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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  February 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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repeatedly looking back in what we believe to be friends or family inside the courtroom. he waived extradition and soon will be transferred to fairfax county. meanwhile, superior court judge renee raymond denied bond for rosen calling this a very very serious offense. >> extraordinary level of cooperation. >> in this you tube video from 2012, daniel rosen is speaking about anti-terror efforts at the national press club. rosen is now in jail on charges of obscene communication following his arrest yesterday at his home in northwest washington. he's facing allegations of soliciting sex from a minor. >> i've never seen any kids go there. >> doesn't bother me as much as because it happened. >> the investigation by fairfax county police have been going on for several months. authorities say rosen had been communicating on line first in a chat room and then through separate apps with who he thought was a minor. but in reality, a female detective with fairfax county's
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exploitation unit. >> he solicited what he thought was a juvenile for sex. >> rosen, 44 worked at the state department as a director of federal counterterrorism programs. but while his job title stands out, authorities say the alleged crime is far too common. fairfax police lieutenant james bacon says they are on line with officers. >> you never run out of speeders, ok? we're on the internet and we're not going to run out of internet predators. >> we learned today in court that rosen lives with his wife. he is a 21-year resident of the district. he has no prior criminal record and has worked at the state department for the past four years. fairfax county has 72 hours to bring him to fairfax after which court proceedings will begin in virginia. live in northwest washington jeff goldberg abc 7 news. >> thank you.
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and developing on capitol hill now, the homeland security budget is now the newest weapon in the fight against president obama's immigration plan. house republicans say they won't approve any budget that doesn't separate funding. the d.h.s. from the controversial plan to limit deportation for millions of undocumented immigrants. and now, senate republicans have made a concession proposing a so-called clean vote on the budget alone. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 senior political reporter scott thuman will dig deeper into that concession and take a look at what happens if d.h.s. is not funded. >> the man accused of killing a 95-year-old man in montgomery county says that he was tired of unwanted sexual advances. that's just one of the revelations in 33 pages of charging documents against eric dyson. maryland bureau chief brad bell live in colesville with today's new developments. brad? >> yeah we got these documents this afternoon. stunning revelations in there. the 60-year-old suspect in this
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case claims that he was being paid for sexual favors by the 95-year-old victim and that last thursday, he's admitted that he went into a rage and stabbed and killed the older man because the older man wanted to go too far. yesterday afternoon when police revealed that 95-year-old dan belvin had been found murdered in his randolph village apartments, people who knew him were horrified. >> i just can't understand it. >> this is belvin in his senior portrait at n.c. state in 1940. he went on to serve in the navy in world war ii. his former neighbor of many years says even at his advanced age, belvin was sharp. >> he was just a sweet person. >> turns out police didn't have to look hard for a suspect. in belvin's senior living apartment, they found the name eric dyson everywhere. on belvin's phone. on handwritten notes and reminders. the 60-year-old dyson a man with a long history of drug use
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and arrests, also lived in the building. he had belvin's car and wallet. >> the victim's credit cardigan to be used at various locations for some of over $5,500. >> they say dyson actually drove back to randolph village in belvin's car. he was spotted and arrested and then he told police a stunning story. that in exchange for money and use of the car, he frequently performed sexual favors for the 95-year-old. last thursday he claims, he became enraged by belvin's demands. >> during questioning, he stated that he stabbed the victim due to unwanted sexual advances. >> now police point out that there are no direct witnesses to what allegedly went on in that senior living complex over there. these allegations about this relationship are coming solely from the suspect in this case. they say the facts will undoubtedly be sorted out at trial. in colesville brad bell abc 7
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news. >> one month after a deadly incident on metro d.c.'s fire chief acknowledged today there are still problems with communication. you'll remember carol glover died after smoke filled a yellow line train near the l'enfant plaza metro station. rescue efforts, of course were hampered by radio failures that day. stephen tschida is at the l'enfant plaza station now with the story. stephen? >> alison we're not far from the spot where that fatal smoke incident took place last month. now, today, the acting fire chief intended to allay concerns. from talking with passengers tonight, some are still worried. >> coming through! >> passengers on board a smoke-filled yellow line metro train describe waiting upwards of 40 minutes for rescue. dozens suffered. one woman died. >> radios working in all the stations in the district? >> the last report i received did show significant number of failures. >> passengers kind of scary. >> today d.c.'s acting fire
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chief responded to city council questions about communication breakdowns similar to those on january 12th when speed and efficiency are a matter of life and death. >> contact d.c. fire and see if they're operating off an encrypted channel. >> this past weekend, d.c.'s use of encrypted radio channels caused confusion when trying to coordinate with arlington fire during another smoke incident. >> we need to change this so that there will be no extra step in trying to communicate with our regional partners. >> despite reassurances from the chief, some passengers remain worried about what they fear is an increasingly dangerous ride on metro. >> why is our radios not working when they're first responders? i think that's the -- that's what's concerning. >> the acting chief did say that the plan is still on to ship to nonencrypted channels come march 1st so the department can better communicate with those in other jurisdictions. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc 7 news.
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>> thank you, stephen. there's a police impersonator in fairfax. someone driving a black volkswagen sedan has been trying to pull over drivers since last october. in three instances, emergency lights were turned on as well. nobody actually was pulled over and the impersonator did drive off from the scene. if you suspect someone trying to pull you over is not an officer, you should call the real police and keep moving. alison? >> leon, maryland's senate president has proposed changes to the stormwater management fees. the measure introduced today would remove a mandate that nine counties and the city of baltimore impose a fee to pay for stormwater management. the jurisdictions would still have to pay for measures to help fight pollution from impervious surfaces that wash into maryland's waters with rain. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, a family turns to abc 7 for help nine months after they say police came to call and left a mess behind. >> and a little bit later, the court says he needs to be paid for his work.
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but find out why the city of rockville is keeping a contractor waiting. >> and the winter weather makes for a mess on a major highway. >> and i'm fighting back against crime investigator jennifer donelan. i'll introduce you to a young woman who truly knows what it means to fight back! she was in this crosswalk three months ago in a wheelchair when she was mowed over. her story next.
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>> police have dubbed him the fake firefighter and tonight, he's heading to jail. last april, police arrested 44-year-old kevin craft after a bizarre and unexpected rendezvous. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is there in court today with the details on craft's sentencing. >> it was his fantasy chariot, a kia s.u.v. decked out with flashing lights and sirens. last april, he used the vehicle to descend on this three alarm blaze in rockville. prosecutors say craft went to the heart of the command post. >> when somebody represents themselves as a firefighter or first responder, that they can
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trust that that individual is, in fact, someone there to help. and mr. craft is of that. >> today at sentencing, craft's family sang his praises while sharing concern about his paralysis. craft's twin brother left court with leg braces in hand. craft's attorney in no talking mood. >> can you tell us something about your son? you said so many nice things on the stand. >> can we speak to you? >> absolutely not. >> there was so much discourse in the courtroom. >> it was a three hour hearing. i think you heard it all. thank you. >> in court, craft said "i'm terribly sorry for what i did. i can't understand why i put so much at risk." the judge responded with "in hamlet it says to thine own self be true." mr. craft, you have not been true to yourself and you need to be held accountable for what you did. and so he will spend the next 30 days in a jail cell followed by five years of probation. one of his former co-workers upset with craft said in court
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"his fraudulent claims are an absolute disgrace and an insult to actual military members, firefighters and e.m.t.s." in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> it was a hit and run that left a family and a northwest d.c. neighborhood in shock. a teenager in a wheelchair hit while in a crosswalk and the driver who hit her got away. >> we first told you her story in december. today was a very special day. and fighting back against crime investigator jennifer donelan was there. jen? >> leon i am crossing the very same street that esmerelda was crossing i am wearing the safety vest and i crossed it several times and people still aren't stopping. she was in this crosswalk and someone mowed her over. it's nearly three months ago. she's recovered and today was a great day for her! >> back to the way i was. >> i like it.
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>> laughter, such a sweet sound coming from 20-year-old esmerelda in her brand new wheelchair. >> i don't have to push as much. >> she was born with spina bifida. this was her previous wheelchair. it was crushed almost three months ago. she was on her way to the bus stop, she was in the crosswalk at taylor street and new hampshire avenue northwest when a driver mowed over her. >> i haven't been down that block ever since i got hit. >> her father still cringes at the thought of what happened that day. >> put it behind you and move forward. >> upon impact she was thrown from her wheelchair. the driver took off and left her in the street. neighbors rushed out of their homes and carried her to safety. >> really appreciative of everybody who has been there through this tragedy. >> she never rode the bus again to school. her dad has been dropping her off and picking her up ever since. >> this afternoon at the pediatrics center the arrival of the new wheelchair was a
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critical step back to life. before the accident. >> it's getting her independence back. having the wheelchair that's not accustomed to her she can't do what she could have done before. >> i think it will be easier for me now to go back and forth. >> it's going to be hard for me you know letting her go is going to be tough. >> ok so i am now in the crosswalk in the safety vest and still these cars are not stopping. you got to be kidding me. this is a dangerous intersection obviously, and the family is very upset about what happened and still the hit-and-run driver is out there. if you have information, you're asked to call d.c. police. reporting live from northwest, i'm jennifer donelan, back to you. >> all right. be careful out there, jennifer! look both ways. all right. at least 17 people are hurt after a 75 vehicle pile-up in maine. take a look here at the aftermath. state police say the vehicles got tangled up this morning in a series of chain reaction
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pile-ups. this is a snowy stretch at i-95. that stretch of highway was closed down for at least five hours. dozens of vehicles had to be towed away from scene there. maine state police say it was the longest crash they've seen in more than 15 years. >> wow. after seeing those images we hate to say this but more snow on the way for us. >> we're not going to bring that amount of snow but we've seen so many times, a little bit of snow falling during the early portions of the rush hour and during the rush hour cause a disproportionate amount of problems, delays incidents and accidents. that's what we're dealing with. not a major snowstorm by any stretch here. here we go. let's take a look at the time lapse, beautiful sunrise across the area especially in ionsville and oakdale. high clouds streaming well in advance of this upcoming storm system spreading in and seeing the snow getting ready to go down. high cast overcast. clouds will get lower and thicker. temperatures warmer than they've been recently. 39 in alexandria.
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36 in gaithersburg. 38 in sterling. got down to 10 degrees in sterling and gaithersburg. down to 22 to 24 in that range in suburban areas. plenty cold enough to support snow that will stick on the ground. generally around midnight is when the winter weather advisory goes in effect. a little sooner down here a little sooner here. i'd be here until 9:00 tonight if i told you the start times. let's just say around midnight. and it's going to expire around noon. same kind of story with the winter storm warnings in pink here now, st. mary's county added to the list you see as across the area. 41 still at reagan national airport. for those areas, drop down to the 20's. we have the advisory generally from midnight to noon. one to three inches in d.c. metro area. heaviest overall snowfall across the entire viewing area will be from 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. we're thinking more 5:00 to 8:00 a.m. probably for the metro area to get the heaviest amount of
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snow and you can count on delays and count on cancellations, plenty of extra time tomorrow morning. please give that to yourself. again, not going to be a ton but we don't need a ton to have the big impact. already, over northern portions of alabama, i've seen reports of over six inches of snow on the ground already. there's rain on one side. snow in the colder air. everything quickly pushing towards our area so indeed we think after midnight is when the snow will move in especially towards 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow morning. in advance, look at how widespread the winter storm warnings are. all the way from louisiana to the mid south to the carolinas. all the way up to the lower eastern shore and all of southeastern virginia under the winter storm watch where good upwards six, eight, 10 inches in spots not out of the question. our futurecast in this color scheme shows the darker blue being the heaviest snow and it's where we think it will be south and east of our area and that will continue although we have a chance to pick up accumulating snow during the early morning hours in the metro area and especially the farther south and east you go from the region. according to modeling it should be out of here by mid to late
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morning. maybe see some sunshine developing by afternoon hours. as far as what's going to come next, it will quiet down and get a chance to shovel and the snow. generally one to three in the metro area on to the eastern shore. lesser amounts to the north farther away from the storm center and then the farther south and east you go the heavier it gets. we're calling three to six generally fredricksburg, southern maryland, southern calvert, eastern shore and six eight, 10 or more in the purple shaded area farther to the south in virginia. so here's our timeline, again snow all snow in the morning. it will be ended well before noon. temperatures could get close to 30 degrees in the afternoon. the next seven days shows a partly cloudy and cold day on friday with temperatures in the low 30's. maybe a flurry. sunshine, dry weekend and right now, we're thinking not a pretty weather picture towards monday tuesday and wednesday of next week. rain seems to be the form. now, this weather is affecting a lot of parts of the country as you can see. steve rudin will be here and give us updates on travel conditions and effects here of
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this big winter storm. >> exactly. like he just said for millions of people actually around the country, it's been a very very long winter and still to come on abc 7 news at 5:00 how some are scrambling to make an escape before the next storm. >> getting more sleet can be great for your health. find out the one thing it could actually hurt next. >> here's a look at what's coming up tonight on abc.
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>> "7 on your side" tonight with a health matters alert about a simple skin test that could make a big difference. there's a new study out of mexico suggesting a person's skin could be key in early detection of alzheimer's and parkinson's disease. the study found patients with the diseases had seven to eight times higher levels of harmful versions of two different proteins. now, one of the proteins can impact nerve function. and another is involved in the brain decline that's associated with alzheimer's. and a new british study finds people not getting the ideal amount of sleep could be increasing their risk of stroke. researchers following nearly 10,000 people for nearly 10 years and they found those who slept more than eight hours was 46% more likely to have a stroke than those who slept six to eight hours a night. people who slept less than six hours saw an 18% increased risk.
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>> talk about another kind of stroke. how about the swim stroke here? escaping to a warmer climate could be good for your mental health and after this winter a lot of folks have tried to do just that. caroline tucker gives us all a little hope for spring. >> the road to spring seems unending. >> good morning, thank you for calling omega travel. this is carol. how can i help you? >> which is why travel agents -- >> are getting more and more calls like this. >> everybody just wants to be able to put their face in the sun and toes in the sand. >> pretty much anywhere south. >> she did not hang out from the agent until her cruise was booked. and in fact, i think the agent thought it might have been a crisis prevention moment. >> many travelers here at reagan national just want to fly somewhere that has sunshine. it finally means these travelers will get a chance to take off
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all of these layers. by the time they hop up their flight. >> he lives outside of boston and can't take it anymore. >> six feet of snow on the ground. >> he's off to florida to visit his parents. >> sun on my forehead and maybe a drink. >> the family already packed their swimsuits with a ticket to paradise in hand. >> since the snow came? then we book a ticket. >> florida bound and 80 degrees on their mind. >> for the rest of us it's just a vacation away. caroline tucker abc 7 news. >> it just hurts to look at doesn't it? >> i know. i love that the travel agent said it was crisis prevention. to book the cruise. >> probably is. >> it probably is. >> in a lot of homes! >> i know. well, coming up here on abc 7 news at 5:00 our next storm
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will be much worse for neighbors in the south. the latest travel impact. >> not such a good vibration. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert about new cars. >> a caroline county man says his home suffered thousands of dollars of damage at the hands of state police as they searched for suspects. i'm suzanne kenned i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours. look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality, super fast internet, and america's most reliable network. so you won't miss a second of that movie, that game they love,
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>> we're back now with a look at the top stories today.
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the region is gearing up once again for more snow tonight. the storm watch 7 weather team says the winter weather advisory is in effect from midnight until noon tomorrow and this is for much of the area. d.c. plans to have more than 200 trucks on the road by 1:00 a.m. our chief meteorologist doug hill will be tracking it is storm and bring an update for you in 15 minutes. >> the state department counterterrorism official charged with sew soliciting a minor appeared in court today. the county now has 72 hours to extradite him to virginia. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser is sticking by her decision to legalize marijuana in the city. two house republicans have launched an investigation into whether this violates federal law and they say bowser and others could face jail time. small amounts of recreational pot will be legal in d.c. tonight at midnight. >> only on 7:00 tonight now a family's plea for help after an
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encounter with virginia state police. larry struthers says troopers left his home a wreck after they came inside searching for his son. >> shoutout. >> caroline county resident larry struther is still reeling from something that happened seven months ago. >> my door my house is come to pieces. >> he's talking about an incident last may when state police responding to a request from the county sheriff searched struthers home for his son who was believed to be armed and dangerous. he had told authorities his son wasn't home but they still went through the three bedroom ranch. eight windows were damaged and walls inside the house punctured. >> knocked holes in my sheetrock and all. >> when searching the attic they stepped through a bathroom ceiling. he was asked to wait under sheriff's department supervision at a nearby vdot depot. he and his sister were shocked when they returned. >> first thing i see was glass all over my living room.
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and one knocks into the house. >> it was plum disgusting! the holes in the wall. the windows busted. i mean it was a mess. it was shambles. >> he hasn't been able to live in his house since the weather got cold in early december. he took windows from the back of the house to replace the damaged ones out front and put sheetrock on these which doesn't do much to keep out the bitter cold. struthers says he's called state police a half dozen times since may because he can't afford to fix the estimated $10,000 in damage. >> i have never broke the law in my life. they can tear my home up like this, it's 100% wrong. >> he just wants his home back the way it was before the state police left its mark on it. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> now suzanne didn't leave it there. mr. struthers says he's repeatedly contacted state police and we talked with authorities at the agency who say they have no record of him
5:32 pm
ever calling. but they will assist struther with the process of filing a claim and they'll decide whether the state will pay for the damage. >> wow. let's get back to the weather now. abc 7 is on stormwatch once again. another winter weather alert moving right into our area. but airlines are already giving travelers other options if they're headed to cities like dallas or atlanta. our meteorologist steve rudin is here with a look at why those areas are getting some weather waivers today. >> let me tell you, it is rough across the country not only to the south of us. let's take a live look at denver right now where the snow continues to fall. if you have travel plans out to the west that's when they're running into problems out there also as we look at that live picture. this is from our affiliate out there and you can see denver is used to the snow. they get this time of year of course however, where they don't usually see a lot of snow that's dallas texas. this is early this morning where they picked up anywhere between one to three inches. this is dallas/ft. worth international airport.
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enough to delay airplanes and let me tell you, driving was rough, rough, rough early this morning. let's head over to the maps and see what's going on across the south. lift off to the north and northwest. already, we have those winter storm warnings that have been posted in all the areas shaded in pink. alabama, mississippi and georgia and then of course into carolina. that will pick up between one and three inches of snow but head a little bit further towards the north and east of there, you're looking at even more than that. possibly five 10 12 inches of snow all lifting off towards the north and east and for us across the immediate metro area we are going to see some delays here even though we're not going to see the brunt of this storm. highest snow totals areas shaded in magenta. you're in the target for heavy, heavy snow later tonight into the day tomorrow. as far as we're concerned, closer to home, i'll step out of the way here. call for anywhere between one to three inches around the capital beltway the further south you go and across southern maryland we have that upgraded winter storm
5:34 pm
warning for st. mary's county. that's going to be a jackpot area and the southern part of the delmarva peninsula. chief meteorologist doug hill will be back to update you on the forecast and what to expect. >> and steve, you can always stay one step ahead of the forecast with the storm watch team. you can check for updates at on the wjla facebook page or the abc 7 news twitter you can also download the storm watch weather app for your tablet or smartphone. >> ok. steve says roads could be tricky tomorrow morning. but how about right now? bob emler in the wtop traffic center with the details for us and how things are shaping up with the evening commute. >> running pretty well for the most part. traveling south on i-95 volume delays getting over the occoquan through woodbridge and headed south from quantico to stafford off and on slow. beltway in college park on the inner loop and south on 95 on the inner loop and around towards greenbelt volume delays but now there's a crash in montgomery county inner loop before 270 along the left side.
5:35 pm
quite slow out of tysons and traffic generally doing pretty well for the most part on 66 at 123 headed westbound and going to slow down a bit here or there. 395 headed south of the pentagon and landmark just some volume delays. traffic generally doing well on 270. i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. >> have a greeningood evening. thank you. president obama is planning to fix the widely criticized no child left behind law. republicans say it would restore local control in schools and stop top down education mandates. democrats say it would cause the federal government to abandon its responsibility to poor minority and disabled children. a vote is expected friday. and next tuesday, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is expected to address congress and that same night, we will be hosting a national town hall on relations between the allies. u.s. and israel. dangerous divide. it will air at 7:00 p.m. on our
5:36 pm
sister station, newschannel 8. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 -- >> like on the second base. >> really cool things happening with young folks here. harris' hero. a band where folks with cognitive disabilities play by side with professional and high school musicians. >> a local contractor out thousands of dollars after he did work three years ago and still has not been paid for it. i'm chris pabst. coming up, we'll tell you why the city that hired him and 12 other contractors will not pay. >> and then tonight at 6:00 new details on that 911 operator who told a young girl to stop whining moments after she saw her father killed in
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>> a band that performs at strathmore music center is breaking down musical barriers while building some special bonds. the not profit band pairs adults with cognitive disabilities and that makes the band very special. >> the band is practicing for an upcoming concert. the members are part of
5:40 pm
interplay company. a unique band that includes adults with cognitive disabilities, amateur and professional musicians and high school students called band-aids. >> this is the opening number of the show! >> conductors paula moore and paul bankster lead the group at the weekly rehearsals. moore formed the band more than 25 years ago inspired by her youngest son who has down's syndrome. >> we all take for granted a collegial joy and a lot of these folks don't have those opportunities. >> the band members play percussion instruments that come from around the world like this from indonesia and more traditional ones like the tambourine. >> left right, left. >> this is 17-year-old sam grinburg's third year as a band-aid to eric. >> great relationship. >> the experience requires the band-aids to step outside of their comfort zone but they say the rewards are worth it.
5:41 pm
>> it's just a different experience and i have a lot of fun doing it helping out and learning a lot for communicating with people. >> feel a little kinder and more open. >> that was perfect! thank you! >> moore says her greatest joy is when the band performs in concert and a packed crowd applauds the performance. the interplay company band will next perform at montgomery cultural arts center in silver spring in case you want to join the crowd and lend to some of that applause. >> there you go. beautiful music there, leon. thank you. it's only 15 months old but still to come, find out how quickly a new island is growing. and why. >> a vibration inside this vehicle, riders tell "7 on your side" it's distracting and the automaker defends the number one s.u.v. in america. i'm consumer investigator
5:42 pm
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5:44 pm
>> t.j. maxx, marshalls and homegoods say they're planning to give their employees a raise. this announcement comes one week after wal-mart said it would pay a majority of its workers at least $10 an hour.
5:45 pm
the company won't say what employees at its t.j. maxx marshalls and homegoods stores makes now but it plans to make starting pay at least $9 an hour as of this june. well, it is the top selling s.u.v. of the entire decade and really on track for one of the best years yet. >> that's right.but, you know, several drivers of the 2015 honda c.r.v. are telling "7 on your side" there's a major problemhe brand new models. consumer investigator kimberly suters looks into the vehicle's vibrations. >> this is inside the passenger's seat of the honda c.r.v., a 2015 model. drivers say they experienced vibrations while they are idling in drive. and they say it can be annoying it can be distracting, it can even be nauseating and they want honda to fix it fast. >> this you tube video shows what you can't see through a tv set. a strong vehicle vibration when the s.u.v. is idling in drive. >> you can put your hand and feel this vibration.
5:46 pm
>> an optical engineer and life long honda loyalist tom mcfarren can create the same visual effects the moment he takes his 2015 honda c.r.v. out of park. >> you can imagine in the summertime how uncomfortable and annoying that would be. >> when he joined the owners club on line he found he's not the only one. >> 570 replies and 83,600. >> complaining about aggressive vibration, vibrates vigorously and mcfarren's favorite comment. >> i get a massage chair. >> the vibration issue dominates the 26 complaints filed in the last three months on the national highway safety traffic administration's site. reports of shuddering and vibrates really crazy. drivers say they're not feeling safe. that it's not just an annoyance but a distraction. as a passenger in mcfarren's s.u.v. i could not feel the vibration that other drivers subscribe which could be why viewers don't mention it at when he bought his new s.u.v.
5:47 pm
back to the dealer they were able to duplicate the issue. but called it a characteristic of the vehicle. that's part of what honda spokesman chris martin told "7 on your side" as well. honda is researching the matter to see if it can create an appropriate repair. he says the complaints are valid but insists while the vibration may be annoying it's not a safety issue. >> that is very disconcerting. i can pay for a $30,000 for a vehicle that i'll have to live with vibrations every day i get into it to drive? >> mcfarren insists he loves the layout, the fuel efficiency not just the vibration part. a honda spokesperson says this is perplexing to them, it's the same engine in the c.r.v. as they have had in the past in the honda accord. the spokesman also said he recommends that consumers who are having this vibration issue take your c.r.v. to the dealership to document it and look out for a fix maybe even this year. we did hear from one driver in
5:48 pm
montgomery county and the local dealership took his car back and gave him his money back. as you can imagine that's not quite the fix that honda would be looking for. live in the newsroom kimberly suters. back to you in the studio. >> thanks kimberly. let us know how 7 can be on your side. call our tips hotline. or send us your story ideas at tips at >> well coming up tonight at 6:00, preparing for a shutdown. what homeland security is doing as congress continues to debate legislation to fund that agency. plus new information on the man killed when an out-of-control car hit him right on a d.c. sidewalk. where the victim was going and how co-workers are now remembering him. plus the politics of pot. the possible legal battles as d.c. prepares to join three states that have legalized marijuana. >> all right. let's go to weather. nice day today. but it's the break that's going to be very very short lived, folks. >> yep, we have snow on the way
5:49 pm
doug. >> promised you 40 degree temperatures. we made it to 41. that's good. everything is changing tonight because of the big storm developing. reading reports on line in scottsboro alabama reporting that road conditions are treacherous. roads are impassable. urging people not to get out on the roads at all. this is a snow moving in our general direction. good news is for us selfishlessly is the real heavy duty stuff will stay southeast of the district. let's get the headlines here going into effect at midnight. significant snowfall is likely through the overnight hours as well. 36 in gaithersburg. 38 in quantico and still 41 at reagan national airport and our timeline shows the clouds in all night. temperatures will fall in the middle 20's. looks as though the snow will guiness specially southern suburbs around 2:00 a.m. the heaviest rate of snowfall would be between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m. and slowly taper off and then one to three inches we think, in the immediate metro area.
5:50 pm
our futurecast bears this out with snow advancing by 4:00 a.m. the darker blue areas show the heavier amounts and they tend to be d.c. metro south and east especially farther south in virginia and in time on the eastern shore, should clear out of here by mid to late morning and when it does i think the result will be generally one to three inches through the metro area shaded in blue. much lighter amounts north of that when you get to southern maryland, south of stafford through fredricksburg and northern neck three to six and more travel to the south will get you the jackpot, six to 10 to 12 inches not out of the question. farther southeast in virginia to eastern north carolina. that is the very latest. leon alison back to you. >> thank you for that. >> going to see a rematch from last week? >> last week was one of the most physical games, it was great. we start with hockey because the caps do have a huge game tonight against the pittsburgh penguins. and with a win tonight, the caps can jump the pens in the metro division standings. ironic, isn't it that the caps have beaten pittsburgh three straight by a combined score of 10-1. they still trail the penguins in
5:51 pm
the division standings. still, washington is playing good solid hockey with 21 games left in the regular season which is about the same amount than a run through the playoffs. this is a great preview for things to come. speaking of the playoffs all the so-called experts are predicting the nationals to make a strong run through the playoffs. robert burton is with the nats in florida. what do you have, robert? >> well tim, i can tell you this the 22-year-old rock star bryce harper made it to camp safe and sound. however, it looks like there might be a position change as far as it goes for bryce in the outfield. bryce harper is back and in full swing. >> such great shape. certainly his swing is there. i threw batting practice today and almost had to get another bucket of balls. >> harper hit the diamond with a new body. as well as a new position to learn. he'll make the move from left field to right. >> looking into right.
5:52 pm
definitely excited to take a shorter run to right field definitely from the dugout so you know, but no really i'm excited to get out there and start playing. >> in harper's message to pitchers beware. >> pitchers better watch out a little bit on that little ground ball to, you know right field, they better be hustling because, you know, i'm coming with it. >> and tim, listen to this. we all asked bryce harper about signing max scherzer and he responded saying, well, where's my ring? we'll talk a little bit more about that at 6:00. tim, back to you. >> oh, my here we go again! world series or bust. how about the maryland terrapins over fifth ranked wisconsin last night. mark turgeon said to me this was some kind of fun. dez wells 26 melo trimble with another terrific game and then the flash mob. college park style. and now, hear this. maryland and notre dame will be featured in a 90 minute showtime special primetime march 18 9:00
5:53 pm
p.m. behind the scenes with the players and coaches. how about that flash mob last might? they were rocking! you got to like it. >> that's fun. >> how about that? showtime. that's big stuff. >> maryland and notre dame. 9:00 p.m. >> all right. way to go terps! >> made you happy. >> i'm a show stopper. >> all right. he says he did the work. but he has not been paid. >> when we come back
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
>> take a look at this. this is a remote island off the coast of japan and this thing has grown to 11 times its original size in 15 months. see that right there? this thing is being formed by a crater that is spewing molten lava five to six times per eruption per minute. japan is getting ready to explore it with remote controlled submarines. hope they survive the trip. >> amazing.
5:57 pm
>> maryland contractor is fed up after he did some work for the city of rockville three years ago and still hasn't been paid. >> so with nowhere else to turn he reached out to "7 on your side." investigator chris pabst has his story. >> a few years ago the city of rockville spent a couple million dollars to upgrade and expand its seniors center. as you can see, the work is done. but many of the workers still have not been paid and they are out thousands. to call him frustrated is a bit of an understatement. >> you held up your end of the bargain. >> we did the work. >> now you haven't been paid. >> haven't been paid for three years. >> he is one of 12 contractors who worked on the rockville senior center expansion in 2012 who has not been paid. his company that only has two employees is out nearly $9,000. >> huge impact. back about two or three months. >> when you're talking --
5:58 pm
>> construction for the project took 13 months longer than first planned. the city argued the extra time was not authorized and refused to pay an additional half million. the contractor c.f.i. construction disagreed and took the city to court. in an august ruling a montgomery county judge told the city to reconsider paying. saying in part "the city failed to provide any explanation for not awarding the additional days." despite that rockville still has not paid. so "7 on your side" went to city hall. since the litigation is ongoing, no one would comment except to say that c.f.i. is responsible to pay its own contractors. the company told abc 7 "we are frustrated with the length of time this process has taken since august. we're hopeful the city manager will contact us to discuss the judge's decision." >> been three years and i can assure you this that i'll never do a contract for the city.
5:59 pm
>> he has been so frustrated with this process, he now has an incentive for the city. if he ever does get paid for the work he did, he will give $1,000 to charity. in rockville, chris pabst, abc 7 news. >> all right chris. that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> all right. coming up right now at 6 cloblg:00, the winter storm pounding its way across the south. when it's going to hit our area. >> when marijuana becomes legal in the district despite a threat of federal prosecution. >> let's stop whining, ok? let's stop whining. >> we got new details on that 911 operator who told that hit-and-run victim's child to stop whining. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> we begin with the winter weather alert about a storm that could have a drastic impact on tomorrow morning's commute. that's because the clear weather we're seeing right now will be
6:00 pm
replaced by snow overnight. chief meteorologist doug hill is on storm watch tonight for us. doug, what's the latest? >> maureen, so many times, it's the timing that makes the big difference. we do not expect a major snowstorm in the metro area. just a couple of inches. it's going to develop and continue through the rush hour tomorrow morning. that's the problem. we have winter weather advisories in effect starting at midnight. all the areas shaded in purple the entire metro area through baltimore. lower southern maryland and lower eastern shore. caroline county eastbound and way south of that winter storm warnings where we find potential for the most snowfall. there's plenty of snow now across northern mississippi alabama, georgia, tennessee, the carolina mountains north and south, all pushing to the east-northeast. we expect snow here starting maybe as early as 2:00 in the morning and as it advances, we expect the snow to come down most heavily in the metro area between 5:00 and 8:00 tomorrow morning and temperatures in the


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