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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 27, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> > tonight, the major weekend storm about to hit, from denver to chicago to boston. the major pileup already. 25 states in the path. and the dramatic no vote. is congress about to allow funding for homeland security to run out? and the most wanted terrorist in the world, wearing a pittsburgh cap? brian ross and why they blocked our camera. and diane sawyer the little league mom behind bars. and the dress, why are we all seeing something different? finally, an answer tonight.
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good evening. we have a lot to get to this friday night. we begin with the major winter storm set to hit this weekend. more than 120 million americans. in the last 24 hours, treacherous driving. in oklahoma and in texas, the black ice the invisible danger. and this pileup on a texas highway. and look at the gridlock here. rob marciano with the path of the storm, 25 states. but first clayton sandell from denver. >> reporter: snow is hitting the south tonight as millions brace for yet another storm. 15 cars piled up outside dallas-ft. worth. traffic at a standstill. >> my son has shoulder surgery. the snow isn't bad but we just can't get there. so they're walking a half an
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hour to get to the hospital. >> reporter: a ft. worth cop offered an extra push today. icy treacherous roads vexing drivers across the south. in north carolina, slippery highways tossed suvs upside down. one driver died in this crash blamed on ice. but there are also tales of survival. like that couple near charlotte rescued thursday from their car after sliding into this creek. and in minnesota, ryan neslund is counting his blessings tonight. he was on an ice fishing trip when his truck fell through, sinking fast. >> as soon as i knew i was out of air up there i'm like, well this is my last breath that's available so i said, "i'm just going to go for it." and swam down, out the window. >> reporter: saving himself without using his legs. neslund is a parapelegic. >> really, really lucky that i'm here. >> reporter: here in colorado, denver just broke its record for
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snow in february. beating the old record that held for 103 years. but we are not done yet. there's more snow on the way this weekend. david? >> that's why rob marciano is with us. this is a sweeping system. >> denver to dallas towards st. louis, through pittsburgh and new york city. all dancing along the rain/snow line. 2 to 10 inches of snow higher in the mountains. and a lot of cities are inching towards records for the month of february. boston just five inches away. >> and a major system in the west. >> california they'll take the rain. but there are some issues. all weekend long, some welcome rain. but thunderstorms could be strong. >> rob, thank you. now to breaking news tonight involving our own homeland
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security. will congress let funding run out? a midnight deadline, and now a no vote. let's go to jeff zeleny on capitol hill. >> reporter: well if a deal isn't reached, there will be no pay for border agents and airport security agents among others. local law enforcement could feel the pinch. they tell us they will try to keep it the through the weekend, but that's far from certain. >> jeff thank you. and breaking news from russia. pictures coming in right there in the shadow of the kremlin,
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one of putin's biggest critics, shot down one day before a protest march truehrough the capitol. terry moran, with us. what do we know? >> reporter: moscow is in shock. boris nemsov gunned down. cameras capturing the incredible scene. he was struck four times, was going to lead a march for peace against the war in ukraine on sunday. exposed massive corruption. >> in the end, do you worry about what's going to happen to you? >> i was born in russia and will die in this country.
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>> reporter: tonight, putin says he will personally take challenge of the investigation into his death. david? >> terry, thank you. now to the other major headline the international manhunt for the most wanted terrorist in the world. wearing a pittsburgh pirates cap there, that team saying they're sickened by the image. here he is as a young boy. brian ross and what he's learned tonight about the boy's childhood. and why our cameras were turned away in west london. >> reporter: this is the face of isis, according to his neighbors, without his mask and his knife. mohammed emwazi, as seen on the front pages of british newspapers tonight, a london college student with a sneer and, unaccountably, a pittsburgh pirates baseball cap. how he went from this, to this is the puzzle authorities and friends are trying to answer tonight. >> we'll begin to slaughter your people on your streets.
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>> reporter: one friend told the bbc emwazi was happy with his life. after graduation. >> we never realized he would go to be jihadi. >> reporter: but one of emwazi's elementary school teachers told the bbc tonight that at the age of 11, he was put into anger management therapy because he was getting into fights. >> we'd find that he'd get very angry and worked up and it would take him a long time to calm himself down. >> reporter: by the age of 21, u.s. and british authorities say emwazi was desperate to find a terror group that would take him. first trying to be part of the al-shabaab group in somalia, and finally accepted by isis about two years ago. emwazi came of age in london as radical islamists were urging young men to join the jihad against the u.s. and britain. most prominent was the activist anjem choudary, who we went to find today outside the city's biggest mosque. did you know him?
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>> he told me he did not know him but called him a muslim brother whose brutal acts he refused to condemn. so as of now, you don't want to condemn him. >> i know who i want to condemn. i want to condemn you guys for being the tongue of the biggest terrorists in the world, the americans and their own allies, the british. >> reporter: british security services have been tracking him for years. but say he's just one of hundreds of young men being watched, and he was not a 24/7 surveillance. >> thank you. and now to a stunning case from missouri. six crime scenes, authorities sigh saying many of the victims are from the same family. alex perez has the story. >> reporter: tyrone missouri
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in complete disbelief. >> i knew every one of them. it's just so sad. so sad. >> reporter: the blood bath began last night with a 911 call from a young woman that fled her home when she heard gunshots. the scene scattered across six locations. they believe he arrived home to find his mother had died of natural causes authorities believed. some time after this, he went on a shooting spree, killing seven people all adults. four of them identified as his cousins. later found in a pickup, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. one of the vicktims has been hospitalized. they did not find a suicide
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note. >> thank you. to the economy tonight, new numbers on gas prices heading up quickly. up ten cents in a week. in one state, up 20 cents in 20 hours. here's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: days of gas prices below $2 are firmly in the rearview mirror. one state, california seeing the biggest record jump ever. in los angeles, prices up 20 cents in 24 hours. what's driving things? refineries are switching to their spring fuel blend. it's more expensive, but more efficient. they expect prices up seven to ten cents in the coming week. >> thank you. we turn to a stunning new
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portrait for life behind bars. diane sawyer documenting the reality. daily life in four prisons, eight months in the making. more than 200,000 women behind bars. diane sawyer is here. >> yes, cell by cell story by story. including the story of a little league mom that remembers watching "good morning america." >> i was thinking about that today. every morning, you and charlie. >> yeah. >> that's what i watched, getting ready for work and getting the kids' lunches packed. >> a loving husband, a good job. she was a little league mom. one day, a painful car accident
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and a prescription leading to heroine. stealing checks her sentence, 13 1/2 years. and black women are still incarcerated at twice the rate of whites. in another cell this woman says she was here for 36 years. her lawyer told her to take a plea. a few years ago, she asked the governor of maryland of lethal injection. >> yes, because of the victim's families and everybody. i wanted them to know i was sorry for the crime i had committed. >> prison, a world of complex codes. a combustible duo of secrets and
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contraband. and we wanted you to know, we did reach out to the victims' families. >> and you were telling me you spent time with the youngest woman on death row? >> yes, we wanted viewers to look at her and decide what they would do about her life. >> we'll be watching tonight. hidden america a diane sawyer special tonight on "20/20." in the meantime an outpouring for beloved actor leonard nimoy. celebrating the man best known for playing spock. he had a faithful following around the world as mr. spock of the starship enterprise. and he loved the arts
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photography, painting. >> we have these rituals, we shake hands, we not to each other, bow to each other. salute each other. what do vulcans do? i suggested this. >> he started acting at 8 years old. and was attaching acting when he landed his signature role. the hit show would be spun off into movies. william shatner as captain kirk taking the voyage with him. >> i am and always shall be your friend. >> tonight, shatner tweeting i loved him like a brother. but nimoy would reveal, he was
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torn to through the years, at times distancing him from the character. he wrote two books, "i am not spock, " but then "i am spock." in the "star trek" revival, he was cast as an older version of spock. spent years writing poetry. but nothing quite as poetic as his final tweet. a life is like a garden. live long and prosper. and even though he went back and forth over the years about his "star trek" character, he would ultimately say, if i had to be someone else i would be spock. much more coming tonight.
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thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended large companies in america. if you're current or former military or their family, see if you're eligible to get an auto insurance quote. next tonight, new developments into the investigation into the stolen oscar gown. tonight, we're learning how much the pearls could be worth. brandi hitt tonight. >> what do you think of them taking your dress like that? >> reporter: tonight, lupita nyong'o spotted at jfk airport, keeping quiet about her now-famous stolen oscar gown. the dazzling dress, one of the most talked-about on the red carpet, the oscar stage and across social media sunday night.
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nyong'o later changing out of it, for the afterparties. detectives say someone stole the expensive gown wednesday from her swanky west hollywood hotel room sometime between 8:00 am and 9:30 pm while the oscar winning actress was out. some rare pearls can be worth millions. but the dress, designed by francisco costa for calvin klein, that took 25 people 10 weeks to hand sew 6,000 pearls, is valued at $150,000. >> we're going to see gowns insured or followed by security. >> reporter: a thief, now clutching one of the most recognizable gowns in the world that pawn experts say, won't fetch much on the street. if someone were to cut these pearls off the dress. >> it's only a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, maybe. the value was wearing the dress. >> reporter: brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. when we come back here from the cover of men's ees's health to
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how are ya? good. aleve. proven better on pain. to the "index," congressman aaron shock our your money team asking if he will pay for his office. he will $35,000. and the trailer with a race car inside stolen from a parking lot, place say surveillance video shows a silver jeep driving up. and if you felt bad leaving your dog this morning, a new study says they have a short-termemory of about two minutes. so they likely forgot you left. when we come back, final
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all day today. white or gold blue or black? or black and blue? why do we see it differently? here's linsey davis. >> reporter: it has us debating all over. >> white and gold. >> black and blue. >> reporter: it all started with this post thursday night asking this question. what colors do you see? >> yellow and white. >> reporter: for sure? >> my wife says blue and black. >> reporter: married couples squaring off. it's the devil with the blue or white dress on. as always, the devil is in the details. we went to the experts. what's going on? >> we're picking up cues that allow our brains to pick it up.
6:58 pm
>> reporter: our brains are like the white balance on a camera. play with the brightness. does that make a difference? and for the skeptics we tracked down the dress in london in person in the back of a shop. the question as clear as black and white. or in this case black and blue. linsey davis, abc news new york. >> thank you for watching on a friday night. we'll all be watching diane's report later tonight on "20/20." until then, good night.
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welcome to "wheel around the world." in spain, , we are "la rutela de la suerte." "igbliani borbali" is our name in georgia. turkey -- we are "carki felek." [ speaking turkish ] let's start the show. wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen here are the stars of america's game, pat sajak and nna white. that's us. ththis iss the english-language version. thank you. thank you, jim. [ speaking indistinctly ] i got go. i got to go. hey, how you doing? nice to see e you all. there you go -- our first "toss up" coming up. it's a "song title." it's wth $1,000, and off we go. [ bell chimes ] kim. "londo


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