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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 28, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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good morning, america. new overnight, too sick to fly. the torn up doctor's note in the co-pilot's home, a secret he hid from his bosses. would it have prevented the crash in the alps? plus, what else they found in his garbage and what we're learning about his girlfriend this morning. breaking overnight, amanda knox and her family reacting to a conviction overturned. knox speaking out this morning about the final chapter in the legal battle over the murder of her college roommate. >> i'm so grateful to have my life back. >> the stunning reversal from italy's highest court bringing an end to her eight-year ordeal. landslide. a neighborhood literally on edge. this backyard deck tumbling toward the water. locals warned to get out. cameras catching the land
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slipping away. so what's next for these homes? and mountain mystery. the piano that wound up on this remote california peak. so how did it get there? >> like it was aliens? i don't really know. >> the impromptu fresh air concert as the culprits are finally revealed. sorry about that. hey, good morning, everybody. really the relief was palpable overnight as amanda knox stepped to the cameras redwraking to the news to her long running legal odyssey is now finally over. >> italy's supreme court overturning her conviction a decision that surprised many people. >> it did. we'll hear from knox coming up but we'll start this morning with the new information coming in right now about the co-pilot who allegedly crashed that germanwings plane into the french alps. >> he appeared to be a healthy
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young man but it now appears andreas lubitz struggled with severe depression and that he may have hid it from his employers all in an effort to try to retain his job. >> this raises questions about the psychological screening for the pilots who fly all of us and we'll speak to our aviation expert in a moment but our coverage begins this morning with alex marquardt in the co-pilot's hometown in germany. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, investigators here in germany furiously digging into the past of andreas lubitz looking for any clues desperately in his medical history that might give some indication, shed some light on into why he intentionally took that plane down along with 149 other people. this morning, a fuller and darker picture is emerging of co-pilot andreas lubitz. the 27-year-old who appeared happy, healthy, good at his job was harboring a secret. a medical condition that german prosecutors now say even his
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bosses at lufthansa didn't know about. [ speaking a foreign language ] "the deceased hid his illness," he says. investigators have been scouring lubitz's apartment in dusseldorf which neighbors say he shared with his girlfriend. you can see the two names on the buzzer. inside in the trash they found two torn up doctors' notes saying lubitz was too sick to work including one for the day of the crash. prescriptions for medications also thrown away. german media is reporting that lubitz suffered from depression. back in 2009 it reportedly forced him to interrupt his pilot's training while in arizona. "the wall street journal" reporting that lubitz was worried the airline would find out about his illness, facts abc news has not confirmed. >> it is not unheard of for pilots to keep from their employers medical conditions that they feel might ground them. it's one of the few professions where if you are ill, certain illnesses are not tolerated and you're not allowed to fly. >> reporter: two weeks ago he was treated at a dusseldorf
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hospital but the hospital says it was not related to depression. now with the little flight school where he learned his love of flying they're stunned. >> i was shocked. i was shocked. i was just shocked. >> reporter: it was with this club that lubitz would travel. taking their gliders to soar over the beautiful peaks and valleys of the french alps. just a short distance from the very spot where a few years later he would bring down that plane. german authorities have so far declined to say whether lubitz did suffer from a mental illness. lufthansa saying all new recruits undergo a rigorous psychological testing but then once they're accepted the focus is then on physical health. paula. >> alex marquardt, thank you. we want to bring in veteran pilot and abc consultant john nance joining us from seattle. hi. we put our lives in their hands on a daily basis. a lot of folks worry how do i know if my pilot is mentally stable to fly my plane?
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what do you say to those concerns? >> well, basically what has worked for us for so long certainly in the united states north america in general is that we watch each other pretty well. we don't have any method of psychological testing on an ongoing basis and that's something that even though there will be voices to call for that we need to be cautious. people can still lie about their condition. >> here we are talking about mental health mental illness, in many fields an employer is not allowed to ask about his or her mental health so what more do you think can be done about screening pilots for psychological problems john? >> well, i think first we've got to know everything that happened here and how this individual hid what he hid because one of the questions is if anything that we put in place change is going to be a massive extensive change in psychological testing in an ongoing basis we have to find a capability of finding these things out. i think basically we may look at just the physiological things of
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making sure we have no fewer than two people in the cockpit. might be a better way of going. >> john, thanks for joining us from seattle this morning. >> so many open questions still and we will be covering this story around the clock on we are, though, going to move on now to a new wrinkle in the investigation into that sudden explosion of a building right here in new york city. the mayor now says there is a suspicion that some sort of quote, impropriety may have led to the blast. this as police search for two men now missing and believed to have possibly been inside that building and abc's linzie janis is on the scene, linzie good morning. >> reporter: you can see a crane behind me lifting debris but more than 40 hours after that almighty blast there are still hot spots burning within the rubble and firefighters have to put those out then allow the area to cool before they can send in crews and dogs to start looking through it.
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overnight, bulldozers starting to clear some of the smoldering rubble while emergency workers in protective gear get ready to sift through the area where at least two missing people are believed to be. >> this has to be very carefully searched. >> reporter: 23-year-old nicholas figueroa a bowling alley worker was in a ground floor sushi restaurant when the explosion happened. there having lunch with a date. >> he's not going to be in our family if we can't find him. >> reporter: he had gone to pay the bill when it blew up. his date barely making it out alive. also missing, a waiter missing. the owner of that restaurant smelled gas less than an hour before the blast. he called the landlord who sent in a general contractor to investigate. then the trigger. opening the door to the basement mayor mayor de blasio acknowledging work being done on
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the building's gas line may have been done poorly. >> there is a possibility here that the gas line was inappropriately accessed internally. >> reporter: so far 22 people injured. one victim still in critical but stable condition. nearly 100 people displaced by the blast including "soprano's" actress drea demateo, a hole where my nyc home of the last 22 years once school. again, so much work to be done. none of it can begin until the fires are out including the search for a caught but we are told it's possible. this will be a criminal investigation. paula. >> ongoing scene and those families holding out hope. linzie janis, thank you for joining us. we move to the controversy over that racist chapter caught on camera involving a university of oklahoma fraternity. well, it turns out it was not an isolated incident.
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if fact, it's been uncovered that frat members learned it on a leadership cruise and abc's ryan owens has the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: this video posted by a member of sigma alpha epsilon shows what the national leadership cruise is about to be about. an opportunity to build bonds among brothers. but this morning an investigation by the university of oklahoma finds that cruise four years ago led to this. the university says the racist chant recorded earlier this month was not a one-time thing and wasn't limited to ou. >> that chapter was brought back to the local chapter and was taught to pledges as part of the formal and informal pledgeship process. >> reporter: the president says there's no evidence the chant is sanctioned by the national fraternity, but says it was widely known among frat leaders on that cruise. the school expelled the two frat brothers seen leading the chant, one of them fell on the sword
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earlier this week. >> there are no excuses for my behavior. i never thought of myself as a racist, i never considered it a possibility. >> reporter: sae is one of the country's largest fraternities the national organization confirms on its website the university's findings are likely correct about that cruise but they insist there's no current evidence that the chant is widespread among the from's 237 groups. they point the finger at their former brothers in the ou chapter which has now been shut down, its members forced to move out. >> do i think all these young men are racists? do i think they're proud of what they did? no. >> reporter: does he think they learned their lesson, yes. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> and our thanks to ryan owens. a lot of other headlines. let's get it over to ron and you're leading with a landslide in washington state. >> that is right dan, good morning to you and paula, sara welcome back. we do begin in washington state and a community on edge after an earth-shattering landslide.
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the earth crumbled snapping trees and wiping out chunks of this landslide in des moines washington state. they were ordered to evacuate. four homes suffered serious damage. officials there concerned because they say the earth has not stopped moving. and in boston police officers holding a vigil overnight outside the hospital where a decorated officer is in critical condition this morning shot in the face in a shootout with a suspect after a routine traffic stop. the officer john moynihan was one of the officers, boston officers honored by president obama for helping save a transit police officer shot by the tsarnaev brothers allegedly by the tsarnaev brothers after the boston marathon bombings. the suspect in friday night's shooting was shot and killed by police at the scene. in somalia government officials say they have now taken control of the hotel where gunmen were holed up for more than 12 hours. al shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack that killed at least 17 people.
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a big legal victory for a silicon valley capital venture firm that put a spotlight on gender buy cast. he will enpao said she was failed to be promoted because she was a woman and eventually fired her for complaining. the jury of six women and six men rejected poa's claims. she is now the ceo of reddit. scott kelly is now installed in his new home. this afternoon blasting off on an historic mission. >> and liftoff. a year in space starts now. >> kelly along with his russian counterpart who has no name will spend 342 day, just kidding aboard the space station which would be the longest stretch of time any american astronaut has spent in outer space and while scott kelly is out there in space, a scientist will be monitoring his brother, mark
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kelly, gabby giffords' husband and himself a former astronaut to study how it changes scott's body compared to his identical twin back on earth. a school bus driver saving dozens of kids after this. tires exploding as fire sweeps through the school bus as it pulled into rancho santa margarita intermediate school. you see there -- we saw the bus driver lisa sheryl visibly shaken and managed to grab a fire extinguisher and tried to douse the flames inside bus. the 20-year veteran led all students from the bus out to safety. you may know that feeling in the middle of the night when you just need a snack. >> oh, yeah. >> i want you to meet 4-year-old an father bell from pennsylvania who couldn't wait for her favorite treat which is a slushie so she headed out for an overnight adventure, 4 years old. donning her purple coat and snow
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boots and ended up on a city bus you see there, passengers alerting the driver that the pint-sized passenger was all one at 3:00 in the morning. officers were called in and annabel was taken into custody and arrested -- no, taken home. her parents say this is annabel's first and they say last solo trip at least for awhile. they're setting up a new alarm system. annabel, by the way, never got her slushie that night. >> slushies are so good i think i would wander out in the middle of the night -- >> at the age of 4. >> not at 4. >> you can tell a city kid. they use public transportation when they get up. >> at least she got home safely and everyone was -- >> what was the bus driver thinking? >> letting her on. >> pay your fare right. >> i can't believe she doesn't know about uber. so disappointed. anyway we can't accuse her of not being ambitious. we'll move on and switch gears to the case in california that some are comparing to the movie "gone with the wind." sen "gone girl." she's insisted she was, in fact
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kidnapped. police, however, say it was all a hoax and abc's aditi roy is on the story in l.a. this morning. aditi, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. so many twists in this case and this morning we're hearing more from the couple at the center of the saga speaking through their lawyers and say they were victimized first by the alleged kidnappers then by police. this morning, 29-year-old denise huskins and boyfriend aaron quinn are fighting back through their lawyers against police allegations that her nearly three-day kidnapping was a hoax. >> you think police owe your compliant an apology? >> yes i do. >> reporter: huskins believed to be seen here leaving the vallejo police department thursday and quinn have both been questioned for hours by police who called the abduction orchestrated. >> our investigation has concluded that none of the claims has been substantiated. >> reporter: but according to huskins' attorney the kidnapping was no joke. >> she is 100% possley a victim
7:16 am
and this is no hoax. >> reporter: huskins was allegedly taken for an 8$8500 ransom from her boyfriend's hole early monday morning. quinn reporting the incident to police nearly ten hours later. his lawyer saying it took him that long to call 911 because he was tied up and drugged by at least two assailants. an all-out nearly three-day search for huskins followed. her family desperate and baffled. >> she didn't have any enemies that i know of. i know this is not a prank. that's for sure. >> reporter: wednesday morning huskins reappeared more than 400 miles away in southern california. this morning another twist, quinn's lawyer telling abc news his office received an e-mail from the alleged kidnappers a six-page manifesto which he says explains why they committed the crime. >> these people are really -- they're really motivated. >> reporter: when i pressed him he wo specifics but it says it proves the couple
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wasn't lying. the mystery continues. >> it deepens. aditi roy, thank you. some police authorities say some of the claims they could not substance yacht. they didn't add up. very baffling. speaking of baffling our next story, something that you don't see every day. a piano on a mountain. it turned into a musical mystery. just how did it get there? >> once these shots hit social media it went viral and the culprit intensified and sara is here to crack this thing wide open. >> because we put sara on all the big investigations much doesn't a piano on a mountain sound like three guys walked into a bar. it's not a joke. after our in-depth investigation, mystery solved. check it out. ♪ this morning, the hills of santa monica, california, are alive with the sound of music. ♪ >> reporter: where a piano appeared seemingly out of nowhere on a remote hiking trail earlier this week. >> everybody wants to know why
7:18 am
it's up there. >> reporter: how did this piano get to the top. >> and this piano. >> mystery piano. >> reporter: the mystery going viral on social media. >> did they drop it by helicopter. did they like -- was it aliens? i don't -- >> reporter: it's not the first time a piano has popped up without explanation. in 2011 this baby grand was left on a sandbar in miami beach. turns out the piano bar, get it was a prank thought up by a 16-year-old kid. and just last year this piano was discovered sitting under the brooklyn bridge in new york. thought to be remnants from a photo shoot. and now this musical mystery is solved too. >> piano -- these guys lugged the 200-pound piano up the rugged hillside. >> be careful. >> reporter: for a music video. ♪ perfectly imperfect ♪ >> at the end of the shoot they couldn't figure out how to safely get it down. >> we thought it might be cool
7:19 am
for people who might stumble upon this kind of attraction, i guess and just take a picture with it, maybe mess around on the piano a little bit. >> reporter: no one is more surprised than they are at the reaction it's gotten. ♪ >> now rachel told us they didn't want to fess. they never got permission to take it up in the first place. now all the buzz if there's a problem or fine they can contact her and she'll take care of it. but it's gotten a lot of attention for her music. >> i'm surprised she wasn't wrint up for littering? >> no such thing as bad pr in that situation, right? >> rob marciano has the weekend off but we are delighted to have julie durda joining us. hi, julie. >> good morning, america. we have some incredible video. we're going to take you to chile. amazing sites to see that occurred overnight. over 14 years' worth of rain triggered a flood here. chile had to deal with this rain
7:20 am
over the last 24 hours. they saw so much rain deadly conditions for our friends out there. it was such a struggle for them to get people out of the flooding that was occurring and it was just dangerous. back home we're going to be what's unusual cold front that moved through across the southeast dealing hard freeze warning. freeze watch and warning in effect. that cold air settling dave: good morning, whington. temperatur thimorning in the e 20's and 30'0's. we've gogot winds out of the northwest howelling up to 25 miles per hour, making those wind chill values feel like they're in the teenens. low essurere overhead. we even have a little bit of light snow jusust to t the north of us. don't be surprised if you see a few flurrietoda 43 today. tonight, may a record low, down near 20. for tomorrow, ababout 48 degrees, bubut milder nenext week. >> all right, one more thing i
7:21 am
want to say quickly is the forecast is for snow flurries for possibly boston which would be the tenth weekend in a row. i know it's spring. i promise it's going to change. >> la, la la, la la. >> poor boston. >> poor boston. >> i wanted them to know though. >> fair warning. >> our condolences to all my family members in boston. coming up here on "gma," final judgment for amanda knox. her murder conviction overturned by italy's highest court. her reaction overnight to the end of a long legal saga. plus the "gma" mom testers do these as seen on tv products make the grade. is astonished oven cleaner astonishing? taylor swift's public display of affection with her new beau. "good morning america" brought to you by mcdonald's. you'll find a locally owned restaurant where people come together for a great sandwich. fresh grilled egg whites melted white cheddar
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coming up here on "good morning america," amanda knox speaking out on that ruling from italy and the word she was waiting so long to hear. as seen on tv our mom testers trying out those popular products, which ones work? mom approved and which ones were mom disapproved. >> one i can't even pronounce. >> i know.
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dave: good morning, washington. ve zanen here. march really is a month for all seasonons. on thuday we hit 77 degegrees, almost felt like summer. now wint is stagiging aenco performance. look at thesese temperatures this momorning.g. 36 at rereagan national. 28ut there in gaithersburg. only 33 up in b.w.i. marshall. when you factor in the winds that are hellingng outf the e northwest thimorning, over 20 miles pehour with some gusts upup to 3 we've got wind chill values out there in the teens
7:28 am
and the 20's. it fee like aid-january day. we've got a low pressure center and you can see tha counterclockwise flow, and yes, we have the possibility of a few rinkles today, even a few light snow flurries out therere. there's light snow falling just north of westmtminster up towards yo and the penylvaninia line. don't be surprised if you see a few flurries. 43 today winds out of thehe n northwest. remember, tonight, 23 degrees, maybe a record low. and then for tomorrow, temperatures only up to near 50, but we do get milder next week.
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♪ she said if you work hard to get where you are ♪ >> sing it, kenny chesney. new music video. big star kenny chesney making news this morning with the other big star who joined him on stage to help celebrate his birthday. sara will have that big reveal in a "pop news" investigation. >> two star, one stage. ♪ >> okay. >> my own personal tease. >> that was great. i feel like we have a hike who will yell can i get a witness. they call this thing the waffle wag giggle ball. >> wait, what. >> waffle wag giggle ball and dogs allegedly find it irresistible. apparently that dog didn't nor does this dog. so we'll tell you what happened when our mom testers brought that as seen on tv product home to test it in the crucible of the american home but that's coming up in just a minute. we'll start here with amanda
7:31 am
knox stepping forward to react to the verdict she's been waiting-for-a long time. the top criminal court in italy overturning her murder conviction. >> it has been eight years of ups and downs for knox who's now been convicted and acquitted of murdering her roommate twice for the very latest on the case here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: overnight amanda knox emotional at home with her family and thankful to be free. >> i'm incredibly grateful for what has happened for the justice i've received for the support that i've had from everyone. i'm so grateful to have my life back. >> reporter: her family celebrating after the verdict never imagining it would go their way so dramatically. >> what comes to mind is my gratitude for the life that's been given to me. >> reporter: in rome her italian lawyer was overjoyed. >> finally the mistake has been amended and it's a victory of the justice.
7:32 am
>> reporter: it's been a legal drama with more twists than a hollywood movie branded foxy knoxy she was thrust on to the world stage accused of murdering her college roommate meredith kercher in perugia, italy in 2007. two years later she was convicted of murder along with her former boyfriend, raffaele sollecito. but in 2011 a stunning reversal the conviction overturned. knox freed. she returned to seattle overwhelmed with emotion. but in 2013 yet another italian court overturned that acquittal and a year later knox was convicted of murder all over again. italy's supreme court was her last hope. the five judges deliberated late into the night before ruling that knox is innocent and this time it's italy's final word. >> meredith was my friend and she deserved so much in this life.
7:33 am
i'm still absorbing the present moment which is full of joy. >> reporter: for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> so much emotion, neal thank you. now a look back at a dark and knownotorious event in our nation's history. it was 24 years ago when a day of shopping turned into a day of horror changing the lives of those involved in an instant. >> the good guys in the rescue is the largest hostage rescue in the history of the united states. at any moment you could lose control of this whole thing and we could have just an astronomical catastrophe. >> it is the largest number of people ever taken hostage in an incident in civilian life in this country. >> the 19918 sacramento hostage crisis. it didn't end peacefully. that is tonight on "in an instant." 9:00 eastern, right here on abc. >> right here on abc. let's get another check of the morning headlines and back over
7:34 am
to wrong. good morning, again, sir. >> good morning again to you, dan, paula, sara. welcome back again. good morning, everyone. we begin with new details about the life of the co-pilot of the germanwings airliner who's being blamed for deliberately crashing that plane. investigators found two torn up doctors' notes saying that andreas lubitz was too sick for work including one for the day of the crash. some media reports in germany say lubitz had suffered from depression. two people still missing in that building explosion and fire here in new york city. this morning fire crews are still putting out hot spots as searchers prepare to sift through the debris to -- by hand to see if anyone may be trapped alive in there. no word on when that search will begin. from sweet, well elite, sweet to elite, number seven michigan state paula's team today, the spartans in a stunning victory over oklahoma in the ncaa tournament known as march madness. today's elite eight matchup,
7:35 am
number one kentucky will battle notre dame. number one wisconsin in their region take on number two, arizona. if arizona ends up going against kentucky, the wildcats against the wildcats. >> interesting. finally check this out. bill murray hitting the links for a good cause. murray was one of the stars of the '80s cult favorite "caddyshack" headed to the world golf village for the caddyshack annual golf tournament sporting his fancy floral golf shoes played a little jenga before getting down to business. very good golfer. they raised more than 26$26,000 in helmet boots and gloves for firefighters. >> he employs the mantra be the ball. >> from the movie. >> i've actually never seen it. >> you've never seen "caddieshack." you need to see that stat. >> right after the show. >> i'll go now actually.
7:36 am
>> i'll be back tomorrow. let's send it back over to meteorologist jewel di durda who we mentioned is in for rob marciano. i know you've seen "caddyshack." >> yeah, hello. doing the headlines never seen that movie before. we'll slap him around for you, america. good morning, america. take you live outside to where i normally report monday through friday, miami, why are we talking about this area? a love look outside shows you cloudy skies. you heard me mention about the unusual cold front to that bringing the cold weather to the northeast. it'llic it to south florida. might need a sweater and jacket. temperatures drop down to the 50s. uh-oh. i know you're laughing right. let's talk about northern florida dealing with the chill as well. let's go to the southwest where temperatures are between 10 to 25 degrees above where they should be. sizzling summerlike temperatures in spring. you like that. sss, that's what i do here for you on "good morning america." dave: good morning, washington.
7:37 am
dave zahran here t. feels like mid-january, temperatures in the temperatures only 43 today, maybe a few flflurries and sprinkles. tonight, 23, m maybe a record low. >> this weather report is brought to you by quicken loans and ron. we'll have a talk after the show. it's okay. >> i'll watch it. absolutely. >> never seen "caddyshack." >> i was never a big bill murphy fan until "lost in translation" then i saw "ghostbusters." >> "rushmore." >> only reason we can joke about it there's no severe weather weather on the map across the nation which is unusual for this time of year that's a little bit of good news. coming up on "gma" our mom testers try out the hippie sack. it's called the zippy sack. will your kids really make their beds from now on with the zippy sack. >> bet your workout never felt so good.
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okay, our mom testers are back testing out those as seen on tv products. >> this time around along with the kids the family pets getting into the action. here's abc's becky worley. >> hi, good morning, america. >> reporter: it's time for a fresh addition after mom testers. and three new as seen on tv products. will these be mom approved or mom disappointed? let's meet our moms from dallas texas, jill bergus from charlotte, heather whitcomb, mother of a boy and girl and sterling, virginia dehutchinson first up astonish oven and cookware cleaner to get rid of nasty kitchen grime. >> maybe i can use this on my cooktop. >> i hope so. >> got a little bit out. >> reporter: heather tries it out on her stovetop. really easy. not having to push down hard to clean it off. >> it looks really nice. i would use this cleaner. >> reporter: for dee it cut
7:43 am
right through old buildup. >> picking up stuff that's been on here for years. >> reporter: for jill she liked the fresh smell. >> has a nice lemony smell. not too chemically. >> reporter: and the results too. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: this earned the trifecta. all of our moms approved. >> introducing wobble wag giggle ball. >> reporter: next up a wobble wag giggle. >> the interactive ball that makes the most hilarious so >> reporter: to keep your furry four-legged friends occupied. well -- >> go get it. >> tucker never went to get it. even when they tried again. how about dee's dog. >> no gabby is not a fan of that. >> reporter: jill's dog actually runs away from it. all three moms give this wobble wag giggle a mom disappointed. we reached out to the company for comment but they didn't respond. respond. ♪ ♪ zippysack." >> reporter: finally for the
7:44 am
kids it's called the zippysack? did you make your bed. >> reporter: the bedspread that makes a boring chore easy and fun, right? >> no more struggling to fit your covers between the bed and wall with zippysack. just zip and flip. >> really soft isn't it? >> can you show me how you use it. >> yeah, let's go check it out. taking all the sheets and bedspread off the bed and put this on directly. looks like a fitted sheet. >> reporter: now time for the real test. >> can you make your bed in the morning if we have this on your bed. >> for heather this is mom approved. >> nice job, buddy. >> isabella doesn't normally make her bed but she didn't mind putting it on and when dee checked isabella had made it. >> it's mom approved. >> reporter: for jill's two boys. >> i guess i could start making my bed with this. >> kids making their own bids. a true spring miracle. >> we think it is mom approved. >> reporter: for "good morning america," becky worley "good
7:45 am
morning america." >> my son is 3 months old. is it too early -- >> i meant for you, dan. >> they do have adult zippysacks. >> coming up on "gma," helpful humans risk their dignity all for a very good cause and that's coming up. in "pop news." with sara haines. ♪ with a lot of mouths to feed. fortunately, petsmart has a wide assortment of foods for us to choose from. zack is our best sleeper. bitsy has a little bit of a sensitive stomach. can you smell it? bitsy likes a fairy tale before bed. do you have any types of food for dogs who are afraid of spiders? austin likes a story that's more realistic. and do you have anything for dogs who are so lazy? petsmart has lots of food choices like new purina pro plan bright mind that promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs seven and older. 'cause pethood's needs a partner. just one lemon left. lemon skittles are my favorite. they're my favorite. let's settle it the usual way! settle it! let's settle it the usual way! wooooo! woowee! settle the rainbow! taste the rainbow!
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♪ you got it. >> sara haines is back. she was away last weekend shooting some stories. paula and i missed you. ron was very clear he didn't miss you. he'll play drums for anybody. >> you also say you didn't miss me. let's correct the record. >> i miss you all the time. >> everyone is so happy i'm back. taylor swift returned to her country roots to are a special performance with kenny chesney and joined him on stage to sing "big star" and together they
7:49 am
gave one little cow girl a very big surprise. ♪ >> ah. ♪ >> can you imagine how exciting moment is? probably not. taylor went back to the audience where she enjoyed show with her rumored boyfriend calvin harris caught holding hands. >> i love hearing who she's dating because we know there will be a song and we'll all sing it. adoptive, you look like my next mistake. we can't get enough of the national sensation fritz the dog and his spectacularly bad catching skills. in case you missed his appearance on "gma," poor fritzie went 0 for 3 in his attempts to catch a piece of bacon -- a banana and then a doughnut which is just not easy on live television but in fritz's defense it turns out catching food in your mouth could be
7:50 am
harder than it looks. our friends at buzzfeed tried it out and here's what happened. >> that's a burrito. >> that's a salad. >> she's not catching anything. >> no. >> that's not going to happen. >> a pie! >> you got this. >> oh. >> that's going to leave a mark. >> nice. >> got to go smaller. see, there you go. it's not just you, fritz. none of us can do it. ron and i -- have done this before and practicing for awhile. let's do this ron. it's not good for your teeth. one more. m&m. okay, fritz. yes -- >> okay. fritz, you're not alone of i can't do it either. and "fwlee" star harry shum is known for his fancy footwork but just stepped it up a level with this video of his smooth moves on a treadmill dancing to michael jackson's "love never felt so good." ♪
7:51 am
>> he's amazing. not only -- if you've ever watched "glee" he's captivating when he dances he does this by the way he improvs these dancers. the producer lost the video evidence but for the record that's what i look like when i'm working out on the treadmill. >> this guy is amazing. >> he's magical. i don't know if he's burning as much as i do on a treadmillwright now but he's looking darned good doing it. >> a great "pop news" and a plus "pop news." >> b minus. >> b minus. >> we'll be right back with more "gma." if here, sara, one more. people with type 2 diabetes come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar ask your doctor about farxiga. it's a different kind of medicine that works by removing some sugar from your body. along with diet and exercise farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. with one pill a day,
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"good morning america" is brought to you by macy's. >> i'm not one to know. hey, everybody, thanks for watching us on saturday morning and we hope you have a wonderful day. >> yes. >> full of friends and family and we want to thank julie -- you'll be back tomorrow, right?
7:56 am
>> the last weekend in march. we're still talking about cold weather. >> i know. >> it's really a crime. >> april's around the corner, everybody. >> right around the corner. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> now an abc 7 news update. jeanette: good morning. i am jeanette reyes. a metro police officer shot and wounded a robbery suspect. it happened on clay tourists in northeast d.c. the officer was responding to a robbery in progress. the suspect was taken into custody. that police officer was not injured. the d.c. fire department spent several hours at a house fire
7:57 am
overnight. officials say the first all came in just before 11:00 p.m. four people were transported to the hospital. one person given cpr at the scene. the fire happened in the 1700 block -- the 700 block of 19th street northeast. emergency workers wrote just before 4:00 in the morning. and the wait is over -- national zoo bidders visitors will get the first look at a pair of bear cub s. the pair is one of only five surviving litters born an american zoos. they are considered vulnerable one step away from being in danger. and we will take a look at your forecast will step a little chilly out there. dave: it sure is. look at that temperature down in alexandria. just 29 degrees out there, pollen count is high, too out there. sunshine and fairfax just 27 degrees will stop all across the area, we have sustained winds out of the northwest gusts up
7:58 am
to 30's. when i met heavy jacket when you step outside. you may see some snow showers to be just to the northeast. snowflakes and a few droplets down tonight about 23, and tomorrow just a little better, jeanette. jeanette: all right, bundle up, that is for sure. thank you so much for joining us. have a great day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. >> hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." >> ohh! >> look at that. who's the fussiest eater in your house? do you have a little brother or sister, or maybe a finicky cat? today, you are going to meet 6 species that take picky eating to the extreme. like marsupials that munch on eucalyptus leaeaves. you couldn't even see them up there. >> yeah. >> it's like a little stuffed toy. >> a panda that brunches on bamboo. >> i can't believe how gentle he is when he takes the food. >> and hummingbirds that nosh on nectar. >> they're constantly feeding and constantly just moving. >> and wait till you feast your


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