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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 23, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. . happening now, extreme weather alert from coast to coast. dangerous roads as almost a foot of snow falls in parts of the midwest. windchills pluj below veer in the northeast and severe storms expected from texas to illinois bringing hail damaging winds and possible tornados and the west bracing for a record heat wave. >> breaking overnight. texas senator ted cruz becomes the first major candidate to announce he's running for the white house. taking to twitter overnight saying he's ready to begin the fight for the presidency. >> deadly helicopter crash. a chopper going down in this million dollar estate tearing a massive hole into the roof killing three and causing a fiery wreck. >> i need removed immediately. >> the commission scattering
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debris all over the block. the search for clues right now. >> a chair lift stopping and panicked skiers jumping to safety. seven people recovering and one of the families on the wide ride speaking out this morning. the investigation right now into what went wrong. and good morning everyone. happy monday. great to have world news tonight anchor david muir sitting here. >> yeah david. >> you guys come on in and celebrate spring. take a look at the live picture from chicago. happy monday. traffic is moving because we're so used to it this winter. it is the winter that just won't end. >> the northeast plunging back
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into a deep freeze this morning. i had a hello when i walked out of my apartment. >> i didn't know where you were going there for a second. >> it was brisk to say the least and severe storms in the middle of the country. ginger tracking it all. >> the flakes from chicago came from minnesota up to a half foot or more in some places. look at the video and listen. >> um not good. >> and off the road he goes. fortunately he's okay and so are others that had to deal with the snow. the snow still falling in parts of wisconsin and northern illinois and that's what will show up. it's not over this week. more for parts of minnesota. western wisconsin, tuesday night into wednesday. shot after shot of early spring snow. not as out of the ordinary there. but this is slightly below average. windchill in new york is 12 this morning. 1 for syracuse and buffalo is 8.
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you'll have strong winds and damaging damaging winds possible tomorrow and isolated tornado from southern illinois to texas by the time we reach wednesday. some areas looking very much like spring david. >> was that guy driving as he was videotaping? >> he has a mounted camera. >> right. okay. >> so he wasn't holding the camera camera. >> the race for the white house kicking off. texas senator ted cruz announcing overnight he's running for president becoming the first major candidate to officially enter the race and john karl live at the white house. good morning. >> good morning david. cruz jumped into this race as the conservatives conservative somebody who delights not just in fighting liberals but main stream republicans, too. >> overnight texas senator ted cruz announced he is jumping into the presidential race. >> i'm ready to stand with you. to lead the fight. >> cruz and his family did a walk through at liberty
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university and practicing the waving and kissing. cruz enters the race trying to be the man to the right of just about everybody. >> actions speak far, far louder than words. >> what has ted cruz done? most famously he led the fight against obamacare that culminate culminated in a government shutdown for 16 days. following his 21 hour talk-a-thon and even some dr. seuss. >> the fight earned him lots of enemies, many republicans in congress. >> how much do your leagues just despise you right now on the floor? i hear some strong language. >> given the choice between being reviled in washington d.c. and appreciated in texas or reviled in texas and appreciated in washington i would take the former 100 out of 100 times. >> the son of a cuban immigrant father, cruz was a champion
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debater at princeton and harvard law grad. his election in 2012 came as a jolt to the republican establishment. he beat the texas lieutenant governor who had more money and the endorsements of all the republican leaders in the state. >> they said it was impossible. >> no doubt they'll say the same as he shoots higher this time around. cruz is the first candidate in the 2016 race but david, there are by some counts more than 20 republicans who are at least thinking about running for president. so he'll be the first of many. >> all right. john we love how you choose your questions carefully there. >> david, we turn to a new threat from isis. the terror group posting a hit list online targeting american troops revealing the personal information of 100 service members and urging sympathizers to kill them. the military is notifying everyone on the list and martha rat has the latest. >> good morning.
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we have never seen a threat quite like this. it has not been proven to come directly from isis it clearly comes from someone inspired by the terrorist group. the online threat is chilling. 100 names, addresses, photographs, which we are blurring of our sailors, marines and airmen. a group calling itself the islamic state hacking division urging all muslims to find the service members here at home. >> what they hope to do is inspire or motivate someone here in the united states to attack or kill these service members or their families. >> the military trying to contact everyone on the hit list. abc news found several of those service members privately, one was not surprised that the u.s. military would be targeted. another found it regrettable and one said this is just a way they are trying to intimidate us and it's not going to work. i wouldn't say i'm scared. it's just part of this new war
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most of the information publically available. >> the department of defense has been active over the past many years of reminding service members and their families to be very cautious about the information that you put on social media. >> but as of this morning, some of those on the listing still have highly visible profiles on social media. >> this has been taken very seriously. the chairman of the homeland security committee telling me there could be home grown violent emstreamists capable of following through with this threat. >> and isis claiming credit for two significant attacks in just one week. the situation in yemen is deteriorating. what is the level of concern among u.s. officials about this? >> in yemen they are so concerned that over the weekend we evacuated all of our special operations forces including navy s.e.a.l.s. that means we have no presence on the ground. this is a nation where the terrorist threat to the u.s. is considered one of the most
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dangerous in the world, amy. >> chilling news. david. >> we're turning to the deadly helicopter crash that went down in an orlando neighbor killing three onboard and igniting the fire. federal regulators investigating what caused the crash. abc has the story. >> we have smoke and fire showing from c-charlie the structure structure. >> this morning federal investigators on the scene of this crash in an up scale orlando neighborhood. >> a garage attachment. >> three people confirmed dead after their hermit crashlicopter crashed into the best house of this million dollar estate. the chopper going down after taking off from orlando executive airport two miles away. >> requesting a return back to the ramp. >> 242. proceed inbound. >> it wasn't running right and all of a sudden i heard a big explosion. >> the collision scattering
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pieces of the aircraft across the block. neighbors quickly calling 911. you can see the massive hole. the chopper buried deep inside. fortunately there was no one in the apartment at the time of the crash. >> you can see part of the fuselage and the flames got really intense real quick. >> fire official is finding the pilot. for "good morning america" reena ninan, abc news new york. >> and now to the man hunt for the gunman who wounded a woman on her way to work. kate hafford out of the hospital after being shot on a houston highway. police are hoping drivers who saw it will come forward. >> one suv run off the road and shot after her. >> reporter: just days after being shot in the head kate hafford is out of the hospital.
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investigators hope she's soon well enough to create a sketch of the man who shot her. this morning we know he was wearing a baseball cap. >> he was one individual and the situation stemmed from a roadway situation. >> reporter: the gunman last seen on a interstate 45 here in houston. >> she's bleeding from the head. >> a 21-year-old on her way to work didn't realize she had been shot but manages to get off the interstate and call 911. >> she was in and out. she blacked out several times at the scene but coherent enough to give investigating officers some information to help us in the case. >> here's what she told them happened. as she's merging on to i-45 she admits to honking at the drive she says cut her off. he started to taunt her pulling up right next to her firing that shot through the passenger side window and driving off.
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bullet fragments pierced her head and neck. doctors removed those fragments friday. hafford's husband calls her recovery a miracle. >> a tough cookie. she's going to be all right. >> reporter: hafford may be out of the hospital this morning but she is not recovering at home. that's because she's too afraid to go there. as long as this gunman is still on the loose and amy, you could hardly blame her. >> no. absolutely not. we hope they catch him soon. thank you. now to "gma" weekend anchor dan harris with the other top stories beginning with new tensions at uva. >> two big stories brewing. today police expect today release the findings of an investigation into an alleged gangs rape at the university of virginia. this was prompted by a widely disputed article in rolling stone magazine and it comes as extremely tense time on campus following the racially charged case of martice johnson, the black student taken down by alcohol control officers outside
7:12 am
of a bar. abc's linzie davis has the latest latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. lots going on on uva's campus. rolling stone magazine has since admitted that some mistakes were made in the reporting of that story and the alleged sexual assault supposedly took place at this fraternity behind me. we're going to find out how egregious those mistakes were as a new investigation underway into the arrest of martice johnson. >> yo his head is bleeding! his head is bleeding! >> reporter: a new voice giving insight into the moments leading up to this disturbing scene of this student pinned down and bleeding from his head. >> i go to uva! >> after the 20-year-old johnson was carded and turned away from a pub alcoholic beverage control agents questioned and arrested him claiming he was agitated charging him with public intock
7:13 am
occasion and obstruction of justice but the co-owner of the bar now speaking out giving his own account of johnson's demeanor. >> i didn't think he was intoxicated at all. i asked him what high school he went to. he was disappointed he didn't get in. >> johnson said he hopes his scars will heal but the trauma will stay with him forever. sharl lots vill police chief saying the incident was unfortunate and disturbing. >> this campus these students this community and city has been through a lot in the past several months. once again, here we are in a national stage over just an unfortunate event. >> reporter: and the police chief making another reference there to the rolling stone magazine and subsequent scandal and fallout. we're expecting to hear the conclusion to that investigation later on today. dan. >> a big day on catch pussmpus.
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today the supreme court is hearing a case on free speech. the dmv in the state of dmv banned this plate. it simply wants to honor the soldiers and they argue the ban is a violation of free speech. the state says the plate is government property and has the right to control the message. close call on a highway in new hampshire. a teenager hit a snow bank a nd went airborne dangle over a live 75 feet below that bridge. he managed to climb down but was cited for failure to stay in the roadway. >> right between the mustard and mayonnaise. >> you may remember pope francis mentioned he loves pizza. when he made a visit to naples these guys from a local pizza shop showed up to give him a special pie with the words
7:15 am
italian for the pope on it. when francis rolled by a successful hand juf. the pope actually takes the pizza. the owner of the pizza shop says he does not know whether the pope actually ate it and tells us he's not angry the pope completely failed to tip him. i'm making that up. the pope didn't have time. it does tell you a lot about the lack of security. he is insistent on staying open to the crowd. >> he was delivering that pizza for the -- >> he -- >> yes. >> we're turning to march madness and the may hem. the sweet 16 opening weekend of the tournament filled with buzzer beaters. bracket busters. >> nice iteration. >> like that? abc's paula faris has it all. for villanova fans. >> march madness may hem. not a single person has a perfect one this morningch
7:16 am
emotions and upsets. it's the nature of the game because in march madness if you win, you advance. but if you lose, you're going home. lucky seven proving to be the winning number at this year's sweet 16. >> that will do it! >> as michigan state and wichita state both seven seeds stunning their second seed opponents. >> heading to the regle. >> but reminders that the road to final four is paved with broken brackets and lined with tears. remember last week's "cinderella" story of georgia state with rj hunter shooting the winning basketball with seconds remaining? a moment so surprising it knocked the head coach who happens to be hunter's father off his stool. >> georgia state! >> well for georgia state the ball is now over after a heartbreaking loss on saturday. >> rj hunter.
7:17 am
>> i love this kid, man. love it. >> the parties also come to an end for number one seed villanova a team that many brackets had making it to the final four. but it is this teary moment in the band stand going viral this morning. a piccalo player sobbing her way and being comforted by joe biden and john travolta. >> i'm a senior and it was hitting me hard that i wasn't going to be playing there ever again for that team. >> the average seed remaining in the tournament is 4.4. we can all resume productivity at work until thursday because that's when the games resume. >> you're going to brick yours? >> i was a clarinet player. >> i was too, i admit. that's what i was.
7:18 am
>> it's cool, guys. all of you that played the obo, it's very cool. a look at spring. i promised you this. it does look like spring in some places. look at arkansas. the flowers are blooming and even though severe weather on the way, you have a mild day ahead ahead. aside from the fire danger in parts of the plains you have got the wind midland will go to 84. and amarillo will do the same. kansas city 62 and rapid city 61. a warm one in denver. close to 70. very hot the end of the week in los angeles. we'll talk more about that. but for now we've got to get the select cities.
7:19 am
jacqui: good d morning, washington. a a cooler than average starto the workrk week. mainly sunnyny skies today with clouds eararly andnd then again le with a high temperature the upper 40's. mostly cloudy skies and flurries inin the mountains, low of 33 degreesgiving way to cloudy skiein t afternoon tomorrow with a high of arod 50 degrees , warmer temperatures and sprinkles on i'm glad to see at least it's warm in some places ginger. coming up next robert dust in court this morning. dozens of boxes of his papers and videotapes seized in a raid of his friend's house. what it could mean for his case? >> the ski lift scare. hundreds of people panicking as
7:20 am
the chair lift starts going backward and we're going to hear from one of the families trapped above the snow coming up.
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♪ ♪ . ahead on "gma" new detalls on the robert durst case. why his lawyers says his arrest warrant is
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autria: right now we want to get a check on your traffic this monday morning. jack: most of the lanes are open on the belt way, the problem has been before the baltimore-washington parkway with accident that can be in the right shoulder but for safety sake they are blocking the right lane and we have three lanes getting by and the problem is on
7:27 am
395 northbound in the hov lanes with a bus literally broken down , driving away as we look right now, slower traffic this morning was the express lanes headed north of shirlington. all right, what are we in for today? temperatures up and down all week? jacqui: down more than up as we average it out chilly, 37 degrees and d.c., nice sunshine through the cloudiness with the windchill factor of 28 degrees. our by our we are slowly warming up today and then look for mid to upper 40 possible the region this afternoon with variable cloudiness and tonight mostly cloudy skies with weak disturbances moving through and passing flurries in the mountains and even into the metro possibly tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, partly sunny skies with a high temperature of 53 degrees, warming it up in the middle of the week.
7:28 am
autria: getting a check on the top stories that we are following this morning lake braddock secondary school is opening two hours late today at nine: 45 because of a police investigation. the bus will pick up students two hours later than the scheduled time. the did -- the police are deploying new speed cameras today. heads up. we are in northeast, two are in southeast, one is in northwest. more traffic, weather, and news updates all morning long, we will see you back here and another 25 minutes for another news update.
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7:30 am
good morning, america. right now extreme weather from coast to coast. snow falling in the midwest. severe storms forecast for the middle of the country and a heat wave out west. >> right now millionaire robert durst will be in a new orleans court for a bond hearing. >> and a major mechanical failure being blamed for an accident on a ski slope sending a chair lift backwards injuring seven. good morning, america. we have a lot to get to including science fiction becoming reality. >> look at this car. this is a self-driving car. there's a hand there on the steering wheel but not doing much work. the car is doing it itself from california to new york. like whoa. let us know where the car is right now if you're driving in to work this morning. we're tracking it all here.
7:31 am
>> looking forward to seeing more. first we turn to robert durst the millionaire heir is in court for a bond hearing. his lawyers trying to free him so he could fight the murder charges in los angeles. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, amy. even as his attorneys prepare to defend him, investigators around the country are digging into cold cases to see if there is a possible connection to durst. this morning with robert durgs battling charges in new orleans and los angeles investigators may have opened a new front. authorities over the weekend hauling out 60 boxes of durst's papers from this upstate new york home. the home's owner was a long-time friend of durst who kept his papers including video depositions from his 2003 murder trial in gal vas on the. durst shared the material with the producers of the documentary
7:32 am
""the jinx." he admitted to killing and dismental bering his murder. also another murder charge for the 2000 excuse of his friend susan berman. he'll argue in court that the los angeles warrant is invalid. only filed to coincide with the final episode of the hbod drama "the jinx"." you hear durst muttering off camera. >> kill them all, of course. >> shockingly it's the charge of possession with a firearm with a controlled substance when durst was arrested nine days ago that could keep him locked up. >> the maximum he could receive depending on the number of priors would be a potential life sentence. >> even if the felonies were committed out of state? >> that's correct. >> the attorneys accused the da of grandstanding.
7:33 am
>> i'm speculating but i think louisiana and their elected officials want a piece of the publicity pie. >> he suspects the da will fight against granting durst bail. >> i don't think there's a chance robert durst will get bond or bail. there's probably no one in the country who is a greater flight risk than he is. >> the last time that robert durst was granted bail was just before his 2003 murder trial in texas. well he went on the lamb for 45 days. finally the millionaire was busted shoplifting a chicken sandwich. he was arrested down the street nine days ago, authorities found a latex mask on him. $42,000. they say they think he was trying to flee the country. david. >> matt gutman thanks to you. turning now to the scary scene on a ski slope. look at this. frightened riders jumping off. seven people injured and the
7:34 am
resort blaming a mechanical failure this morning and linzie janice with one of the families. >> reporter: watch the chaos on this main ski slope after a chair lift carrying over 200 skiers stopping in midair before swinging violently and reversing backward down the mountain. >> t there was definitely panic. we heard people scream. >> the lift rolling back 450 feet coming to a halt only when an attend dent applies an emergency brake. some jumping to the ground while others dangled as high as 40 feet up waiting up to two hours to be rescued. >> you'll be okay. >> seven injured in the mayhem and one of the east coast's biggest ski resorts is calling a major mechanical failure. the lift experiencing what's known as rollback seen here in this video. it occurs when there's a
7:35 am
disconnect of the braking system which can result of backward momentum of speeds of to 20 miles an hour and sending passengers flying 120 feet in the air. >> it was scary. i didn't know what was happening. >> greg was sitting next to his daughter julie when the rollback began. >> when the lift stopped we made the decision to jump out and not take the risk that it would continue to roll back. >> but mom michelle who sat with two of their daughters decided it was too high. >> the scary part was looking down at the bottom and thinking if the thing keeps going, then we're going to run into trouble. >> reporter: after 90 minutes of fearing the worst, the family reunited. >> we were fortunate that once it settled down and stopped i think everybody just raced to help. >> reporter: linzie janice, abc news, new york. >> i cannot imagine how frightening that was. let's turn to dan with "the speed feed." >> two cruises trending overnight.
7:36 am
ted and tom. we know why ted cruz is his presidential campaign and tom cruise a first look at the "mission impossible" movie. the trailer wracking up more than 1.7 million views on youtube in less than a day featuring a lot of shirtlessness and high speed chases. what is really getting people talking this morning is that this stunt where cruise hangs off the side of a plane midair. he actually did this stunt himself. we have some shots of him getting strapped on to the side of the plane. there it is. he's getting strapped on the side of the plane. the movie hits theaters this summer. you literally could not pay me enough to do that. there's a reason why he is tom cruise and why i wear ties and stay in cozy studios and read the headlines. back to you. >> i like shirtlessness. >> the 1.8 trillion hits. >> he caught me at that one. ginger, the weather. >> we had seen the water spout
7:37 am
video from different perspectives but you have to see it. it's in brazil and that water spout comes onshore and you can hear all the people. chaos ensuing. fortunately nobody was hurt. you could see the beach chairs flying and that is not a place -- if you see some of the other videos people are standing and watching. i would not advise just because it's a water spout it forms differently than tornados. you got to get out of the way. we just said wow when we saw that. we're saying wow to this. the northern sierra about to get a storm. heavy rains coastal washington and northern california also in oregon there. the temperatures in the 50s. and milder weather for chicago this morning waking up with a couple inches of snow.jacqui: good momorning, washshington we expect to see a mix of sunshine and clouds today. teeratures a about 18 degrees below average w with a higigh in the
7:38 am
uppeper 40' >> all that weather brought to you by revlon. i can see your faces looking at the warmup. does that come here too? not 75. >> june maybe? >> two. >> there you go paula. >> coming up next the contractor who says he was ambushed by a popular reality show suing for fraud and defamation. >> and we saw her parents in the audience "dancing with the stars" rumer willis opening up about fwroeing up with her famous parents and how they tried to keep things normal after the divorce. ♪
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contractor outraged over a cable tv reality show saying he was entrapped into appearing on air and filing a lawsuit alleging fraud and defamation. abc has the story. >> you used to work over here.
7:43 am
>> reporter: this morning a contractor building a case against spike tv among others after being ambushed on the show, "catch a contractor." jeff delman suing for fraud, false imprisonment and defamation saying the show caused damage to his reputation adversely affected his personal health and well-being. the show hosted by adam co-roll la says it aims to write renovations gone wrong by tracking down the contractor. >> don't stand there and [ bleep ] to me. >> he was featured in an episode that aired last march. the contractor was confronted after the homeowners claimed he left their home unsafe. >> we got to gut this job and start over from scratch. >> i'm not happy with a lot of the work but i did not do the work myself. >> come back get this job done right.
7:44 am
>> really the way this is going to go you can either come back and do the job properly return the money or we'll going to help the family take you to court. >> reporter: he says he couldn't leave. there was a body guard posted at the door. while he acknowledged on the show some of the work he contracted out was shotty he claims in the lawsuit that he had no choice but to sign a release under extreme duress, agreeing to be on the show and finish the remodel. >> they set up what they call a sting which was a complete ruze. they had him finish the job and afterwards they used various clips and held up his picture and called him a crook and criminal. >> now he's asking for damages in excess of $25,000. now, about those references to dillman being made to look like a criminal. he says he's never been awe rested for anything in his life. we reached out to the host, the homeowners and spike tv but no
7:45 am
comment. but the job did get done. >> coming up compassion in a capsule. the study revealing the pill that may change how we treat other people. >> you're always nice amy. >> thank you. >> the road trip to the car making history going coast to coast on auto pilot. this is incredible. ♪ ♪ hi, tom. hey, how's the college visit? you remembered. it's good. does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yea, i'm afraid so. knowing our clients personally is what we do. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye. and with over 13,000 financial advisors we do it a lot. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. it may seem strange, but people really can love their laxative. especially when it's miralax. it hydrates, eases, and softens, to unblock your system naturally. so you have peace of mind from start to finish.
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♪ welcome back to "gma" on a monday morning. the driverless car on the move going coast to coast from san francisco and heading to new york. abc is tracking its progress in the social square. >> this thing has already gone from san francisco to l.a. none of the people are driving. they're just there in case of emergency. what could go wrong with no human hands touching the wheel? actually not much. and that's the point. taking the human error out of the driving equation. cruising the roads like tom and will -- >> how can i be of service? >> is no longer sci-fi fantasy. this morning self-driving cars are hitting the highway and making history.
7:50 am
sunday dell-fi automotive leaving the bay area for the big apple expecting to make the journey in about 10 days with no hands on the wheel while on major highways. >> this looks like any normal car. >> pretty much is. >> abc checked out the decked out audi. >> it's making this turn perfect. pretty amazing. >> yeah. the car is set up to drive very conservatively to make us feel safe. >> complete with cameras, lasers and radars. teaching it how to navigate highs, twists and turns. the future of driving, not just no hands but no human required. >> all right. this thing is actually programmed what it's going to do is only highway driving now. only highway and program to go on and off ramps. so it's going to have to merge on its own with traffic. a little scary. >> taking the 405 to the --
7:51 am
>> i love how -- >> i mean -- >> no. they are -- they have to comply with laws just as long as you have somebody in the driver's seat. >> the reaction time for the car is better than human reaction. >> that's what they say. >> allegedly. >> coming up "gma's" puppy party. we have team coverage next. >> puppies! ♪ \ ♪ there are 16 fresh-picked oranges squeezed into each bottle of tropicana pure premium. and absolutely no space for added sugar, water or preservatives.
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"good morning america" is brought you by cole's. find your yes. kohl's. it's our "gma" puppy party. we have one huge surprise for one lucky family. stay with us.
7:56 am
>> we want to get a check on your commute with jack taylor. jack: we may have a problem now trying to get out of downtown on the 11th street bridge, the ramp to go south is closed due to an overturned truck i believe it is a dump truck and the ramp is blocked this point. be aware big grain delays in prince george's county on the outer loop of the beltway where the delay begins back near pennsylvania all the way to the bw parkway, where activity was on the shoulder. it will cost you a couple of extra minutes. riding to the sunshine, jacqui? >> it depends on where you live.
7:57 am
the farther north you are, the more clouds you are hanging onto. sunny start downtown, 39 in fredericksburg near hagerstown and the division between the clear skies and cloudier conditions with more sunshine by mid-day, notice this disturbance across the upper midwest in chicago, it could bring us a couple of flurries overnight and tomorrow morning with today being drier but cooler than average, tomorrow morning flurries giving way to partly cloudy skies and a high of around 50. autria: here are some of the top stories we're following this morning. lake braddock secondary school, closed entirely today because of a police investigation. it had been on a two-hour delay. new details expected today on the investigation into the alleged rape at university of virginia. this was featured in a rolling stone article. police plan to release their findings today.
7:58 am
the virginia department of transportation, launching a pilot program along interstate 60 that allows commuter buses to bypass congestion by taking the shoulder. get your
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. stand dahl star kerr ree washington making headlines. >> we have been pitted against each other and made to feel like there are limited feet at the table. >> what she said trending big right now. silent killer in the wake of a tragic death of a beloved abc news colleague. dr. ashton answering so many questions about brain aneurisms. are there warning signs? bruce and demi's daughter opens up. rumorer willis speaking out about being a child of divorce whand she thinks about "dancing with the stars." and the ultimate social success story. how youtube star went from food stamps to a $100 million empire.
8:01 am
she's revealing her secrets. ♪ >> and it's a giant "gma" puppy party this morning as we say -- >> woof, woof. >> the puppies missed their cue. guys you were supposed to say good morning, america. . it is national puppy day. our puppies are having a good time with the disco lights. they're going to party in social square. >> they want out of the party. >> lali is our disco chaperone in her dog vest and country star chase rice he is all in our on "gma" puppy party. there he is. look at the little guy. >> awe. >> hello. >> you know what we have got our own puppy here at the desk. they often say puppies look like their owners. i don't know what they mean by that.
8:02 am
but your puppy has been making out with you. >> yeah. he's very frisky. >> thanks to the friends of freddy and middle island new york to help us out with camp bow wow as well. we should mention they're all up for adoption right now. >> we have a look at the family of new york the two boys do not know it but it is a huge day for them their parents got preapproved to adopt from the north shore animal league and they have selected my little guy. the puppy crazy boys have no idea they're adding a new member to the family. hi little buddy. >> does the family know you come with the dog? what i want to know is how dan is going to read the headlines. >> jeffrey and i are going to do it together. are you ready for this jeffrey? i'm going to give you to amy. is puppy disco a thing or something we made up? we're starting with breaking news. the senator from texas ted cruz
8:03 am
is officially running for the republican presidential nomination posted a video online saying the country needs a new generation of courageous conservatives. meanwhile, new questions about hillary clinton's use of private e-mail. the new york sometimes saying a review of hundreds of clinton's e-mails found clinton's top aids corresponded with her about state department business from their person e-mail accounts. clinton has said she made it a practice at their government addresses. so the messages would be saved. a critical u.s. ally is on the brink of a civil war. rebels have over taken yemen's city. taking advantage to step up attacks. isis is also linked to a threat against american troops. an online hit list directed at service members. photos and addresses found online. the military is warning to limit personal information they share
8:04 am
on social media. in florida a joyride turned into a mightnightmare on the water. they were cruising around in an air boat hitting a stump leaving them stuck all night surrounded by alligators. the boys made a make-shift flag allowing rescuers to spot them. there were scrapes and bruises but no major injuries. medical news. could there be a pill some day for compassion and kindness? i think you just use pep pis for that. there's a new study which researchers gave people a pill that contain add brain chemical called dopamine or a placebo and asked them to divide money between themselves and stranger. the dopamine subjects shared the money. that may not be a cure for meanness but the study shows that chemistry can shape our social interaction. and finally, amy loves to show us surveillance video of dumb crooks. in this case the crooks out
8:05 am
outsmarted everybody. this is out of romania. a convict make as break for it over the prison wall. the guard runs after him. but he forgets to close the gate. >> oh no. >> bad move. another inmate sees his chance to get away. gone. police say they have captured one of the men. but the other guy is still on the run. no word yet on what's going to happen to that guard. >> send the puppy after him. >> yeah. on the trail. >> this puppy just wants -- here you go. >> have some water, puppy. >> is there water? >> yeah. i took the temperature. we're good. we're good. look at that. see, some people have coffee. >> awe. >> and news weather coming up. amy you have got the social square right over there. >> right. david, now a look at what's ahead on the "gma" morning menu. silent killer. what you need to know about sudden brain aneurisms in the wake of the death of a beloved
8:06 am
abc news colleague. and then social success story. the most watched woman on e sharing her secrets to becoming a multimillionaire and i know you're hearing them now. our disco puppies are getting rowdy and partying all morning long for national puppy day with country star chase rice with his quiet little guy all coming up on "gma" right here in times square. >> yeah. >> hello. hi. ♪ >> "gma's" morning menu is brought to you by advil. the pain reliever built to be as fast as it is strong. ♪ waffles. ♪ what's that sound? did you leave your hairdryer running? no. something smells delicious. how could something smell delicious when the toaster's broken? i smell sausage, egg, cheese and... eggo? l'eggo my eggo breakfast sandwich. the eggo breakfast sandwich. but the toaster's broken. it's sweet, it's savory, it's in your microwave. l'eggo my eggo breakfast sandwich.
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♪ welcome back. those puppies love the morning life don't they? and "gma" puppy party trending on twitter. so many sending pictures using that hashtag. tweet us your puppy photos. what says disco like puppies, right? what else is popping in the world? >> we'll have a little "pop news" but first calling all glad yaters. kerry washington trending big all weekend giving a passionate speech at the 2015 glad media awards held in l.a. saturday. sharing the importance of diversity in media. take a look. >> because having your story told as a woman, as a person of color, as a lesbian or a trans
8:12 am
person or any member of any community is often a radical idea. there is so much power in story-telling and there is enormous power in inclusive story-telling. >> the huge crowd at the beverly hilton giving her a standing ovation ovation. the glad media celebrates fair accurate and inclusive representation of the lgbt community. before we move on i want you all to count to four. one, two, three, four. and we can do this as well. but could counting to four be the secret to making good decisions forever. a new book called "four seconds" by peterbre "gma" n is making way. the four-second rule and how it could help you simplify and regain control of your life. he says that pausing and breathing for four seconds before making any major
8:13 am
decisions w help you reign back your impulses and gather your thoughts allowing you to make the best decisions possible. kind of like four seconds happier. 4% happier. >> i think it does tap into exactly what meditation does for you. >> i never said anything dumb in my life. actually all the time. but our next story, puppies are always a good idea. today is officially national puppy day and my voice is going up two okaytives because i love puppies. celebrating all the love and happiness puppies bring. virgin america celebrating the fourth annual operation chi chihuahua chihuahua. in need of loving homes. apparently there's an overpopulation of chihuahuas in california. don't know know. that's a "pop news" investigation. but it's about getting these dogs the homes they need. and here's something else to
8:14 am
make you smile. a labrador that grins on command. take a look and laugh. >> smile for the camera. holly, smile for the camera. yeah. >> dan does the same thing. >> yes. >> ironically. smile for the camera dan. >> i'm like a put on a string just for you paula, always. >> the four-second rule does not work when it comes to puppies. you end up taking the puppies home. >> the puppy wants to talk into the mike. want to say something? >> the heat index next. but first ginger has the check of the weather. >> good morning. what a crowd we have got out here on a chilly morning. you said you were from where? >> north dakota. >> she informed me it is going to be warmer this week. you know where it's not warm not just here but back in chicago. lake shore drive slowing down a couple of inches of snow. it is a mess out here. that is going to be moving
8:15 am
through your morning drive and going into indiana, ohio and disintegrate as it gets into west virginia. from west to east by the end of the week we're talking about record-breaking and heat wave for the southwest for places like los angeles. a mildjacqui: good morning, washington. a cooler than avaverage starto e workrk weeeek. mainly sunnyny skies today with clouds early and then again late with high temperature the upper 40's. mostly cloudy skies and flurries in the m mountains, low of 33 degrees, giving way to cloudy skiein the afternoon tomorrow with a high of around 50 degrees , warmer temperatures and sprinkles on wedne debbie from texas has an little something to say. not just a baby here right? >> we are having a boy.
8:16 am
>> a boy on the way. yay. okay. let's get inside. >> congrats to her. first up this morning, a lot of people saw this headline over the weekend and began exploring more. what happened to a young mom. lisa colagrossi a dear friend to us. the channel 7 anchor here in new york city who passed away friday. she was 49 years old and suffered a brain aneurism. we want to look more into this with our senior editor. >> for wabc's lisa colagrossi no story was too tough to tackle. >> how dangerous these downed trees can be. there is more information coming out about the moments leading up to the crash. >> over 14 years colagrossi was a fixture on new york television. >> in manhattan, lisa colagrossi, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> and reporting on stories with passion and integrity. on thursday on her way back to the station, the 49-year-old
8:17 am
suddenly collapsed suffering a fatal rupture of a brain aneurism. colagrossi is one of the estimated 30,000 people in the unite united states who have ruptured brain aneurisms. 45% are fatal and 25% die in six month from complications. >> most people with who have a brain aneurism have no predisposing factors. it happens out of the blue. >> it occurs when the wall of a blood vessel becomes weak and balloons outward. if it ruptures hemorrhage occurs spilling blood into the brain tissue which could be deadly. experts say people with large aneuri may have symptoms pain above the eye, vision changes or paralysis on one side of the face and with a sudden hemorrhage will have a severe headache, vomiting and a loss of consciousness. >> and abc news medical contributor dr. ashton is with
8:18 am
us. abc and wabc were connected uptown and we would see lisa in the cafeteria and she was an incredible reporter and mom. what was stunning to us is that she's just 49 years old. are there any warning signs? >> that's the question i'm getting from so many people. the good news is is that most aneurisms in the brain don't rupture and even fewer give us symptoms. we heard about some of the symptoms in the piece but the other question i have been getting is why don't we detect this? the reason for that is that in order to screen for an aneurism in the brain, by the way, they can occur in any blood vessel in the body. we need to go through an mri or special cat scan that involves injecting dye into the brain. these tests are expensive and relatively uncommon. >> are some people at higher risk than others? >> they are. there's a long list of risk factors starting with age. we know that cerebral aneurisms do increase with age starting as
8:19 am
young as 30. gender is another one. slightly more common in women. more common in african-american people. if you have high blood pressure or certain connective tissue disorders, smoking, trauma. a long list. relatively uncommon to rupture. >> you talk about high blood pressure and smoking. are there things you could do to reduce your risks? >> we say control the things that you can control in medicine. you can't pick who your parents are. you can't pick if you have a genetic predisposition. if you smoke, you can stop. if you have high blood pressure you can control that. there's no magic bullet. >> what do you think when you have cases like this one? >> she was a colleague to all of us. it was tough for us in the a family. my first reaction was actually as a mom. she has two young boys close in age to my children. this story hit home for me. because i lost my step mother to a ruptured brain aneurism in 2004. the only risk factor cher had was being a woman and 63 years
8:20 am
old. >> all right. we're going to get over to paula now and dr. ashton you're taking questions on twitters. >> yes. >> over to you. >> we will continue to celebrate the life of lisa colagrossi. on our "gma" heat index. rumer willis is off to a hot start on "dancing with the stars." now she's opening up about her famous parents demi moore and bruce willis. abc with the story. >> reporter: tonight on "dancing with the stars"mer willis will be judged for her cha-cha but says she's been judged her entire life. >> i have gone to the place where if you want to judge me i'm fine with that. if you don't like me just take five minutes to get to know me. >> the 26-year-old opening up saying she's grateful for the way her parents raised her and her sisters. >> growing up with having your whole life kind of be on display and before you learn how to kind
8:21 am
of get a tough scanner to just have confidence in who you are without letting other people's opinions affect that that can sometimes be really hard. >> rumer revealing after the divorce 15 years ago her parents tried to keep their family's routine intact. >> i never had to split up vacations or birthdays. they always made an effort to do all of the family events still together and made such an effort to still have our family be as one unit as opposed to two separate things. >> the actress credits her mom for teaching her to be strong. >> she's very strong. she always says live in whatever your integrity is and go out and present yourself how you want to present yourself and how you want people to see you. >> earning the highest score last week. >> 32 out of 40! >> her proud parents beaming from the crowd. >> do you feel a bit of pressure? if you don't do a great job, look out. >> i definitely feel pressure. they have a lot of expectations probably for their daughter.
8:22 am
♪ let me give you my life ♪ ♪ take me to church ♪ >> i think you made him proud. >> that's crazy. he's got a great presence and i could see where she gets her, you know strength from. >> give it to you 100%. >> strength and self-confidence from both parents. >> who is your biggest competition? >> i don't feel like we have a whole lot on. >> you don't? >> i'm really confident. i feel like the heart that both of us have will put into each dance regardless of scores. i think to me what's most important. >> for "good morning america" abc news los angeles. >> always amazed at the transformations on the show and she will be taking the dance floor on "dancing with the stars" here on abc news. >> we will be watching. next up on our "gma" heat index, youtube sensation michelle fun has revolutionized the way we put on makeup and used youtube
8:23 am
to create a $100 million empire. the secret behind her success. >> it all started when she was turned down by her dream job. michelle fonn began blogging and posting how-to makeup videos and millions of people are watching and learning from her. she's the most watched woman on youtube, the first to rake in more than a billion views. >> you want your cheeks to look very peachy. >> the how-to makeup videos helped her earn $100 million. she shared her beauty secrets with "good morning america" two years ago. >> it's all about layering. you already have your day makeup on. easy transition. >> but things didn't start out easy for michelle phan. >> where do you get your drive? >> i get it from my mother.
8:24 am
she was an immigrant when she came here to america and didn't know how to speak english. >> growing up on food stamps ten years ago michelle was waitressing struggling to make ends meet when she applying for a job at a makeup counter and was turned down. how did you get them to go viral? >> i'm a huge believer in timing. it was good timing good story-telling and also pushing the envelope. i was one of the first to really do this. and i'm constantly evolving my videos. >> those videos becoming so popular, lorielle gave her her own makeup line. >> what was the first thing you bought when you became the big michelle phan? >> i got an apartment for my family. >> now she could add author and founder of ipsy to those titles.
8:25 am
know your audience build a community and stay true to your original vision. >> what do you think is the smartest thing you have done along the way? >> smartest thing, i don't know. i mean staying in touch with my mom. you know she keeps my feet grounded. >> stay in touch with your mom. well michelle phan also says to remember building an audience takes time especially if you want a loyal following. it could take up to two years. most importantly, be authentic and be you. >> she started this with a computer from a community college. >> exactly. she was one of the first people out there blogging about makeup and that helped. >> she just works incredibly far. >> she's traveling around the clock and became big on youtube. they're approaching her. >> there are a lot of things we don't know. if you want seven things you didn't know about michelle phan head to our website. on yahoo. coming up, national puppy day.
8:26 am
the bachelor's fiance whitney with not even one big secret he knows about on abc's "good morning america."
8:27 am
brad: time for a check on the traffic conditions right now with jack taylor. jack: it has not been pretty trying to get out of the district. southbound on 295 you will find that the ramp is closed southbound on d.c. 295 and at one point had to go on the 11th street bridge, which finally cleared but the delays for ever. southbound past eastern avenue within the delay and benning road, there was an accident on east capitol street, kind of staying right to the bottom, no word on when it will turn from the ramp on the outbound 11 to 295. bad news here, better news jackie? jacqui: cooler than average, but we do have sunshine downtown you probably want the gloves
8:28 am
this morning to the north of town, 28 in frederick, 39 degrees in fredericksburg. high pressure sneaking its way in here across the great lakes late tonight and early tomorrow. sunny today, high temperature of 48. brad: the lake braddock secondary school is now closed because of a police investigation. d.c. police are employing six new speed cameras starting today in northeast, one is in southwest. virginia, state police are searching for a five-year-old boy who is believed to be in day near -- danger. last seen in laski county in the western card -- western part of the state. you can get more from our sister station, news channel 8. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
8:29 am
it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
8:30 am
♪ shake it shake it ♪ >> good morning, everyone. we are celebrating national puppy day. we have ginger hanging out with one special poodle inside. >> look at that. we have a big puppy disco party going on at this moment. all of these dogs coming to us from the pet rescue and friends of freddy. they are all available for adoption right now. almost all of them. >> almost all of them because we are here with this family mom and dad and sons. boys boys i heard you really like dogs. is that true? >> yes. >> yes, luca. how long have you been asking your parents for a puppy? >> for a long time. >> for like a million years? >> what do you say to your mom? you say your mom, please
8:31 am
please, please? do you beg? yeah? yeah he does. we know it. well guess what? we have a big surprise for you two boys. there's a reason why you're standing out here. ginger come on in. >> okay. >> you're not getting ginger zee. ginger where are you? >> i'm right here. >> the suspense is killing us. >> your new puppy? >> your new puppy! >> awe. >> you can pet the puppy. >> did you think you were going to do that luca? >> look at that smile. >> look at little luca. >> we should point out to everyone at home that you went through the preadoption process. how did you know this was the right puppy for you? >> well i showed them the picture and he said that she
8:32 am
looked like him. >> this little guy. a shot of his hair. >> she was the one. >> luca have you thought of a name for the puppy? >> what you might want to call your puppy? >> fluff. >> fluff? >> yeah. >> we'll talk about that. >> he's shaking. >> do you think he looks like your little brother? >> you think it's the hair, right? >> i definitely think so. we want to remind everyone that the puppies areon our show are available for adoption but also dogs of all ages desperately need homes, too. you guys get to do potty training now. yay! >> thank you. >> i just had a puppy. >> amy just went through it. >> can we do this every day? their smiles are incredible. now to revolutionize the way we use computers and phones.
8:33 am
ple steve jobs we're talking about. a new biography called becoming steve jobs tells of a much more complex and giving man and abc has the story this morning. >> to many steve jobs was a modern day thomas edison. >> today apple is going to reinvent the phone. >> who could swing from brilliant to brash. but a new book says that was only half the story. what did you know about steve jobs that might surprise people most? >> what surprised me was how funny he was and pleasant. >> i was really surprised about the intensity of his close relationships. >> so close that when he needed a liver transplant in 2009 current apple ceo tim cook offered his but jobs declined. as for his reputation as a lone wolf the authors say jobs was a leader in the power of team work. >> you talk about how he used
8:34 am
the beatles as an idea of how to run a company. what did you mean by that? >> it's that idea of brilliant people working together making up for one another's weaknesses and emphasizing their strength. >> they say it was his team who got jobs to focus on digital music instead of video. >> this amazing little device holds 1,000 songs. >> and let outside developers in creating iphone software and giving birth to the app store. >> he learned a lot after getting exiled from apple. when he came back he was a very different person. the young steve jobs could never have engineered the brilliant comeback that apple experienced over the last 15 years. >> brint spent 25 years covering jobs jobs. this interview unusually
8:35 am
personal. >> i have to take them out of their jobs. it's harder now. much harder than before. because i look at everybody and i think of them as 5 years old. >> that perfectionist drive driven by his affinity for budism. >> you need to make the most of every moment and try to pick the thing where you can give the most back. he may have seemed like a jerk sometimes but what was driving it was this idealism. >> without jobs apple is as strong as ever but his loss is felt every day. >> his presence is still palpable around apple. they may not be a steve but the spirit is steve is still there. >> for "good morning america" deborah roberts, abc news new york. >> becoming steve job is available tomorrow. ginger we came back inside but that's crazy. that's the first week of spring? >> this is the first week of spring yes. and my new friend is from where?
8:36 am
>> florence alabama. >> and she is just frozen here. but this is how we're doing spring break. how about we warm it up and go to florida where this morning it is stormy in central florida, treasure island. you can see tampa, temperature will make it 78 there just south of the front. look at miami, almost 90. jacksonville in the 60s for a high. that is the big picture. cqui:: good rning, waingt. wewe expecect to see a mix of sunshi andlouds today. temperatures a about 18 degrees below average with a higigh in the upper 40'' . >> all that weather brought to you by cottonelle. should we give a puppy away. totally. >> we're told it's the first monday of spring even though it doesn't feel like it. "gma" is going to yahoo your day
8:37 am
with a fresh new look. yahoo beauty editor in chief bobbi brown here to show us how to update our winter makeup. bobby you're the perfect person to do it. we have some models here. the first look is bright lips. we have -- which has been quintessential by the way. >> yes. >> we have seen the celebrities. we have kerry washington. so we began with her before look and you have applied -- there she is before. the bright lips and the nude face. let's turn mc around and see what you have done with her. >> yay. >> beautiful. >> she's wearing the nude face and she's got a little bit of plush on her cheek, pop of blush and wearing an orange lip stick. she's actually wearing one of the new crayons because you could fill in your lip, you could line it, and it stays on. >> what do you look for when you're picking a product?
8:38 am
i'm always shy putting something on my face. >> not everyone likes a bright lip. if you like pink or red or orange. that's ooh all you have to do. >> does this work for any age? >> any age. it should be flat not shiny. >> very good. you look beautiful. mc. next up isn't this nice for any season? luminous skin. don't we all want that look. >> especially now. >> like celebrities like julianne moore and lupita nyong'o and katie holmes. >> when your skin is luminous, it's just the cheek. >> that just looks shiny. we have marie, there she is. now let's turn her around and see her luminate. >> she's got a classic nude face. it looks beautiful. on her cheek she has a little
8:39 am
bit of shimmery powder on. you can also use a cream version. it depends how dry your skin is. buff you want color and shine. >> thank you so much marie. next up liner play. the dramatic eyes with just the right liner. there you see taylor swift, scar lot johansson all pulling off the look. >> right. >> this is one that's a little scary for people to try at home. >> yes. you want to be careful because you don't want to look silly and you want to be able to make it thick enough that you can see it. >> we have gabby before and you look amazing gabby. look at the difference. >> look how beautiful. we lined her eye with the gel liner and extended it at the end. pretty easy. smile please. thank you. >> she loves it. it looks fantastic. thank you bobbi brown as always for making us look fresh earn and ready to go for spring. coming up we have chef daniel
8:40 am
blue who has the sec
8:41 am
8:42 am
and we are joined now by one of the most acclaimed culinary geniuses in america. that's right. daniel blue is here to make his famous dishes and your favorite meals are mine. >> i share the same. >> we came hungry. let me ask you about vegas.
8:43 am
it is a destination for foodies. how is that evolved? >> it's a make it for chefs. it's where you can definitely and affordably eat well and entertain yourself well and sleep well there. >> amen. i love all of that. >> i slept really welcomel when i got home. >> i'm doing burgers today. i love burgers. i have done many burgers and we always have great selections of dishes sometimes very french sometimes very american. >> this is called the frenchy burger. >> this is the frenchy burger. the frenchy burger is a burger who has a bit of french into its american sort of -- >> what makes it french? >> first i'm using a mobie cheese. it's a cheese made with milk on
8:44 am
the bottom and then they put afternoon milk on top and age that cheese together. >> wow. >> it's a very interesting and delicious blue cheese. the burger is cooked. i have grilled the buns. i put a little bit of mustard in it. >> mustard. >> that's what makes it fresh right there. >> dijon mustard. >> dijon mustard. >> with that we put a little bit of tomato marmalade. >> tomato marmalade. >> with the burger here i have put a slice of pork belly but it's what we call veal. then the cheese. then a marmalade of onion. cooked very jerntly for quite a while. >> wow. >> then a little bit of -- >> that looks so good. >> my mouth is literally watering. >> and a little bit of arugula. >> on the top and bottom.
8:45 am
>> yes. you have a burger there. >> thank you. >> the cover. with a little pick inside. we have fantastic restaurant. you love that burger. >> my goodness. >> so good. >> just perfectly. >> this is so good. >> placed right between the ve niche shan. when are we going to vegas? >> you name it, i'm in. >> but we're not going to get any sleep in vegas. >> apparently you can get these recipes and do it at your own home. go to our website on yahoo. he just said what i was going to say. >> coming up we have country
8:46 am
star chase rice performing live. don't go anywhere. >> "gma's" best burger secrets is brought
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪ chase rice is one of the hottest new artists in country music. he co-wrote florida georgia's line smash hit cruise and topped the charts with ignite the night and he's going to sing. but first let's chat. >> let's talk. >> we have got a lot to talk about. ignite the night day bud at number one. >> yes, ma'am. thank you. >> how does that feel? >> it feels great for me. i've come a long way with this thing since playing small clubs in atlanta all the way up to having the number one album up to this coming week we're playing the georgia dome. >> you're performing with one of your heros kenny chessny this
8:49 am
week. >> i grew up with kenny fans. it's cool to be with him. for us in my town that was the show we were waiting on. >> now they're waiting on you. we want to get to why we're here today. chase rice singing his latest single. "gonna wanna tonight." take it away. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ if you want to climb a ladder on a water tower ♪ ♪ then we'll kick it with the stars for a couple hours ♪ ♪ if you wanna then we're gonna get away ♪
8:50 am
♪ if you wanna dip your toes where the water stops ♪ ♪ then we'll let our feet hang off the fishing dock ♪ ♪ if you wanna then we're going to have to give it a try, that's right ♪ ♪ if you wanna go out west there ain't nobody around ♪ ♪ who let's your long hair get to fallin' down ♪ ♪ let your red lips leave a mark all over mine ♪ ♪ if you wanna then we're gonna, girl i hope you're gonna wanna tonight ♪ ♪ if you wanna, then we're gonna wanna, i hope you're gonna wanna all night ♪ ♪ if you wanna catch a buzz or ride until the morning ♪ ♪ let's get two cups ♪ ♪ i'll get to pouring ♪
8:51 am
♪ it don't really matter if it's whiskey or wine it's fine ♪ ♪ if you wanna go out west, there ain't nobody around ♪ ♪ let your long hair get to fallin' down ♪ ♪ let your red lips leave your mark all over mine ♪ ♪ put your hands where wherever they wanna go ♪ ♪ we're right there, girl just close your eyes ♪ ♪ if you wanna then we're gonna, girl i hope you're gonna wanna tonight ♪ ♪ if you wanna, then we're gonna, girl i hope you're gonna wanna all night ♪ ♪ gonna wanna get a little closer ♪ ♪ gonna wanna slide it on over ♪ ♪ gonna wanna, you're gonna
8:52 am
wanna go out where there ain't nobody around ♪ ♪ let your long hair get to fallin' down ♪ ♪ let your red lips leave a mark all over mine ♪ ♪ with the night air with the radio ♪ ♪ put your hands where wherever they wanna go ♪ ♪ yeah we're right there ♪ ♪ girl just close your eyes ♪ ♪ if you wanna then we're gonna, girl i hope you're gonna wanna tonight ♪ ♪ if you wanna, then we're gonna, girl i hope you're gonna wanna all night ♪ ♪ gonna wanna get a little closer ♪ ♪ gonna wanna slide it on over ♪ gonna wanna, you're gonna
8:53 am
wanna tonight ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
around here, we're all about fast. that's why xfinity is perfect for me. with millions of wifi hotspots all over the place including one right here at the shop now we can stream all things fast and furious. you've done it again, carlos! with the fastest in-home wifi and millions of hotspots xfinity is perfect for people who love fast. don't miss furious 7 in theaters april 3rd.
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just moments ago we got to help give mico and luca the surprise of their life. so happy they get to take this puppy home with them this morning. >> thanks to kids adopt a
8:56 am
shelter for these puppies. luca this just in. what did you name the puppy? >> ginger. >> i love that name. >> awe. >> i love the name. perfect name. >> they're not kidding. ginger the puppy. >> awe. >> make sure you watch david tonight on "world news." see everybody tomorrow. >> see you tomorrow. brad: let's head over to jack taylor. jack: on 11th street bridge the ramp to get south remains closed, the dump truck is overturned and it will take a crane to get this thing back on its heels the traffic is going
8:57 am
north on to two hundred 95. huge delays in prince george's co on the shoulder. all travel lanes are open. this delay is near the baltimore-washington parkway is edges back to branch avenue. comment what we are in for, jackie. jacqui: it will be chilly today with sunshine. 36 degrees. have not really made any progress in the department yet. wind chill feels like 28 degrees. 26 in hagerstown, 32 in frederick, 40 in fredericksburg. temperatures will make it into the upper 40's today. the farther north you are, the cooler you will be and hang onto those clouds of it longer. disturbances overnight tonight passing flurries in the mountains tomorrow, though i do not think that impacts your commute. brad: now to our top stories.
8:58 am
lake braddock secondary school is closed today because of a police investigation. it was on a two hour delay. few details expected today in the investigation of the alleged rape at the university of virginia. it was featured in "rolling stone magazine." charlotte police plan to release their findings. the virginia department of transportation releases a pilot program today that allows commuter buses on 66 to bypass congestion by taking the shoulder. of course, you can get more updates on our sister station news channel 8. we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter the sleep number bed. designed to let couples sleep together in individualized comfort. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore.
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so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! now we can all choose amazing sleep only at a sleep number store. right now, you can save $600 on the number one-rated i8 bed. know better sleep with sleep number. announcer: it's "live
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