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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  February 25, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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lly a one to three inches in areas shaded in blue and in this area it might be in the top end, you get one and lower end you get three. that's going to be because of the southern storm. that's our range. southern maryland six plus. parts of the northern neck closer to the storm center. steve rudin will hook up with me in a bit. more of what you can expect in the thursday morning commute that might be a bit unpleasant. back to you. >> with that word in mind stay with abc 7 and, folks, as we track this latest round of winter weather and be sure to download our storm watch 7 weather app so you can receive alerts on your cell phone no matter where you are. and "good morning washington" will begin early thursday morning at 4:00. we'll keep you informed about this storm. bring you any closings or delays or traffic alerts as we get them right here. today, less than an hour ago as a matter of fact d.c. mayor muriel bowser held a news conference to confirm her plans
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of going forward to legalize small amounts of marijuana in the district. >> the policies take effect tomorrow. sam ford is live in northwest with how the mayor is standing her ground. sam? >> alison leon a defiant mayor bowser stood here about an hour ago backed by eight members of the council and the d.c. attorney general and said that in essence, despite statements from the congress, not to implement initiative 71 it will take effect at 12:01 tonight. >> our government is prepared to implement and enforce initiative 71 in the district of columbia. >> bowser insisted that the city's actions are legal despite claims in congress that the city is violating a law congress passed prohibiting the city from spending any money implementing initiative 71. congressional republican of utah and mark meadows of north carolina sent bowser a letter
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yesterday saying congress took clear action to stop the law suggesting she might go to jail. but punishment if the law actually took effect tonight. >> so i have a lot of things to do here in the district of columbia, me being in jail wouldn't be a good thing. but making sure that the will of the voters is implemented and making sure that i'm doing my job in getting the guidance out to the residents, getting guidance out to our agencies. >> now the question is what happens next? congress could just pass a law overturning d.c.'s law. they could always do that. or they could take the city to court. we'll have to say. reporting live from the john wilson building sam ford, abc 7 news. >> thanks, sam. love this kind of drama here. the issue, rather, in the district is going to be the focus of the question of the day here. we want to know what you folks think about the fight to legalize small amounts of marijuana in the district. you can post your answer on our abc 7 facebook page and we'll be sharing some of those responses coming up just ahead here.
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>> moving on to some other news now, we have new details in the stabbing death of a 95-year-old man in montgomery county. 60-year-old eric dyson has been arrested and charged with murder. and we're now learning what dyson claims led to the violence. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live in colesville with the latest development today. brad? >> yeah the story took a stunning turn this afternoon when we got the court documents that say that the accused in this case is alleged, that the two men, age 60 and the victim 95 years old was based on a relationship that was base on sex for money. we can tell you about what happened in this house. it was monday afternoon that police came here and found 95-year-old dan belvin murdered in his own apartment. this is a senior living center. picture of mr. belvin from 1940 when he was getting ready to graduate from n.c. state, served
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in the navy world war ii veteran. mr. dyson, age 60 also lived in this building. he is a man who has a long history of drug arrests, drug convictions. his name was literally all over the crime scene. mr. belvin had notes written that he had to remind himself to get his car keys back from mr. dyson. police also learned that the victim's credit cards were being used all across the county and eventually when mr. dyson returns to the scene here he was arrested and police say he gave a statement and this explanation of what happened. >> he stated that there was a relationship between him and the victim and that the victim would give him cash and allow him to use his vehicle in exchange for sexual favors. again, that is what he alleged and he'll have his name to that. >> well the court documents allege that this murder actually
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took place last thursday. and mr. dyson says he killed belvin in a fit of rage over unwelcomed sexual advances. now, we're continuing to work the story. we'll have much more coming up at 5:00. in colesville brad bell abc 7 news. >> see you then. thank you. well also this afternoon, new information in the search for the missing lyon sisters. montgomery county police and the national center for missing and exploited children have an update on the suspected vehicle in this case. it is now described as a large, white four door early 1970s chrysler new yorker. investigators are releasing some new posters. sheila and katherine lyon were last seen in 1975 at the wheaton shopping mall. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> they are investigating an officer involved shooting that happened overnight in the 3400 block of azelea place in waldorf. a woman reported her boyfriend
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was threatening to kill her and when police arrived, they say the man was holding a gun and demanding that the officers kill him. police say that at one point, an officer feared for his life and fired hitting the man in the torso and the legs. >> i've seen the house here that this happened to. i've seen the people a couple of times. i think they have kids and i -- it's shocking. i don't see -- i don't know how this can happen. >> the suspect survives and remains in the hospital. an internal investigation is under way. >> three men have been arrested accused of plotting to travel overseas and join the terrorist group isil. >> dave has been following this story this afternoon. what are the details here? two of the men were arrested in new york. tell us about that. >> yes indeed. two in new york city. one at kennedy airport and another in brooklyn. the third was picked up in jacksonville, florida, all charged with plotting to travel to syria to join the islamic
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state fighters and wage war against the u.s. federal officials added one of them spoke of attacking president obama even planting a bomb on coney island and if the trio couldn't make it in syria, they had a plan b. become lone wolves and wage jihad here in the u.s. >> it was made quite plain based on their own statements that if they were not able to go that they would seek to acquire weapons here. handguns, machine guns and seek to attack very specifically police officers. >> the actual charges against the three are attempt of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorist organizations. if they're convicted, each faces a maximum 15 years in prison. one appeared in the jacksonville courtroom and the other two men are scheduled to face a magistrate in brooklyn federal court this afternoon. we're watching these developments and update them throughout the night for you. alison? >> dave thank you so much.
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back here locally, we are learning more about the persistent problems for first responders following last month's deadly smoke incident at the l'enfant plaza metro station. the acting fire chief spoke with d.c. council members during an oversight hearing today. and stephen tschida is live with what problems fire officials are still facing out there. stephen? >> alison acting fire chief eugene jones testified before the d.c. council public safety committee today. now, keep in mind back on january 12th communication problems were a real issue in that fatal smoke incidents near the l'enfant plaza metro station. some passengers that day say they waited upwards of 40 minutes before they saw first responders and today acting chief jones acknowledged problems persist as far as communication is concerned. >> are the radios working in all the stations in the district? >> the last report that i received did show significant
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number of failures and i'm waiting for the update as to when those failures will be completed and i will say that our personnel are ready to respond and have backup measures in place to be able to communicate. >> now the acting chief there trying to reassure city council members and, of course metro passengers about steps being taken to try to rectify these communication problems. and he did stress that the plan is by march 1st to do away with these encrypted channels these wide scale encrypted channels for communication. they will maintain some enkryption in case there's a security issue in those instances but trying to enable better communication with the surrounding jurisdictions. reporting live stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 we're hearing from the jurors who issued a guilty verdict in the american sniper trial. why they didn't believe eddie
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routh's insanity defense. >> a high ranking state department official faces a judge in d.c. after being arrested for soliciting sex from a minor on line. i'm jeff goldberg, coming up at 5:00, how police in fairfax county tracked him down and why this crime is much more common than you might think. >> and trouble in the skies for southwest. why the airline decided to ground dozens of flights.
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>> attorney for a former marine say they will appeal his guilty verdict. >> now we're hearing from some of the jurors why they didn't believe eddie routh's insanity defense. autria godfrey has more. >> we the jury find the defendant eddie ray routh guilty in the felony offense of capital murder. >> it took the jury less than three hours to reach that verdict. not buying the defense's claim that eddie routh was too mentally ill to know right from wrong when he shot and killed chad littlefield and american sniper chris kyle. >> i don't think he's insane at all. >> the jury basing the decision in part on routh's confession and apology played in court.
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as well as the emotional testimony. >> who were you married to prior to february 2, 2013? >> chris kyle. >> kyle and his wife's story, the focus of the oscar nominated film "american sniper" which one juror admits he watched before the trial. >> it gave me a better outlook on chris' role. >> saying the blockbuster movie, though, did not influence his decision. >> i basically put the fact that chris was a marine you know, out of my mind and just looked at him as a person. and tried to make reasonable judgment. >> the final chapter of the saga now written. >> we've waited two years for god to get justice for us on behalf of our son. >> routh will spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole. autria godfrey, abc 7 news. >> new information coming in on
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that train crash in california. a pickup truck that caused a wreck in this case actually was not stuck, it appears. federal investigators say that a 54-year-old jose ramirez drove that truck on to the tracks and then collided it head on with the train. >> it was not stuck, bottomed out on the track or something like that. it had actually traveled down the railroad track itself. >> investigators say that ramirez then abandoned the truck and then ran away from the crash scene. he was arrested though about a mile away. his attorney is lashing out saying that police are trying to cast blame on ramirez for an unfortunate situation. 28 people were hurt in that crash. >> if you are flying southwest today, make sure you check the status of your flight. the airline grounded 128 jets for safety inspections. it said it found those planes were overdue for hydraulic maintenance. it voluntarily took those jets out of service and reported the issue to the f.a.a. southwest cancelled a fifth of its flights yesterday and expects to cancel about 20 more
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today. >> today now, talk about the weather because it's actually pleasant. >> this is one day only. remember? >> tomorrow, we struggle to get out of the 20's and snow to go with it. a lot of ground to cover. that is first up, winter weather advisories, all those counties and places shaded in purple. winter weather advisories in effect from midnight to noon tomorrow. areas in pink south and east of the metro area these are winter storm warnings. in this situation, the heaviest snow will be here. much lighter amounts as you move north through the metro area. storm center is on the way. make no question about it. actual storm center is along the louisiana gulf coast but pulling a lot of moisture to the north and it's rapidly expanding north and east. our radar shows areas of rain, some thunderstorms, snow and ice, mostly snow in places that normally don't get a lot of snow from these kind of southern systems that pass by. as far as snowfall around the area here it will start in the
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predawn hours and we have in that widespread variety of advisories and warnings. pink areas are winter storm warnings and all will be heavy snow and in the northern fringes, that's where we expect lesser amounts of snow to fall around the area and that's what we'll be dealing with coming forward. let's talk more about the snow. we haven't had a lot this winter. steve rudin has an update on how much we've seen. >> lot of folks have been asking how bad is this winter compared to previous winters? and we'll break it down for you by airport, reagan national airport so far this winter not so bad sxard to previous years. but pretty much on target. this year 11.2 inches. on average around 15.4. look at dulles international airport, actually we are now above average in terms of our snowfall. this year 24.3 inches. a typical season we see normally just around 22 inches. as far as the snowiest seasons on record not so long ago. 2009 and 2010 reagan national over 55 inches of snow. dulles, over 73 inches. so the least snowiest sounds
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pretty nice also not that long ago, 1997 and 1998 reagan national, just a touch of snow. a little over two inches at dulles international airport but that was almost almost 43 years ago. we have more snow on the way so we'll add to these totals. we move through the overnight hours into early tomorrow morning. more on that with doug hill. >> this is what you're thinking as far as the snow, by the time it tapers off mid morning or late morning tomorrow, one to three generally in this band. lesser amounts north and north, the farther south you go three to six. northern parts here closer to the one. southern parts, potentially closer to three. remember it's not the amount of inches but amount of impact. come in at rush hour tomorrow it will be impactful. so here's what we're going to say as we head through the next few days. snowy start to thursday here with temperatures climbing from the low 20's to 30's in the afternoon. and then try to become partly
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sunny. cold again. highs in the low 30's with a few flurries. weekend looks good. sunshine in the 30's and start to warm things up next week another couple of storm systems could give us rain here monday tuesday and wednesday. it will be all rain unless we get cold air in place. >> i'm guessing those are the days that you'll send steve rudin outside. when the weather is nice you have him inside. >> crazy how that works. >> we'll see how things are for tomorrow morning. >> yes. >> ok thank you. >> see how things are on the roads right now with bob emler in the wtop traffic center. hey, bob. >> pretty uneventful rush hour right now with dry roads and a bit of sunshine out there and things are generally moving along pretty well. 66 volume delays headed out to centreville, not a bad drive out of tysons headed to 270. had a crash at route 7 and sterling boulevard. has been cleared and 270 north slows down a bit moving from montgomery village and through clarksburg, no incidents in the roadway. let's take a look at some cameras and see how things look like on the roads right now.
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on 270 northbound here, just beginning to slow down a bit as well. they're not moving very much at all. as you move through montgomery village and traffic on 395 headed south into the sun from the pentagon and past landmark does bog down a bit with all lanes open. i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. >> all right, bob. thank you. and coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, update on the budget stand-off involving congress and the department of homeland security. we'll examine the sticking points and how government workers could be affected by this. >> and we also have a look at a new study that takes a look at what's considered the most and least addictive foods. find out if any surprises made the list. >> if i'm sweating that's because it's 72 and sunny here in vee ir
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>> call it perfecterfect timing for the nationals and d.c. preparing for another snowstorm. taking part in spring training in florida. >> doesn't that sound great? all right, tim is here now to tell us about what's going on down there in florida. >> it's almost like a cruel joke. >> what do you mean almost? >> 39 and cloudy here with the snow predicted. 72 degrees and sunny in vieira where the nationals are at joint spring training. entire team is in camp and nats are having a great time watching ryan zimmerman adjust to his new
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position at first base. pitchers are strong and the hottest topic nationally. robert burton is there and enjoying his time with the ballclub in the sun in florida. what have you got today, robert? >> well it's basically been a lot of hurry up and wait. some workouts here and there. nothing major. however, come tomorrow that's when things really get going. there's eagerness in the air here in vieira along with a clean slate. >> start of a new season for everybody. doesn't matter what you did last year, doesn't matter what happened at the end of the year for us. it's about this year and about trying to win a championship. >> for pitcher geo gonzalez, he became a different player at the start of camp. >> healthy, smiling and got a little bit more life in me now. a little more pep to my step. happy to see my teammates. >> today physicals. tomorrow, the first full squad workout. >> everybody is certainly itching to go. >> i can't wait. i mean it was good to see some
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of the guys in there. got to see, you know, bryce coming in strong and healthy, you know dezi challenging each other, who can have the biggest throw? it just goes to show you what kind of year we're going to have. >> when you look at that fu manchu up close, that's really something. coming up in sports a little later in the 5:00 hour, we're talking about another big position change for another big player. we're talking about the rock star himself. you know who i'm talking about. i'll see you later, tim. >> we'll talk to that 22-year-old coming up later. thank you, robert. how about that? the funny thing is coming up in sports, we'll go back live to the nats in florida and have a look at the terps last night. he can grow that thing overnight. >> unbelievable. missing link? >> incredible. >> it looked fake. it looked fake. >> like he was stepping on his face. >> great stuff. >> thanks still ahead at 4:00 an option for students worried
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about their student loan debt. "7 on your side" with a look at jobs that pay well but don't require a college degree. >> and there were some frightening moments in georgetown this morning. what we're learning about a fire at a building that houses several businesses.
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>> we're about to put the snow shovels to use again. the storm is in forecast for overnight and into the morning as well. >> let's get to doug hill with a
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timeline of what exactly to expect with this one. doug? >> looking nice out there right now, rooftop camera with the ice on the river. a little blue patch here and there with the overcast skies elsewhere and temperatures in the upper 30's to about 40 degrees right now. we have a winter weather advisory in effect starting at midnight until noon in most of the area. the pink areas indicate the area's winter storm warnings. most areas will get the heaviest snow out of this system. winter storm warnings extend well to the southwest for hundreds and hundreds of miles. we'll stay cloudy and start to pick up after midnight a few flakes. somewhere between 5:00 and 8:00 in the morning, we'll get the heaviest amount of snow during the rush hour. that will be that. temperatures remaining very chilly. probably holding in the 20's all day long tomorrow. that's going to be the story for sure. then as far as the numbers get, after the morning snow look at the winds coming out of the north at about 6 to 12 miles per hour. it's going to stay on the ground again as the temperature trend colder than average temperatures continue well beyond tomorrow.
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probably straight through the weekend the way it looks right now. we'll talk more about the numbers, how much in your neighborhood can you expect? we'll have that coming up in a few moments. back to you. >> stay with abc 7 and as we track this winter weather alert for you. if you haven't done so already, download our stormwatch 7 app so you can get your alerts right on your cell phone. alison snoo auto leon d.c. firefighters are looking into what caused a business fire in georgetown. it broke out this morning on m street near 31st street in a building which houses several businesses. brianne carter has more. >> a busy morning here along m street after what some business owners are calling a scary start to the day. take a look here. along m street and 31st where you can see this building that we understand houses about four businesses inside. they have this fire here just before 10:30 this morning. we spoke to one of the owners of one of these stores. he says he owns a spa inside. and as they were getting ready for the day, all of a sudden they started to smell smoke and
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then they saw smoke inside of the building. they quickly tried to get everyone out. he was able to talk to everyone else inside the building that owns those other stores as well. they were also able to get everyone out so the good news is no injuries. take a listen to what he had to say about the start of his day. >> suddenly around i would say 10:30 or so we saw some smoke. and it got increasingly worse by the second so we made sure that everybody from the shop was getting out in time. >> the cause of this fire remains under investigation. that shop owner telling us that he saw smoke coming from the wall and was concerned it might have been something inside of the wall. and investigators were here for several hours looking into the cause of all of this. the investigation ongoing. along m street in georgetown brianne carter abc 7 news. >> the top advisor to president
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obama is criticizing israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. national security advisor susan rice blasted the prime minister's upcoming address to congress next week. rice called it destructive to the ties between the u.s. and israel. the speech which is set to take place this coming tuesday was arranged by congressional leaders. also on tuesday abc 7 will be hosting a national town hall on relations between the u.s. and israel. dangerous divide. it will air at 7:00 p.m. on our sister station, newschannel 8. >> virginia governor terry mcauliffe has signed a deal that allows virginia's two largest electric utilities to lock in one base rate for a number of years. that will allow dominion power to bypass rate reviews. opponents of the bill were concerned that would lead to higher than necessary rates. researchers have unveiled the most and least addictive foods.
4:33 pm
and it turns out that probably exactly what you would have guessed according to a new study from the university of michigan the most addictive foods are people's most favorite snacks. ice creams, chips chocolate, cookies and, of course, pizza. pizza! >> your favorite. >> as far as least addictive foods go they're probably the same things you wouldn't find yourself craving that often. cucumbers cucumbers, carrots, apples brown rice and beans. somewhere there's a vegan out there that says what you do you mean? i love that stuff. >> expect broccoli on that list or brussels sprouts. coming up at 4:00 here the update in the fight in congress over funding the department of homeland security. the action the senate took this afternoon. >> five days they want to tell me that their inspectors never saw it? >> a local contractor out thousands of dollars after he did work three years ago and still has not been paid for it. i'm chris pabst. coming up, we'll tell you why
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the city that hired
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>> they continue to tackle a bill to fund the homeland security department. >> the fight comes days ahead of
4:37 pm
the possibility of a partial agency shutdown. scott thuman is in our capitol hill bureau with the latest on this fight today. hi, scott. >> hi alison. big developments here and it could be crisis avoided. we're waiting to find out. the big news today is that senate leadership has agreed to remove the immigration argument from this fight at least for now and move forward with a clean spending bill. what does that mean? well we're talking about this partial government shutdown. can it be avoided? they think so. that if as presumed it clears the senate sometime in the next 24 hours then the house would have to take up that version of the bill. republicans there purposely initially attached a rider to the bill to take away some of the president's immigration policies. they have to be willing to remove those to take up as we said, a clean budget. here's what speaker boehner said earlier today and how democrats were responding. >> i'm waiting for the senate the house has done its job to
4:38 pm
fund the department of homeland security and to stop the president's overreach on immigration. and we're waiting for the senate to do their jobs. >> it's a copout by the speaker because all the speaker has to do is indicate that he's prepared to put aside the political gamesmanship and vote for a clean funding bill. >> all right. strong words on both sides there. the pressure now on speaker boehner which intensified even more this afternoon when homeland security secretary jay johnson was joined by predecessors tom ridge and michael chertoff saying that congress needs to pass funding, this is political in nature their words, and will hurt the country if we get to midnight friday and don't have a deal struck. so coming up at 6:00 tonight, we're going to talk about what exactly that would mean. what if we get to friday midnight and don't have a deal? alison, leon? >> thank you scott. see you soon. "7 on your side" with help for
4:39 pm
those concerned about college debt. take a look at some jobs that play well and don't require a college degree. >> nba star lebron james is used to being in the spotlight, of course. find out why he's upset about who is reaching out to his
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>> he zipped through rockville en route to a three alarm fire. problem is he had no business being there. today, a judge sentenced kevin craft for pretending to be a firefighter. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis explains how much time craft will now spend behind bars. >> leon and alison prosecutors say kevin craft has long been obsessed with emergency work. back in the 1990s he was found guilty of setting a historic barn on fire plus falsifying reports for a bomb threat and in another instance an ice water rescue. fast forward now to this past april when police caught craft speeding and blowing red lights in this kia s.u.v. the 44-year-old told officers he was an emergency worker responding to a warehouse fire in rockville. newschopper 7 happened to be flying over the blaze at the time. police actually believed craft and in turn escorted him to the
4:43 pm
fire where they later debunked his story. during sentencing today craft's mother twin brother, aunt and neighbor all sang his praises and begged the judge for mercy. however, no one including craft's defense attorney cared to speak on the way out to court. >> absolutely. there was so much discourse in the courtroom. >> there was a three hour hearing. i think you heard it all. >> he put lights and sirens on their car and outfitted them to make people think he was something that he was not. when it comes down to it being a fake firefighter or e.m.s. technician shows his mindset as being one of fantasy. >> so kevin craft will spend the next 30 days in a jail cell followed by five years of probation. before being taken out of court in handcuffs, he did tell the judge "i'm terribly sorry for what i did. i can't understand putting so much at risk." much more at 5:00 kevin lewis, abc 7 news.
4:44 pm
>> you want to hear this next report. you can earn $60,000 at some jobs without a college degree. >> consumer reporter john materise shows us some of them so you don't waste your money. >> more and more students in the d.c. area are graduating college with $40,000 in debt and a job that pays half that if they're lucky. what would you think of some careers that pay good money? really good money and don't require a four year degree? it may look like a go cart but these electrical mechanical engineering students are designing a remote controlled a.t.v. this is one of many two-year programs that can land you a good paying job right out of school. >> we did a lot with machines and we did a lot with drills. >> andrew fenton is a recent grad of program with an associate's degree and he's now an environmental consultant coordinating the energy con conservation program at dozens of grocery stores.
4:45 pm
>> we've been retrofitting a lot of our stores. >> technical schools have come a long way from the greasy fingernails reputation of the 1980s. now tech and community colleges offer dozens of high-tech two-year programs that lead to good paying jobs without all that debt. >> so a two-year degree here is less than $9,000 on average. >> jean manning says there's a huge demand for these careers right now. >> when our students graduate they can start in the work force immediately and usually start earning anywhere upwards of $35,000 to $60,000. >> manning says the medical field has thousands of positions starting at over 35 grand a year. among them medical lab technician radiation therapists l.p.n. nurse, dental hygienist and surgical technician. >> they're the ones that get into the operating rooms that these doctors insist, you know during operations and they were in very high demand. >> meantime the economy's rebound means big demand for
4:46 pm
several high paying trades. among them, welder. heating and a.c. contractor. interstate truck driver diesel maintenance tech and aircraft maintenance tech. that one could pay $100,000 after a few years. how about earning $75,000 after a few years as a web designer? job site supervisor. or a weatherization engineer. all it takes is a good two-year tech program and the desire to make money. >> you want to put some skin in the game and you're willing to work hard we'll give you a career. not a job but a career. >> bottom line there are many technical and medical opportunities out there these days that don't require a full bachelor's degree. you'll avoid all that student debt and you don't waste your money. >> you know you're never too young to start looking at colleges. but how about turning them down? lebron james is getting offers to play college hoops. that lebron james. that's lebron jr. he's 10 years old. and he's getting college offers. his nba all star dad says hey
4:47 pm
back off, schools. lebron james sr. says it should be an ncaa violation to contact young players like his son. >> wow. giulanni ranseck is apologizing for the comments about dread locks. she is apologizing over the comments of the disney channel star's red corporate look. the former "dancing with the stars" runner-up was offended by the comment and responded respectfully. but many others were outraged. >> i want to say to vendaia and anyone else out there that i hurt i am so so sincerely sorry. i want everyone to know i didn't intend to hurt anybody. but i have learned it is not my intent that matters. it's the results. >> well she responded to and accepted her latest apology but some are saying it might not be enough. fashion police co-host kelly osborne seen right there says she's questioning whether to
4:48 pm
stay on the show at all. >> there's nothing to question here. abc's "modern family" is making tv history with tonight's episode. >> yeah so get this it was shot entirely on iphones ipads and other apple devices. the episode is titled "connection lost." and it takes place right on claire's mac book. claire uses facetime facebook and instant messaging to try to reach her kids and her family. see how they pull it off on "modern family" tonight at 9:00 right here on abc 7. >> there's no private placement there, is there? >> no. look at this. the "frozen" phenomenon heating up once again. fans can't or won't let it go. now, elsa anna, christoff, olaf and the rest of the crew are returning to the big screen on march 13th. they'll appear in a seven minute short film called "frozen fever." look at here on a short clip of the trailer there. and it's going to air before the new live action cinderella movie so we have seven minute long movies that have one minute long
4:49 pm
trailers. >> right and we'll have millions and millions of views on you tube. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> incredible. let's get back to the question of the day that we brought up earlier. we want to know what do you think about the fight to legalize small amounts of marijuana in the district. >> maria is not a fan of the new policy. she writes worst idea ever. >> but sandra supports the district's plan and responded, if you were ill and it helped your condition, you would see it in a much different way. it's about time. >> facebook user going by the handle still flawless says if you don't smoke, don't sweat it. especially if you aren't a resident of the city. congress should stay out of it. deal with taxation without representation. good luck to that. thanks to all of those who responded on the abc 7 facebook page. >> coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00 bad vibrations? "7 on your side" with a consumer alert about a popular s.u.v. and the problem that some drivers are having with the newest models. >> plus back to normal. see the big gift for a local teenager three months after a
4:50 pm
hit-and-run accident in d.c. much that's coming your way tonight at 5:00. >> all right. first, we have lots to talk about when it comes to the weather because today is pretty decent but tonight big changes. >> yeah i mean it's cold enough for snow even though right now we're still nearing 40 degrees upstairs. the atmosphere is plenty cold. when the flakes arrive after midnight, they're going to stick every single one of them. that will be a problem with the morning commute. temperatures are fairly comfortable. we promised you a one day warmup and here's the evidence. 43 at culpepper and fredricksburg. temperatures will fall across the region tonight and starting at midnight winter weather advisory in effect for north of baltimore through the whole metro area southwest into southwestern virginia you get far enough south and you find the areas covered in pink and that represents areas under winter storm warnings where more substantial snow is forecast to fall in the overnight and through the early morning hours tomorrow. as far as what we're expecting here weatherwise, we're expecting the snow to move in probably around midnight to a
4:51 pm
little bit after. this system is moving very very quickly. strong upper level winds in the jet are bringing it northward. there's an area of snow. all those areas covered under winter storm warnings and a lot of rain in the smaller area of ice in between the two and you can see it's progressively making it through to atlantic right now. northern suburbs of atlanta in the snow rain over downtown atlanta and points to the south and the east. we'll see this pattern continue to evolve rapidly. our futurecast has it tracked as of 4:00 a.m. bringing snow on an east-west line south of the district and heavier snow over southern sections of virginia tidewater. as we get through the hours just towards and just after sunrise, i think when the heaviest snow will move through our area and again, the darker color shows the heaviest snow moving rapidly off to the east. and this is going to start at 9:00, 7:00 in the morning and make even more progress as the system peels out of here by 10:00, 11:00 and maybe a break of sunshine as we head through the afternoon hours. rapid mover, clearly the farther south you go the heavier the snow potential.
4:52 pm
one to three inches is what we have painted across the region right now. trace to an inch in the far northern areas. three to six lower southern maryland through fredricksburg and parts of the northern neck. over to the eastern shore, who knows. that's going to be near the jackpot of the system. as far as tomorrow goes, we'll see a little bit of clearing in the afternoon. northerly winds and highs no higher than 30 degrees and for the next seven days things will settle down a bit on friday. become partly sunny. maybe a few flurries. temperatures on friday afternoon about 33. weekend looks ok. we'll stay in the 30's with dry weather. dry is not a word i've used to describe what's coming our way on monday, tuesday, wednesday. look like rain. but the way this winter has been, i wouldn't guarantee it's going to be nothing but rain. you know what i'm saying? >> i hear you. >> right now, look like rain. >> ok. >> actually didn't even mean to do that. all right. we'll see you in a bit. thanks. coming up next here on abc 7 news at 4:00 new details on an
4:53 pm
explosion that leveled a home in new jersey. what investigators are say
4:54 pm
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>> now to that powerful explosion in new jersey that was caught on a police cruiser's dash cam. the blast destroyed a home and injured more than a dozen people. >> as abc's marcy gonzalez reports, utility workers are now restoring service to this neighborhood where the explosion took place. >> today, an up-close look at the shredded remnants of the home left behind after this. the natural gas explosion yesterday blowing a home from its foundation. people as far as a mile away could feel the blast. >> critical. one down critical. >> one down critical. 10-4. >> the house was under renovation and empty but 15 people were hurt including six firefighters as well as two utility workers who had to be air lifted to an e.r. one is still in critical
4:57 pm
condition. they were in this neighborhood because just 90 minutes earlier, someone reported smelling gas while crews tried to find the source, 75 homes were evacuated including the one that caught the video on dash cam who blocked off the surrounding street. >> if they didn't do that it could have been worse. >> investigators found this was an accident that happened after a two inch gas main somehow broke. the police chief saying that could happen anywhere and the key is to react quickly. >> first thing you do, leave the premises and then call immediately and have them take a look. >> the people who owned this home that was destroyed actually lived next door. the blast broke their windows but they're ok. most of their neighbors have been allowed to return home. marcy gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> all right, folks here we go
4:58 pm
again. snow that's already falling in places as far away and as far south as arkansas is now heading towards our area. >> our chief meteorologist doug hill is in the storm watch 7 center tracking when this winter alert will begin for us. doug? >> this winter advisory goes in effect at midnight and it will last until noon tomorrow in advance of the southern storm system that will bring snow into the area and the snow is going to get heavy at times especially south and east of the area. that's where we expect the heaviest snow and that's where the winter storm warnings are indeed in effect for the same time period going forward. we've been watching all afternoon the storm watch weather center that's rapidly advanced the moisture to the northeast. here we are in washington. it's kicking along pretty fast. lot of rain in the south. snow and kind of a zone of ice over north central sections of georgia and alabama. we expect the snow to move in probably after midnight to 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning and it will tend to get heavier. as far as the total amounts of snow we're not expecting a
4:59 pm
heavy snowstorm in the washington metro area at all. we think the heaviest part of the snow for us will be 5:00 to 8 8:30 so every single flake is going to stick. because of that and the consistent handling of the computer models we're thinking a good one to three inches across the metro area, good bet. much heavier amounts to the south. steve rudin and i will report back later on how much we expect to have around the area and when and if when we'll see any big improvement to our weather pattern here. back to you. >> ok doug, thank you. now, be sure to tune into "good morning washington" tomorrow morning and we'll have any closings and delays there. the coverage will begin early at 4:00 a.m. >> new information now on that state department employee who is charged with solicitation of a minor. daniel rosen appeared in court in the last hour and our jeff goldberg was there in the courtroom. what happened? >> well leon daniel rosen did look a bit restless in court today. nodding his head and bending over a few times and repeatedly
5:00 pm
looking back in what we believe to be friends or family inside the courtroom. he waived extradition and soon will be transferred to fairfax county. meanwhile, superior court judge renee raymond denied bond for rosen calling this a very very serious offense. >> extraordinary level of cooperation. >> in this you tube video from 2012, daniel rosen is speaking about anti-terror efforts at the national press club. rosen is now in jail on charges of obscene communication following his arrest yesterday at his home in northwest washington. he's facing allegations of soliciting sex from a minor. >> i've never seen any kids go there. >> doesn't bother me as much as because it happened. >> the investigation by fairfax county police have been going on for several months. authorities say rosen had been communicating on line first in a chat room and then through separate apps with who he thought was a minor. but in reality, a female


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