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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  March 15, 2015 11:35pm-12:01am EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: the police in ferguson, missouri, have a man in custody in the shooting of two police officers last week. this culminates a massive manhunt and there could be other suspects. >> he is now charged with two counts of assault in the first degree of the police officers. reporter: prosecutors say that 20-year-old jeffrey williams was the gun man.
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this was the scene thursday when the bullets turned the protest into chaos. >> he acknowledged his participation firing the shots. reporter: they say that he fired a 40 caliber pistol from a vehicle. he claims he was nowhere near the police station. both officers are recuperating at home. the police say their investigation is ongoing. >> there may be other people who were with him who were participating. reporter: attorney general eric holder said the arrest sends a clear message that acts of violence against law enforcement will never be tolerated. ferguson is deeply divided after the shooting of unarmed teenager michael brown last august and a u.s. justice department report that showed widespread inequality in law enforcement. kimberly: a bold move in prince george's county, officials want to raise property taxes for the
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first time in 30 raise. -- in 30 years. tom roussey reports. >> there is no more wiggle room. tom: after cutbacks in recent years, they say it is time to raise property taxes for the first time in 35 years. by state law, they can only hike taxes for schools, and that is what he is proposing. he said he often hears from parents concerned about moving to prince george's county. >> the first question is what are the schools in my area, mi and this particular school. with this investment, they don't have to ask, because they don't ask that arlington or montgomery county. tom: the property tax on a $500,000 home would go up $750. he also wants to cut some county positions and furlough all employees for five days.
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but the tax proposal is drawing attention. >> when they opened up the casinos, that was supposed to help with the schools, money from that came to the state and so forth. what is going on? tom: these documents show what baker is proposing. he does not have the final say. the prince george's county council will have to vote on the plan within the next few months. tom roussey, abc 7 news. kimberly: property tax likes are also on the table in virginia. yesterday, manassas proposed a tax increase to cover declining sales tax revenue. and loudoun county officials proposed a tax hike to help fund schools. luxury d.c. hotel the willard intercontinental is facing legal action after a former employee said he was the target of discrimination. as suzanne kennedy reports, he said he was the frequent target of slurs over his sexuality, a
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story that you will only see on 7. suzanne: the willard hotel has renowned restaurants, but what happened in the kitchen is what some may find nauseating. he says between 2012 and 2013 he was subjected to anti-gay slurs from coworkers. >> they would call me [beep]. suzanne: despite a good record, he was repeatedly denied promotions, go back to the kitchen where he says he was repeatedly harassed. >> i was treated horrible. i was asking for help. i did not get it. suzanne: he felt a complaint with the d.c. office of human rights, which found that vega was subjected to a hostile work environment based on sexual orientation, was threatened with
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retaliation, and ultimately resigned. vega said he is still shocked by what happened and once the hotel to improve its treatment of homosexuals. >> in the end, what happened? suzanne: the willard says that it holds the safety of its guests and employees as a top concern and it condemned unlawful discrimination in all forms. the past back, no further statement as the case is still being disputed. in northwest washington, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. kimberly: tonight, a warning for those who enjoy going out. people are after your cell phone. we have uncovered a trend of cell phone theft, targeting people in d.c. bars. 7 on your side fighting back reporter jennifer donelan has the story about the alert that women uncovered. >> i felt awful somebody
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had their hand on my personal property. jennifer: a stranger picked her brand-new iphone 6 out of her purse while she was at the lounge on valentine's day. >> it was on my shoulder. jennifer: she ordered her first drink, a man stepped up to her at the bar. she checked for her phone and it was gone. >> i was angry. jennifer: she cannot believe what she later found out. >> it happened to several other women as well. jennifer: that a high school friend, at the same bar. >> it happen to eight women within 20 minutes. jennifer: we spoke with gryphon management and they said they are just as upset as the victims. he immediately notify the police. these notices are now posted through the establishment. sources say that at least one
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other dupont circle bar has had the same problem in recent weeks. >> we are going to the police monday. hopefully, the power in numbers, they wilbout it. jennifer: jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. kimberly: a home makeover but some homeowners think it is making them sick. the piece of your home that they say could be poisoning you and what you can do about it. eileen: and after a windy sunday, much lighter wind tomorrow and a big-time warm-up.
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kimberly: in the week ahead -- jury deliberations begin in a murder trial. the man is charged with killing a georgetown law student in 2013. the originally confessed, but in court his attorneys tried to put the blame on guptas's girlfriend. the girlfriend is not charged in the case. wednesday, two people are in fairfax county courtroom for a preliminary hearing, charged in a revenge stabbing again say former boss who fired her. prosecutors say they drove to the boss' home and that is when andrew allegedly posed as a police officer to gain entry.
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sources say he then tortured the boss and his wife before flowing. a class-action lawsuit and concern from customers about whether flooring is making them sick. lumber liquidators is on the defensive, promising their products are 100% safe and compliant with the law. joce sterman found local customers are not taking chances. joce: eve murphy has laminate flooring from lumber liquidators laid floor to floor in her germantown home. >> i love it. i just don't know if it is killing me. joce: after moving in, she experienced health issues, just pains, breathing issues. >> this issue with lumber liquidators has come up. i would be foolish not to say let's look at the flooring. joce: murphy and others are looking at this after a "60
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minutes" report raised questions about chinese-made laminate claiming that it has high levels of formaldehyde. the virginia company says it is safe and complies with regulations, but yesterday offered air quality testing too concerned customers. but she wants more than just air quality testing. she let us tear apart her kitchen to get a sample of the laminate to be tested. >> you have to get to the root cause, you cannot just jump up and down and say this is it. joce: some customers have cast blame in court. we found castlass action lawsuits filed in four states. >> my first thought is i will do what i need to do to relieve the
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doubt if this is causing my problems. kimberly: a gorgeous week ahead. you will
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kimberly: a breakfast staple is getting star power. kevin bacon and the american egg board are teaming up to a campaign. they use puns with the actor's
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last name to promote the egg industry. with a name like bacon, i mean, he has 10 careers that just keep going. eileen: that's awesome, love kevin bacon, and i love bacon. kimberly: so do i. tomorrow is looking awesome? eileen: it is. it will be chilly getting out the door, but the afternoon will be lovely, in the 60's. right now, 43, a little breeze at reagan national at 4. with the breeze it feels like 42 but the wind is nowhere near as gusty as earlier today when we had wind gusts between 45 and 50 miles per hour. still a light breeze, 50 mile-per-hour wind in frederick 12 andrews, but the calm wind is allowing the temperatures to
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drop. 43 andrews 44 lexington park. i want to jump backwards to talk about the hiker pictures today. reagan national 58, the average 55. 79 degrees in denver, record. 84 rapid city, 73 today in the northern plains. it was really, really warm. still cold in new england, but that air mass will be lifting and moderating a bit to the north. overall, clear skies overhead, high cloudiness to the west. the main weather feature is the high pressure. that will be funneling in southerly wind tomorrow, tapping into the warmer air mass to the south. the only thing that you will notice are the high clouds. it will be a mild day, but not fully sunny. i think we will still take 60's,
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especially with the temperatures only getting into the 40's, lower 50's. overnight tonight, 38 degrees in the city. some of the suburbs and may drop near freezing with clear skies and light wind. by 6 a.m., the high clouds working their way in. as you are heading out the door, getting the kids to the bus stop, make sure to have a jacket. by midday, recess time lunchtime, upper 50's, right near 60 degrees. the highest tomorrow when the lower 60's. however, i wouldn't be surprised if the got closer to the mid to upper 60's in a few locations. things change tuesday, partly cloudy skies, isolated shower possible as the cold front slides through. most of us will be dry, but everyone will feel the gusty wind as the cooler air mass filters in. highs wednesday in the mid 40's. upper 40's, low 50's thursday.
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friday is the first day of spring. the equinox occurs at 6:45 p.m., and looks like spring showers will greet us. partly cloudy skies saturday, 54 another chance of rain next week in, but a nice mild start to the work week. kimberly: time off tomorrow? eileen: i do. kimberly: what are you doing? eileen: i'm moving. kimberly: oh, no! eileen: at least it will be raining. are you off to enjoy? kimberly: a little bit. i will be back in for the 4:00.
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kimberly: most parents want their children to eat healthy food, but it's not always easy to find nutritious food that your kids will like. alison starling started a flourishing businessal. ison: heather stauffer -- alison: heather stauffer loves to cook healthy meals for her family, but her first child, it was more difficult. >> as a new mom, i cannot find anything that was making me feel good about feeding them in a lp pinch. alison: she created healthy
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frozen meals that she's sold at the farmers market. they were so popular that by the end of the year they had their first deal with whole foods. >> there was nothing else like it on the market that was healthy, organic, could be made in a couple minutes, and that kids love. alison: now mom made meals have 16,000 products in stores nationwide. >> our formula is to take kid-favorite recipes -- macaroni and cheese, pizza, meatballs -- and make them as healthy as we can. alison: she always has love to cook. she and her husband have two children, and their family photo is right on the mom made meals box. >> my philosophy is it's not the time to cut corners just because you've had a busy day. kimberly: mom made foods is
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coming to safeway in april, and they have just launched a gluten-free line. she wanted to be a household name. by the way, her stauffer name is not connected with stauffer foods.
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