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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  March 7, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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welcome to "world news tonight." marching on. history, once again in selma, alabama, thousands making that same march on that famous bridge. the monumental gathering on 50th anniversary of a civil rights milestone. police shooting. a community outraged after an officer killed an unarmed teen. now, protesting police brutality. details emerging tonight. crash landing. a giant crash landing on a roof top. it was all fun until this, the sudden collapse and injuries tonight. and laser danger. those powerful green lights aimed right at the pilot's eyes now a new attack on a helicopter and a race to nab the person on the ground.
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>> announcer: from abc news world headquarters, this is abc "world news tonight." good evening. thank you for joining us on this saturday evening. i'm cecilia vega. and we begin tonight in selma, alabama, marking the 50th anniversary of a fateful attempt to cross that city' bridge. they were simply demanding a right to vote. today, they marched again. president obama and his family right there ahead of the crowd alongside some of the original marchers. this time they made it to the other side. a very different outcome from 1965 where peaceful protesters were met by police using deadly force. steve osunsami is right there on this anniversary of bloody sunday. >> reporter: this is the night they just had to be in selma -- the thousands of families from across the country who came here on buses and crowded the streets. >> i thought it was the most wonderful day of our history. >> reporter: worth the trip alone, they say, just to witness the nation's first black president and his family march across this bridge -- still named after a confederate general. >> what could more american than
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what happened in this place. our march is not yet finished, but we're getting closer. >> reporter: where the president stood, mon than 80 demonstrators fighting for black voting rights were crushed by the cruel batons of alabama in 1965. we met many young people who spent nights in ferguson, missouri, hit by police tear gas. they say their pictures are not different from what happened h that sunday. >> this is a little too much of a celebration. this shouldn't be a celebration. >> reporter: congressman john lewis, who thought he would die on this bridge, paid tribute to their protest. >> never give up, never give in. keep the faith and keep pushing. >> reporter: often lost in the story here is that two of the three people killed in '65 were white demonstrators. the death of this white minister was kind of a tipping point for the passage of the voting rights bill. >> reporter: reverend clark
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olsen was standing next to that minister when they were both attacked. >> do you ever forget that day? >> no. no. >> reporter: still hits you? >> it's become a very important day of my life. >> reporter: we heard this over and over again, the power of speaking up and having your voice heard. over the next few weeks, there will be a march to montgomery another march in history. >> steve osunsami covering history tonight. steve, thank you. now to madison, wisconsin where a shooting of an unarmed 19-year-old have a community outraged. protesters say it's another case of excessive force by law enforcement. here's ron claiborne with the details. >> reporter: on the streets of madison, wisconsin, a crowd of 200 on the march.
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>> it's a issue of racial disparities aren't dealt with we'll have a ferguson on our hand. we said it. we said it. >> reporter: demonstrators first taking to the streets friday night outraged by a fatal shooting tony robinson by a white police officers. >> i want to be very transparent. he was unarmed and that's going to make this all the more complicated for the investigators. >> reporter: patterson's police chief conceding that robinson had no weapon when he was shot inside this house by officer matt kenny, a 12-year-old veteran of the madison police force. according to report he was responding to reports of a man running through the streets after allegedly beating up someone. he went to this house. heard noises coming from his inside and forced his way in. police said he was attacked by robinson. the two fought and he fatally shot the teenager.
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robinson's mother in anguish. >> my son was my life. i had him when i was 17 and grew grew up together. i don't know how to live without. >> reporter: and from the city's top cop, these words of sympathy. >> i need to make this a very public show of our remorse and contrition for his loss. 19 years old is too young. >> reporter: authorities say that officer kenny was involved in another fatal shooting in 2007. he was not charged in that incident. in fact he was given a commendation for valor. under a new state law local police are not allowed to investigate fatal shooting from one of their officers instead it's turned over to the state department of criminal investigation which presents its finding, cecelia, to local prosecutors. to the west coast. several college students rushed to the hospital when a night of partying ended when dozens fell through the roof of a garage.
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the moments caught on camera. aditi roy has the story. >> reporter: tonight this dramatic cell phone video showing close to 1500 partying students in california as a roof of a garage holding nearly 40 revelers caves in. >> seeing it in realtime in real life this was happening 20 feet away from me. it was surreal. it was scary. >> reporter: it happened near the cal police campus. nine people had life threatening injuries and one victim impaled in the thigh by a piece of wood. it's known as st. fratty's day which starts a week before dawn before st. patrick's days when fines or drinking double. tweets from the scene. >> besides the roof caving in our first st. fratty's day was a success. pictures from police showing students wearing green shoulder to shoulder in the residential neighborhood.
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the police telling abc news we averted serious possibility of loss of life a sobering reminder during a day dedicated to partying. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. turning to a collective sigh of relief for a nation just plain tired of winter. for the first time in a long time we have no major storms to report. it is still very cold in the eastern half of the country. still reason to bundle up in the nation's capital. and rob marciano is here with some good new, finally. >> yes. we had record lows across d.c. put some red on the map here. it's not balmy but a good increase from yesterday. 10, 20 degrees above where we were yesterday. for places like new york and boston that's below average. 38 degrees for the high temperature, 44 in chicago today and tomorrow. above the freezing mark, chicago has not done that in four weeks. northern tier pretty quiet right now as you mentioned. >> 44 never felt so good. >> you were telling me the
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exception is the gulf coast? >> we're looking at a storm coming out of mexico, seeing rainfall into tomorrow. louisiana could see three to four inches of rain with this. that's the outlyer. the rest of the nation pretty quiet, cecilia. >> that's good to hear. we move on to the race for the white house. hillary clinton staying mum on the lingering e-mail controversy but that's not stopping her possible republican rivals from pouncing. nearly a dozen would-be candidates courting voters in iowa. so, who got the cheers and who got the jeers? abc's david wright is out there on the early campaign trail. >> reporter: tonight in miami, hillary clinton made no mention of the controversy over her use of a private e-mail account while shy was secretary of state. but today in des moines, some of her possible republican rivals were already looking to make it a campaign issue. >> when you're the secretary of state you hold one of the most sensitive national security jobs in the entire federal government. and all your e-mails are sitting at your home?
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do we know what's in those e-mails? do those e-mails reveal things about benghazi when she asked what difference does it make? >> reporter: this weekend is an iowa 2016 debut for jeb bush. >> are you excited to be in iowa? >> i am, i am. >> delighted to be here. >> reporter: at the iowa ag. summit, he got a polite reception. interrupted by applause only when he mentioned his favorite barbecue. >> we're cooking iowa beef. >> reporter: the ag summit is a bit of a cattle call. nearly a dozen possible gop hopefuls checking in. >> great to have you here. >> reporter: chris christie got heckled. scott walker faced a gauntlet of union protesters. >> go scott walker! >> reporter: ted cruz got an enthusiastic welcome. >> you have been around iowa politics forever, what do you think of this field? of candidates? >> oh, too many. >> reporter: tonight here in cedar rapids a second event for governor bush. the crowd just beginning to gather here at this pizza joint. it will be his first public meet and greet with iowa voters,
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cecilia? >> david wright, thank you. and tomorrow on "this week" there will be more on the early race to the white house. that's tomorrow morning. overseas now to russia and the arrest of two suspect accused of killing opposition leader boris nemtsov. it happened where p he was gunned down ten days ago. it's not clear what role the two men have played in the killing. the government is investigating a connection to government extremists. now to iraq where isis is destroying some of the world's most ancient treasures. iraq's prime minister said they've almost completely destroyed one historic site and a fierce battle to take back one of the key cities from terrorists.
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martha raddatz with more. >> reporter: today, outside tikrit, iraqi army and militia units on the attack against isis, attempting to retake the town from the terrorist extremists. a round assault which iraq's prime minister, haider al abadi tells me the americans have not been needed. >> the only way to take back the city is by having troops on the ground. >> reporter: those are the sounds of the howitzers aimed right over there. >> reporter: another front in the war against isis, al anbar province, the u.s. is conducting trackstrikes there. traveling with iraqs defense minister he tells me they are making progress in this region, but that the battle for tikrit is just beginning. but u.s. officials say the fight into the city will be bloody, with fears that isis fighters are hidden in homes, armed with suicide vests and laying booby traps.
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the battle in tikrit and the one in anbar, are a test for the biggest battle to come in mosul. >> mosul represents a symbol. once we take it back, we would have killed their own ambition. >> reporter: and taking it back, the prime minister tells me will be on iraq's timetable, but says it could happen even before summer begins. martha raddatz, abc news, baghdad. >> our thanks to martha and to california now, where actor harrison ford is headed for a third night in the hospital. here's his vintage plane after it crashed into a golf course. the actor being called a hero for landing in a one clear spot in a crowded residential neighborhood. that accident giving ammunition to those who want to shut a nearby airport down. here's abc's nick watt with the story. >> reporter: a head wound, broken bones -- harrison ford is lucky to be alive. >> one plane down in the golf course.
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>> all units, make yourself available. >> reporter: and tonight, still no real indication of exactly what went wrong. >> there will be an attempt to talk with the pilot and -- because we definitely want to know what he knows. >> reporter: eye witnesses describe total engine failure. >> the engine was at full throttle, and then it just started to stutter. >> so, harrison ford crash landed right there. look how close he came to these houses. santa monica is one of the busiest general aviation apartments in the country and it's located slap dab in the middle of a residential neighborhood. >> there have been aircraft that have crashed out of santa monica into homes before so aiming for the golf course is the only open space out here pretty much aside from the beach. >> reporter: this student pilot crashed into a nearby home in 2011, injuring himself and two contractors working on the house. in 2013 a plane slammed into a hangar, killing all four people on board. ford's crash will potentially hurt the battle he and others
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are fighting against the city, which hopes to close the airport later this year after lobbying from locals concerned about noise, pollution and safety. 48 hours after his lucky escape, ford remains in the hospital, his wife calista flockhart photographed after a visit. he's battered but ok, according to family. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. and we have much more ahead on "world news tonight." coming up next another danger in the skies -- lasers pointed directly into the eyes of pilots, a problem on the rise. how police around the country are now cracking down. and, later, it's a bird, it's a plane. no, it's a drone. why some high school seniors are hoping they look up and see one headed their way. the garden is the story of our lives... told and retold. it's as old as our time on earth. and as new as tomorrow.
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a potentially deadly danger on the rise. last year alone there were nearly 4,000 laser strikes nearly 11 a day and tonight law enforcement around the country now turning up the heat. here's abc's linzie janis. >> you're watching video taken from a cockpit of a police helicopter. that green light a powerful laser beam pointed at the fresno p.d. aircraft by someone on the ground. >> lasered multiple times. i have haven't pinpointed where he's at. >> reporter: the suspect can be seen in this night footage pointing the laser. their colleagues guiding their colleagues on the round to his location. >> he's still out on the porch. >> is there anyone else around or just him? >> just him. >> reporter: within minutes, one officer making an arrest as others converge on the scene. police taking the 28-year-old into custody.
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>> he had a laser attached to an airsoft rifle. it looked like a regular assault rifle. >> reporter: it's a federal crime and laser incidents have increased by 100%. fbi setting up a special task force in 2012. last year, this california man, sentenced to 14 years in jail for pointing a laser. >> to shine a laser at an airplane and potentially disable the crew that may have 100 passengers on board is not a prank. that's something very dangerous. >> reporter: the crime getting more dangerous as lasers available to the public grow more powerful with little to protect pilots in the cockpit. >> linzie janis abc news new york. and still tonight," the beef this bill low had with michelle obama and what she dished right back to him in
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and time now with the index starting with what could be on the horizon for high school seniors anxiously waiting those acceptance letters to where else but m.i.t. this is how they want to deliver the letters by drones? don't hold your breath proposed rules will likely complete them grounded for now. and how about this for higher education. one of the most famous lawyers is going back to class. aamal clooney will be going back to school as a lecturer on her
6:53 pm
specialty and george clooney, her husband will be shooting a new movie directed by jodie foster. and to another school headline tonight, this from a 7year-old louisiana boy, he was less with pleased with first lady michelle obama's changes to the school lunch menu especially the new whole wheat taco shells and pizza crust. is, he wrote her a letter saying, quote, you have ruined taco tuesday and the pizza is terrible. mrs. obama wrote back saying how much healthier his lunches are now and tripp's mom said it was a great learning experience and he's now, okay. with lunches. when we come back from a sidelined basketball career to a standing ovation at today's game? what happened on the court that had both teams cheering.
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and finally tonight, georgetown is celebrating a big basketball win thanks in part to one player. he was sidelined because of a heart condition but he started in today's game, possibly the last in his career and wait until you see the shot he took. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: watch this, two points today for georgetown against seton hall.
6:57 pm
>> a slam dunk. >> reporter: not last minute not game-winning so why were the announcers so worked up about it? >> a standing o. >> reporter: because those two points were literally tyler adams' only shot at scoring in three years. literally he's been out much the game since 2011 when he arrived at georgetown to play center then his heart got sick. adams was born with an irregular heart beat. he was left with two choices. play and risk dying on the court someday or stop tyler stopped. but that's not the same thing as quitting. he kept going to games. that's him in the spotlight. as his coach urged he put on a suit and became an assistant coach which he and everybody else made something real. which is why today on the team's last game together. coach told him to put on
6:58 pm
suit and i earned one last play. >> a mature young man who handled a difficult situation as much as anybody. >> reporter: so after the warm upthe play, with his dad looking on. add 's without there, with his dad looking in. >> it felt good, an opportunity to do warm-ups to see how it really feels to be a player. >> and you know the rest of it. it was only one play and it was only two points but those two points were the opposite of heart sick, because they are what joy is made of. john donvan, abc news, washington. now that is victory. "gma" and "this week" in the morning. don't forget to set those clocks ahead one hour tonight. we hope to see you tomorrow on abc. i'm cecilia vegas in new york. from all of us at abc news, have a good night.
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wheel... of... fortune! [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of america's game, pat sajak and vanna white. [ chuces ] thank you. thank you. thanks, everybody. and, most of all thank you. thank you. goodbye. hi. good to see you all. we're ready. it's money timeon the old "wheel." this is a $1,000 "toss up" coming up. it's our fir of the night. it's a "phrase." vanna, let's go. [ bell chimes ] eric and johanna. both: bottoms up. oh, nicely


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