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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 25, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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. breaking news on this wednesday night. the terror arrests right here in the u.s. three men in custody, one stopped at jkf airport. accused of trying to join isis. what they were allegedly willing to do here. the states of emergency tonight. the massive pileup. more than 70 cars, multiple injuries. guilty in the "american sniper" trial. the former marine convicted. tonight, an abc news exclusive, the jurors. and the audio we never heard. the convicted killer. did he know what he was doing was wrong? the gas explosion. workers called to that scene after the smell, then the explosion. and now, we learn the culprit was outside the home. the new warning tonight. and the concern in space this evening for an american astronaut. the discovery in his helmet.
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good evening. and we begin this wednesday night with the breaking news. authorities late today revealing three terror arrests right here in the u.s. three men who wanted to be part of isis who authorities say were willing to do significant damage here at home. investigators say the men were planning to travel overseas to join isis and had already pledged their willingness to harm the homeland. at least one allegedly saying he was willing to take aim at the president. one of those men taken into custody right at jfk airport today, where it is believed he was trying to board a flight. authorities moving in quickly to make the arrest. abc's pierre thomas has been working his sources and he's live in washington tonight. pierre? >> reporter: david, sources tell me today's arrests are more hard evidence that isis poses a direct and immediate threat right here at home. it's the latest chilling sign of isis' deep reach into the u.s. homeland. a brooklyn man arrested before boarding a plane at new york's jfk airport today, accused of trying to fly off to join the
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terror group in syria. he was one of three new yorkers of uzbeki and kazakhstan descent who according to the nypd and fbi expressed an intense willingness to kill right here at home. >> this is real. this is the concern about the loan wolf inspired to act without ever going to the middle east. >> reporter: the investigation began after the fbi discovered online communications from one of the suspects to isis radicals overseas, pledging jihad and a desire to assassinate president obama. 24-year-old abdurasul juraboev allegedly wrote on a known icy website, "i am in usa now, but is it possible to commit ourselves as dedicated martyrs anyway while here? to shoot obama and then get shot ourselves, will it do?" juraboev also discussed bombing coney island. >> the isis capability on social media is nothing short of remarkable. they are reaching into this country and many other countries and effectively recruiting.
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>> reporter: the suspects also indicated a willingness to attack the u.s. military and law enforcement. >> if they were not able to go that they would seek to acquire weapons here handguns machine guns and seek to attack very specifically police officers. >> and pierre is back with us now. pierre authorities have revealed they arrested 22 people in just the past year trying to fly from the u.s. to join isis. do we have any idea the number of people who haven't been arrested? >> reporter: david, the fbi director said today, he has ongoing investigations of home grown radicals in every state. some involving suspected isis supporters like those charged today. >> all right, pierre thomas leading us off today. pierre thank you. meevening, the states of emergency across several states. governors warning drivers to stay off the roads. from texas to virginia to maine, a nightmare for millions of drivers today. this evening, these images coming in after a massive pileup in maine. more than 70 cars. multiple injuries.
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the vehicles colliding in the ice and snow there. and then the treacherous driving extending all the way to the south. this was the scene on highway 167, south of sheridan arkansas. abc's steve osunsami begins with that pileup in the north. >> reporter: look at what happened in maine, where drivers are used to the snow. >> turned into a big mess. >> reporter: a 70-car pileup shut down interstate 95. it looked like a junk yard. and 17 people were hospitalized. >> we were down to probably 25 or 30 miles an hour when i hit the mini van and i just told them to brace themselves. >> reporter: across parts of the south, they panic when there's just one snowflake. and tonight, inches are falling. >> it was slushy but now it's slick. >> reporter: governors and mayors across the region are telling families to stay off theed radios. >> we're trying to make sure that we just don't have folks trapped on the highways between 4:00 to 8:00. at that point, we can't fix it.
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>> reporter: in mansfield, texas, a school district that decided to stay open had a school bus crash on the ice. more than 3,000 flights in and out of the country are delayed or canceled and most of them in atlanta, dallas and charlotte. the miserable winter in boston just keeps getting worse. now more than 100 inches of snow. 101.8. just six inches away from an all-time record. up to six inches of this could fall in places tonight. a wet, slushy snow. in part of the country what has fewer salt trucks and even fewer snowplow snowplows. david? >> steve thank you. from the emergency on so many roads, to the other worry tonight. the record-breaking cold in so many places now bursting aging pipes carrying the water supply. it's happening from north carolina to kentucky to pennsylvania. and this evening, in some places the national guard and red cross now bringing in water where they don't have any. and then there's the damage in so many american homes. tonight, three important tips here to make sure you get your money back from your insurance company. here's abc's rebecca jarvis.
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>> reporter: this sound reverberating across the country tonight. the bitter cold bursting pipes from pennsylvania to kentucky leaving thousands with no running water. in bradford pennsylvania a water main break hitting 18,000 residents. >> a week is going to be a long time to be without water. >> reporter: kentucky calling in the national guard for emergency water supplies. and for so many homeowners the winter havoc causing costly repairs. the typical family could face as much as $100,000 in winter storm damages. a pipe repair alone can run $18,000. the good news? most storm damage is covered by insurance. jennifer eller's garage in massachusetts gave way when she was inside her call. >> i'm calling 911! >> i was like, get me out of here! what are you waiting for? >> reporter: now, uninjured, she and her husband are waiting on the insurance company.
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to get what you need from insurance and save real money, remember do take pictures of the damage immediately. roof walls, ceilings and pipes. if you have before shots, even better. then, your insurer can't claim the problem was pre-existing. do make temporary repairs to keep the damage from getting worse. and hold onto receipts. but don't make pricey repairs before the insurance adjuster arrives. >> really important tips tonight, rebecca. and again, you say, don't pay a lot. do a quick fix until the insurance company can get there. >> reporter: exactly. keep item prayer so it's liveable and the damage doesn't get worse. then you want the insurer to really see the damage. that's why you keep item prayer. >> so they'll pay for it instead. thank you. one more image on the weather. this is the famed brooklyn bridge here in new york. look at the ice beneath there. the east river nearly completely frozen. abc's rob marciano live on the other side of town at the hudson. is there any break nor anyone in
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sight here? >> reporter: doesn't seem to be does there, david? a tell-tale sign of how cold this winter is more ice on this side of manhattan along the hudson. let's talk about the southern snowstorm. advisories from arkansas all the way to southern new jersey. and the rain/snow line you can see it on the radar, stretch across the i-95 corridor. north and west that's where you're going to see the heaviest amounts of snow. the snow will go through the carolinas, couple of inches possible in d.c. but could see over six inches in spots as far south at georgia. the cold air comes behind this. you heard that story before haven't you? below zero temperatures northern plains to northern new england, into the 20s across the mid south. that does not include the wind chill. last year we had ice along the hudson as well the difference then david, that was january. now we're almost into march. >> yeah the winter that won't end. rob marciano along the hudson. thank you. we're going to turn now to the snp"american sniper" trial and the guilty verdict. the former marine that will
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spend the rest of his life behind bars. for the first time theed all owe from the interrogation tape released. asked if he knew what he did was wrong. it's the audio the jurors heard, and tom, you'll hear it too. abc's ryan owens from texas. >> we the jury find the defendant guilty. >> reporter: what that the marine turned murderer will spend the rest of his life in prison. these seven jurors plus five others found him guilty. >> no one wants to think, gosh i just put somebody away for life. the only thing that gave me peace is that there was so much evidence. >> reporter: evidence like this interrogation tape. from the day routh killed "american sniper" chris kyle and littlefield. the jurors say the way he answered this question invalue dated husband insanity defense. >> you know what you did today is wrong, right? you understand that? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: the judge did not allow audio to be broadcast during the trial, so this is our first time hearing the
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killer's voice. >> i had to kill men today. it wasn't a want to or a -- it was a need. i had to. >> reporter: the state did not go for the death penalty against eddie routh. if they had. show me your hands, how many of you think you would have voted for death in this case. three hands for death. >> i think he played the system. >> this young man knew right from wrong. >> reporter: the jurors say they fought back tearing during the emotional testimony of kyle's widow, taya. >> that was outside our house on easter morning. chris hiding easter eggs for the kids. >> reporter: the jury says the movie played no role in their decision. though two in this group say they'd seen it. >> i never really thought about the movie. we were there to hand down the judgment and that's what we did. >> reporter: the jurors say the verdict may have been southwest, but it is also just.
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and they hope it helps the victims families heal after two agonizing years. david? >> ryan owens on the trial from the start. ryan thank you. now, to new jersey tonight. we showed you that gas explosion last night here. the home dissent grated. tonight, we learned the main culprit wasn't even in the home. abc's tom llamas from the scene again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, new clues about how this house went kaboom. a police dash cam catching the moment, this jersey shore home exploded. investigators say natural gas from a leaky pipe outside the home built up into the basement then ignited when it came into contact with a flame from either the water heater or the thermostat. just behind me you can see what remains of this home. just the basement what was underground, and that just a charred remain. the entire house now in a million pieces. we found this, part of a door, literally blasted across the street. last night, crews worked to find and fix that leak. new jersey natural gas says the
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gas main was cracked, but they don't know why. >> i just left to drive my son around to fall asleep and, like within minutes, the explosion happened. >> reporter: 15 people were injured, including six fire fighters and a utility worker who remains in critical condition. luckily the home that exploded was empty. utility officials say if you smell a strong odor of gas in or outside your home leave immediately and call 911. those two steps could be the difference between life and death. tom llamas, abc news, stafford township, new jersey. >> tom, thank you. and now to that commuter train derailment outside logs angeles. multiple injuries. and new information tonight. investigators searching all dale through the wreckage for clues. that driver now under arrest. this evening, what we've learned about how he ended up on those tracks. abc's cecilia vega in california. >> reporter: tonight, that fiery explosion and the aftermath under investigation, the truck hit by a southern california commuter train unrecognizable. officials on the scene today
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and now jose sanchez ramirez under arrest on suspicion of felony hit and run, accused of fleeing the scene after yesterday's crash. investigators say the pickup truck turned on to the tracks driving 80 feet until the train slammed into it. police say the driver may have turned too soon, thinking he was already at the intersection just ahead. >> it was not stuck. it actually traveled down the railroad track itself. >> reporter: the driver's lawyer says sanchez ramirez was visited the area and became disoriented. >> this was an accident. that's all this was was an accident. >> reporter: in all, 28 people rushed to the hospital, but investigators say it could have been so much worse. they credit new technology. watch this demonstration. a train above, an older model. below, the cars are not crushed upon impact. instead, the car takes the brunt of the crash, not the passengers. and last year alone, there were 2,000 carver us train accidents
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on tracks just like these. as you can see behind me these tracks are back open tonight, and david, we are hearing that that train enginee critical condition. david? >> all right, cecilia, our thanks to you tonight. and now to the major airline issuing a blunt safety warning to its own pilots. united airlines is ordering flight crews to do a better job following procedures. the warning issues after several reports of potentially dangerous cockpit errors. united telling under the circumstances tonight, this is part of their ongoing approach to safety issues. >> you now to a battle headed to the supreme court. tonight, a young woman who says she was denied a job because of what she wanted to wear. here's abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: abercrombie & fitch. receiving a lifetile of preppy youth and skimpy clothing. they're known for their sexy sales people across the world. but when samantha applied to be one of them she was rejected. abercrombie told her they had a,
6:45 pm
quote, look policy. no held scarves allowed. tonight, she took her fight all the way to the supreme court, saying she was discriminated against because of her religion. her lawyer reading a statement on he ber behalf. abercrombie abercrombie said she never told them she was wearing the head scarf due to religious reasons. >> this policy that's been changed? >> reporter: this case again several years ago and aber com com bee has abandoned the policy. >> ryan smith, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the battle over one of the biggest hit songs in a decade. and marvin gaye's family was in court today. singer robin thicke there, as well walking out of the courtroom. pharrell there, too. did they steal the song or were they simply influenced? also the concern in space for an american astronaut in space what was discovered in his
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introducing... a pm pain reliever that dares to work all the way until... the am. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. next tonight, to that court case, that battle over the hit song blurred lines. singer robin thicke on the stand today, facing the family of marvin gaye defending his smash hit with pharrell. here's abc's linsey davis. ♪ everybody get up ♪ >> reporter: he was a superstar whose number one single sold more than sold 15 million copies. but now, robin thicke is a witness in federal court. he and co-writer pharell williams, accused of ripping off a song by legendary soul singer marvin gaye. see if you can hear the similarities. first, the marvin gay song. then "blurred lines." ♪
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♪ ♪ hey hey hey ♪ >> reporter: today, thicke testified he's been called "the white marvin gaye" and he's always been a fan, as he told vh1. >> one of my favorite songs of all time was marvin gaye's "got to give it up." so we tried to get a little groove like that going. >> reporter: as this plays out, another case of alleged copycat music quietly resolved. listen to tom petty's classic and then sam smith's smash hit. ♪ well i won't back down ♪ ♪ oh won't you stay with me ♪ >> reporter: smith and petty reached an amicable settlement. petty calling the whole thing "a musical accident." petty went on to say, "these things can happen. most times you catch it before it gets out the studio door." you this thicke and pharrell insist that's not the case with "blurred lines." they say this is their own. >> thank you. when we come back the space
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doctor: symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free prescription offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. to the index and that concern in space. an american astronaut, water discovered in his helmet at the end of his space walk. nasa says he was in no immediate danger. but it does raise important safety questions tonight. we've reported on this before. to the frightening fall now for madonna. watch this tumbling backwards, wow, down that staircase there while performing in the uk. she did get back up and kept singing. tonight, ma dondonna tweeting "my beautiful cape was tied too tight but i'm fine." we all know the song -- ♪ let it go ♪ >> apparently you don't have to let it go. they are back tonight. the new trailer for frozen fever," anna's birthday party. the sequel debuting march 13th. when we come back here on "world news tonight," our team and their great adventure today on one of the great lakes.
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and finally here most of us are over it but it is beautiful somewhere, and alex perez is on lake michigan. >> reporter: tonight, over a frozen lake michigan, we embark on a journey for a glimpse at a true winter wonder -- rarely seen ice caves. >> i want you guys to follow in a single file line behind me. >> reporter: our guide, eric lapaugh, leading us as we trek through the snow to the shoreline. all of that white out there, that's actually water. we're going to head in that direction to find the ice caves we're looking for. one wrong step and we plunge into bone-chilling water. this is the cave right here. the entrance is kind of small. can you see all this ice here.
6:58 pm
we have to get down to get inside. once inside angry waves now motionless. >> as the waves crash up and freeze it creates these beautiful glowing icicle formations. >> reporter: usually spotted once a decade but with the recent arctic winters, this is the second year in a row the majestic caves form here. mother nature's masterpiece, shining through the burn of the bitter cold. alex perez, abc news glen arbor, michigan. >> alex thank you. and thank you for watching. we'll see you here tomorrow night. good night.
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