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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 6, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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on this friday night, breaking developments on the three out of a job in ferguson after the scathing report from the justice department. this evening, the president with scathing words of his own. and the rescue team racing to help harrison ford after his plane crashes. and tonight, the new pictures of the crashed plane. many asking, were passengers put at risk? and this evening, the major fears over flooding as we head into the weekend. and you'll hear about the new american inventions. who would you pick?
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good evening on this friday night. new images of the rescue team arriving to help harrison ford. but we start in ferguson missouri, after the report showing a pattern of discrimination against african-americans. three members of the police department out of a job now. and the president saying ferguson isn't alone. here's pierre thomas leading us off. >> reporter: today, more fallout from the investigation accusing the ferguson police of systematically discriminating against blacks. the court clerk fired and two police officers resigning after
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e-mails described as intolerable. >> this type of behavior will not be tolerated. >> reporter: federal prosecutors revealing data that shows unfair treatment by police. receiving 90% of citations. and president obama saying there were still pockets of disturbing biased enforcement. could the police department be dismantled? >> if that's what's necessary, we're prepared to do that. >> what about the police chief? is his job safe? >> reporter: no definitive word if he plans to resign or would be fired.
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so far, he's made no public comments about these staggering accusations. also breaking feder prosecutors considering possible corruption charges against new jersey senator bob menendez. abc news speaking with a federal official familiar with the case saying a criminal charge could come in the next several weeks. the senator's office saying he has done nothing wrong. and what we're learning about the close call for harrison ford. the new images of the plane struggling. and emergency workers racing to help. nick withatt on ford's condition. >> reporter: tonight, new images of the moment the 72-year-old
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movie star crashed to earth. paramedics tending to harrison ford on the fairway. startled golfers had just pulled him from the wreckage. >> we stabilized his spine and neck as best we could. and we were able to get him safely out of the plane and on to the ground. >> reporter: ford was piloting his vintage plane when the engine gave out. his familiar voice calling in to air traffic control. >> engine failure. immediate return. >> reporter: his desperate descent caught on tape by andrew varenhorst. >> engine splutter and cut out. >> reporter: the investigation, they say, will take a year to complete. but it appears ford's skill as a pilot, and dare i say his heroism, made this accident not being nearly as bad as it could have been. take a look at the aerial view. look how close the houses are. ford managed to land in the open space in the area, the golf course, clipping a tree and demolishing a tee box.
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>> he did his best to keep the airplane flying. there's not much you can do. rely on your good training and your piloting skills, which seem to have saved the day. >> reporter: yes, we've all seen ford fly in the movies. >> i didn't know you could fly a plane. >> reporter: he's also been doing it for real since the 1960s. >> what does flying give you? >> oh, man. a lot. i love the freedom of flight. >> reporter: and this was a lovingly restored vintage plane. now a wreck, towed away today for further analysis. ford's injuries are not life threatening. >> nick thank you. tonight, federal investigators working on the plane skidding off the run way at laguardia airport. david kerley covers aviation for
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us. >> reporter: the delta jetliner that nearly skidded into the freezing flushing bay had to be lifted by cranes overnight. the md-88 carried to a hangar. severe damage to its left wing and front gear. investigators looking for clues. why the jet slid off the runway, forcing passengers to slide down the wing. hopping to the snowy tarmac to escape, as fuel leaked from the crippled airliner. the shut-down runway, just added to the 5,000 cancellations which carried into today, even with the runway reopened. our flight to laguardia this afternoon, delayed three hours. laguardia is known for its relatively short runways and an approach from the north that pilots really don't like. but it's manageable, especially in good weather. but the weather was bad. the runway still with snow and ice on it even though it had just been plowed. the delta jet, once it was about two-thirds of the way down the runway, veered left and hit that embankment. there were some reports of bad
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braking conditions. but two pilots immediately i front of the delta jet reported good conditions. and vehicles like these regularly test runways to make sure braking conditions are good. should the runway have been closed? >> it's not the snow and the ice. it is whether or not you're at the right airspeed and you land far enough toward the end of the runway. >> david is with us live. how soon do we get a look at the flight data recorder? >> well, it's older, tape-based. we may get answers on monday. >> thank you. now to the deadly blast of winter late this week. and new concerns over flooding into the weekend. drivers in kentucky some stranded for 24 hours on the highway. finally free but the roads are still dangerous. and this bus in new york slamming into cars. and exploding manholes. alex perez louisville tonight.
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>> reporter: never ending backup, drivers on i-65 in kentucky barely moving today. >> traffic now backed up, semi to semi, bumper to bumper. >> reporter: this, after accidents caused by heavy snow wednesday stranded some motorists for 24 hours. ronnie trujillo brought his jeep to help his friend and spent the day digging cars out. >> the least i could've done is come down here and help. >> reporter: in dallas, it took a team of people to pull this semi out of the snow. in tennessee, at least four dead on the roads. , temperatures plunged overnight across the east. just 10 degrees in baltimore. 9 at dulles airport. back in kentucky, there is now new concern. with all this snow on the ground, and a possible warm-up on the way, here in louisville they are keeping a close eye on flooding. you can see those benches here near the ohio river already under water. in new york city, manhole explosions causing these street fires, road salt frayed underground wires sparking the blaze. back in the midwest, crews in
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michigan detonating explosives over this river to prevent ice jams. here's the good news. the bitter cold is moving out. much warmer temperatures expected as we head in to next week. david? >> alex thank you for reporting on the weather for us all week. and finally, the end in sight. >> 43 record lows this morning. some of the numbers, all-time records for the month of march. but we're going to warm up. we're getting closer to normal in the northeast. and some potential for flooding in texas. and rain no more snow for texas. >> and 44, we'll take it. now to iraq images of what
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some are calling war crimes. martha raddatz in iraq tonight. will american troops be involved in this effort? >> reporter: tonight,the images of destruction that stunned the world. isis fighters toppling ancient statues. using sledgehammers, drills, and chainsaws to erase all traces of an ancient civilization. and now word isis bulldozers have flattened iraq's city of nimrud. this is what the iraqi army is up against, all over iraq. from the north, where they are now waging their largest anti-isis offensive yet. to just west of baghdad, where we traveled to meet iraqi troops and watched their artillery pound isis strongholds. i'm standing right on the front
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line. iraqi security forces on this side, isis fighters on the other. perched on top of these berms, an iraqi sniper. can you spot isis from your scope? >> yes. >> reporter: iraq's defense minister with us on the front lines himself today, telling us they can fight on the ground without american troops. all around us, eager iraqi soldiers chanting and vowing to wipe out isis. but isis remains a formidable foe. david, even though americans are not involved in ground combat here, there are thousands of americans training the iraqi forces, in a fight that has huge consequences for america and the region. david? >> martha thank you. back here at home now. chilling new 911 calls after a home invasion in connecticut. a home terrorized with awhat
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appeared to be bombs. tonight, we hear what a friend did next calling 911. here's gio benitez. >> now i'm specifically told not to contact the authorities. are. >> they put a bomb under his bed. >> reporter: allegedly sending him to the credit union alone wearing that device. >> they told me to have all the staff leave the branch. >> reporter: they say the suspects texed with him.
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"how much do you have?" they ask. "over a million," he says. they reply, "that is good. get in the car." they order him to meet them at this cemetery. but instead, police were surrounding yussman's home and the credit union. neighbors in this small town stunned. >> it was wild. >> reporter: tonight, no leads on the suspects. they never ended up with any money, and mom and son are home unhurt. those bombs were fake. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> thank you. and now to a major headline about your health. the fda approving a lower-cost version of drugs, hoping that could save american consumers billions every year. there's still to much ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. americans going before the sharks. who would you pick, even before the program tonight? and police revealing new details about the stolen oscar
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next tonight, the economy and american jobs. the dow closing down more than 278 points after a strong jobs report. fueling fears that a fed interest hike could be coming. 295,000 new jobs added tonight. and america inventors facing the sharks tonight on "shark tank." the big question which one should get the deal? so many inventors we've met before. we went to north carolina. where he showed us how to
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assemble the rack. and kim, who showed us her family recipe. daisy cakes. she put us to work in the kitchen. how we doing? tonight, we've learned she's selling 400 cakes a week, and moe's bows. >> i know we can make a lot of money and make this business really successful by helping people look good and feel good in my bow ties. >> he got no deal, but shark daymond john joined him. and the whole program tonight is made in america. >> a special episode. >> some of the inventors checking in with us. from these two, a bed rider in the back of your pickup.
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are considering an appeal. >> and lupita nyong'o, the oscar dress stolen and returned, calvin klein saying they will not press charges. and this woman, taking her best guess at the dwarves. >> sneaky. >> oh no sneaky instead of sneezy. when we come back, do you remember four years ago? the journey to the hospital?
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your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. those three important reasons are why eliquis is a better find for me. ask your doctor today if eliquis is right for you. finally tonight here our
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persons of the week. a story that begins with the horror we all witnessed four years ago. and one triumphant return. but it wasn't possible without one incredible teen. and we're going to say thank you to the therapists and the moment that brought music to everyone's ears. our persons of the week. congresswoman gabby giffords was shot four years ago. and among the first words she was able to say again. >> i love you. >> wow! >> reporter: one of the therapists. ♪ let it shine ♪
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>> reporter: and the medical therapist. every word every song a milestone. ♪ girls just want to have fun ♪ >> reporter: and now, gabby going back to find her team. ♪ ♪ or maybe real nearby ♪ ♪ she may be pouring his coffee or straightening his tie ♪ >> it's so much joy to see this person actually singing verses of songs with me. it's like watching someone heal in front of my face. >> reporter: countless studies show that music therapy helps bring back speech. ♪ >> reporter: little caden in boston with his music coach.
6:58 pm
therapists and patients connecting. like gabby and megan and that entire team. ♪ as straight as a line ♪ ♪ don't really care as long as they're mine ♪ >> reporter: and so we choose all of the music therapists across america. and gaby you look great. i'm david muir. hope to see you back on monday.
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at sea... and on shore... america's game is celebrating disney vacations -- starting now. wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen here are the stars of the show pat sajak and vanna white. [ cheers and applause ] uh, hello! thanks, everybody. good to be with you again. appreciate that. we have friends here. see yoall later. yeah. i got friends in high places. how y'all doing? good to see you.


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