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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: a winter storm warning, nightmare on the roadways. vdot there have been several hundred traffic incidents. we are giving you a look at the elements. right now, the troubles that you can expect heading into tonight. first, we kick off the stormwatch 7 coverage with eileen whelan. what do people need to know? eileen: after the long duration of snow we have had, now it is sleet and eventually freezing rain.
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we were all looking outside of the belfort furniture weather center window and we are already starting to see the sleet coding the trees. this is the warm air intrusion, the pink over charles and prince george's counties the milder air working its way in, especially into the d.c. metro area, within the capital beltway, the transition from snow to sleet. even though the snow is stopping for some of us it is still falling heavy in frederick and loudoun counties. a bit of improvement as you get further west come into the i-7881 corridor. the winter storm warning in effect for the d.c. area. the national weather service extended the warning to include d.c. arlington, alexandria. really messy conditions outside. the roads are completely snow-covered and it's a very complex and dynamic weather system, which is one of the reason that the snow's squall
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totals exceeded expectations. the temperature has been so critical, and we are slowly starting to see that rise. meteorologist steve rudin takes over our coverage to talk more about the temperatures. steve: the temperatures are really critical. you mentioned looking outside the belfort furniture weather center, the rain, freezing rain beginning to stack up on trees. a nice coating and rosslyn, and that will be the case the next several hours. the temperatures are critical. we are at 30 degrees at reagan national. still below freezing. 27 andrews manassas 27, 31 lexington park, maryland. the dynamic atmosphere is beginning to change and temperatures will rise as we move through the evening and overnight hours. the temperatures tonight will eventually make it above freezing. what to expect tomorrow and a whole lot more when we continue in a few minutes. kimberly: the storm is slamming
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drivers. this is a traffic mess, nothing but red for d.c., baltimore, and everywhere in between. in winchester and loudoun counties, the storm has been tougher to deal with. richard reeve is live in winchester. people are dealing with more than eight inches of snow. reporter: yes, eight inches and accounting. this is plowed snow. it has been snowing here since 9:00 this morning. it continues to fall. the big concern here, like everywhere, are the roads. snow plows along route seven outside of winchester fighting back against the february storm. >> i don't know. it's crazy. >> reporter: the main roadways possible now, but many neighborhood streets are unplowed. >> it's been a nasty little winter. reporter: up north in harpers ferry, west virginia, drivers
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along route 340 are going nowhere fast. >> a woman up there is stuck. reporter: it was not just her. there were three tractor-trailers that could not make it up the hill, causing a miles long backup. it was not just snow. the white out made driving difficult. >> it's horrible. >> reporter: in winchester, at least five inches of snow to shovel, with some roadways slick enough to sled on. in harpers ferry frustration. [car horn] >> you need to make sure that you clean your vehicle. reporter: eventually, some good samaritans got the stuck car out. most drivers say this is a day of first ration. >> just at the mercy of the weather. reporter: a difficult day for
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anyone who has been on the roads. the unofficial tally of what we are dealing with, again, we are talking about 7, 8 inches. a lot of the snow seems to be transitioning, like you are talking about come into sleet. this is going to be a long night. richard reeve, abc 7 news. kimberly: this is a live look at the beltway, where it has been slow going for hours. drivers and plow trucks have slowed or stopped in their tracks. that has been the case for nearly everyone on the roads today. jeff goldberg continues our team coverage from arlington. you have been in it all day. i've been surprised at the number of people out in it. reporter: yes, traffic has been heavy. that has been a problem for the plows. we have seen a dramatic shift. the quiet snow has given way to a nasty ice storm, making it even worse on the main roads.
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then we shift to the side roads like h street, already caked in snow and slush. in virginia, maryland, and d.c., nobody on the roads had it easy. no matter the description -- >> horrible. reporter: all over town everybody came to the same conclusion. >> it's not good to be out. reporter: but being outlet to more problems. in mclean, heading north backups one after another as park police were responding to fender bender's and cars in the ditch. >> cannot drive anymore. reporter: things were not better on 495. the american legion bridge into maryland was slow going, caked in snow and slush. on the inner loop why the 270 split, we met this driver who was inconvenienced. >> this vehicle when into the side of the road and hit me. i try to slow down and stop. reporter: drivers on rockville
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pike did not fare much better. heavy traffic prevented plows from clearing. highways, main roads side streets, it was the hills that gave the most trouble. >> people get stuck on the hill. reporter: in northwest d.c., we ran into a first-rate leonardo who knows some plows are at work, but others are sitting still. >> they should have been prepared more than they are now. upstate new york minnesota this is nothing. this is nothing compared to them. they are laughing at us. reporter: although this is a respectable total, 5, 6 inches in arlington, one situation that vdot once to get the message out, they have 2400 trucks in northern virginia and they are not able to get all the plowing done because of the heavy traffic. the message from them and all
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you can season the region, if you don't have to be on the roads, don't we. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. kimberly: more travel troubles in northwest washington. roz plater joins us live. roz, i'm wondering if we can see the bus. where did it go? reporter: just about 20 minutes ago, they finally got the bus unstuck. it had been here more than an hour. there was a metro bus trying to get up the avenue, heading towards tinley town metro. when he pulled over to the bus stop, it was stuck. it was trying its best to get out of there, but could not get anywhere. at about 5:00, they brought a second bus over to offload the passengers come up with them on the second bus as they work to try to get this bus out. at about 5:30, they sent a metro transit crew that was able to
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help get the bus eventually free, allowing the driver to get out onto the streets and on its way. part of the problem, again, the hills, which are icy and have been all day. in the middle of this hill there is a stop light, so that makes things even more difficult. in the meantime, as the sleet is starting to come down, it will make things more icy. every once in a while on the street, we are seeing people having difficulty with the hill, some people sliding and going back-and-forth. most folks are making it up the hill ok, and we are hoping that continues to be the case. this is one of those spots where things are tricky as you come up the hill, very icy and some people getting stuck. and not say a too often if you don't have to come out, probably best to stay home. roz plater, abc 7 news. kimberly: abc 7 is your storm
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watch weather station bringing you updates on air and on social media. download our free stormwatch 7 weather app. tonight, metro is giving the all clear. there was a massive response at the woodley park station does of a report of smoke. metro officials say it was a mechanical issue with a train. nobody was hurt and rail service is back to normal. if you're trying to grab an uber ride tonight in montgomery county or prince george's county uber said it is still giving the free rides up to $20 in spite of the snow. hrt spacewalk that happened above the earth's surface -- hrt
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spacewalk that happened above the earth's surface.
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kimberly: a suspect is in custody in the shooting of a minneapolis police real the server -- police officer. he was wounded responding to a call but is in stable condition. investigators think that he was shot simply because he is a police officer. two asked her knots, including one from our area, took part in a spacewalk today. the astronauts took part in the exercise. this is the first of three spacewalks to re-wire the space station in preparation for the arrival of commercial spacecraft capable of transporting customers. this is a live look right now.
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sunny, beautiful los angeles. the show producers for the oscars are taking care of last-minute details, preparing the theater in los angeles for the 87th annual academy awards. expect live performances from jennifer hudson, lady gaga, and tim mcgraw. the a patrick harris will host the oscars. -- neil patrick harris will host the oscars. >> i think the nerves are there. you have to honor them and use them to your it vanish. kimberly: one of the last jobs will be rolling out the red carpet, all 16,000 square feet of it. watch the oscars ceremony on abc 7 starting at 7:00 tomorrow night. and we are taking you to hollywood tomorrow night at 7:00. catch a complete wrapup afterwords on abc 7 news at
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11:00. first, a brush with death. a split-second decision and one simple thing that saved this road worker's life. eileen: after a long duration of heavy snow, we are finally starting to see the transition. the forecast is coming up.
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kimberly: a tennessee highway worker's close call was recorded from a dashcam video. he was tending to a stranded vehicle when a truck slammed across the median. the driver said that he swerved at the last minute because he saw the neon yellow safety vest.
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there you go, the reason why they wear the safety vest. eileen: the advice for everyone stay put if you can. sure a lot of people are tuning in and saying there is so much more snow than you forecast, and, yes, there is. the snow started early this morning and continued pretty long. the temperatures have been slow to climb, but we are starting to see the transition from snow to sleet and freezing rain. i'm now concerned with ice accumulation. let's get over to meteorologist steve rudin for the update. steve: a lot of that changeovers taking place. early this morning was fine the sunrise, and then the clouds rolled in at about 9:00. by about 11:00, that is when the snow began to fall and it really has not let up until the last hour or so. just to the south of us, a mixture the changeover.
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the warm layer of air well above the ground level is allowing the sleet and freezing rain to develop. arlington, alexandria, the district, mainly sleet and freezing rain. that will bring slick spots in the next couple hours. anyway that you look at it, the temperatures are still below freezing. 23 degrees gaithersburg, 25 ellis, 30 degrees at reagan national, lexington park maryland, 31 -- 25 dulles. the national weather service has expanded the winter slow warning -- winter storm warning. this is until early tomorrow morning, along with the rest of the area shaded in pink. we have more sleet and freezing rain on the way. the heaviest of the snow was coming to an end. impressive snow totals. eileen: incredible snowfall totals. some of the highest we have
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seen. thank you to everyone for sending and the snowfall totals. the pictures as well. nine inches, 8.5 inches frederick, six inches in my hometown of silver spring, manassas four-inch. -- four inches. more snow than we had anticipated, but we are finally seeing the transition of some of the milder air, especially the mid-levels of the atmosphere, changing over the precipitation. we continue to see the transition the next several hours. the futurecast shows, especially through 7:00 8:00, more of the rain moving in. with temperature still at or below freezing, the roads will get a glaze of ice over the snowpack, so stay home. the roadways will be treacherous. the snow crews need to do their job. 6:00 in the morning, showers leaving the region that it will be a somewhat pleasant day. between now and 9:00, the big
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transition. the temperature increase overnight, upper 30's by the time you wake up. then, 40 degrees, partly sunny skies tomorrow afternoon. and then guess what, another arctic front late sunday night for stop monday, partly cloudy blustery, 21 degrees the high. at least we can look forward to a fairly quiet work week for the upcoming week. kimberly: will the roadways get better because of the wet precipitation? eileen: i'm afraid they will get worse, especially with the temperatures at this hour. maybe once everybody goes to bed they will improve, but regardless, stay-at-home. kimberly: so before robert gives us his cold --robert: robert: and i feel even worse because i get to go to the 80 degree weather. nats manager matt williams has
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something to cheer about and it is not just the 80 degree weather in florida. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. reporter: the capitals at verizon hosting the new york islanders. the caps looking for four straight for the first time the season. it would take more than regulation and overtime to get it done. 1-0 islanders in the first. nicklas backstrom goes behind the net, goal, so we are tied at 1-1. in the third, still tied, brooks laich leaves it for eric fehr the wrister, scores. the caps with the lead. but the islanders would tie it,
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send it into overtime. then it goes to the shoot out. the only goal of the shoot out is enough to give the caps the three-to win. that is four in a row for the caps for the first on the season. washington has picked up thr e 2016 option on nationals manager matt williams' contract. he became the fourth manager to win the manager of the year award in his first season. gw in desperate need of a victory, trying to avoid their fourth straight loss. something that you want on your resume at this point. they had a chance to turn things around. in richmond, 21-19 gw, kevin larson with the follow. the colonials up 4. gw was cold most of the game.
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anthony hits this three, putting richmond up. gw drops its fourth in a row 56-48. the miami heat have announced that chris bosh will miss the remainder of the season after developing blood clots in one of his lungs.
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kimberly: if you are a snow lover, the snowflakes are gone. eileen: they are although some people are still reporting snow. steve: send us your pictures and snow measurements. kimberly: thank you for joining us.
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welcome to "world news tonight." deep freeze. the major blast crippling so much of the country. dangerous ice stranding drivers all night long. highways at a stand-still. >> i've been here for about 12 hour was my car in park. the new snow, freezing rain and the arctic blast on the way. off the track. tonight a champion driver suspended for domestic abuse on one of racing's biggest weekends. nascar denied his plea. please come home. three girls on the run. their families fear they are off to join isis. can the international hunt find them in time? and sneak peek. behind the scenes at the oscars, how long is that red carpet. where is the orchestra and who wrangles the galaxy of stars on


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