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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 16, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. . new overnight. kill them all. the shocking revelation from murder suspect robert durst. >> killed them all. of course. >> the millionaire suspected of killing his wife and best friend confesses while filling a documentary when he thought the cameras weren't rolling. now under arrest. here live only on "gma." >> wild weather causing flooding in the midwest. roads from kentucky to ohio under water while a storm is packing a punch out west. >> this structure crashing to the ground. cars crushed by trees. our weather team tracking it all. >> whoa! >> whoa. >> hold on. >> drag racing disaster. this car breaks in pieces at
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nearly 300 miles an hour but the driver walks away unharmed. speaking out about how he survived that harrowing crash. >> fashion feud. the pop star versus a top design duo. elton john taking it on. and what the men who have dressed a-listers said about children conceived by ivf have so many wanting to boycott right now. >> we do say good morning, america. . hope everybody had a wonderful weekend. boy, do we have a lot to get to this morning. we want to get to the breaking news overnight. the latest twist in the bizarre story of robert durst, the estranged son of one of new york's real estate families who has been suspected of three murders dating back 30 years. >> he was finally arrested
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saturday charged with murder. with the help of the hbo documentary "the jinx." abc has the latest. >> for years police investigated robert durst in the murder of husband long time friend but now in the documentary about him, "the jinx," he may have jinksed himself with what appears to be a confession. >> there it is. >> overnight a dramatic moment captured when robert durst suspected in three murders apparently thought the cameras weren't rolling. >> killed them all. of course. >> this shocking finale of hbo's documentary series "the jinx" airing in the midst of a bombshell off camera too. arrested for the 2000 shooting death of his friend. the 71-year-old was apprehended at this new orleans hotel saturday where he was registered
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under a fake name. paid in cash and was in possession of fake documents. the fbi thinks he was trying to flee to cuba. this morning the lapd is crediting additional evidence that has come to light in the past year. and no doubt, "the jinx" provided those incriminating clues. >> did not tell the whole truth. nobody tells the whole truth. >> this six-part series profiling not just berman's death but the unsolved disappearance of his first wife kathy in 1982 and the death of his neighbor in texas in 2001. durst acquitted after claiming self-defense. he sat down for hours of interviews for the documentary adamantly denying he killed anyone. it was two years after the taping that the director realized he had made the off camera comments killed them all. but the real smoking gun some say, this never before seen letter given to the jinks producers by berman's stepson
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who says he sent it to her a year before her death. and durst admitting it is similar to a note sent to police when berman died telling them where to find the body. >> same misspelling. the writing looks similar and the spelling is the same. >> it wasn't until the cameras stopped rolling that he appeared to crack. durst officially denies killing berman but authorities have believed he had a motive. allegedly wanting to silence her about the disappearance of his wife. this morning even durst's long estranged brother who runs the family's multibillion dollar real estate empire telling abc news we hope he will finally be held accountable for all he has done. he appeared briefly in court and held without bond. his lawyer says he will agree to go to los angeles to face charges. as for why he was in new orleans with fake documents his lawyer says he wasn't running but
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seeking privacy. >> so many questions. let's bring dan abe rams right now. first thing you say is wow. >> this doesn't happen in real life. the idea you're doing a documentary and then at the end of the documentary you get what sounds like a confession. >> off camera. >> off camera to an unsolved case involving a high profile guy. i mean you know you wouldn't believe this if it were a fictionalized movie. >> will that apparent confession be admissible in court? >> i think it's likely. the only legal question will be the sanctity of that tape. who had control of it? is it accurate. those are the sorts of questions that will be asked. no doubt his defense team will try to get it excluded from evidence but i think it will be tough. you're in the middle of doing a tv interview. no expectation of privacy. >> the timeline is going to be key. when was this tape discovered and turned over to authorities? >> because the defense is going to want to put both on trial and
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want to put the police on trial and try to create the scenario where together they worked that this idea that the police in conjunction with their team worked to bring down robert durst and they're going to challenge the timing of when things came out. he gets arrested the day above the finale of the hbo documentary. so those are the sorts of questions you're going to hear not just from the public but from the defense. >> and we're going to post some of them in the next half hour. one thing that could be raised by the tape is durst clearly uncomfortable. seems to be talking to himself. could this lay the ground work for an insanity defense? >> it could. i think he's going to say is the same sorts of things like before. come on i was testing them. of course i knew i was still miked up. i knew that. you know i didn't mean any of
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it. i was just saying it to see how they would respond. or something like that. i mean that's what i would expect not an insanity defense. >> thank you so much. >> we want to hear what he has to say. to the wild weather all over the country. record heat and flooding along the ohio river. look at the pictures in cincinnati. the water slides surrounded by water and where the parking lot was. we are along the ohio river this morning. good morning, rob. >> reporter: across the river you can see the city of cincinnati. it was just two weeks ago where part of this river valley had two feet of snow. offadd you had armt and two inches of water and you get flooding. across the midwest the winter whiteout melting away relaced with a new concern dangerous
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flooding. melting snow and ice plus falling rain causing the ohio river to rise to nearly 58 feet 5 1/2 feet over flood stage and highest since 1987's devastating floods. the rising waters reeking havoc as it inundates low lying areas. roads submerged causing closers. >> it's seeping in through the foundation right now. >> some residents navigating the streets by kayak. crews working up and down rescuing stranded cars and passengers from ohio to kentucky. >> there's always somebody that can think they can make it through a high water area. >> rescuers desperately scouring and searching for 67-year-old steven miller swept away in kentucky and while the river has stopped rising the flooding expected to remain well into the middle of the week. the problem with the large river is it takes a long time to recede. the flood gates will remain up
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and roads and buildings like this one will be cut off for much of this week. >> we know you will be covering it and so will we. we're also covering the pacific northwest. listen to what happened out there. that is scaffolding falling in downtown portland oregon after 58 mile per hour wind gusts and 92 mile purr her wind gusts came on through. record rainfalls for the day and today much drier and milder. portland, 6 6. redding 65. it was a headliny weekend. i just made a word in los angeles. third day of record heat. 92. that's the l.a. marathon. they started it early because they didn't want people to be affected by that. two degrees shy of a record in l.a. and las vegas. denver and kansas city and oh omaha can see 70s and 80.
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chicago 73 today and 50 by wednesday. return to more winter like feel because we don't start spring for a couple days. >> we're going to move to ferguson where a suspect is in custody in the shooting of two police officers during a protest last week. police say ferguson residents helped them track him down and abc's steve osunsami has the latest in clayton, missouri. good morning, steve. >> reporter: police say families were calling that information in. the accused gunman being held here was already wanted at the time of the shooting for failing to meet with his probation officer. this morning missouri police say this is the young man who gunned down two of their own. 20-year-old jeffrey williams accused of shooting two officers doing their jobs outside ferguson police head quarters thursday. >> he is charged with two counts of assault. >> the prosecutor said they recovered a gun that belongs to williams and it's a match.
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>> the weapon recovered certainly matches the shell casings that were recovered at the scene. >> police say he admits he fired his gun from a vehicle nearby and also say he's claiming that he wasn't aiming at police. he was instead firing at someone on the street following a disagreement earlier in the evening. >> regardless of who may be an intended target you hit somebody that's still a class a felony and punishable by life in prison. >> the two officers are home recovering with their families but they could have been killed. one was shot in the face. the bullet lodged near his year. the other shot in the shoulder with the bullet exiting his back. u.s. attorney general eric holder whose review of the police work led to the protest that night had some choice words for the accused shooter. >> this was punk punk who was trying to show discord in an area trying to get its act together. >> in november ferguson burned
7:12 am
after the same prosecutor announced there would be no criminal charges against officer darren wilson for the summer shooting death of michael brown. williams is being held on a $300,000 cash bond. he is has not entered a plea. about anyone connected to the movement here is distancing themselves from this alleged violence. robin. >> thank you overseas to breaks news. a big mystery solved. russian president appearing in public moments ago. this is the first time in ten days. his absence raised serious questions and abc's martha raddatz is in washington with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. all eyes were on st. petersburg russia this morning where putin has been spotted in a meeting with the president of kergistan. this is not a man whoever shies away from the spotlight. he rides horse back poses with tigers.
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to not be seen in ten days was highly unusual. was he ill? was he dead? did he have a new baby? there was a website with the clock updating down to the second how long he had been out of site. the kremlin denied anything wrong saying he is as strong as ever and putin said this morning to the rumors of his disappearance it would be boring without gossip. >> that's for sure. thanks. we're going to turn to poll sicks nond and the fallout from the hillary clinton controversy. john boehner is announcing a new investigation into clinton's new use of private e-mails. abc's john karl is at the white house. this would be separate from the committee investigating the attack in benghazi. >> this would be a separate investigation conducted by a separate committee looking into her unusual e-mail practices as secretary of state and it would certainly mean a protracted legal battle over access to the server she had in her house
7:14 am
where she ran her e-mails. she has made it clear she does not belief the government has a right to that. republicans will push for access. she will be asked to testify not once but twice before congress once on the e-mails, a second time on benghazi in other words, you could have more appearances before congress from her during her primary campaign than you have presidential debates. >> it's going on for some time and the president making jokes about it over the weekend. >> he joked he used to be seen as the tech savvy candidate in 2008 and he said hillary has a seer in your house, i didn't know you could have one of those. he said if he would have known that he would have gotten one himself. >> let's go to amy with the top stories. a big man hunt overnight. >> the gunman who shot two police officers driving through a south los angeles neighborhood. the officers were inside an unmarked car.
7:15 am
this may have been a targeted attack they believe. the officers returned fire but unclear if the suspects were hit. nearby resident were told to stay indoors and the officers treated for the injuries. new images from what's been called the monster cyclone that slammed into the island nation of vanuatu. 90% of the buildings in the capitol are damaged. >> reporter: destroyed. topping 185 miles per hour winds. aid is just starting to arrive. the president says his nation is being forced to quote, start over. well three more americans who may have been exposed to ebola are due back in u.s. today. seven of their fellow aid workers returned over the weekend. they have not shown any symptoms but all worked with a colleague who contracted the virus in sierra leone. that individual is being treat and the others quarantined for
7:16 am
21 days. a rescue in hawaii. a hiker fell and tumbled 200 feet down a steep mountain trail. rescuers flew him off the mountain tethered to a helicopter. he fell while trying to retrieve a backpack. he's in serious but stable condition. two stunt teams have withdrawn from an air show in asia after this crash. two planes collided during a rehearsal. one of the planes catching fire. the pilots managed to eject in time and were not injured. a far different sight in the sky overnight. cameras captured what's believed to be a meter over europe seen from germany to switzerland and austria. a classic prank that's gone epic now. here's what a prankster did. this is roman atwood's job. engulfing his house in toilet paper. he had a truckload delivered to
7:17 am
make sure it was done correctly. he was not very amused. the bleeps he had a few choice words. when the prank ter was revealed how he gave into lauft, that was a fairly epic -- we used to call it rolling in georgia. >> you did some rolling? >> i did. >> oh, a confession. >> we got another confession. a morning for that. >> my parents called it teepeeing. >> that's what we call it. >> you guys are so hard core. we threw toilet paper, wow. a bunch of kids. >> hey. >> all right. >> i can't tell you what i was doing as a kid. >> it's okay. >> good clean fun. now to ginger and finally getting the record. not what they wanted. >> it gets crazy when you add eggs. >> nuts. >> it's like paper mache and stuff.
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hard. let's get some weather. boston congratulations, you did it. almost three inches of snow yesterday. and that now makes you having the snowiest season ever. so yay! so that's a quick look at that. maine got up to 16 inches. i told you the colder air comes at the end of the week. mild today. your local forecast 30 seconds away. jacqui: good morning
7:19 am
washington. a beautiful sunrise right now, great cover coming to pc, the temperatures 39 degrees, suburbs colder, a few areas below freezing, 30 at manassas, 30 degrees in work. warming up this morning, well into the 50's by lunch hour, 55 degrees is the forecast high this afternoon looking at the so amy, i guess we know whose house we're going to roll. >> oh yeah. see how easy that is. >> she doesn't know where i live actually. really close to me. >> coming up the film makers documentary helping to get arrested. >> this drag racing crash caught on camera. the drive speaking about how he survived this wreck. >> plus elton john taking on dolce and gabbana.
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. jummy: we want to get a check from the traffic right now at 7:26. jack? jack: the crash was near 29 centreville. everything was on the shoulder but at one point you could see a few left lanes getting by. beyond it the lanes are open.
7:27 am
the newest problem is heading into downtown on the other side something we have an issue in the center lane were district authorities will hopefully remove it as quickly as possible. the inner loop of the beltway, heavy, the usual delay towards the woodrow wilson bridge. all travel lanes going north are open. something we have a nice day on tap? jacqui: take a look at this picture, it is all about sunrise at this hour. temperatures a bit on the cold side, 39 degrees downtown, low 30's in the suburbs definitely you will want a significant jacket this morning, you will likely be peeling off some layers this afternoon with mild temperatures on the way in spot south and west of the sea. a cold front coming through could bring an isolated sprinkle
7:28 am
west of d.c., temperatures falling late in the day, dropping into the 40's for the middle of the week. jummy: thank you so much. we are switching years to take a look at our top stories metro transit police intensifying their search for a suspect. they believe that the woman they see here is the woman who attacked at the metro station armory. ude of 2.8 of the recent earthquake in virginia. you can get more on
7:29 am
7:30 am
good morning, america. right now suspected murderer robert durst in court after being arrested for kiling his best friend. >> and also right now the dragster speaks out about how he survived. >> and elton john and other celebrities promising to boycott dolce and gab ban nah about ivf. >> much ahead including the surprising secret that could help you in your march madness. we're here to help you. t.j. is going to bring us that. >> it is a proven method to win. it will only cost you 25 cents. i'll have you that. >> we'll get with more on robert durst in court after his arrest saturday for killing his friend susan berman in 2000. durst has been suspected in three killings dating back more
7:31 am
than 30 years and the cold case was brought back to life by the hbo documentary "the jinx" which ended with this stunning off camera confession. >> here it is. . you're right, ofnlgt of course. but you can't imagine. arrest him. what the hell did i do? killed them all, of course. >> and we are joined now by the filmmaker. welcome back. you said it would be clear at the end of six episodes. i guess you were right. >> i tried to be. >> so let's walk through this
7:32 am
because there's a lot of questions raised about the timeline in this tape. the interview was three years ago? >> about three years ago, yeah. we interviewed him twice and the first time right around the time the movie came out and it took us another year and a half to get him for the follow up interview. >> you showed him the evidence and it was the handwriting that seemed to stun him and he goes into the bathroom. you didn't discover what was on tape in the bathroom for more than two years? >> yeah. >> how is that possible? >> well the fact is it's a small documentary crew and we were working very hard and it wasn't until later when we brought on some more editors and had the time to go through the material and we said to one of the editors go through all the old material that just has audio because the only time you look at stuff is if it has video and audio. one of the editors came back and said i think i found something. >> what did you do when you heard it?
7:33 am
>> i sat there with my partners and we sort of shook our heads. it took a while to understand the impact of it. just it was so chilling to hear it. it was doesisturbing to hear it and uncomfortable to hear it. >> once you hear it you have a legal and moral obligation to go to the authorities. when did that happen? >> we talked about it with our legal advisors and said if we go to the authorities now, we're missing the opportunity for us to actually get the real story from him and it may take years for them to do that. truth is as filmmakers we have the freedom to do things that law enforcement wouldn't have. but at the same time we didn't want to hold it back if it was going to take forever. all we could do is get him into the chair which took a lot of work. then when we had his reaction that was when we felt the time was right for us to show that to them and that was many many months ago. >> you're talking about the
7:34 am
letters. >> sure. >> what about the audio of him in the bathroom? >> well we have been in contact with law enforcement for the past two years. so when we finally found that subsequent admission what happens in the bathroom we contacted them and said we have something more. >> you have already heard robert durst talking to the l.a. times overnight saying this is not a coincidence here. what happens is that durst gets arrested on the eve of the finale. kind of a ratings play. were there any kinds of deals over the timing of the arrest? >> of course. not. we don't have that kind of power and we had no idea of the arrest timing. i was nervous about it and on the phone with our law enforcement about 4:00 in the morning two nights before and i was saying i'm uncomfortable and i have security i've never had security in my life. my family is uncomfortable and i feel this arrest should be made but understand you need to do what you need to do. but tell me where we are. i didn't get any color on it. >> so you interviewed durst
7:35 am
three years ago. he must know the noose is starting to tighten around him. did he try to contact you? >> he never calls me the day after the interview. usually he goes away and tells me he's in madrid. disappears. we talk again a few weeks later. in this case he called me the day after the interview, after i showed him the envelope and he acted as if it was no big deal. he called me and said i have three or four things to talk to you about. i knew the first thing was going to be nothing and nothing and the third thing was going to be him checking in with me about whether i thought that admission was important. >> so he knew something was coming which is why he may have been trying to escape? >> i will say i don't know he told his lawyers about the second interview because they didn't attend. that was his choice. his lawyer came to the first interview and a couple years later he decides to do a second interview freelancing by
7:36 am
himself. >> thanks very much. over to robin. >> to the amazing sight at the racetrack. look at the speeding dragster actually split right in two and goes airborne as you can see. the drive walked away and telling his survival story. abc has the story. >> reporter: this morning an investigation into what caused this jaw-dropping racing accident. >> whoa! hold on! >> a dragster snapping in half and breaking into pieces and almost 300 miles per hour at a national hot rod association race in florida. miraculously the driver walks away unhurt. >> i got maybe 100 feet before the finish line and that's when the front end failed. it flew off the car and i'm traveling through the air and hoping that i stay on the race track when i finally come down. >> take a look again as the 2,000 plus car breaks into
7:37 am
pieces. that's the front buckling and flying off. dickson inside the cockpit launched more than 20 feet into the air and smashing into the concrete wall. >> every once in a while bad things happen but i have all the faith in my equipment. >> the driver survived a nearly identical accident in 2000. >> oh there goes dickson. >> dickson was seriously hurt in that accident. so what was different this time? he says important safety improvements. >> i feel safer in that race car than i do driving to the racetrack. because of my head and neck restraint, because of my helmet because of the cage that i'm surrounded in. so when you have a bad day at the office you could dust yourself off and
7:38 am
jacqui: good morning washington. shaping up into a gorgus afternoon, mild temperatures in the middle that weather brought to you by car max. that's the sun rise. it looks nice. >> beautiful. >> thank you ginger.
7:39 am
comingen can doing chores be more important than school. >> and why elton john and others are boycotting and what the fashion icon said about ivf that had so many angry right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ when we go to the store
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8 . back now with elton john promising to boycott dolce and gabbana on their comments about ivf and reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: fighting words between rock royalty and the dominating duo of fashion. elton john taking on dolce and gabbana following comments to italian magazine panorama. dolce is quoted as saying you were born and have a father and mother or at least that's how it should be taking aim at children conceived methods like
7:44 am
surrogacy. dolce and gabbana were romantically involved for over 20 years. john who has two young kids posted a photo of the designers instagram writing how dare you refer to my beautiful children as synthetic and shame on you for wagging your judgmental little fingers at ivf. out of step with the times just like your fashion. i shall never wear dolce and gabbana and ricky martin tweeting your voices are too powerful to be spreading so much hate. john and his husband haven't been shy about raising their children mgts i'm probably the happiest guy in the world right now. they have made more joy for me. >> and gabbana not backing down. i did not expect it from a person i believed i underline i believed to be intelligent like
7:45 am
elton john. he is ignorant in the sense he ignores different opinions to him which are worthy of respect. but speaking out overnight dolce saying i'm aware of the fact that there are other types of families and they are as legitimate as the one i know. we do believe in freedom and love. for "good morning america" reena ninan abc news, new york. >> the back and forth on that. coming up the breakthrough new drug that may prevent heart attacks. >> you don't have to know anything about basketball to win your office poll. hi there! new colgate optic white express white. wait, don't you mean me? new colgate optic white express white toothpaste has the professionally recommended whitening ingredient hydrogen peroxide for whiter teeth in 3 days. without the hassle of whitening treatments. think of it as your smile bff. i thought i was your bff. i mean my other bff! dazzle...
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now to march madness. an estimated 40 million americans will be filling out their brarkts over the next few days. what's the best strategy to win your office poll. t.j. is in the social square with the surprising answer. >> whether it's an office poll or a betting book in vegas everybody is making their pick. this is serious stuff. i'm going to give you this proven method. i'm only showing this once. this is how you win. ready? you flip a doggone coin. we have an assistant professor
7:50 am
at michigan who isshed who showed he did better on average by flipping a coin than people who study and did their pick. so my producer lauren and i flipped a coin and here is our final four. this is the result. we had oklahoma folks, versus san diego state and we also had new mexico state versus ohio state with the national champion being oklahoma. that's what we got. >> that's a good one. >> this does seem ridiculous but makes perfect sense. how many times the person who won the office poll was the grandmother. >> you're right. >> this mascot is cuter than that mascot. >> and the uniform. >> all you need folks. good luck. >> which outfit do you like better. she's like the uniform. >> she's going to win. >> and the women's bracket will be unveiled tonight 7:00 p.m. eastern on espn.
7:51 am
thanks for that t.j. coming up, the dancers are here making only one thing, "dancing with the stars." binge eating disorder, or b.e.d., isn't just overeating. it's a real medical condition. and while the exact cause is unknown, certain chemicals in the brain may play a role. b.e.d. is also the most common eating disorder in u.s. adults. hi, i'm monica seles. when i binged, i wasn't in control. i never felt satisfied no matter what the quantity was. afterwards i felt so upset with myself. to learn more about b.e.d. go to
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"good morning america" is brought to you by the makers on nondrowsy clairton. live clairton clear. >> still ahead. fancy or frugal. can you tell the difference between high end leggings and less expensive ones. and "gma's" yahoo is your day. bobby brown going back to basics with everything you know when it comes to foundation.
7:56 am
jummy: let's get right over to jack taylor, he is watching what is happening on the roadways right now. jack: it is a tough one, before benning road everything was moved to an offramp, we had it normal south of 50 but on the george washington parkway it sounded like activity got moved it to the shoulder and now we have word of a problem south of old town near the gw parkway. keeping you posted throughout the morning, be aware that you might want to take an alternate route this morning. starting to see some daylight out there? jacqui: clouds are mixed in as well, that is what it will look like throughout the day temperatures cold right now
7:57 am
below freezing and some of the suburbs, they will be moving nicely and it will wind up being a mild monday. temperatures running to the 40's this morning, mid 50's by the lunch hour, tapping out in the low 60's to the north this afternoon with a mixture of sun and clouds, thickening up overnight as a cold front approaches and a stray showers possible tomorrow afternoon. most of us stayed dry and blustery with falling temperatures into the 40's by midweek. jummy: checking on top stories right now, a judge will hear arguments tomorrow on restricting the access of terror suspects the phones. in d.c. police are warning people about a rash of pickpockets in northwest someone is targeting women in d.c. in stealing cell phones from purses. the prince george's county police are looking for three people in the murder of michelle clark.
7:58 am
that does it for us, you can get more traffic, weather, and news updates right now on our sister station and we will see you back here in it's the thought that counts,
7:59 am
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♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and go time. "dancing with the stars" kicks off tonight but before the stars hit the ballroom we're back with them for their final rehearsal. >> wait until you see monday night. everybody is going to look great. >> on edge before their debuts. who will sizzle and who will fizzle. only on "gma" this morning. ♪ >> justin bieber in the hot seat. everyone from martha stewart to ron burgundy taking their shots. >> i'm roasting you for the entire world tonight. >> your first look right here. ♪ >> it's a little black dress with makeup. are you wearing it right? bobby brown breaks down what every woman needs to know when it comes to foundation. ♪ >> all that and nick cannon here live as we say --
8:01 am
>> good morning, america. he is a very busy man. nick cannon is here with us this morning in times square. our nick cam capturing his entrance into our studio. let's see that. let's see it. yeah. we're going to talk to him -- there's the nick cam. looking a lot more. >> all fired up for tonight's premier of "dancing with the stars." there they are right there. the dancers in the studio. getting all pumped up for the season starting tonight. >> and we're taking you behind the scenes of the final rehearsals before the big premier. we have got rumer willis and shark tanks, robert with his partner kim johnson. so much to show you before it even all begins.
8:02 am
>> and we're going to be dancing with something big for parents. what's the biggest predictor. studying hard or doing chores. a lot of research on this now. >> research i fully support by the way. >> we're going to reveal this just ahead. interesting stuff. >> getting it done. you're right. okay. >> let's get some news. >> good morning. we begin with breaking developments overnight in the bizarre case of real estate heir robert durst. he has been suspected in three murders detailed in hbo's documentary series called "the jinx." he's heard off camera speaking to himself saying quote, i killed them all. he was arrested saturday in connection with the death of his friend susan berman 15 years ago. he was registered at a hotel under a fake name and had fake documents. the fbi believes durst may have
8:03 am
been trying to flee to cuba. he is due in court today for an extra digs hearing. the other big story, more wild weather for much of the nation including more heat in southern california. in the midwest, the threat is flooding. the ohio live is rising 5 1/2 feet over flood stage thanks to the ice and rain. in the northwest high wends caused this skaflding to fall and left thousands without power. ginger's forecast is hmm coming up. overs' a disaster on the island nation of vanuatu. 150,000 people are homeless following a devastating cyclone. 09% of building in the capital are damaged or destroyed. for the first time since the american sniper trial we are hearing from the parents of the former marine convicted. eddie ray routh is serving life
8:04 am
without the possibility of parole. during the trial his attorneys argued he was not guilty by reason of insanity. routh's father tells dr. phil his son is being wrongly portrayed as a evil person. >> this is not my son that did it. it was his body that did it. he's a decent young man that something snapped in him. something snapped in my son. >> routh's parents tell dr. phil their son's deployment to haiti changed him forever. their entire interview airs today on dr. phil. in medical news a possible breakthrough in fighting high cholesterol. a new class of drugs that cuts bad cholesterol by more than half and may help produce the risk of a heart attack and stroke. abc's dr. richard besser has more. >> this is big news for people with high cholesterol who are on
8:05 am
stat tents. this new class of drugs works in an entirely different way. the new studies show it could lower bad cholesterol additional 60%. that's huge. it needs to be given by injection every two to four weeks and 30% of the people in the study had to drop out. bigger studies being done to determine whether these drugs truly reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke and whether they're safe. we have been talking to cardiologists all weekend. they're excited about these drugs and the fda is expected to rule on an application for approval later this year. >> thanks so much. dr. besser will be taking your questions throughout the morning. you can tweet them at dr. richard besser. before we show you this. you need to know the puppy you are about to see is fine given that the curious 2-month-old had gotten himself wedged into an exhaust pipe. look at that. his little head sticking out.
8:06 am
the emergency workers were call and delicately cut the pipe freeing the dog's body and greased up his head and pushed him to safety. look at that. the dog was a little shaken up but happy to report he is all good. how he got stuck in the pipe in the first place remains a mystery. but all is okay. >> gosh. >> i know. >> we started with that. >> we needed that. >> woo. >> let's go to t.j. in this social square. >> the morning menu with what's coming up on "gma." the one thing is setting your kids up for success, maybe not the ivy league education. becky worley is here with her leggings investigation. first time in my career i have got to say leggings investigation on tv. also, we have got nick cannon. he's here and working live. he's opening up about a lot of
8:07 am
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perseverance. ambition. who want professors who'll know them by name see who they can be... students who want more than a degree on graduation day... they want a career. if you're this kind of student you're our kind of different. devry university. different. on purpose. ♪ >> coming up on "gma" get ready for the season premier of "dancing with the stars." all the behind the scenes as the stars get ready to make their debut when we come back.
8:10 am
8:11 am
we're here today asking kids what their favorite vegetable is. kids? [ crickets chirping ] now we're gonna give those same kids bush's baked beans. [ kids ] mmmm... finally, we're gonna tell them that bush's baked beans are actually a veg-- tut-tut-tut. ix-nay on the egetable-vay. oh, right. bush's secret family recipe gives them a delicious flavor so they're a [whispers] vegetable that kids actually like. bush's baked beans. the [whispers] vegetable that kids love. . lara taking the day off.
8:12 am
and t.j. with "pop news" for us. >> if you could say anything you wanted to justin bieber what would it be? >> sorry. rough start to "pop news." justin bieber was buzzing or buging big and getting roasted by kevin hart. >> we're going to do what his parents and the legal system should have done a long time ago. we're about to give this boy a [ muted ] that he deserves. >> a lot of people think he does deserve a whoopin' of some kind. saying not only do you need to continue to live your live with the same reckless abandon, i suggest you turn up the heat. bieber apologized for his past behavior and looking forward to be someone to be proud of. this is something he said he's going to do. >> a turning point. >> he's 21 now.
8:13 am
>> 21. >> yeah. >> before you get roasted. >> and been throwing toilet paper with you and wou have all these problems. you'll remember this guy. shawn from london became known as the dancing man. your guy, yes. he was cyber bullied for his enthusiastic dancing and photos were posted online and now we know more about the guy. he's telling us he's just an average joe from liverpool and works in finance saying he's moved by the acts of kindness that these two women from l.a. showed him. they're shooting this video to show their support. they started a kick starter campaign to throw him this huge dance party. they raised $40,000 already and we know pharrell is getting involve and other celebrities. this is going to be a party we all want to go to. if i say eggs for breakfast with a side of -- >> bacon. >> has to be bacon. nothing goes with eggs like
8:14 am
bacon bacon. kevin bacon. take a look at who is starring in the new campaign for the american egg board. >> kevin bacon. >> what are you doing in my kitchen? >> well nobody knows eggs better than bacon. >> because that's your name. >> did you know each egg contains six -- >> degrees of separation. >> right. >> very good. six grams of protein is what he was trying to get to. he has always been a big fan of eggs. the feeling is mutual and with a name like bacon he was the obvious choice but they're is. >> she's really good. thank you, t.j. heat index coming up. let's go to ginger. >> thank you. from madison wisconsin. we got a big crowd. i love this. you're from selding i see that. starting in chicago, chicago is going to be in the 70s today.
8:15 am
can you believe that? the warmest weather. summer like that they have had since october. see the cold front. that's what we call a pneumonia cold front. could see record break heat from kansas city to nebraska. chicago, still 50 by wednesday. clum yas, ohio boston and new york city taking a ride on t jacqui: good morning, washington. a mild heartrt to ththe work week cooler temperatures are comining, expect aix of sunine anand clouds aroun65 degrees. clouds increasin overnight lows in the 30ossiblble th30 possible suburbs, 50 downtown, a a cold front moving to t the aa tomorrow bringing blustery conditions for st. patrick's day th a briefhower. temperatures falling from
8:16 am
emily where are you from? >> houston, texas. >> this is a great day out here robin. >> time for the heat index. the story burning up the wall street journal's website. the key to raising successful kids could be to make sure they help out around the house. linsey davis with the detail. >> if getting your children to help with chores is tough, you're not alone. >> girls, get down here. there's a lot of work to do. >> she's in a mood. >> you know what i have to do right? [ talking over one another ] >> i cannot take the fighting. get out of the house. >> works every time. >> a recent survey found that 82% of parents did chores growing up but only 28% require their kids to help out around the house. one reason for the shift -- >> okay. lilly, ballet at 11:00 and play
8:17 am
date and karate class at 3:00. >> an emphasis on extracurricular activity may have caused making the beds to fall by the wayside. but chores are one of the most important predictors of success. don't give up. even when your kids fight back like the johnson's on abc's "blackish". >> you're all getting jobs. >> what? >> i have seen what bad parents can do. i'm not going to let that happen. besides, i can't afford rehab. >> that's right. you get a job. you get a job. you get a job. everybody gets a job! >> now, one study found that young adults who began as young as 4 years old were likely to have good relationships, excel in academics and be successful. at 3, my husband and i just had this conversation.
8:18 am
apparently -- >> to what? >> don't get him started. >> amy started. on yahoo. 98% said you would give your kids chores. joining us now is parenting expert. this makes a lot of sense. >> these day we're parenting a whole new level of intensity. kids are overscheduled. what gets lost is the chores around the house and we're paying the price for that. when it comes to household duties and then later on when they're adults they can't take care of themselves and that's what they need to help others like their spouse or roommates. >> was there anything that jumped out in particular when looking at the study? >> yeah. it's just that you know we're doing our kids a disservice we
8:19 am
should be making them do things. we have a lot of guilt because we want them to have fun and piling on activities. we should be making sure that they have a sense of responsibility and take care of themselves as well as others in their life. >> it doesn't take that much time. i saw part of the reason parents didn't do it is because kids were overscheduled. but it takes two minutes to make your bed and five minutes to take out trash. not a lot of time. >> make it second-nature. make a part of their day. every day after you finish your home work feed the dog and make it positive. if you're kplabcomplaining about cleaning the bathroom your kids will too. make sure they know they're needed and being helpful. >> can we do a poll here. we didn't call it chores. >> oh yeah. >> you're apparently not supposed to. >> don't be monetary value.
8:20 am
that kind of have to want to do it. that's hard for an 8-year-old who doesn't want to take out the trash but in the long run it pays off. >> and do it even if you don't want to do it. >> yeah. >> appreciate that very much. next up on the heat index black leggings are a fashion must. but does it make a difference on them. abc's becky worley puts it to the test. >> the modern uniform. >> definitely leggings. like five or six pairs. >> black leggings that can cost $65, $75, $95. but you can go to a sporting goods store or discount retailer and get leggings that look nearly identical for a traction of the cost. so we asked marcel la and ella to help us with a experiment. first blindfolded. can they tell the difference between an $82 pair of leggings and a $35 pair?
8:21 am
>> the fabric feels nice and tight on my skin. so yeah this is expensive pair. >> i think they're inexpensive because they're sort of rough and scratchy. >> guess what? they both got it wrong. on feel and fit they couldn't tell the difference. what about to the casual observer. we put ella in an expensive pair and marcel la in the less expensive. >> can you see a difference? >> i would say this one is the more spence sieve and this one less expensive. >> no. >> they look exactly the same? >> yeah. >> are they the same? >> no. that pair $82. that pair $24. >> unreal. >> the inexpensive parents were undetectable to the observer's eye. >> that's the $82. >> yeah. >> i agree. >> it's amazing.
8:22 am
it's like they have expensive leggings esp. >> a few people who really know about clothing. >> are you in the fashion business? >> i am. >> you are. so the fabric patmatters? >> yes. watches well. comfortable on. doesn't shrink. >> the expensive pair is made of nylon and the less expensive is poly-esther. and our aye ball test has nothing to do with duringability over time. >> becky worley joins us. are you going to put toyota the test? >> i am. i have one pair of the leggings on this manican. one is $19 and one $72. does it look like a $53 difference? >> no. you can't tell the difference. as you said in the piece, it's also about how long they wear. i would say this is the more expensive one. >> what makes you say that? >> it feels like the material is
8:23 am
different. stay there a little bit more. >> you are correct. >> oh. >> ding! >> i knew which one is more expensive. >> you got it. >> it's not a big difference. >> no. to the eye, $52 difference no. >> i'll take those. always a pleasure, becky, thank you. amy. >> also in the heat index we are so excited for the season premier of "dancing with the stars" because the dancers are getting everyone in times square fired up and we have all access pass to the twist and turns as all the celebs prepare for their big time ballroom debut. we go behind the scenes. >> behind the scenes of tonight's foxtrot. >> i never danced in my life. >> jive. >> pressure is on. >> been thinking about jumping off the stage right now. >> and cha-cha. >> i see you in your heels. >> i wear them this weekend.
8:24 am
>> some smashing surprises. >> let's talk about thepi. >> national pi day. i decided to surprise her. and then her husband got me. >> shore lat mckinney. >> it's been a challenge jumping with larger chest so we have been having to extra bras and duct-tape. >> this is gorgeous. >> wait until you see monday night. everybody is going to look like that. ♪ >> how do your mom and dad feel about you? >> they're really excited. >> rumer's parents will be in the audience while step mom instagramed she'll be there, too. olympic jim mist is hoping derek hough makes his flight from new york to l.a. this morning. nastia rehearsing with stand-in.
8:25 am
>> i take a deep breath and hope flights are on time. if not i'm dancing with henry tonight. >> noah revealed that his prosthetic can be tightened or loosened. >> the computer tells it how many resistance there is and swing. >> at 14 years old willow shields is the youngest contestant >> i'm home schiavocampo-school. >> i am openly gay and i'm still a professional athlete and trying to be in the nfl. >> and now a dancer. >> now a dancer. >> packed with different talents but focusing on the same goal bringing home that gold-plated mirror ball trophy. for "gma," abc news los angeles. >> you can watch the big season premier of "dancing with the stars" tonight at 8:00 7:00
8:26 am
central right here on abc. coming up we have emerald here live with the top three recipes. stay with us. >> "dancing with the stars" on "gma" is brought to you by auto find your car your way at tt2wút0l@qd8 btúno+t tt2wút0l@qd8 "aúnó'0 tt2wút0l@qd8 bmúnt,< tt4wút0l@qd8" dzlq u;< tt4wút0l@qd8" enlq %?é tt4wút0l@qd8" gzl&
8:27 am
jummy: jack taylor is at wtop right now with what is happening on the roadways. jack: we are delayed at this point, coming out of springfield earlier, the crash had cleared from the left lane, your travel lanes are open, often on beyond this into shirlington, on the george washington parkway we did have a problem, unfortunately, this was near morningside lane the southbound side disclosed, this is a head-on collision authorities were on the scene this morning. all right, what are we in store for today? >> we have sunnier conditions that started about half an hour ago, in and out of the clouds today, despite that i think we will be getting a mild afternoon . 40 degrees is the temperature right now, clouds coming across the region a cold front upper across the midwest bringing in big changes by late tomorrow,
8:28 am
bringing a blustery tuesday and cooler temperatures by the middle of the week. however we are expecting to see that mixture of sunshine and clouds around 65 degrees. well above the normal for tonight, temperatures dropping to about 50, breezy and much cooler for the middle of the week. jummy: now a look at our top stories this morning, metro transit police searching for a woman accused of stabbing a metro station manager. we were told that this happened early on friday night at the stadium armory station. the jury deliberation begins today for the man accused of killing a montgomery county college student. ago fund me page has been set up to cover the funeral for two-year-old girl hit and killed while crossing a street in believe. thank you for
8:29 am
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♪ this make this happen ♪ ♪ every moment is going to be here this time ♪ ♪ baby have you ever ever felt forever ♪ ♪ oh ♪ [ applause ] >> good monday morning. any morning i want to here music. this is mickey gyton. remember that name. she is red hot right now. we're going to hear much more from her ahead. >> that is coming up. but also our good friend emeril is here live. celebrating 25 years for his flag ship restaurant sharing his three top recipes, the ones that never left the menu over those 25 years. what's his most popular dessert
8:31 am
ever banana cream pie or chocolate peanut butter pie? >> it smells so good. i cannot wait. >> also nick cannon is here with us. he's having some fun with our audience over there. he has a brand new children's book coming out. we'll talk with him and a whole lot more. i like that cannon cam. >> like the shoes. >> yeah. >> that is coming up. and now to the new series we're kicking off, "gma" is going to yahoo your day starting off with your makeup and the real foundation if you will for looking better every morning. abc's rebecca jarvis brown. take a look. >> bold fierce flawless. it's the alluring promise of makeup. it's the one thing that unites
8:32 am
so many women and it never goes out of fashion but finding the right makeup, well that's a different story. >> the mascaras mostly. >> probably a bronzer. >> i have a hard time with lip stick. >> finding a bronzer. >> we know that we're getting back to basics stripping makeups down enlisting the help of bobbi brown, editor in chief of yahoo beauty. starting at the beginning, foundation. believe it or not, it's most women's trouble spot. >> i would definitely say foundation is the hardest to find. >> really hard to find foundation. >> foundation that matches your natural skin tone. >> it's difficult for most women because they don't know the rule. once you know the step it's easy. >> why is it so important to find the right foundation? >> it speeds up your makeup application making you look more natural and as if you think about your black dress and the right undergarmmentes
8:33 am
underneath. everything works if you have the undernea foundation is one of the key things in your beauty routine. >> tip one, use daylight. >> you have to check the foundation under day lugt to make sure it's the right color. if you have to walk away and go outside with a small mirror look at it and you'll know it's the right color. >> tip two, make sure it disappears. >> blend it in and if it disappears, it's the right color. here's another one. >> that's too dark. >> too pink. >> too pink. >> tip three, find the right formula. >> powder foundations that are loose or pressed is great for oily skin. >> for more mature drier skin what would you recommend? >> a liquid foundation and moisturizer to go with it. >> it's the foundation that's starting your day right. for "good morning america" rebecca jarvis, abc news new york. >> and we have more foundation and makeup tips from bobby brown on our website on
8:34 am on yahoo. what a great crowd. >> it's spring break and saying hi to your teacher even on spring break? >> yeah. >> and hi mrs. -- how do you say it? we're thinking about you even on your break. let's start. it's going to be warm in iowa. oklahoma, the sunset a beautiful one as it many times is in oklahoma. we could see record-breaking heat in parts of the plains including nebraska, not only oklahoma, but missouri and iowa too. jacqui: good morning washington. shaping up into a gorgeous afternoon, mild temperatures in the middlele all that weather brought to you by bush's baked beans. this guy has been making a lot
8:35 am
of noise. one more time. >> yay! >> a big cheer for emeril lagasse who is back celebrating his big anniversary, 25 years of emeril new orleans. could you have ever imagined that? >> no. it's amazing. when you think about. we opened in march of 1990. and it was a great -- thank you. >> and we're going to get three of the dish that is have never left the menu. what is the key to a dish with longevity longevity? >> it being real. the first dish i'll reveal in a second was a dish very new orleans, probably well known at a restaurant known as pascal. i wanted to have that of a white table cloth. i ended up peeling the shrimp and making a distraction. this is still the number one.
8:36 am
>> this is barbecued shrimp. >> this is barbecued shrimp new orleans style or emeril style i'll say. you got it george? okay. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> all right. thank you. >> all right. >> hmm. >> so if anybody want as fork or not. the extraction is made george and it's all the essence of the shrimp and serve it with the rosemary biscuits. i cannot take that off the menu. here's another dish that came on a couple weeks after the restaurant opened but never left. this is double cut pork chop with tameron glaze and caramelized sweet potatoes. i tried to take it off the menu. >> why do you want to take it off? >> something new, george. you know what when it's all
8:37 am
said and done there's another dish is smoked mushrooms over pasta. we now do crayfish. this here, i cannot -- so new orleans being a big port c bananas would come from south america. very, very popular. you remember that robin? >> i do. may i? >> yes, please. >> yes. >> this is banana cream pie with banana crust and caramel. you got to get into that. >> woo! >> so it has a banana crust. it's basic graham crackers but we smash bananas in it and make the crust. there are approximately seven or eight bananas in each pie and people will go crazy if i remotely say we'll -- including robin. >> don't think about it.
8:38 am
>> including robin. >> so good. > so what do you think? which one do you -- >> all of it. >> all of it. >> has it really been 25 years? >> 25 years. i remember when we started. >> i know. >> you were on my sister's show. >> that's right. that's right. and that's the old days there, right? gosh. >> uh-huh. >> you guys would come in and you folks. amazing. anyhow -- right? >> we are so happy for you. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> be sure to visit emeril's restaurant and find these recipes on our website. we'll be right back with nick cannon.
8:39 am
8:40 am
tt2wmrst.!@%o j# ,i0 tt2wmrst.!@%!!án éix tt2wmrst.!@%4!j# áó, tt2wmrst.!@%x#á&ú:-qx
8:41 am
tt2wmrst.!@%t#j'ú:9q< tt2wmrst.!@%t#j)ú:21x tt2wmrst.!@%p#jáú:%ád tt2wmrst.!@%p#j,ú:dp$ tt2wmrst.!@%l#á.ú:my( tt2wmrst.!@%l#á0ú:vo@ back now with nick cannon. he has done it all, music, movies, comedy and we're talking about his second children's book called "neon aliens ate my home work." i love that title. it is wonderful. >> thank you. >> you have been having a lot of fun here in times square. >> absolutely with the selfie stick knowing everybody. >> they're knowing you. good to talk about this. but also them babies that you call them two. >> them kids. >> they're 3 years old. >> turning 4 soon. >> we all know what you and
8:42 am
mariah are no longer today but how are you moving forward as a family? >> exactly that. it's a family. it's always love and we put the children first. >> that's what this book is doing, too giving them something to read. >> it's so cool. i grew up loving people like shell silverstein. i was inspired by that and at the same time being a child of hip hop i was able to do hip hop as well as poetry in one book. >> since 8 years old you had a notebook full of poems and different things. >> yeah. poems, raps jokes. writing is the essence of everything i do. when you think of the core of being creative. i just kept a note pad and wrote down ideas sketches. i believe that's one of the things that got me where i am today. >> the poetry like writing a song, too? >> it's exactryly the same to me.
8:43 am
it's kind of you come from a creative place and what that structure is you put the words there. it's all the same. >> and the illustrations, some of you you did yourself. >> i did. i did. again, being that i was inspired by hip hop a lot of the street artists that are graffiti some people like to put it from new york to l.a. to chicago, i tapped into a few different people and did a bit myself but it has that edge to where you might see some of the stuff on the side of a bidding but now it's in a book as well. >> exactly. we see you from time to time and you are so giving. there's a children's hospital that you spend a lot of time with the kids there. >> yes. yeah. i'm on the board of st. mary's children's hospital. the oldest children's hospital in new york. i mean it's one of the things from my own health conditions from a few years back to even just always being one to give back to the youth. i felt like -- children are so
8:44 am
pure. little angels in the hospital. they don't deserve to be in the position they're in. just kind of puts you in the right mindset and everything in the right perspective when you go visit the children. i try to not do it for the media media. i go and take my kids so they can see what it's about. >> i know you didn't do it for the attention but it's nice to know and people get to know that. do you hope the kids will take up with this and want to be writing? >> they're definitely creative and i've had the chance and opportunity to read the poems to them. that's where it comes from. i will do stuff for them and if they like it i will put it in a book and here we are. >> everything is good? >> everything is wonderful. i'm in the best shape in my life. look on instagram. i'm feeling good about myself now. >> it was a children's book. c'mon. >> yeah. >> i understand you're going to do an original piece for our
8:45 am
"gma." >> really? okay. >> you got a little something? >> yes. i will do it right now. it probably won't be good. okay. robin, a poem on the spot. oh my america. worked for me. >> i know. >> beautiful. >> to the point. >> it was beautiful. you had us at good. congratulations on all that you're doing i know how busy you are and just to make time for us and i know this is important to you. >> thank you. >> to really enjoy the children. >> thank you so much. >> all the best to you. and "neon al yeens ate my home work is available. coming up mickey guyton performs her hot new single. come on back. ♪
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
>> singer mickey guyton has bursed on to the country music see. she made the who to watch for list. and quite possibly the best female voice since carrie underwood. first let's get to know mickey guyton. welcome. >> thank you. >> we were just commenting. love your enthusiasm. you have a lot of reasons to smile. >> i'm here. >> also your single broke country records when it was released. it scored the biggest radio debut in country music history. >> yeah. it's crazy. >> fantastic. congratulations. >> thank you. >> i guess it proves that bad breakups can make for good music. >> yes, they do. >> you live in nashville but there aren't that many african-american women in country music but you're changing that. >> i'm changing that. but there have been some. >> i agree. and you're the one to do it. >> more girls.
8:49 am
>> girl power. we're all here to listen to you sing better than you left me. her album is out this summer. here's mickey guyton singing the ballad that's going to blow you away. "better than you left me." >> woo! ♪ you said goodbye ♪ ♪ but words cold as ice ♪ ♪ i was shakin' ♪ ♪ watching you go ♪ ♪ i couldn't breathe ♪ ♪ no i just couldn't see that you leaving ♪ ♪ me here all alone ♪ ♪ it's funny what a little time does baby ♪ ♪ better than you let me ♪ ♪ better than i should be ♪
8:50 am
♪ better than i was when you walked out that door ♪ ♪ i'm stronger than i would have been ♪ ♪ that you knew back then ♪ ♪ don't you think i'll take you back like every time before ♪ ♪ no baby i don't think you know me anymore ♪ ♪ i'm better than you ♪ now here you are are trying to win back my heart ♪ ♪ and i bet you it won't be to do ♪ ♪ because baby i've changed ♪ ♪ now you get a taste of something ♪ ♪ on a night where you lose ♪
8:51 am
♪ ain't it funny what a little time does ♪ ♪ i'm better than you left me ♪ ♪ i'm better than i should be ♪ ♪ better than i was when you walked out that door ♪ ♪ i'm stronger than i would have been ♪ ♪ the one that you knew back then ♪ ♪ don't you think i would take you back like every time before ♪ ♪ no baby i don't think you know me anymore ♪ ♪ i'm better than you ♪ now a love deeper ♪ a smile ♪
8:52 am
♪ oh oh ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ i'm stronger than the woman, the one that you knew back then ♪ ♪ don't think i'll take you back ♪ ♪ like every time before ♪ ♪ so baby i don't think you know me anymore ♪ ♪ i'm better than you ♪ oh ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
8:54 am
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♪ "good morning america" is brought you by soma. your new bra destination. sizes 32-a to 44-g. >> we want to thank all the dancers for us this morning. >> tonight's the big premier of "dancing with the stars" at 8:00. we'll see you tomorrow. jummy: jack taylor is at the monday morning traffic center right now watching your monday morning commute. >> a pretty serious crash authorities on the scene of the george washington parke way down near morningside lane, southbound near the service road
8:57 am
blocking those lanes you are getting by on the act test: northbound has the far right lane and i out of the outer loop of the belt way getting by on the thruway with incident activity and a tanker truck offloading all the fuel at this point on the right lane affected, through lanes moving very well. is the weather doing very, very well? >> i would say more like very well this afternoon. 20 degrees as the temperature downtown, quite a few clouds with sunshine breaking through mixing in and out, temperatures off to the west warming, pushing through the region today, 40 downtown, 34 it dulles, high temperatures this afternoon, could be 70 degrees south and west of town near the metro another warm day tomorrow with the cold front coming through,
8:58 am
breezy and colder for the rest of the week. >> we do have top stories that we are watching this morning, a judge will hear arguments on restricting a terrorism suspect access to the phone. accused of running a is actually a scaffold. new damages reported after another earthquake rattles virginia, the backup to this one was 2.8. prince george's county police this morning left three people after the murder in riverdale last wednesday. thank you for watching this morning. you can
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's live from kelly and michael. live shailene woodley and broadway actor jerry o'connell. plus the star of "empire" taraji p. henson, joins michael at the co-host desk, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ taraji: thank you. michael: welcome. taraji: hey! whoo!


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