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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 25, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, the breaking developments. the army argent held prisoner for years by the taliban, now charged with desertion. the u.s. giving up five taliban members for bowe bergdahl tonight, he now faces life in prison. the jet crash. three americans on board. as we learn why they were on that flight. and now, the voices in the cockpit. captured on the black box. inside the terror attack what we never saw until tonight. gunmen storming that museum. tourists unsure at first, as the attack begins to unfold. and then the chaos. severe storms tonight for millimeters across several states. ginger zee is here. and you remember tom cruise singing it -- ♪ you never close your eyes ♪ >> name that tune. and the original artists. their new honor tonight.
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good evening. and we begin tonight with two breaking stories. the americans who were on board that jet when it crashed. but first tonight, the army argent charged with desertion. bergdahl the u.s. soldier held hostage by the taliban for five years. we saw him blinking in the sunlight. set free in the dramatic exchange. the u.s. handing over five taliban prisoners to gain his freedom. after the handoff, patted down by a member of u.s. special operations forces before boarding that chopper and flying to freedom. but tonight, that freedom could be short lived. late today, the u.s. army revealing the charges that could lead to life in prison. abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz, leading us off. >> reporter: the possibility of a life sentence shows just how serious the charges are. desertion with the intent to avoid hazardous duty, endangering his fellow soldiers left to face the enemy without him.
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>> endangering the safety of a command unit or place carries a maximum potential penalty of a confinement for life. >> reporter: for five years, bergdahl was held under brutal conditions by the taliban -- >> my name is bowe bergdahl. >> reporter: captured when she was freed last year in that dramatic exchange for five taliban leaders, hollow-eyed and blinking after being held in darkness. he went with gratitude when told he was heading home. and back in the u.s. bergdahl's parents invited to the white house. >> he wasn't forgotten by his community in idaho, or the military, which rallied to support the bergdahls through thick and thin. >> reporter: but the celebrating was short-lived. bergdahl did not want to see his parents, and his fellow soldiers began to go public with their disgust. >> he knew what he was doing when he deserted us. >> reporter: a hearing will now determine if there within a court-martial. bergdahl's attorney asking that the public withhold judgment
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until they know all the facts. he included a statement withfrom bergdahl with horrifying detail about his captivity. saying he was chained to a bed spread-eagle for year and then tied to a cage, beaten with the butt of a rifle, threatened with excuse. >> martha we know he faces the possibility of life in prison but if bergdahl is found guilt, would the army take into account he was a prisoner of the taliban? >> reporter: i can't imagine they wouldn't take that into consideration. and there is also, of course, the poblgt that it won't go to trial. >> all right, martha raddatz tonight, thank you. now, to the jet crash in the alps. that eight-minute descent. and tonight, the new clues here. and the three americans on board. we learned why they were on that flight. also authorities confirming tonight they have heard the voices recorded on the black box. meanwhile, this evening, investigators making their way through very difficult terrain to get to the wreckage. today, our team traveled to the alps too.
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abc's hamish macdonald in france tonight. >> reporter: this is the view from inside the massive recovery mission. these pilots are looking for every last piece of germanwings flight 9525. workers dropping in from helicopters. here, they find a wheel. and something more important -- this black box. it is heavily damaged, but today authorities reveal they were able to extract an audio file and hear voices and sounds. they haven't yet identified who is speaking. what brought the plane down, still very much a mystery. >> we cannot understand how an airplane which was in perfect technical condition, was involved in such a terrible accident. >> reporter: but there are some answers today. inspectors combing threw the debris say it indicates the plane smashed into the side of the mountain. and did not exploit midair. we traveled up this valley to see first-hand theor thee terrain
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recovery teams are up against. this region of the french alps is remote, ruckgged and inhos inhospitable inhospitable. but it's only when you walk into these mountains that you get a clear picture of how difficult this recovery operation is. the team on this mountain must physically carve a new path, to bring the debris and the bodies down. that grim task will take time and effort. they are determined to bring all the victims back down as quickly as possible. will it be as much as a week? >> we cannot leave victim a week in the mountains. >> reporter: david, tonight one of those teams is camped on the hillside amongst the debris and the bolds of the victims. their work resumes at first light. >> hamish macdonald in fans front. hamish thank you. as i mentioned a moment ago, we are learning more about the victims, those three americans. the mother from virginia and her
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daughter. an honor student who just graduated from college. both on board. and also among the passengers the world renowned opera singers and high school students on their way home. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran from germany tonight. >> reporter: she wasust out of college. a 2013 honors graduate of drexel university. her life now cut tragically short. >> at this time we can confirm the deaths of u.s. sitcitizens yvonne selke and emily selke. >> reporter: emily selke of nokesville, virginia traveling with her mother yvonne. from the selke's heartbroken home, a family statement, remembering two wonderful, caring people who meant so much to so many. neighbors in disbelief. >> i'm still kind of shocked, we're just a small little community. and i'm very sad. >> reporter: another american was on board, the state department says but no name has been released yet. the world of opera has lost two star voices. maria radner who was flying with her husband and their baby and
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oleg bryjak. and then there is the pain of haltern. tears and flowers for those 16 tenth graders and two teachers lost in the crash. one of your student died. >> yes, linda, she's 15 and a half year old. i cannot realize it it's so so -- so sad and cannot believe this. what happened to them. >> reporter: tonight this school has released the names of the students and teachers and they've issued a statement, one that echos in so many places around the world, saying they will never be forgotten in our hearts. david? >> terry, thank you again tonight. i want to get right to abc's david kerley, who covers aviation for us. authorities have confirmed they have in fact heard voices on that black box, but they didn't go into detail about what they heard. >> reporter: or any kind of scenario what may have happened. and a former ntsb official items us he's surprised. if you listen to the recording, you get a pretty good sense of what happens. maybe another 24 hours before
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they release anymore data. but what's amazing, as you look at the mangled mess of the box and in the middle is that memory module. kind of rounded thing. encased in steel. inside is a chip where they got this voice recording. everything from the pilot speaking we want to know, did they speak all the way to impact did they put on oxygen masks? do we hear the plane making some kind of sounds? all kinds of information on that voice recorder. and it will take a long time to get the big picture, but we should have some of those key elements as to what happened here. >> in the next 24 48 hours perhaps. david kerley thank you. there are also new developments tonight after that terror attack on a museum in tunisia. we're getting our first view from inside the museum. a tourist capturing the moments. at first those inside did not know what was beginning to unfold. and then the chaos, as the gun fire gropes louder and closer. abc's david wright with the tape tonight. >> reporter: a group of ordinary italian tourists inside the bardo museum last week. but this was no ordinary day.
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they jump at that first big bang. one of them wonders -- desperados? the answer comes fast. tourist maria rita gelotti rolling throughout this terrifying ordeal. even as they held hands whispering in the stairwell. >> shh! >> reporter: this is the bloody aftermath. 21 people killed by isis commandos, tourists from around the world. some survivors holed up inside the museum for 24 hours. "we hid in a room where they keep the trash hearing everything and just waiting for it to stop," he says. an act of terror, unfolding in real time. david wright, abc news, new york. >> david, thank you. and now, to iraq tonight. and the u.s. launching air strikes against isis fighters in tikrit. the pentagon ordering the attacks to help iraqi forces retake the city. iraq's government requesting
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support from militias struggling on the ground there. they have the city surrounded but have been unable to advance. u.s.-led air strikes raising questions about moung some since the militias were trained and armed by iran. we turn now to the dangerous commute home tonight as severe weather moves in across the heartland. watch and listen to this. obviously the sound of hail there hitting one driver's windshield in missouri. hail in stillwater oklahoma look at the size of that tonight. and then a stunning time lapse of gathering storm over castville, missouri. several states under a severe thunderstorm watch. damaging winds, up to 70 miles per hour. here's abc chief meteorologist ginger see. >> reporter: tonight, severe storms raking the midwest and plains. hail pelting thousands. >> we have a hailstorm going on right now. p>> reporter: including our affiliate kspr's chief meteorologist kevin lighty in the thick of it in missouri. >> some decent hail coming down here. >> reporter: dozens of hail
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reports in the past 24 hours. some as big as golf balls. in arkansas, watch this time lapse video of a severe storm developing. and on the west coast, a dust devil crossing the road in san bernardino county, california. overnight, this was the view of los angeles. beverly hills completely lyly dark. more than 3,000 people losing power due to high winds. this car pancaked by a toppling tree. firefighters using the jaws of life to rescue the driver through the roof. >> tonight, the severe weather is here. >> reporter: it is here and the atmosphere is very angry. tornado warnings right now that include tulsa, oklahoma also just north and east of fayetteville arkansas. those areas have to be indoors, taking cover. this is a serious situation tonight. all of that pink area the severe thunderstorm watch and it comes along that stationary front, a boundary that the low is going to come across. and what it means is anybody in orange so from louisville through evansville, back to
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wichita falls, i need you to be on alert, especially in the red highlighted area tonight. the other headline david, thursday and friday could see record heat in parts of the southwest, l.a. especially by friday. >> all right, we're watching both tonight. ginger thank you. and one more weather image to show you tonight. and this one comes from brazil. watch as this bus is swallowed by a sink hole opening right underneath it. this was something. the bus surrounded by flood waters and washed down the ver. passengers had just evacuated before this scene unfolded. no one was hurt. just unreal. back here at home tonight, a new development in the case of that scandal at the university of oklahoma. the fraternity brothers and that racist chant, that song. well tonight, one of the students expelled breaking his silence. apologizing. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: the former university of oklahoma freshman and frat boy who led this now infamous racist chant -- >> let me start by saying i'm sorry, deeply sorry. >> reporter: emerged from a private meeting with community
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leaders and then publicly apologized. >> there are no excuses for my behavior. i never thought of myself as racist. i never considered it a possibility. but the bottom line is that the words that were said in that chant were mean hateful and racist. >> reporter: it's the first time 20-year-old levi pettit has spoken out since the video went viral a few weeks ago. pettit along with his frat brother parker rice, has been expelled. their fraternity sigma alpha epsilon, now banned from campus the letters on house, unceremoniously removed. >> i will spend the rest of my life trying to be the person who heals and brings people of all races together. >> reporter: pettit wasn't entirely forthcoming. he would not, for example, say who taught him that racist chant. but many of the community leaders who met with him at this church here today say they are willing to forgive. david? >> clayton sandell, thank you. and we turn now to the new
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warning tonight for parents of teenage drivers. the new report and new videos of distracted teens worse than previously thought. abc's linzie janis takes us through the alarming videos. >> reporter: watch this teen driver, looking down. apparently at her phone for roughly six seconds before losing control. and this teenager chatting to her passenger while plowing into the car in front of her. these shocking videos part of an unprecedented look at the number one killer of american teenagers -- car crashes. researchers analyzing nearly 2,000 accident videos. finding distraction a factor in nearly 60%. that's four times evious estimates. from changing the tunes to putting on lipstick. what was the most common? >> the most common was talking to somebody in the vehicle. exactly what we're doing. >> reporter: texting and talking
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on cell phones, the next most dangerous. in 2012, 18-year-old aaron deveau becoming the first driver in massachusetts to be convicted of vechiular homicide by texting after hitting a 54-year-old man. on the day of the accident deveau sending a reported 193 texts. these images tonight, a sobering warning about distracted driving. linzie janis, abc news connecticut. watch. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the dramatic rescue. images from inside a smoke-filled home. the police officer racing inside. his body cam catching it all, from room to room there. all to save a toddler. it will show us the rescue and you'll see it right here in a moment. also the major merger tonight involving two very prop ewe lar brands likely on your dinner table. and hold on tight tonight. one of the world's tallest, fast e roller coasters. it's right here in america,
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if eliquis is right for you. next tonight, to that dramatic video from a police officer's body camera capturing his race to save a toddler inside a smoke-filled home. abc's steve osunsami with the rescue. >> dispatch tell fire i'm looking for a baby. >> reporter: sergeant joe hudson's bravery was recorded by the camera he was wearing. >> hello? >> reporter: at this house fire in georgia on march 16th. he was only expecting to direct traffic when this grandmother told him there was a young boy still inside. >> where's your grandbaby? >> first bedroom. >> reporter: firefighters hadn't arrived. but sergeant hudson says he couldn't wait. pushing himself through the smoke, past the kitchen, where fire was burning and into the back bedroom. >> go go go go. >> reporter: where he rescued the 3-year-old who was barely breathing. does it feel good to have everyone celebrating a police officer today?
6:49 pm
>> yes, sir, but not necessarily that it's me they're making a big fuss over. >> reporter: here's video from that same body camera. the grandson finally catching his breath. >> what's your name? >> ray ray. >> ray ray. i'm joe, man, gave me some. >> reporter: he says identityt's all in a day's work. steve so sun sammy, abc news georgia. >> steve, thank you. there is news this evening about madmen's jon hamm revealing a very personal battle. congratulations. you're down with crestor. yes! when diet and exercise aren't enough, adding crestor lowers bad cholesterol up to 55%. crestor is not for people with liver disease or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. tell your doctor all medicines you
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cheese, now mermg ingging. jon hamm who plays don draper on "mad men," in real life hamm revealing he just completed 30 days in rehab for alcohol abuse. he and his long-time partner have asked for privacy at this time. to north carolina now, and one of the world's fastest, tallest roller coasters about to open. the fury 325. 325 feet up. look at the other view. reaching speeds of 95 miles an hour. not for the faint of heart tonight. and to one direction news. zayn you can see him there with the red arrow, announcing he's leaving the band today. and we loved this. buzzfeed having a great time with text messages from kids to their parents. take a look. this exchange with dad. how do you feel about zayn leaving one direction? dad's replay. which one is he again? and this text to mom. did you hear that zayn left one direction? mom says which direction did he go?
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finally tonight here an american soundtrack. the new list of songs just added to the famed registry at the library of congress has been revealed. we loved so many of them today and the movies defined by those songs, too. ♪ you never close your eyes anymore when i kiss your lips ♪ >> reporter: you'll remember that scene from "top gun," tom cruise singing. ♪ you lost that loving feeling ♪ ♪ oh that loving feeling ♪ >> reporter: in fact that song "you've lost that loving feeling" by the righteous brothers in 1964 is believed to be played on american radio and television more often than any other song in the 20th century. also added to the list tonight, the doors and their first album. ♪ come on baby light my fire ♪ >> reporter: the group's first hit single sending them to
6:58 pm
number one on the music charts. ♪ and one more song that helped define these boys coming of age. ♪ just as long as you stand ♪ ♪ stand by me ♪ >> reporter: "stand by me". he first intended it for his group, the drifters. but ended up recording the song himself. ♪ stand by me ♪ >> we loved every one of them. we thank you for watching here on a wednesday night. i'm david muir. i'll see you first thing in the morning onrobin, and of course right back here tomorrow night. good night.
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