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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 27, 2015 2:37am-4:01am EST

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ownership of it. so far, no charges filed. how do you steal a house? >> log cabins they are kind of fun places to go. >> mobile someone stole a house. >> maybe it was a mobile home log cabin. >> clearly it was mobile right? we have an issue here that is splitting this country apart right now that needs to get resolved. families friends, even our own newsroom is split. people are taking sides. >> big question -- we can't seem to agree on the color of this dress. are you seeing blue and black or white and gold? the picture popped up on tumblr raise and trigger ed 4 million tweets in a number of hours. the dress is trending worldwide. >> some people have seen it both ways saying the colors have switched. i see blue and gold. >> i see white and gold. >> that simple. >> what do you see, deb? >> white and gold. >> what do you see. >> black and blue. >> black and blue.
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>> what do you see. >> white and gold. >> jack. >> white and blue. >> nobody can agree on what color the dress is. >> you know what that this means? >> what does it mean. >> we need our tv monitors fixed. >> maybe we need to get back to something more important. >> buy more expensive tv monitors. that's what it means. coming up "insomniac theater" julianne moore looks for laughs. and a new approach for school children with autism, how about yoga. it is leading to remarkable results. leading republicans have their eyes on the white house. the meeting underway today and what they are saying about hillary clinton. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by swiffer sweat jet. hird. i'm like a big bear and he's my little cub. this little guy is non-stop. he's always hanging out with his friends. you've got to be prepared to sit at the edge of your seat and be ready to get up. there's no "deep couch sitting." definitely not good for my back. this is the part i really don't like right here. (doorbell)
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former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. the official name is the uss gabrielle giffords. it hit the water for the first time -- bless you -- for the first time in alabama. some final touches before it is formally launched. it will travel at 50 miles an hour. everything all right over there? >> i believe so. thank you for asking. >> no worries. plenty of action on the other end of the political spectrum with presidential hopefuls already eyeing the oval office. >> contenders for the gop nomination have been out in force at cpac and our political director shushannah walshe has the highlights were. >> reporter: for the gop a vital stop on what they hope will be the road to the white house. >> god bless cpa c. so there's not a single democrat here . >> cpa c, a gathering of conservative activists many of them young and likely 2016
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candidates come to try to win over the crowd before they hit the 2016 campaign trail. >> i did run in track. i was good at the half and quarter mile. i have been running three times in the last four years. so i'm getting used to it. >> reporter: wisconsin governor scott walker, former hewlett-packard packer ceo, ted cruz bobby jindal former alaska governor sarah palin and new jersey chris christie taking the stage on thursday. christie said his tough talking style is passion but he had a message for the white house. >> more of that stuff should be happening in washington, d.c. because there is so much ridiculous stuff spewed especially from the white house. someone should say it is time to shut up. >> christie wasn't alone. almost all of the contenders took aim at the president from the cheers of the crowd. >> while christians bow our heads to pray for you, radical
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islamists want to cut off your head. >> president obama has disqualified himself shown himself incapable of being our commander in chief. >> reporter: it was the irene that that took on the person all of these contenders may face off against, hillary clinton. >> she tweets about women's rights in this country and takes money from governments that deny women the most basic human rights. hillary may like hashtags but she does not know what leadership means. >> former florida governor jeb bush will speak at cpa c today. he has been busy fund-raising and this is the first time at a forum or cattle call since he signalled his interest. easing the agony of autism in the classroom. talk about simple yoga classes
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now and exercise could help behavior and improve productivity. the classroom on the edge. next on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
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autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in america. increasing in prevalence since the year 2000 by nearly 120%. >> as the numbers grows the race is on for schools to find increasingly effective tools to help children deal with the disorder. one of the tools has turned out to be yoga. >> reporter: 11-year-old ethan has autism. his verbal language is limited and even the slightest change in routine, like our tv camera can disrupt his entire morning. the overwhelmingness of coming off the bus and getting in to a building and going to the cafeteria, it is all very high tense for him and he has a lot of high sensory needs, as well. >> reporter: now there is something that is making a difference in how ethan feels and behaves, both in and out of
2:49 am
his bronx classroom. a yoga therapy program called get ready to learn uses a 17-minute video each morning before class to teach students on the autism spectrum from moderate to severe to high functioning. >> we have kids coming in who have undergone so much stress just from the school ride in, we transition up not to mention whatever might be going on at home. >> reporter: she launched the program following feedback from a pilot program in 20 new york city classrooms. for students like ethan, the session is a chance to prepare for the day. >> the first change is you feel total peace. your brain is quiet. you feel very calm inside. you might not recognize carrying stress but when the stress is dpon there is a sense of safety. >> reporter: in a classroom that always includes trained on-site facilitators the video shows
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anne demonstrating poses to soothing music. >> many students arrive at school in fight or flight and what happens is when students or adults are in this state the thinking part of the brain isn't working. the ears aren't listening, even though you don't have hearing problems and you are unable to hold new information and memory. >> reporter: the program plays to their strengths with repetition, structure, routine a visual model. >> after six weeks of the program, 40% of the parents reported children were sleeping through the night. parents were noticing changing in eating habits. from students that were mono eaters their children were beginning to speak and we had so many students that began to speak that first year. ♪ >> reporter: now after three years, it's making all the difference for ethan and his mother. >> his behavior has improved. there's a sense of calmless that he has especially in he
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mornings. his attention span has, wow, blown my mind. let put it that way. >> reporter: now in 12 states three countries and 600 new york city public schools, therapeutic yoga maybe a way for students on the spectrum to reach maximum peace and potential. >> one in 68 children have been diagnosed with this and a they are saying they are going to spike in autism diagnosis. so this could help so many people. >> that is a great story. i mean we evolve for years, certainly in this business have done so many stories and the impact autism has on pamlys children in particular with parents. it is frankly scary these day and people can't explain it. it is one of those things but this is possible relief and thanks to our -- park who has been here the last few months. today is our last day. super star producer and upand coming -- >> great story. great piece.
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time for our favorite segment of the week insomniac theeter. >> two movies opening this weekend, start requesting "focus." it stars will smith as a seasoned con man who falls for his protege margo robbie. there she is. she gets too close for comfort. he break s it off three years later she is an accomplished femme fatale herself now and turns the tables on him. >> i really like to show you all of the things that i learned. like how i learned how to play men, like i just played you. how's it feel? >> wow. >> yeah.
2:56 am
wow. >> i think you are losing it. that was pathetic. >> yeah pathetic is actual lay word that some people are using to describe this movie. "focus," despite the 64% rating on rotten tomatoes the new york daily news says smith is at his worst yet and writes the one time fresh prince and former box office chaing look looks tired, bored and uninspired. and peter debruj of variety if the perfect con is about diverting one's focus this keeps you distracted until the end. >> it has will smith. come on. >> that's all you need to know it is will. >> next up newly minted oscar winner julianne moore as a washed up actress trying to jump start her career amidst a soap opera of a dysfunctional hollywood family achasing money, celebrity and each other. >> i don't believe this. my crazy assistant just bled on my $12,000 couch.
2:57 am
>> i'm sorry. i'll pay -- >> go to the kitchen and get perrier and bleach and google the best way to get rid of the stain. i pick you up off the street. give you money so you can be late for work and you have your period on my furniture. >> goodness. >> wow. >> despite 66% ratings on rotten tomei may toe s maps to the stars is -- by critics. "the new york post" s calls it a camp j poisonous letter to tinseltown that makes sunset boulevard look like a tourism infomerical. lindsey bahr writes it is an occasionally fascinating if messy ride. >> we have given you two great options there this weekend. jeez. >> i'd go and see both of them. >> i will go with "focus" this weekend. >> i will go with both of them in my p.j.s. >> months down the road. that's the news for this half hour, folks.
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this morning on "world news now," identity revealed. the hooded isis militant wanted worldwide for the barbaric murders of hostages. >> had his dna, fingerprints had taken pictures of him. they were watching him. >> reporter: new details about who he is, where he grew up and what may have led him to isis. on edge, the serial shooter picking victims at random opening fire at pedestrians. >> pulled right up alongside of me window down already, already had on his mind what he wanted to do. >> the intense manhunt and precautions taken today in one major american city. later, running amok. llamas brought to a senior center for a visit, they run off. the frenzy to catch them as the wild scene gripped the nation. it is friday, february 27th.
3:01 am
>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." it is a what? >> type of cam sgll type of camel. >> a lam ma is a type of camel. >> everybody was gripped by the story yesterday. >> it was pretty incredible. >> it was weird. how do you get llamas on the loose. >> llamas on the loose. they are kind of camels. >> all right. got plenty of time to get if to that but we have other stuff to get to first this morn ing. >> fascinating story that broke this morning with ne new details about the british man believed to be jihadi john. >> he has been on the radar of the british secret service for years and complained that friends at mi-5 tried to recruit him as an informant. >> reporter: unmasking a barbaric murderer the terrorist known as jihadi joan noen shown in isis videos beheading western
3:02 am
hostages identified. a senior intelligence official saying he is mohammed emwazi. he is a native of kuwait a college graduate who grew up in this neighborhood in west london. >> such a beautiful young man. really it is hard to imagine the trajectory. >> reporter: those who knew him well say before he left for tear gentleman three years ago where he later joined isis emwazi had grown frustrated with the british government. the "washington post" reporter who uncovered his identity was told mi5 questioned emwazi and tried to recruit him. >> they had his dna, fingerprints had taken pictures of him. they were watching him. what happened? did he fall off their radar? >> reporter: u.s. and british intelligence officials have known who was behind the mask for months but still have not commenting. as the hunt for emwazi continues the family of one of his victims, american journalist steven sotloff said they are
3:03 am
confident he will be caught. >> want to go and watch him be prosecuted and convicted in an american court of law. that's american justice. >> if you hurt an american you are going to be brought to justice in some fashion. >> reporter: there is some concern the search will be more complicated now emwazi's name has been released. british authorities wanted to keep it a secret hoping he would eventually call home and they would be able to track him. t.j. and reena. >> thank you so much. with less than 24 hours to go no deal in place to fund the department of homeland security. house republicans are expected to vote today on a plan to fund the agency for three weeks. the senate will likely pass that but it is working on a separate bill to finance the department long term. congress has until midnight tonight when the funding runs out. the largest maximum security prison was placed on lockdown for hours after violent confrontation between inmates and guards. it started while a prisoner was being searched. a number of understand mates
3:04 am
assaulted seven officers. a situation eventually brought under control and the guards were treated and released. the incident remains under investigation. the houston area is on edge this morning as a serial shooter remains on the loose. the gunman struck five times in the past week leaving one of his victims dead and police are scrambling to track him down before he pulls the trigger again. for more here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> in houston, police say a gunman is hunting pedestrians shooting people at random as they walk the streets. >> we want to bring him to justice for the community members and the family where they don't have to live in fear. >> reporter: one school on lockdown, children kept off this playground. first shooting happened here less than a mile from the elementary school. that victim wasn't hurt but a half hour later 34-year-old pak ho was killed. two more attacks that night, both victims hit but expected to be okay. on monday morning, another man
3:05 am
wounded. savalas holmes was huft hit in the leg when the man pulled up alongside of him in a jeep cherokee. >> he pulled up beside me. had on miss hind what he wanted to do. that's when i turned to run and he shot me. >> be on this lookout for this man and if you have you have to walk somewhere don't alone. >> no rhyme or reason. no particular time of day. no gender race anything. it just seems the attacks have been random. that is very scary. >> one of the shootings happened here in this otherwise quiet neighborhood not the place you would expect trouble. police say there is one pattern in all of this that is all of the victims were alone at the time they were attacked. neil a carlin ski, abc news missouri city texas. >> an update on the murder trial of former new england patriots star aaron hernandez. the jurors were shown
3:06 am
surveillance video showing him dancing an hour before the murder of odin lloyd. they ran up a $250 bar tab earlier that day. she said she had to step in and when he and another man were smoking weed. >> i believe marijuana because that's where the smell was coming from. i asked them to put it out because other customers could smell it and they did. >> massachusetts prosecutors say the same car in the gas station surveillance video was later spotted in the area where lloyd's body was found. hernandez has pleaded not guilty. star running back adrian peterson's nfl suspension has been overturned and the nfl is appealing that ruling. a federal judge sided with peterson saying roger goodell acted outside of his authority last november when he suspended peterson because of a child abuse charge. they said it can't retro actively apply because it
3:07 am
occurred before the policy was in place. parts of the south are cleaning up from the rare snowstorm in alabama. police used military humvees to patrol the roads. this morning most roads are passable but secondary roads are iffy. schools will be closed another day. some businesses are also staying closed or opening late this morning. that southern storm is moving out to sea without bringing more snow to boston. the city only needs another six inches of snow to set an all-time record. meanwhile, the region's snow-crippled mass transit won't be up for another month. they replaced the general manager this week. snow is getting people fired these days. >> keeping kids out of school. >> this is serious. more details now, safety warnings we were telling you about were issued to united pilots. one pilot in an on-line forum said the messages the pilots got
3:08 am
are routine. the memo follows some close calls. scary stuff here. abc's david kerley with more. >> reporter: a united airlines crew got so close to the ground unintentionally they heard something like this. >> terrain, terrain, pull up. >> reporter: and made an emergency pull up avoiding disaster. that as well as a crew landing with fuel below critical reserves. near misses recently that prompted an unusually blunt, brutally honest safety alert to all united airlines pilots last month. >> there should be no pussy footing around it should go to the source of the worry, which is guys pay attention to basics. >> reporter: this crash in alabama is highlighted. noting that crew thought everything was normal until just before impact. it was a lack of crew communication. >> no one should be god and everybody follows. you have to have communication in the cockpit and no one should be ever worried to speak up to a
3:09 am
captain. >> reporter: united acknowledges to its pilots who have been merged with continental airlines that some are flying an aircraft that is new to them and add retirements and new hires has introduced a significant risk in to the system. a risk united says it is trying to deal with. david kerley abc news washington. president obama's former press secretary has a new job. jay carney has been hired by amazon. it includes existing pr and public policy teams. carney will split his time between seattle headquarters and washington, d.c. . britain's prince william is well in to the second day of his visit to japan. william is meeting with japan's emperor today. the tour continues through sunday when he travels to china for a four-day visit. back here at home a trip to the heart land. some new stars at the zoo in omaha. >> yeah. they were cared and handlers
3:10 am
yesterday. baby penguins i'm sorry. i'm seeing the video for the first time. i'm trying to see what is going on a. they will be in a playpen for a couple of weeks because their feathers aren't water proof yed yet. >> and they need separation to get used to the noise and action in the enclosure. give them a few weeks to grow a bit and then they will be ready to rock with the rest of them there. >> who knew it took all of this. >> i didn't know their feathers needed to be. >> they are not water proof yet. >> who knew. >> they are two rock hopper penguins and a gentu weighs 12. sounds like someone is getting more than the other. coming up the frenzy on tv and social media as a couple of -- this is so messed up. we have a tom llamas that works here and we have a story about
3:11 am
llamas llamas. it is spelled the same way. it is llamas running for freedom. >> not tom llamas running for freedom. >> he may be. >> what will happen is we will call him tom llamas. >> let's focus. >> turning those sexy selfies in to big-time careers. how the hottest models in fashion were scouted on social media. this is my favorite "world news now" music. ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by head and shoulders. start the interview with a firm handshake. firm, but not too firm. make eye ay,no! don't do that! try new head & shoulders instant relief. it has tea tree and peppermint that cools on contact. and also keeps you 100% flake free. i use it for cooling scalp relief in a snap. mi bebé ha crecido tanto. try new head & shoulders instant relief.
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a $29 value -- when you use promo code go. call now. ♪ we have a couple of honorary animals to tell you about. they caused a stir in arizona yesterday. >> a pair of llamas dashed out of a phoenix area retirement community and ended up leaping
3:15 am
in to international stardom. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> eastbound about three miles an hour in pursuit of these two. >> reporter: for a few exhilarating minutes, we were a nation united by llamas on the run, specifically a mother and baby. part of a group of therapy llamas visiting residents at a phoenix elderly care home. apparently the llamas got spooked and made a break for it weaving through the streets, stopping traffic. this guy tries to play it cool but barely misses the grab. that's when the calls start from people offering all kinds of advice. >> they said feed the llamas pumpkin and they will stop. >> faster than the llamas an exexplosion of 22,000 llamas tweets and photo mashups including thelma and louise on the run. and las coes thrown from the back of a pickup llamas were in
3:16 am
custody. high fives all around. >> how long was the chase. >> two and a half three hours. >> reporter: clayton sandell, abc news. >> when is the last time you saw somebody use a lasso to diffuse a situation? i like how the lady said try a pumpkin. >> how long does this go two, three hours. this story was all over the place. this is hilarious. weren't we rooting for the llamas? >> of course we were. we really did want them to sort of -- not a thelma and louise moment but somehow make it off. >> the movie didn't end well. >> i don't think it is a good analogy. oh, there you are. green pasture with your lam ma. >> what's around my neck? >> that's what the "my little pony" left you from yesterday. >> really? we're back to that. >> start yodelling now. ♪ >> my little llamas. >> are you going to yodel. >> i don't know how to yodel. ♪ >> is that right, jack?
3:17 am
>> okay. >> is that right, jack. >> >> he said do it again. don't do it again. >> can you yodel. >> we will let that go. winter wear could be making you sick. we'll tell you what we found out about people's gloves. some nasty stuff on there that will make you think twice about how clean you are. you could be one quick away from super star do . how instagram turned these ordinary people in to overnight successes. that is up next. you are watching ♪ "world news now." >> ann
3:18 am
♪ >> this music makes him so uncomfortable. >> i'm sitting here in the wee hours of the morning with my sister essentially and they are
3:19 am
playing this sexy stuff. >> there's a reason for the sexy music. >> it unnerves me. >> a road to stardom for models. used to be long winding, bumpy, paid with expensive head shots, agents never eating a darn thing. >> that's not -- well maybe a that is part of it. social media is changing that. thanks of course to instagram you could be a click away from being the next kate moss. here's abc's own supermodel mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: matthew may look like he was born to model with his all-american looks and toned physique but all of this is all brand new to him. just six months ago, this was his life. working construction with his dad in pittsburgh and playing college basketball. >> i was basically working like odd jobs and then when basketball season came around, i'd focus all of my time and nefrt to that.
3:20 am
>> reporter: how did he go from hometown hottie to high fashion? all thanks to this. we took a photo and i was just standing there. i had cut off blue jeans on and beat up boots. >> reporter: that photo changed his life. it caught the eye of wilhemina agent. >> he looked like an all-american guy that was blond, looked 6'2" in the photo and i'm like he is a tall blond guy and i'm like okay. >> reporter: newcomer no more. he is modeling for big designers hoping to find the next fresh face the fashion world is constantly mining social media. >> i think specifically with instagram it allows you to have an instant and direct access to see somebody's personality. it makes the casting process for people in the industry and myself much more seamless and easy. >> reporter: matthew isn't the only one. winny harlow famous for emprasinging -- was discovered on instagram by tyra banks.
3:21 am
>> i found you. i saw you on social media. >> skate border men's photo caught the eye of a modeling agent. he is in dkny ads with supermodels. matthew's new jet set life is something his father hasn't gotten used to. >> he saw me with a hair drier before which i never thought of using one but i guess it gives volume to 0 your hair. >> reporter: modelling tips and tricks. >> i was using it. he walked by the room and i looked at him and he shook his head like laughed and he is like that's my other daughter. >> reporter: like all models now, he's working on building his social media following. >> reporter: how many instagram followers did you have a year ago? >> six months ago when they found me in the summer i had around 1,000, maybe 1100. and i'm like close to 40,000 now. >> reporter: since our interview two weeks ago, he's gotten 10,000 more followers. for "nightline," i'm mara schiavocampo in new york.
3:22 am
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3:25 am
time for the mix. yelp and the "huffington post" did a survey across the country. what's the most popular retail stores in each state. look at the most interesting ones. in arizona hot tub s and pools. >> makes sense. >> arkansas medical supplies explain that one. >> we have a lot of medical issues in my state. >> in my home state, florida, swimwear with sdplchlt makes sense. >> in arkansas knitting supplies. >> because you have to stay in a lot, right. >> you have to stay in to stay warm. >> need something to do. >> yeah. arkansas why medical supplies. >> it's your home state. you tell me. >> a couple of major hospitals. i'm going to check on that. roll this footage for me. guy jumps off of kiln man
3:26 am
jarreau but does it with this wing suit. you have seen these before. this is the first time we are getting this particular view. that's gorgeous off kilimanjaro. this is a russian daredevil. we have seen some of these videos but each is more fascinating. >> our lower third there is appropriate, wing and a prayer. >> more prayer maybe. >> now the polka. ♪ ♪
3:27 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ applause ]
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
now," the world's most wanted man, the barbaric isis terrorist this morning on "world news now," the world's most wanted man, the barbaric isis terrorist who taunted president obama, his identity revealed. the storm and ice that made method mess out of the south. ngerous conditions and schools d businesses still closed day. caught on camera citizens recording police officers and their questionable conduct. how viral videos can lead to major investigations. later in "the skinny," family decision. how the kardashians made a major long-term decision about their reality tv show. the information and the jaw-dropping amount of money involved. it's friday, february 27th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good friday morning to you. i'm reena ninan. >> hello to you all.
3:31 am
i'm t.j. holmes. we have new details about the man behind the mask, essentially called jihadi john. you have seen him in the isis videos. >> we know he has been identified as a 26-year-old man born in kuwait and now a british citizen. abc's brian ross has the details. >> reporter: the identity of the world's most wanted man is confirmed as a 26-year-old college educated british citizen, mohammed emwazi who's masked face and voice have come to symbolize pure evil. >> our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people. >> reporter: president obama vowed to get him in an interview with a tv station. >> if you hurt an american you will be brought to justice in some fashion. >> reporter: it was soon after the beheading of james foley in august that u.s. and british authorities first figured out who the masked man was with his facial characteristics and british accent helping to give him away. >> i'm back obama.
3:32 am
>> reporter: the u.s. was helpless to stop him as american steven sotloff and peter kasig and two britains and two japanese hostages became his next victims. >> the name is just a very small piece of the overall identity. the real goal is identifying where he is, who his network of associates is, and being able to take action against him inside a place like syria where we have a lack of resources. >> reporter: emwazi name was kept secret in hopes he would reveal his location by communicating with his family in west london where he grew up after emigrating from kuwait where he was born. the family and friends of steve sotloff said they hope he is captured alive. >> we'd like to see him in a court of law being charged with his crimes and having to answer for what he did. if he is simply killed in an air
3:33 am
strike we won't know anything else. >> he had been on the radar of british security services for five years and complained to friends that mi5 had tried to recruit him as an informant. now he is a man with a target on his back. brian ross, abc news, new york. six young people from montreal, four men and two women recently left the country to join isis. they apparently followed the now familiar path flying from turkey in hopes of crossing the border of syria. one father said to be so worried about his son joining isis he took the young man's passport but he got another one with. 11th hour deal has been reached to fund the homeland at least for now. democrats indicated they would agree to the measure and predicted president obama would sign on. funding runs out tonight. severe weather in the south may have more impact on air travel. thousands of flights have been cancelled because some hubs are in cities not used to seeing this much snow. snow paralyzed some communities
3:34 am
as abc's steve osunsami reports. >> reporter: blame this one on the snow. a gas station roof collapse in north carolina, and this one too. police north of charlotte had to rescue a couple inside of this suv after they slid off a bridge and in to the creek. that's the horn still blaring. >> i would say unless you have to be out, stay off the roads. >> reporter: for the second time this week in alabama, drivers on interstate 65 were stuck on the ice for the night. the snow has even come to this, humvees to the rescues. humvees to the rescues. >> i just think it is wonderful . >> i just think it is wonderful that the cops are helping us. >> reporter: since the winter storm began to hit the south hard last week, the airlines have cancelled 7,000 flights. in boston .2 inches of snow, now 5.7 inches away from a record. 1,000 schools are closed in 8.2 inches of snow, now 5.7 inches away from a record. 1,000 schools are closed in three states. this is expected to melt and then refreeze again.
3:35 am
steve osunsami, abc news, calhoun, georgia. most of the country has a lull in between winter storms today. there's snow in the forecast from rockies to the texas panhandle. some rain in the pacific northwest but bitterly cold today in the midwest and northeast. >> highs today in chicago, minneapolis are 17 degrees. 19 in detroit, kansas and denver. the northeast will not get above freezing. dallas barely thaws. the northwest will make it to the low 50s. well, former college basketball player is suing a tulsa, oklahoma, bar after an attack by five bouncers was caught on camera. michael sanchez and a friend are seen on surveillance video last fall getting punched, choked and dragged. he said they were paying for drinks at last call when the bouncer told them to leave and charged at them. the bouncers were arrested and charged with assault and battery. >> cameras seem to be rolling no matter where you might be. some are capturing questionable actions by police officers. dramatic cell phone images
3:36 am
sometimes lead to major investigations. more now from abc's tom llamas. >> he's just an old man. >> reporter: because of this video -- a highway patrol trooper is under investigation for tasering a 59-year-old man who had his hands up, and also in florida. >> stop, you are hurting mega. a. . >> a broward sheriffs deputy on restricted duty when this cell phone video went viral showing him dragging an inmate deemed mentally incompetent through a courthouse hallway. the incident still investigated. >> this was so shocking, i figured that hopefully by pulling out the camera this would stop which of course it didn't. >> reporter: a growing number of citizens are using their phones to capture police officers on the job using questionable tactics and their videos sometimes leading to internal investigations. in south florida alone, in less than a month, three cases caught on camera, including this one. >> whoa! >> a ft. lauderdale officer
3:37 am
slapping a homeless man before arresting him. the man was charged with trespassing but did the cop go too far? prosecutors will decide. they are looking at the case and at the video. tom llamas, abc news, new york. police in missouri have made a unique bust, chocolate-covered marijuana. they put -- sounds interesting to you. >> delicious maybe. >> you are very hungry today. 400 pounds of it on display yesterday. the street value $50,000. authorities say they need to get stuff like this off the streets because it could be seriously harmful in certain situations. >> what if these get in the hands of children and that could be certainly dangerous. we're certainly worried about that >> good point. more and more edible forms of marijuana are seen particularly since states have started to legalize pot. a 42-year-old man was arrested in the bust. time for something new here on "world news now" what we are
3:38 am
calling the "stunning study of the day." are you aware of this? >> yes, very interesting. >> they don't run these things by me. this comes from the university of michigan. researchers have discovered that pizza is the most addictive food there is. >> amen. >> you need a study for this seriously? food addiction study. it says pizza and other addictive foods trigger the same area of the brain activated by other drugs like marijuana we were just talking about or cocaine. among other addictive foods, french fries, chocolate. this is not surprising. >> not at all. >> do we need a study? >> no. >> you have a chick-fil-a study. >> chick-fil-a is some of the best stuff out there. >> really? >> from the south we have them on every block. >> it is a southern thing, isn't it is. >> love the chick-fil-a. >> and the waffle fries people are in to those. >> oh, yes. addictive. >> yes. >> when you see the next scene you may think that chick-fil-a could be on the list of addicted foods. >> look at that. >> this is a store opening in connecticut. it had some people in line for over 24 hours.
3:39 am
>> i told you it was good chicken. chick-fil-a gives away free meals for a year to the first 100 adults that go through the door. >> so you mean every year you get free chick-fil-a. >> first 100 people get free chick-fil-a meal every day for a year. times. >> i could come in multiple times. >> you know how cold it was in . >> i could come in multiple times. >> you know how cold it was in >> i could come in multiple times. >> you know how cold it was in connecticut yesterday? >> i don't. >> you could get hypothermia possibly. have you ever had ick-fil-a? i have. it is worth it. some in florida and one by e white house where i went to llege at george washington iversity. believe it is the only chick-fil-a in washington. maybe there's more. i don't want to say that. >> you should understand it's worth it being out in the cold for chick-fil-a. >> you are in to chick-fil-a. >> i sound like i own stock in the company. >> i don't. i like chicken. >> they don't have a lot of vegetarian options. >> they do not. where are we going here. >> "the skinny." >> "the skinny" coming up.
3:40 am
kanye west back in the skinny. he is apologizing. can you imagine? >> okay. >> and the dazzling dress scene at the oscars. stolen. gone. >> loved it. >> lupita, gone, stolen from her hotel room. first winter gloves and the dangerous germs they scary could be the most disgusting clothing that you own. you are watching with "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by resolve. to you by resolve. does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it. resolve it. our new formula with a special conditioning ingredient softens your carpet with every use. it's resolve, so you know it cleans and freshens but now it also softens. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. and try resolve for amazing stain removal the first time.
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there's another reason this morning to pour another cup of coffee. a study finds drinking four cups or more a day may reduce your risk of multiple sclerosis by a third. previous studies have found coffee drinkers were less likely to get other neurological diseases like parkinson's and alzheimer's but there's no proof that coffee prevents these diseases. you maybe reaching for your coffee at your favorite cafe, but you might want to take the gloves off first. >> turns out our winter clothes, in particular our gloves are an
3:44 am
ideal breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. who better to look at these studies than abc's becky worry. >> reporter: they hold railings, open doors, push strollers, and sometimes they do that. so what germs are on our gloves? we took to the snowy environments. can i swab your gloves? >> to swab wool, leather and nylon. >> you are getting in there. >> reporter: i'm serious. we tested for bacteria and viruses. how often do you wash your gloves? >> i never think about it. >> reporter: scary. we swabbed our fellow about news employees. >> i have a cold. i'm kind of scared to see what will happen. >> reporter: you are holding your own gloves. >> you are making me self conscious. >> reporter: the result, 26 of the 27 samples we tested were positive for bacteria, while most are harmless, nine tested positive for bacteria like staph and mrsa which could be harmful if they came in contact with an open wound and one sample with a
3:45 am
coronavirus that doctors say is a cause of the common cold. >> staph, that makes me want to wash those gloves or just throw them away. >> my gloves are disgusting. >> staph, scary. >> i will be more conscious about my gloves, where i put them. >> every time your glove comes in contact you take away some bacteria on the surface. >> reporter: here's the good news. dr. wittier says on gloves bacteria may not last long. in some cases hours or minutes. >> it is not alive on the glove long because it has nothing to help it survive. >> reporter: experts say don't keep your gloves balled up in your pocket, let them air dry, wash them often and dr. wittier says you can use a disinfectant wipe for certain fabrics. but -- >> the number one rule is always be conscious not to touch your face. ew. not doing that again. becky worley, abc news, new york. >> becky didn't tell us which of the producers at abc have staph
3:46 am
in the various -- i'd like to know. >> this works actually. i lost my gloves yesterday. >> oh. >> madonna thing going. >> my madonna thing. i thought it was a "50 shades of grey" thing. >> i wasn't going to go that direction. >> all right. that's another segment. >> is it another segment? please, we have time now. we learn something about reena every night. ♪ there it is. right on cue. >> right on cue. >> man, look at this. keep that music going. play us on in to break. reena ninan. 50 shades of reena. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ >> topping our headlines this morning, the $100 million family. >> it will be difficult for anyone to keep up with the kardashians after the latest deal they reportedly inked with the e! channel. $100 million for four more seasons. this according to page 6 and
3:49 am
confirmed by "people" magazine. >> the parent company, nbc universal, denying the deal but an insider says the network is trying to keep the deal under wraps for future negotiations with other stars. it would make the kardashian jenner clan the highest paid stars of reality televisioning history. if you can get it knock yourself out. >> does bruce jenner appear? does he get a cut, kanye, what's going on? >> is jenner still in the family? yeah. i heard he has some things ing on lately. >> that's why we'd like to see him and know what is going on, get an update. speaking of the other ar stars, it appears kanye west is helping himself to a slice of humble pie. >> i'm not going to read that line. he's going to get upset with me. >> for saying mr. kim kardashian. >> i don't think he would like that. he took an apology to beck. there you see it. i'd like to publicly apologize to beck.
3:50 am
i'm sorry, beck. does that get it done? >> we should explain. this is -- remember during the grammy awards earlier this month, west almost interrupted beck, you see right there when he took the stage to accept album of the year. beck actually beat out beyonce. >> that was kind of funny initially there but during the after show west went off. kanye said that beck needed to respect artistry and he should have given his award to beyonce. maybe he cleared it up or change of heart there but an apology is an apology. >> was there too much bubbly involved? possibly. >> never know. either way his apology seemed to come around. good for you, kanye. >> sometimes it is hard to say i'm sorry. that's another song. "hard for me to say i'm sorry." a mystery of the missing oscar dress. >> this is heart breaking. the stunningle calvin collide collection by francisco costa
3:51 am
custom made for lupita nyong'o for the academy awards was stolen from the star's hotel room on wednesday. >> authorities are checking surveillance video. no arrests have been made. the dress is studded with 650 natural pearls. worth 150 grand. >> she looks so stunning in that dress. >> may never see it again. >> don't say that. guess who is putting one on for his new role. >> the newly minted oscar winner eddie redmayne stunned audiences with his portrayal of one of the smartest and strongest men. he is stretching his range. >> wow, look at that. >> he is portraying a transgender pioneer in "the danish girl" that is the guy who just won an oscar. >> looks fantastic as a woman. redmayne said he is observing the minutiae of the feminine physicality. everything from putting on hose to walking in heels. >> he is working with the same woman who helped him portray world renowned physicist stephen
3:52 am
hawking. "danish girl" in theaters later this year. coming up a look back at the week that was. at the week that was. shake. firm, but not too firm. make eye ay,no! don't do that! try new head & shoulders instant relief. it has tea tree and peppermint that cools on contact. and also keeps you 100% flake free. i use it for cooling scalp relief in a snap. mi bebé ha crecido tanto. try new head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans they pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs.
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. well it's been quite a week of well, it's been quite a week of major evens from terror scares to justice served and scandals unfolding. >> also a week of glitz, glamour and stars on parade urging us to stay weird, stay different and call your mama. here's our friday rewind. >> the isis capability on social media is nothing short of remarkable. >> this is real. this is the concern about the lone wolf inspired to act without ever going to the mideast. >> i have heard a lot of people refer to me as the american crusader. i'm not here for violence. i'm here for peace. sometimes the peace comes at the end of a sword which today is the end of a barrel. >> an attempt to connect with
3:56 am
that veteran, to make him feel comfortable, i incorrectly stated that i too had been in special forces. that was wrong. >> there was no original road rage situation between tammy meyers and crystal meyers and anybody. >> he follows them home. they are at home trying to get in the door, he follows them in and kills her. so whose fault do you think it is? >> we the jury find eddie ray routh guilty. >> we waited for two years for god to get justice for us on behalf of our son, and as always god has proved to be faithful. >> i think i just wasn't in a good place emotionally to make good decisions. it's not an excuse but it was stupid and we should have called a taxi. >> it is our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the united states of america. >> for that kid out there that feels she is weird or different
3:57 am
or doesn't fit in anywhere, yes, you do . i promise you do. you do. stay weird, stay different. >> if you are lucky enough to have a parent or two alive on this planet, don't text, don't e-mail, call them on the phone. >> it's great to be here. who am i kidding? this is just great fun. >> fun night, wasn't it? >> they made -- i called my folks. after that speech from j.k. >> did you? >> yes, i did. >> don't forget to head over to our facebook page to take a look at the week back and check out "in case you missed it." >> our plays of the week. some of the stuff you don't see behind the scenes and lighter moments. >> some are goofy. >> she has the goofy ones. i have the lighter ones. >> why would people think that? really the opposite way around. >> actually i was looking for it and i can't find it. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. and i can't find it. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
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3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, most wanted. the isis terrorist known as jihadi john now identified by authorities. overnight reaction from his victims' families here at home. race to 2016. republican presidential hopefuls gathering right now taking aim at the white house, but who will rise above the rest? close call. another commuter train just seconds away from plowing into a car. but a fast-acting cop saved the day. and the great debate. the dress that's owning the internet right now. the picture playing tricks with your mind but what color is it? and why do we all care so much? and good friday morning to you all. we have to s


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