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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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on the way tomorrow. they winter weather advisory going into effect. leon: a water main break and vehicles frozen to the street. the repairs happening now. 7 on your side gets results. after weeks in the cold, work begins to get the heat on. and a jewelry heist. who the police are looking for and how he stole a $21,000 ring, next. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] leon: we areleon: bracing for more winter weather, snow on its way now. d.c. is deploying its full snow team vdot has crews on alert and maryland highway administration is on alert. alison: there is a winter weather advisory in the area tomorrow. steve rudin has when the snow will have and how much we will see. steve: tomorrow will be a wild
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day, snow, sleet, changing over to rain. the temperatures, it is cold dry, 13 degrees at dulles, six degrees andrews. scanning the skies with doppler radar, nothing at this time. however, to the south and west, the national weather service has posted a winter weather advisory for the district and immediate surrounding county starting at 9:00 in the morning, extending until early sunday morning. the areas in pink -- frederick county into loudoun county -- looking at a winter snow warning. the express forecast, in the teens. the temperatures in the 20's with snow in the afternoon and evening. that and much more coming up. alison: we will see you then, steve. several big school districts
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canceled saturday activities because of the winter weather. prince george's, fairfax and other counties will not hold a full list of events. go to for the complete list. leon: a woman and her infant have been coping without heat in her southeast apartment. as soon as our story aired, the calls started pouring in. tom roussey is how the city is stepping in. tom? reporter: that is right, leon offers of help and the mayor's office is now involved. most of the apartments here have had heat all month. we spoke with folks on the first floor as well as those on the top lore who do not. -- as well as those on the top floor who do not. d.c. housing inspectors went door to door. a spokesperson said they are committed to making sure that all 44 apartments have heat.
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how long will that be? >> it will take three or four days. reporter: he said in the meantime, the units without heat have been given electric heaters. >> as long as they are working to resolve the problem, i'm ok with her. reporter: she said her family has not had working radiators all winter. since the story, she has received offers of help and a call from the mayor's office. >> i'm overwhelmed that people are not taking this matter lightly. reporter: this person took us down to the boiler room where hot water flows from here to the radiators in the building. he says the units with no heat have clogged radiators and no one, including prints, reported the issue until a few days ago. >> i don't know where that came from because i have been calling since october. reporter: how long have you been dealing with this? >> about 20 years.
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reporter: she says her heat has never worked right. >> i pray to god this is the last year. reporter: an attorney with the nonprofit neighborhood legal services program e-mail to me and said it is illegal for a landlord not to provide heat -- it i. again, there are pledges of relief next week for the folks who do not have heat here at bethune house. alison: hope that they get relief soon. water main breaks are part of winter but with the freezing temperatures, you have an ic mess. -- you have an
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all of this icy mess is still here. >> the 1300 block of madison street northwest is covered in a layer of ice. in some places, the frozen surface is a foot thick after a water main break that has been repaired. now the street is coded in a frozen layer with tire ruts a foot deep or more. it makes for tough driving for residents. some drivers found their cars frozen in place, encased in ice. tempers are flaring. >> is really dangerous and i'm
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skeptical about driving on the street. >> they should look in the front. i cannot even move the car because it is up to the bumper. if i move, i may damage my car. >> you park your car on the street and it is stuck. this is purely due to the water main. they should have done something about this by now. reporter: check it out -- this is one of the cars and vehicles stuck here. this is not water, this is solid ice. there are about a dozen vehicles stuck like this. it is very difficult for folks to navigate the street. they have called into d.c. water but they have not returned our calls. richard reeve, abc 7 news. alison: a tough situation there. another water main break called used headaches in college
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park, the water flooding the streets, forcing a big section of the roadway to be closed. stay connected with abc 7 for weather updates through the weekend. follow us on facebook and twitter and that and download the free app. leon: breaking news from southeast washington where the police have arrested a teenager in connection with a car theft and kidnapping tuesday night. there was a five-year-old in the vehicle when it was stolen. the police have charged an 18-year-old with robbery. the five-year-old is safe tonight. justin from montgomery county, a firefighter was injured after a fire that took 75 firefighters to get it under control. news chopper 7 flew over the scene. every body it out safely. the firefighter's injuries are not life-threatening. somebody through a cigarette into a planter. new details and a decades-old cold case involving sheila and
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kathryn lyon. new documents shed light on boyd welch. he said he left the shopping mall with the girl the day that they disappeared. he said he also saw his u ncle sexually assault one of them. neither lloyd nor his uncle richard welch, have been charged, and the girls' bodies have been found. alison: a sapphire and diamond ring worth me thousand dollars is now in the hands of eighth he. an annapolis jewelry store owner said he was swindled by the court, but the police say that surveillance images could help crack the case. roz plater has how the heist happened. reporter: the thief was charming and well-dressed and time his distraction to get away with the crime. 10:30 thursday morning, they
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were not quite ready for business, but the owner open the door to a long-time customer to drop off a piece of jewelry for repair. a well-dressed man in his 50's walked in, seeming to be on the up-and-up. >> he said he was celebrating his anniversary and wanted to spend $5,000. very respectful. reporter: on the counter were trays of jewelry just out of the safe as the owner set up displays. then he was on his way. >> he shook my hand and said thank you very much. reporter: seconds later, he discovered that the princess cut diamond ring worth $21,000 was gone. surveillance video shows as the thief picked up a brochure, he also dubbed the ring. >> -- he also kept the ring. >> he knew what he was doing. reporter: surveillance video shows that he stopped at several
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other jewelry stores before finding just the right opportunity. >> every time i think about it my body shakes. i hope that they catch him. reporter: the police say he may be from out of state. the getaway carmaker have had a rear plate from pennsylvania. the police are hoping to track him down. roz plater, abc 7 news. leon: the family of john gereer is reviewing internal police documents that were turned over minutes before a court-imposed deadline of 5:00. he was shot to death during a standoff at his home in 2013 and fairfax. he was not armed and several witnesses said he made no sudden movements. family members are looking at internal documents of the officer the trigger. the fairfax police department may be facing a review of its policies. the county attorney wants to
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create a commission to look at their practices in light of the geer case. alison: a judge ruled that virginia's former first lady will serve jail time. maureen mcdonnell was sentenced to a year in one day in prison for corruption. the defense had hoped for community service. former governor bob mcdonnell was sentenced to two years. he is free now pending his appeal. leon: a fire response at one of the world's tallest residential buildings. this is the porch tower in dubai. debris is falling to the streets from 51 stories up. the fire is now out, but high wind, even though it is in the middle of the night, may have spread the flames. no injuries reported. still ahead -- uber offering free rides this weekend. alison: plus the potomac river
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frozen. it looks like we w
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>> you are watching abc 7 news
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at 11:00, on your side. alison: defense secretary ashton carter is on the ground in afghanistan to visit leaders. he was just sworn in tuesday. it is his first trip to afghanistan as pentagon chief. leon: there is an international search underway for three teenaged girls who may be planning to join isil. they were captured in these images leaving london for turkey and they may be trying to cross the border into syria. two of these girls are 15, the other is 16. a major fine for a japanese airbag maker. takata's airbags explode with too much force, causing injuries. the u.s. government has find them $14,000 per day for failing to cooperate with the
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investigation and the penalties could grow. company is fighting back, saying they have turned over documents about how they will follow procedures. alison: a free ride in the free state. from now until midnight sunday you can get a free uber ride to war from prince george's counties. the ride is free, up to $20. we have more information on leon: incredible video nearby potomac, the river completely frozen over. and check this out, this is the police using a hovercraft on the water. that looks like a lot of fun. that would be cool to do in the summertime. i wonder if they sell rides. alison: i wonder. steve: we were watching it go up and down the river, and it was neat to watch. there were some ice skaters who were out there. that is the worst thing to do in
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this type of weather. the ice is very thin, even though it is super cold. especially not the potomac, of all places. let's talk about what is happening tomorrow. it is cold out there this morning. a record at reagan national and bwi marshall. longtime record from 1896 in downtown d.c. was broken. the temperature right now, 13 degrees dulles, 9 gaithersburg, 14 winchester, martinsburg at seven degrees. the temperature range will drop to about four degrees in the north and west, in the teens closer to the district. the wind out of the south at four to eight miles per hour. the big story tomorrow is the complex weather system to the south and west. this will move our way. as it does so, clouds quickly increase later tonight into the early morning hours. we have the one set of light
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snow early tomorrow morning, changing over to sleet and a winter remix, may be rain, ending with all rain. once it moves out, the skies clear and we see sunshine late sunday afternoon. before that, and winter weather advisory that starts early in the morning, including the district, all of southern maryland, montgomery county, and fairfax. northern loudoun county, all the areas in pink these are the areas under a winter storm warning, likely to see significant snowfall by this time tomorrow night. how much? anywhere between one to three inches within the capital beltway. if this changes over earlier changes over to sleet or rain we will see lesser amounts. if it stays snow longer, higher amounts. the higher amounts west of d.c., the highest across western maryland get right county,
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allegheny county, where they could be looking at between six to 10 inches of snow. the edge moving our way with the snow, changing over to the winter mix by late afternoon early evening. notice the areas in green. this is the rain that will overspread tomorrow night before departing early, early sunday. travel tomorrow will be dicey. if you can postpone things, or just take it slow, that is the best that. 33 degrees the high tomorrow, snow in the morning, winter mix, the wind out of the south at five to 10. sunday morning, it will not feel like florida, but it is 45 degrees. that is a huge change. in week down monday and tuesday. leon: it will feel like florida are you kidding? alison: thanks very much. robert: did i hear somebody say florida?
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we will talk basketball. the first day back in the office after the all-star break for the wiz, the only highlight
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>> and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: king james made his way back to the verizon center tonight with a different cavaliers team from earlier this season. they are becoming th everybody thought they would
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either share. they prove that against the was or its. lebron james dismantled the defense with some defense of his own, he had 28. third quarter, this sums up the night. a good effort from drew gooden -- or not. cavs pick up the easy bucket. a great hustle play by webster. they get it to gooden in the corner. the wizards' worst loss of the season. better days ahead. scary news, chris bosh could be shutting it down the rest of the season. doctors are concerned he has developed a blood clot in his lungs. they are waiting on test results before any diagnosis. he was admitted to the hospital thursday after complaining about discomfort in his chest several days. his wife said we appreciate all
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the love and support we have received. bosh is doing ok. the college level four games left in the regular season for the hoyas. from here on out, there is no margin for error heading into the postseason. they have turned up the intensity and practice. that has to translate into four more big east wins. >> the younger guys are just playing. the whole group understands it is about us, it is not about me. the strength is in the pack. so they trust each other and it showing up on the court. robert: a reminder -- i will be on my way to florida for spring training with the nats. we're talking highs of 70 and 80. leon: yeah, yeah, yeah. robert: with what i be the best staff in the league anybody could the lead,
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including the new kid on the block, max scherzer. >> i'm always trying to find a way to get better. in sports you either get better or worse. i'm focusing on ways to get better. you know, i'm looking to continue to get better and find stuff i can do on the mound. robert: and it's official -- one of the most anticipated matches in history happening, manny pacquiao will fight floyd mayweather bill to be the richest in boxing history, worth $400 million. that is a big payday. leon: yeah, but 10 years too late. robert: they have been waiting on this one for a long time. alison: hear something that you never see -- a robot whose only
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job is to beat you while you run.
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okay, i need a better pizza. one made with only real cheese. and dough that rises naturally. with no chemical leaveners. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza.
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no other pizza tastes like freschetta because no other pizza is made like freschetta. and try grt tasting gluten free freschetta. ask for it at your local store. leon: some bizarre technology news. this is a robot that feeds you tomatoes while you jog. a japanese company created the
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robot. looks like it is sitting on your shoulders. the company says tomatoes are nutritious and help you from getting tired. alison: and nobody would stare at you at all if you had that jogging outside. leon: now if it fed you french fries, i might g
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alison: not the best weekend? steve: no, and tomorrow will be ugly. a little bit of snow, followed by sleet and freezing rain. tomorrow, stay inside if you can. 45 degrees sunday, a fair amount of sunshine in the late afternoon. colder monday and tuesday. the first week of march as when we expect to break this cold
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streak. fully after that, smooth sailing. leon: right now it is smooth sailing into the weekend.
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