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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> chill advisory overnight and into tomorrow. even colder air on the way. >> a person struck and killed by a car. >> there's no way. nobody should lose their life like this. >> the police believe the driver may have been drunk. at a hotel -- and a hotel mystery. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts now. >> now abc 7 news at your side. >> heavy snow squalls rolled through the area. there is a new winter weather alert tonight. >> the blast of bitter cold will make it feel wel zero. >> the windchill advisory will stay with us until friday. steve rudin has how cold it will get. >> this is just the beginning
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from the stormwatch 7 weather center. cold temperatures right now, but wait until you see what is on the way tomorrow morning. 18 gaithersburg, 17 dulles. that is the first part of the story. sustained wind anywhere between 15 and 25 miles per hour. take the wind speed and the temperature, it already feels below zero dulles, single digits frederick, hagerstown, gaithersburg. we have windchill advisories in effect in less than an hour that includes the district, arlington, alexandria, montgomery county fairfax southern maryland, everything shaded in blue. garrett county and western allegheny county are under a windchill warning. the feels like temperatures at -10, -20 at times overnight and through the day tomorrow into early friday morning. 13 wake-up temperature are
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tomorrow, highs only in the teens. the record potential cold friday morning in a few minutes. >> thank you, steve. several school districts are delayed or close tomorrow. spotsylvania and stafford county schools are closed, culpeper in loudoun county schools are on two-hour delays. we have a complete list scrolling on the screen. >> all of the most severe winter weather of the season has been packed into this week alone. with bone chilling cold and the forecast plenty of reasons to dread what is ahead. jay korff a look from arlington. jay? >> leon, the aesthetic side of winter is about to turn ugly. we have enjoyed the beauty of the gently falling snow the last few days. well, now it is about to get real painful. >> it's good to have a little snow this time of year. >> the snow squall hit leesburg with force wednesday night. flakes fell fast during the
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short-lived storm. salt trucks mobilized quickly to make sure that the roads did not get to treacherous. we track the storm as it moved east into arlington, then eventually into maryland. d.c. area residents say they are starting to get accustomed to winter after several inches of snow hit earlier this week. >> d.c. has some crazy weather. >> while winter's aesthetic can be stunning, the ugly side is expected with potentially record-breaking cold temperatures slicing into the region. >> i do not hear about 15, 20 below. i will be more bundled up tomorrow. >> we have also heard an interesting mantra from a lot of people, a consistent think they have said as they would like to complain about the weather, but
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they don't have a hard seeing with the poor folks in boston are going through. live in arlington, jay korff abc 7 news. >> now, only on 7 a close call for a teenager after he fell through the ice at a fairfax county lake. the dramatic rescue happened at royal late clo -- royal lake park in burke. when the ice gave way, he swam to way concrete block waiting for rescuers. he spoke only with abc 7 news. >> can you tell me what happened? >> i slid down the hill and went into the water. it's cold. my feet are cold. >> the teenager was warmed up in the ambulance and set home with his father. stay with abc 7 for winter weather alerts as detectors drop. "good morning washington" will start at 4:24. stay connected on facebook
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twitter, and >> new developments of the homicide at the donovan hotel in northwest. items found in the room where the lawyer was stabbed to death. tom roussey has a look at the new revelations. tom, what are you learning? >> leon, since david messerschmitt lived on capitol hill, there remains a question why he went to the hotel, but we are learning new details. according to a search warrant obtained by wtop, it was room for hundred of the donovan hotel where he was found early last week. according to the search warrant a number of items were found in the hotel room including condoms and lubricant an enema a wallet, credit cards, and a cell phone. mr. smit was an attorney in town living on capitol hill. according to "the washington post,"'s wife last saw him
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sunday, but he worked monday. monday night, he texted his wife saying he would be home in about an hour, but the police believe he went to the hotel where he was killed. d.c. police released video from inside the hotel stairwell calling this a person of interest in the case. at this point, there have been no arrests in the case and remains a mystery. exactly why messerschmitt went to the hotel and why somebody decided to kill them when he was there in room 400. live from downtown washington, tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> a d.c. woman was struck and killed by suspected drunk driver in silver spring. the police say that 49-year-old vanessa dixon was waiting near a bus stop at the time. less than an hour ago, roz plater spoke with her family and she is live in silver spring. >> allison, she has a large very close knit family that was
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here until a few minutes ago. they are having trouble understanding how this could have happened. they came to the bus stop tonight, where she spent the last few minutes before her life was cut short. vanessa dixon's family put up a makeshift memorial at the site where her body landed and they are heartbroken. >> vanessa was a loving and caring person. she would cook and feed everybody was hungry. she would give and give and give. >> she came to the hospital where i work. i did not even know she was there. >> her family said she was a certified nursing assistant. she was looking for a job caring for an elderly woman. just before 11:00 wednesday morning, the driver of an suv was driving erratically striking dixon, who was standing at the bus stop, dragging her body down the street. witnesses say he continued
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careening out of control striking two cars. >> i looked on the ground and saw the lady. she was bleeding. >> investigators say the 22-year-old driver rodriguez is suspected of dui. >> he showed signs of being impaired by hall. he was -- being impaired by alcohol. he was detained by police officers. >> a very nice, loving sister should not lose her life like this. >> there are no charges in the case yet until the investigation has wrapped up. roz plater, abc 7 news. >> the d.c. rabbi he was accused of secretly videotaping women is due in court tomorrow. he is suspected of recording a total of 150 women using a jewish ritual bath. use a former teacher at georgetown and towson university's, as well as the university of maryland. -- he is a former teacher at georgetown and towson
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universities as well as the university of maryland. >> a lawsuit against the ferguson, missouri, police department may be in the works. cnn alleges that the will allege racial discrimination. the due year jay will follow suit if ferguson does not make changes on its own. federal charges are not expected against officer darren wilson in the fatal shooting of michael brown last year. >> the search for a pair of bank robbers that targeted a bb&t bank this afternoon, then the wells fargo in sterling. during that incident, one suspects threaten the teller with a gun. the fbi is investigating if they are tied with other bank robberies. if you have information, contact the authorities. >> a prince george's county man is accused of soliciting a 12-year-old girl for sex. investigators say that 21-year-old vincent hill sent explicit messages to the girl using a messaging app called
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kik. she went to the police and an undercover officer stepped into her place. over the next couple days, they received messages and photos leading them to hill's location. >> this is a good reminder for parents that while we may not all be personally familiar with each of these apps are kids are using, we need to educate ourselves. >> phil was charged and released on $75,000 bond. >> coming up, the first look at gift bags for oscar nominees, worth a record-breaking amount of money. you will be surprised at how some of the gift insider kind of racy. >> an iconic rapper, vanilla ice, under arrest. >> and tomorrow on abc 7 news at 11:00 am in a fire emergency ladder trucks.
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last summer, a large chunk of the ladder trucks failed. 7 on your side investigator chris pat found out it will cost taxpayers $2.3 million to get them fixed.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> the white houses in the middle of a three-day target to bash three-day conference to target extremism. congress is still deciding whether to give additional military authorization to fight isil. president obama will address a group of foreign ministers at the state department tomorrow. >> the president chose acting secret service director joe clancy to fill the position permanently. the secret service has been under the microscope after several incidents at the white house. an independent panel suggested that he hire an agency outsider.
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clancy is a 23 year veteran of the secret service. >> we first told you last night about the university of massachusetts at amherst banning irani and students from some science and engineering programs. it was supposed to align with u.s. sanctions in he ran -- in iran. facing a backlash, they change their mind to develop a different strategy. >> a big mistake leads to an apology from one of the most prestigious universities. monday, carnegie mellon sent acceptance e-mails to nearly 800 applicants. turns out most of those were sent i mistake. the school quickly sent another e-mail apologizing for the glitch. if it sounds in the year, that is because in the past year we have seen similar mixups at johns hopkins and m.i.t.. >> rapper vanilla ice is under arrest tonight. robert van winkle is accused of
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stealing from a florida home that was in foreclosure. he was renovating a home next furniture, a meter, bicycles all taken from the home during december and february. the police say some of the stolen items were recovered on vanilla ice's property. >> not nice, nice, baby. [laughter] there are 80 items inside of the oscar nominees' swag bags, worth $125,000. some of the items are unconventional. there is a three night vacation worth more than $11,000. also on the list, several expensive sex toys and luxury condoms. >> all righty. >> and we lead into the weather with that? [laughter] we have a lot of cold weather on
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the way -- tim brant, you better stay back there. [laughter] i'm going to get out of here quickly. >> good move. >> 48 the average this time of year. tim i will bring you in front of this wall one of these days and you will have fun. the temperatures right now, 18 degrees gaithersburg, 19 frederick, colder off to the west. at this point we are in the teens at lower 20's. it feels pretty much the same. we have big changes on the way. nighttime lows five to 15 degrees, partly cloudy skies, breezy with the wind out of the west northwest at 10 to 15. all of the areas in light blue southern maryland, the district, arlington, loudoun county, montgomery county, you get the point, under the windchill advisory. further west, washington county allegheny county, they have a windchill warning with wind chill county, they have a
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windchill warning with wind chill expected anywhere between 10 below and 20 below. waking up tomorrow morning, any of the colder air is friday morning. the cold air moves our way from the northwest. one degree below zero in chicago. the windchill factor, a lot colder than that. we are talking wind chills of -29 duluth, -22 minnesota. here the district, about 10 to 20 degrees below zero early friday morning, may be one of the coldest mornings in 20 years. the cold front moves off to the east. the high pressure slowly moves our way tomorrow. a good deal of sunshine. the wind stays out of the north northwest, keeping the cold air in place. we stay cold until late friday. there are changes on the way for the upcoming weekend. the futurecast projected model shows the windchill factor moving through the overnight tomorrow morning, cold. the windchill slightly below zero. through the daytime, the windchill does not move a lot.
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4:00 in the afternoon it will feel close to zero. friday morning, the project it when chills in the area, 10 to 15 degrees below zero, colder in the mounts. tomorrow, bundle up, it will be coldo school, the bus stop. 19 degrees. that is the daytime high. we may see a few flurries. it will stay cold friday, then a brief warm-up sunday, rain. temperatures near 50 degrees. colder next week. >> well, that will be good, at least one day. frigid. >> we deserve at least one day. what is up with you, man? >> just over here minding mysiness. it was entertaining college basketball tonight. and ready or not, here comes redskins drama. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> it's only february, but there is redskins drama. head coach jay gruden has named rg iii the quarterback in 2015. mike shanahan's window of silence has ended. he said that dan snyder told bruce allen to make the deal for
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donovan mcnabb. shanahan did not like how hurricane's worth -- hello -- and he did not want to give up draft picks to get rg iii and said that rg iii is a know it all and a pain to coach. >> i think that really hurt our football team. it's not just a matter of working out. working out is great. but you have to understand game so well, understand the defenses, understanding coverages, understanding the game afoot all. if not, you will get in barest. >> 16th-ranked maryland played nebraska tonight, playing the cornhuskers tomorrow. foggy bottom, smith center, the ball goes up, back in. five point leave late. 65-63, with 16 seconds left. gw with a chance to lead or time.
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this will drive the head coach nuts. the team gives up the three, cannot put it down. davidson wins. boston university in red, at american. the bender arena. the fake, in the corner, drives the baseline. how about the finish b.u. over a.u. the wizard should be well rested. the all-star break is over, time to make a run. john wall and the wizards play host to the cavaliers and lebron james friday night. >> we have 28 games now, and we have to start looking at the playoffs. every game now is a big game for us. we have the teams at the top everybody jockeying for position. every game is huge for us. >> paul pierce.
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still no score in the carolina-duke game, still in overtime. bowie state topped virginia state, rivalry game, in overtime. >> does not matter. shanahan, that is amazing stuff. >> coming up -- it started with heartbreak. >> just the look on his face killed me inside. >> nobody showed up at a birthday party for this six-year-old. what happened next is inspiring.
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>> record-breaking cold on the way to the dcu region, the number one trending topic on also, school closings and delays tomorrow. and our week long spotlight on cold cases. although stories on >> we have been talking about the story, heartwarming from florida, but it started with disappointment. this six-year-old, who has autism, invited everyone at school to his birthday party and nobody showed up. heartbroken, his mom wrote about it on facebook. almost immediately, there was a massive community response and people started arriving with
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gifts. the sheriff's department even send a helicopter to do a flyover. the next week, deputies, police cars, fire trucks, all paid glenn a visit and they spent their own money to give him gifts. the mom says the only problem now is yes to top that next year. >> she might have to take him
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is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number now there's an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. >> final look at the weather. >> the next 48 hours, the coldest we have seen in about 20 years. 19 the high. waking up, two degrees friday morning. downtown d.c., that record was from 1896. that is how long that record has stood. 33 the high saturday.
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>> that is enough of that. jimmy kimmel live is next. >> okay, i need a better pizza.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's “jimmy kimmel live!” tonight -- neil patrick harris. from “girls,” gillian jacobs. anthony anderson. and music from rascal flatts. with cleto and the clenes. and now, nobody move. here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice.


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