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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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breaking news from southeast washington were a mother and child were carjacked a short time ago on pennsylvania avenue southeast. we will have the details including who the police are looking for a moment. >> we start tonight with a winter weather alert. freezing temperatures overnight lead to school delays and cancellations across the region. two-hour delays for prince george's county, loudoun county, and fairfax city. we have a complete list scrolling at the bottom of the screen. >> with the winter cold, the potential of more snowfall. steve rudin has a winter weather alert. >> hard to believe here we are in the middle of february and we are talking about another chance of snow tomorrow afternoon and evening. the temperature outside right now is cold, 14 degrees gaithersburg, 10 degrees dulles. none of us made it above freezing today. we had a little bit of melting.
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no problems on doppler radar but the cold front just off to the north and west. this has become the big weather maker late tomorrow afternoon. just in time for the rush-hour commute as it pushes across the mid-atlantic snow showers, snow squalls, a potential of a dusting, some may see up to an inch of snow. it will not last very long, and behind it a big push a very cold air. the coldest air we have had so far this season. 7:00 in the morning, 15 degrees noon time about 30. the cold front from the west. 5:00 in the afternoon, temperatures in the 30's and rapidly falling. >> thanks, steve. you will wake up with frozen roadways tomorrow morning. add to that the piles of snow on the ground and it could make for a wet and dangerous commute. jay korff has been checking on
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the plows and he is live in dale city. what is the word? >> leon, this neighborhood residents say a plow has not touch this roadway. they are concerned about the re-freeze and it will be treacherous in the morning. some dale city residents are being forced to shovel their own streets. they say a contractor, not vdot, is responsible for clearing a path in their townhouse key minute he a plow never came. >> nobody showed up. >> what they cannot clear will harden ove>> the morning commute will be an issue. >> in our travels, we found that vdot has done a tremendous job clearing main roads, but they're still working on side streets. in dale city and fairfax, lots of streets were still covered in snow and ice. >> it has been very cold.
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>> she said that a vdot plow came through a few times overnight, but there roadway is still frozen. >> it's very hard. >> then there are sledders too young to worry about adult concerns still police that there is plenty of snow on their road. -- still happy there is plenty of snow on their road. vdot says they are working around the clock, hundreds to clear roads and side streets already planning for the next storm. live in dale city, jay korff abc 7 news. >> more than 100 people have had their cars towed during the storm. the department of public works ticketed and towed dozens of vehicles to make way for snowplows after d.c. mayor
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muriel bowser declared a snow emergency. when all the fees are added up it could cost $350 to get your car back. >> metro buses will be on a regular schedule tomorrow. metro access will be resuming a normal schedule and metro trains will return to a weekday schedule. today the trans-randall -- today the trains ran on a weekday service schedule. >> stay with us for updated forecasts and traffic reports on "good morning washington" starting at 4:24. also follow us on facebook twitter, and now back to the breaking news in southeast d.c., where the police are searching for a suspect who carjacked a vehicle with a child inside. the child is safe at this hour. roz plater is at mpd headquarters. roz? >> this had to be a terrifying ordeal for the child. the child is a five-year-old.
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i just got off the phone with the police they say this happened just after 9:00 in the area of second and mississippi in southeast d.c. a man was getting into his black suv when two men approached pushed him to the ground interpol for the car. inside the vehicle was a five-year-old child. there was no indication of a weapon being used. meantime, the police say the vehicle and the child were found about 50 minutes later, about a block away in an alley, and the child was not harmed. the police investigators are still on the scene, interviewing would this is an looking for evidence as they try to piece this together. there is a look out for two men but a very vague description one an african-american man with a white jacket and hood. anybody with information is asked to call the d.c. police. roz plater, abc 7 news. >> the police have interviewed
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300 people and have not made any arrests in the shooting at frederick high school. it has been almost two weeks since gunfire outside of the basketball game. the police are making progress in their investigation. both teenage victims have been released from the hospital. >> a health alert, there is a second confirmed case of measles in the district. the cdc has new data about how the virus is spreading nationwide. tom roussey has what they want you to know. >> this is the situation in the region -- you may remember there was a measles scare in fairfax county last week. that test came back negative, so the state of virginia has had zero cases. there was also a scare in baltimore, and i came back negative as well. d.c.past few weeks has had two cases. >> today we can from the second case of the measles in the district. >> i would not want any child to go through that. >> the news of the second
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measles cases causing concern especially among parents in southeast. >> three years old, she is at school. it's scary. >> we have notified everyone known to have been in contact with the individual. >> the d.c. department of health says the new case does not appear to be connected with the giant outbreak in california and does not appear to be connected with d.c.'s other case a few weeks ago. she said the person did not go far after contracting the measles. >> it is a small exposure. we believe it is restricted to the district of columbia. >> measles had been all but wiped out in the u.s. >> it's sad to see it coming back, but then you think, why? >> health officials blame false information blaming the measles vaccine for autism, which caused some parents not to vaccinate their children, which helped bring measles back to the
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u.s. last year in the entire country, there were 644 confirmed cases of the measles. that is the worst they have seen in decades, and this year is on pace to be worse. tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> tom, until now, it was unusual to see more than 100 measles cases per year in the u.s. the cdc confirms there have been 140 cases just since january 1, the majority of those cases tied with a group of people who visited disneyland. >> the full environmental impact of a train derailment in west virginia is unclear, but a test of the river shows no oil in the water. more than two dozen railcars filled with crude oil are still smoldering. more than 100 people were evacuated after the derailment yesterday and connected back to their homes. >> new developments in the fatal
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shooting of a las vegas woman originally described as road rage. the police are now saying that tame e myers and her son went looking for the driver who yelled at meyers and the driver earlier in the day. investigators say they found the vehicle and followed it before going home. that is when the police say that car pulled up outside of their house and somebody shot the mother of four. her son then fired his gun. >> when the shooting was done, he found his mother who was standing off to his side and behind him had been struck by gunfire. >> there was a candlelight vigil for the woman tonight. the family is offering her classic car as a reward for finding the person who killed her. >> police dashc-cam video, or the lack of it, contains an
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officer telling another to turn the camera off. a new chapter for the department of defense. dr. ash carter was sworn in as the new secretary, taking the helm. carter showed up even though the federal government was closed today. he will also be dealing with the growing threat from islamic state terrorists. carter promised to be candid in his advice to the president. >> new information about the president's health care plan. the white house reports more than 11 million people signed up for private health insurance. the final number could grow because the administration is offering a grace period for those who cannot finish their applications on time. students in an uproar about a ban on campus. who was not being allowed to study science and why. >> and a famous doughnut chain is apologizing. a promotion force them to say
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"i'm sorry."
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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> a controversy of policy at the university of massachusetts amherst. the university says the policy pertains to u.s. sanctions against iran, meant to discourage them from developing a nuclear weapon. some students are stepping forward, calling it discrimination. >> late this afternoon, the prosecution rested in the american sniper trial in texas. a former marine is accused of killing chris kyle, the subject of the oscar-nominated film "american sniper", killing him and 2013. before resting their case, they showed video after the arrest. when asked if he is ok, he told officers he had been, "paranoid schizophrenic all day." the defense attorneys are
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working on an insanity defense. >> news from overseas, a big apology coming from krispy kreme, doing damage control after running a promotion for kkk wednesday. the ad posted on facebook was for the krispy kreme klub, not the clue clucks clan. people were upset. the event will go on tomorrow presumably with a new name. >> for many, it was a day off to play in the snow. there you go, a d.c. tradition the annual giant snowball fight. it was moved to a new location because dupont circle park was arathi cleared by crews, so the fight took place at meridian hill park. for a second your in a row hundreds of people showed up and mike conneen was caught in the crossfire. >> look like he loved every
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painful moment of it. in new orleans, they are partying big time celebrating mardi gras. it is fat tuesday. the last day of the cardinal season, before ash wednesday which kicks off lenton season for christians. i'm sure there was not a single collect beverage. >> no, and they are really bundled up. >> not as bad down there, but we had a pretty sunset this evening if you caught it. our photojournalist this at they national mall. the clout started rolling in during the late evening. it will stay dry tonight. be forewarned, even though the temperature stayed below freezing today, at reagan national, we still had a little bit of melting because of the sun, which will make for some
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slick spots early in the morning. high temperature of 31 degrees at reagan national. where should we be this time of year on average? 48, so we are well below that right now, we have fallen, 22 with the airport, 10 degrees at dulles bwi marshall at 14. seven degrees in manassas. the temperature range tonight, 7- to 10 degrees, partly cloudy skies. we will see just a few clouds with more clouds early in the morning, but a cold, cold start in the morning. 17 arlington, 13 manassas, 12 degrees wake-up temperature in leesburg. you get the point. you think it's cold tomorrow, wait until you see what's on the way for friday. tomorrow afternoon, the cold front slowly moves our way. ahead of it, the high pressure
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keeps us dry tonight. just a few clouds right now. not going to amount to much but behind the front is where the core of cold air is located. we talking temperatures generally in the teens. behind it, for degrees below zero in duluth, one degree in minneapolis. that is what is on the way. usually we have these air masses modify as they move closer towards the east, but that is not happening. wake-up temperatures monday morning, single-digit's, lightly to -- likely to break records. here is the cold front, marching our way tomorrow. we will see some snow squalls and snow showers just in time for the evening rush-hour commute. may give us a light dusting, up to an inch, depending on how quickly it moves out. the wind returns out of the north and west, getting cold. the high tuesday only around 20
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degrees, and it stays supercold for the day friday. the upcoming weekend a few changes. tomorrow near 32 before the front rolls through, partly sunny skies. flurries developed through the late afternoon. squalls. 18 degrees is the high friday, but we wake up with temperatures in the single-digits. >> you better get some new bets by then. >> that's cold enough to make your boot crack. >> we need to get you some new boots by friday. >> they are 15 years old. >> it's time for new ones. >> there is a foot spray for that. [] laughter >> sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> tonight's hockey game was great theater. in pittsburgh, one of the most physical and entertaining games of the year. alex ovechkin got the party started in the first, the power play, turning into the 1-0 lead, 37th goal of the season.
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then the wiggins broke out trash talk, fights, penalties great stuff. -- then the fullhooligans broke out. the caps add an empty netter and win 3-1. the georgetown hoyas are trying to solidify their petitioning in the tournament. -- trying to solidify their positioning in the tournament. the freshman was one of four hoyas in double figures. georgetown man handles the red storm. kentucky continues toroll, beating tennessee. back by popular demand, sergeant
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blake johnson, a local hero and household name, he knew there was not much time left. he let this fly from half court game-winner, at the buzzer. start the celebration. that play went viral after it aired on abc 7 news. his day job in the army makes him a hero, but this was something special. >> everybody was like, you are on espn. it's just nice to play a team sport again where you are equal with other people. it was just good to get back into the competition. >> sergeant johnson told us today he hopes to be deployed again. he said there is no replacement to the camaraderie he feels when fighting alongside his fellow sh soldiers. >> that is great. >> way to go.
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ok, this is quite a story. you never know what you will find at a thrift store.
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>> lots of people watching the
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school delays and closings, the top trending story at a train derails sending cars into the river. and steve's forecast for the week, including another winter weather system heading our way. read all those stories at >> a man in phoenix bought a watch at goodwill for five dollars. turns out that it was a rare watch, with only 900 ever made. he is a collector, so he recognized it right away. he sold it for $35,000. norris plans to use part of it to pay for his wedding, and he said he donated some of the money back to goodwill. >>re they will get some good boots for steve rudin.
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the annual westminster dog show ended a short time ago. the best of show went 2 -- >> a beagle. the top toy dog honor went to a dog named rocket, belonging to patty hearst. >> that patty hearst? >> yes.
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>> final look? >> it will be cold, but tomorrow, some snow squalls during the evening rush-hour. no problems in the morning besides the slick roadways. 30 degrees the high. 18 the high on friday potentially record low temperatures in the morning.
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by sunday, we may have just plain old rain. jacqui jeras is in bright and early in the morning. my boot
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, kristen bell, chris elliott, britt from "the bachelor", and music from big sean with cleto and cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel!


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