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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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leon the secret service says they are testing that material to see if it is cyanide. it is the third test. first one negative. second one presumptive positive. they're still looking at it. either way these are difficult and challenging times for the secret service. police tape bomb sniffing dogs and tourists pushed back as the secret service investigates a suspicious package outside of the white house on wednesday. it turned out to be alarm, the pressure is unrelenting to keep the first family safe. also today, testing on a letter possibly tainted with cyanide is the latest of the mounting challenges. how they handle mishaps is also challenging. the director joseph clancy has been under heavy fire after two agents were allegedly allowed to go home despite under the suspicion of driving drunk and the fact that clancy didn't know until five days later. >> the chain of command needs to be tighter and certainly the
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standards need to be tighter. scott: and innovative since threats don't always come in person or in the mail. sometimes they fly in like in january. today on the hill testimony about the dangers of drones and difficulty in preventing a true attack. >> you can of course insert in the battery compartment some explosives and many can carry a couple of pounds easily. if your intention is to cause panic, drop a smoke bomb. scott: press secretary josh earnest confirmed today that the letter possibly containing cyanide was captured at an off-site facility. never arrived at the white house. he said the entire matter including who may be responsible still very much under investigation. live on capitol hill tonight, scott thuman, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, scott. new at 6:00 tonight, abc 7 news has learned the intelligence worker who crashed that drone on to the white house lawn will not be facing criminal charges. the man who works for the national geospatial intelligence agency says that he lost control
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of the drone as its battery began to die. so he went to bed. he thought it crashed on the mall. the u.s. attorney for d.c. says the man called the secret service immediately after seeing news reports of that crash at the white house. the u.s. navy says it's tightened up base security a year after an intruder shot and killed a sailor at the naval station norfolk petty officer second class mark mayo was killed when he shielded a shipmate from gunfire. navy says the gunman was a truck driver allowed on the base without being asked for identification or why he was there. the navy has since increased security and communication among other changes there. a search is under way tonight for a 12-year-old d.c. boy who has been missing for more than 24 hours. family members tell abc 7 demetrius brown was last seen leaving hart middle school yesterday. the boy took the w1 city bus and got off at a stop in southeast, and then disappeared. >> we don't understand this.
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>> ran away from home and he's not a bad kid at all. leon: family members have posted flyers for brown around their apartment complex. d.c. police are calling the case critical. they say that brown was last seen wearing a school uniform, a green shirt and khaki pants. fairfax county police identified both homicide victims whose bodies were found on monday. the 19-year-old's body was found in a creek before 5:00 p.m. friday off ivy mount court in annandale. that discovery came four hours after someone found the body of 22-year-old william reevis body in herndon. not clear whether the two cases may be connected. those homicides come as we learn that crime dropped last year in fairfax county by about 2 1/2%. but the number of homicides increased from eight in 2013 to 10 last year. overall, crimes against people like violent crimes were down 4%. the biggest increase, fraud.
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that jumped 26% to 3700 cases. as for the crimey to affect people theft. that impacted just over 1% of fair a bladensburg man will spend 3 1/2 years in prison for sexually assaulting a woman near georgetown university. the man in this picture is christopher wallace. he pleaded guilty to last april's attack in glover archibald park. the victim went to police and was able to describe wallace and a tattoo on his hand in detail. wallace has to register as a sex offender once he's released. demands for change tonight after another delayed response by a d.c. ambulance. this time it was a d.c. police officer who was left hurt and waiting. d.c. bureau chief sam ford live in northeast tonight with a look at how officers reacted and what's being done tonight about it. sam? sam: among the things that are quite interesting, members of the council are starting to look at this now, leon and tomorrow kevin donahue, mayor bowser's
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des designate will be going before the council for public hearings on his nomination and certainly, these will be among the issues that will come up. another incident involving the ambulances being delayed. >> all i know is they locked him up. sam: while this man in a wheelchair laments yesterday's arrest of his friend one chased his friend. while engine 12 provided quickly for care no ambulance showed for 12 minutes. they put their colleague in a cruiser and drove him to the hospital. is there a shortage of ambulances? an internal memo obtained by abc 7 news shows there's growing concern over response times saying in part our department should immediately consider service expansion options prior to the summer months. >> it appeared that the city does not have enough. sam: some of his colleagues question that need. in the past 10 days we've seen police struggleing with a stabbing victim's worried family during a 28 minute wait for an ambulance in southeast, a
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motorcycle accident victim waing 22 minutes in southwest and here in northeast, an ind police officer waiting 20 minutes before his colleagues gave up and drove them himself. >> so i want to make sure that we do have enough. and if we don't, we need to prioritize getting more in the budget. sam: and that was kenyan mcduffie council member who was chair of the committee committee, the judiciary committee that has oversight over ambulances and fire e.m.s. matters. the standard for an ambulance to arrive from dispatch to arrival is eight minutes. obviously, 20 minutes here. and in many of the other cases it took a lot longer than it should have. reporting live from northeast washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. leon: coming up on abc 7 news at 6 6:00 the event that's going to bring 15,000 athletes to this area in a little over three months. what it could mean for all of us. plus -- an explosion levels part of the home as a toddler slept nearby.
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simple step to protect your own home from a similar fate. and new details on that terror attack in tunisia and the search for those behind it. doug: i'm doug hill in the belfort furniture weather center. it looks as though despite today's sunshine snow and rain is a definite part of the friday forecast. we'll explain. still to come here on abc 7 new
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leon: the state department is reporting that no americans were hurt in a terrorist attack that killed nearly two dozen people in tunisia. that attack happened at the national museum in the country's capital. the scene was chaotic as people ran from nearby government buildings. security forces killed two of the gunmen. authorities say that more could still be at large. the victims were from seven countries including spain, germany and italy. developing now in mesa arizona, a massive man hunt for the gunman suspected of shooting six people is now over. police arrested the suspect a short time ago. investigators say today's rampage which included a shooting at a motel a carjacking and a home invasion all started with a fight. one of the six victims died and the other five are in still in the hospital. some must see video tonight coming in from washington state showing a danger lurking in many of our homes. check it out.
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that's what it looks like when a home boiler explodes after the emergency release valve failed that allowed pressure to build up inside the boiler. amazeinge -- amazingly, a 3-year-old girl was sleeping upstairs and the babysitter. they weren't injured. >> it blew out to my left into the kids playroom. destroyed everything. >> hit me how close of a call this had been. leon: this is a problem that can strike boilers and water heaters so check your release valve. flip that piece of metal on your valve there. do that for a moment. if you feel water and hear a hissing sound, that means everything is working. by the way, folks, that's a test that should be done once a year. bet you didn't know that. coming up next on abc 7 news at 6:00 jeff: i'm jeff goldberg. there's a good reason i'm standing on top of tysons corner mall. it has to do with something very big coming soon to fairfax county.
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we'll explain coming up. leon: we're not done with winter just yet. doug hill breaks down the timing of cold rain and possibly snowflakes moving in. tim: had their hands full with the fish and the wizards got to find a way to beat the jazz and the music was loud in college park as the terrapins head to the big dance. oh, my! abc 7 news at 6:00 continues.
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leon: abc 7 is covering metro tonight with an update on repairs to the south entrance to the dupont circle station. metro tells abc 7 the middle escalator will open up next week. that's after wmau radio reports the long awaited 400 foot long chain needed to repair the escalator finally arrived from germany. the entire escalator was just rebuilt in 2012 at a cost of $12 million. congressman john delany says he wants to hear from you about infrastructure problems and shortfalls that interfere with your life. whether it's roads that can't handle the traffic and the commute or travel problems at railways or airports contact his office. the request comes as he's pushing for funding to upgrade american infrastructure. 100 days from today, thousands of athletes will descend on
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fairfax county for a unique international competition. while you may not have heard of it yet jeff goldberg reports these games will have a significant impact on this area. jeff: there's a common theme when you ask people about this big event coming to fairfax county. do you know about the world police and fire games? have you heard about them? >> no. jeff: once they do know they're in. >> that's intense. >> sounds really interesting. jeff: today marks 100 days from the start of the world police and fire games. >> obviously, the moment is building. the excitement is building. jeff: a 10 day olympics of sorts happening countywide that will bring to fairfax 12,000 athletes from 70 different countries and deliver an economic impact of $60 to $80 million. first responders compete in traditional sports like boxing and track and field as well as contests that come natural to the professionals. one of the first events is the firefighters stair race and i
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got put to the test. >> feeling all right! jeff: after suiting up with 50 to 60 pounds of equipment, it was time for the climb. yes, we did finally get there but it was far from easy: we only did eight floors out of the 28 floors it could have been. that is no joke at all. the games are coming thanks in large part to the fire battalion chief williams and the police lieutenant. they met at the games in sweden in 1999. after years of passion and effort, the time has finally come. >> says our babies are about to be born. so -- empty nesters. jeff: they are sure to be some very proud papas. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. leon: my gosh. tired just looking at them. all right. today, the first full day of prince charles and his wife camilla's visit to the u.s. this morning, the pair visited memorials on the national mall and mount vernon. they were joined by jesse jackson and congressman john
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lewis at the martin luther king memorial. prince charles visited the national archives while the duchess of cornwall visited the shakespeare theater. crowds gathered wherever they want. >> how she conduct herself. >> amazing opportunity for all of the kids. leon: the royals will meet with president obama and vice president biden tomorrow at the white house. their u.s. visit concludes on friday with a stop in louisville kentucky. weather today felt like it does in england. doug: a little bit. we'll be in fine shape tomorrow. friday morning, potential issues to deal with. that rodent in punxsutawney may have been up to something there. maybe i won't dis him so much next time. clear skies will continue through this evening. gusty winds are diminishing. that's a good sign. chilly temperatures will become chillier later tonight. as far as numbers go 52 at
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reagan national and winds at 16 miles an hour out of the northwest. air is very very dry at only 19% relative humidity. so dry, cool night. temperatures will drop below freezing by morning in many areas. our average is now 57 and 38. so we weren't that far below average today on the numbers. however, we don't see any above average temperatures any time soon either. 36 in gaithersburg and 48 at washington dulles. 47 in annapolis as well and i think we'll see a steady drop in temperatures with the coldest part of this air mass to the north. high pressure is overhead so it makes sense the colder air is up here to the northeast. as that slides out, that will open the door for a change. and the change will be first an increase in cloudiness from the west and southwest tomorrow. second change in impact will be from this developing storm center that will make a move pretty much straight across the lower tennessee valley and off the carolina coast by late friday. in the process, it's going to bring precipitation to our area. some will be snow. some will be rain. some will be a mix.
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that's the question. so we'll rely on the computer modeling to give us a little help. this is not a guarantee of what's going to happen. this is the computer simulation of what is likely to happen but the exact placement, no way you can guarantee it. i think it's a good call here by 5:00 in the morning on friday areas of rain will be overspreading the area with snow to the west. as we get through the rush hour, mid morning to late morning, there could be areas of snow in the immediate metro area especially north and mostly rain to the south. this is at noontime. as we get through the afternoon and evening, should eventually end and start to clear out during the day on saturday. so we'll salvage the weekend, it will be partly sunny but on the chilly side. what we have in the system friday, by friday evening when it's all done mostly rain to the south. mostly snow more likely to the north. it's this big area in between, metro area included where there's questions and i think we will see snow during the rush hour friday. but i think most accumulations up to an inch will be on grassy areas. more significant impacts to the north. steve rudin will get more computer models under his belt and plug in numbers for you here
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when we get to 11:00 tonight. in the meantime, let's look at the forecast for tomorrow. sunshine in the morning. clouds in the afternoon. highs of 47. 80% probability of snow and rain on friday. clearing and cooler for the weekend. staying chilly for the foreseeable future. leon and timothy? leon: thank you, sir. what's the word man? tim: we've got baseball season and he's talking about snow? leon: can you believe that? enough is enough. tim: i can't get that yet. let's go to baseball and tell you the nats go fishing in florida. incredible play of the day for you. and the terrapins hit the road. they hope the road to the final four. but they have to eat up valpo first. coming up next.
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tim: a beautiful little old lady at the grocery store told me today that she just filled out her brackets. march madness has infected everybody regardless of age! everybody is ready for the dance and while kentucky is the prohibitive favorite, every team dreams of winning it all. the maryland terrapins left college park today for their first round matchup and i can't say they were loose. but the terps were certainly not tight. they seem focused, ready for a business trip and quietly excited about playing valpo friday afternoon in columbus. >> this time of year you'll play a really good team so we understand that. we'll be dialled in and ready to go. we'll be prepared for valpo.
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heck of a team. won 28 games. lot of wins. tim: head coach mark turgeon. let's go to the nba. wizards play the jazz tonight. a lot of fans think the wizards are getting their mojo back. utah has been playing a little better. washington has won four straight ball games. that's a good thing. let's move on. baseball nationals and marlins. nats lost to the fish and jian carlos-stanton hit this home run to right field. staying focused. find the ball. spring training for him as well. miami beat the nats. opening day as you know april 6th against the mets. play of the night comes from hockey. senators and canes. kyle turris with the incredible setup pass for the senators game-winner. oh, what a show stopping sensational sassy through the legs move to drop past the stone and bingo! kyle turrist so many others only can dream to do. stick work extraordinare! dropping the dime to stone. that's the play of the night. and how about the 70-year-old
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jim boeheim at syracuse. he will retire in three years. that may be the way coaches go in the future. this gives recruits a road map and he gets to have a say in who succeeds him as the head coach. mike k may do the same thing at duke. makes a lot of since. stepping down three years from now. leon: ok. tim: exactly. doug: let's look at the overview of the next few days. increasing clouds tomorrow. rain and snow friday especially in the morning. chilly for sometime to come. late tonight at 11:00, steve rudin will be tracking the rain and snow and tell you how much to expect. leon: all right. that's it for us. "world news tonight" coming up next. see you back here at 1:00.
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two breaking stories tonight. two scenes of sheer terror. first, the american city on lockdown for hours, the gunman opening fire. six shot several locations, we're on the scene. also tonight, the deadly terror attack at a museum. gunmen opening fire as families step off the bus. children running. the death threat against caroline kennedy, ambassador to japan. word coming just weeks after that attack on another u.s. ambassador. the close call tonight in this home the explosion in the children's play room. and the new warning. and, so many families have tried to re-enact those scenes from "the sound of music," but no one going back like diane sawyer tonight. what we never knew. julie andrews, knocked to the ground? the real story behind this famous scene. she's with diane, revealing the secrets.


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