the roadway but still there getting attention. and you can see a lot of snow accumulating between the lanes on that stretch of the beltway whereas farther north, not too bad. 27 270 looks all right. inner loop no delays on the way. the worst the conditions get out to the west as well heading towards winchester it's really an ice skating rink on parts of route 7. poor visibility also becoming a factor now. i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. >> thanks, bob. getting kind of tricky out there. >> absolutely. it's an age old question, right? which came first, the chicken or the egg? >> still to come why the egg reigns supreme for one woman and why it holds the key to life. >> plus motorcades don't usually
5:38 pm
get a lot of love from drivers in this area. find out why they are pretty popular today. >> then a little later, the search is on for three people after police say a driving lesson turned deadly. >> at 6:00 tonight, the video that has prompted air strikes against isil in libya. the world's reaction to the terror group's spread to a thi
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>> "7 on your side" with a consumer alert now about gasoline prices. you may have noticed they've started creeping up again. according to triple a gas prices rose a nickel in the last week in the d.c. area. it brings the regional average to $2.25 for a gallon of regular unleaded. that's the same as the national average now. you can always find the best prices near you at alison? >> speaking of driving, uber gave customers the presidential treatment this president's day. the company unveiled uber cade which was a fake presidential motorcade. a few lucky customers were picked up in a cadillac s.c.s. escorted by two suburbans complete with uber secret service agents. >> pretty cool. >> so we requested that. >> so pricing was actually the same as a standard uber x ride.
5:42 pm
but that offer is no longer available. you won't be able to get it in the snow. for this evening. >> speaking of a tough way to get around, check this out. a runner needed a wheelchair to finish the boston tonton -- marathon. she collapsed feet from the end of the race. but it was still enough for her to come in third. >> wow. >> she did it! >> that's hard. >> that's hard. >> speaking of incredible listen to this story. she's sharing her secret to a long life. all 115 years of it. she's italian, they call her the super centenarian. she's the fifth oldest in the world. she told "the new york times" the key to her long life is eating three raw eggs a day and after ending an unhappy marriage
5:43 pm
in 1998 staying single has kept her kicking. >> she's inspired. rocky is her favorite movie. coming up next on abc 7 news at 5:00 at the snow in eyes of viewers like you. >> we want to see how you're getting through the snow how you're getting home and how you're having a little fun. tag us in the videos and we'll show you some of the fun pictures we're seeing coming up on social media next.
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>> well in a weather situation like this, you are often our best eyes and ears. >> that's right. so we encourage you to submit your photos and videos to the wjla facebook page and make sure you tag us on twitter as well. joce sterman is standing by in the newsroom looking at some of the images that you folks have sent in. getting some good stuff there? >> absolutely. if you want to see this stuff, one of the fastest ways is so #dmvsnow. this is a picture an hour ago in
5:47 pm
fredricksburg where it's start to go get messy. this guy mark boyd says what we're all thinking, wake me up when winter ends. show you this one from brad bell, this is what it looked like. already a number of accidents out there. that was an hour ago. does not look like a good day for the dip in the pool on president's day. that was on instagram. it looks beautiful, right? the national mall looks great on this president's day. very picturesque. i want to show you videos. we know you guys go right to the grocery store whenever we say that four-letter word snow. this is what it looked like in reston earlier today packed with all kinds of crowds and the parking lot absolutely kaychaos out there as well. this guy was nice enough to capture video of virginia snow. you can see exactly what it looks like. when you are shovelling tomorrow keep in mind it can always be worse. show you this video from massachusetts. at least this person is having a little fun with it.
5:48 pm
they push these two dogs out and you got to go out in the snow. their owner bribed them a little bit to go out and they're getting lost in the snow. so incredibly deep they had six to seven foot drifts in massachusetts. we're not even going to get that either. i love this guy buying coffee and snacks and sorry, guys this is the best we can do from miami. we are hating these people right now. at least we can look at their photos. all right, back to you. >> a little bit of everything there. >> thanks, joce. see what doug is looking at right now. >> snow snow and more snow heading our way. temperatures in the teens across the area. that won't change. every one of these flakes is going to stick when it hits. you're looking in the area the heavier snow still downstream well to the southwest. we have many many hours of snow to go with the heaviest arriving after 10:00 tonight. winter storm warnings have been
5:49 pm
in effect for a while now and we'll see as i make a quick run here, snow warnings will be in effect until noon tomorrow for the winter storm. that will continue across the area. in fact expanding northward to the pennsylvania border. so we'll have a considerable amount of snow. our futurecast gives a good indication the timing and location of the heaviest snow. this is by early in the morning. 2:00 tomorrow morning, the darker blue shows the heavy snow lining up generally south and east of the city. that's when we think the heaviest snow will be. if you get too far south, you might have sleet mixed in. still moderate snow for the district and points north and west. pushing the heaviest amounts off to the east at 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning, after that the snow shuts down and skies start to clear. get sunshine in the afternoon and temperatures climbing into the upper 20's. how much snow? this is what we think. by the time it ends generally five to eight inches. this is the rule of thumb. just a guide of what we think
5:50 pm
will come. five to eight inches. lesser amounts closer to the pennsylvania border farther from the storm and the jackpot, seven to 10 inches. perhaps more in spots across the river into virginia. we've been talking with viewers all day on facebook. steve rudin is in the weather center right now with more on that. steve? >> all righty need your participation and we want everyone to get involved here on facebook and twitter. send us your questions to us. live chat going on at facebook. we have all sorts of helpful information and areas that are covered under the winter weather advisory. all you need to too is log on to the facebook page we will answer your questions we should say as they come in. once again, this is on the facebook website. wjla tv and you can tweet us your questions. doug hill abc 7 or steve abc 7. we want your pictures and now is the time if you're thinking about maybe setting up a time lapse on your back porch, this is the time to do it. make sure you have a light on
5:51 pm
and be sure to send it over to us on abc 7. here's the seven day with doug. >> all right steve. we'll make a little recovery tomorrow to about 29. the snow in the morning and arctic front bringing snow showers and falling temperatures late wednesday. bitterly cold wednesday into friday. with all things possibility of rain and/or snow with i will whichy temperatures into the weekend. that's the latest. back to you. >> see you in a bit. thank you. >> sports must go on! >> sports is going on. as a matter of fact virginia plays pitt tonight. started snowing there at noon. they're getting hammered. that game is still on. cavaliers ranked number two in the nation. vegas has them as one of the odds on favorites to win the national title behind kentucky. don't let the snow stop you tonight. it is 1 e 5 -- 15 degrees. there's plenty of snow. malcolm brodgin made a steal. they survived. they're number two in today's
5:52 pm
rankings. game tonight is on. maryland women are number five in today's rankings. terps are 13-0 in the big 10. trying to become the first undefeated women's team in conference play since the 1980s. have you seen them? cow! they have two stars who are raised in the nba. here's robert burton with that story. >> for maryland's lexi brown and asia ellison, the game of basketball is in their blood. >> when it comes to basketball, i'm an extremely blessed situation. >> brown and ellison both have nba dads. >> oh my gosh, you have an nba dad. i have an nba dad. that's not like what happens. people would think i'll be under a lot of pressure but i'm not. it's definitely motivation. >> brown's dad steve spent 12 seasons in the nba. he's now an assistant coach with the sacramento kings. but he's still the head coach when it comes to his daughter. >> we talk almost every day. he texts me before every game. after every game so you know, he's like my superman. my superhero. i love him so much. >> ellison who has shown she can dunk maybe learned that from her
5:53 pm
father known as never nervous pervis. he spent 12 seasons in the nba and is now a high school coach in new jersey. >> him doing that is so selfless because he wants to help kids the same way he was helped when he was growing up. >> never raise us to be like you're better than everybody or everyone is the same. you have to work as hard as everybody else. >> you have to work hard and he stresses that so much. like you have to eat and sleep the game. >> in college park robert burton, abc 7 sports. >> if you have not seen the maryland terrapins, you got to get out and see them. they're really entertaining and you know who likes it? little girls. they love to see them doing that. >> right. those are quality young ladies you know. that's fantastic. >> virginia game is on. don't forget virginia game is on regardless of the snow. >> good deal. >> see you later. coming up next -- >> she got shot in the head for something she was teaching her to drive.
5:54 pm
>> their matriarch is shot and killed in an apparent case of road rage.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> right now, police in las vegas are looking for three men accused of shooting a woman in front of her tv -- teenage daughter. >> she died over the weekend. this may have started with a simple mistake during a driving lesson. >> 44-year-old tammy myers, a nurse and mother of four was taken off life support over the weekend. her family pleading for justice while leaving the hospital. >> this is really hard on me. she was always there for me. >> according to las vegas police, myers was teaching her 15-year-old daughter how to drive when three people in this sedan seen on the surveillance video followed them home after an incident of road rage. >> began shooting at them. >> myers was shot in the head while one of her sons fired back at the car as her daughter ran inside. now, as police launch a man hunt for the suspect including the
5:58 pm
driver depicted in this police sketch, a heart broken family is looking for answers. >> a nurse! a nurse! and a mother of four. and she had to lose her life for what? i don't understand it. >> police are looking for the public's help in this case hoping someone will recognize that suspect's vehicle which police believe did sustain at least some damage to the front end. ted rollins abc 7 news. >> hoping they can catch them. >> that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> storm coverage of the winter weather alert continues right now at 6:00. >> first at 6:00 abc 7 storm watch team coverage of the winter storm moving into the area. that's already prompted a state of emergency in virginia. in moments, northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg will update the response under way while stephen tschida helps you protect your home. first, an update on the track of
5:59 pm
this storm and how much snow we can expect. we begin with chief meteorologist doug hill. doug? >> all right, maureen, we are under winter storm warnings right now on storm watch as the snow continues to expand across the area. we're going to see the snow get heavier later tonight. as it does it will pile up a little more quickly. everything is coated out there right now with temperatures. cold in the teens. this is the washington area we have bands of snow that tend to fill in. clearly, the heaviest amounts is well to the southwest. the storm's center now over the mississippi, alabama border. as that moves to the east-northeast overnight we'll be on the northern side where we get snow and potentially a whole lot of it. as far as how much snow our latest evaluation of the moisture headed this way and how it converts out to snowfall will be a total of five to eight inches across the greater metro area. lesser amounts farther away from the storm track but south of
6:00 pm
town, not that far south of town you're in the seven to 10 inch band and perhaps in these areas, more to fall. substantial snow not a blizzard but a lot of snow. with temperatures so cold major impacts on travel and school closings. lot more coming up shortly. >> thank you so much. we are keeping an eye on the roads using mobile track 7. right now we're in the fredricksburg and stafford area where i-95 is already covered in snow and we've seen several small crashes. in anticipation of bad roads tomorrow, public schools in prince william county manassas city stafford counties and king george county in virginia will . we'll bring you new school closings as they are announced. virginia's department of transportation is calling th winter storm an all


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