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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  February 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> breaking right now, heavy damage after a three alarm fire ripped through a townhouse complex in columbia. crews say by the time they got there, fire was already showing on two floors. the evacuated people and not long after, that fire spread to another building. and the fire we're told is out now and crews will be checking for those hot spots.
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meantime, we've got to talk weather now. doug hill is here with a look at our first forecast and doug we could be breaking some records this weekend, i hear. >> tonight, it looks like tomorrow morning will be the coldest morning that we've had all winter and in addition to the extreme cold we have gusty winds that are knocking those feels like temperatures down even lower. wind chill advisory remains in effect for the entire region. at the moment 12 degrees in gaithersburg. 18 at frederick and reagan national. and 15 at andrews air force base and gusty winds to go along with that. that's producing wind chills or feel like temperatures at 2 above in frederick. feels like zero at reagan national airport. this is tough stuff. day after day of it gets old. if you're feeling a little cabin feverish, i don't blame you a bit. there's going to be improvement over the weekend but with that is going to come some mixed
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precipitation, snow, rain, going to be a mess. in the meantime let's concentrate on this day with the gusty winds and wind chills highs only in the teens. wind chills at zero or close to it all day long. and in the nighttime, well this is where the change comes. the winds will diminish a tiny bit. clear. record cold possible. 5 degree zero to 8 above will be the range of temperatures in the area. eileen whelan is outside and there are records in view to be broken eileen? >> hey, you know it's definitely possible. i think here in d.c. we could be getting down to the current record of 8 degrees. i'll pull up the graphics here everyone, to show you. right now, it's cold but it's going to be getting colder through the overnight hours as doug was just mentioning. so the record low at reagan national is 8 degrees set back in 1896 so quite a long standing record. b.w.i. marshall 4 degrees. record low at dulles airport, minus 2. that's set back in 1979. so overnight tonight, it is
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going to be brutally cold. and, of course, we could have some records. we'll talk more about this possible record-breaking cold and the arctic chill coming up in a little bit. jummy? >> all right, eileen. imagine waiting in this frigid weather for nearly an hour. that's what some students in fairfax county had to do this morning after the buses just wouldn't start. and as jeanette reyes reports, this is just fuel on the fire for parents already upset with the school system. >> this morning, we experienced some of the coldest temperatures so far this winter. and hundreds of students awith fairfax county school district were waiting outside for an hour. they remained open today that infuriated parents and the school sent out tweets to parents for buses that are on a 30 to 60 minute delay. the #close fcps trending.
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many saying they can't afford jackets or coats to stay warm outside in these frigid temperatures and may not have alternate transportation. this is the second time the district has gotten serious backlash over decisions not to close or delay school start times. the first was back in january, one parent says it's hard for people to forgive and forget. >> can't say i'm surprised. everybody from early in the year so they'll stay spun until people realize that unfortunately, weather is less predictable than it used to be. >> it's a situation that's unfortunate. we apologize if any students you know, were waiting longer than normal for a bus this morning. >> the spokesperson for fairfax county schools says they were made aware of engine problems on those school buses close to 7:00 this morning. this is the first day back to school since last friday because of the weather. reporting in fairfax county jeanette reyes abc 7 news. >> trending on our website this noon, many of you weighing in on whether fairfax county was even right to keep schools open in
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this bitter cold. gina michelle says no not when half the buses wouldn't start. and kids were outside for over half-hour. luckily, i can drive mine. not everyone can. and marilyn rivera says yes however, i don't agree with their lack of planning ahead for the cold weather. i think it's high time for them to call maybe vermont, maine, massachusetts, and ask them how do you keep your buses running in the cold? those are just two of the thoughts. we want to hear your thoughts as well. make sure you join that conversation at facebook and this arctic air is taking a toll on regional transit systems as well. mike conneen continues our team coverage from the new carrollton metro station. on the green line in particular trains were single tracking for three hours this morning? >> that's right, jummy. the green line is now back to normal this afternoon after crews repaired a broken rail near college park. there were also delays on the red, blue and orange lines with train malfunctions metro says,
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caused by the cold. for riders stuck waiting on exposed station platforms today the extra weight combined with wicked wind chills added insult to injury. >> horrible. i hate the cold weather. >> spend more than few minutes waiting for a metro bus or metro train today and you're likely to hear a lot of complaints. >> this weather is just crazy. i mean i just can't wait for the spring weather to come. >> metro riders were forced to grit their teeth through negative wind chill factors and single tracking delays caused by a cracked rail on the green line and disabled trains on other lines. >> i have to get to work. i have to deal with it. >> it's almost constant. i can't really think of a day any week where they don't have at least five minute delays somewhere. >> it's not just transportation infrastructure. many residents across the region are finding their pipes have frozen. >> when we called for the plumber, they were booked for five days. >> of those venturing outside many bundled up for the bitterly cold conditions.
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others were less prepared. >> i was checking the forecast but not expecting this much. >> as one woman said there's no such thing as too cold. only people wearing too little clothing. >> it's just too cold. >> where's your hat? >> where's my hat? well i have my hood. so i'll be fine. >> want to look cute? >> yeah. i guess. >> on the brunswick line, marc riders faced 25 minute delays this morning because of a broken rail near martinsburg. marc says there's a temporary fix in place now with permanent rewelding expected to be done well in advance of the rush. they are running extra inspections and running locomotives overnight. metro has spanned out its crews across the transit system in case there is a problem. reporting live in new carrollton, mike conneen, abc 7 news. >> we are following word of burst pipes at the prince george's county courthouse. crews there are working to try to clean up the flooding and they're also dealing with electrical damage. we are told the courthouse will be closed until at least
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tomorrow. and this weather is getting even more dangerous in maryland. state health officials say two more people have died because of the cold. a woman in prince george's county and a man in carroll county. so far, more than 20 people have died from cold-related causes in maryland this winter. well, right now in the district, a big stink from this cold snap. we found these trash bins just overflowing with pickup more than three days overdue. john gonzalez is lthe district this noon and people want to know when all of this will be cleaned up. >> that's right. and one resident here joked at least the rats maybe are staying away because it's so cold. if you live in d.c. and your trash is starting to pile up well, you aren't alone. take a look at all this trash here on 13th street. this is in the shaw neighborhood in northwest and some of this trash has already been sitting here for a couple of days and probably won't get picked up until the weekend. now, i just got off the phone
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with the spokesperson for the department of public works. she says that her trash collectors are working as hard as possible around the city but they're backed up right now and this is the reason why. take a look behind our photographer joe. look at how much snow and ice is still on some of these sidewalks and side streets. with the subzero temperatures, it's just not melting and with the president's day holiday and the snowstorm, well, it was a double whammy. and a lot of this trash pickup happens in back alleys like that one you see there. look at how icy that one is. now, we do want to show you some video because we have found plenty of trash trucks operating around the city today. but it has been quite a challenge. we spoke to some residents who say trash has been sitting for more than three days. >> you know trash is piling up a little bit more than normal. yeah, i mean, that's basically it. >> i kind of understand with the weather and what not. but normally, it's typically
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gone by wednesday. it's still there today. >> here's what b.p. d.p.w. says to do. if your trash is picked up twice a week keep it outside. cover it as best as possible. hopefully it will get picked up by this saturday. if you have once a week pickup you're advised to bring the trash back inside and wait until the next scheduled day. john gonzalez abc 7 news. >> with the record lows pushing our way, stay connected with our stormwatch weather app. it is absolutely free and once you download it we'll send you alerts to keep you and your family safe whenever severe weather threatens. this just into the abc 7 newsroom, a news source and multiple media organizations report that rabbi barry frundle is expected to plead guilty later this afternoon. charges involve six victims.
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prosecutors say he secretly recorded a total of 150 women using a jewish ritual bath. he is a former teacher at georgetown and towson universities as well as the university of maryland. new this noon the d.c. public charter school board votes to revoke the charter for dorothy i. height community charter schools. that will affect about 1600 capcs students and their families for the next school years. the board revoked the charter after the academy's founder was found diverting millions of dollars. brian williams' daughter speaking out for the first time. why she says he deserves a second chance. and caught on camera. what lit up the night sky and exactly where it came from. but first, a super bug spreading. new concerns this noon and how many people could be infected with the bacteria that's already claimed lives.
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and both doug and eileen tracking these record cold temperatures when the worst of it arrives and how low we'll go. we'll be
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>> right now a california hospital is scrambling to get a handle on what it's calling a super bug. so far as many as 180 patients at ronald reagan medical center could be infected. seven have already shown symptoms and we've learned two have died. officials have pinpointed two reusable scopes that may have spread that bacteria. a major breakthrough this noon in treating breast cancer that's allowing some women to live longer. researchers discovered a drug cocktail to help women who have an aggressive type of breast
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cancer. the drug is reportedly prolonging their lives by about a year and a half with minimal side effects. it does so by targeting what it makes a particular cell cancerous. our diane cho is following this story for you today. tonight at 5:00 you'll meet a doctor prescribing this cutting edge drug and one of the many women getting a new dose of hope. and tonight at 11:00, abc 7 exclusive. the "7 on your side" i-team has learned d.c. taxpayers are out millions of dollars after seven d.c. ladder trucks recently failed inspection and this didn't even have to happen. this past summer for the first time in years, d.c. fire launched a fleet wide inspection of ladder trucks. 40% of the fleet failed and were pulled from service. since then, d.c. fire and e.m.s. has been operating significantly below the mandated number of ladder trucks it needs to keep the city safe. the "7 on your side" i-team has also learned the fleet will cost taxpayers millions to fix. >> these are significant issues
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that we had because we knew what was going to happen if these tests weren't going to be done. potential for placing not only the firefighters that respond on these vehicles in jeopardy but the citizens that could rely on these vehicles in jeopardy. >> this giant expense could easily have been avoided. coming up tonight at 11:00 in our report "alarming neglect" the "7 on your side" i-team says what went wrong and what's being done to make sure it doesn't happen again. switching gears, people in pittsburgh were startled to see a fireball whiz by high above the city. nasa cameras captured this image of a 45,000-mile-an-hour meteor early tuesday morning. scientists say it weighed about 500 pounds before it disintegrated and likely emerged from the asteroid belt that circles the solar system. time to get a check of the local weather. eileen whelan is outside of our studios here in arlington with a look at the forecast.
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eileen? >> jummy, it's a cold forecast. i don't have to tell you that. we all know all too well how not only cold but windy it is as well. so let's get straight to the graphics to show you the numbers because right now at reagan national, we're sitting at 18 degrees. 12 degrees at gaithersburg. 15 degrees at andrews and yes those temperatures are cold enough as it is. you know, i was actually just talking to the chief meteorologist doug hill and he reminded me our average high this time of year is 48 degrees. we're 30 degrees colder than that. but we have those strong gusty northwesterly winds and it makes it feel like zero degrees here in the nation's capital, 2 below in gaithersburg. it feels like 4 below in martinsburg. so yes, these are some impressive numbers but at the same token, these are really dangerous wind chill values. i mean you have to be very, very appropriately dressed. yes, i know i may look a little bit funny looking like an eskimo out here but you have to do something to stay warm because if you're exposed for too long
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in these bitterly cold temperatures, you could deal with hypothermia and frostbite. it's going to get colder tonight and for more on the upcoming forecast sending it inside to you. >> we spend another 30 to 40 minutes watching the weather for us and coming inside. we'll take you 30 stories up and this is the view. frozen solid potomac river and many parts of the bay, brutally cold weather. because of the combination of the cold and the wind, wind chill advisory continues until 1:00 tomorrow morning. you think it's cold now? look upstream. this is the air mass that will move through tonight. that cold core of air 6 above in pittsburgh is coming in tonight. that's how it can break record temperatures. computer model suggests there could be a streamer coming across the great lakes with snow. great lakes are freezing up literally overnight in many locations. i don't think we're going to do that. persistent wind and persistent cold and we get into the weekend. things are going to change.
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storms west of us might give us periods of snow saturday afternoon. something we watch closely and eventually mix it with sleet and freezing rain. good news with this is eventually late at night and through sunday warmer winds will turn it to rain. it's just what's going to happen before that changeover occurs. so saturday, keep in touch with us because the weather on saturday here could definitely affect your outdoor plans and travel plans. all right. look ahead to the next seven days, always a little something new and different. stuck in the teens today and tomorrow. at least the winds will diminish tomorrow a bit and as we get into the weekend and call for a 60% chance of snow or a mix eventually changing to rain late saturday night and a rainy sunday in the upper 40's. won't start turning cold again next week. sunday and saturday has us watching closely. we could get some snow here before it eventually changes to rain. >> we will keep looking for your forecast, doug. thank you. a look now at what's trending. "saturday night live" secrets revealed. actor and comedian eddie murphy
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returned to the s.n.l. stage for the first time in more than 30 years on sunday night. but fans were left really scratching their heads after his brief appearance. in a series of tweets comedian norm mcdonald says he and s.n.l. writers tried to get murphy to play bill cosby during the jeopardy segment but murphy said no. and another star standing her ground. the message alison williams has and why she says people need to give her father a second chance.
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>> well this evening, here on abc 7 news a critical 90 minutes of television as police from across the area team up to take your calls about crimes in your neighborhoods. the fighting back against crime phone bank kicks off at 5:00 as part of our week long search for "the killers among us". it's an emotional pursuit for answers in a number of the area's unsolved murder cases. tonight, we open up those phone lines in hopes of closing these cases and we want to hear from you about any concerns that you have about crime near you. police and detectives from the district, prince george's county prince william county anne arundel county and arlington will be here in the newsroom as we all fight back to make our communities safer. well, brian williams' daughter allison is defending him this noon. the actress says the past two weeks have been tough on her dad but the experience has not shaken her trust and belief in him as a man. william is on a six month suspension from nbc news for
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exaggerating a war story. although he's apologized, some nbc news staffers have expressed doubts that he'll ever return to the evening news anchor chair. coming up after the break, doug is back with the check of the bitter cold forecast.
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>> this noon people around the world are ringing in the first day of the lunar new year. in hong kong, the city is holding a huge international parade. floats and performing groups from all over the world were
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invited for the year of the sheep celebration. oh. it doesn't look that cold there. >> looks nice. looks good. >> around here we're far from at it. we're opposite as you can go. temperatures are freezing cold and the wind chill making it feel colder with the wind chill advisory remaining in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning. as far as the numbers tomorrow night, hold to the teens during the day and late tonight, we'll see the temperatures drop from 5 clock below zero to 8 above. these ready records, 8 at reagan national. 4 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. 2 below zero at dulles. we're definitely in the running to see -- could break or tie some record temperatures. we'll talk more about what's going to happen at 4:00. >> see you then. thank you for joining
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