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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 24, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. and breaking news a large passenger plane goes down in the alps. more than 140 passengers on board. our team with the very latest as we come on the air. also breaking overnight, angelina jolie's daring decision the star revealing this morning her major medical move to prevent cancer. the new surgery almost two years after undergoing a double mastectomy and her message right now to millions of women at risk. also overnight, high alert. president obama's niece threatened before her big ncaa tournament game. a disturbing phone call saying a man on campus with a gun was targeting the princeton basketball player. now the secret service investigating this scare. ♪ and rumer ripping it up on the dance floor. her cha-cha catapulting her near the top of the lead herboard
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neck and neck with derek and nastia. redfoo was sent packing, right here on "gma." good morning, america. rumor has it that you're in for george stephanopoulos. >> all week long. >> that's the truth. no rumor -- >> where is robin? >> came back and, boy, what a day to come back. we have a lot of breaking news to get to. >> we'll get to it right off the top. a crowded passenger plane crashing in the french alps and lama hasan will start us off. lama what do we know? >> reporter: good morning to you, david. well this news just coming in to us. according to french officials including the french prime minister who just moments ago spoke, confirming an airbus a320 a german wings plane carrying 142 passengers with two
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pilots and we understand four crew members has crashed in the southern french alps. at this point there are reports it was traveling from bars lonecelona to dustle dorff. and this is just coming in so we don't know at this point, the breakdown of nationalities, we don't know where the passengers are from at this point. david in as you point out at least 142 passengers and as you heard lama say we don't know the nationalities as of yet. we want to bring in john nance, a pilot himself with us on the phone. john you know these a320s. how difficult are they to fly. >> very easy to fly. one of the most ubiquitous airliners with the 736. 6,100 in operation and 5,000 more on order and really is a world standard so this is in the air all the time someplace every day. >> a lot of experience flying them. word this morning, 6300 feet
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flying over the alps difficult to navigate. >> we do have alps going up to 13,000 feet and 6800 feet tells me it is a routing around them or an altitude you wouldn't think they would be at. we have so little info it's hard to >> john we have a map with the flight path right now up on the screen and we believe this was going from barcelona to dusseldorf. one of the first things they look at is the weather. we don't know what kind of conditions they were trying to fly through. >> we don't know at this point in time and, of course these aircraft are resilient and can fly flewthrough ice and one of the things investigators at this point look at is the fact that you really have no idea until you start piecing together a lot of facts and nobody can rule out
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anything at this point. >> how big is the a320? we know at least 142 passengers 4 crew members and that could change as we get more details. potentially how many could it be carrying. >> it could easily carry 150, 170. the a320 is a standard. there is a stretch version called the a321 and there are smaller versions but by and large 150 feet long and they are single aisle cabin aircraft capable of carrying about 150, 170 people depending on the seating configuration. >> we'd be remiss if we didn't point out this is an extraordinary year to point out on aviation disasters. another headline this morning about a jet that's perhaps gone down. >> the amount of air traffic in the world is still staggering. over 93,000 flights over the planet every single day that any of us could buy a ticket on and
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relatively speaking the safety record is incredible and you're also going to have a possibility of higher numbers of accidents just because of number of airplanes but this has been and extraordinarily disturbing year. >> all right, our aviation consultant john nance a pilot himself on the phone. just to recap those watching breaking news an a-320 believed to be flying from barcelona to dusseldorf 142 passengers and told colonel steve ganyard on the phone with us robin. steven your first reaction after hearing about this? 6800 feet? >> i'm looking at the flight track. very interesting as it left barcelona and headed off to the northeast, went out over the mediterranean and it was on a normal route that you would expect and en route to dusseldorf and as it crossed into -- towards italy into the southern alps there was a significant altitude change huge descent and lost radar
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contact at 6800 feet obviously somewhere in the mountains there, so very baffling to see something that would indicate that the aircraft was just fine at altitude and route and then for some reason a big descent into very high terrain. >> people will be studying that all morning long and have developments as they come in. steven thanks to you and john and lama for the breaking coverage. >> we'll keep everybody updated. that announcement from angelina jolie revealing she had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed to prevent cancer. this is not the first time she's opened up about a major medical decision. >> this is a bombshell from engine angelina jolie. she revealed at just 39 she's removed her ovaries and fallopian tubes and she's doing it despite the serious effects that may follow. jolie writing she underwent the procedure after a recent blood
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test detected markers that serve as a potential sign of early ovarian cancer. the type of cancer that killed her mother in 2007. >> she was just kind to everybody and yet when it came to protecting her chdren or doing anythingn defense of her children she was very very strong. >> reporter: her aunt and grandmother also dying from the disease. i went through what i imagine thousands of other women have felt i told myself to stay calm, to be strong and that i had no reason to think i would not live to see my children grow up and to meet my grandchildren. further tests coming back negative for cancer but jolie still deciding to have the surgery. what she calls the best option going under the knife just last week. it is not possible to remove all risk and the fact is i remain prone to cancer she writes. the procedure a success but forcing jolie into early menopause. i will not be able to have any more children she writes and i expect some physical changes but i feel at ease with whatever
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will come. this coming nearly two years since the star stunned the world undergoing a prevent tiff double mastectomy after testing positive for a gene mutation that puts her at a higher cancer risk. that choice sparking what many call the angelina effect an increase in the number of women who have undergone genetic testing for cancer and she reflected on the impact of her decision in an interview with george last year. >> i didn't expect there to be so much support and i was very moved by it. it's connected me so much to other families other women so it's been a beautiful journey. >> at one point she tries to make emphasizing her surgery is not the only option for women. she wants people to know there are definitely other options and that there is power with that knowledge, robin. >> all right, reena, thank you. abc's dr. jennifer ashton is here with much more. we've been talking about this all morning long jen. the brca1, what is it?
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>> the ovarian cancer risk that comes with this mutation is significantly. with this type of genetic mutation it can go as high as 40%. we have to remember there's screening for breast cancer. we don't have an accepted screening test for ovarian cancer so use things like ultrasound and a blood test. they're not screening methods but all we have. >> talk about the surgery. this is a procedure you have performed. >> i've done it many many times. straightforward surgery done through the tiny little incision same day procedure and done in as little as 15 minutes. the key for women to know all the talk right now centers around the fallopian tubes. there's a new thinking ovarian cancer originates in the fallopian tubes itself so those tubes have to come out and by the time of surgery about 5% to 10% of women with this type of mutation will have a hidden or a
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cult cancer present so it's important that surgery is done properly. >> and angelina jolie emphasized this was the right decision for her. for many people the age factor comes in. >> it's a huge factor and this is an individual decision. we don't have consensus about when this should be done. we hear the age of 35. we hear 40. obviously it has to be done at the end of childbearing because it places a woman into immediate menopause. a personal decision. >> we keep talking about women. you emphasize it's not just women. >> men can carry this too. a woman with this has a 50% chance of passing it to her children. so there are some important tips first of all if you have owe rarevarian cancer in the family get this blood test. it will be covered if you meet criteria. secondly try to speak with a genetic counselor. this is genetic risk assess many and thisser a's helpful. if you could speak to a gyn cancer surgeon before your surgery that's helpful. remember there are options. the birth control pill also
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lowers the risk of ovarian cancer and 30% of women choose not to have surgery. >> great suggestions you discussed with us. thank you. robin, thanks. jen will have much more at our website. in the meantime, we turn to that threat against president obama's niece. a call contemplating there was a gunman on campus just before she took the court for the princeton in their ncaa game against maryland. pierre thomas has more. >> reporter: that was a scary call and the latest unfortunate sign of our times where any threat must be taken seriously. the disturbing call came into university of maryland's police at 00 p.m. monday afternoon. the caller suggested there would be a man on campus with a gun possibly targeting the president's niece who plays on princeton's women's basketball team. and the president had just been to princeton's tournament game this past saturday. security increased for the game as authorities checked ow the call. later police determined the threat was unsubstantiated and
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our sources tell us they do not believe there was a credible threat. the secret service will likely do a follow-up to determine whether this was simply a misunderstanding or hoax. after the game princeton's coach told reporters she did not inform the president's niece leslie robinson before tip-off and was upset that it was marred by the bogus threat. >> the first question we get 31-1 in the ncaa tournament is about a freak -- college park police have that under control. leslie is safe. >> reporter: the game took place without incident and thankfully e only news is that the ladies on both teams played their hearts out and princeton's un undefeated season ended. >> all right, pierre thank you. we'll move to politics and texas senator ted cruz as you know kicking off his campaign for the white house. appealing to conservatives. jon karl went one-on-one with cruz right after he launched his presidential run. had a chance to talk to him. >> sure did. ted cruz is about as
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conservative as they come but there is one way he wants to be exactly like president obama, he wants to make the journey directly from freshman in the senate to the white house. when it comes to the 2016 presidential campaign texas senator ted cruz wants to be not just the first in but the most conservative too. >> imagine millions of courageous conservatives all across america rising up together to say in unison we demand our liberty. >> reporter: his big speech tried to be both hard line conservative and optimistic. even echoing the refrain of the great john lennonson "imagine." >> imagine it's 1776. imagine it's 1933. imagine, imagine -- i want to ask each of you to imagine. >> imagine, imagine, imagine. are you a big john lennon fan. >> i am but i -- >> reporter: very different message than john lennon's?
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>> i did envision pulling out john lennon little round glasses but i didn't bring any to the talk. the room was electric. there were 12,000 people. >> reporter: energized but required to attend. it was a school convocation and our interview cruz said he would appeal beyond the right wing. how are you with that hard line conservative message going to appeal to moderates and independents? nobody gets elected without appealing to them. >> it's a funny thing when you work in the immediatemedia that it is a hard line to present a positive optimistic vision. it talked about imagining an america that gets back to the free market principles and the constitutional liberties this country was built on. >> reporter: cruz acknowledges he comes into the race as an underdog but will run as anin insurgent insurgent. >> the race is on. appreciate it jon.
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now to amy with the other top stories right now starting with new spying allegations against a u.s. ally. >> that's right. israel is denying allegations that it spied on u.s. nuclear talks with iran. the claims first reported in "the wall street journal" accuse israel of eavesdropping on the closed door talks and sharing details with members of congress in hopes of undermining any deal with iran but israeli government officials today claim those allegations are false. the obama administration's relationship with israel is already strained. just yesterday prime minister benjamin netanyahu apologized for his divisionive comments about arabs before last week's election. back here at home police say they have found nothing to prove the explosive claim of gang rape at the university of virginia. "rolling stone" first reported that claim that a student named jackie was assaulted at a fraternity party. the article was later discredited. all uva fraternities were shut down for a time after that article was published. the accused frat now says it's
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exploreing its legal options. in rally, north carolina investigators say construction workersy dismantling scaffolding on this when a piece fell sending three workers 200 feet to their deaths. another worker survived. he was found on top of some crushed equipment and is in remarkably fair condition. a police officer in maryland is okay after this crash. responding to a call when he clipped an suv landing up against that poll. people eager to hit the beach along the gulf coast may want to look away from this. look at this school of sharks hundred of the of them from an oil platform and scientists say this migration is typical. finally, to stop a thief, give them what they want. a man in california posted this note on his door for the thief who has been repeatedly stealing his newspaper for the past ten years but the message wasn't what you think. he offered to share it but said
7:17 am
this offer is contingent upon the newspaper being returned in a relative crisp state with no coffee stains and he'd like it back by 10:00 or 11:00 that same morning. what happened? well, his newly installed video surveillance shows the thief came read the note and decided not to steal the paper this time. he hasn't been back since. also in the note the man asked if he had stock tips if he wouldn't mind leaving them. apparently he didn't have any but problem solved. >> just leave a note. >> that doesn't work in my neighborhood. >> leave a note? >> no. >> please don't steal my paper. >> bypass the note altogether. >> thanks for bringing that to us. no the weather. severe storms replacing the snow. wind hail. >> we've had such a slow start to tornado season. less than 100 tornadoes below average for this date. so now it's time to warm it all up. i want to remind everybody, severe weather has a definition. you can't just call any severe weather, it has to be damaging
7:18 am
wind of 60 plus miles per hour or greater. one plus inch hail or greater and, of course you can see a tornado is possible. in the areas you have to look out for the damaging wind and hail go from st. louis back to tulsa, oklahoma and then tomorrow that area spreads out from southern illinois back to wichita falls, texas. especially in that highlighted area there through parts of oklahoma. all right.
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jacqui: good morning washington. a cloudy but cool start this morning, 40 degrees downtown wins at eight as per hour with cloud cover feelings like 44 degrees. the temperature in martinsburg is 44. 34 in gaithersburg. 38 airport. temperatures warming up this afternoon, we will have a better chance for getting sunshine in here once we get past 1:00 despite the cold and snow this is lake michigan breaking up the ice now down to 53% on the great lakes from 80% or so just a couple of weeks ago. >> getting there. >> it's happening. >> we'll be able to swim by august. >> that's true david. coming up on "gma," the latest on the breaking news a plane crash in the alps new details coming in right now. also police now investigating robert durst's ties to another possible cold case and the fireworks in the courtroom. the prosecutor they tried to kick out. she's here live.
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tortilla. sausage and pepper rigatoni. southwest style bean & barley. tuscany style chicken and pasta. if you think campbell's® 33 new soups sound good... imagine how they taste! m'm m'm good!® just ahead on "gma" the latest on the breaking news. a plane crash in the alps with more than 140 on board. seaworld taking on a wave of
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autria: jacqui jeras is in the weather center. jacqui: we have warmer temperatures in the seven-day forecast, but on the cool side today. wind is coming in from the east drowning out the moisture, with the windchill factor at 34. headed to the overnight hours we
7:27 am
have light snow flurries and showers across the region exiting now, we look forward to more from the nation's midsection. today, peaks of sunshine in the afternoon and high temperatures around 47 degrees. showers possible, especially in the morning. thunderstorms in the afternoon on thursday, cooler to end the week. jamie: taking a look at the beltway, traffic is not terrible, i will say so if you are used to this getting out of the house right now, giving you an idea what we have got, that's 18 miles per hour, nd on the freeway we have a look at your travel times this morning, 395 northbound typical slowing. autria: now to the top stories we're following this morning, police are asking for your help in finding a missing 13-year-old girl. she was last seen yesterday in
7:28 am
southeast, she is african-american and has waist length brave weighs 100 20 pounds, last seen wearing gray pants and a black hooded sweatshirt. today muriel bowser will go about improving middle schools outlining her plans during the visit to brooklyn medical in northeast. more traffic news and weather updates on our sister station all morning long.
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good morning, america. and right now, a plane with more than 140 passengers crashes in the french alps. france's president already saying there are likely no survivors. also right now, millionaire heir robert durst is now being linked to a nearly 45-year-old cold case in vermont. seaworld strikes back this morning. the park launching a new campaign helping to fight the wave of abuse allegations. we do say, good morning, america, on this tuesday morning. good to have david in for george and right to that top story. >> wreaking news this morning. and it's a passenger plane that went down in the alps more than 140 passengers on board. it's believed and abc's david kerley who covers aviation is standing by with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, david. it doesn't sound like rescue crews will be able to get to the wreckage in a real quick manner. this is a remote area in the french alps where this a320 went down. it's a germanwings aircraft
7:31 am
carrying 142 passengers 2 piles and a crew of 4 when it went down of we don't know much about the aircraft other than the fact it's an a320 and that it was at cruising altitude and then suddenly the last radar hit from flight 24 radar which is a way that some of us can look at how radar hits are tracked around the world it went from 32,000 feet to 6800 feet. you can raise a lot of questions about why that might have happened but were down close to those mountains and apparently as we know impacted the mountains. the french president saying that there are no survivors this morning. 148 people lost on this flight from barcelona to dusseldorf david. >> of course their nationalities not known. they'll look at that steep descent but in the meantime, the a320 is something that has flown -- it's very common around the world. >> reporter: thousands of them in service all over the place, it's similar to the boeing 737. a workhorse of many airlines' fleets. we did see another a320 go down
7:32 am
not too long ago, the transasia aircraft that went down another a320 but that was in weather. we don't know what happened here. the pilot would tell you when you see somebody go from 32,000 to 6800 something has happened in the aircraft. they want to lose altitude quickly to gain control of the aircraft. the situation in the aircraft but far too early to know if that's the case. >> all right, david, thanks so much. now to the latest on robert durst. the accused killer is till behind bars this morning after he was denied bail in a dramatic hearing and now we're learning police in vermont are investigating a possible link between durst and another cold case. abc's matt gutman has that story. >> reporter: this morning, police in middlebury vermont, confirming a link between robert durst and yet another missing person. 18-year-old lynn schultz disappeared 44 years ago and while durst's lawyer tells abc news he's seen no evidence linking him to the case the connection coming just hours
7:33 am
after the millionaire murder suspect was denied bail in a new orleans courtroom monday. durst appeared frail, his head shaved exposing a scar but the d.a. says there's no doubt he's a flight risk and a danger to others. >> we're not surprised by that at all. >> reporter: sensing the lapd was tracking him in houston, prosecutors say durst slipped out of his luxury condo driving this toyota camry registered to an undecided man and checked into this new orleans hotel using one of his 11 aliases, not knowing which one the fbi arrests him only after bumping into him in the lobby. in his room police say they found a stash of $42,000 and they say he sent himself a care package with shoes, clothes and another $117,000. also in court yesterday durst's attorney demanding the removal of former west chester county d.a. jeanine pirro. she's been participating in the dogging of mr. durst for year
7:34 am
they say. >> the "b" is exactly the same. son of a [ bleep ]. >> reporter: in 2000 she re-opened the case for the disappearance of his first wife kathy. on "the jinx" durst and his lawyers claim she has a vendetta against him. >> i never heard the d.a. made me do it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," matt gutman abc news new orleans. >> all right, thanks. joining us is jeanine pirro from "justice with jeanine." you flew back last night. great to have you. you have investigated robert durst for many many years and so you were in that courtroom yesterday. what's with the effort to try to get you kicked out? >> apparently i kicked the beehive in 2000 when i re-opened the cold case of missing kathleen durst, the wife of robert durst obviously a very wealthy man at the time and i didn't feel the case was investigated properly. i re-opened it and, yes, i have been investigating this case for a long time.
7:35 am
when we were about to speak to susan berman all of a sudden the woman is shot execution style in the back of the head then he gets arrested for killing another man and said he had to chop him out because i was chasing him. >> and he was acquitted. >> the jury bought it and said this poor guy because she was chasing him and investigating him, no one would believe he was really innocent so he had to chop up the body. got rid of the head which had all of the evidence indicating whether it was self-defense or murder so yesterday i go into the courtroom and i'm about to cover it for fox and within a minute of the defense attorneyeing me you know he has emotional reaction to me for whatever reason said i want her out of the courtroom and the judge said why? he said because i want to call her as a witness. >> didn't work. you walked back in with a faint of a smile on your face. >> yes, i did. you know i think that before this dick degeurin gets an emotional reaction he has to
7:36 am
check the statutes in the constitution because both of them allowed me in that courtroom and the attempt to silence me has been going on for a long time. >> so let's get to the evidence because we saw you in that clip from "the jinx." millions watched it and saw -- heard not only the audio but the handwriting matching and saw your reaction in jinx jinx. do you think this will be permissible and how powerful will it be. >> i think it will definitely be permissible. as a judge i rule on that kind of stuff and i think it will be powerful. what andrew and mark did in jinx jinx that key evidence is the exact same handwriting of the cadaver note which only the killer could have written and even durst says it and durst's own handwriting he sent to susan berman so i think it's a powerful powerful piece of evidence. a jury will look at it. it doesn't require that anyone have an expert to interpret it.
7:37 am
it's real. it's there. >> all right, promise to come back and keep us posted on the case. >> yes, if i get out of new orleans next time. >> thanks. over to ginger zee and the forecast this morning, hey, ging. >> 5.8 inches of snow fell in chicago. it looks pretty if it weren't this late in march. it's actually the most snow we've seen this late in march since 1982 and guess what everybody, back to minnesota, wisconsin, where they have places up to 15 inches of snow in that same system more coming your way. there's a series of systems that bring the rockies much-needed winter weather but right there from southern minnesota up through northern iowa and western wisconsin you'll get another couple of inches. this is through thursday.jacqui: goooodorni washingtgton. clou andool ththis mning th aftnoone shld getet a few pk of sunshine with highh tetemperataturesn thehe mid topper 40's, c cloudy skies
7:38 am
>> all this weather brought to you by the u.p.s. store. i found the one person so happy about the snow in chicago. ah! seagull. >> or he's screaming. >> good point. >> all right, thank you two. we've always been told breakfast is the most important meal of the day. why eating certain cereal may add years to your life. seaworld fighting back against its critics. how the theme park is defending the way it treats its animals. we'll be right back.
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we're back at 7:42 and now to seaworld fighting back against its critics. the theme park is launching a new ad blitz today trying to repair its image in the wake of a damaging documentary. abc's david wright has that story for us. >> reporter: this morning seaworld is trying to counter images like these from the documentary "blackfish" with a new ad campaign. >> there's been a lot of unfair
7:43 am
criticism about seaworld these days. >> reporter: taking on a wave of criticism over its alleged treatment of animals including its star attraction, killer whales. >> so don't believe what peta and "blackfish" are saying. they live just as long as whales in the wild. >> reporter: attendance at their parks has dropped off since "blackfish" was released. in it they accuse the theme park of abusing these endangered mammals. >> how can anyone look at that and think that that is morally acceptable? it's not. it is not okay. >> reporter: today one of the trainers featured in "blackfish" john hargrove releaed a new book critical of seaworld but the theme park insists the timing of its new campaign has nothing to do with the book release. its media blitz including print ads starting today in major newspapers defending the company's practices and media
7:44 am
generosity. seaworld committing $10 million to study endangered orcas in the wild. will that convince the critics to come back and see orcas in captivity? seaworld is certainly hoping it will make a splash. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, new york. >> and our thanks to david wright. coming up angelina jolie's bold decision, more on the superstar revealing her new surgery to prevent cancer. we all were impressed by little league superstar mo'ne davis. she's done it again improving she's just as impressive off the field as these on. . that's cool. nooo... how much are you spending per month? $110 bucks $120 bucks $330 yeeeah... what if sprint could cut your rate plan in half? and give you unlimited talk and text in the u.s., and match your data. goodbye verizon. i am done with at&t. bring in your verizon or at&t bill, turn in your old phone and we'll cut your rate plan in half.
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♪ lost or sinking ♪ welcome back to little league world series hero mo'ne davis proving she's a bigger staff off the field. davis is going to bat for a college baseball player kicked off his team for an offensive comment, a tweet that he said about her so let's get right to t.j. in the social square. >> a lot of us were ready to go after this guy when he attacked a 13-year-old child. while all of us upset, the one person cool calm collected and ready to forgive the 13-year-old
7:49 am
herself. >> it's over. a complete game for mo'ne davis. >> reporter: this morning little league world series superstar mo'ne davis is stepping off the mound teaching a lesson in compassion. the 13-year-old standing up not to but for her internet bully college solve economy joey casselberry after he devoted a derogatory message about her sending shock waves across the country. >> this was about the most horrifying thing i've seen in a long time. it is the ultimate example of how words can be extraordinarily damaging. >> yeah. >> reporter: casselberry, a star baseball player at bloomsburg university was kicked off the school's team immediately after sending the tweet but davis sending the school a letter asking for him to be reinstated writing "while i admit i was pretty hurt when i read his comments i'm asking you to please allow him back on the team so that he can continue to chase his dream." davis even speaking out on espn's "sportscenter." >> because everyone makes mistakes. i know anything he would do just to take that one tweet back and
7:50 am
how hard -- i know how hardest's worked so why not give him a second chance? >> reporter: but bloomsburg university tells abc news it's standing firm on its decision adding "her request demonstrates the type of person she is. her level of maturity and the empathy that her family and coach teach her." >> 3-2 fastball. >> reporter: the young star pitching the power of positivity. >> if all your dreams don't let anyone stop you. >> reporter: no matter who is eyeing her down from the batter's box. all right, now we are also impressed with her. for people who don't know. this is a 13-year-old child. if you don't know what the word is it starts with "s" and ends with ut. give it up to the school they are not reinstating him. they're standing by that decision. >> as robin said the young guys on her team have always embraced her so why was this guy -- >> such a team person and here with her book and just -- well,
7:51 am
speaks for her character. >> we're rooting for you mo'ne. coming on back rumer on a roll. did you see this? rumor has it it was pretty good. >> you went there. you went there. ♪ coming up "gma's" "dancing with the stars," the morning after brought to you by auto trader. find your car your way at auto trader. it's springtime. so bake cookies with someone you love. and country crock's fresh, buttery taste and smooth, creamy texture means your cookies will turn out just the way you like 'em... extra soft...
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jamie: not too busy of a morning so far, traffic will be heavy with volume beginning here traveling on 270 working your way southbound through germantown, gaithersburg, past shady grove. take a look at the map to give you an idea of what we are seeing. lots of red stuff. sticking with maryland, giving you an idea, 90 five slowly approaching the beltway, both directions right now on the parkway, 19 miles per hour. autria: we will get a check on the top stories we're following this morning. fairfax county police getting a check on an assault on two students from mongolia who were assaulted. deputies worry that there could be more victims after a girl scout leader is arrested for child pornography. accused of sending child born over the internet and having inappropriate contact with a teenager. you can get more traffic, news,
7:58 am
and weather updates all morning long on our sister station. for now, back to "good morning america."
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and breaking this morning, a large passenger plane goes down in the alps. 148 people on board. the french president now saying there are no apparent survivors. the latest at this hour. more about angelina jolie's bombshell revelation revealing that she had a second surgery to prevent cancer. big questions this morning about what led to her decision. ♪ bang bang into the room ♪ tv's hottest actress taraji p. henson speaking out about her son and the big name college she claims racially profiled her child. and the first couple booted off "dancing with the stars." >> redfoo and emma. >> redfoo and emma here live as we say -- >> good morning, america! whoo! ♪
8:01 am
yeah baby. yeah baby. >> redfoo and emma are here. flew all night long. oh quite a night on "dancing with the stars." they are the first to exit the ballroom. >> that's what we look like when we get off the red-eye. wow. we'll have what they're having. they flew all the way to be with us this morning and they're coming into the studio just moments away. also coming up big money on youtube racking up millions of views making a whole lot of cash and tell you how they did it. >> can you imagine your little ones bringing in all that big money? >> yes. little ones. >> t.j., yes, you could imagine that. or not. get them working. that's ahead. but the breaking news with amy? that's right, more now on that passenger jet flying to spain from -- from sprain to germany crashed in the alps more than 140 believed to be on board and authorities say there appears to
8:02 am
be no sign of survivors and abc's david kerley who covers aviation for us joins us with the latest details. good morning. >> reporter: the wreckage has been spotted in the southern french alps. the second airbus a320 to crash. this german wings, a subary of lufthansa went down in this remote spot of the southern french alps near a popular ski area carrying 142 passengers and a crew of 6. the french president and other french officials say there are no survivors. the wreckage will be difficult to reach much it is as i mentioned near a popular ski area but basically you either have to ski in or fly in. what's unusual this a320 was at cruising altitude of 38,000 feet and then it lost altitude the last recorded radar hit by flight radar 4 was at just 6800 feet. it took nine minutes to go from 38,00026800 feet. it wasn't precipitous but
8:03 am
germanwings is known for short haul but at this point we don't believe they're at the crash site yet. >> thank you so much for the latest. more information on the crash as we get it right here on abc news. in other news this morning, more signs of the serious strain in relations between the u.s. and israel. white house officials telling "the wall street journal" that israel spied on the u.s. nuclear talks with iran and then leaked that information to american lawmakers to undermine a potential deal. israeli officials are denying those allegations. and another stunning revelation this morning from angelina jolie. two years after her double mastectomy this time the 39-year-old mother of six with a family history of cancer has undergone another major surgery removing her ovarian cancer and fallopian tubes saying in "the new york times," "it is not possible to remove all risk and the fact is i remain prone to cancer." the operation means an early onset of menopause and she writes she feels grounded in her choices but encouraging women to
8:04 am
do what's right for them. well if you haven't had breakfast yet you may want to reach for whole grain cereal. it could add years to your life. harvard researchers found that a diet rich in the most high fiber cereals can reduce the risk of dying from a range of chronic diseases including an 11% lowered risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and 15% lowered risk from cancer. doctors say whole grains hold many benefits thanks to their protein and nutrients. finally some adorable little inventors stole the spotlight at the white house and put the man in charge on the spot. whiz kids from across the country showcasing their designs at the annual white house science fair. the showtoers of the day were a group of 6-year-old girl scouts from oklahoma wowing the president with an automatic page turner that is made of legos. you can see them sporting their superhero capes and air force baseseed president to ne something he came up with to match his device. he mentioned health care reform
8:05 am
but he said they were better at brainstorming than he was. >> we brainstormed. they said have you ever brainstormed. >> not as well as you, he said. out of the mouths of 6-year-olds. >> and the president. "pop news" and weather coming up. where's's robin? in the "morning menu," social square. >> right over here and we want to look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." in "pop news," is this the best uncle ever? it's one of the top trending stories overnight. we'll talk to him live. my girl taraji p. henson the star of "empire" is speaking out which she will not send her son to one of the top colleges in the country. the secrets to how your kids could make you millions on youtube. t.j. is down with that. redfoo, emma. you can't be going. you can't be going right now. oh the improvement from week one -- >> it was amazing. >> you flew all night. like we said we wished we looked like this when we came off the red-eye. so much more on "gma." hit it man. hit it.
8:06 am
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8:11 am
oh, oh. taylor swift. do we have swift news in "pop news"? >> don't kill the messenger. is it possible taylor swift might have made a mistake. is it possible? i know. it was a grammatical error possibly in one of her songs, the one you're hearing getting a lot of attention because a fan pointed out that in an s.a.t. prep book but they are saying she made a mistake in one of her lyrics. the lyrics to her hit, 15 15 you're hearing it. this is how it's quoted. you're seeing that there. they show this as an example of bad grammar but they actually didn't get the lyric itself right. now, they're trying to point out that somebody tells you they love you, somebody and they don't go together. you all with me here? it has to be he or she. the daughter of an english major. there we go but the part they got wrong was that you got to believe them.
8:12 am
it's you got to versus you got to. so it's still grammatically incorrect. either way you go all right. >> she's still got a lot more money than you. >> she can sing whatever she wants. >> laughing all the way to the bank. >> conversational. >> it can me a while to get to the point which is taylor swift is never wrong. that was the whole point. she called them out on tumblr and said if you're going to teach somebody something get the lyric right but, please we got to get an english teacher to explain. let's move now to who has dogs up hery they're supposed to be able to catch treats in their mouth, supposed toy is it easy? okay. all right. everybody needs a dream. let's look at fritz trying to learn how to catch food in his mouth. the problem is he is awful. he is just bad and they slow this down. it's huge. okay. all right. >> ah. >> come on. >> i don't know. they slow it down. it's meatballs and steaks and he
8:13 am
doesn't catch anything. okay. it looks bad. poor guy. a hot dog. >> the hot dog roll. give the guy a break. he eventually catches something, i'm not sure -- a french fry. i think he catchesfry. >> here we go. >> yes. >> barely but, yes. >> all right, so -- but everybody is giving the dog a hard time. >> did you see the size of the steak. the poor dog probably ducked. >> what do you do? everybody is having a good time with fritz. >> very sweet. >> he finally caught it. finally we want to turn to a real-life prince charming but dresses like a princess. let me explain. 5-year-old jesse nagy came to the rescue of his 4-year-old niece. she was too shy and wanted to see "cinderella." wanted to dress up like a princess. she was a little shy. to help her out uncle puts a dress on to help her out. they nap this shot. it went viral. our top story on the website overnight and would you believe we've got uncle and niece with
8:14 am
us right now via skype. best uncle in the world, sir. you are being called right now. what do you think about all the attention? >> i think it's funny. all i did was -- i think what anybody else would do honestly. >> i don't know about anybody else. let's not go that far but still, how did you find a dress so quickly. where does a guy find a dress to put on? >> so that actually was a prom dress from my brother-in-law's sister. he -- prom was last week for her and just so happened we originally -- i wanted to do the prince thing but it's very difficult to find a suit that short notice. >> that worked out better. izzy what did you think about your uncle in that dress? >> what did you think about uncle wearing the dress? [ giggling ] >> that says it all. >> that's the most honest answer i've had in 15 years of journalism. uncle, what's next? i shutter to think what the next movie is you might have to dress up like but what's next for you
8:15 am
two. >> well i'm a working actor from michigan so maybe i might wear a dress again, who knows. she'll wear one every day, just -- and, yeah she's -- been really excited about it. it's been really funny. it's just crazy how many people responded the way they are. >> this is funny. >> if nothing else you know more people will do it. >> uncle jesse, great example to show what you go through for the little ones and hopefully you'll get paid for it next time. uncle jesse, izzy good to see you both. thanks so much. that was a great way to wrap up "pop." >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. shout-out. yeah that dress -- >> was this a first for "pop news" having breaking news. >> this one was worth it. >> he looks in a 15-year-old's dress he pulled it off. >> i like how the tattoos work with the dress. >> "heat index" coming up ginger has a check of the
8:16 am
weather. ginger. >> david, we have a sweet 16. what's your name? tell them your name. >> taylor. >> taylor is from miami and freezing with us here. her whole family said we came out to support her. how about a slightly warmer place that should have one of its warmest temperatures this year, dallas this morning, earlier this morning a shot to see and you can see the milder weather that will slip to the east. sticking around you will get up to the mid-60s here in new york city by the end of the workweek and look at that. west to east severe storms in the middle of missouri on alert today.jacqui: good morning washington. anothecool day across s the region, bu we do have slightly warmer temperatures in the sevenen dayorecast, morning clouds giving way to peaks of sunshine this afternoon with a high temperature around 47 degrees skskies partly cloloudy tonight with a few w showers coming back andd bite on the low of around 37 degrees, showers in this partly
8:17 am
sunny, sunrise at 54 >> apparently i have found the most frozen child ever is what he told me. all right, we're warping you up. let's go inside. on our "gma heat index," "empire" star taraji p. henson speaking about racial profiling claiming her son was a victim of profiling while visiting the university of southern california. brandi hitt has the story. >> you need to stop playing with me. >> reporter: she plays the no-nonsense music matriarch on "empire" who stops at nothing to defend her sons. >> i want you to always remember i got you. >> reporter: now actress taraji p. henson is standing up for her real-life 20-year-old son telling "uptown" magazine my child has been racially profiled alleging two run-ins with police in glendale california and did exactly everything the cops told
8:18 am
him to do including letting them ill lie search his car. they didn't give him the ticket for what he was pulled over for and allegations then he's at university of southern california the school i was going to transfer him to when police stopped him for having his hands in his pockets. >> she was very energetic and very passionate. why should she commit and spend over $50,000 of her money somewhere where he son is not going to feel safe and secure. >> i think it highlights these aren't limited to certain people and certain communities but that it canpen to anyone from someone in a low-income community to someone who's the son of a really big movie star. >> henson declined our interview for further details and the city of glendale told abc news it can't comment on accusations without more information about when and where this alleged incident happened. usc's public safety chief also wants more details so they can look into it. we encourage reporting of allegations of bias and i hope for the opportunity to have a conversation with the young man and his mother. >> my baby is a superstar.
8:19 am
>> reporter: it may be too late. the oscar nominated actress telling "uptown" she's sending her son to her own alma mater, howard university. for "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> cookie all right, brandi thank you. next up on our "gma heat index," "dancing with the stars" and there were boos in the ballroom for redfoo and his partner emma sent home. t.j. you can tell us how it all went down. >> take a look at this. ♪ we're unforgettable ♪ >> reporter: another dazzling night on the dance floor. ♪ shake it ♪ >> reporter: the stars showing us some romantic rumbas. ♪ me falling in love you ♪ >> reporter: sparkling salsas. ♪ it's your birthday ♪ >> all hail queen labelle. >> i feel amazing.
8:20 am
>> reporter: and sizzling sambas ♪ >> reporter: olympic medalist nastia liukin and her partner derek hough sailing to the top of the leaderboard with the first 9s of the season. >> bringing out that raw emotion because as a gameymnast i never had that. >> reporter: rumer willis holding on very close mind. >> it's it's not rumor, rumer, you can dance. i tell you. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> reporter: for lmfao's redfoo. >> you went from running on empty to running on plenty. >> reporter: his take wasn't quite full enough. >> i'm just happy that i got the chance you know to dance. >> oh, sorry. reading our notes here. i know. and here they are, redfoo the man who brought juicy dancing to the ballroom and his partner
8:21 am
emma slater. hey, you two. >> hey. >> you've been such great fun and energy this morning. >> oh. thank you. >> you know what go out on a high note and you both did just that. so close, so close. >> oh. close. >> yeah, but had to make you feel good the way people reacted they weren't ready to see you go. >> yeah it was an uproar. the people have spoken.whoo. that looked so good. >> doesn't it? >> i mean this was our best performance by far. >> you really could see, emma the way you worked with redfoo from week one to week two. >> yeah there was a really big difference between week one and week two and we weren't hot on both weeks but something clicked week two and drilled into it. a lot of hard work went into that. a long week but it paid off. if you're going to go out, go out with a bang. >> a lot of folks -- i mean -- i didn't look at the vegas odds but a lot thought you were the
8:22 am
favorite quite frankly, the guy is wild. he'll go for it. were you surprised -- you seemed determined to win this and you're the first one sitting with us. >> i was very surprised and shocked, because all i was thinking about was just improving. getting better you know taking what the judges said the first week and just getting that skill and emma and i, we really honed in the skill of the jive and the kicks and the flicks and we drilled even harder. and it was just a total shock. >> i was looking forward to slicking his hair back and having a different look. so many things we wanted to do that we never got around to doing so we're kind of disappointed for that, but you've got to just look for the silver lining really. >> your dad got to see you, berry gordy, the cha-cha with your latest single "juicy wiggle." what did he think. >> he thought they were great.
8:23 am
he gave me the fist keep going on. >> in the glasses on. >> yeah yeah. and he was really getting involved and he was texting me because we play chess on an app and he was like so what you got for, you know this week and i sent him the video and he was like, i love it. you know but it needs more magic, you know and i was like -- you know i mean so he was -- he was in there and then he saw my performance but he didn't know that i had got voted off and he was like way to go. that was excellent. you know i guess you are smarter than me because that was magical kind of thing and i didn't even have the heart to tell him right there, i'm off the show. >> oh. >> well we love you, redfoo. just like your dad. thank you for bringing it. >> you made him proud. >> absolutely. who is going to go home next week? you don't want to miss all the action in the ballroom.
8:24 am
monday "dancing with the stars" 8:00 7:00 central on abc, david. >> love redfoo. the fist from dad. finally on the "gma" health heath how your children can turn you into an insta-millionaire turning playtime into paytime and abbie boudreau has more on it. >> reporter: they may look like your average home videos but 3-year-old maya and her 5-year-old brother hulyan are testing toy sensations whose youtube videos are getting 3 million views a day with more than 95 million viewers. do you ever get sick of toys? >> whoa. >> reporter: it started in 2011 when a single video about thomas the tank engine. and now they'll try anything. from motorized toy jeeps to train sets. >> choo choo train. >> reporter: one of my favorite
8:25 am
favorites, the cupcake play-doh set. >> we never planned it. it just happened. >> reporter: now no longer just a hobby, mark and rea who both moved here from the philippines are making millions in ad revenue from their popular channel. >> this year for 2015 we are estimating to make $1.5 million. >> reporter: and they are not the only ones. >> welcome to my channel. >> reporter: youtube is filled with mini moguls like 9-year-old evan's toy reviews on youtube earning him a whopping $1.3 million. with more than 1 billion views and counting. >> you can make a pretty good living from these youtube videos if you can get the viewership. >> if you're making $5 per 1,000 impressions and get 1 million views and you post 1 new video every day for 365 days you're talking about close to $2 million already. >> reporter: this family's tips
8:26 am
to success make sure the kids are having fun which makes it less like work and keep the videos short to avoid bored and cranky kids. do you feel like this is your american dream? >> oh no question. no doubt. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau abc news, los angeles. >> not bad when the kids help the bank account. coming up on "gma," taking the fear out of fashion. joe zee is here. going to show us how to go from the runway to the real world. come on back. "dancing with the stars" on "gma" is brought to you by auto trader. find your car your way at auto trader.
8:27 am
quick jacqui jeras is in the weather center with a look at the rest of the day. jacqui: temperatures are cool right now climbing conditions behind me, and east wind is responsible for this cloud cover and the wind chill factor right now. 36 in manassas, 30 degrees downtown. clouds to the morning hours bringing breaks this afternoon well below the average with highs in the mid to upper 40's today. rain showers mainly in the morning with thunderstorms on the warm thursday. jamie: heavy traffic is the main thing we are worried about starting off of 95. headed southbound on 198 working your way closer to the elway we did have a 11 miles
8:28 am
per hour for you once we were on the beltway. virginia, not a terrible ride in maryland. brad: d.c. police are asking for help in finding a missing 13-year-old girl, last seen yesterday on southern avenue and out these. muriel bowser will unveil new initiatives at the middle school aimed at initiatives in northeast, promoting pedestrian and bicycle safety held in the rosslyn court house and columbia pike areas. using it more traffic and weather on our sister station.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ incredible ♪ ♪ oh incredible ♪ ♪ oh oh oh ♪ >> grammy award winner celine dion and her latest music video with ne-yo. the song is "incredible" and it is that and tomorrow we'll have an exclusive interview with celine opening up about taking time off from her las vegas show hearing from her dear husband, she'll talk about that. >> can't wait for that. that voice soups as spectacular as ever. also ahead here this morning, robin's one-on-one with lisa robertson the former qvc host speaking out for the first time on taking back her life from fear and how she's helping to empower so many other women out will. >> she'll share that. >> looking forward to that. first it's time to get to yahoo your day. how to go from runway to real
8:31 am
way with one of the hottest spring trends and abc's paula faris has the scoop ♪ yahoo ♪ >> reporter: the runway is fashion's gateway to the hottest upcoming trends but for all of us with these looks it's easier said than done. >> when you see something on the runway i call that fashion trends on steroids. such an amplified version and take a little and don't be scared. >> reporter: we're taking that fear out of fashion with joe zee, editor in chief of yahoo yle translating them into real life from runway to real life.bloomingdale's we're tyking a look at gingham, taylor swift, sarah jessica parker and kate middleton all agree on. >> dorothy from "wizard of oz." >> what do you love about it. >> it's got that familiarity. we all grew up and you wore it
8:32 am
when you were a little kid. how do you make it work as an adult. >> reporter: tip number one, go to are a clean structured line. >> you want to find it in very sophisticated silhouettes because if it becomes too casual it can look like a weekend picnic dress. simple design details but still fitted and it has that structure. >> reporter: tip number two, stick to neutral tones. >> it's an optic check. i love the color and feel of it and it's a knit dress, the shape and silhouette is sophisticated. skims the body and the idea of treating gig ham like a basic color is what the season is about. >> reporter: and tip number three, keep it modern. >> good-bye dorothy. hello 2015. >> reporter: so just how easy is it to modernize the decades old print? close your eyes joe. open them. does this feel like my 1970s childhood. >> no ring this up for her right now. >> i actually like this. >> with a great pair of capri
8:33 am
pants or skirt. >> reporter: making a hit comeback. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> i learned something there. out to ginger with a final check of the weather. ginger. >> let's do it, amy. some days i can handle the cold. this morning i am soroud of all of you for standing out here. my new friend from arkansas. let's go ahead and warming it up a little bit. should we go to key west? thanks to wplg for this they've got storms around and they're going to see waterspouts today so not all perfect even if you are warmer. certainly not in the sen tv the nation severe weather threat. that means damaging wind. the kind that takes down power lines and trees and large hail all possible in the orange areas highlighted on your screen from foreign texas up to oklahoma city. this is for tomorrow up even into southern illinois. that's a look from west to east.jacqui: goooodorning
8:34 am
washinon. cloudy andool is mning th afterernoon w we shld g a few pk of sunshe withth hig mperataturesn the mido u upper 40's,loudyy s skies with low >> all that weather brought to you by walgreens but you're from where. >> louisiana. >> i love when i come out. people poke me and say, michigan or louisiana. it's the best. thank you all so much for egg boo here. let's go ahead and get inside. >> yes. we are delighted this morning to have three incredible people here with us who have come together to bring us the story of a disease that touched countless lives, cancer "the emperor of all maladies" is a six-hour powerful executive produced by ken burns based on the book written by dr. mccarthy. you are wonderful and supported by stand up to cancer. our dear friend katie couric.
8:35 am
hard to get through just mentioning all of this. it's so powerful and it means so much this film your book and coming to life like this and ken we know you with the pbs documentaries that are wonderful. civil war and baseball and that. this is personal for you. >> it is personal. my mom died ocancer breast cancer when i was 11 years old just a few months short of my 12th birthday. there wasn't a moment growing up when i wasn't aware that something was wrong with her and though i have a very busy schedule of films, i couldn't not do this. once i read siddhartha mukherjee's book i couldn't not do it and engaged a wonderful filmmaker to do the day-to-day producing. how could you not do something that touches the lives of every one of us. >> it led to the work that you're doing now? >> exactly. i mean we've produced a three-part six-hour series that will be broadcast starting march 30th on pbs and it's a way to
8:36 am
try to take the complicated science, the fascinating decorative story of the history and mix it together with personal stories that is the glue that holds this together. >> see, that's the beauty of it. we can spout stats. we know all the statistics and know from your book and but it's something so terminal and katie, of course, your husband, your sister and a friend to all of us from stand up to cancer got this -- >> lauren. my involvement. i'm just liking to bask in these guys but my involvement is as a co-founder of stand up to cancer. laura ziskin read sid's book and said i want to buy the tv and film rights and by the way you'll win a pulitzer prize, p.s., he did win and so as a result sharon rockefeller was also his head reading the book at the same time undergoing cancer treatment, robin, for a really misdiagnosed colon cancer
8:37 am
much they came together and voila, we have this unbelievably compelling six hours which does complain the diabetes the mystery of cancer but i think the human stories are so beautifully crafted and these people robin, let ken and the cameras up close and personal while they were dealing with the diagnosis and getting -- figuring out what kind of treatment they would receive. it is so intimate and so -- i mean their anguish is palpable and the documentary is amazing. i'm so proud discuss to be associated with it. >> we'll get to a clip in just a minute but dr. mukherjee, it started wit a patient of yours asking a simple question. >> i mean you know every project starts that way with one single moment and for me the moment was a patient asked me i'm willing to go on with my next therapy, but i need you to tell me why we're doing this. where are we going? and i thought -- i mean we got this question in 2015 our
8:38 am
newspapers are inundating us with news on cancer. where is the report card? i want to know people want to know as a person i want to know as a doctor i want to know as a patient i want to know what's -- why are we here today and what's happening next? and the film does exactly that. it shows us how we got here and what happens next and that's crucial. >> we are willing to fight but we have to know what we're fighting. >> yeah. >> i think that's what as patients and those who have gone through it want to know ken. >> we need an executive summary of where we've been where we are and where we may be going and at an incredibly hopeful moment but get our media and hear about this discovery, this setback. this thing, that happened. how do you aggregate all of that into some content that has a narrative to it that turns everyone who watches it into a kind of cancer researcher. they don't have to go into that but they understand that if sid is right this is the emperor of all maladies we're the subjects and need to join the resistance movement and fight the disease.
8:39 am
>> which is something you've done so beautifully, robin, and hats off to you about being so honest and raising awareness something i tried to do when jay, my husband died and a lot -- there is a lot of focus on these advocates like mary lasker who brought the american cancer society to new heights and rose kushner who convinced women to get a lumpectomy rather than a radical mastectomy. >> there are so many advocates out there. i want to play a clip. you talked about -- this is about stories. this is so personal and a little girl olivia. >> something is wrong with my daughter. i'm scared. she was not the normal happy running around playing girl. every thought went through your mind like why, why is this happening happening? say night-night.
8:40 am
>> it's your new reality. you know your child, your child has cancer. >> dr. mukherjee, how is she doing? >> she is doing very well. i saw her actually last night in baltimore. she's in full remission and when there was a clip of her crying on screen and she turned to her mommy and said who is that girl who is crying? she didn't recognize herself. >> it's a feel better -- it's about hope and that is what we have to remember when watching this. >> definitely. >> all right. well thank you. i know this is important, march -- >> it's colorectal cancer awareness month, get screened because colon cancer has a 90% cure rate if it's found early so i just tell people i met a guy at the gym the other day. he's like hey, katie, i got a
8:41 am
colonoscopy because of you and it saved my life. >> the katie couric effect lives. thank you, ken. sid. can i just call him sid? >> easier much easier. >> thank you all very much. oh this means so much and "cancer: the emperor of all maladies" airs next month. and qvc host
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ we are very happy to have lisa robertson here. she is one of the former stars of qvc and she's speaking out now for the very first time about the year she spent dealing with multiple stalkers and this morning lisa is sharing her empowering message for anyone who might be living in fear. it is great to have you here. it's been a long time. >> it is so good 0 see you. thank you very much. >> i know so many people right are like oh they haven't seen you in so long. how are you doing. >> i'm doing really well. >> lisa, what are you able and comfortable to share with us about the multiple stalkers that you've had to deal with? >> started very early in my career at qvc and continued at different periods throughout. i was really just kind of freaked out by the whole thing and didn't know how to handle it and so i would just lock myself in my house and then go to work. i should have educated myself. i should have been more
8:45 am
proactive and after leaving qvc and realizing that now it was up to me if something happened then i started to educate myself more and take more control of my own destiny. >> when you've had so many over the last 20 years various ones and, again, i know you don't want to give them attention, you don't want to talk name names nor should you but to let people know some of -- like there was somebody who came to one of your colleague's hopes and had a wedding ring strapped to his chest. >> yeah. and that's just so bizarre. i mean this was a case where we had gone to court for this issue before. i had had to testify in front of the court, that's really scary to have to do that even with the support that i had. he had been convicted. he had served what he had been sentenced with and then when it was over he came back. >> how did this impact your
8:46 am
life. >> for a lot of years it was something that definitely impacted me to a much greater extent than i would have liked and i don't think anyone should have to do that. i don't think anyone should be afraid in their own home. that's not -- that's not acceptable. >> you shouldn't have to live in fear anywhere but what have you learned about yourself? >> i have learned that my way of dealing with things is to hide. this is not productive. i am working on that. >> that's honest. >> i have also learned that the best way to deal with is to be proactive. there are amazing resources online. there are hot lines. there are laws there are people there are systems. you are not alone if this happens to you. >> after 20 years of being in so many homes and you had a tremendous loyal following, after 0 years you left. >> yeah. >> was this the reason why? >> this was not the reason i left. it was one of the factors that led to the overall list because
8:47 am
i think eventually you just look at it and say, okay here are all the factors. it's been 20 years, i truly felt that it was time to go. >> what does the future hold for you. >> this point i'm just taking a in interto breathe. i have been sleeping in in the mornings and i just lay there. >> what's it like in it's not going to be forever because definitely there are going to be things in nye future and i'm not retired. >> qvc! lisa robertson. >> break outsinging star tov
8:48 am
8:49 am
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by visit california. california, dream big. [ cheers and applause ] tove lo. look what you've done. we're with you. >> bare feet. >> beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. thank you for being here. t.j. is a big fan. >> huge fan. >> thank you so much. >> we'll see you on "world news." >> see you tonight and tomorrow morning. brad: time for a check on the weather. jacqui: right now we have got quite a bit of cloud cover holding temperatures down through the day, 40 degrees, it seems like we have been stuck there since the overnight that we have made a bit of progress
8:57 am
with windchill at 43 degrees. this storm is in the nation's midsection and is pretty important, a peak of sunshine this afternoon, highs in the upper 40's, really warming up on thursday with thunderstorms as well. jamie: we have got a crash in maryland, headed south on 95 and working your way in from laurel we will have an accident.ow traffic. again, what have we got with that crash? you can see a little bit of yellowo the, what we have got is a problem south of the bridge of pennsylvania avenue and on rock creek parkway, causing delays. brad: here are the top stories we're following at this hour. d.c. police are asking for help
8:58 am
in looking for a missing 13-year-old girl. she was last seen yesterday on southern avenue in southeast. police are investigating an assault of two college students in mongolia. spotsylvania county deputies are worried that there could be more victims after a girl scout leader is arrested for child pornography, chad miller is accused of having inappropriate contact with a teenager. you can get more traffic weather, and news updates on our sister station, news channel eight.
8:59 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today film and
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