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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  February 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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the puddles of water likely to refreeze. watch for icy patches. wouldn't be surprised to have more delays and maybe even more closings. some school systems in the morning. so after a little sun tomorrow morning, here comes the polar blast. this cold front will advance eastward and right now, the timing suggests that it could arrive between 4:00 and 7:00. hit 32 degrees. with the front comes snow showers, gusty winds and falling temperatures and this cold blast back here cold blast coming in thursday and friday we could have air temperatures in our viewing area in many parts below zero by friday morning. steve rudin will join me in and we'll have more on another winter blast coming our way. back to you. >> parts of southern maryland got the most snow from this storm. diane cho live in calvert county. diane, how are conditions out there right now? >> well leon it's not so bad. in fact the pavement here in this shopping center where we are is wet. the good news is it's not covered in ice because the sun has been out for most of the day. and what is left on the ground
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in this parking lot is mostly this slushy stuff that we're seeing underneath my feet. for the most part everyone we've talked to here in calvert county told us they were impressed with how quickly they were able to clear the roadways and side streets throughout the county today. calvert county as much as seven inches of snow in some areas. it wasn't the hardest hit in the state. that went to st. mary's county where one area saw as much as nine inches on the ground today. we found several people trying to clean up their driveways pretty early this morning. trying to get it done before it started to refreeze. >> it hasn't been too bad. early on it was very nice. snow was light. that around the road where they started from the scraping and from the snow plows, it's getting a little heavy. as it goes on it's getting -- it's getting a little heavier. it's not bad at all. >> and it seems most of the plows and the crews that we've seen working in this parking lot throughout the day have now all
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left for the day. in calvert county diane cho, abc 7 news. >> thank you for that. vdot sent hundreds of trucks to the fredricksburg area ready to clear the considerable amount of snow from overnight. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg spoke with some drivers braving the slow drive along 95. >> the blue skies and clear roads at midday are a welcomed sight for drivers in fredricksburg. >> 180 degree change. it's nice outside. it's warm and sunny. >> following a morning that did not look promising. >> pretty bad. the roads are still pretty messy. >> tough. really difficult, challenging. >> jeanette and her husband stopped for a short break on a very long trip from georgia to maryland. >> it's taken me about 16 hours. >> wow! >> at about 37 miles an hour. i won't go more than that. >> we're starting to make a little headway. >> plowing was nonstop across fredricksburg all morning. pickup trucks clearing parking lots as fast as possible to get
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business back to normal. but the morning movement was a far cry from last night's stand still on 95. bumper-to-bumper traffic going nowhere as this storm beat down for hours. by 5:00 a.m. this morning, the snow had stopped but risks on the roads still remains. >> if you don't have a proper truck, like a four wheel drive, stay home. >> back roads and stuff like that it's kind of bad. >> look at 95 around 11:00 and you know he's right. but while things are looking sunny sunny, another chilly night lies ahead. >> i'm real concerned if it's going to freeze or not. that's what i worry about tomorrow. >> vdot has deployed nearly 5,000 trucks throughout northern virginia and as you can see primary roads and highways are basically taken care of. now, the attention is shifting to both secondary roads as well as preparing for that expected freeze overnight. jeff goldberg abc 7 news. >> police say the weather played the role in a deadly crash in
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howard county that happened this morning on route 97 in glenwood not far from the montgomery county line. stephen tschida has latest on what they've learned about this accident. what are you hearing stephen? >> leon this is what we've found out. this morning about 9:00 the car was coming down this hill towards montgomery county. got about here. it spun out and struck a snow plow heading north that's where it ended up. now, the driver of the vehicle was killed. four people were inside that pickup truck and they were not injured. news chopper 7 was hovering overhead. this is what we determined. 95 was shut down in both directions for a couple of hours while investigators went over the scene and then the wreckage was cleared away. people who live around here tell us this stretch of 97 is dicey even in good conditions. last night, this morning, they say it was very treacherous. >> supposedly snowed until 6:00 a.m. so i imagine there's a little bit on top of that.
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i mean it happens, i'm not surprised at all. >> now, the man who was killed was wearing his seat belt. howard county police are not releasing his identity or any information about him yet. not until his next of kin have been informed. reporting live stephen tschida abc 7 news. >> all right stephen, thank you. and also a virginia state police officer was injured on the beltway in one of the many crashes due to the storms. the trooper was investigating a crash around 6:00 a.m. when officials say his patrol car was rear ended by another vehicle. that trooper was taken to fairfax inova hospital for treatment. >> been a busy day for road crews in the district. they promised there to have every street plowed by 9:00 tonight. >> d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live now with a look at the cleanup effort. hi, sam. >> hello alison. right now, we're in front of the minnesota avenue metro bus transfer station. as you can see, the buses are
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here. says not in service but actually, the buses are back in service. they started coming back in service about 10:30 and at this point, most of the buses are back in service although there are some areas where they will not be going because of hills and things like that. but driving around d.c. today it was pretty much like it is here on minnesota avenue. as you look here at the streets, it is plowed curb to curb and then also on the the sidewalks. the city spent the day digging out with four inches of snow. the city had extra plow trucks 285 were up and down d.c.'s roads and streets clearing paths because the city had declared a snow emergency. ticket riders focused on snow emergency routes some 130 cars were towed and in one case a ticket was written for $250 for a jeep on georgia avenue clearly after the plows had been through, but the snow emergency was still on. mayor bowser announced that she was lifting the emergency as of 2:00 p.m.
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>> be safe, help your neighbors shovel and salt. if you have time volunteer with the district snow team and our d.c. team to help seniors. >> and the mayor was asked about taxi rates. actually, the taxi cab commission put a $15 surcharge on every trip. the taxi cab commission said that was to encourage the drivers to come out and if you're around d.c. there were plenty of cabs on the streets today. the mayor, again, said that the streets in the city should be all cleared by 9:00 p.m. she wants to open the city tomorrow morning and also, just one other thing, she said that there will be a delay in trash pickup. if you had trash that was supposed to be picked up on monday basically you're going to have to keep it until next monday. that's the story from here in northeast washington sam ford abc 7 news. >> ok sam. thank you. and another note here, if you're taking metro, there are some restrictions today. metro access service is
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suspended until wednesday. trains are running a saturday schedule until midnight. the good news here is that metro restored some bus service this afternoon. they upgraded to a moderate snow plan which means more buses running as usual except for preestablished detours to avoid some problem areas. >> turn now to our question of the day. this is for you folks out there who were fortunate enough to get the day off because of the snow. >> we want to know how do you spend your snow day? post your answer on the abc 7 facebook page and we'll share some of the responses a little bit later in this newscast. >> feel free to rub it in now! >> show us how much fun you have. stay with abc 7 and as we track the weather. download our stormwatch app so you can receive weather alerts on your mobile device and doug is coming back in a few minutes with an update on the forecast. >> all right. let's get to some breaking news coming in from the district. the department of health
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confirmed a second case of measles in d.c. >> suzanne kennedy with the details on this. >> this is just coming out within the last 15 minutes from the d.c. department of health. this brings the total number of cases of measles in washington, d.c. to two. however, authorities say this most recent case is not related to those that began last month at disneyland in california. that outbreak can be tied to more than 100 cases. due to medical privacy laws, we will not learn specifics about this most recent case of measles. this patient here in washington, d.c. the health department is reminding everyone that measles is highly contagious. and if you think you have symptoms, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. live in the newsroom, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> and we have this breaking news from new jersey right now where within just the past 20 minutes, rescuers saved three children who were out stranded on the ice. it happened in middletown which is near the jersey shore. you can see from this video here
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the rescuers walking across a frozen jetty to reach two of the children. they had to climb out on to the ice to save the third. there's no word on the children's conditions right now. >> meantime, hundreds of families in west virginia had to evacuate their homes after a train derailment and a fire yesterday. huge explosions sent fireballs hundreds of feet into the air. as abc's marcy gonzalez reports, it's unclear if the bad weather played a role in the derailment. >> the wreckage still smoldering well into this afternoon. more than 24 hours after a train derailment that caused this huge ball of fire to explode into the west virginia sky. >> that mushroom cloud that came up a little bit ago scared me and i felt the heat off it. it made me sweat. >> the c.s.x. train traveling from north dakota to virginia was passing through the small town of mount carbon 30 miles outside of charleston west virginia, when in the middle of yesterday afternoon's snowstorm, two dozen of the more than 100 tank cars somehow jumped the
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rails. it immediately sparked flames. fueled by the millions of pounds of crude oil the train was transporting. >> respond to train cars and the house. >> a man inside the only house that was hit escaped with just seconds to spare. >> he had run out of the house and then right after he got out of the house, the house exploded. the train exploded. >> at least one person in this small community was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. 200 or so others were evacuated to this high school where many stayed overnight. >> i'd rather be here than have my wife exposed to what's -- >> waiting as investigators now try to figure out what caused the derailment. and the rail company now says despite early reports, it turns out none of the tank cars went into the river there. still, there are concerns with some of the cars still leaking oil. people living nearby are being told to boil their water. marcy gonzalez abc 7 news.
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>> wow. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 "7 on your side" is on your side when it comes to e-mail. >> why many government offices and schools were closed today because of the snow. not everyone got the day off. we'll hear from some workers who braved the elements. >> and those of you having fun on a snow day, we want to hear from you. we want to see your pictures and your videos. i'm joce sterman. coming up i'll show
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>> on this big snow day, our viewers have submitted some pictures and videos of the snowfall. >> we want to share some of what we got from you with you. joce sterman here to show us some of the good shots she's seen so far this afternoon. >> so many highlights from richmond to arlington to prince george's county and even in the districk, we have seen a slew of things on social media that will blow your mind. this is my favorite from the day. this is one of those epic snowball fights that happened. started in dupont circle. moved to meridian hill park. this is a bird's eye view of this happening and it was messy. our mike conneen was in the middle of that for a time or two. beautiful views and this is what
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you would see on the key bridge in d.c. we're seeing a lot of beautiful pictures there. go pro angle of people sledding. these two girls having a blast. get their angle as they go down the hill. show you the downside of this. we work for a living on a snow day. so do lots of other people. their loved ones at home watching movies when they get the amazon receipts to their e-mail. that's a bummer right? here's a little boy sledding. we saw a ton of this on social media. people hashtagging snow day and #snow in the dmv as well. you get tons of snow to keep your beer cold upside to this? we know that dogs rule on social media in situations like this. our storyteller not cooperating right now. dogs are a hit on social media. we want to keep seeing all your pictures. we're adding them to a slide show on our website at send them to us. we will post them up there. we also want you to hashtag us
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dmv snow. send them to us on twitter. >> ok joce see you then. thank you for that. let's get a check on traffic now. bob emler in the wtop traffic center with the details. looking pretty good, bob. >> alison, definitely a lighter than normal day since a lot of people didn't go in today. government was off. schools were off. kind of like a sunday morning out there. 95 had a crash earlier northbound at garrisonville that's gone. no delays headed south. on 270 northbound we have a bit a backup headed north up through gaithersburg and we'll see the reason for that or at least the effect of the reason for that now as we take a look at the camera here on 270. the crash is before middlebrook road on 270 northbound with one lane getting by right now. we have a delay. there's a crash just off 270 and meanwhile, 66 is running at speed into the bright sunshine. i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. >> thanks, bob. snow forced the u.s. naval
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academy to close down today. that didn't stop some midshipmen from putting in work anyway. members of the midshipmen action group volunteered to shovel show today. check them out there. u.s. naval academy posted pictures on the facebook and twitter pages and the guys out there, guys and women, i should say, going out there and continuing to serve even in the snow. >> probably surprised. >> a little bit. >> that's awesome. we want to mention before we go into weather, we've heard from culpepper county and schools will be closed tomorrow as well out in culpepper. >> culpepper. i'm sure there will be more and keep you updated with the list of the changes here. let's get started. let's enjoy the sunshine today. just a few snow troubles for you. -- totals for you. bowie seven and in southern calvert county 6 1/2 inches of snow. pretty close to the ranges. in some areas low end of the ranges but in the ranges that we talked about. here's things that you need to know.
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bit of refreeze overnight because we did have melting today. the sun warmed things up enough to melt. it will refreeze and tomorrow another cold front. we have more notice showers and the snow showers could have an effect on the rush hour. they been be heavy enough between 4:00 and 9:00 tomorrow night and bottom will fall out again. record lows below zero. air temperatures here in many areas by friday morning. so what are we going to deal with tonight? we'll see the temperatures currently in the 20's dropping to the teens. and then we deal with this cold front. the cold front is going to move in our direction, our futurecast has the timing pegged out here. sunshine in the morning and then increasing cloudiness. this is 8:00 in the morning. it will bring snow showers with it. they could affect the mid to latter part of our rush hour tomorrow and it clears out and the temperatures get really, really, really cold around here. how cold? well single numbers and again below zero temperatures in suburban areas friday morning. or possibly over the weekend,
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temperatures just staying well below average. average high is 47. steve rudin is at pentagon row up the road in arlington here and steve, got a lot of ice but that's the ice that you want to see, i think, behind you. >> absolutely if you've ever seen the movie "blades of glory" this is almost as exciting watching what's going on behind me. those who have experienced, you can see everyone really enjoying themselves this evening and it's amazing the angle of the sun even though we are here in the middle of february. the angle of the sun really warms things up quickly and that's why we've seen so much melting today. even though temperatures have not even made it above freezing. we are going to look for improving conditions. at least in the meantime the short term and relatively calm conditions for the overnight with the clear skies and doug just mentioned. take a look at the nighttime low temperatures. ranging from around 10 degrees well to the north and west of the city. inside the beltway, we're talking 15 16 17 degrees. and be on the lookout for those
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slick spots come early, early tomorrow morning as the roadways, areas that have now unfrozen or that have the standing water will likely refreeze during the overnight. hey, come on over here real quick. how are you enjoying this snow day? >> what? >> snow day? >> yeah. >> you didn't have school today, right? >> no. >> this is what you're doing instead. are you ready for school tomorrow? >> no. >> no? how long have you been skating for? >> an hour. >> an hour. in general have you been on the ice before? >> no. >> all right. show us what you can do. skate off and we'll take you out here and so there you have it. pentagon row pretty quiet and a nice day out here. now the sun is shining. it was a whole lot different. just 24 hours ago and hope hope that this is the last of the big snows that we'll see this season. leon alison back to you. >> you interrupted her skating career. good job steve! >> that's so funny. steve, have a good time out there. thank you. >> see you in a bit. coming up here on abc 7 news at 4:00 there's a reminder for you of the dangers of walking on
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frozen ponds. how two children are doing after they fell into the freezing water. >> a big ruling in the american sniper trial. coming up what the judge decided and how a mistake by the
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okay, i need a better pizza. one made with only real cheese. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better. >> a judge in the so-called american sniper trial made a major ruling today as the
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defense requested a mistrial. >> scott thuman is at the live desk with the newest developments in this. scott? >> alison leon the judge is denying that request. so the trial of the former marine will go on. it was because prosecutors said that a glass vial suggesting drug use were found in his home. it turned out it had been left there by crime lab workers. the judge refused to call a mistrial and instead told jurors to ignore that earlier information. meanwhile, the jury is trying to digest all of this. the taped confession to police immediately after his arrest saying he killed chris kyle the subject of the movie "american sniper." and friend chad littlefield, both veterans. he took into the shooting range that day in hopes of helping him cope with post military problems. the defense says that he was at least at the time and uses lines like this from his confession. i knew if he didn't take out his
4:26 pm
soul, he's coming to take mine. i'm tired with playing chess with my life. >> so severe at that point in time that he did not know what he was doing was wrong. >> prosecutors, though point on that very same videotaped confession when ralph said regarding the victim's families now. "i'd tell them i'm so sorry for what i've done. if i could have done it differently, i would have done it a whole lot differently." that indicates he was aware of his actions and therefore, sane at the time and should be convicted. prosecutors could finish their side of the case today handing it over to the defense. the jury has three options here when it finally wraps up this case. guilty, not guilty or guilty by insanity. at worst, it would be life in prison for him. with no parole since prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty. that's clearly another dramatic day in this trial, leon?
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>> ready for the next step. thank you, scott. still ahead at 4:00 a "7 on your side" alert about your e-mail. what you need to look out for to prevent scammers from accessing your personal information. >> and our team coverage of the weather continues with a look at the roads for you. current conditions from mob
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>> check of the weather, snow
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and sunshine today, nice combination. >> yes and the sun was great. there is concern of refreezing overnight. let's get to doug hill with an update for us. hi, doug. >> a concern especially after sunset, temperatures will fall quickly into the teens and by early tomorrow morning, some areas will see close to 10. anything that's wet right now could freeze. along with the inconvenience of the snow and the ice, it's some beauty to enjoy. thanks to a couple of our viewers. the mayor of chesapeake beach in northern calvert county sent this in. look at this. this morning, snow and ice on the chesapeake bay. beautiful scene there. she sent us to this on e-mail. she's a professional photographer. she's had the snow flakes and snow crystals and the color in the background is from the refraction of the sunlight acting like a prism and you see beautiful flakes close up in the foreground. just gorgeous stuff to see unless you got to drive in it or walk in it. here's how much we had.
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close to six inches in newington. seven inches in fredricksburg. lesser amounts to the north as we expected. cold morning, temperatures between 12 and 17 in the metro area. icy spots and sunshine but then in the afternoon everything changes. the front is going to bring more snow showers, maybe even enough to have some effect on the second half of the commute tomorrow afternoon and bitterly cold air. record setting cold possible here by friday morning. look ahead to the next seven days for you in just a few minutes. leon? >> you got it doug. look outside out there to check on the roads. >> that's right. he joins us live from mobile track 7 so jay how are things looking out there? >> right now pretty good. we're in dale city, prince william county, area that was hit pretty hard.
4:32 pm
primary interstates, fantastic. this is an example of some of the neighborhoods and side streets and snow covered. it's getting dicey. now we're turning into this short time ago and they confirmed to us that they contract out and they say that the contractor hasn't been out here at all. that is unusual. this is a good three, four five inches of very hard packed snow. so if someone doesn't come out here over the next several hours, as doug has been warning and everybody else associated with abc 7 news and our weather team, this is going to refreeze and this is going to be a mess. and folks in this neighborhood are certainly very frustrated about that. i can tell you from confirming with a spokesperson for vdot
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this particular neighborhood is not the responsibility of vdot for a private contractor and this kind of scenario affects a lot of people in northern virginia. >> all right. jay, thank you. keep us posted on that. >> all right. careful while you're out there. >> exactly. you know, many government offices and schools were closed toes because of the snow but some of us not so lucky. we had to go to work as scheduled. >> nice to know that we have company out there. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis spoke with some of our friends out there on their way to work. >> 5:00 a.m. at the grovenor metro station and the overnight snowfall. gave these men a lot of heavy lifting. bags of salt helped de-ice the station's tile platforms. while snowblowers kept sidewalks clear for commuters like attorney diane ennett. >> why are you showing up to work today? >> things to do at work that are not going to get done if i'm not
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there. so i thought the snow wasn't all that bad. my husband dug out the driveway this morning so i don't have an excuse. >> and she wasn't alone. countless people clocked hours on this d.c. snow bank. >> just normal day. not that bad. >> honestly i'd rather be inside in this weather and rather have this time off in the summer when i can enjoy being outside. i don't care to be outside right now. >> i grew up on long island and it snowed a lot. it wasn't such a big deal. >> across town along rockville pike, staff served warm pizza and pasta to those sick of the bitter cold. >> on a day like today, do you wish you had a federal government job? >> no i don't, i love coming to work and on a day like today, it can be a lot of fun. lots of families come in and they get to spend time with each other and we get to help facilitate that. >> so a messy morning commute averted by many but not all. in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news.
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>> not very many smiles out there. two children are recovering after falling through a frozen pond in virginia. this happened yesterday at an apartment complex in blacksburg the isledd -- ice buckled while they were on the frozen pond. they were in the water five or 10 seconds. they got out of the water and make it to the island you see in the middle of the pond. that's where they waited for help. they were taken off to a hospital with minor injuries. >> a man is behind bars in arlington charged with robbing a 7-eleven store overnight. police say 33-year-old antonius solace entered the store on washington boulevard and injured one of the store clerks with a knife. officers say he also had a handgun. solace is accused of taking cash and cigarettes and then trying to use a nearby delivery truck as a getaway. but couldn't get the air brake off. he ran away. and was later arrested. also d.c. police have identified a man shot to death on 61st street in northeast
4:36 pm
washington yesterday. officers say they were responding to sounds of gunshots when they found 25-year-old rico myers suffering from several gunshot wounds. he later died at the hospital. at this point, police do not have any suspects. they're asking anyone with information about this to contact them. >> "7 on your side" now with an alert about what's in your e-mails. security experts say it's designed to place malware into your computer. >> as john matteris shows us be careful before clicking on an attachment so you don't waste your money. >> many people in the d.c. area have been receiving unexpected e-mails lately. from blue cross to agencies like the i.r. s., even the court system. some of them are downright frightening so we have the warning signs that an e-mail may be nothing more than a scam. that you should simply delete. >> big notice here in court. >> jen mire opened up her e-mail to see a frightening notice awaiting her.
4:37 pm
>> it said she had been accused of illegal downloading and needed to appear in court. >> what did i do? illegal software. i was starting to panic a little bit. >> the e-mail told her to open an attachment to learn more. >> they all had on the bottom please open this. read over. >> clerks and attorneys in general around the country are warning about this newest e-mail scam designed to place malware into your computer. it's the latest in a series of scareware e-mail scams often containing viruses or looking for your social security number. another new one claims to be from pg&e about a delinquent electric bill and another one
4:38 pm
reports to be from the i.r.s. about a problem with your tax refund. >> don't open. it it's a virus. >> on the other hand notices from anthem blue cross about their recent security breach may be real. just to be safe go to their website. don't click on strange links in the e-mails. remember, the court system the i.r. s., the f.b.i. aren't going to e-mail you about a problem. you'll get a letter in the mail. just delete those. don't waste your money. >> and coming up here at 4:00 a first for a hit abc show. we'll explain the new way that you're going to see "modern family" in the coming weeks. >> and what's a major snowstorm without a big snowball fight? >> and speaking of snow we want to know how you spent your snow day. you can answer our question of the day by going to our facebook page. we'll share some posts a bit later in the newscast.
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>> for the past 24 hours we've been showing you many accidents and problems that we've seen out there caused by the bad weather. >> but one particular close call is getting the most attention this afternoon and scott thuman is at the live desk to show it to us. scott? >> alison leon doesn't get much closer than this. take a look at the video.
4:42 pm
this was when the snow was just starting to come down in hampton, virginia about three hours to our south, the television crew from wavy there was covering the snowy conditions when, as you see it here the camera was rolling. the s.u.v. loses control, hits that gray sedan and then wow, careens straight towards the camera and stops just a few inches shy of the lens. the reporter and photographer, by the way were wisely not standing right near the camera at that moment. and no serious injuries for this one. but take another look. that will take your breath away one way or the other whether you're the driver or just walking from this angle so close call. but plenty of them all across the region with this tough weather. leon alison? >> that's so scary. >> yeah. photographer, reporter in the right place at the right time. >> thank goodness. thank goodness. >> coming up next on abc 7 news at 4:00 singer and producer pharrell williams hopes to make
4:43 pm
readers happy. the new project related to his hit song coming up ahead. >> with oscars coming up this weekend, we'll introduce you to a special group invited to take part in hollywood's biggest night. how the group was selected.
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>> no bad romance here. lady gaga got engaged to her long time boyfriend actor taylor kinney on valentine's day. she broke the news on her instagram account yesterday, where else? she posted this picture that you're about to see right there of that heart shaped diamond ring along with the caption "he gave me his heart on valentine's day and i said yes." the two met in 2011 on the set of lady gaga's "you and i" music video. >> getting a wedding dress. >> specially ordered. >> pulled that off. actor neil patrick harris is preparing for his biggest role yet. the host of this year's academy awards. that's his job. harris has plenty of experience hosting other awards shows including the tonys but he knows the oscar ceremony is a huge
4:47 pm
deal and he's letting us know what he will not be wearing on hollywood's biggest night. >> fuchsia. never fuchsia. no matter what anybody tells me never fuchsia. >> don't think i'd argue with that. harris admits the experience is nerve-racking but not nearly as nerve-racking as being one of oscar nominees. >> he is so talented. >> he is. he's very good. >> should be fun. young filmmakers meanwhile, and actors from across the country are getting a chance to go to the academy awards. >> that's right. the group was hand picked to deliver the gold statue that will be awarded sunday night. mary bruce introduces us to them. >> this year, the road to the oscars was paved with a dream. a smile. and a banana. meet team oscar. they are the aspiring young filmmakers and actors hand picked to attend the biggest night in hollywood. >> this is where most of us start. >> it's a dream come true for
4:48 pm
any budding artist. >> i went ballistic. like i called every family member management, i went crazy. >> the nominees are on pins and needles waiting to see if they make it up to the oscar stage. these filmmakers already have a guaranteed spot. they'll be standing up there side by side with many of their heroes delivering the gold statues to the famous presenters and they get to hang out with actor channing tatum. >> driving around in my car for the next week. no, they get to go on tours and meet producers and actors and talk to them about their dreams. >> it's those meetings that have the winners most excited. >> i don't care about you know me. i want my story to be told and i hope, you know i can get some people that get to do that for me. >> chris karmona has planned on making it to the oscars. first, the 18-year-old had to finish high school. >> i went back and they're like wow, we didn't expect any of this to happen that fast. i didn't expect this to happen
4:49 pm
at all! >> forget getting his foot in the door. he's about to throw the door to his dreams wide open. mary bruce, abc news, los angeles. >> and a reminder you can watch the oscars sunday night right here on abc 7. the coverage begins at 7:00. >> "modern family" is going modern age. in upcoming episode of abc's hit comedy series was recorded almost entirely on apple's iphone 6 and newer ipad models the episode is called "connection lost." it revolves around the family's attempt to locate a missing daughter. apple provided the equipment to the show's team to make the episode happen. it will air february 25th at 9:00 p.m. here on abc 7. >> singer and producer pharrell williams wants to continue his success with that song. "happy." so he has a deal to use "happy" in children's books. billboard reports that williams will create four picture books. it will feature photographs of children from all over the world celebrating what it means to be happy. the first book titled you
4:50 pm
guessed it "happy" will be published come late september. >> answer is out there to the question of the day made some folks happy. >> yep, we asked what did you do on your snow day? of course, if you had the day off. meredith wilhelm wrote this, walking through the woods with my 9-year-old daughter. it was perfect. >> sue howard, did not make her happy. i clean my house from top to bottom. >> maybe she enjoyed it. never know. >> i hope she did. >> we can relate to this one from rudy johnson. she wrote "i didn't have one. i had to work but a big thanks to all who responded to our question of the day. >> thanks guys. >> now, let's look ahead and see what's coming up today on abc 7 news at 5:00 the closings question. >> after smaller storms left schools closed for days abc 7 is checking conditions in some local counties to see what students can expect for tomorrow. >> and vice president joe biden takes a job at the district after the storm. >> and we're tracking the killers among us this week. find out how the family of a
4:51 pm
woman missing since 1980 thinks some new developments since her sister's disappearance could hold the key to their case. that's all coming up tonight at 5:00. >> all right. >> man, we're looking ahead to another maybe refreeze tonight with all this stuff out there. >> refreeze tonight and another arctic cold front tomorrow with more heavy snow showers or snow bands coming in. maybe during the tail end of the rush hour tomorrow. and then bitterly cold air that could set records by friday morning. yikes! >> no rest for the weary. >> no longer happy. >> i know what you mean. >> that would make pharrell happy, wouldn't it? >> not so much. >> here's a look from woodbridge virginia at the prince william county emergency operation center and during the day, you saw the snow early. watch how quickly it cleared out sunshine. not much melting in the areas shaded by the trees and the hills and other areas down there. in the areas where we did get a little melting from direct sunshine. that's going to refreeze
4:52 pm
tonight, that means icy spots. eight inches of snow south of the city. 6 1/2. alexandria, 5.8. burke 5.8. temperatures holding below freezing in most areas in the 20's and once we get past sunset temperatures will fall rather quickly tonight and in fact, by morning, we're expecting the range of 10 to 17 degrees. light winds and clear skies. please be careful. icy conditions. and then we'll start the day with some sunshine. but once we get into the afternoon, the clouds will rapidly increase ahead of that next cold front. our futurecast shows the timing and advancing eastward of the front and associated bands of snow and snow showers and some gusty winds. not the brutal winds that we had before the last front from saturday night. but breezy conditions that will usher in much much colder air. so the numbers stack up like this. 32 degrees for a high before the front tomorrow with a 60% chance of snow showers. 22 at best on thursday. 18 on friday. below zero temperatures in many spots friday morning. as we head to the weekend,
4:53 pm
another storm system approaches. this may be one of those storms that starts as snow late saturday and changes to rain on sunday with warmer air. but we haven't figured that one out for sure quite yet. >> ok. >> all right. >> keep us posted. >> i will. >> thank you. >> let's check the traffic situation this evening. hope it's better than last night's was. bob emler in the wtop traffic center. what do you see? >> hey there, leon. on 270, there had been a crash northbound near middlebrook road. brief slowdown getting past it. any backup we have is quickly dissipating in 95 in virginia. that's running at speed. we don't have a rush hour today. it's much like sunday morning out there with pretty light volume. looking to cameras to get an illustration of that. normally see brake lights at this hour. not so today. pretty quiet both ways and the same on 395 headed south on the pentagon to landmark. no delay, i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. >> thank you bob.
4:54 pm
coming up next at 4:00 a snow day tradition in the district. mike conneen explains why the event was moved to a
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
>> the snow day today meant lots of washingtonians had lots of time on their hands. you know what that means. hundreds of them went outside and took part in a huge snowball fight. >> we've seen them before. this time the snowball fight was moved outside of dupont circle. >> the snowballs started flying at 11:00. organizers typically hold this event in dupont circle but because the national park service cleared so much snow they moved it here to malcolm x park. people were here, most of them members of the media, local, national and even international outlets came but over time the crowd grew and so did the hostility, the energy and also today, they're holding a costume contest. we've seen some very creative costumes out here. >> this is a fleece giraffe
4:58 pm
onesie from japan. i ended up picking up one. >> captain america in general does have an unfair advantage. that's why i make a fair target i think, right? >> just a turkey hat that i have from thanksgiving a couple of years ago and thought why not put it on? >> big investment. >> yeah, $5 at target. >> every kid's dream, i guess. got to get back in there. >> organizers are hoping that's not the end to the season. they love the snow. they love throwing snowballs even more. in northwest, mike conneen, abc 7 news. >> slip sliding away. biggest snow of the season has come and gone and in its wake tragedy. >> not surprised. very slippery last night. >> plows, scrapeers and salt trucks did their part but not everyone had the day off. >> my husband dug out the driveway this mornings. i don't have an excuse. >> why kids always have a ball.
4:59 pm
many adults don't. >> i don't like the snow. it is what it is. >> storm watch 7 team coverage coming at you. >> as you know, the sun followed the snow today but it won't be around for long. >> chief meteorologist doug hill standing by in the stormwatch weather center with a look at the next round of weather heading our way. not far away right? >> no by this time tomorrow the bands of snow will be bearing right down on us. it's sunny. 27 outside of the belfort furniture weather center. get you started with a live look. beautiful look. parts of the rivers the bay frozen. this is what happens, just need a few days of this bitterly cold air and the ice forms up. temperature is 25 in gaithersburg. 27 near andrews and 29 at reagan national. stay in the 20's tonight with clear skies and light winds. but later tonight, temperatures will drop. we think the overnight rains will be 10 to 17 degrees under mainly clear skies with very light winds.
5:00 pm
so we're in a position that any puddles of water or any little trickling in areas of water that have melted today from the snow will refreeze tonight, could be dangerous icy patches later tonight overnight and for the morning commute. so those are kind of things that we're looking at for the rest of the week starting with tonight and tomorrow morning. the refreeze. potentially heavy snow showers tomorrow afternoon and evening's rush hour 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. that will be followed by incredibly cold air. record low temperatures possible in our area friday morning and some suburban areas could be below zero when you wake up on friday. look ahead to the weekend coming up a little bit. >> see you then, doug. this just in from virginia this arrive culpepper faquier, spotsylvania and stafford county schools will be closed tomorrow. pretty much every school system in our area closed today. other storms this season that bought smaller amounts of snow left some closed for days. horace holmes picks up our


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