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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  February 21, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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scott: well, we got our fair share. eileen: we did, but as anticipated, the rain has moved in. we will have a wet overnight but stay off the roads. let the road crews do their job and get the snow and slush cleared. tomorrow i think is a nice day.
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if you get up early in the morning, 6:00 am 7:00, it will be cold, but otherwise partly sunny and breezy. i am concerned about a lot of melting tomorrow and icy conditions overnight sunday into monday. scott: we will say in touch on that. stay warm. stay with us.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] scott: when you thought it was safe to go outside, moore snow, freezing rain, and in arctic blast. this storm is hitting millions who are not used to the cold. reporter: from the deep south in alabama, where a pickup truck
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lost its battle against the roads, through tennessee, where sleet turned the streets to ice the storm spared no one. one central indiana man said that the weather would not slow him down. >> i'm care about the weather. i have to do my job. and i love it. reporter: in indianapolis, plows and contractors kept roadways clear. this minivan in baltimore spun out, traffic snarled. some folks did not mind the weather. these brave souls played a game of ultimate frisbee, with the freezing temperatures putting no damper on their idea of fun. in new england, there were thoughts of concern. rhode island emergency agency says more than 50 inches have accumulated since january and roof collapses are a big worry. >> if it rings tomorrow we might
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have a problem. reporter: in the mid-atlantic, they are transitioning from ice to rain. scott: major developments from richmond, where former first lady of virginia maureen mcdonnell was sentenced to 366 days in jail. jeff goldberg has the details from the courtroom. reporter: during bob mcdonnell's sentencing last month, judge james spencer said it was maureen mcdonnell who allowed the serpent jonnie williams into the governor's residence. today, the former first lady continuing to say that the venom from that snake has poisoned my marriage poisoned my family, and poisoned the commonwealth that i love. maureen mcdonnell apologized repeatedly, taking full responsibility for opening the door to williams and the corruption scandal that followed. she also spoke about the devastating impact of the ordeal.
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"my marriage is broken, my family hurting, my reputation in shatters." the judge said he was trying to determine if she was kind and selfless or demanding and unstable. he handed down a sentence of one year and one day. >> he is quite a fair judge and we thank him for that. reporter: she, like the former governor, will be appealing the government. oath admit mistakes, -- both of them admit mistakes, but deny breaking the law. >> i think they got it wrong in this case and we look forward to pursuing our appeal aggressively. scott: that was jeff goldberg reporting. a disgraced d.c. rabbi could spend the rest of his life in prison. fbarry freundel and
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minute recording women during a ritual bath. he faces 26 years in jail. a man pled guilty today to second-degree murder in the death of a howard university student. he admitted shooting the man during a robbery in 2013. prosecutors dropped eight charges as part of the plea deal. he faces 30 years in prison when sentenced in may. fairfax county chairman sharon bulova is promoting a commission -- promoting a commission to review the police practices of fairfax county and how information is released to the public. they will also look at use of force training, threat assessment, and the internal affairs division. the department was criticized for its handling of the shooting death of john geer and the
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dissemination of information afterwards. the police say they are one step closer to finding the driver who killed a man on the bw parkway. jay korff has the details. >> this right here is so much love. >> she holds dear a cherished memory of her son. scores of friends signed the memory card at his funeral last week. >> i love my son and i miss them with all my heart. >> last month they were changing a tire on bw parkway in anne arundel county when a car struck the couple. he was killed, his fiancée seriously injured. the driver fled the scene. >> it's not good. >> her heart ache still fresh, she says she has been hoping for this day. >> we were told they found the car. i just thank god that there is
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some type of lead, some type of lead. reporter: now her focus is on who did this and why. until then, like any parent who has lost a child, this mother aches for an embrace that never comes. >> i'm still looking for him. i know he is not here, but i'm still looking for my baby to come through the door. scott: new information in the investigation into the faulty airbags. the u.s. government fi isning japanese company takata $14,000 per day for failing to cooperate with the investigation. they say that the airbags can explode into play shrapnel. it has been linked with six deaths and 64 injuries. the say that the fines will grow each day until they comply, but one analyst said handing over documents could lead to higher
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penalties. coming up -- a chemotherapy cocktail showing new promise in the fight against breast cancer and the lives it is changing. first, alarming and neglect. nearly half of all d.c. firetrucks are out of service and you could be on the hook for $2 million. eileen: finally after a long day, the freezing rain is changing to rain. the forecast coming up.
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>> in an abc 7 exclusive the 7 on your side i-team discovered that taxpayers could be on the hope for over $2 million of repairs after many firetrucks failed inspection. reporter: in a city with a skyline marked by cranes and the high rises, those living above the second floor depend upon ladder trucks in an emergency. >> we need the appropriate vehicles and tolls. don't. reporter: this past summer, 40% of the fire ladder trucks failed inspection because of a lack of maintenance. what 7 on your side has learned is this will cost taxpayers a
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quarter million dollars to fix per truck. some are so damaged that they are going back to the manufacturer near green bay. this d.c. fire truck is one of the first to be sent to wisconsin to be repaired. right here, on the ladder itself, rust has accumulated. this has already been cut off. over the years, rust has accumulated, it has been deteriorating, and this has not been properly maintained. this july 31's inspection of ladder 9 showed that it failed on 17 points. up until the day of the inspection, that truck was in service. >> it has been compromised, it has broken bolts, and you are on this. >> correct. we have nothing else. reporter: the fleet has been so
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neglected, 18 of the 28 ladder trucks have recently been out of service. that has contributed to delayed response times. from july until december, the number of calls that it took d.c. fire longer than 12 minutes to respond to nearly triple. >> 95% of it was unavoidable. reporter: are they being maintained now? eugene jones is the interim fire chief. >> i would say yes. reporter: why was the maintenance not being done? >> i have only been here a year. previous to that, i cannot speak to. reporter: he took over a department in shambles. an audit slammed d.c. fire for not having a maintenance plan, but joan says and in station program has been created, plus more mechanics are being hired and new inspection standards have been adopted. this is something that should not happen again? >> absolutely. reporter: chris papst, abc 7
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news. scott: joan said within the next month, they will receive six new ladder trucks. meantime neighboring fire departments have been alerted to the lack of fire: just in case. new fallout for nbc anchor brian williams, stepping down from the middle of honor foundation. he served on the board of directors. he is suspended without pay for reporting a false account about a helicopter mission in iraq. youtube is working to change its service, unveiling a new app called youtube kids to have a more age-appropriate experience. it censors some content and allows parents to set controls. we are staying on top of the winter weather.
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eileen is tracking what is still in store.
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scott: the winter extreme weather has led to the formation of ice caves in northern michigan. the caves formed on the surface of lake michigan. they are formed by wind and waves pushing new ice on top of
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existing ice. the case can be explored by just about anyone willing to venture out onto the ice. the great are now more than 85% iced over, so those caves will not be melting anytime soon. eileen: that is incredible. you would still have to be very careful. i would be afraid. scott: it's not without perils. eileen: but a very cool phenomenon. scott: nothing like that forming. eileen: no, but we got a good deal of sunsetted -- we got a good deal of snow today. we knew that we're going to get snow, but not quite the intense amount or the duration of snow. from the cold to the snowflakes, piling up quickly, the stormscan now, this system extends all the
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way from new england back to the mid-atlantic and to the deep south. notice the void in the radar in the southwestern section of the viewing area. we have really noticed a rise in temperatures and a transition from freezing rain to all rain around capital beltway, route 50, southern maryland. pretty quiet further to the west, but still a little bit of pink on doppler that could indicate freezing rain further north, where the temperatures are at or below freezing. frederick, hagerstown, martinsburg. in the district, 36 degrees. things will start to get a little better through the overnight. stay off the roads. let the road crews worked through the overnight hours to get everything cleared. we still remain under a winter storm warning for all of the areas highlighted in pink. winter weather advisory southern maryland. the winter storm warning entails
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bad road conditions come usually with five or more inches of snow expected. now the snow is done, but we still have the ramifications of the wet and icy road conditions. look at some of these numbers 13 inches damascus, 10 inches of snow frederick, culpeper, dulles airport. about 8.5 inches winchester, gaithersburg checking in. laurel maryland five -- laurel maryland five, waldorf 1.5 inches of snow, but the impact felt all day long. love seeing all of these pictures that you have been sending. thank you. a lot of ruler pictures. this one from fairfax, six inches of snow. i love this view of the national harbor, the potomac frozen over. the road crews hard at work. look at that massive slough at
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dulles airport. and one of my favorites of the day, cannot get more fun than sledding on the saucer with your dog giving you kisses. and the ice is pretty much coming to an end as we have rain, exiting to the east. tomorrow morning, cloudy skies. we will have sprinkles over southern maryland, but nonetheless we have a nice day before another arctic front moves in for the day sunday night into monday. with that said, tomorrow 41 there will be a lot of melting. anything that is wet overnight sunday night into monday will likely freeze. i think we will have to contend with that monday morning. monday afternoon, only a high of 21, 29 tuesday, 36 wednesday. the temperatures much colder than average this time of year. prepare yourselves, winter is still here. although i will say, eight more
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days until the start of meteorology goals bring. i will leave you one that bright note. scott: you the optimist. eileen: trying. scott: thank you. a 1-2 punch in the fight against breast can
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scott: 7 on your side with
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health matters, a new 1-2 punch for breast cancer patients, the combination of two drugs and chemotherapy extending lives. >> it was a complete shock. reporter: she was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer and thought from that point on it was a race against time. >> i thought i'm going to die. that is the first thing that you think. reporter: those feeling started going away when she started getting better using a new drug combination. >> it's great. reporter: the trial shows that patients working and living with advanced breast cancer treated with the drug cocktail and chemotherapy lived an average of 56 months longer. >> this is something i have not seen before in my career. i've not seen these kind of prolonged survival results in breast cancer. it's amazing. reporter: this doctors says it
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is now receiving national attention. >> a couple years ago we knew this was good, but we did not know how good. reporter: thomas is now in remission and has worked through her chemo treatment. with the exception of one, she never told the rest of her coworkers about her breast cancer until now. >> life goes on. you can still do everything. let it get you down. reporter: hoping the results of the study will encourage others. >> it give you hope to say, ok, this is not going to beat me. scott: that treatment is being used in patients. now there is a trial to see if it will work in other stages of
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