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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  March 18, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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jummy: prince charms -- charles and the duchess of cornwall are kicking off their trip here in d.c. and they have a jam packed schedule. our jeanette reyes is live with the details on this royal visit. jeanette? jeanette: the royal couple just wrapped up the first of many stops in the d.c. area. prince charles and his wife camilla visited the lincoln memorial and then made their way to the martin luther king jr. memorial here and a lot of fans and spectators waiting on them very excited. many of them waited almost an hour to get a glimpse of
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royalty. prince and his wife arrived on schedule at 10:45 this morning and met with jesse jackson and representative john lewis. they walked around the plaza for 20 minutes looking at the statue of martin luther king and reading his many quotes engraved on the walls here. right now, they are visiting the historic mount vernon estate. prince charles will visit the national archives and charter school for adult immigrants. duchess of cornwall will stop by the shakespeare theater company and attend a meeting with a team that help sexual assault victims. eventually, they'll meet with president obama as long as with vice president biden. this is the first time the couple has visited the u.s. together. since charles came back in 2011 and met with the president as well then. but as you mentioned very busy busy trip. jam packed schedules for both of them. reporting live jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. autria: spring may be close. winter is not giving up just yet. you will need that jacket as we
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deal with cooler temperatures today. doug hill is here with a look at the first forecast. hey, doug. doug: hello there. yesterday we had the sunshine but temperatures so much cooler than we were. we'll stay on the cool side of things for several days if not weeks to come. along with the beautiful skies, temperatures running now in the upper 40's in many areas. mid 40's still at reagan national airport and as we get through the afternoon, we'll see the temperatures struggle at the 50 degree mark. 45 at reagan national. north-northwesterly winds at 21 miles an hour. the air is very dry. twenl there's definitely a chill in the air. 42 degrees in quantico. well, through the afternoon hours, we'll see a lot of sunshine. temperatures again below average. high at best 52. breezes will make it feel a bit colder. outside the belfort furniture weather center, in the upper 40's and then all the conversations turn about what's going to come our way the next couple of days. tomorrow, we'll see increasing
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cloudiness. through the day, you'll see the clouds on the futurecast move in. winds generally out of the southeast. as we get through the day on friday, here's what's approaching. rain, rain could be mixed with snow early in the morning. areas north and west could get some grassy accumulations. we'll break down the timing and possible impacts and a lot more when i join you in the studio in just a few minutes. jummy? jummy: see you then. we are awaiting word from the secret service on new lab results that will confirm whether a package sent to the white house contains the deadly poison cyanide. as mike conneen reports, until the third and final round of testing is complete, the agency won't comment on the investigation. mike: according to the secret service, initial biological testing of the package came back negative. but a second chemical test yesterday came back positive for cyanide. it has been transported to another
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>> i'm just praying for a safe return home. john: d.c. police have been stapgsed at the home all day long speaking with the family and trying to piece this all together. it's been nearly 24 hours since the 12-year-old demetrius brown went missing. authorities calling it a critical case in a crime ridden neighborhood. >> ran away from home. he's not at all. john: his family told me he's never run away but was recently punished. flyers have been posted on all the doors here in the apartment complex and neighbors are organizing a search party. >> i was supposed to be to work at 5:00 in the morning so he hasn't been seen since 3:00 yesterday afternoon. >> he still was in uniform. he never came home! john: demetrius' friends told he left his school only about a mile away got off the w-1 city bus and started walking towards this library here on the corner of atlantic and martin luther
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king jr. avenue. this is where he was last seen. >> we just don't understand this. john: police say he was last seen wearing a green shirt and khaki pants with tan boots. he also has a small stud earring in his left ear with a clear stone. >> always the kid that help his sisters and brothers. and the school. and like i say, take off the trash for elderly people. i've never known him to be hanging out on the corners and doing all this stuff that these kids his age can get caught into. he never was one of those kids. john: john done gonzalez abc 7 news. autria: a vigil is set for a 2-year-old killed in bowie. the grandmother suffered nonlife threatening injuries and tonight's vigil begins at 7:30 at that intersection where dynasty was struck. route 197 and old chapel road. jummy: an update for a deadly crash in montgomery county. police say the pedestrian killed on intertate 270 overnight may
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have been intoxicated. the man was hit by a tractor-trailer while walking in a southbound lane just after father hurley boulevard in germantown. the driver of the tractor trailer did stop. his name has not yet been released. autria: to a developing story now. 21 people were killed in a shooting attack on a museum in north africa. officials say gunmen opened fire in the national museum in tunisia and authorities say at least 17 of those killed were tourists. two of the attackers were killed in the gun fight with officials but they are now searching for two or three other gunmen they believe may still be at large. the air force veteran and airplane mechanic accused of plotting to join isil is in court today in new york. elizabeth hur reports on the new details on how the new jersey man apparently became radicalized. elizabeth: tyron pugh pleaded not guilty in brooklyn federal
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court this morning. the former u.s. air force mechanic was indicted by a grand jury on charges of attempting to provide material support to isis and obstruction of justice. according to the f.b.i., pugh left the u.s. military in 1990 after four years of service. converted to islam in 1998 then became increasingly radical in his beliefs. in 2001 a co-worker at american airlines told the f.b.i. pugh was expressing sympathy for bin laden and bombing north africa. he was investigated back then but never charged. >> isis' reach is pretty broad. there's no one community they can focus on. elizabeth: the 47-year-old is originally from new jersey. his former landlord told abc he is shocked by the news. >> did not strike me as someone that would go off the handle. elizabeth: in recent years, he lived in kuwait and egypt. he was arrested in january after trying to fly to turkey. officials say his ultimate destination was syria. turkish authorities returned him
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to cairo and contacted the u.s. according to the indictment, pugh tried to destroy data on his thumb drives and laptop after his arrest. investigators say pugh's computer contained jihady propaganda videos including one with isis video. he is accused of trying to join isis in the last year alone. reporting from new york i'm elizabeth hurfur abc 7 news. autria: heartbreaking crime, three children ages 1 5 and 12 are dead stabbed in their north carolina home. police say an 18-year-old killed them and hurt two other people. he's charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. the suspect and the victims knew each other but so far they have not been able to find any motive. getting a check of other stories around the world now. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu pulled out a big win. it was a victory not predicted in any of the polls. the win follows netanyahu's deck
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declaration against the palestinian state, an effort that the obama administration has been working on. many believe this could put israel at odds with the international community and continue to clash with the white house. japanese police are looking into death threats against the u.s. ambassador carolyn kennedy. threatening phone calls to kill the ambassador were reportedly made in tokyo. the calls were received last month from a caller speaking english and possibly blackmailing kennedy. no word on a motive. jummy: fraternity whose chapter at the university of oklahoma was at the center of that racist video scandal is taking action at all its chapters. sigma alpha epsilon fraternity is set to unveil a national plan to combat racial intolerance. it includes an extensive review of all s.a.e. chapters around the country. last week, the video surfaced showing members chanting a
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racist chant. a fraternity at penn state has been suspended for a year. a whistle blower led police to the private facebook page. an investigation uncovered members useed it to post nude photos of women. some of them were asleep. others were passed out. penn state's vice president for student affairs vows the university will find those responsible and hold them accountable. they could even face criminal charges. coming up here on abc 7 news at noon, donald trump is not done with politics. the big announcement he made today. and another politician is leaving office. the scandal is you surrounding the resignation of an illinois congressman. another major insurance company hacked. sensitive information stolen and what's being done about it. and did you think you were done with the scarf and gloves? not so fast. doug with back with how much snow we could see before the end of the week.
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jummy: all eyes are on the federal reserve this noon. autria: financial experts are looking for clues on how quickly the central bank could raise interest rates and it comes down to just one word -- patience. if the fed chair makes no mention of the word a rate increase could occur as early as june. the fed has kept interest rates around zero for six years now. senate republicans are expected to outline their budget plan today. the house released its plan yesterday. president obama is criticizing the $3.8 trillion plan saying it won't invest enough in the things we need to grow. donald trump announcing plans to look into a run for the white house in 2016. he's launching an exploratory
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campaign committee and that will allow him to start raising money and hiring staff as he considers a bid for the presidency. trump said in a statement "our country is in serious trouble" and that he is the only one who can make america truly great again. jummy: a republican congressman from illinois says he's stepping down at the end of the month. aaron schock was facing questions about his campaign financing. he's accused of spending taxpayer and campaign funds for at least a dozen flights on private planes. schock says the accusations were a distraction that made it too difficult for him to serve. another baltimore ravens running back in legal trouble. bernard pierce was arrested for d.u.i. outside of baltimore overnight. he was pulled over for speeding in towson just before 2:00 this morning. they say the 23-year-old failed a field sobriety test and he was processed and released. pierce started for the team after ray rice was fired last year. "7 on your side" with a consumer
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alert this noon. after hackers hit another major insurance company. 11 million blue cross accounts were hacked last may but the company didn't learn about it until january. the breach could have exposed names, social security numbers, mailing and e-mail addresses. the company is offering free credit monitoring. and mobile pay apps are becoming more and more popular but there are more concerns about if these apps actually keep your money safe. one popular app called venmo added a feature that lets users know of any account changes. but one user said not only did it not work a hacker cracked his password and stole $2,000. another complaint is the company does not offer phone or live support. just an on-line form. local man has found himself in a battle with the feds after his social security number was given to someone else. now, he wants a new number but the social security administration won't give him one. he reached out to "7 on your side" investigator chris papst. chris: two people being issued
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th social security number is not something that happens often. in fact, it's so rare the social security administration doesn't even keep statistics on it. but as you're about to see, it does indeed happen. now, this man right here this is kendrick williams jr. of d.c. this other man's name is kendall williams jr. of ka lena, texas. these men have never met. they have a lot in common. they have their father's name and the same birth date march 21 1989, and also for 19 years, they shared a social security number. the error was discovered when the two were 18 years old and applied for college loans. soon after that williamson got his number changed but williams' request was denied by the fed. >> i want a new one. i want a new social. he had the opportunity for a brand new start. i feel like i should get the same opportunity. chris: coming up tonight at 5:00, we'll tell you why the
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feds will not give williams a new social security number and we'll tell you how this situation has greatly affected his life. live in the newsroom chris papst, abc 7 news. autria: take a look at this. you can see prince charles and the duchess of cornwall meeting and greeting folks at george washington's old home. they have a beautiful sunshiny day to welcome them. it's a warm reception but not warm temperatures. doug: no pretty consistent with what they just left. the rain and the winds. beautiful weather out there. very nice. autria: pretty to look at. doug: we're running 25 to 26 degrees colder than we were yesterday at this time. still in the sunshine but whole different air mass. and air will get colder and we have some interesting concern of what may be happening weatherwise by friday morning. let's get started with a live look at the sky conditions and the still kind of tan brown
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tinged fairways at bell haven country club in alexandria. look at the numbers out there. 40 degrees right now. 40. yesterday was 70 this time. that's a 30 degree difference. 41 in frederick. 39 degrees in hagerstown and cumberland. temperatures to the south. couple of degrees milder than that. there's no warm air behind that cold pressure center that moved in and took over. 40 degrees at andrews air force base. a little farther west the number is even lower. 34 at elkins and there's some mild air. you'll drive a while. asheville, north carolina, 52 in fayetteville but the cold air will settle south and southeastward in that direction as well. that continues to move in. we'll continue with this northwesterly breeze. not excessive but eight to 10 miles an hour at times adding a little chill. but what's working in our favor is the sun angles a little bit higher so even if you're outside and it's cooler air, you'll feel the warmth of the sun. a little moisture is starting to pick up. here's the playmaker coming up for friday. area of low pressure developing
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way down south. that will stay to the south. it will throw enough moisture northward, we may have to deal with some rain and/or snow on this friday. for this day, sunshine and lower temperatures in the 50's at best later this afternoon. early tomorrow morning skies still mostly clear. high clouds will move in during the day. high clouds moving from the northwest. this will prime the pumps and set the stage for the moisture to move and reach the
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autria: thank you. coming up here on abc 7 news at noon, it could have been a disaster. one thing that saved a family before their boiler exploded. it's all caught on camera. stay with us.
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autria: a family in washington state escaped just in time after their boiler overpressurized and exploded. ann marie was at work when she saw smoke coming from her nanny cam. as she rushed home the nanny saw steam in the vents, grabbed the baby and ran outside. she says she's grateful everyone got out in time especially because that's the room where the kids would usually be playing. we have a winner. dallas speavy crossed the finish line early this morning after racing 1,000 miles across alaska for the iditarod sled dog race. this is his third win in the last four years. he beat his own father that won back in 2013. officials say lack of snow in some areas this year made the race even more difficult. well, we might get a little bit of that snow. bundle up today and get ready for a little bit more of that before the end of the week.
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doug is back with the final look at your forecast.
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autria: ok. coat. scarf, gloves. doug: no, that's all right. sunshine today and chilly. clouds increase tomorrow. and look at this. by early friday morning, some snow and rain mixed. it could affect the rush hour. we'll tell you what to expect when i see you today at 4:
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