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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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breaking a record set a well over 100 years ago. winter weather advisory through tomorrow evening. winter storm warning, generally blue ridge and west into the mountains and all for good reason. our future cast shows the approach of cloudy skies in the morning and then snow developing by late morning or midday overspreading the region through the late afternoon, early evening. enough warm air is expected to move in from the south and mix with the sleet and freezing rain. icy stuff shown in purple here and in the green, denotes areas of plain rain where temperatures are above 32 degrees and that transition will move in later tomorr take the whole day to get into warmer temperatures and then sunday, everything is fine. rain moves out and we'll see clearing skies and sunshine 45 degrees by sunday afternoon. because we'll wake up to temperatures so cold and stay cold during the day, we could easily pile up one to three inches of snow in the i-95 corridor before we add in sleet and freezing rain. more three to six farther west and to the higher mountains six
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inches or more. the farther west you go more impact it will be. even in the local metro area, there could be significant impacts on the driving developing tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. again, the key is the fact that it's going to start so cold. and very slowly through the day climb through the 20's and not get close to freezing or above until late tomorrow night. steve rudin hooks up with me in a few minutes and we'll give you everything you need to know about another round of wintry weather, maureen? >> thank you, doug. this cold snap has been a nightmare for local drivers. triple a mid atlantic has received a record number of calls for crashes and broken down cars. maryland bureau chief brad bell rode along with a triple a tow truck driver. brad is live with what he's seen so far. brad? >> maureen, you know what? this weather is tough on us. it's tough on our cars. they say there's a few things you should do to prepare your vehicle when you have a forecast like we do now for more snow. one of the most important, check the tire pressure and make sure that's just right. check the wipeers. your fluids. all the fluids in the car.
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if your battery is ready to go bad, when it gets this cold it's likely to go bad and it's going bad in big numbers all across the area. like a lot of people this morning, ron galant got an unhappy surprise when he went to start his car. he couldn't. >> heard it struggling so i said all right, well that's not going to work. >> galant did what thousands are doing. he called triple a. the triple a garage in landover dispatcher joshua lidey's phone is ringing like crazy and his computer lit up with calls. >> it's extremely busy. this is the busiest we've been this week. if we look up here, tire change. 3b is a battery service. and as you can see, every one of these calls is a 3b requesting battery service. >> battery service truck operator pierre gets the word to load up and head out. this week triple a mid atlantic has responded to 50,000 calls.
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this landover office today will do well over 200. after he rolls up to the car, galant begins his diagnostics and gives the car a jump. there's no real mystery here, the battery has been killed by the cold. >> pretty everybody has dead batteries. >> why's that? >> because when it's this cold it takes 50% more ampage to start the battery. when it gets this cold battery can't handle it. >> so ron gets a new battery. >> yeah. i'm lucky, i was at home. >> kapel not so lucky. he has a long list of people waiting for him to come to the rescue. >> yes. all night. all the way up until 10:00. >> all the way until 10:00. we were with him a little while ago. this was the location of his last call. he took off to go and help somebody else. now, the bad news for consumers is right now, they've got three and four hour waits for triple a help. in college park brad bell abc 7 news. >> thank you brad. well, those folks are not alone.
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virginia has turned to its national guard to help people trapped by ice after parts of the chesapeake bay and surrounding waterways froze over. last night the guard air lifted supplies including groceries and medications to the 460 people who live on tangier island. a coast guard cutter is on its way now to the tiny island breaking the ice along the way. and back around here metro commuters face cold related problems this morning on the rails. the orange and silver lines briefly shut down after a rail cracked near east falls church. after service was restored and electrical problem knocked out power to parts of l'enfant plaza. metro service was not affected but one entrance was shut down for more than four hours. count on abc 7 and our sister station, newschannel 8 to keep you informed as the weather deteriorates this weekend. you can also check conditions any time on our social media sites or by downloading the
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storm watch 7 weather app. former virginia first lady maureen mcdonnell is apologizing for her conviction on public corruption charges. her apology came as a judge sentenced her to one year and one day in prison. that's about half the sentence given to her husband, former governor bob mcdonnell. much more of the community service that the defense requested. jeff goldberg was in the richmond courtroom. >> leaving court today with her son bobby, maureen mcdonnell would say nothing. but bob mcdonnell spoke that the couple are maintaining their innocence. >> i ask for my complete faith in the lord for ultimate vindication in this case and this appeal. >> for the first time since the case began we heard from maureen mcdonnell making a statement prior to sentencing. she expressed deep remorse for allowing johnny williams access to the governor's residence as he was seeking support for his
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supplement. i am the one who opened the door. i blame no one but myself. the mcdonnells' daughter rachel was one of eight witnesses testifying in support of mrs. mcdonnell while detailing the devastating impact of the scandal. she's isolated alone, in shock. i don't know how much more she can handle. judge james spencer called the case puzzling bizarre and tragic. saying it was hard to know the true maureen mcdonnell described as kind and caring bysome vindictive and crazy by others. he also questioned the defense's tactics during the trial what he called this curious let's throw mama under the bus defense. the sentence of one year and one day is six months less than prosecutors had asked for but much more than the mcdonnells are willing to accept. >> still believe in maureen's innocence and intend to seek her complete vindication. >> maureen mcdonnell will be appealing this ruling just as bob mcdonnell is appealing his sentence of two years in prison.
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and like the former governor the former first lady will likely remain free on bond as the appeal process continues in may. in richmond jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> the chair of the fairfax county board of supervisors wants a commission to review police practices in the county in the wake of a fatal shooting by an officer. the department was criticized for its handling of information following the august 2013 shooting death of john geer. it took 18 months and a court order for fairfax county police to release it through court. today, police released internal affairs documents to the geer family's attorney the ad hoc commission would review all policies related to critical incidents. still ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00, where you can get a free ride from car service uber this weekend. plus the multibillion dollar proposal to repair america's aging infrastructure. new idea to pay for it without raising the gasoline tax and why
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800,000 americans are being told to delay filing their taxes next on abc 7 news at 6:00.
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>> tensions boiled over in the turkish parliament in a debate over the country's security legislation. a brawl erupted and it was caught on video. one lawmaker fell over a railing after being punched. he was not seriously hurt.
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the government is warning health care care customers to delay filing their tax returns. wrong tax information was sent to 800,000 customers. it involves an aid form for those who received subsidies for private insurance plans. anyone who received those subsidies should check to see if they've been affected and they'll need to file for a tax extension. ride share service uber is offering free rides all weekend long in montgomery and prince george's counties. the free rides run from now until 11:59 p.m. on sunday. as long as the fare is less than $20. as part of uber's push for maryland to adopt legislation allowing the car service like that approved by virginia this week. for information on how to get the free rides, go to our website at next on abc 7 news at 6:00 --
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>> coming up we'll tell you about the new plan to raise revenue without raising the gas tax. >> plus another winter weather alert. when the snow will begin to fall and how much we can expect. >> i'm robert burton. coming up in sports the king is back in d.c. to face the wiz. look ahead on tonight and how good can the nats be this year? hear about the $210 million man has to say when abc 7 new
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>> america must spend more to fix its crumbling infrastructure. that's what transportation secretary anthony fox told metro area residents today. just a week and a half ago a concrete piece fell from a beltway overpass crushing part of a woman's car. "7 on your side"'s chris pabst is live on capitol hill with what fox is proposing. chris? >> well, between d.c. maryland and virginia there are 1540 structurally deficient bridges at some time in the near future will have to be replaced or have to be repaired. most everyone in that building agrees the work has to be done.
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but what they can't agree on is how to fund it. earlier this month, when a chunk of concrete fell off a local bridge and landed on a passing car on suitland parkway, u.s. d.o.t. secretary anthony fox took notice. >> there's no excuse for a highway or bridge in maryland to have concrete crumbling on the roadway below. >> today the secretary concluded a five state highway tour in d.c. and his message was clear. >> there's no excuse. >> the cost to fix america's highways is estimated to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars. one proposal to raise the money is to raise the federal gas tax above its current 18 cents. fox prefers a plan to tax corporate overseas profits at 14%. that's estimated to raise about $478 billion. though it has little chance of passing a g.o.p. controlled congress. >> we could do more build more,
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get more people in a better position to win the future. >> gas tax under that plan or stay where it is? >> it stays where it is. >> propose raise the gas tax years ago, just to support rail. didn't go for it. i think it's about time. >> roads start crumbling, get potholes, start losing money, trucks get flat tires. trains don't work. people can't get to work. >> got to find some way to fund it. >> yeah. >> now, after many stop gaps and temporary measures the highway trust fund is set to expire this year on may 31st unless somehow, they can act. live in d.c. chris pabst, abc 7 news. >> thank you. we're all frozen and the waterways even around here. >> yeah. we've been showing ourive shots now i want to share with you beautiful sunset our crew brian hopkins and steve rudin got at thompson's boathouse across the river in georgetown. beautiful sunset. look at the colors in the sky and a close-up. now we're past sunset and getting dark. let's go back to now the even
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colder riverside frozen over. here's steve rudin. what are you looking at? >> it's cold out here now that the sun is done. you can see behind me the river is frozen and it will stay like that for the time being. we set recor early this morning. boy, was it cold out there? long standing record when they took the temperatures downtown d.c. 1896 that's when the temperature dropped to 8 degrees on this day. this morning, we dropped down to 5 degrees. b.w.i. marshall, broke the record old record at 4 and 1 degree. that is the record low for today. nothing at dulles. we have a whole lot more on the way as we move through the weekend. winter weather returns. doug hill has more on that. >> here's our deal going into the weekend. even though we don't expect huge numbers snowwise in the metro area, we'll get some accumulation of ice it will be difficult and could be dangerous in spots. we're not making light of the fact that we could have a storm. it's an unusual situation.
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it's going to be like 4 to 13 degrees by morning and the clouds advance in ahead of the storm system and beyond that we're going to see the numbers really start to slowly climb as we get through the afternoon hours. so we're going to be lucky after the 4 to 13 start, we'll be lucky to get to 25 at midday and beyond that slow climb indeed. in advance of more storminess coming winter variety, winter weather advisories in effect all day for the metro area. i-95 winter storm warnings to the north and west. let's give you the quick setup, arctic high that's made the record cold temperatures around here is overhead and will move out tonight and open the door in the atmosphere to the approachable warm front associated with the storm center over arkansas. if temperatures were in the 30's today, we'd be forecasting a rainy day tomorrow but because it's going to start so cold when the precipitation moves in midday it's going to be snow. and we're going to see snow pile up and eventually when the warmer air comes in from the south, it will start mixing with sleet and freezing rain.
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take a look at this. charleston west virginia 19 now. 25 in nashville, tennessee so there's a lot of cold air that has to be modified and warm before we'll see things warm up enough. so here's what our best estimate is based on computer modeling is. we'll see snow developing midday and start piling up pretty quickly here on the frozen ground with the cold air. but at some point later in the evening, enough warm air should start to mix in some sleet and that could pile up. and then and only when air temperatures at the surface go above 32 degrees will it change to plain rain. will it happen at 6:00? no, it may be 10:00. this is the best estimate based on modeling. at some point, enough warm air will work in. the conditions will slowly improve as we just get plain rain with temperatures warming above freezing overnight into sunday morning. by the time sunday midday arrives, we'll get breaks in the overcast and sunshine on sunday afternoon. one to three inches is what we think right now. three to six to the west. more than six in the mountains. could we change this a bit? steve rudin will have more guidance to work with tonight at
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11:00 when he joins you and we'll let you know. morning you'll be fine. afternoon, evening, very dangerous driving conditions a possibility. here's our timeline. climbing slowly above freezing and very slowly towards 33 by late tomorrow night. maureen and rob? >> thank you very much. aren't you glad you're here? suffering in the warm. >> i'll be there next week. don't be jealous. i didn't volunteer for this. >> i'm coming with you. >> next in sports we'll check if with the nats as the pitchers and catchers get ready for workouts tomorrow and the wiz prepare for the king's return to the phone booth. that's next in sports.
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>> of spot with the cavs right behind them and lebron will return to the phone booth with a brand new team. they've added j.r. smith and schumper to the roster. now the cavs are what everyone thought they would be. the last time they came to verizon, they pulled out a victory. i doubt it will be that easy this time. deandre jordan is ending up on someone's highlight reel. this is why he's on ours. last night against the spurs,
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jordan does the space jam dunk all over marco belaneli and a side note he would air ball a free throw in that game. i'll be in florida next week for spring training with the nats, pitchers and catchers will hold their first workout tomorrow. but some of the staff has been there since thursday. so apparently they're excited about possibly being the best pitching staff in the league. that includes steven shausberg and the $210 million man, max scherzer. >> on paper, we look great. that doesn't mean anything when you go out during the season. everybody will be gunning for us and everybody will want to take their best shot at us. so it's a matter of what we do in response to that. >> all right. four games left in the regular season for the hoyas they'll host depaul tomorrow. from here on out, there's no margin for error because they can't afford any. heading into the post season. his guys understand that. they've turned up the intensity
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in practice. now, that has to translate into four more big east wins. >> can't get lax. every game you're playing for something. the other team is playing for something. and so if our guys keep the focus that we have as well as just limiting the turnovers, if we get a good shot every possession we'll score a lot. >> this just in nascar has suspended curt busch hours after a delaware judge said the former champion committed an act of domestic violence against an ex-girlfriend. that's all for sports. >> back to doug. >> this is how much we'll get snow and sleet wise. one to three in the metro area. three to six farther west. six plus in the mountains if upcoming computer guidance suggested, steve rudin may ad tonight. join him at 11:00. >> we'll be ready. "world news tonight"
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on this friday night, two breaking stories. the major weekend storm. 100 million americans, 25 states. moving from denver to atlanta to the northeast. and the american sniper trial. witnesses saying the accused killer knew exactly what he was doing. >> and the kidnapped victim how they got to her. and the warning to hospitals across the country. and robin roberts with neil patrick harris tonight. the big reveal about magic. and hugh jackman is here with advice for the host.


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