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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 8, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, tensions high. protesters take to the streets of madison, wisconsin, as an unarmed black teenager is shot and killed. the trigger pulled by a white police officer. >> no weapon. >> absolutely no weapon. >> calls for justice amidst the chaos. will this be another ferguson. the growing terror threat. the leader of boko haram, the group that kidnapped all those girls in africa, now pledging allegiance to isis. global terror groups banding together. what does this violent conglomerate mean for america? caught on camera. a packed college fraternity party turns into a horror show. >> a garage roof collapses, many
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students injured. have these parties gone too far? ♪ i really really really really like you ♪ and an unlikely pair, the oscar winner tom hanks lip-syncing his way into carly rae jepsen's song. ♪ i really really really really like you ♪ >> starring in her hilarious new video. how did this partnership happen? ♪ i really really really really really like you ♪ okay. greetings on the cruelest day of the year for morning anchors. don't forget to set your clocks ahead by an hour. >> i'm glad that we already did otherwise we wouldn't be here. it is spring forward. one less hour of sleep for all of us. >> and that hour really counts when you wake up at 3:00 in the morning. >> it really does. >> so, if we're dragging today you know why, however, no amount of sleep deprivation can diminish the historic value and emotional punch of what we've been seeing playing out in
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selma, alabama, this week. >> 50 years after peaceful civil rights activists were beaten on that very bridge, president obama right there leading a new march and saying the struggle is not over, and that brings us to our lead story this sunday, the protests in madison, wisconsin, after another deadly police shooting of an unarmed young black man by a white officer. a police shooting that some say proves the president's point, that more work needs to be done. abc's linzie janis is in madison with the very latest for us this morning. linzie. >> reporter: good morning, paula. this is where that struggle went down, in an unstairs apartment in the building behind me. neighbors tell us it's where tony robinson's two friends live and he would often come and go. this morning they say they cannot understand why he had to die. >> it's time for the police to stop. >> reporter: overnight tensions running high in the neighborhood where 19-year-old tony terrell robinson was shot and killed by police friday night.
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>> no weapon. >> absolutely no weapon. >> reporter: neighbors gathering in front of the home where he died. parents feeling angry and scared. >> i worry about my kids even walking down the street. >> reporter: robinson's friends too. >> us being teenagers and, you know, african-american teenagers, you know, it can happen to us. >> reporter: earlier in the day police chief mike koval identifying 45-year-old matt kenny as the officer who shot robinson and acknowledging that the teen was unarmed. >> i want to be very transparent. he was unarmed. >> reporter: robinson's mother in shock. >> my son has never been a violent person, never, and to die in such a violent, violent way, it baffles me. >> reporter: court records obtained by abc news reveal robinson and a group of friends pleaded guilty to charges of being a party to an armed robbery in april 2014 and robinson was under supervision when police responded to a complaint about him on friday evening. >> outside yelling and jumping
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in front of cars apparently tony hit one of his friends. >> reporter: kenny the first officer at the scene can be heard in these police radio transmissions. >> 1125 upstairs apartment. >> david, we have to enter. >> reporter: before forcing his way in. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> reporter: police say officer kenny opened fire after being attacked by robinson. >> he's a decorated officer, not only for an officer involved shooting that occurred in 2007 but he also received a life-saving award in 2005. >> reporter: according to officials, kenny a 12-year veteran of the force and a former coast guardsman giving robinson cpr. tony robinson's family is urging people to demonstrate, but to do it peacefully. meanwhile, the officers behind me patrolling this scene 24 hours a day securing it but they aren't in charge anymore thanks to a law just passed last year in wisconsin. all officer-involved shootings must be investigated by a third
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party. the state's division for criminal investigation now tasked with finding out the facts in this case. dan? >> this is going to be a closely watched investigation for sure. linzie, thank you. and as we said these events in madison are playing out against the backdrop of history, the 50th anniversary of this, the brutal beating of marchers in selma, alabama, simply calling for the right to vote and this weekend, a new march over that same bridge with some of those same marchers and with america's first black president in the lead, and abc's steve osunsami was right there for history. steve, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to dan. the edmund pettus bridge will be closed this morning and the families who remain in selma will march across it late today. take a look. thousands from across the country crossing the edmund pettus bridge with the president, his family, president george w. bush, the former first lady and selma city leaders and thousands more crowding the streets of selma, a nod to the difficult history here. >> we know the march is not yet over.
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we know the race is not yet won. >> reporter: he said selma is a place where the meaning of america was defined. the americans who crossed this bridge, they were not physically imposing but they gave courage to millions. robbing this country requires more than singing its praise s it requires the occasional disruption, the willingness to speak out for what is right. to shake up the status quo. that's america. >> reporter: on this very bridge more than 80 demonstrators fighting for black voting rights were beat down with billy clubs by alabama police. congressman john lewis on the bridge that day in selma again saying his work continues. >> get out there and push and pull and to be redeemed a soul of america. >> reporter: young demonstrators fresh from the streets of ferguson complain that there's too much celebrating. >> there is a little too much happiness going on with too many dead bodies laying around the country. >> reporter: reverend clark
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olsen was here in 1965. this is him then. he and unitarian minister james reed were walking back to a church when they were attacked and reed was killed. >> we were attacked by four or five white men. >> reporter: one of two white demonstrators who died. do you ever forget that day? >> no. no. >> reporter: he says it's not right but it took the death of a white minister to change the conversation in this country and eventually the voting rights act became law. paula. >> such a pivotal moment in the civil rights movement, steve, thank you. and turning now to 2016 and the race for the white house where democratic front-runner hillary clinton speaking in florida continued to size up an e-mail that raises questions about transparency and double standrds. republicans too, they were out in iowa on the campaign trail pressing their case and abc's david wright is on the beat in cedar rapids. ♪
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>> reporter: in miami, bill clinton preached the gospel of transparency defending big money donations from foreign governments. >> so my theory about all this is disclose everything. >> reporter: but hillary clinton made no mention of the controversy over her use of a private e-mail account for official business. >> chelsea and i did a little talk on snapchat. >> reporter: but while mrs. clinton shied away from the controversy, late night tv jumped on the opportunity. >> you want to check my netflix, go ahead. nothing to hide. every day i watch "house of cards" from start to finish. >> reporter: transparency is at the heart of the e-mail controversy. president obama told cbs news it was news to him that the blackberry she carried everywhere as secretary of state did not have a government e-mail address. >> the policy of my administration is to encourage transparency, and that's why my e-mails, the blackberry that i carry around, all those records are available and archived. >> reporter: hey, are you excited to be in iowa? >> i am. i am. >> reporter: here in iowa jeb bush has his own baggage to deal with. >> a lot know me as george's
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boy or barbara's boy or w.'s brother all of which i'm proud of. >> reporter: but now he's eager to make the case he's his own man. >> i want to win. i want our party to win. i want conservatives to win. >> reporter: you sold? >> not quite sold yet. >> reporter: this was bush's first campaign trip to iowa. he's been here of course before campaigning for his father and for his brother but this was his first as a candidate. the voters that we spoke with were inclined to give him a hearing but some told us the bush name could be a liability. dan. >> david wright, great to have you on the campaign trail in iowa this morning. and for more let's bring in abc news chief anchor george stephanopoulos who will be hosting "this week" later this morning. >> hi, dan. >> so jeb took some rivenls by sticking to his unpopular stances on immigration and education. he says he's willing to risk losing the primary in order to win the general. but don't you need to maybe -- i've never been good at math but
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don't you need to win the primary in order to play in the general. >> no question about it. he's going to have a tough balancing act all through this primary campaign. he's facing real questions from conservatives over immigration, over those common core educational standards, but the bet he's making is that there's no way he can win the general election as a republican if republicans don't do better with minorties young people as they've done in the past and a lot of what they say is that mitt romney went too far some say in 2012 flip-flopping to make himself viable in the general election. >> let's talk about the democrats now and put putative front-runner hillary clinton -- >> she is the front runner. >> well, but she hasn't declared she's in the race. anyway, let's not get into semantics. anyway, she has sidestepped the e-mail issue. but this story seems to have legs. how big a problem is it? >> i think we'll find out. i don't think necessarily it'll bring down her campaign and raise questions about a pattern of kind of hunkering down in the clinton world.
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we'll also see if her critics overreact on this one but no question those e-mails rg3 go be to turned over most of them are going to come out. the question is what is inside them? is there anything damaging there? if not i think this tends to blow over, but i think this was a wake-up call to the clinton campaign about the kind of questions they're going to be getting all through this process. >> george stephanopoulos. it's always a tough morning when george corrects you on political issues. thank you, george. appreciate. great to see you. i'll recover. a reminder, george has a big show. much more on the e-mail story with a man who has a unique perspective, the former secretary of state colin powell and you can tweet george your suggestions for questions @gstephanopoulos. thanks again, george. >> thank you, george thanks, dan. >> let's turn to ron tracking the other news headlines and we'll begin overseas. >> good morning to you, paula and dan. good morning, everyone. we do begin overseas with two of world's most brutal terrorist groups joining forces. the nigerian islamist group boko haram taking to twitter swearing allegiance to isis. abc's alex marquardt is live in london with more on that and what it means.
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alex. >> reporter: good morning, ron. that's right. two of the world's most chilling names in global terrorism coming together, boko haram's leader announcing in an audio message they are swearing allegiance to isis. this, of course, is a group that has kill ded thousands in their home country of nigeria and kidnapped those hundreds of schoolgirls last year. now, what this alliance actually means in practical terms has yet to be determined but boko haram now becomes the latest global isis franchise. its brutal ideology on the march around the world now extending all the way from libya and egypt to afghanistan and pakistan and only growing by the day. ron. >> okay alex. thanks. alex marquardt reporting from london. today marks one year since the disappearance of malaysia flight mh-370. in china relatives of some of the missing passengers gathering to pray for family members who were on that flight. this as some startling new details from the investigation come from a team of international investigators releasing their interim report overnight which says the battery in the plane's data recorder, the flight data
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recorder expired in 2012 more than a year before that jetliner went missing. searchers spent weeks listening for its pings. reports say the battery in the cockpit voice recorder was operational though. and chaos at a college party in california. nine students rushed to the hospital after the garage roof they were partying on came crashing down. the collapse caught on camera and none of the injuries is life-threatening, but one person was impaled in the thigh with a piece of wood. and a tense situation in london overnight caught on camera. a 23-year-old man somehow got to the roof of the house of parliament. he managed to stay up there walking across the roof for eight hours before a negotiator managed to get him down. he is now facing several charges including trespassing. and finally, some laundry instructions causing a social media firestorm. an indonesian sportswear company apologizing for printing, you see it there washing instructions saying give this jersey to your woman. it's her job. >> oh! >> timing is everything. today is international women's day.
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>> i can't do laundry. my husband doesn't want to give me the laundry. everything would be pink. >> i'm going to leave that thing alone. sara, you were agitated by that. >> sara has nothing to say. sara, just give me your -- >> rendered speechless. >> laundry is actually my only domestic skill. >> men can do it too. >> yeah and if max ever sent me to the laundry room, done. >> a finish on it. >> but do you do the laundry? >> yeah, i love laundry. >> okay, there you go. >> she's not required to. you don't have to do it. >> you have to want to do it. okay. thank you very much. >> happy international women's day. >> yes, thank you. i appreciate that very much. switching gears, actor harrison ford continues to recover this morning from injuries suffered when he was forced to crash land his small plane. his son tweeting he is of strong mind, body and spirit, this as we're learning new details about that flight, which ended in a brush with death for the star and abc's brandi hitt has the story from los angeles. >> reporter: this morning harrison ford is recovering
8:15 am
after his thursday plane crash. his son tweeting an update on the action star's recovery overnight. "dad has the best care possible. on the mend and of strong mind, body and spirit." ford's horrific flight from takeoff to crash landing all transpired in under five minutes. at approximately 2:19 ford cleared for departure from the santa monica airport in his world war ii era ryan pt aircraft. >> ryan, 178, runway 2, 1. clear for takeoff. >> reporter: the hollywood icon, an avid pilot flying westbound towards the pacific, 90 seconds later making this frantic call back to the control tower at 2:21. >> 53-178, engine failure, immediate return. >> reporter: his terrifying descent at 85 miles per hour back to the busy private airport, all captured on video by stunned neighbors. >> hope he's going to make it. >> ryan 178 runway 3 clear to land. >> reporter: but ford never made it to runway 3. at approximately 2:22 going down on penmar golf course 400 yards
8:16 am
from the air important runway. >> if harrison ford decided to turn around to head back to the airport, that tells us that he probably had over 900, maybe,000 feet of altitude and he figured he had enough to make it. >> there's a plane down. >> reporter: these photos snapped ten minutes after the crash as rescue workers rush a badly injured ford to ucla medical center. the mangled remains of his vintage plane removed the next day by national transportation safety board investigators. this morning still working to determine the cause of the star's brush with death. >> it's a 1942 vintage aircraft so there's not a lot of computers to it and so a lot of it is old school. we'll see what it is. we'll look at everything. >> reporter: you heard harrison ford calling the control tower to report that engine failure. he is expected to make a full recovery here at ucla medical center. his family says he is battered but okay. still no word on when he'll be released from the hospital. dan and paula. >> battered but okay. brandi, thank you.
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we switch gears as we slog toward the finish line of this seemingly unending definitely insufferable winter. everybody has been looking for even the smallest signs that spring may be near. >> signing like hear ging a robin sing, the first pitch of the baseball season, which is my favorite, and the reason that i think we're all a little sluggish this morning, daylight saving time. it's been over a month since that groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter, and it's safe to say we are ready for it to end. boston's had almost 106 inches of snow this year and needs only 2 more inches of the white stuff to beat their all-time record. over half of the country remains covered in snow from chicago to d.c. and new york city. even the south had a bitter chill to swallow. the snow and slop just won't stop, and while kids are having a ball, it means some parents have to get creative to exert their little one's energy.
8:18 am
but spring is just around the corner and the first sign daylight saving. which means we can look forward to easter egg hunts, the easter bunny and peeps. >> thank you, easter bunny. >> reporter: buds blooming on trees, the masters, march madness, the first of the baseball season precipitation of a different variety is on the way. so look out, winter. >> watch out. >> reporter: spring is almost here. so long, winter. marciano said doing a snow angel on tv would be a career killer. but anyway -- >> we'll see. >> we want to clarify, we have the official countdown right there, but just to clarify exactly 12 days to spring. the vernal equinox occurs at what time -- >> 6:45. i'm missing all thesefullying
8:19 am
butterfly butterflies. awesome. >> it's like avatar up in here. >> thanks for getting us in the mood for spring, paula. this is fantastic. >> you're welcome. >> it's 12 days away and yeah, it doesn't want to end, does it? we have proof actually that things are beginning to melt. we take you to bayfield, wisconsin, where the ice fields -- keep those butterflies happy. >> there's one on your shoulder. >> the ice caves there off lake superior, they're beginning to melt, and today might be the last day to get access to those so more celebration unless you really really like ice caves and winter. also, the amount of snow coverage over the u.s. has dropped significantly just in the last two days. two days ago we were at 51% coverage and this morning, 31.5%. so that is just amazing how much we've come down and we'll continue to shrink. because this warming trend is going to continue. this is the 24 hief hour-hour change in temperature from yesterday morning. you bumped up 24 degrees in shreveport, louisiana, plus 7 in louisville where you still have snow and almost a 20-degree
8:20 am
swing in new york city. so the warm-up is here. the jet stream moving well up towards the north, and we'll keep that progressive zonal flow meaning no huge storms coming but we do have a little bit of rain that will come across parts of the upper coast of texas. some heavy r >> that smells so good. can you name these flowers, ron.
8:21 am
>> no. >> come on. give it a shot. >> oh, ron. >> it's not a cocktail. >> i thought it was a blue hawaii. >> you can't take ron anywhere. i love it. i do feel like spring is actually in the air now, though. >> makes we want to do some laundry. >> get back in there, dan, and get it done. >> did i say that out loud. >> yes, you actually did. would you like to refract it. >> nope. >> you're sticking with it. well coming up on "gma," missing teenager. the desperate search for a college student who vanished while home for spring break. and the mad genius of the internet. how this amateur magician pulls off these six-second stunts that has gone repeatedly viral. and oh, baby. oscar winner cate blanchett is a mom up ahead in "pop news" again. "good morning america" is brought to you by ensure. enjoy the complete balanced nutrition of ensure. okay...listen up. i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. ohhhh. okay veggies you're cool. mayo, corn dogs you are so out of here! ahh...
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ahead on "gma," what happened to this 18-year-old who went missing while home from college on spring break? we have the latest on the search. and how does the magical vine king do his amazing tricks? vine king do his magic tricks?
8:27 am
>> and abc 7 news update. >> checking our top stories this morning, the prince george's county community is rallying behind a release -- a police officer killed after trying to make a traffic stop yesterday morning. ago fund me page has raised money for his daughter.
8:28 am
the officepolice have also confirmed a female was also inside the police cruiser when it crashed. here is a look at your forecast. >> it is best yesterday, temperatures in the 40's. today, we are looking to about 53 degrees. tomorrow, 55. >> thank you for watching. have a wonderful sunday.
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♪ i really, really really like you ♪ oh, no need to adjust your screen. that is, indeed, the one and only, that is tom hanks lip-syncing. not forrest gump, that is tom hanks lip-syncing to carly rae jepsen's brand-new video "i really like you" and we really really really really like it this morning. we'll explain the unlikely duo. how did they -- >> am i going to get in trouble? are his lip-syncing skills that good? >> you're questioning it. >> he is an actor. oscar winner. >> seems a little off. he's good at everything. yes, i love tom hanks at everything he does. also coming up, internet fame takes many forms from grumpy cat to boo the dog to this dude who's become known as the king of vine, the social media platform where you post those six-second videos. our rachel smith goes behind the scenes with zach king to see how
8:31 am
he does what he does. and that one is my favorite. >> that was great. >> really, really good. but we're going to start here with the disappearance of a college freshman. she came home for spring break and then vanished after a series of mysterious texts. >> and there's a clue in the case that has her family baffled. abc's gloria riviera has been tracking the story and she joins us from washington. gloria. >> reporter: good morning, dan, good morning, paula. that's right, baffling. this has been an unfolding nightmare for the family of college freshman anjelica hadsell. missing for over a week now. the last known contact, a text sent from anjelica's phone to her mother's phone at 5:30 in the morning on a tuesday but her mother says she can't be 100% sure it was her daughter sending that text and since then nothing. >> everything across here, we need this whole area completely checked, all right. >> reporter: this morning police and family members desperately searching for 19-year-old virginia student anjelica hadsell. the search spanning 100 miles is now in its seventh day.
8:32 am
>> today we found three more additional pieces with numbers that we should be able to link to her car. >> reporter: police say these fragments of her debit cards are the only sign of the longwood university sophomore since disappearing from her parents' norfolk, virginia, home while on spring break. >> this isn't her. >> reporter: the teen known to her family as a.j. was last seen by her family at 9:15 monday night. her mother says it wasn't until the next morning that she received a mysterious text message from a.j.'s phone. >> the conversation in my opinion was a little off like i can't say 100% sure i know that was my daughter that i was texting. >> reporter: then on wednesday, police received a tip that hadsell was seen here on a richmond university campus almost two hours away. so far that sights is unconfirm unconfirmed. while investigators say there's no sign of foul play, loved ones are convinced hadsell wouldn't disappear on purpose. >> this is not anjelica. we all know her.
8:33 am
we know how she would act, and this is not -- this is out of character. >> reporter: now hadsell's parents desperate to hear from their daughter far from giving up. >> i'll be out here every day until i find her or she comes back home. >> reporter: the search moving into the second week. family and friends distributing flyers hoping this is all a misunderstanding. dan, paula. >> such a heart-wrenching time for that family. gloria, thank you. we want to turn it back over to ron claiborne who's been tracking all of the stories overnight for us. >> hi again, paula and dan, sara, robert. good morning to you. good morning, everyone. we begin in madison, wisconsin, where tensions are high after the deadly shooting of an unarmed young black man by a white police officer. 19-year-old tony robinson was shot and killed after allegedly fighting with that police officer. the officer's been placed on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of the investigation. and take a look at this from child, new york. a car traveling at a high rate of speed went airborne before crash nothing a church in baldwin on long island. the driver and passenger of the car apparently ran off after the crash.
8:34 am
no one was inside of the church at the time. and let the countdown begin. in about 24 hours from now, apple will unveil the much anticipated apple watch. the smartwatch is expected to have several new apps. prices will start at $349. and finally, take a look at this high-priced heist. the crooks blasting allegedly through the front door of this showroom, this is in england featuring rare vintage cars. >> why do you say allegedly? >> maybe they have an explanation. i don't know. >> maybe their cars -- >> whoa. >> you see there, they dragged away that classic car off to a getaway truck pulling it out of the dealership. the thieves took off with a classic 1972 ford blue mk1. the range rover used in the heist was later found on fire. the missing car is still missing. the price tag for that automobile, 180,000 bucks. >> man. so sweet-looking ride. >> it is. >> absolutely. i hope they catch the alleged robbers. >> yeah. >> i think they just got -- i think they just got it stuck in
8:35 am
reverse and accidentally smashed -- >> perhaps they were taking it away to get it detailed. >> you never know. you never know. you know never. >> and they accidentally set the range rover on fire in the process. i can totally see the defense. >> a flair for the dramatic. >> presumed innocent, my friend. foundation of american jurisprudence. >> speaking of foundation of america, let's go to d.c. where we have the washington monument there for you. oh, yeah, glorious stuff but there is snow on the mall. >> see you later. >> see you. i'll be back in a bit. looking for temperatures to rebound after record-breaking lows again yesterday, at least outside of d.c. and dulles, you got down near zero. we go to the gulf coast which houston and dallas, well, dallas you saw snow. houston, you saw record-breaking temperatures. now getting into a more typical pattern where we've got the southern jet stream that will tap some moisture from the gulf of mexico and from corpus christi to san antonio back through austin and in through houston you'll see some rain and this will eventually stretch up
8:36 am
across the ohio river over areas that have a lot of snow, by the way, shouldn't be a huge flooding situation but we'll monitor that. flooding could be seen from san antonio to austin. 3 to 4 inches plus. especially as you get closer to the coast. meanwhile, do we need that rain out west but we're just not getting it any time soon. 79 for the high in los angeles. gorgeous stuff but again the snowpack across the sierra nevadas is very low. scarily so, as a matter of fact. 70 in seattle. even dry across the pacific northwest. you may get a little bit of rain as we go towards the middl >> this weather report brought to you by trivago. spring is in the air sort of kind of. >> allegedly. >> allegedly in the air. >> exactly. exactly. enough. it'll be here soon enough. >> allegedly.
8:37 am
>> allegedly. coming up here on the broadcast, you may have seen his six-second viral video from the oscar red carpet. i believe sara haines is in this video briefly. we're going to reveal the tricks that zach king uses and the celebrities he collaborates with to make his internet magic. >> so incredible. >> international women's day. we'll show you the most inspiring women on twitter as we celebrate achievement, inspiration and equality.
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what in the world. >> that kid is kind of amazing. fun. >> we're back now with the tricks of a vine master. zach king made a big splash on the oscar red carpet with his awe-inspiring six-second videos posted to the social media platform vine. >> and abc's rachel smith is in los angeles to show us just how he creates his mini masterpieces. rachel. >> yes, thank you, paula. good morning to you all. well, six seconds flies by in the blink of an eye, but 23-year-old zach king puts hours of thought into each second. i recently had a chance to catch up with the vine star who's captured the attention of millions from celebrities to big brands like microsoft and pringles for turning six seconds into magic.
8:42 am
take a look. >> oh. >> reporter: don't blink or you'll miss the magic. vine magician zach king doesn't need long to impress. his six-second videos on the app have his 2.6 million followers asking, how does he do that? >> we'll do sometimes just simple jump cuts and freeze d people come over and change my clothes and war. >> invisible string and optical illusions create the affects as well as a lot of work from him and his team. >> usually it extends to about four to five hours to shoot and edit that video. >> reporter: king's used his tricks to turn a hobby into an empire. >> photobombing. >> reporter: collaborating with rappers and plenty of big brands. ♪ his talent even taking him all the way to the red carpet of the oscars. [ cheers and applause ] >> one of my favorites that you did was there were two beds and you jump from one to the other and then you fall asleep. >> that's actually my permanent favorite.
8:43 am
>> get out. really? >> yeah. >> reporter: we go behind the scenes to look into what goes into the making. >> the concept is going to be taking this angry bird and we'll put it on the branch and i'll throw it on to mark and it'll become a red sweater. >> cool. >> reporter: sometimes those stunts really are as dangerous as they seem. >> i did one where i fell off the roof. it was the most difficult because it was like one of those tile roofs where they could slide. >> living on the edge. >> do not try it. >> totally. >> reporter: but for king the chance to make a little magic is worth the risk. >> it's about inspiring other people. >> aaah! >> zach also hopes to someday parlay his vine videos into longer projects like feature films. who knows, this vine magician may soon be appearing in a theater near you. >> it's going to be hard to scale from 6 seconds to 90 minutes. >> i know. >> that's a pretty big jump. >> got to give us more. >> if anyone can do it, i think zach king can. >> those videos are amazing. it's a real art that goes into
8:44 am
it. >> if i snap my fingers, will you go away? no. >> keep snapping. >> no, it doesn't work. >> she doesn't want me to. >> i don't. >> anybody believe that? rachel, thank you. >> i love you. coming up on "gma," treat or no treat. you got to see how this dog responds to that simple question. we liked it so much that we put our own pets to the test. i promise i will be right back despite what paula wants. >> thank you. no, i want you to stay right here. >> snap, snap, snap, snap. asking kids what their favorite vegetable is. kids? [ crickets chirping ] now we're gonna give those same kids bush's baked beans. [ kids ] mmmm... finally, we're gonna tell them that bush's baked beans are actually a veg-- tut-tut-tut. ix-nay on the egetable-vay. oh, right. bush's secret family recipe gives them a delicious flavor so they're a [whispers] vegetable that kids actually like. bush's baked beans. the [whispers] vegetable that kids love.
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♪ it's time for "pop news." we know that because ron's playing the drums. >> yeah, and we're going to give you a song you can't get out of your head. you're welcome. singing superstar carly rae jepsen with her brand-new single "i really like you" on the show on monday but
8:48 am
now she's released the music video starring none other than tom hanks. ♪ i need to tell you something ♪ >> i'm pregnant. >> okay. >> just kidding. ♪ yeah i really really really really really like you ♪ >> the two-time oscar winner nailing it with some quirky lip-syncing. quirky, dan, that's what that's called posing for selfies, sending emojis and shaking it up with carly rae and even justin bieber. >> yeah. >> the biebs is where? >> wait. he's got a hood on. right now. >> right there. >> tom hanks -- he's coming right here. but the unlikely pair met at the wedding of bieber's manager and hanks, who heard about the video, apparently asked carly, why not me. why didn't you ask me? and you know what she said, here's my number, call me maybe. >> yes! >> no. >> wait for it. >> that was amazing. okay. >> just kidding. >> surprising baby news for cate blanchett. the actress' spokesperson
8:49 am
confirming to abc news that cate and her husband andrew upton have just adopted a baby girl. edith vivian patricia upton. say that five times fast. the australian couple already has three sons together and it looks like little edith might grow up with an american accent. the family recently announcing they'll be relocating stateside from sydney later this year, a big congratulations to them, and you can catch cate starring in disney's "cinderella" opening this friday nationwide. and today is international women's day which ron so aptly introduced earlier celebrating the achievement of women and calling for greater equality. "elle" magazine has picked its 25 inspiring women to follow on twitter. patricia arquette top ss the list who gave that unforgettable speech for equal pay that brought meryl streep and j. lo to their feet. number two is emma watson who helped launch the he for she campaign that went totally viral and rounding out the top three,
8:50 am
lena dunham, who is all about the girls regular championing -- say it, dan. >> championing. >> championing. >> championing. she's fully behind it. >> clearly she supports smart women like myself. championing planned parenthood and other women's organizations. help, people. you leave me -- championing. >> it's too fun to watch you struggle. sorry. oh, and dogs often salivate just before dinner time. it's called the pavlovian response. >> pavlovian. i'm trying to help you. you said help me. >> tomato, tomato. now watch what this dog does when his owner teases him with the word treats. >> treats. no. treats. no. >> oh, no. >> treats. no. >> later. >> treats. >> we had such a kick out of this video what we decided to try it with our own dog, trixie. this is my husband. no. >> oh. >> trixie.
8:51 am
>> treat? no. trixie. >> totally works. you got to see dan's cat. i think we can see steve. >> no treat. do you want a treat? you're yawning at me. want a treat? >> sheaf is so bored with you. >> that's steve's normal response to me. >> sara, can i just say totally championed "pop news." >> i championed the "pop news." championing. >> yes championing. >> championing the "pop news." bam. >> all right. we all have a pavlovian response to that. we'll be right back.
8:52 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by listerine. power to your mouth.> and george is going to have the very latest on the controversy over former secretary of state hillary clinton and her use of a private e-mail address while secretary of
8:56 am
state. listen, that's all ahead on "this week" right here on abc. >> thank you for watching abc news this morning. love these flowers. rob promises spring is near. we're going to hold him to that. we'll see you later, guys. 12 days. >> and abc 7 news update. >> good morning. the prince george's county rallying around a police officer , killed after trying to make a traffic stop yesterday morning. officer brendan rabin. police say the officer was off duty when he tried stopping a vehicle around 3:30 yesterday morning and ran off the road.
8:57 am
police have confirmed a female was also in the police cruiser when it crashed. if they have not released her name but say she is recovering at an area hospital. police in manassas are still searching for a man they say exposed himself to a woman and inappropriately touched another outside a church. surveillance video of the suspect, spotted outside the bethel evangelical lutheran church january 12. detectives say the man is in his 20's or 30's and may be driving a white chevy blazer. let's take a look at your forecast with dave. >> spring is in the air. a beautiful sunrise on this first day of daylight savings. montgomery college, 39 degrees. temperatures, anywhere from the mid-20's to the low 40's. those temperatures are anywhere from 15 to 30 degrees milder than yesterday. the sun goes down at seven: 08
8:58 am
tonight. -- 7:08 tonight. wind out of the west gusting to 20 miles per hour. nice way to start the week. look for some rain on tuesday. feeling like spring all week long. >> thank you for watching.
8:59 am
9:00 am
[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. sit] >> business news from the capitol region. this is "washingn buness report" with abc7 national correspondent rebecca cooper. >> thanks s for joining us for this week's look at busine and finance and how it impac you. thiseek,ood ns on the jobs front sent investors scraming to sell while one high-profile job opening in washingtois having trouble being filled. all the snow has an impact on the bottom line, with lost productivity andales for many companies. wewe will have alall of that ahe in the roundtable. in our small business spotltlight a local startup is making it big from thenow. they are going nationwide whenev and wherever you u need them. but first, in our spotli


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