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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  February 22, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> breaking news out of the district -- an explosion in southwest washington that had fire and power crews scrambling. and from the deep freeze to the big melt -- the problem housings of you have been seeing today and the even bigger issue just hours away. and live carpet action. the final prep is underway as hollywood gets ready for the 87th academy awards. >> now, abc seven news at 6:30 -- on your side. >> developing right now in southwest washington, crews are investigating why a manhole cover exploded along the national mall. d.c. fire says there have been a number of incidents. live coverage is coming up in
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just a moment. first, we need to take a look ahead to a big problem weatherwise. eileen whelan joins us now. you expect all of this slush to freeze overnight? >> temperatures are in the mid 40's right now, but other than that, we will be seeing temperatures drop through the overnight hours into the 30's and eventually into the 20's and that is why black ice is a big concern overnight tonight. expect falling temperatures through the day tomorrow as an arctic front moves in and then expect more cold weather to in the month of february. urological spring starts on sunday. i've got details from the belfort furniture weather center in just a bit. >> we are starting to get school closings and delays in a
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culpeper, spotsylvania and stafford schools delayed two hours. williamsburg is closed because of the broken water pipes. stay with us and at for closings throughout the night. developing right now in the district -- crews and southwest washington are scrabbling to figure out why a manhole cover exploded. it happened at seventh and jefferson along the national mall. a massive response. >> it certainly was. earlier this afternoon, this is as close as we were allowed to get to it, but i want to show you there are yellow barricades here and we are told that around a manhole cover, there are three of these set up on the national mall, just like the one you are seeing right now where the explosions occurred. you can see here the manhole cover shot up here, breaking that as well.
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pepco crews are still at the scene making repairs and fire officials say when pepco arrives, the other two exploded down the street, effecting traffic signals at this hour here. we are told it was caused by the snow getting on a transformer. authorities had the area blocked off while they were making repairs and we talked to one man visiting from out of town who said he was stuck for a little while because his car was parked in the area that was blocked off to traffic. >> our friends were parked in front of it just down the street and they let us know they were pulling out the manhole cover and it blew up in the air. they smelled a pretty bad smell and told us to try to get to our car and get out as fast as we could. >> i'm told no one was injured and firefighters say there have been several reported about the city today. >> thank you.
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apco is reporting more than 3000 power outages. these are mostly in columbia heights and mount pleasant. pepco estimates the majority of repairs will be finished by 10:00 tonight. first, the deep freeze and now the big melt. thousands of you dealing with headaches as most snow turns to rivers of mush. for a few families, we understand this run off turned dangerous. >> that's right. a sinkhole here, a nine foot deep sinkhole -- you can see how they are filling it in in this intersection trying to cover up the area with materials. this was just the beginning issues post-storm. >> call it the big melt. >> it's a challenge. >> saturday's snow is sunday's/. >> i'm from minneapolis so this
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is just par for the course. >> not par is what suddenly appeared on fifth north. >> it's scary. i hope nobody's home is at risk. >> part of it collapsed, leaving a nine foot deep sink hole. valerie holman says moments before a police car had driven over this exact spot. >> i'm glad the police officer made it before it caved in. >> mother nature wreaking havoc once again. >> a busted water main just up the hill flooded out part of the bridge, forcing it to close. ian mcdonald was among those forced to turn around and be late for the second day to work. >> i was trying to get to work yesterday and it took about three -- about three and half hours. >> the roller coaster weather is not helping david miller. and then there's richard
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garrison, prepping for cross-country skiing at a nearby park before the snow is completely gone. >> it's not colorado, but it's a lot cheaper to go there than to fly to colorado. >> and back here live on fifth-place north, you can see where some of the roadway has tackled. they are making pre-good progress and it looks like they will fix this by later on tonight. the big concern is all of this slick stuff freezing tonight. >> thank you. as we look ahead to tonight's re-freeze, we want you to stay connected with abc seven for updates on school closings and road conditions. follow us on social media and and tonight is the count down to the red carpet. you are looking at live pictures from los angeles, california where crews are making final touches for the 87th academy awards.
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you can see the guests arriving right now. the oscar field is wide open, but there are already a few favorites. >> hollywood's golden night is finally here. >> it has been absolutely amazing. >> it's insane. >> i'm pretty much good to go. >> best actor nominee, michael keaton is lying high with his film leading the pack with nine nominations, right alongside "grand budapest hotel." both are among the eight films nominated for best picture, a tough group that includes "american sniper" and "boyhood" -- a film 12 years in the making. >> i hope i don't faint. >> "we could" has a lot of steam behind it but "bird man" is one of the most celebrated movies
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last year. >> the pressure is also on first time ask her host, neil patrick harris who says even he is nervous taking the stage. >> i'm super starstruck and terrible in situations where i have to interact with famous people. >> an exciting night of famous faces, fashion, and film. with anticipation building to see who takes home oscar gold. >> there are a few oscar favorites here. many believe julian moore will win best actress, test actor is between michael keaton and betty ren made who played stephen hawking. >> the oscars are about 20 minutes away. we will have read carpet coverage beginning at 7:00 and make sure you join leon, allison and doug tonight at 11:00 for a complete wrap of the big night.
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right now, police are investigating a fatal shooting in northeast washington that happen around 12:30 this afternoon near sergeant and emerson streets. the "washington post" reports the victim has died. our cell is king says he was shoveling snow when he heard six or seven shots. >> iran down from the top of the street. i ran back down and saw them doing cpr. >> the victim's name has not released. victim say he lives in the neighborhood. the suspect is a blackmail between five foot eight and 5'10", wearing dreadlocks, a gray t-shirt and black shorts. an olympic i do -- the big announcement from michael phelps and with whom he is tying the knot. but first, a new threat from a notorious terror
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>> you're watching abc seven news at 6:30 -- on your side. >> a call for vigilance after terrorists with ties to al qaeda threaten malls in the u.s. canada and europe. a message from the terror group al-shabaab specifically mentions the mall of america in minnesota. the mall increased security and say they are taking the threat seriously. >> you have groups such as al-shabaab and isil calling for independent actors to carry out attacks will stop we are beyond the phase now where these groups would send foreign operatives into countries after being trained someplace will stop >> al-shabaab is responsible for the 2013 attack in kenya that killed 67 people. >> residents of a las vegas
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neighborhood to to the streets in a show of unity. some people prayed while others exchanged hugs and words of support. doug -- dubbed aps want, came to weeks after the fatal shooting of tammy myers in her home. police arrested and charged a 19-year-old neighbor with the murder. michael phelps'next p's of jewelry won't be going around his neck. he is engaged and tweeted she said yes. his fiance is a former miss california, nicole johnson. the two dated for several years. he's nearing a six-month -- the end of a six-month suspension after a fatal car crash.snow could make a tricky start to your work week. the problem eil
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>> we were almost fooled after seeing the amazing weather today into thinking things are going to turn our way. >> temperatures will plummet tomorrow, so get ready for it. but look at the time lapse from the weatherbug camera. you can see the cruise cleaning up the pavement there and notice from the snow banks, you can see a lot of the snow melted leaving all the titles. a beautiful sunset in oakdale, but look at these temperatures. in ashburn, virginia, 56 degrees and we've drop down to 39. 44 degrees and 49 the high in arlington. temperatures will take a little time before they fall below
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freezing after midnight, but that's when i'm concerned all of the water will re-freeze and we will have icy conditions. 46 at reagan national, but you don't have to go too far west to get into the arctic cold. zero right now in minneapolis st. paul and that cold air mass will be advancing eastward. there are a few snow showers pushing through ohio and that is associated with this cold front. mostly cloudy skies and an isolated snow flurry possible, but nothing like the snow we've had. the cold air that slides in through the day tomorrow -- overnight tonight, 28 degrees -- the overnight low in bc. mostly cloudy skies with a few passing snow flurries. black ice is the biggest concern in that they delay some schools tomorrow morning so you will
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want to be keeping with good morning washington for the latest on that. leslie cloudy skies when you wake up but clouds decreasing and temperatures relatively's ready. then we start to fall and it's going to be very breezy tomorrow. the wind chills and low 20's to teens come as it's going to feel actually colder by the time you are picking the kids up from the bus stop and driving home. then we really bottom out overnight monday into tuesday. a relatively dry weather week but then back into the 20's for highs on thursday and friday. the next chance of rain is next weekend and then looks like it should be warm enough and then just rain. >> i will tell you where it's warm enough was daytona. lacks some good weather down there. daytona with some great racing today.
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the freefalling wizards in the broad street boys are back in the hunt.
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> let's start with hockey where the caps had another deep, physical game with the flyers. that's the last thing they needed 17 hours after getting into a shootout with the islanders. that does not include travel time, so they had to heal quickly. how about joel ward on this attack. he rips the ropes and holds the brotherly love. the caps act in it. jacob forecheck, making a great pass top shelf.
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snaps the four-game winning streak, putting the flyers back into the playoffs. the wizards and pistons -- the whiz kids are a mess right now. finding the big fellow down low and washington led, but the pistons were terrific. he will not down detroit's 14th tray. two and five this month and a freefall losing 160 89. daytona is known as a career maker. the season opener in the cup series and it's always fun to watch one of the all-time great racing extravaganzas. >> drivers start your engines! >> yes sir, actor vince von starting the engines for the 57th running of daytona. three labs less. ty dillon spins out and the
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caution flag comes out. pressure sets up, swipe out in the rearview here, but way behind the leader. the race continues. joey logano wins his first career daytona. nothing easy coming right now -- they had to win at the foul line. they won three games in a row. looks like a solid seed for march madness and they know they've got a talented team that can be dangerous in the term in will stop georgetown has six days off before playing their final game with -- which john thompson loves. >> when you have this amount of time, it gives us a day or two when we don't have to worry about the opposition.we are not going to not worry about the opposition but we know we need to get better and devote a larger chunk of activist time to us.
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we plan on doing that this week. >> our play of the day from lord lsu. look out showtime. the uncontested master slamdunk. the hotdog of the year, jarrell martin with the most talked about dunk of the weekend. and as you heard earlier michael phelps is taking the plunge. tweeting this morning he proposed to his girlfriend, nicole johnson, miss california and she said yes. >> now he is in the deep end. >> your words, not mine. >> high lying and gravity defying.
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>> a live look -- red carpet time, everyone. minutes before the preshow here as the opening ceremonies get underway for the oscars. a big night in los angeles so make sure you tune in for all of that here on abc seven. and we will have any of post-oscar coverage. >> they've got the rain out there -- how are they handling that? >> they don't, but you saw with all of the umbrellas. look at you. you know these things. should have given them some hair tips. we don't have to worry about anymore rain, but we have to worry about the snow, re-freezing with lows in the 20's. our highs will be in the 20's all day long. feeling cold all week. >> stay warm out there.
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good evening, everyone. i'm robin roberts. welcome to hollywood. this is the night, when all the glitz and glamour of the silver screen is on display on the world's most famous red carpet. the guests are arriving as you can see. so are you ready? because you're going to be with us every step of the way. you're going to see the red carpet like you've never seen it before. well just like they say in the movies, lights camera action! wow. this is the first ever look at what the stars see when they first step out here on the red carpet. it's the first time the academy has graciously allowed us to show the action from this perspective. only one place in the world you can experience this so, just imagine what's possible. let's go. >> tonight right now, it's


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