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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  February 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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give you an idea of what the records are for tomorrow morning. 4 above at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. so within this forecast range, we're getting, i think there's a good chance we'll break or tie some or are all of those records and on top of that will be dozens and dozens of places that will set temperature records tomorrow morning. get ready. we'll have more. steve rudin are join us with more on the little arctic outbreak of ours. back to you. >> no laughing matter. this weather is getting more ding dangerous in maryland. two more people have died because of this cold. they are a woman in prince george's county and a man in carroll county. so far more than 20 people have died from cold related causes in maryland this winter. >> another issue, the cold weather continues to cause problems with the pipes, the prince george's county courthouse had to close today after some pipes burst there causing damage. maryland bureau chief brad bell is there live with all the issues from the cold weather. hi brad. >> hey, alison you know what?
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in the sunshine it doesn't feel all that bad. where i'm standing in the shade now at 16 degrees it is cold cold, cold. cold enough so when i squirt some water on the back of this granite marker it freezes instantly. and cold enough that as you said, it broke some pipes here in the courthouse. it's going to be closed again tomorrow and this is a problem we're seeing across the region. when we caught up with the plumer richard mills he and his partner were loading up to head to the next of what will be many jobs. >> we've been working 24 hours a day running like crazy all over virginia maryland. too cold. everything is bursting. >> he specializes in fire sprinkler systems often the first to burst. >> it makes a big mess. everything is wet and freezes. the ice and discharged the spripgler heads. >> it's a more complicated fix at the prince george's county
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circuit court where a pipe burst and the ensuing flood damaged the electrical here. the building closed and she didn't get word. she came to file papers and found herself out in the cold. >> it's cold. it's like 1 degrees. got to be very cold outside. hands shaking. >> there's the courthouse. you can see there's nobody coming in and out of that front door. as we said we just got word a little while ago that the building will be closed again tomorrow. because the damage was so excessive. they need time to make repairs. in upper marlboro brad bell, abc 7 news. >> thanks, brad. cold weather is hard enough on buildings. what about the people that have to get out there and work in these brutal temperatures? that will include stephen tschida that is outside tonight. you know we would want to be out there with you at dupont circle. you know that, don't you? >> no you don't. i know you don't want to be out
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here. i think it's about 17 degrees. there you go. yeah, and i'll tell you, when the wind kicks up down here especially on north-south streets like connecticut avenue 15th street that's when you really feel this cold. we caught up with some folks who had to spend the day outside and they were really complaining. of all the days to work on a front door julio feels the cold. the fed ex delivery guy dressed for the weather but still struggled. >> it's really really cold. i have five shirts on and five pants. i'm still cold. >> some people came up with novel approaches to warming up. >> i am having this coffee. and many, many, many layers. yeah. multiple pairs of socks helps. >> emily grew up here and she doesn't remember cold quite like this. >> this is pretty cold.
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yeah. nothing this consistent for a while. yeah. >> and the best advice when out and about in this weather, you heard it there a few times. layer like long sleeved t-shirt, another t-shirt over that, a sweater and maybe a hooded sweatshirt and then maybe a jacket on top of that. gloves, socks, long johns, those are the best ways to combat this kind of cold. i have to te guys i'm from minnesota, you know? way up there and this is practically minnesota weather. reporting live stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> you betcha, stephen. stay warm out there. take it ease y. more frustration with the schools when the students were forced to wait an extra hour for their buses. it was so cold that many of the buses wouldn't even start.
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close fcps was trending worldwide on twitter. officials tell abc 7 they didn't delay school because they didn't know about the bus problem until about 7:00 this morning. >> and trouble for rail riders today, too. marc trains slowed to a halt after a rail broke away from the cold turning all signals along the tracks there red. we're told that that should be fixed up for tonight's commute and on metro, three hours of delays on the green line as a cracked rail near college park forced trains to single track. good news for v.r.e. riders. no problems to report there. they ran trains to keep them warm. they're doing the same thing tonight. stay with abc 7 and as we track this dangerous cold.
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doug will be back with an updated forecast in a few minutes. alison? >> in other news we have an update to that hit and run on the b.w. parkway that killed a groom-to-be. u.s. park police say they have a person of interest now in this case. the crash happened february 1st you'll remember and investigators say rick warrick was changing a tire on the shoulder of the northbound lanes when a passing car struck him and his fiancee. warrick was killed and his fiancee suffered nonlife threatening injuries. they've recovered the vehicle that struck that couple and working the case with u.s. attorney's office. >> a rabbi faces more than 50 years in prison after pleading guilty to 52 counts of voyeurism. prosecutors say that rabbi barry freundel secretly recorded 150 women using a jewish ritual bath. joce sterman has been following this case from the very beginning. she's live in northwest with more on today's plea. joce? >> well leon it's all spelled
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out right in these pages. four pages, that means victims can finally start to put this behind them and they could also send rabbi freundel to jail for more than 50 years. we have video of him today leaving the courthouse. he did not say a word other than cautioning photographers against the ice that was behind them while they tried to get video of him. basically, what happened today, he entered a guilty plea in this hearing answering only yes to questions asked of him by the judge. briefly turning around to look at the victims. many of whom were emotional. prosecutors tell us as many as 150 women were secretly recorded by the rabbi as they were naked or undressing as they prepared to enter that sacred ritual bath. we also learned a great deal about this situation for rabbi freundel. search warnranted that we obtained spelled out the laundry list that he needed to carry out this scheme. they included computers found at his home and office as well as a
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slew from secret cameras to a tissue box and table fan that were used to hide and disguise his recording devices. tough information for victims to hear. but their attorney tells us today they are relieved they do not have to go to trial. >> did not want to face the prospect of having their videos shown in open court. this is deeply humiliating and personal to them. and so i think in a lot of ways many of the victims feel good about the fact that this phase is behind them. >> when rabbi freundel comes back to this courthouse it will be in may when he will be officially sentenced, we're told victims will be speaking at that point. a few of them may even seek restitution in civil cases related to these misdemeanor charges. coming up at 5:00 we will hear from the family of one victim who says today's plea deal was a complete surprise. live in northwest, joce sterman, abc 7 news. >> ok, joce. thank you for the latest there. firefighters are looking into
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what caused a townhouse fire in columbia. news chopper 7 was over the scene this morning on ring dove lane. six people and two dogs managed to escape that burning house. we're told that one firefighter suffered a minor injury. >> a big day tomorrow in richmond. former virginia first lady maureen mcdonnell will be sentenced for her corruption conviction. jeff goldberg is live in richmond with a look ahead for us. hello, jeff. >> hi leon. i got word from a source a few minutes ago confirming that governor bob mcdonnell will be in attendance for maureen mcdonnell's sentencing. her attorneys are going to be asking judge james spencer for leniency, probation. witnesses will probably be asking the same. the big question a lot of people are going to be looking at is to whether or not maureen mcdonnell, herself addresses judge spencer after not saying a word before during or after this trial. throughout the trial, maureen mcdonnell was portrayed as mean and unstable the primary person
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that allowed johnny williams access to the governor. like the former governor she was found guilty of most of the corruption charges. last month the judge surprising many people by sentencing bob mcdonnell to two years in prison, far less than a lot of people expected. that could bode well for maureen mcdonnell. but a legal expert we spoke with today said this when asked whether or not she can avoid prison time. >> i have to think that not a likely outcome. we are all trying to read the tea leaves and nothing is certain. but i would guess that some period of active incarceration is likely for her. >> defense attorneys, of course hoping that is not the case. they're asking for probation and 4,000 hours of community service. prosecutors asking for a prison sentence of 18 months. coming up tonight at 6:00 we'll take a look at what the attorneys have written in their memos, why they're making the arc arguments they're making
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and why a lot of people don't have a lot of sympathy for maureen mcdonnell. >> thank you jeff. most amazing political soap operas. >> yep. have to see what happens next. >> you got it. coming up next on abc 7 news at 4:00, the maryland senate is giving a green light to a bill to increase the speed limit on state highways. hear how much the increase will be and why some critics are against the idea. >> and dangerously cold weather spreading all across the u.s. now. still ahead, the normally warm region that's dealing with freeze alerts. >> and here's some hot for thursday. "scandal" scoop. clues that one star is revealing about tonight's show.
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>> the current condition of d.c.'s ladder truck fleet has many people questioning public safety in the nation's capital. >> fort past six months the district has been operating below the mandated number of trucks it need to keep the city safe. chris pabst is here to put this into context for us. chris? >> with full force, d.c. fire and e.m.s. is supposed to have 21 ladder trucks available. since the summer as few as 10 have been able to pass inspection. tonight at 11:00 we'll show you
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how badly the fleet has been decimated. anybody who lives above the second floor depends on the ladder truck in an emergency. 18 of the district's 28 ladders have recently been out of service and that has significantly affected response times. in july, d.c. fire respond to about 1470 calls in more than 12 minutes. by december that number had nearly tripled. >> we have a lot of highly dedicated and hard charging members in the department to make up for the lack of these vehicles. >> coming up at 11:00, we'll show you how this happened. we'll tell you how it happened. how it easily could have been avoided and how much this is going to cost taxpayers to fix. chris pabst abc 7 news. >> look forward to that at 11:00, chris. thank you. meanwhile, the maryland senate has voted to raise the speed limit from 65 up to 70 miles per hour on state highways.
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a similar bill is pending in the house now. senator george edwards of garrett county sponsored the measure and he said the speed increase would not be mandatory statewide. some opponents disagree with the legislation saying raising the speed limit will cause some drivers to push it even more up to 80 miles an hour. that debate is the subject of our question of the day for you. do you agree with the speed limit increase on the state highways in maryland? post your answer on our facebook and we'll share them with you a little bit later. >> probably not a good idea to try to push the limit today, that's for sure. might be some ice out there folks. get a check to see how things are shaping up in the area roads with bob emler in the wtop traffic center. what are you looking at right now? >> best thing i can tell you is the roads are in good shape out there. dry pavement and a lot of salt on the roadways we can see they're kind of white. main roads are in great shape and lighter volume of traffic that we've had lately. a little bit slow on the inner loop of the beltway here and there.
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not too much else except on 95 in virginia where you head southbound past route 1 over the occoquan and south of quantico towards stafford, a little bit of volume and people getting a jump on the weekend no doubt. generally running well on 95 as well as on 395 and a little by of volume on the inner loop headed from 395 and i-95 b.w. parkway doing all right. 95 southbound not doing too bad getting over the occoquan and then you don't slow down until you get to quantico. >> you're giving us the forecast from what looked like anchorage out there and it was the potomac. >> truth of the matter many parts of alaska anchorage in particular is warmer there than it is here. >> get out of here! >> most of alaska is warmer too. yeah. it will warm up one day here. so we're getting closer. it's 30 days to first day of spring, 30 31 do the math here.
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not tonight. don't think spring thoughts yet, you'll be in for some hurting out there. the wind chill advisory has been extended until noon tomorrow because of the abnormally cold winds, air and the gusty winds are persisting. right now, it's 17 at reagan national. 12 at dulles and gaithersburg and that's part of the story. factor in the northwesterly winds and it feels like it's 1 below at national. and with the wind speeds staying up tonight, and temperatures falling, that's the double whammy. it's going to get really really cold as we get through the overnight hours. in fact, we're expecting temperatures to range between 2 and 8. 2 below to 8 above. that's the range of air temperatures tonight and that sets the stage for record cold temperatures. what are the records in danger of falling? being outside talked about that steve. what do you think is going to happen by morning?
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it is cold out here and take a look at the current records that we have for the d.c. area. 1896, dropped down to 8 degrees in the district back in the late 19 1800s, that's when they calculated the temperatures. look at b.w. marshall 2 below is the record at dulles also in 1979 and the lows tonight, anywhere between 2 below and 8. more than likely we'll tie if not break some of these records. tomorrow, it is going to be cold out there. highs around 19 degrees. at least the winds won't be quite as brisk. a lot of kids are asking will we have school off tomorrow or won't we because of the cold? you can head over to for the latest school closings and delays. they're constantly updating. back to doug with more on what could be more wintry weather for the weekend. >> it's sure looking that way, steve. in fact, our futurecast is
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showing through tonight, we'll have mainly clear skies but through the day tomorrow, 19 as you said with sunshine. then everything changes quickly on saturday. we've been watching this storm center that's going to be developing. this will make headlines over parts of the country. the issue is it will eventually bring us rain on sunday. as it begins on saturday afternoon, it will be cold here. here's the chance parts of our area may deal with snow developing. saturday afternoon could pile up a bit in spots before the warmer air advances and it mixes with freezing rain and you'll see here kind of mix with rain south and east of town. eventually, warmer air will pick up and change for everything to rain. temperatures in the upper 40's washing away some of the slush and mush. pay close attention stay in close touch with us here as it could be a little bit more than we expect here weatherwise and it will warm up on sunday and things turn out a little bit better early next week. stays very cold at least right
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now early next week seems bright and sunny. >> i like the double digits better than some of the single digits. see you in a bit. thank you. >> we're getting word in now, folks about a breaking situation in las vegas. a few minutes ago police arrested a suspect in the shooting of a woman outside of her home. the man was taken into custody after a stand-off at what appears to be his home. there are no reports of any injuries right now. now, this is related to the story of tammy myers. she died last week in a shootout after police she and her son went out looking for a person involved in an earlier road rage incident as she was out teaching her daughter how to drive. stay on top of that story for any developments later. >> still to come here on abc 7 news at 4:00 we have new details on the man charged with a deadly shooting at a colorado movie theater. why james holmes' trial could start earlier than expected. >> "7 on your side" with a call
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that's really too good to be true. what you need to look out for so you don't lose a fortune. >> first, this week's okay, i need a better pizza. one made with only real cheese. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better.
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>> we are back in week's "scandal" scoop. tonight's white house continues its efforts to save olivia after she was auctioned off to the highest bidder. >> here's jummy olabanji with a
4:25 pm
at what to expect tonight. >> tonight's episode is titled "no more blood." it's shonda rymes so anything can happen. we'll find out who won that worldwide auction for olivia pope. we learned briefly last week whoever it is lives in iran. and based on this sneak peek right here we received from abc, it looks like the white house is working on a master plan to get olivia back. no one will talk about it. >> think you are speaking of classified matters that will require your immediate arrest by the n.s.a. so i do not know what you are talking about. >> as you saw right there, abbey was not able to get any sort of information from cyrus bean. but the real life actress darby sanchfield ditched to and said "there is the hugest surprise that happens this episode and that original gladiators are going to lose
4:26 pm
their minds." with your "scandal" scoop i'm jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> i don't know. i smell a shark jump coming. it's getting close. >> yeah. >> i don't know! >> all right. >> your wife will love it. >> i know. i'll hear about it one way or the other. still ahead here at 4:00 different health concerns at a california hospital as it deals with a super bug outbreak. how it's raising questions about the procedures of cleaning a medical instrument. >> some district residents are raising a stink about garbage collection. learn what's being blamed for the backup. >> you think you hate the cold? check these guys out. they're fixing a busted water main that's cracking up from this chilly weather. tell you how there's something
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>> >> since we can't escape the cold, we keep talking about it. records are being set even. >> that's right. chief meteorologist doug hill has a look at the numbers and we're talking really dangerous numbers, doug. >> for if you're not dressed properly, any amount of time outside, it really has the same effect in your skin with the 8 below with the winds as if it was actually 8 below on the thermometer with no winds. it's real numbers. let's get started with what we're dealing with now and that is the ice on the potomac. all area rivers most all of
4:30 pm
them iced over near the chesapeake bay iced over. look at these numbers falling now. 12 at washington dulles. 10 in gaithersburg now. 17 at reagan national airport. and through the overnight, down from 2 below to 8 above and as steve rudin told us that will put us in territory to tie or break record low temperatures early tomorrow morning. look at the core of the cold air over southern canada and the great lakes. that will move in overnight. nice warmup out west. get a taste of the warmer air on sunday. not until then. 19. that's it for tomorrow. but then we have to keep our eyes on the weekend and that's going to bring the possibility of snow or a wintry mix saturday turned into a cold rain on sunday morning. and then warming up into the upper 40's. any way you cut it messy weekend but i'll take rain and 48 over 2 below zero. that's my opinion. alison? >> we turn to a problem that we see often during winter months,
4:31 pm
water main breaks. broken pipes kept crews busy today in falls church and richard is live with a look at the repair efforts. rich? >> yeah alison this has got to be one of the toughest jobs around with this kind of weather. check it out, these guys trying to fix this busted watered main. you know, the weather is so cold it can crack an iron pipe. a lot of work to do. the water flooding across west moreland road, a sure sign of trouble. it's a busted main casualty of the cold. the break around 9:30 thursday morning got fairfax water crews scrambling and left some homes with low water pressure. real headache is when the water has to be shut off for repairs. the 3:00 p.m. shutoff meant no h20 for 60 customers included an assisted living facility and a church. that means no drinking water for some and no showers for others. >> it is pretty frustrating. i guess i'll have to go to
4:32 pm
school smelling a little bit bad. i think i can deal with it. >> it could be ground shifting and it could be water temperature changes making the iron contract and expand. >> switch over to paper and keep the, you know need to wash any dishes and all the water is full, drinks are ready and we've got stuff made ahead of time. >> this eight inch main along washington boulevard in arlington also cracked. we told it was a minor patch job fixed within an hour or so. and now back live here. take a look at how cold it is out here folks. this is water from that busted main. this stuff like frozen peanut brittle here. just unbelievable. they're talking about working here for the next couple of hours. they hope to get all the water back on in about four hours. live in falls church richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> thanks rich. big stink from this cold snap is happening in the shaw neighborhood of northwest d.c.
4:33 pm
we found trash bags here overflowing. pickup is more than three days overdue. a spokesperson for the department of public works says that trash collectors there are doing their best but the process is all backed up. we spoke with some residents who tell us that trash has been sitting there for two or three days. >> you know trash is piling up a little bit more than normal. that's basically it. i kind of understand with the weather or what not. it's still there today. >> imagine if it is 90 outside. completely different out there. the d.p.w. says the trash should be picked up by saturday and they recommend that residents leave their trash outside covered as best as possible. >> "7 on your side" with a way to fight back aga crime. we're giving youe to talk to police directly about your concerns. "7 on your side"'s fighting back reporter jennifer donelan live in the help center to explain how. hi, jen.
4:34 pm
>> hi, alison. that's right, this is an unprecedented effort by the station to fight back against crime in our neighborhoods and communities. what a tremendous opportunity for our viewers. we have officers and detectives here from across the d.c. maryland, virginia area. prince william county d.c. police arlington county prince george's county and anne arundel county police are all here on the abc 7 "7 on your side" help center as we work together to fight back against crime. if you have issue or concerns about crime in neighborhood, now is your opportunity coming up at 5:00 to make those calls. i want to talk with the lieutenant from anne arundel county. how important is it that people call in and work with you? >> this is how we fight back against crime. this is how we get the bad folks off the street. we need the community's help. and this is an opportunity. like the show was called "the killers among us." that means they're still out there. we need the tips and need to guilt the folks in to getting in
4:35 pm
jail. they've killed people and loved ones. we need on get them in custody. opportunities are there through twitter and facebook and all the agencies that are represented here today are very active. so it's another way for the community to keep in touch with us. >> perfect. thank you so much, lieutenant and you mentioned the killers among us all week long, abc 7 has been involved in an emotional pursuit of the killers who still walk among us in our communities. we've got five victims, five grieving families who have not yet gotten any answers as to who killed their loved ones and why. so we'll be talking about those cases. if you have any tips in those cases, please call. we'll be back. >> you got it. we'll check back with you in a bit. in the colorado shooting there, the trial could begin earlier than expected. the judge indicates that the jury selection is moving along quickly and, in fact, could end six weeks early. 12 jurors and 12 alternates will then be picked after a round of group questioning and that could push the trial up to may instead
4:36 pm
of june. he is accused of killing 12 and injuring 70 others in july of 2012. holmes admits to being the shooter but pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. >> a police report is shedding light on the events leading up to the arrest of nfl hall of famer warren sapp in arizona. sapp is accused of assaulting two women and soliciting a prostitute in phoenix over super bowl weekend. investigators say sapp was in the hoelgs bar when he started talking with the women who claimed to be strippers. and then invited him up to their room. sapp's next court appearance is scheduled for monday. and still to come at 4:00 a "7 on your side" consumer alert. the phone call targeting the elderly that's costing them a fortune! >> for the first time brian williams' daughter is talking about the scandal that sent him off the air for six months. what she's got to say about the situation. >> there's still time to answer our question of the day about a proposed measure in maryland. do you agree with a speed limit
4:37 pm
increase on state highways in maryland? post your answer on our abc 7 facebook page and we'll share your responses a bit later.
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just call 1.888.410.4404 today. >> "7 on your side" now with a consumer alert for the elderly.
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>> this all starts with a call claiming that you won the lottery. but as autria godfrey found out, it often ends with victims losing a fortune. >> i have good news for you. you have won a prize. >> sounds great. roger was told he won $1 million and a brand new mercedes-benz. >> before we can make the package presentation there are certain things that you have to pay and from that poin on it was pay a fee on a regular basis. >> the caller wanted his money on these green moneygram cards. first in small increments about $100 and people ballooning into larger amounts. roger thought the caller was credible so he kept sending more and more money to cover these fees. >> i thaw the man was honest. >> by the time roger had enough he had already lost $100,000. he changed his phone number but the con men were relentless.
4:41 pm
>> i was getting six to 10 vendors here every day who would show up delivering pizzas sandwiches chinese food. electricians. >> they wanted his new number. postal inspectors say this is becoming the new norm with scam artists even employing scare tactics. >> threaten them and they'll look at your home and say look at the house with the flowers on it, i'm sitting outside your house. >> no legitimate lottery will ever ask you to pay them. >> up next on abc 77 news at 4:00 new health concerns in california. how a super bug outbreak started at a hospital.
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4:44 pm
>> a scare at a california hospital where at least seven people have been infected with a potentially deadly super bug. >> and now dozens more are at risk. at abc's ted rollins reports, the culprit is a piece of
4:45 pm
equipment used in a procedure hundreds of thousands of americans have every year. >> the l.a. medical center is scrambling to find out why 179 patients treated from october through january were exposed to a super bug that has a death rate according to the c.d.c. as high as 50%. >> it's a very potent virulent organism that can cause death. >> staff at ucla say the virus was spread by two end scopes used in a variety of procedures. in a statement, the hospital revealing seven patients have tested positive so far. the outbreak may have been contributing factors in two deaths. similar outbreaks have infected patients in recent years in seattle, pittsburgh and chicago. ucla is claiming the scopes were cleaned properly but that it's now using a process that goes above and beyond the manufacturer and national standards. >> they can't find a breakdown in any of those cleaning procedures so there's something
4:46 pm
going on here whether they have to change the procedures or not, but there's a reason that scopes are spreading this. >> because of what happened at ucla the f.d.a. today issued a safety alert urging hospitals to closely follow the cleaning guidelines for usable scopes. ted rollins, abc news, los angeles. >> brian williams' daughter is talking for the first time about her father's scandal. the past two weeks have been tough on her dad. the experience hasn't shaken her trust and belief in him as a man. he's on a six month suspension for exaggerating a war story. another result of the scandal, allison has put her wedding plans on hold. now, let's turn to our question of the day about a proposed bill in maryland. we asked whether or not you agree with the idea of raising the speed limit in the state from 65 to 70 miles an hour. laura wrote this. yes, maryland is behind on raising the speed limit. most states around us have raised theirs.
4:47 pm
but another says no drivers already do 70 with the limit at 55. now they'll be pushing 90. wrong decision. >> and approximatepatricia fisher says this, no especially when they can't give up texting and the phone. thank you to all who responded today. >> let's look ahead at what's coming up next hour we're getting ready for the fighting back phone bank. >> whose blood was used to create one of the most successful measles vaccinations says his kids are not vaccinated. find out why. >> a local charter school finds out if it's going to stay open or forced to close. >> let's get another check of how things are shaping up on this frigid day and then tomorrow is even worse. >> yeah tomorrow we'll bottom out and the cold air will be overhead. we'll get temperatures possibly at record levels locally and enough gusty winds to make it feel even colder so that's the headlines. we're starting off with a look
4:48 pm
at our expanded or i should say extended wind chill advisory. it was expected to be expiring at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow and the weather service added a couple more hours to it. it expires at noon because the winds will stay up. temperatures bitterly cold and blow that cold air around and it makes it uncomfortable and even potentially dangerously cold across the region. these are the latest numbers into the storm watch 7 weather center. 12 in washington dulles. 10 in gaithersburg. 17 degrees in annapolis. 16 in lexington park in st. mary's county and wind chills they're telling the story as well aren't they now? 6 below wind chill in martinsburg. 1 below at reagan national airport. and the temperatures and the wind chills will drop tonight. in fact, this is our future wind chills. computer product showing what the wind chills will feel like around the area tomorrow. 14 below at gaithersburg and hagerstown will feel like 12 below at dulles and 10 below at reagan national airport. we have a tough night ahead.
4:49 pm
a little moderation as we head to the weekend. but not tonight. and record breakers indeed. steve rudin is outside in front of the weather center and gosh i mean, in the tall buildings there, steve, those winds rea swirl. >> you know i got smart this time around. i put my hat on and it is still freezing cold out here! it's only going to get colder as we move through the overnight hours and waking up tomorrow morning, arlington around 8 degrees. even colder off to the west of us. below zero readings not out of the question. will we break any records or tie any records? this is where they stand right now. a long standing record low temperature downtown d.c. 1896 so we're talking over 100 years. that's 8 degrees. likely to maybe tie that? but out at b.w.i. at marshall 4 degrees back in 1979 and 2 degrees below zero at dulles in 1979 also. likely to possibly tie that one although i think that might be
4:50 pm
harder to come by. we have school closings and school delays, the latest at be sure to check there to see what's going on for tomorrow morning. it will be cold, cold probably the coldest in what, 20 years, doug? >> yeah i think back to yeah at least 20 years for the metro washington area due to the arctic high that will be settled to the southwest of us tomorrow. we'll have a flow of cold air, it will be clear in the morning and get mighty chilly. we're not going to warm up too much. we'll be under the dome of arctic air. highs in the upper teens. we'll see increasing cloudiness saturday as the storm moves out or the high moves out. storm center will develop in the ohio valley. as that moves east and northeast, it will produce a lot of lift and warm air coming across the warm front will fall out as snow because the air is still so cold and irng we might have enough snow in many areas as we get to the afternoon and evening to pile up a bit. eventually, as the warmer winds get closer to the surface, freezing air for a while and plain old fashioned rain. temperatures jump look at, that
4:51 pm
48 for a high on sunday with periods of rain that will wash everything out. we'll turn a bit colder. at least some sunshine to look forward to back monday, tuesday, wednesday time frame. we'll get out of this eventually, i mean won't we? it will go away? no we'll get better. >> feel like we've been in it for an awfully long time. >> it is. you're always fighting to stay warm. >> ok. check in with you soon. thank you. let's look at traffic now. bob emler in the wtop traffic center. hi, bob. >> hi there, alison. northbound traffic on g-70 does slow a bit moving up to montgomery village and german town. not as much as usual for this time of day. a little slow here and there and traffic on 95 south slowing over the occoquan and woodbridge and south of quantico on the virginia side. we have a problem on 66 out to the west. as you head to the beltway, going to be a slow ride. there's a crash on 66 westbound and it is just after route 28. and it is causing quite a delay
4:52 pm
getting out to centreville from vienna on 66. just west of that and here on the beltway at river road, volume delays. crash northbound on the 270 spur and that should be out of the roadway now. i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. >> see you next hour bob. up next here -- a gift designed to relieve
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4:55 pm
>> welcome back. we are live in the abc 7 "7 on your side" help center. we have police officers and detectives from across our area. d.c. maryland virginia this is a critical 90 minutes of television coming up. do you have questions, issues or concerns about crime in your neighborhood? we have five unsolved murder cases that we are trying to help these departments close to try and bring some peace to five grieving families. the phone lines are opening right now. the phone number is
4:56 pm
703-236-9220. call them they're here to take your calls. we'll be back. >> all right, jen thank you very much. we'll be checking in with you a little bit later. well what was supposed to be a real gift of relaxation has actually turned into a pretty stressful situation for a local woman. >> that's because she spent a lot of money on massages for her husband only to find that the spa suddenly closed. "7 on your side" trouble shooter horace holmes explains why the wife probably won't be getting her money back. >> katherine michaels thought she had the perfect christmas gift for her husband. a package of 12 massages at the cost of $1,000 from lavida spa of woodbridge. >> my husband doesn't have his christmas gift. >> that's because after paying the money to the spa in full in december her husband redeemed two of the massages earlier this month and when he came to get his third session he found the doors to the spa locked.
4:57 pm
lavida woodbridge had gone out of business. >> called corporate, gave them the information. no one has called back. left a voicemail, no one has called back. >> moments after "7 on your side" finished talking with michaels, shelly hall walked up to us outside of lavida woodbridge surprised the spa had gone out of business. >> i haven't the slightest idea. >> he bought spa treatments offered as part of that same december special. >> there's got to be lots of us. anyone saw the sign >> then paul hubbard walked up. he had bought the same deal for his wife. >> we were going on come up here saturday but i guess not. >> "7 on your side" learned lavida woodbridge was an independently owned franchise and lavida corporate said they would honor gift certificates and monthly packages purchased here but michaels and the others we talked with bought services a la carte and she says it look like she's out $1,000. >> woodbridge was happy to have this establishment here and i
4:58 pm
know i'm not the only one that left holding the bag. >> in woodbridge horace holmes abc 7 news. >> painful and dangerous. the extreme cold creates a mighty list of problems all across the region. >> five shirts and five pants, i'm still cold. >> a major decision about the rabbi on trial for recording naked women at his synagogue. a new approach to treating breast cancer that's giving brand new hope to patients. >> we start with the weather and frankly, we're running out of ways to say it's really cold outside. >> that's right. but you know what? we have to keep saying it because this next batch of frigid air moving in could be the coldest that we've seen here in two decades! now, in fact prince george's county and fredricksburg city schools have already announced a two-hour delay for tomorrow. and spotsylvania county schools have announced they will be
4:59 pm
closed. >> let's get to our chief meteorologist doug hill and the storm watch weather 7 center with the winter weather alert of the day. hi doug. >> hi there. sunshine and blue sky outside of the belfort furniture weather center. look what we see from the rooftop camera. there's blue skies and some of those low clouds like under where it says live roof camera there's snow flurries under those clouds. that's part of the cold air continuing toin with northwesterly winds. at the airport there at 19 degrees. 15 in manassas. 10 in chevy chase. the chill is a little above to a little below and both the temperatures and wind chills will drop noticeably overnight. we'll drop between 2 below and 8 above by morning. that range is going to be low enough to set or tie existing low temperature records of the coldest of the cold air will in fact, be overhead early tomorrow morning. these are the records, 8 above in washington, d.c. 4 at b.w.i. marshall. 2 below at dulles. see what happens in the morning. you've been prepared.
5:00 pm
plus on top of that we have the wind chill advisory lasting until noon. wind chills will be much lower. we'll rebound after the morning lows all the way up to 19 degrees tomorrow afternoon. warmer days ahead. we'll take a look at that for you coming up in a few minutes. leon? >> ok doug the freezing temperatures have come people out there doing whatever they can to avoid going outdoors and those who do have to venture out, you can bet they're bundling up big time. >> the bitter cold is taking a bite out of some businesses' bottom lines. our stephen tschida caught up with some workers out there suffering from this cold and a lack of cash that comes along with it. >> that is indeed right, we were standing here in this spot for the last hour and 15 minutes or so. we're keeping an eye on that temperature sign. it was at 17 and it's been going down slowly. the last time we checked, there it is 14 degrees. plenty cold out here. even colder with the wind. now, a n


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