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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: the police are investigating what caused a driver to hit two people standing near a bus stop. more fallout for a rabbi who secretly recorded women during a ritual bath. and a calm start to the weekend, but changes are on the way. get ready for more winter weather. we begin with winter weather alerts, some of us could see a winter remix tomorrow. road crew spent part of the day pretreating the roadways ahead of the trucks going out in the morning to clear the messy roads. steve rudin has a timeline of what to expect. steve: it will be messy, especially late tomorrow morning into the early afternoon. the temperatures well below
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freezing dulles 27, same gaithersburg, 30 reagan national andrews at 30. a satellite radar, this weather maker is approaching from the east. -- approaching towards the east. it will impact our weather in the morning. dry conditions through the evening. the temperatures will begin to fall other quickly, into the 20's by 11:00 tonight. tomorrow morning waking up early, heading out to grab a cup of coffee, walking the dog, you will want to take it easy. heaviest snow will be north and west of d.c., western maryland north of frederick. a coding in d.c. is likely, up to an inch -- a coating. then we have a wintry mix that will likely last several hours into the afternoon. freezing rain likely, ending with all rain. i will give you the timing and how much snow to expect across western maryland and to the north and west. all of that and much more coming
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up in a few minutes. kimberly? kimberly: stay with abc 7 and as we track the winter weather alert. if you have not already, download the stormwatch app. anne arundel county police have released surveillance video of the vehicle wanted in tuesday's drive-by shooting near the a rundle mill shopping center. -- near the anne arundel mills shopping center. the victim said he was driving when the suspect pulled up alongside his vehicle and began shooting at him. several bullets hit the man's carful stop he was not hurt. if you know anything, call the police. a frightening scene in montgomery county, a car barreling off the road, hitting two people standing near a bus stop on connecticut avenue in kensington. kevin lewis has the latest. is that glass from the bus stop or the car window? kevin: it is from both, really
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kimberly. crews spent much of the day clearing the debris. all that remains our bits and pieces of broken glass. tonight, riders return to the curb along the busy stretch of connecticut, waiting to board their bus. >> connecticut avenue, several people injured, vehicle overturned. one trapped. kevin: an urgent rescue at this bus stop in kensington. this auto mechanic followed the resounding noise, documenting the aftermath with his cell phone. a toyota prius on two wheels, a girl underneath, both legs broken. >> a lady jumped out, but it was too late. kevin: authorities say that the driver had a seizure or diabetic attack, turning his on got a car into a bullet. >> she started screaming like
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crazy. kevin: hours later, a fresh batch of riders stood among the wreckage. glass coated the sidewalk, a black middle then she twisted like a rubber band. -- a black metal bench twisted like a rubber band. while waiting, these riders were reminded that it could have been them. >> you hope that nothing happens to you but you are looking at some of you as a human being in their life is at stake. you know, you are just shaken. kevin: i spoke with the man earlier today who maintains many of the bus stops. he says about 450 spread across montgomery county. across connecticut avenue, there is one of the roadway. that is what this one used to look like he for the crash today.
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pretty remarkable. the 18-year-old girl underwent surgery. no idea how long the recovery will take, but she is expected to survive. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. kimberly: very good news, thanks, kevin. funeral services held this morning for a man killed in a crash in northwest washington. philip snodgrass died monday when his out-of-control suv -- when an out-of-control suv slammed into him. the driver, james chandler, was arrested and faces second-degree murder charges because the police say he was speeding and high on pcp at the time of the crash. new details on a d.c. rabbi who pleaded guilty to secretly recording women using a jewish ritual bath. rabbi barry freundel has resigned from his teaching duties. he was a rabbi in georgetown for more than 25 years. last week, rabbi freundel pled
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guilty to 52 counts of voyeurism and faces over 50 years in prison when he is sentenced in may. interesting timing for one event in the district this weekend -- a cannabis expo took place two days after recreational marijuana became legal in d.c. richard reeve is live with the details. a lot of people talking about the "budding" business. richard: that's right, this is the first marijuana-related expo since legalization. it was sold out, a lot of people talking about the new law and making money. this is no ordinary trade show. >> no trade. richard: for the academy -- >> this be ground zero of the cannabis industry. richard: a michigan company is sponsoring the event. no actual marijuana sold here
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but two days after legalization in d.c., gear, clothing, even instruction manuals are up for sale. did you ever think you would be standing in a marijuana expo? >> never, ever, ever in a million years. richard: two ounces or less are now legal in the district. >> it's the only city in the country that has to go to congress for its budget. richard: some republican lawmakers are not happy about the new law. >> there is no way to implement this without spending money. when you do that, there will probably be consequences. >> they can lobby the appropriations committee, the authorized funding. richard: d.c. mayor muriel bowser says it is perfectly legal. >> as a business people need to take it seriously and not just somebody sitting on the couch. >> d.c. voters overwhelmingly passed initiative 71.
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so the will of the voter should be number one. richard: most people at the expo believe the debate will die down, but an interesting concept, cannabis as a business. a man from colorado said that his state has earned $24 million from sales tax on legal marijuana. richard reeve, abc 7 news. kimberly: an all hands on deck in the district for trash pickup. it is part of an effort to catch up on the tress collection that was delayed because of the snowstorms. residents complained the trash was overflowing onto city streets. the department of homeland security has enough money to stay open one more week. president obama signed a one-week funding extension before the midnight deadline. the bill passed congress late last night after a other funding bills failed to pass.
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at issue is the president's executive action shielding up to 5 million people from deportation. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will address congress next week. his speech comes amid increasing tension between the u.s. and israel. our national roundtable townhall airs tuesday night at 7:00 on news channel 8. that will follow president benjamin netanyahu's address. you can also watch it live at coming up, increasing pain at the pump. how much gas prices have jumped in the past week. an oscar gown stolen from a hotel room has been found. the reason that the free part of
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kimberly: breaking news from adelphi, firefighters on the
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scene of a car that slammed into a house on riggs road. the driver was trapped for a short time. the driver was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. nobody else was hurt. 7 on your side with a consumer alert for drivers. hyundai has recalled nearly a quarter million vehicles because of a power steering problem. it involves model years 2008 thropuugh 2010. federal regulators say that a sensor glitch could disable power steering, making the vehicles difficult to control. according to aaa, prices at the pump have jumped $.12 in one week for stop the national average stands at $2.40 per gallon. in d.c., driver opinion average of $2.49 maryland $2.38, and in virginia $2.25.
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the man who took april-encrusted oscar gown in hollywood has returned it not out of remorse but because the pearls were not real. tmz reported that a man called them yesterday, claiming that he took the dress from lupita nyong'o's hotel when he noticed the door was open. he said he removed the perl's from the dress, took them to be a priest found out they were fake. he then dumped -- took them to be appraised, and then found out they were fake. >> whether they are fake or real, it does not change the investigation. if we found out they are not real, we still have a grand theft. kimberly: lupita nyong'o released a statement saying that she was happy the dress was recovered and it is a timeless and priceless piece of art. up next -- steve is tracking winter weather headed our way. what to expect tomorrow.
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kimberly: flying into or out of one of the country's busiest airports is nearly impossible again tonight. airlines canceled over 1000 flights into dallas-fort worth airport because of a nice storm, -- because of an ice storm. tomorrow the temperatures will warm into the 40's. scary moments for youth hockey team when part of a snow-covered roof collapsed at a massachusetts skating rink. the parents and workers all managed to get out safely. state officials say that rooftops on more than 150 structures have collapsed because of snow this winter. snow can get very heavy. we have not had that kind of snow. steve: no, we have been lucky
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until the last few weeks. here we are entering meteorologist springtime tomorrow, and a little bit of an ice storm. will be fine this time tomorrow night, i promise. outside right now, no problems. if you're heading outdoors, maybe walking are grabbing a late-night coffee or dinner, it will be cold. the temperature at reagan national airport stands at 30 degrees, the windchill factor for degrees colder. the wind out of the south that three. the high earlier today, 32 degrees where we are now, 51 the average this time of year. well below average, where we normally should the, the last day of february. the satellite radar, no problems this evening, clouds clearing out, but they quickly will increase as we move through the late-night hours into early tomorrow morning. partly to mostly cloudy skies, wind light.
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upper nighttime lows in the upper teens to about 22 degrees inside the capital beltway. lots of cold air off to the north. the lower part of the screen right over here, this is the warm air trying to lift its way northward. that warm air over the cold air gives us the bigger problem during the day tomorrow. along with freezing rain and sleet during the midday. the storm located, the nasty weather brought to dallas earlier today, with all the travel delays. our clouds will increase and we will see light snow develop early tomorrow morning, especially north and west of d.c. the national weather service has posted a winter weather advisory at 7:00 tomorrow extending until early monday morning. that includes all the area shaded in purple, southern maryland, off to the north and west. the biggest problem will be this area, near the panhandle of west virginia into western maryland. along the mason-dixon line, you will see accumulating snow.
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as far as the timeline goes, early tomorrow morning is when it will start. in d.c., arlington, southern montgomery county the snow will hold off until midmorning. in the atmosphere changes. this model wants to show rain mixing in with sleet and freezing rain. then finally this begins to lift out late tomorrow afternoon and to the evening. -- into the evening. a few lingering showers, but should not amount to a lot. in terms of snowfall totals, 10:00 tomorrow morning, hardly anything at all. we'll be looking for sleet and slushy snow, so it will have a hard time accumulating. the jackpot areas will be well to the north and west. frederick county, could see anywhere from one to three inches of snow same with northern blotting county this time tomorrow. -- same with northern loudoun county this time tomorrow. sleet and freezing rain tomorrow, the high eventually making it into just above freezing. the next seven days, a little
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teaser wednesday, highs in the upper 50's, near 60 degrees. go to for updates and of course right here on abc 7. kimberly: a little taste of springtime wednesday. steve: making progress. kimberly: you had a taste of spring during spring training. robert: notice the tan? kimberly: absolutely. robert: coming up, the hoyas trying to make a case for their spot in the postseason. and it is senior day on college park.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> terp fans rushed the court tuesday after the victory over wisconsin. college park, where it is senior
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day. the final home game for dez wells. before the game, very emotional day for the senior. first half, 24-21 terps. dez wells gets way up in the air for the rebound. maryland ended the half, leading. the terps up 9. later in the second, check out this pass from melo trimble knocks down maryland's 11th three-pointer of the game, a season-high. the terps win. georgetown and st. john's. the red storm leading in the first half. jordan from beyond the nba line. the only bright spot for georgetown was smith-rivera, who finished with 27, including this deep trey.
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st. john's continues their hot streak in the second half. philip green drained six threes helping the storm to an 89-70 win. second ranked uva and virginia tech. second half come uva, barreling through the defenders, and one. second half, london parentes, playing his first game since breaking his nose against florida, nice pass come inside to malcolm brogdon. win virginias, 69-47. they cannot get any worse than it did last night. the wizards traded goods with a sixers team that is pretty much tanking on purpose. multiple reports say paul pierce and bradley beal will play tonight in detroit. at verizon, fourth quarter and
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jason richardson with the drive and bucket. the flush. later in the fourth, smith drives. and there is that guy again, he finished with 14 and 13 boards. the wizards lose 89-81. that is six straight losses. the caps hope and to be the last place team in the metro division last night. cannot do that if there is no d. canes take the lead in the first. in the second, jeff skinner finds himself all alone. he fires and scores. the canes win, the caps lose three straight, 3-0. and the new york knicks say that former nba power forward anthony mason has died full stop he was 48. he had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure earlier this month.
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i remember watching anthony mason back in the 1990's. kimberly: so young.
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kimberly: we have a little bit of winter and spring in the forecast. steve: a little bit of everything for everyone. snow changing over into a win to all rain. all at of your late sunday night, early monday morning. lower 30's on sunday, lower 40's on monday. spring tease wednesday. kimberly: thank you for joining us. we will see you back here at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." winter blast, tens of millions of americans, facing another round of dangerous weather. storms stretching nearly coast to coast. icy roads triggering wrecks and destroying homes. ticket to nowhere. passengers stuck at the gate and on the tarmac for nine hours. >> eight hours in everybody was pretty frustrated. delay after delay at a frozen dallas/ft. worth airport. and now, across the country thousands of flights delayed and canceled. global manhunt, the man behind the mask, the isis executioner, known as jihadi john, revealed. now even more of a mystery, chilling new details about the most wanted man in the world.


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