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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  March 11, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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i've been seeing stories in the past about the ambulance, you know, but to see it hit home it's just a reality check. >> and as you can see the police tape from that incident is still here on the scene in southeast. we talked to the fire department today, we asked them about this case. so far we have not heard back from them. we've been in communication with them with e-mail and also on the phone. we're told by the relatives of the victim who would not talk to us on camera that he is -- he has survived. he is in the hospital but still, a lot of questions. perhaps, we'll have a response from the fire department when we come back to you on abc 7 news at 6:00. reporting live from southeast washington, sam ford abc 7 news. >> thank you, sam. new developments now in the serial shootings around maryland. police are linking the suspect, hong young to two more shootings bringing the total now to nine. the new locations are the russett library in laurel and
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the maryland live casino. young is being held without bond right now and we're talking with police about the shootings and we'll have new details about the newly linked incidents coming your way here at 4:30. alison? >> some relief is on the way for drivers dodging potholes in prince george's county. the department of public works will kick off a countywide pothole blitz tomorrow. potholes continue to cause problems for drivers all across the d.c. region. as jeanette reyes shows us potholes flatten tires on many vehicles on the g.w. parkway. >> the g.w. parkway is looking much better this noon. quite the improvement compared to earlier this morning where a number of cars were pulled off to the side of the road because of flat tires. all because of potholes. now, problem started close to midnight on the northbound lanes near stout run. nearly 20 cars had at least one tire blown. eventually, u.s. park police had to shut down the road for emergency repairs but almost immediately after crews wrapped
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up repairs on the northbound lanes, the southbound lanes started to look like a war zone. a number of cars were pulled off to the side of the road with flat tires. the numbers doubling to 15 within 20 minutes. >> we were coming up the parkway and my original tire blew. we found a scenic overlook and we changed it to the spare tire and then the spare tire blew too, because of the potholes. >> now in some cases, drivers can file claims. but the g.w. parkway isn't maintained by fairfax county or vdot. it's maintained by the national park service and they claim immunity to these claims. so drivers will have to cover these costs themselves. reporting along the g.w. parkway, jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. >> now there's a new survey that found driving on roads filled with potholes can in fact be costly. according to estimates from the american society of civil engineers, the average d.c. driver paid nearly $1100 each
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year in extra vehicle repairs and operating costs. that's a total of about $425 million a year for d.c. drivers. and nearly $2 billion a year for drivers in virginia and maryland. >> happening right now, crews are working to fix the sink hole you're seeing right here. this is in new carrollton. it took out an entire lane of garden city drive. highway officials tell us that this road buckled after a 12-foot pipe underneath it collapsed. the sink hole is not going to affect nearby metro travel, we understand, but garden city drive is closed completely now so it's going to be tricky to get to the new carrollton station. boy, with the new weather, with the nicer weather we're having outside, might see more folks out there on the roads. let's check and see if the mild temperatures are going to stick around. let's check in now with our chief meteorologist doug hill. what's the word? >> i think we'll stay average or slightly above average over the next six or seven days. today, we're waiting for the clouds to clear out of here.
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let's give a live look for the rooftop camera looking across the river into the city are some breaks. much farther west of downtown, that's where we're finding the real sunshine right now. that clearing trend will make its way eastward tonight. it's following behind the front with all the rain you experience. still some rain in culpepper. pushing south side of virginia and off the eastern shore so skies will clear later this evening. temperatures are comfortable enough we jump to 66 degrees at the top of the hour at reagan national. 61 in frederick. 5 59 degrees in fredricksburg. for this evening, a clearing trend. we'll wind up mostly clear. 33 to 43 degrees by morning. we have some thursday sunshine. then it all changes again. all important timing of the next rainstorm to head this way. that in the forecast in a few minutes. >> all right. now, let's move down to a place with lots of sunshine developing in miami at this hour, police are investigating reports of shots fired at the home of rapper lil wayne. >> jennifer donelan is live at our live desk with what we found
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out in the last few minutes. >> this call came in four people as shot. miami police gave the all clear and this is now officially a hoax. lil wayne let his fans know through social media in the past half-hour he was not at home when the drama developed. he was at a music studio. we've got some video to show you, the swat team on the scene there in florida. you'll see them at lil wayne's $9 million mansion three hours ago. the home is located in miami on an exclusive island there. this type of hoax is called swatting. a hacker or impersonator tricks 911 into deploying a swat team to an unsuspecting person's home. in this afternoon's case someone called a nonemergency police line in miami and said they were at the rap star's home and said they were prepared to get into a firefight with police. police can't take any chances with that and they showed up in force, surrounded the property. the swat team did a massive search and in the end found
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nothing. no one shot. no one injured. now, while the scene is all clear now, hard to imagine what the price tag was for that type of response. other celebrities who have fallen victim to swatting include tom cruise justin bieber ashton kutcher and chris brown. back to you. >> all right. thanks, jen. all right the trial is now under way for a prince george's county teacher and the football coach charged with sexual abuse. jury selection and opening statements started today in the case against 34-year-old andre brown. he was arrested last year after a 17-year-old girl accused him of sexually abusing her at high point high school in beltsville. brown had been a special education teacher there. he's now on leave. >> the prince george's county officer killed in a weekend crash is being remembered tonight. a viewing for 26-year-old officer brennan robain began just about an hour ago in beltsville. his funeral is set for tomorrow at victory christian ministries. robain died when his cruiser crashed off 193 in lanham.
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the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> a long running fight over land in montgomery county is now over. >> that's right. we've been talking about this for quite a while and the county board of appeals voted not to allow costco a gas station for costco at the westfield mall in wheaton. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis live with reaction to the vote that we've been waiting on for years now. kevin? >> absolutely alison this is the parking lot where costco wanted to build that 16-pump gas station and right on down this hill is a community pool. there is a special needs school and dozens of single family homes. all within a few hundred feet of here. fear of noxious gas fumes and increased traffic were two of the main issues following five years of tug of war that generated 9,000 pages of testimony and hundreds of exhibits, the montgomery county board of appeals, it voted against costco. one member said his decision was made easy after he learned there are 25 gas stations within a seven minute drive from where
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i'm standing right now. he said that was proof that the community really didn't need another fill-up spot. now, we did try speaking with costco's legal team about today's decision but it would not give us a comment. >> i think what you've seen is a well prepared group of amateurs can defeat the big boys. >> we're definitely positive and we're definitely going to celebrate tonight. until costco says publicly they give up on this project, we'll have to be on our guard. >> yeah this might not be over because of a little known loophole. i'll explain that coming up at 5:00. >> virginia governor terry mcauliffe is going to cuba later this year. he says cuba represents a tremendous economic opportunity for virginia. by the way, the state is already one of cuba's top three u.s. trading partners with most of
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that trade coming from the sale of soybeans apples poultry and pork from virginia. >> a florida congresswoman has introduced legislation banning travel perks for members of congress. this bill would ban lawmakers from using taxpayer funds on first class plane tickets. also, the bill would ban members of congress from using government funds for long-term car leases for personal use. so this bill is the focus of our question of the day. do you agree with this proposal? weigh in on our abc 7 facebook page and we'll share some of your responses in just a little bit. >> metro riders can expect more delays and changes in hours of operation this weekend. metro will open up two hours early on saturday to accommodate people running in the rock 'n' roll marathon. marathon participants should use federal triangle smithsonian or archives metro stations if they want to access the starting line at constitution avenue at 14th street in northwest. the marathon is going to impact metro bus routes. so be advised.
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a tanker truck crashed and sent flames shooting into the air bringing traffic to a stand still for hours. coming up at 4:00 what we're learning about the cleanup effort. >> and a training exercise ends in tragedy off the coast of florida. we'll have an update on the search and recovery efforts after that military helicopter crashed. >> we're being -- we're being -- >> you're seeing it here a brazen crime caught live on tv. find out if police have found
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>> take a look at this massive tanker fire at i-94 near detroit. it is now under control. but still no word on when traffic will be back to normal. this happened right around 11:30 this morning. haz-mat crews were called out to help clean up the mess and that set two cars on fire as well. amazingly, only a few people were taken to the hospital and they had minor injuries. >> could have been a lot worse. >> yeah. >> also, this situation could have been a lot worse. we have new information on that plane crash involving actor amateur pilot harrison ford. federal investigators say that ford made a split second decision that may have saved lives. a new ntsb report found that his call to turn left towards the airport was critical because they say that if he had turned
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right, he would have crashed right into several homes. instead of on that golf course. >> the biggest problem is landing somewhere that you're not going to hit something and he did that very, very well. landed on a golf course. >> the report also says the airplane struck the top of a tree before hitting the ground and sustained damage to both wings and the fuselage. it also confirmed that ford was seriously injured. he's remained in the hospital at this point. >> a bold crime caught on television. >> we're being mugged. we're being mugged. >> you can hear him there saying we're being mugged. a reporter in south africa is waiting to go live when two men showed up right there reportedly pulled a gun on him. and robbed him. the camera kept rolling. the reporter let everyone know what was happening and even though these men's faces were captured so clearly, police have still not been able to find them. >> wow. you would think a camera would be a really good safety measure for you. >> you would think a deterrent. >> boy. staying overseas now, a ski trip
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turned a bit more scenic than it was supposed to be. a group of belgian tourists was heading for a ski resort in the french alps. but when they woke up from their overnight bus ride they found themselves surrounded by lovely vineyards. 750 mile detour took them to the south country side of france instead. the bus driver says there were three g.p.s. entries and he clearly picked the wrong one. >> could have been worse. i mean have you been to a vineyard in france? not so bad. >> only way it's worse if it's the other way around. if they were planning to go to the vineyard and wound up in the alps. >> at least they have wine. >> good place for that. let's get started here weather fortune is improving a little bit here. this is a live shot from the weather bug cameras, this is in frederick, maryland and looky there, a little blue sky. it has been a painfully slow process clearing behind this morning's rain and clouds. but the process is under way and
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will continue the farther north and west you are from the city, the more sunshine that you'll see. it will clear out tonight. few numbers for you. 63 in winchester. 62 in tacoma park. that would be 61. reading is not one of my big skills. 62 in landover and 59 degrees right now in reston with very light winds around the area. other temperatures here pretty impressive. 66 at reagan national. look at quantico. it's 46. not a mistake. winds are blowing across the potomac river which is much colder. cools them down. 63 in winchester. let's talk about this clearing trend. what more in the way of clearing is headed our way. steve rudin out front of our studios here in rosslyn with the latest on that. steve? >> still cloudy out there. at least people are able to not wear a jacket like myself. watching people walk from the ice cream store enjoying ice cream, haven't seen that here for a long time due to the cold weather. take a look at the visible satellite. western maryland garrett and allegheny counties, you'll see that line and that's where the skies are starting to finally clear on out. the further north and west you
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go from d.c., you see more sunshine. already sunshine in frederick. optimistic that we'll see this clearing trend continue as we move through the late afternoon hours and into the evening hours. if we're lucky, we'll squeeze out a pretty nice sunset here in washington. a little bit after 7:00 tonight. coming up at 5:00 we'll talk about a blizzard warning in hawaii. how much snow they're expecting there and a place in europe where they had over 100 inches of snow in just 24 hours. more on that and the unbelievable pictures coming up at 5:00. doug? >> all right steve. look forward to that. in the meantime we look forward to the day and it won't be today or tomorrow or the next seven, where these kind of temperatures, 83 degrees in fayetteville. it's coming. can't give it today but sign of spring for sure. otherwise, 50's, 60's across the board through much of the ohio valley and the mid atlantic. there's high pressure that's clearing us out. same high pressure that will give us a sunny day tomorrow and here comes the weather as we head through friday and saturday. first during the day on saturday, clouds will increase ahead of the next storm system
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that's pretty impressive looking on satellite right now. as we get through the next 48 hours, storm system will pull a lot of gulf moisture northward and eastward. we think by friday night, rain could enter the picture. as we head to the weekend, soggy deal for the day on saturday with periods of rain but at least rain only. highs near 60 degrees and then moving forward we'll recoup the sunshine on sunday. upper 50's and looking ahead to next week looks pretty pleasant. temperatures at 50's. partly to mostly sunny skies monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> looking good. not so bad. let's see if the things on the roads are looking good right now. check on traffic with bob emler in the wtop traffic center. hi, bob. >> hi alison. good news is that the pothole crews are out. there were a lot of them out there yesterday. a lot of those potholes that were causing some damaged cars so hopefully things will be better over the next couple of days. on the inner loop, coming up from about the georgetown pike, 270 and through bethesda and silver spring, just volume
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delays right now. traffic is generally good on 95 headed southbound over the occoquan, brief slowdown there and a little farther south brief slowdowns headed for stafford. not a bad drive as we take a look at some cameras. traffic is doing ok on 395 south. they just passed the pothole on 395 past seminary. inner loop, you can see on the right side of your screen getting to 270 because of volume delays. i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. >> thank you. coming up at 4:00 we have new information in a college fraternity's racist chant caught on video. who is apologizing now and how it's led to an investigation at a different school? >> and the fight over hillary clinton's e-mails is no longer just between politicians. it is now headed to court. we'll tell you who is behin
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offer ends march twenty-first. >> more fallout this afternoon from the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. the associated press has filed a lawsuit now against the state department to force the release of e-mails from clinton's time as secretary of state. senior political reporter scott thuman live in our newsroom with these latest developments. scott? >> yeah you know the a.p. said it's trying to see some of these
4:23 pm
e-mails for years now under the freedom of information act. but really has had no luck. so today after what the associated press calls careful deliberation and saying it's exhausted all other options, the group sued the state department demanding that access. of course, it's still a bit unclear what those e-mails might contain since clinton said she turned over all work related ones and not personal ones. that's about 30,000 or so that have been deleted. there is as you can imagine, scrutiny over how washington handles business. everybody from colin powell who has e-mails unaccounted for to president obama now being put under the microscope. >> e-mail address that he uses. >> jeff i won't be in a position to talk about the president's e-mail address. and i'm just, you know for variety of reasons including related to the security of that e-mail address. >> the state department says it does its best to handle all of those public records requests it gets each year but points out that's a massive amount. they quote about 20,000 requests last year alone.
4:24 pm
coming up at 6:00 some very interesting numbers. we'll tell you of the one billion or so that were sent back and forth from the state department in just one year how many of those are actually saved and ash kooifd. -- archived. leon? >> searchers are not giving up hopes of finding survivors after a blackhawk helicopter crashed in florida. >> 11 service members were on board that helicopter and went down on the florida panhandle. pablo sandoval has the latest developments. >> it's a training exercise. seven marines and a blackhawk helicopter crew of four left a louisiana military base and never came back. officials say human remains were found among debris that washed ashore along the coast of the florida panhandle still shrouded by fog. some of the locals are assisting with the search finding pieces of wreckage. >> there are search and rescue operations going on right now in the sound and we have some
4:25 pm
casualties. >> the marines were based out of camp lejeune, north carolina. the crew they were training with were assigned to the national guard. they were with a blackhawk that was capable of lifting all the men and their equipment according to the armory. >> it was so much fog and it was hard. >> investigators will determine if fog is a factor in the incident and this is the latest in a series of noncombat related crashes. a marine corps pilot was killed when his jet crashed in nevada last year. two died in january. the reality, service members and their families believe that dangers exist on and off the battlefield. pablo sandoval abc 7 news. >> new information on the virginia student that went missing after crawling off a cruise ship. what his family is saying about the search. >> what did you do?
4:26 pm
>> i ran! and screamed. >> we are hearing now from those children who ran to save their brother after a stranger snatched him right from the stroller. what they're saying about their heroic attempts all caught on camera. >> and a 20-year marine veteran goes to a v.a. hospital to seek medical care a
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>> this just in from maryland anne arundel county police are updating their investigation into hong young, the man charged in a series of shooting incidents. >> kimberly suters is at the live desk with new information from police today. kimberly? >> alison detectives have linked that suspect to as many as nine shooting and vandalism incidents over the region in just one week. the new additions at the library and the maryland live casino, russett library, we should add. you can see where each of the nine happened in a relatively concentrated area in maryland. anne arundel county, howard county prince george's county at the n.s.a. wal-mart, library, as you mentioned, casino. last week two anne arundel county police officers found and took into custody 35-year-old hong young. they were working surveillance detail when they saw the blue lincoln towncar they've been waiting for. in it they found shell casings and a handgun there on the seat. he was parked in a lot close to the vacant mall where the first
4:30 pm
shooting happened back on february 24th. shots fired along arundel mills boulevard. you might remember that surveillance video. a man was hit and he did survive. in all of the eight random shootings, no one was killed. >> how lucky are we? >> we are unbelievably lucky that we don't have to talk about the scenario that we had to talk about in 2002. this is an incident that certainly within inches could have ended people's lives so we're certainly fortunate that we're not talking about fatalities in reference to that. >> the lieutenant is referring to the 2002 d.c. sniper shootings that paralyzed communities around our area. he's not even sure the police officers themselves who stopped young realized just what they spared the community at this time. and he adds police may connect even more shootings over the past few weeks to young who is now in a psychiatric hospital under guard. live in the newsroom kimberly
4:31 pm
suters. >> more trouble now for the department of veterans affairs. a 20-year military veteran reached out to "7 on your side" after his application to the v.a. for health care was lost. >> and now he can't get the medical care that he's earned. chris pabst spoke with the man today. chris? >> for many months tom reid watched all those media reports about the problems the v.a. was having but at the time he didn't realize they could possibly be affecting him. now, back in august 2012 reid submitted a medical v.a. application that he did show to us. earlier this year when he needed medical attention, the v.a. turned him away. he retired as a gunnery sergeant that served in vietnam in desert storm and desert shield. during his service, he was exposed to agent orange and other toxins from oil rig fires in the middle east and now obviously is getting older and he's having some issues. when he went to the v.a.
4:32 pm
hospital he was told it had no record of his application. so now he has to reapply. >> if they don't get something done aren't going to be here six months from now. don't have six months to wait for the v.a. to do their job. >> they did reach out to the v.a. hospital where reid sent his application. coming up at 5:00 we'll tell you what they said. chris pabst, abc 7 news. >> thank you, chris. if you have any stories that you want "7 on your side" to investigate on your behalf, send us your e-mail to tips at and you can call us at the "7 on your side" hotline. number is you see there on the screen, 866-236-3401. >> all right. let's turn to the weather now because we're enjoying another day of really mild temperatures. and the sun even came out for a little bit today. let's see if this is going to
4:33 pm
continue. chief meteorologist doug hill joins us with the forecast. hey, doug. >> sure will for the short term. it's been a slow process getting this cold front and rain south of the area. we thought the clearing would occur a bit sooner. north and west of the city, we had clear skies. let's show you a live picture right now from virginia time lapse from john champ high school and during the day, we've enjoyed changeable skies. you may notice a little bit more snow around the edge of the tree lines diminish and now the skies brighten a bit. not quite clear yet over loudoun county and areas of fairfax county but the trend is moving eastward. still some rain in the fredricksburg area. that will move out tonight as high pressure moves in. check out 66 degrees at reagan national. 58 degrees in annapolis. see skies clear tonight and temperatures overnight, 33 to 44. lots of sunshine tomorrow. as early as friday we're back in the rain business. i'll have the timing and the weekend outlook for you in a couple of minutes. leon?
4:34 pm
>> all right, doug. montgomery county school officials are asking the state for a waiver for three snow days. students lost seven days of school this year because of winter weather and only four days are built into the calendar. if the state denies the waiver school year would be expanded until june 17th. one fraternity chapter permanently closed its doors at the university of oklahoma following a racist chant by its members caught on video. now, one of two students expelled over the video has issued an apology. here's the latest. >> the fallout continues over this racially charged chant in this now infamous video. two sigma alpha epsilon fraternity members at the university of oklahoma expelled. this student, seen leading the racist chants identified as 19-year-old freshman from dallas parker rice. in a statement, he says alcohol likely played a role in his behavior stating in part "i'm
4:35 pm
deeply sorry for what i did saturday night. it was wrong and reckless. i made a horrible mistake by joining into the singing and encouraging others to do the same." though the name of the second student accuse of taking a leadership role has not been released, the campus newspaper "the oklahoma daily" identified him as levi pettit. his family apologizing on line for their son's behavior in the s.a.e. video. o.u. president david boran citing a zero tolerance policy for such threatedening racist behavior. >> i hope they think long and hard about what they've done. >> the sigma alpha epsilon frat house shuttered and the greek letters gone from its facade. the founding member says this is not what s.a.e. represents. >> i'm, you know fighting back tears right now. it really is horrifying. >> and as the scandal widens, a new controversial video from 2013 surfacing of house mom boton gilbo mama b.
4:36 pm
she says she's heart broken she would be portrayed as a racist and she was innocently singing along to a trinidad james rap song. the firestorm over the video extending far beyond the university of oklahoma to a dallas community where this sign was placed in front of the student parker rice's home. >> that was nick valencia reporting. the sign of the scandal widening. president of the university of texas says that he's looking into reports that the s.a.e. chapter there used that same chant. alison? >> leon a virginia lawmaker is out of jail after serving a sentence stemming from a sex scandal. delegate joe morrissey was convicted in december in a scandal involving a 17-year-old girl. despite all this morrissey still won re-election in january. now, he's facing new felony charges that he fabricated a document. and still ahead here on abc 7 news at 4:00 --
4:37 pm
>> kids sit there and run after them, you know. have the courage. >> what we're hearing from the family of the toddler who was snatched in broad daylight right from his stroller. what his young siblings are saying about coming to his rescue. >> and tax deductions taken to a whole new level. you won't believe some of the wild things people try to deduct on their tax forms in order to save money. >> be sure to weigh in our question of the day. do you agree with a ban of travel perks for members of congress?
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>> today, we are hearing from the children involved in an attempted kidnapping that was all caught on tape. after a man ran off with the boy, the toddler's sister and brother foiled the attempts by chasing after that man. >> and now we're hearing from the family. abc's neil carlinsky has that. >> a man grabbed a baby child and was running. little kid started screaming. >> in an abc news exclusive, we're hearing for the first time the story behind this heart pounding moment that almost changed a life forever. a man running away with a
4:41 pm
toddler snatched from a park chased by the toddler's sister and then her brother. >> what did you think when you saw him grab your brother? >> i thought he was trying to kidnap him. >> what did you do? >> i ran and screamed. >> the 8-year-old and 10-year-old tell us how they sprung into action to save their little brother owen. >> what did he say to you? >> he said he's nice to kids and he had been babysitting for a long time. >> so he tried to make friends with you. >> yeah. but he lied to me. >> he did lie to you. >> the suspect dropped 22-month-old owen down the street after two teenagers joined in the chase. police still tracking the suspect and hoping to i.d. him while little owen is home and doing fine thanks to his very brave brother and sister. >> weren't you afraid to be chasing after a bad guy? >> no. >> no?
4:42 pm
>> i was chasing him because so i could get him back! for my cousin's birthday party. >> the kids' father is shaken for what happened but beyond relieved and proud. >> i, fortunately, am very lucky that i still have my son owen with me you know and for my kids to sit there and run after him, that's act of courage. >> now to ferguson missouri we've got some breaking news coming in just at this moment. the police chief there is officially resigning. thomas jackson submitted his resignation later today on the heels of the justice department's report about racial bias in the ferguson police department. for months jackson has been ignoring calls to resign after a white ferguson police officer shot and killed michael brown a black unarmed teenager. we expect to get more details on his resignation when the mayor of ferguson has a news
4:43 pm
conference coming up in the next hour so keep it tuned right here. now, up next on abc 7 news at 4:00 -- >> of course most people get compliments for staying in shape but one woman is receiving some backlash while pregnant. we'll tell you why her appearance is actually surprising some people. >> and forget about taking that selfie stick to more locations. the ban is expanding overseas now. >> in one northern virginia community, construction is everywhere. but a new study shows it may not be for everyone. i'm jeff goldberg. coming up tonight at
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>> last month we told you how to make mistakes when claiming deductions on your taxes. there's some people that tried to pull off some outrageous deductions. consumer reporter john materise explains so you don't waste your money. >> everyone wants the biggest tax refund possible so we look for things to deduct when filing our taxes. only problem -- some of them are crazy tax deductions you'd be amazed that some people try to pull off. hey, how about deducting a nice new mink coat? cnn money says one taxpayer did
4:47 pm
just that. justifying it as a legitimate business expense for company functions. sorry. cnn lists that as one of several wacky deductions that people have attempted to take. others include salt water aquarium, underwear because it was worn under a uniform, beer yes someone tried to deduct beer. and visits to a prostitute. yes, someone tried to deduct that, too. but from the doesn't that stink file? the fact that some people get to deduct things that you can't because they're considered medical expenses. cnn money says some parents have successfully deducted 100% of their private school tuition because their child had an allergy issue at their public school. didn't get that break, doesn't that stink? another person successfully deducted clarinet lessons because a doctor ok'd them for correcting an overbite. bottom line, see a doctor. not sure if a deduction is
4:48 pm
legitimate turbo tax and other on-line sites say what is or what isn't allowed. check with an area c.p.a. so you don't waste your money. >> all right. how about check this out? i know this is something that's going to get your goat. all right? if not some other part of you. a fitness fanatic model is facing backlash these days for her appearance. get this. it's because she's 8 1/2 months pregnant. >> she's speaking out about her pregnancy photo firestorm. look at that. 30-year-old model sage has documented her pregnancy on instagram. the pictures show her growing stomach, if you want to say that and very defined abs and it prompted people to question whether or not her physique is safe. >> as long as the baby is healthy, i don't think that anything else matters. so if you gain 6 0 pounds, 20
4:49 pm
pounds, as long as you're healthy and your baby is healthy is all that matters. >> sage says she works out twice a week and has gained 20 pounds. doctors say there is no one size fits all formula as far as pregnancy is concerned. >> so where did she gain the 20 pounds? >> i don't know, she was probably very thin when it started out. >> what did she look like before that? she's right, if the baby is healthy, that's the most important thing. >> if that was normal then why have we never seen that? ever? ever? >> don't see it on me. i know that. >> 2,000 years, haven't seen that. >> i know. let's move on to this ban on selfie sticks that we've been talking about. it's now expanding. >> that's right. two famous attractions in europe now are the latest to prohibit the snapshot aids. the versailles palace and national museum has announced bans today. the ban is needed to protect the artwork and the visitors there. the smithsonian announced its ban on selfie sticks last week.
4:50 pm
>> a new report rated the best mobile networks in the nation's capital. they say t-mobile and verizon are the top mobile networks for reliability in d.c. at&t came in third followed by sprint. the report also measured network speed along with data calls and text performances. >> take a look ahead right now to see what's coming up at 5:00. mixed signals. conflicting signs and a lack of communication leaves some drivers fighting errant parking tickets in d.c. >> developments out of ferguson missouri today, now that the police chief has resigned. we'll bring you what comes out of that tonight at 5:00. >> doug hill has more weatherwise. >> yeah, we're no longer in a situation or weather pattern where we see storms coming is it going to be rain or snow? it's going to be rain. problem is saturday, we may get too much rain in some areas.
4:51 pm
so let's get started with the coverage right now. it's pleasant enough just slow process clearing the skies. temperatures have responded nicely to the change in wind direction. 61 degrees in frederick and hagerstown now. 61 in fredricksburg. across the area tonight, skies continue to clear, we'll get cooler but listen these are not terribly cold numbers. 33 to 43. in fact, our overnight range of temperatures is a little bit above average tonight. we'll take that. and we'll have nice clear skies and temperatures probably in the upper 50's as the winds turn more out of the west. temperatures now chilly in spots like pittsburgh at 43. syracuse at 45. bit of cold front coming through. it's not dramatic. it will push farther south and kind of drop the carolinas out of the 70's into the 50's tomorrow. but very quiet pattern. it's a very active weather pattern from west to east across the nation these days. we had the cloud and the rain this morning and then high pressure clears us out tonight. futurecast shows tomorrow afternoon, bright and sunny. but already, the next weather maker is on the horizon with
4:52 pm
clouds spreading across the ohio and tennessee valleys. clouds developing through the day on friday. this stops at 7:00 friday morning and you can see the cloud band developing ahead of that next storm system rapidly advancing. some of this rain could be here by friday night and through the day on saturday we expect periods of rain. could be moderate or heavy at times. rainy saturday indeed. it should push out of here for the second part of the weekend so sunshine tomorrow. we'll climb to about 58 degrees and then for the next seven days, we'll see the rain chances here and the rain chances are going to primarily be for a late friday night and saturday. and then again for the day on sunday. so there's the seven day. if you salsa back and forth, that was there on the television set. there you see the picture, rain friday night and saturday. drying after that. >> thank you, doug. see how pleasant the ride is for the folks out there commuting this evening. bob emler is in the wtop traffic center tonight with the details for us. hey, bob. >> pothole repairs continue
4:53 pm
leon, and delays continue on the inner loop of the beltway coming around most of the way from university boulevard, red line indicating that. then it goes around to about route 450. it's very rough. lot of potholes there. and 95 south is starting to slow down indicated by the red line coming down from 212. and otherwise, just a pretty normal rush hour out there. not too bad on 66 as you head west from the beltway to centreville. off and on through the interchanges getting out to route 29. take a look at some cameras and see what it looks like out there. 270 not bad by clopper road. start to slow down a bit headed towards clarksburg. no incidents along the way there and 395 very slow headed south of the pentagon most of the way towards duke street. i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. >> thanks, bob. a d.c. teacher thought she was attending a routine student awards ceremony. she was in for a big surprise. how she reacted to news of
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
>> a columbia height high school teacher is being recognized as one of the best in the country. only thing is she didn't know that when she woke up this morning. >> in a story that you'll see only on 7, mike conneen takes us behind the scenes of this big surprise. >> i'm talking about miss whitaker but i wanted to make a special announcement. >> this morning, columbus heights high school history and government teacher kristin whitaker thought she was presenting an award to her students fortunately -- instead, she learned she's the teacher of the year. she's been awarded a $20,000 grant to spend on classroom initiatives. >> to be acknowledged is a blessing and a wonderful thing. i can't even -- i'm still in shock that this award even exists. >> school administrators say she was selected for going above and beyond outside school hours. >> she has taken on this idea of doing home visits of working
4:58 pm
with parents. >> around 10:00 a.m. upper classmen began gathering in the auditorium of the school. only a principal and a couple of administrators knowing what was coming next. this is the 19th annual award, first time a high school teacher has been selected. her students and the parents are thrilled. >> i love her. she always make me smile. she always make me like when i sit down she lifts me up. i can't say like -- she is so lovely. >> in northwest, mike conneen, abc 7 news. >> ticket trouble in a big way. >> tickets were issued that shouldn't have been. >> why parking enforcement officers rolled into a neighborhood and issued dozens of bad tickets. >> original tire blew and then the spare tire blew too because of the potholes. >> more than just a nuisance around here. just ask anyone on the roads today. how high your repair bills can be. >> receiving it or not? >> promise of thousands in college scholarship money puts local students in debt. "7 on your side" pressures voters to pony up.
4:59 pm
>> if you vaen been caught by one, odds are you know someone who has. >> that's right. we're talking about confusing and conflicting parking signs in the district. and one left dozens of people with $100 tickets in the 1,200 block northwest. stephen tschida went out there looking for some answers as to how this could happen. what did you find? >> leon no explanation from the city but the people who live here in columbia heights say obviously some parking enforcement officers don't know what's going on and they say these signs you see across the street, they say they're clearly confusing. >> a zealous enforcer went to work yesterday ticketing numerous vehicles for parking on a street cleaning day. only problem -- bad weather prompted the city to push back street cleaning until next week. >> tickets were issued that
5:00 pm
shouldn't have been. >> residents are used to getting bogus tickets. they blame the abundance of street signs. >> like taking an s.a.t. test trying to figure out what parking rules are. >> such as the one that says no parking except for monday. edward got a $100 ticket for following instructions. >> sign clearly says except monday. >> some of the residents complained to the mayor's office and they maintained they received assurances their violations would be voided. >> there were about 15 cars parked on this side thinking they were doing the right thing. they got tickets. >> some who live here say the signs are so confusing. until the city does something to clarify the parking instructions, the problems will persist. >> on the ticket it says clearly posted. how clear is that? the signs go down to the ground. there's like 17 signs on that one pole. >> 45 minutes ago, we called linda graham with the department of public works and asked how


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