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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  February 26, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> winter weather alert for you this noon. much of the region is still covered in snow and slush right now. >> winter weather advisory just expired as the storm system moves out of the area. our team coverage begins with chief meteorologist doug hill this noon. hi, doug. >> we have good signs around the area. patches of blue are showing up. i don't want to oversell the sunshine. maybe a little bit. the fact is the snow is finished and skies have brightened and we'll put this down in the books as far as the snow moving out of the area. we can confirm that on our live super doppler radar last
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patches of snow moving across the bay and that will be that. and as far as the bigger picture goes, the snow conditions along the coastal areas and it will skim southern new england and we'll watch west tomorrow a little disturbance pretty much going to fall apart. maybe some friday flurries in the area. the main story now, temperatures and we're above freeze already at reagan national airport at 34 degrees. 32 at quantico and some had to shovel and clean windshields. i'll let you know how much snow we have around the area. jacqui has more. jacqui? >> the storm performed pretty of as advertised and here we are outside of our studios in rosslyn and there's hardly any evidence of the snow. if you look at the sidewalks, there's a couple of patchy wet spots. no snow here. they have it cleaned up very well. if we look at the street everybody is back to their business, cars are moving along just fine. people are out having their coffees out here and the streets look more wet than slushy or snowy at all.
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let's look at the numbers and look at the snowfall map of what we had and the numbers across the region around trace amounts in northern maryland. down to germantown two inches in ashburn. we had about two inches in dulles airport at reagan national. heavier snow are expected to our south, fredricksburg at four inches. four at king george and more than five inches in calloway maryland. let's look at our map that we made yesterday. and the storm watch 7 team put this together. there you can see a trace to an inch in northern areas. the one to three across the metro and that three to six inch span that came on through. get another one out of the way. >> thank you. parts of southern maryland saw the most snow in this storm. john is live in mechanicsville with a check of conditions there. john? >> good afternoon. the sun is out here in st. mary's county. we're thawing out a little bit.
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at last check still pretty cold. about 32 degrees and i can tell you the snow stopped falling around 11:00 this morning but that's after it snowed relentlessly for about seven hours straight and here's what's left behind. take a look. a good three, four inches of snow on the grassy areas and a lot of this was on the roads and even the main roads. this is route 5 but you can see this afternoon, it is nice and clear. just a little wet. we have some video to show you of hundreds of salt and plow trucks that came through here throughout the morning and they started off with the pretreating and then the salting and then the heavy lifting. they dropped the plows and did a great job of clearing the main thoroughfares here. before that it was accident after accident this morning here on route 5 and really throughout the entire area here in southern maryland. cars, reports of cars hitting utility poles, cars on the sides of the roads. and even cars into cars. we spoke to one lady driving her pickup truck. she was going down the hill and
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said it was very icy and she felt the impact. >> i was hit. i was going down the hill and the car was speeding behind me and tried to slam on the brakes. when they tried they fishtailed into me. i'm so sorry, i have to answer this. this is actually related to the accident. >> and just moments after we spoke to her there, she was actually transported by ambulances to the hospital suffering some minor injuries. that's her pickup truck left behind. so again like we've seen already this winter, not a major snowstorm but just enough snow at the wrong time of the day that created plenty of headaches. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> our team coverage continues this noon in virginia where state police received more than 800 calls about the crashes or disabled vehicles. since the storm began. jeanette reyes has been reporting on the road conditions all morning long and joins us live with what you need to know before you head out the door.
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jeanette? >> well right now, we're in springfield and road conditions are drastically better now compared to earlier this morning. traffic is moving at regular speed so on interstate primary roads. plows are now working their way into your neighborhood streets which you may have seen still need a little more treating or plowing especially those sidewalks there. but take a look at how b conditions were earlier this morning. that snow started to come down around 4:00 in the morning and conditions were quickly deteriorating. nearly 1500 vdot crews pretreated all of the roads in northern virginia overnight and continued to do so well into the morning. at one point, it was a bit challenging to keep up with all of that snowfall. we saw a number of cars slide off the roads. some minor accidents as well. delays cancellations and people heeding the advice to stay home certainly helped keep those numbers to a minimum. as of right now though only concerns are possibly black ice here and there on overpasses bridges and elevated areas but other than that vdot crews
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certainly did a great job treating these roads, plowing these areas and as i mentioned, those neighborhood roads are the last ones to go. and after that things will certainly look even better than they are now. back to you. >> in the district drivers woke up to a few slippery spots this morning. crews have been working since the overnight hours pretreating those bridges and ramps to help prevent refreezing. you have 24 hours to shovel away any snow in the district. officials are also asking property owners to put deicer or salt on their sidewalks. >> this winter weather forced amtrak to suspend some service in the mid atlantic region. regional trains between newport news and d.c. norfolk and richmond were all cancelled this morning. acela express and regional service are running on a normal schedule. abc 7 will continue to bring you the latest on this winter storm. be sure to stay connected and download the free weather app and following us on twitter. you'll find updated forecasts,
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snow pictures and school closings and delays. >> we are work to figure out exactly why a southwest airlines flight made an emergency landing in baltimore just about an hour ago. authorities say flight 319 was heading from atlanta to boston when pilots were forced to make an unscheduled landing at b.w.i. a spokesperson with the airport said the plane landed safely. we have a call into the airline to get some more details but we haven't heard back yet. happening right now, emergency response teams are investigating a possible case of ebola in arlington. this is at an apartment building on the 1100 block of north irving street in clarendon. they got report of a sick person who had recently traveled to an ebola infected country. the person was taken to the hospital and the arlington county department spokesperson said while the chance of this being ebola is unlikely they are taking every precaution. >> as of midnight, recreational marijuana use is legal in the district as long as it's used in private. but as mike conneen reports, the fight over pot is far from
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finished. >> at 12:01 a.m. marijuana activists started lighting up across d.c. celebrating the first jurisdiction east of the mississippi to legalize recreational pot. anyone in d.c. over age 21 can now possess, smoke or grow marijuana up to six plants in the privacy of their own homes. >> i would think it should be recreational. as long as you're, you know, you're responsible about it. >> the law also allows individuals to carry up to two ounces of marijuana in public as long as they're not on federal property and as long as they don't smoke or consume it. >> i don't think it's any worse than drinking. or anything else so i think it's fine. >> last fall d.c. voters overwhelmingly approved initiative 71 allowing it but on the eve of the district enacting the law, two republican congressmen with district oversight warned mayor muriel bowser, if you decide to move forward with legalization of marijuana in the district you'll be doing so in knowing and willful violation of the law. despite the threat of a possible lawsuit, legislative action and even jail time bowser did not
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back down. >> i have a lot of things to do here in the district of columbia and me being in jail wouldn't be a good thing. >> adam who spent years advocating and campaigning for legalization says he plans to double down demanding that congress removes legislative riders that would allow the district to tax and regulate marijuana sales. even now under the new law selling and buying the drug remains illegal. >> we need to stand by our city government and be ready to take to the streets. we might have to protest. >> in adams morgan mike conneen, abc 7 news. >> new developments this noon in the fight against isil. jihadi john the militant believed to be the one who beheed several western hostages has been identified. marcy gonzalez reports now on what we have learned about the masks terrorist. >> the isis executioner jihadi john now identified. the masked man shown in many
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videos showing hostages including three americans being beheaded is muhammad emwazi. >> a beautiful young man, really, it's hard to imagine the trajectory trajectory. >> the "washington post" reports he is a native of kuwait, a college graduate who grew up in west london. >> a lot of the focus appears to be on this house in a quiet suburban street. >> emwazi is in his mid 20's and went to syria to join isis three years ago. authorities have reportedly known his identity for several months but are still trying to track him down. this as police and the f.b.i. arrested three men who live in brooklyn new york yesterday accusing them of plotting to help isis. investigators say they wanted to fight alongside extremists overseas or launch attacks here in the u.s. allegedly posting on isis websites about bombing coney island killing police officers and assassinating president obama. >> this is real. this is concern about the lone wolf inspired to act without
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ever going. >> one of the men a 24-year-old arrested yesterday just as investigators say he was trying to board a plane at j.f.k. airport heading to syria. and more than 20 other people in the u.s. have been arrested in just the past year accused of trying to join isis. meanwhile, the white house and british officials are not commenting on muhammad emwazi. marcy gonzalez abc news, new york. >> equal internet access. the f.c.c. vote that would change the speed of your internet. and new details about our safety in the sky. the new warning one airline just issued to its own pilots. >> plus a water main break so bad, an entire town is without water. why it could last up to a week. >> and more onur winter weather alert. doug is back with the latest on our chance for even more flurries and snow showers.
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>> right now, a desperate search for an apparent serial shooter in houston. this man is believed to have attacked five people in the past week picking his victims at random. one of those victims has died. the key detail linking these shootings, a dark s.u.v. the suspect is believed to be in his early 30's with a stocky build, a light mustache and a beard. >> an unusually blunt warning this noon from united airlines to its pilots. it's reiterating the importance of being alert in the cockpit. in a memo, it highlights significant safety concerns concerning recent close calls to other airlines. it said "let's not think for a
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moment that something like that could happen at united." >> he with learned that the senate judiciary committee approved president obama's pick for attorney general. loretta lynch faces full confirmation before the full senate. if approved lynch would be the first african-american woman to hold the nation's top law enforcement post. she's nominated to take over for the outgoing attorney general eric holder. everyone in the u.s. could soon have access to fast internet. the f.t.c. passed a set of new rules and it bars internet providers from blocking or slowing apps. it would allow the government to interfere with business. the senate is moving closer to approving legislation to fund the homeland security department. the bill no longer includes provisions to block president obama's executive actions on immigration. conservatives, though, in the house say that's essentially a surrender to the white house. it's not clear how the house will vote. funding for homeland security expires tomorrow at midnight.
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meantime israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is set to address congress next week. amid increasing tension, that is, between the two allies. abc 7 and our sister station newschannel are taking an in-depth look at u.s.-israel relations. it airs next tuesday night at 7:00 on newschannel 8 following the prime minister's address and you can watch it on line at >> we now know the next big milestone for the purple line will be in may. that's when maryland governor larry hogan will see the new options about the future of the project. "the washington post" reports that four companies competing to build and operate the line from bethesda and new carrollton are finding 60 days to cut costs. that includes longer time between trains or limiting service in off-peak hours. >> an entire pennsylvania town is still without water this noon after a large water main break. it happened in bradford a local college, homes and even businesses all left without water to cook with clean with or even flush toilets.
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it took crews more than 15 hours to find the break because the frost was so deep. and officials say it could take up to a week to repair it and restore those water services. and water main breaks and freezing pipes have become common sight this winter. for insurance purposes homeowners are being told to take before and after pictures of roofs walls, ceilings and pipes. and also make sure to make temporary repairs to prevent any further damage. >> all right. let's see how low it's going to go today. >> close to 32 so somewhere probably in the upper 20's to low 30's in most areas today. not terribly cold and drop back in the 20's tonight. but whatever is liable to melt tonight probably when we go below freezing icy patches. so let's get started. there's always pleasant sides to these snow days. that's bonnie. adele sent this from fredricksburg. so bonnie enjoying her time in the snow and also lori sent this from st. maury's county.
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five inches of snow. snow day for the kids. guess they wore their pajamas inside out. it worked. one more shot from charlie davis. really impressed coming in from southern maryland given the fact that the roads were good. drivers were behaving themselves. everybody giving extra time and keeping it low, it was good. if we could handle all snowstorms like that here, we'd be in great shape. down on the chesapeake bay eight inches of snow. tops the list. 6.6 in ridge, maryland. that's in st. mary's county. fredricksburg, 4.0. baileys crossroads 2 1/2. share your pictures with us right now and we'll be happy to share those on the air. as far as those left on doppler radar snowwise not much. one little band now moving across som eastern shore of maryland and that is that. the sun is trying to peek out a
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bit. we may see that in some areas today. warm spots is reagan national locally at 34th. 35 now in fredricksburg so we'll get some melting. it is not going to get down in single digits. we won't have a hard freeze. but with the snow and the slush and any of the snow that melts we'll definitely be in a cold enough range for icy patches, something you have to watch very carefully. satellite and radar shows everything quickly moving out. i mean the storm system was really flying. the jet stream upper level winds, the jet stream in this area about 140 miles an hour and that was system so quickly. that's why it came in so fast got out so fast and a little bit of disturbance left out that could produce a flurry in some spots. snow is out of here and as we get through the evening hours, we'll drop down into the middle 20's and that will set the stage for icy patches through the morning and take a gander at the next seven days. temperatures cold. remember, our average high is 50
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degrees now. lucky to be around the freezing point the next three days. sunday will warm up to 40. we'll have rain on monday. temperatures in the upper 40's. we could briefly turn into a mix of rain and snow tuesday night. and close to 50 degrees by next wednesday. could it be that the worst of winter is behind us? is it possible or am i just dream snging this? >> my hunch is we're not. my hunch is we'll have more snow. >> we're in meteorological spring right now. >> not until the 1st. not until sunday. >> jumped the gun. >> sunday spring. >> there you go. >> coming up here on abc 7 news at noon, hidden danger that comes with budgedndling up in these cold temperatures. >> the one thing that you're wearing that's exposing you to dangerous bacteri
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>> "7 on your side" with a health matters reports. winter clothes, especially our gloves can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. a test of 27 gloves revealed 26 of them contained bacteria like staph and mrsa. experts recommend cleaning and air drying your gloves often. >> out of this world collection of photos are now up for auction. more than 600 vintage nasa photos will go to the highest bidders in london. they include the shot neil armstrong snapped on the moon. and the pictures that buzz aldrin took while on a spacewalk. images are expect to sell for anywhere between $465 to
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$15,000. >> it is #tgit tonight on abc 7. "gray's anatomy" starts at 8:00 and "scandal" takes the night off because the two-hour "how to get away with murder" season finale starts at 9:00. stick around after that for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> should be some good tv. and perfect to watch because it is cold. and the temperatures are sticking around. >> doug is back with the last look at what we can expect heading into the weekend.
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>> netflix is expanding its line-up aimed at children. they announced five new kids shows including remakes of "inspector gadget" and "danger mouse." four of the five new shows are animated series. "inspector gadget" will be the first of the shows to debut arriving next month. >> you can bet netflix is probably getting a workout with all the kids at home because of the school cancellations. >> good day to watch movies as well. here's what we have weatherwise for you today, temperatures holding steady in the lower 30's. may see a few breaks in sunshine in spots. otherwise, a cloudy day. we'll see some melting and some refreeze tonight with cloudy skies again. maybe a few overnight flurries and through the day tomorrow highs in the low 30's. more about what to expect at 4:00. >> ok. see you then. >> thank you. and thank you for joining us this
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