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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 30, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking news nationwide outage. jetblue's computers go down causing delays around the country. passengers being checked in manually creating long lines. the latest right now. >> and happening now, the biggest basketball games of the year heading to indiana. growing calls to move the men's final four and boycott the state over the new law that many say legalizes discrimination. the governor refusing to back down. >> amanda knocks acquitted of charges and saying she wants to go back to italy. why would she return? hur father speaks out this morning. >> moment of crisis. a firefighter falling through the roof of a burning home swallowed by smoke and giant burst of flames. others racing in to pull him to safety. his dramatic rescue and the fight to save him this morning.
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as you can imagine a lot of prayers going out to that firefighter. good morning, america. . great to have george and lara back from their vacations. >> it was a good break. >> great too be back. >> passengers cannot say the same thing. this major outage at jetblue causing headaches. abc is at reagan national airport. jetblue is saying the situation resolved. take a look at twitter and a lot of unhappy passengers. >> reporter: very unhappy. angry passengers. it is spring break this week. they're trying to get out of town. this is a system wide computer went down for jetblue. they have 825 flights across the countries. passengers showing up to check
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in this morning could only do it manually. can you imagine how much longer that's taking and the angergenger for them. they're saying the system is back up. the cause for this is a system-wide outage that is now been resolved. this is on social media. our system is coming back up. but it's going to take some time for that system to come back up. so you can expect delays in the jetblue system throughout the kay day. not a great way to start the week. >> new details on the hard landing in canada over the weekend. >> reporter: you know it was a snowy night saturday into sunday in halifax when an a-320 air canada is coming in. they wait and circled because of the snow and visibility. what we learned is that when they crashed on to the runway in the airport and slid they were actually 1,000 feet short of the runway. was it weather or pilot error? this is a mangled mess of an aircraft. the nose gone. the left engine pulled off.
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the right wing is a mess. passengers had to get out and sit on the snowy airport until they were evacuated. ceo of the airline says the weather was acceptable to land. was the weather a contributing factor? we're going to have to wait and see. >> thanks. >> now to the plane crash in the french alps. we're learning more this morning and what may have caused him to intentionally fly that plane into the mountains. abc's alex marquardt has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that's right. a fuller picture emerging this morning of andreas lubitz's health. the prosecutor's office saying he did seek treatment for vision problems and had medication he was taking for mental health issues. new video showing andreas lubitz doing what he loved most.
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soaring above the ground the same way he would end his life and those of so many others. the prosecutor's office saying lubitz was being treated for issues with his vision but adding that is not our main concern. what's of more concern is lubitz's mental health. the german prosecutor not denying he was taking medication for a mental illness. media reporting there was evidence he was severely depressed depressed, a condition not discovered during the last medical check up with his airline last year. and over the weekend new details from the german "bild" newspaper about the final moments before the plane crashed into the mountain side. the captain finding the cockpit door locked. for god sake she shouts at lubitz, open the door. there are loud blows heard. then the last thing heard before the plane crashes, the passengers screaming. lubitz shared this dusseldorf
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apartment with her girlfriend believed to be a math teacher. and we met the pastor of his church where his mother played the organ. >> what would you tell them. >> we as parents of children must ask, of course, make mistakes, but that we are not responsible for that of which our children do. >> reporter: and we're here outside lubitz's apartment in dusseldorf. police telling us they are refocussing their investigation forming a 100 person committee to analyze all aspects of lubitz's life and to try to identify those more than 70 german victims who were on that flight. police saying it's one of the biggest investigation in deck katsds. >> turning to the growing firestorm over indiana's new religious freedom law. critics are calling for a boycott. they say the new law opens the door for discrimination against gays and lesbians. the governor told me the law
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will not change. and abc is covering the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we're at the state capital. this is where protesters have been sounding the controversy isn't just here. it seems as if everyone is talking about this issue all across this country overnight apple ceo tim cook calling the law dangerous. writing these bills rationalize injustice by pretending to defend something many of us hold dear. outrage over the religious freedom act is growing. critics say it will allow businesses to turn away gay and his by yan customers in the name of religious freedom. >> george, we're not going to change the law. >> george asked the governor said about his stance. >> do you think it should be legal in the state of indiana to discriminate against gays or lessbyians? >> george -- >> it's a yes or no question. >> come on. hoosiers don't believe in
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discrimination. this is about protecting liberty of every hoosier of every faith. >> yes or no, should it be discriminating against gays or his by yans? >> you're trying to make this issue about something else. >> the firestorm expected to grow as thousands of march madness fans travel for the ncaa's final four bringing millions of dollars to the local economy. many calling on the organization to move the final four. the ncaa issued a statement saying they are concerned about the legislation. moving forward we intend to closely examine the implications of this bill and how it might affect future events as well usa our work force. and angie's listing cancelling a $40 million expansion project in indiana. still, some business owners here like this worker say the law protects their religious beliefs. >> one example would be if someone came in here and wanted a belt that said satan is great,
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that is not something we believe in. >> reporter: but that store owner says he will not dis krim discrippledis krim discriminate against gays and his by yans. >> the governor said the law isn't going to change but is open to signing a different law. it would clarify what the intent of what this law is. >> one thing clear supporters on both sides are not backing down from this issue. now to the boston marathon bombing trial where the prosecution is expected to wrap up today. that means it's almost time for the against to answer will they put dzhokhar tsarnaev on the stand in an effort to save his life. good morning tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning. the prosecution set to wrap their case against boston marathon bomber joe sar tsarnaev. and showing photos they will
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never forget. court ended with jurors in tears because they were shown the autopsy photos of 29-year-old crystal campbell and they'll do the same for martin richard and boston university grad student ling. lu. something his own defense admits. so why are we having this trial. his lawyers are trying to save him from the death penalty sentence. it will be their chance to present the young man as someone who was just following his older brother tamerlan somebody who was just a pawn. but jurors saw this video. the then 19-year-old casually buying milk after he set off a bomb that killed and maimed people he was standing next to. will dzhokhar testify? will he take the stand? we still don't know. we're going to have to wait and see. it's a side we have never observed in court. i have been watching him closely
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this entire time. he has shown no emotion. uninterested and slouching in the chair. this has happened at critical times when people are talking about having their legs blown off. we'll see what happens this week. >> we will. thank you. >> turning to the spring break violence in pan nah city beach florida where several students in the hospital after gunfire erupted at a house party. it's leading officials to consider a crackdown on the parties. and abc's steve osunsami has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. this morning one student recovering from surgery and three others are fighting for their lives. the spring break season is like an industry to towns like this one where the homestels and bars line the beach. the sheriff says something has to change. this morning a warning to families with college coeds. >> i need emergency to 5121 gulf drive. four patients. gunshot wound. >> a wild fight broke out at a
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panama city party. this man started shooting wounding several students. the accused gunman is in custody charged with seven counts of attempted a murder. >> authorities say they're tired of calling parents back home about tragedies from spring break. nk people under the influence of drugs, with guns and no respect for themselves, others and most of all, authority. we have a recipe for disaster. >> the case is just one of many where spring break celebrations spiralled out of control. from march 10 to 16th 600 crimes reported near the beaches. authorities held a meeting saturday to consider new alcohol restrictions. >> i believe there's a lot of overalcohol abuse here. too much. >> one city councilman is calling for a ban on alcohol at the beach and pushing for a move at the local bars earlier from
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2:00 a.m. to midnight. but unsuccessful. >> the vote did not go well. >> spring break brings big business to beach towns. >> is it money? you'll have to be the one to judge that. >> reporter: the city has agreed to one thing, spending $200,000 on increased police presence at the beach. robin. >> steve, thank you. now to that firefighter in california fighting for his life this morning. he fell through the roof of a burning home. the whole frightening incident caught on camera. the video is just another reminder of just how dangerous their jobs are and abc has the story. >> reporter: look at this terrifying moment caught on tape. a firefighter falling through a burning roof consumed by the massive blaze. the dramatic ordeal taking place just moments after crews responded to this two-alarm house fire in fresno california sunday. the veteran firefighter climbed to the roof to try and ventilate
7:13 am
the blaze. standard procedure. without warning it gives way under his feet sending him plunging out of sight. swallowed by plumes of smoke and a giant burst of flames. >> get him out! >> the heart stopping moment caught on tape. >> i honestly didn't think he was going to make it. >> open it up! get him out! >> within minutes fellow firefighters pulling him to safety. >> he had his mask intact. burns on his back and all areas on his body. >> the firefighter rushed to a hospital after undergoing surgery. he's now in critical condition. fortunately no one else hurt in the blaze but the video is going viral online. she said she would post it again in a heart beat. >> they do a briefing every day. >> investigators trying to
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figure out how it started and what caused this terrifying fall. for "good morning america" aditi roy, los angeles. >> the city praying for the full recovery of that firefighter. amy, for the top developing stories starting with a crash in florida. >> just getting the details about a crash involving a van carrying a church group. the van coming from forth meyers drove through a stop sign and crashed into a canal. we know killing at least eight people. ten other passengers in the van injured including a young child. and overseas negotiations over iran's nuclear program are coming down to the wire. the u.s. and its five partner nations have until tomorrow night to reach an agreement. iran is reportedly backing away from a deal to shift its stockpile of uranium to russia. how fast will the sanctions be lifted and what kind of research allowed? a new dispute over a u.s. drone strike in iraq could threaten
7:15 am
the talks. iran's neighbors are organizing to counter its influence in the region. the 22 nations of the arab league agreed to join a force. many nations support saudi air strikes in yemen. two bodies have been pulled from the rubble of last week's explosion that brought down three apartment buildings in manhattan. one man identified was a 23-year-old on a date at a restaurant and the other believed to be a missing bus boy. invest gators are trying to determine if a gas line was deliberately compromised. a step following the death of robin williams. how to divide his estate? >> reporter: this morning the very private family of robin williams is headed into a very public bitter battle. lawyers for his third wife will face off with the attorneys for his three children in a san francisco courtroom in hours. at stake, the late comedian's
7:16 am
trust. money and personal items like his mork and mindy suspenders and jewelry and clothing. his step mother is trying to change the agreement that he left for her. susan williams saying she became frightened by her cotrustees saying they invaded her home and removed items she feels are rightfully hers. a probait judge will have to decide. >> in sports march madness is down to the final four. the surprise team woohoo, michigan state beating louisville in overtime. 1.6% of brackets on correctly predicted the final four. here are the matchups. wisconsin taking on kentucky saturday. duke faces michigan state. and finally, a leap of faith when a boater off the coast of california saw a monster wave coming towards him and his friends. take a look at what he did.
7:17 am
there's the boat. and there he does. he took a giant leap overboard. mark healey is a pro surfer and a hollywood stunt man. he said who is with me. his friends decided not us. they held on to the railing and pulled him out of the water. healey just won the wipeout of the year award in a surfing contest. if anybody could handle that wave i guess it was him. >> but it's amazing the person taking the photo completely still. >> right. >> but there's that big wave over there. >> and a pier nearby. i don't know. >> yeah. >> keep rolling though. >> keep rolling on that video. >> you see robin is in for ginger. thought we were going to come back to real spring here. >> it's snowing for some parts in the northeast. looks like new york city. we're looking at temperatures supporting snow in spots. cool front coming through. let's go through it.
7:18 am
thunderstorms across atlanta pushing to the carolinas and white on the map. some snow mixing in at times as the cool front slides across the i-95 corridor. areas of rain. temperatures in the morning cold enough for snow and afternoon 50s and 60s and warmer across parts of boston and texas. thunderstorms across atlanta brian: looking at the doppler
7:19 am
the last of the showers to southern maryland in st. mary's and the northern neck, moseying on out if you're behind it clouds giving way to some sunshine, eventually. 40 in the area, 42 in andrew's today, skies eventually clearing out with sunshine this afternoon near rob, thank you. coming up the latest on amanda knox and why she's thinking about going back to italy. her father speaking out to abc news this morning. >> also deflate-gate 2. nascar investigating some of the drivers are letting air out of their tires to give them an edge. >> and disturbing allegations being made in the film and the church responding. >> the hair-raising stunt by tom brady that has patriots fans up in arms. 4 hundred million vacation days go unused every year.
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just ahead on "gma." amanda nok's ex-boyfriend speaks out after they were cleared of all charges. >> surprise surprise. a surprise performance. why
7:25 am
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we want to get jummy: a check jummy: on what your forecast looks like the morning. brian: over arlington you can see a little bit of a break in the cloud action with temperatures outside in the low to mid 40's, warmed up with it as we go through the midmorning. the last of the showers down
7:27 am
around maryland, you are the last batch of rain as it moves out. sunshine and near 60 this afternoon, right where we should be for this time of year. jamie: focusing on 66, the slowing is headed in at 30 miles per hour as we lean in closer inside the beltway, we are almost in the single digits, very slow for you. take a look, this is accident that we have a 66 eastbound after west moreland. taking a live look outside showing you what it is, left lane is blocked with emergency crews and actual accidents. we are seeing it again in the single digits. as far as maryland not bad at all, moving well, that is a look at the delays. jummy: some of our top stories
7:28 am
this monday, federal investigators plan to discuss their investigation around the plane crash that killed the spotsylvania county teen. ryan mccall was piloting the plane when it crashed near the orange county airport. jetblue says that it is experiencing a widespread computer outage this morning and right now the airline has manually check in customers. more traffic and news updates back here in 30 minutes.
7:29 am
7:30 am
good morning, america. right now major headaches at some of the nation's biggest airports after jetblue's computers went down. >> amanda knox's father tells abc news she may go back to italy now that she's been acquitted. >> nascar investigateing allegations some drives may be letting air out of their tires. >> deflate-gate. as we say. busy morning. amy, this new twitter ad. periscope. >> it blew up over the weekend. a lot of people sharing the inside of their refrigerators. forget shelffies. these are fridgies guys. >> that's not a good idea. >> diane sawyer was obsessed with what's in people's refrigerators. >> i did a piece on it.
7:31 am
she sent me to look in refrigerators. breaks news. >> i wasn't here for that. >> we're beginning with amanda knox cleared of murder charges in italy after an eight year ordeal. her ex-boyfriend speaking out and overnight we heard from her family about her plans for the future. abc's neal karlinsky has that for us. >> woo! >> reporter: it's hardly been 48 hours since her final acquittal on murder charges but amanda knox is talking about taking a trip that would seem to be the last place on earth most would expect back to italy. she's always loved italy and wants to go back and visit her father tells abc news. her italian lawyer says she wants to spend time in italy writing a book about a topic she knows in terrifying detail. about the italian legal system. >> i'm so grateful that i have my life back. that's all i can say. >> reporter: after hearing the news back in seattle that she's
7:32 am
finally free once and for all, knox and her family were in a state of shock that the legal roller coaster is over. >> what comes to mind is my gratitude for the life that's been given to me. >> just a year ago under the threat of possible extradition knox told robin she would never go back. >> i will never go willingly back to the place. >> now not fearing a prison sentence knox could take the italians to court. but what's more than likely is she'll visit a prison chaplain she became close with while behind bars. she still keeps in touch with him. speaking out for the first time this morning amanda's former boyfriend also acquitted. >> i feel relieved. really relieved. i really feel that i have -- i need time to heal. i need time to really -- breath.
7:33 am
this fresh air. >> reporter: neal karlinsky, abc news seattle. >> the nascar version of deflate-gate. the nfl investigating the patriots taking care of the footballs. abc's ryan smith has the story. >> reporter: nascar could be facing its own version of deflate-gate. nascar officials seizing tires from some of the sports biggest stars sunday. the concern, that some teams could be deflating their tires on purpose. possibly using a technique called bleeding. poking holes in them to slowly release air. improving tire durability and helping drivers get the ideal grip on the track. now racing stars like jeff gordon speaking out in favor of the inspections. >> it's very interesting to me that nascar is investigating this further. it's definitely being done it's just not clear on how it's being
7:34 am
done. >> nascar telling abc news overnight that tire inspections are frequent and not unusual. this is the third time in two weeks that nascar has taken away top drivers tires for inspection. confiscating the wheels of joey logano and kevin hair wick two weeks ago. and taking the tires of eight crews including kurt busch and logano again. >> in the past we don't really hear about them inspecting hires but with the rumors in this garage they're taking them more often. >> reporter: nascar is still awaiting resultshe last eight tests. if caught cheating drivers could face up to a $125,000 fine and six race suspension. but some racers say that doesn't go far enough. >> you should be gone forever. >> i think some would agree.
7:35 am
rets go to amy with "the speed feed." >> trending on twitter this morning the live streaming video app periscope creating big buzz allowing users to live stream to anyone anywhere in the world. from san francisco's golden gate bridge to checking out a rainbow in hawaii. what's the most periscope past time. people showing us the inside of their refrigerators using hashtags like fridge view. there's no explanation as to why it's caught on. i guess the users definitely like food. in case you're wondering, we decided to give you a look inside the "gma" fridge. lots of coffee and creamers there. but never any water. you have to get in there fast if you want a bottle of water. >> that's true. >> right. >> you're right about that. >> first person in gets the water. >> it's interesting what people are posting and feel like
7:36 am
sharing. >> yeah. just make sure it's clean. some of those shelves can get a bit dirty. i'm not speaking for myself. >> no. it was actually snowing a little bit ago. >> you know it is almost april so that would be totally normal. here's what some thunderstorms look like from the international space station. flying over central africa. astronaut terry virts took these shots traveling at 17,000 miles an hour. thunderstorms across parts of the southeast with the cold front across florida. some of the storms can have gusty winds and hail behind it. not terribly cold. 71 degrees. warm winds blowing across central plains but it will be pleasant in denver with a high brian:oday we get starteted with some clos t to the e south and eastst, ase head from the eveng into the 3 30's, sshinee
7:37 am
torrow getting -- >> this weather report brought to you by sprint. april is almost here and i think snow is in the forecast for the first week. it will warm up in june i promise. >> in june. thank you, rob. coming up the documentary about the church of scientology the allegations being made in the film and how viewers are reacting. >> plus angelina jolie's first appearance since her big announcement, her message to kids everywhere. when sprint told us that they'd cut our verizon bill in half we were like 'why?' and they were all 'to save you money on your rate plan' and i was like 'why?' and then sprint was like 'so you can spend money on stuff you want'. but, we have all the stuff. we're rich. where are we even going? a basketball game. sports! some people are stupid rich. for the rest of us, there's sprint. bring in your verizon or at&t bill turn in your old phone and we'll cut your rate plan in half. switch now and we'll pay whatever it costs for you to come to sprint.
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the time now 7:41. we are back with reaction about the church of scientology. called going clear. premiered on hbo last night. and full of allegations that the church says are spreading lies. david wright has the story. >> very excited about this. >> reporter: going clear, the
7:42 am
highly anticipated documentary on the church of scientology debuted sunday night to a mass audience on national television. hb hbo's movie offering a hard-hitting look at the church best known for celebrity believers like tom cruise and john travolta. >> my favorite concept of scientology is a world without criminal alty. a world without war. >> people who have since broken with the church now describing a bizarre cosmology straight out of the science fiction movies. >> there are memories existing prior to this. >> among the film's allegations that scientology leader has slapped and punched some underlinks. >> he's the equivalent of the pope knocking you on the ground and you're thinking i must have really screwed up.
7:43 am
>> the film claims miscalf vantage and other executives plotted ways with nicole kidman and cruise. also, that scientology operates a place known as the hole. attention and punishment facility for church officials who have fallen from grace. >> textbook propaganda. >> reporter: scientology has pushed back hard calling it by gotted and false denouncing the sources as misfits, liars, perjuriers and professional sign tolgss. on this specific issue of the hole scientology denies it existed posting this video online of what they say is really a state of the art production facility. >> this is the spot. portrays with ants crawling up a wall. >> reporter: the overnight reaction, intense. a critic former church member
7:44 am
leah hemini posting thank you to the brave who did something about it. scientology pushing back. danny masterson writing i wonder if sundance would allow a documentary of like eight people who hate judaism. going clear, clearly dividing the blooifrss from the nay sayers. >> coming up the surprising new research revealing why the amount of time you spend with your kids may not be as important as you think. what parents should really be doing to support them. >> and why patriot fans are freaking out about what golden boy tom brady did on his spring break. we aren't looking for just any college students. we're looking for the fighters. the focused. and formidable. with gpas that include grit. perseverance. ambition.
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you may have seen this on facebook over the weekend. new england patriots super bowl winning quarterback tom brady, he's used to putting fans on the edge of their seats but he did that in a different way posting a video from his spring break vacation. oh, t.j. holmes tell us about
7:49 am
it. >> let's give the guy a break. he's on vacation with his family and decides to jump off a rocky cliff three to four stories tall. big deal. well it is when an nfl team invested $150 million in you and your nickname is the golden boy. >> are you going to jump? >> it's the heart-pounding moment touchdown tom turns terrifyied terrified. ♪ >> with his wife gizele bundchen cheering him on from the sideline. watch as he's trembling, looking more scared here than the super bowl. new england's quarterback given in jumping 30 feet off a water fall plunging into the 30 feet deep water below. fans going wild. one fan tweeting we need an intervention
7:50 am
intervention. throwing arm, too valuable to list. another posting, bad tom, bad. fair to presume his bosses thinking the same thing. >> all pro athletes sign contract that is basically say you shouldn't do anything stupid. >> this isn't the first time tom has touched down on this waterfall. he took the plunge in 2012 and only from about ten feet up. rest assured new england fans the rest of brady's spring break adventures were all in the safety zone. building sand monsters with his kids even shooting hoops with michael jordan. >> oh. >> don't do that. >> all right. look now, all of them have these contract that is say you're not supposed to do anything that could risk significant injury. some actually have specifics about you can't ride a motorcycle. how can you add you can't jump off a cliff? >> but he did post something later and said that's it he's not going to do it again. >> but come on. >> they could put that in my contract. no cliff jump. >> i'll take it. >> really? >> the reaction it caused over
7:51 am
the weekend. >> excellent form. >> coming up behind the scenes of "dancing with the stars" with the season's most inspirational dancer noah galloway getting ready for tonight's big show. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:52 am
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♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. "good morning america" is brought to you by pure michigan. your trip begins at >> ahead on "gma." why empire star is apologizing for accusing police officers of racial profiling and great ideas for your easy easter craft.
7:56 am
jummy: brian van de graaff is in with a look at your forecast for you. brian: thank you so much. that blast of moisture from earlier this morning, rain sleet, snow, into extreme central and eastern portions of the county, jerking out of here, behind it is less clear. 45 degrees at reagan national airport, wins out of the southwest, 40's now, through the afternoon the skies clear out temperatures near 60 degrees and looking nice to the later half of the day. jamie: roads slowing this morning, heavy volume inside the
7:57 am
beltway. this is what we have, and earlier accident now gone, just before washington with heavy traffic again getting into arlington a little bit closer. traveling right now in the bc area ok, 395, 23 miles per hour taking a live look outside, the outer loop still jammed through montgomery county. jummy: one of our top stories right now, a richmond man will be sentenced today for having sex with two women and not telling them that he was hiv-positive. he pled guilty to knowingly transmitting the disease. jet blue issued a resolution to the delays for passengers about 20 minutes ago. this morning they had to manually check in all
7:58 am
passengers. you can get more traffic weather, and news updates right now on our sister station and we will see you back here in 30 minutes.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and angelina joely back in the headlines in her first public appearance since surgery. her message for kids everywhere. >> cause a little trouble. it's good for you. >> the touching family moment caught on camera. ♪ >> new research revealing the amount of time you spend with your kids may not be as important as you thought. what you need to know to help them grow up happy and healthy. ♪ >> look at her face. justin timberlake and taylor swift's big reaction to her huge win. wait until you hear what she finally revealed about those starbucks lyrics in her hit song. ♪ >> and don't stop him now. the breakthrough contender on "dancing with the stars" with a lesson for all of us. >> you can't quit. it's the worst decision you can make. >> we're behind the scenes with
8:01 am
noah and sharna with a tough decision they're about to make. >> and cookie monster and tracy ellis both here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. and good morning to you. >> no, good morning to you. >> thank you. >> thank you. and good morning, america. happy monday and happy crowd out there in times square. there's cookie monster proving it's never too late to try something new. he's trying a new career as a life coach. you see him there with cher. getting good advice there. >> you like the cookie wallpaper? >> oh. >> cookie wallpaper. >> it smells terrific in here. >> smells like cookies. >> of course. >> it's me kind of room. me like this. me could get used to this. >> that's right. >> yeah.
8:02 am
>> i have a question for real. >> what's your question? >> my new show i play a monster fighting princess. what kind of cookie would you recommend getting ready for battle? >> chocolate chippy. >> give me some good advice. there is the cookie monster and so many more great questions he'll answer. and tracy ellis ross is here star of "blackish". >> good morning. >> her alter ego. if you don't follow her on instagram. do yourself a favor, hysterical. >> thank you, thank you. my insanity is doing well. >> it's doing well for you. >> i love blackish. and a surprise reunion for destiny's child. taking the stage for a performance that has everybody talking and we have all the details. >> looking forward to that. let's get news from amy. >> we begin with new details
8:03 am
about the health of the pilot who flew the german airliner into the alps. andreas lubitz was taking medication for a mental illness. reports he was severely depressed but not discovered during his last medical check up with his airline last year. police are forming a special committee to investigate and saying it could take weeks. the search for the plane's second black box continues. and jetblue is apologizing for a system-wide computer outage that forced passengers to be checked in manually this morning causing delays that looked like this at several major airports. the airline says the system is back up and running. overseas the nuclear talks with iran entered a critical face as the deadline approaches. the iranians are backing down on their offer to ship their stockpile of youuranium to russia. and iran claiming a u.s. drone strike has kill two of its
8:04 am
military advisers in iraq. a change in the way millions of americans buy dietary supplements. gnc has agreed to implement strict new testing policies. after selling herbal supplements contaminated with unlisted ingredients. they have been cleared after tests found its products met fda rules. actress taraji henson claiming her son was a victim of racial profiling but now retracting that allegation and poll jazzing. here's abc's linsey davis. >> she's known for standing her ground on fox's hit "empire." but off screen taraji henson is backing down. pollapologizeing for claims her son was racially profiled by the police department after this
8:05 am
dash cam video was released. saying her son's traffic stop last fall was bogus and they didn't give him the ticket for what he was pulled over for. now this video shows why. watch as the 20-year-old fails to stop for a pedestrian at this lighted crosswalk. the police pull him over and explain his violation. >> you have to stop on those things. very dangerous, okay. >> johnson admits to carrying medical marijuana in the car but says he can't find his license for it. >> i do smell weed. so thank you for being honest about that all right. >> when he take as sobriety test and passes the cops decide to go easy on him. >> i'm not going to give you a citation because that will put a moving violation on your driver's license. >> henson thanking the officer friday on instagram writing sometimes as humans we overreact without gathering all of the facts. i overreacted and for that i
8:06 am
apologize. >> and finally a big shout out to a star and friend of this program, she is sierra of the university of tennessee. she was an intern here at "gma" last summer. she's being interviewed right after the win over gonzaga sending the volunteers to the elite eight. she'll be back in action tonight against maryland. rob, you said she was a leader here and on the court. but just a great all-around girl. >> maryland is the team that knocked them out last year. they're eager about the game tonight. she is part of the last recruiting class and often talks about how they not only win for their current coach but also for pat. but she is -- >> such a great attitude. >> yeah. and her wnba stock is going up. >> let's go to lara over in the social square. >> thank you so much, george. here's what's coming up. in "pop news," destiny's child taking the stage for a surprise performance that has every
8:07 am
saying yes. plus a new study revealing which is more important, how much time you spend with your kids or what kind of time you spend with them? i like spending time with this gal. >> me too. >> tracy ellis ross from abc's hit "blackish" is here live. one more got to go outside. >> you better go. >> i'm grabbing a coat because it's allegedly spring but doesn't feel like it. cookie monster in the house! where is he? oh there he is! >> hi lara! >> taking a bite out of the monday blues. we'll tell you why. so much coming up on "gma" in times square. say hi, everybody, look what i got. cookie. >> hello there. hi. hello. ♪ nah nah nah ♪ kraft natural shreds not made with just any milk we start with fresh milk carefully selected from
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coming up on "gma." yahoo's katie brown is here with us to show us super easy craft to do with your kids for easter. >> these are gloves. gloves. gloves. quick and easy. so fun. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals antioxidants and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™.
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8:12 am
it's so great to have you back lara. t.j., we had charles barkley live for "pop news" last week. >> wow. let me tell you, if you like puppies -- first robin, we want to begin with what we have been promising you all morning. a reunion fit for a queen as in queen b. her band mates together with beyonce on stage at the 30th annual stellar gospel music awards in las vegas. we have a clip for you right now. the trio's powerhouse performance. listen up.
8:13 am
♪ we worship thee lord ♪ ♪ you are worthy ♪ >> wow. still no word on whether there's more in the works for the lovely ladies as a group. for now, you can get your fix on the entire performance. airing april 5th on tv1. >> their voices blend so well together. that was michelle's song from her album. >> that's correct. i love to see them do more. all so talented. taylor swift over the moon when she won the iheartradio award for best lyrics for this song "blank space." chef always gets teased at how excited she gets and she sort of played on it with her pal justin timberlake who started to get up and receive the award and when she got up and spoke. she said she was so excited. because trulyifullyyifully writing thely lyrics the her favorite part of
8:14 am
the job. and also cleared up a mystery of certainly ricks in the song. listen to it. ♪ >> this is it. you thought it was lonely starbucks lovers. taylor wants to explain no. got a long list of ex-lovers. i have always been lonely starbucks -- now we know. she explained it. do we have that clip? >> i would like to clarify that the line is actually got a long list of ex-lovers. so sorry starbucks no free endorsements from t. swift. just me. finally everybody loves puppies as you know. irresistibility cute like this guy. >> who loves -- >> yeah. she's just monkeying around george. giving scratchies to the babies. this video has gone bananas. >> you don't. >> 1.3 million views in just
8:15 am
five days. if you're tired of the puns leave her alone. don't make fun of me. we have the "pop news" investigation that has just been solved. >> breaking. >> yeah breaking "pop news" investigation. earlier we showed you that video and reported it was tom brady upon further inspection it turns out it was not tom brady. please. >> welcome back george. that's what you were doing on vacation. >> that's it. >> nice. >> you like pulling out all the stops. >> you may have charles barkley. t.j. it's on. >> okay. >> heat index coming up. let's go to rob. >> george they give you a ten george. earlier i said it's chilly out here and you said what to that? >> it's cold. right there. i want to take you and show you flooding out of cashmere. this was devastating yesterday. a landslide caused ten people to
8:16 am
be buried there. and rescues happening in that state. state side 66 in seattle and rains coming there. warm again, record breaking temperatures across much of the southwest today. could get in the 90s in some spots.brian: outside this morning, clouds ming out of fear, flurries headed out this afternoon neaear 60, averaghigh of 61. tomorrow is a little bitit of the opsite, starting with sunshinee , ouds increasing to the day cooler on wednesday, look at that, 70's in the mix, , could feature dry in s s >> corpus christie. so many people here. back to the studio. >> we have an andrew shu
8:17 am
sighting. he's coming up. fist angelina jolie back in the spot lite since her surgery. two of her children sharing a positive message. >> at her first public appearance since her new york times op-ed angelina jolie won big taking home the award at the nickelodeon "kids choice awards." >> well well. >> well well. >> as daughters cheered her on she opened up about growing up, feeling different. >> when i was little i was told that i was different and i felt out of place and too loud never good at sitting still. never good at fitting in. >> and the mother to six offered advice to children who are feeling that same way. >> one day i realized something, something i hope you all realize. different is good.
8:18 am
so don't fit in don't sit still, don't ever try to be less than what you are and when someone tells you that you are different, smile and hold your head up high and be proud. >> the appearance caps off a whirlwind week for joely whose op-ed revealed she had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed after possible signs of ovarian cancer inspiring countless women to start talking about cancer prevention and people talking about her last name. many wondering if she's officially started going by gelina jolie pitt using it in the op-ed and at the award show. never been afraid to march to her own drum had one bit of advice. >> cause a little bit of trouble. it's good for you. >> rebecca jarvis abc news new
8:19 am
york. >> trouble in moderation. next up a ground breaking news taking a closer look how the amount of time spent with your kids may not be as important as you think. abc's cecilia vagueega has the details details. >> the cause of stress and guilt for parents everywhere but should it be? a new study is changing what parents think they know about spending time with their kids. the amount of time spent with children has been on the climb since 1985. but this firstararge scale study of its kind says it's not the amount of time you spend with kids between 12 and 18 years old, but the quality of what you do together that matters most. >> small amount of time that you do share with them you make sure it counts. >> the authors cat gorr rise that time in two ways. accessible time time where the parents are physically available
8:20 am
to their children and engaged time where the parent and child spend time to do something together. >> i would like a whole day where my family gives me undivided attention. >> a whole day, huh? are you sure that's what you want brick? i wouldn't rule out go-karting. >> for "good morning america" se sealee vega. >> joining us now is abc news medical editor dr. richard besser. what i just saw a few hours ago andrew shu my husband and the founder of cafe mom who along with me has learned a thing or two about raising our kids together. >> a lot of them. >> yes, a lot. how surprised are you about these findings? >> not so much surprised as i am reassured. you know there's more and more evidence that it's the quality of time we spends rather than the amount of time. so many parents don't have control over how many minutes they have but we have control
8:21 am
over what the interaction is like. a few quick tips on how to make the most of the time. first is when you're with your kids be present be there. so it means shut off the electronics and be in the moment. you see so many people at the park and they're on their electronics. the second is do things together and they can been simple things. we loved reading to our children every night. doesn't take a lot of time. but we would each read and that kind of interaction is so intense and important. have a meal together. maybe once a week. and then the third is our kids spend so much time out of the house, connect with their teachers so you know what's going on in their life. you may not not get to every parent/teacher meeting but connect by e-mail. >> you were talking about a lot five between the two of you. between 8 and 18. andrew, how have you been able to spend that meaningful time with the children? >> i would say we all feel guilty. the good news now is we're all off the hook. we just kick them out the door
8:22 am
like our parents did. no. we can't do that because we want to do more. the weird thing with us is we can't do enough. we just feel like we want to do more. amy does so much with her girls and still feels like it's not enough. i think it says something about us. we want to give them so much. the idea is their going to succeed if they have balance. if you go over the top, the balance isn't there. i think the memorable things is right. i remember the one summer my mom read this one book to me. if you just did something twice a week for a half an hour and you did it consistently just twice a week with your kid -- >> that's our thing. >> that's our thing with that kid. whatever it is. >> just a realistic goal. >> and just relax. because in the distress it causes more problems. >> so many parents especially moms beat themselves up and think i have to be super woman and work full time and spend as much time as every other mother
8:23 am
i see. there's no one way to parent. many different ways it could be successful and you can raise children self confident and lead productive lives. >> and independent. >> exactly. take a breath and give yourselves a bit of a break. >> my mom always tells me that. give yourself a break. >> does she do it andrew? >> she does. but i think the final thing. >> i do. >> the one thing that's true is about the example. if you set an amazing example where you're a hard worker you have a life you have a career and you're there in those moments where you're focus and turned off the devices. >> job well done. >> you set a great example, everything will be fine. >> great point. >> i feel so much better. >> thank you both. moving on next up "dancing with the stars." war veteran noah gal what has inspired so many with his gutsy performance and we went behind the scenes to see what's in store for tonight. >> for double amp tee noah
8:24 am
galloway and sharna burgess tonight tops a stressful week with a unique experiment. >> you made a tough decision to try to use a prosthetic arm. >> the decision was a moment of it closing on our hand. it was real powerful and cool. >> it's amazing. >> the problem is it's me getting used to it. i haven't worn an arm and not used to this technology. it's adapting to it. >> if you were to pick me up and i were to -- >> that's fine. >> it's been a stressful week for both of us in not having the arm in the beginning and trying to imagine what it would do and when we get the arm, discovering it's really not that easy to just put on an arm is nd and go. >> this isn't this week we should use it. i need more time with the arm. ♪ >> noah's performances have taken "dancing with the stars" viewers and judges -- >> it was profound. >> -- on emotional roller coasters.
8:25 am
>> to come out and dance like that is a major triumph. >> 26 out of 40 for their cha-cha. >> what kind of feedback did your kids give you? >> they have never seen me dance. they have been so excited and did. i talked to my 7-year-old and i said i got to go dance and he laughed. i said did you ever think you would hear dad say that and he goes no he thinks it's so cool. ♪ >> last week 27 out of 40 for their samba before noah was stunned by his girlfriend's surprise appearance live. >> hey, baby! >> i never saw that coming. >> you're a motivational speaker and personal trainer. >> uh-huh. >> what do you find people need the most motivation for? >> to push themselves. bad things happen. you know we all have those moments where we get knocked down and you can't quit. it's the worst decision you can
8:26 am
make. whatever happens you push through. when you come out the other side then it's worth it. >> proof positive. for "good morning america" abc news los angeles. >> so much fun to watch. and watch all the stars tonight on "dancing with the stars" at 8:00/7:00 central right here on abc. coming up tracy ellis ross. what is she doing? that closet? >> she's his tier cal on instagram. all about style. >> "dancing with the stars" on "gma" is brought to you by auto trader. find your car your way at auto trader.
8:27 am
jummy: we want to get a check right now at 8:26 on your monday forecast. brian: the latest radar moving to the south and east we are seeing sunshine with good news for the afternoon. the last of the rain is moving to the east, clouds moving through with sunshine thinning it out, we will get into sunshine and temperatures right where we should be for this time of year, a drive pattern for the next couple of days. what is happening on the roads jamie? jamie: a slow go in most spots i want to focus on the big picture. take a look, for the u.s. you have to -- 12 you have to see the heaviest traffic here. doing in on 66 we had an earlier crash that was a loser towards lee
8:28 am
highway. the average right now, moving to three hundred 95, let's talk 19 miles per hour. as we approach the 14th street bridge here is a live look everyone kind of merging together. you really are seeing the slow traffic. no big crashes. that is a look at the traffic jummy: extended service hours running to extra hours on weeknights, the circulator will add saturday service to two routes and for every night game the union station route will run until midnight. the west end cinema mdc is closed because of financial problems. the cinema in foggy bottom showed its last film last night. you c more traffic, weather, and updates on our sister station, news channel 8.
8:29 am
we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter the sleep number bed. designed to let couples sleep together in individualized comfort. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! now we can all choose amazing sleep only at a sleep number store. right now, you can save $600 on the number one-rated i8 bed. know better sleep with sleep number.
8:30 am
what a great crowd in times square this monday morning. this doesn't bother anybody out here. they're lovin' it. robin is going to be inside to talk to tracy else. she's on "blackish." we're going to meet the cast of the tv show "younger." >> and a programming note. christy tegan and ludacris are set to host the billboard awards right here on abc. the 2015 billboard music awards finalists will be announced tuesday, april 7th. mark your calenders. >> tune in to "gma" that morning when ludacris and fallout boys reveal a portion of the 2015 billboard music awards finalist category. >> guess who else is here this morning? there he is. cookie monster. >> hello. >> welcome back. how's it going? >> me terrific. >> fantastic. >> great to be here. >> tell us what's happening on
8:31 am
"sesame street" this morning. >> me singing songs. me playing with friends and having terrific time. eating lots of cookies of course. yeah. >> we can't wait for it. wael back to "gma." >> thank you. thank you. >> let's go inside to robin. >> we are just chatting away. tracy ellis ross makes us laugh out loud every week on the abc hit show "blackish." it's no surprise she won out outstanding actress at the image awards and also just hosted along with regina -- >> regina king. >> the annual event honoring trail-blazing women. please welcome tracy ellis ross! >> good morning and thank you. >> just the energy that you bring here. >> i woke up joyful and i think i came out of the womb joyful. >> it comes naturally to you. you were so busy this weekend. black girls rock.
8:32 am
it's the fourth time right? >> it's the fourth time that we have done it together. it's a fun show. i mean the show itself is just a tip of the iceberg for what the organization does empowering young women and making sure we have generations of trail-blazing women. we had mrs. obama. she was with us all night and had a lovely moment. we had sicily tyson was honored and nadia lopez. >> i know her well. >> some extraordinary people. it's special about the show. there's a moment where all the mad girls who are the young girls that are doing things extraordinary, a young girl 15 years old that already had a ted talk. >> already a ted talk at 15? >> i know. i'm behind. i need to get on it. it's exciting and fun. >> it's going to be airing on bet on easter sunday. >> yeah. >> and we're looking forward to the next "blackish." >> oh "blackish" on wednesday
8:33 am
night. we have a fun new one coming. we have a fun new one coming up. i think they're all fun. >> i love the blooper one. >> that was really fun. but i think the episodes of an exciting -- there's a whole bunch coming up. i think there's a little secret. dray things that rainbow is pregnant. >> oh know. really? >> perhaps she is. perhaps she isn't. >> i'm sure he'll handle that well. you came bearing gifts. we have a clip from the next episode. >> good. >> here it is. >> not that kind of lady dray. i'm late. which is weird because in my mind there's no way i'm pregnant but i still get that flutter of excitement, you know. it's so funny. >> yeah. funny. >> it's like that feeling when you're at the top of the roller coaster and it's like scary but fun scary because you know you're safe. i remember when it used to be scary scary. before you got the vasectomy. >> oh.
8:34 am
[ laughter ] >> no he didn't. >> perhaps he did not do what he said he was supposed to do. hoo-hoo. >> and bo was going to let him have it. >> yes. >> you know what's so funny about this tracy is that you guys are such a loving couple. it's so nice to see you on television and the comedy comes from that. >> it's one of the things that drew me to the role. we're a loving family. i think that's one of the beautiful lessons of the show that all of these differing opinions and ideas and somehow even though you might all disagree about the way things should go or look or whatever you find your way back. and there's this love between the family. >> when i was talking to my colleagues onset. george lara amy, everyone enjoys it. >> isn't it fun to have a show again that you can watch with your family. >> yeah. >> people come up to me and they're like this is the show i watch with my family.
8:35 am
it's so exciting and fun to have that on television. i have to say it's really fun to play. >> it looks like it's fun. really fun to play. the kids are phenomenal. >> i have to ask you. >> tell me. >> social media. tell us about your alterego. >> well i actually strangely have a few. >> i know. >> team mirda. it started early on. there's all these rap songs that you sing along to in the car. you're not sure what you're saying but all of a sudden i'm saying am i saying something offensive. is this something i need to know what i'm singing. i started looking up the lyrics and started videotaping myself and discovered i think i may have a rap talent. i was named not by the streets but a blog named me team mirna. >> but the rappers are embracing
8:36 am
you, drake and everyone. >> and team mirda makes an appearance at black girls rock. >> good tease. >> i wrote a little something. >> can't wait. >> team mirda did, not me. >> thank you. all new episode of "blackish" airs wednesday night at 9:30 eastern right here on abc. you heard her talking about black girls rock. >> and instagram is where you get the good stuff. tracy ross. >> let's get to rob rocking the weather for us. >> hey, robin. we are rocking out here. i'm a little star struck with this next guest. cookie monster. to celebrate you becoming a life coach. we have worked up special cities for you. >> oh boy. >> check out the monitor and we'll go over them. cookie town u.s. cookie town oklahoma. 77. is that good cookie eating weather. >> me like that. me want to go to cookie town. >> texas looks good too. >> peanut butter island.
8:37 am
me wonder if that's surrounded by lots of jelly. me want to go there. >> i want to go there with you. that's abrian: t today we gestarted withth so clouds to thsouth and east, as we head from the evenining in the0's, sunshine tomomorrow getting -- giving way to aftnoonhowers and mild tempatureses remaining.. weather report brought to you by macy's. if you had to pick a favorite what is it? >> chocolate chipp in cookie town. cookie town. me going to cookie town. cookie town. >> guys thank you. i'm over here with sue heck from the middle and she's taking on the role in the new disney xd show star versus the forces of evil. take a look. >> i shot the battlefield.
8:38 am
>> what? >> star! >> the warriors weren't going to kill our team. they were just going to beat them in football. which is a game! >> oh. >> and welcome back. great to see you. >> thank you. >> star butterfly. princess from another dimension. tell us about her. >> she's pretty kick-butt and monster fighting princess. pretty much all you have to know about her. is that she loves, loves, loves fighting monsters and is so unapologetic and messes up a lot. >> she's fun to watch. this is something pretty new for you right? how different is it? >> it's pretty different. it's not different in that i get to go and paid to two crazy but it's a totally different skill. a different respect for animated actors.
8:39 am
you have to learn how to convey emotion only through your voice. only through your voice. i was jumping in the studio when i first start and they're like you can't jump we can hear it. >> it's all right here. >> it's all right here. >> you got to tell us about what sue haek is going through. she's about to go to college? >> yeah. pretty intense. she's actually not worked up about it is the thing. >> she doesn't get worked up about much. >> she really doesn't. only in a purely excited way which is kind of the same as anxiety. but no. she's thrilled and i was like throwing temper tantrums and studying for the sat's and she's like i have a sue-moniter. it's going to be okay. >> welcome back. great to see you again. you can watch star versus the forces of evil tonight. and when we come back the cast of the new comedy "y
8:40 am
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younger is the anticipated new show from the creator of sex in the city. it's about a 40-year-old mom struggling to get back into the workplace and having a tough time compete with those 20-somethings for a job. she decides she can't beat them she'll join them with her best friend. >> stop feeling sorry for yourself. listen to me. tell them you're 26.
8:43 am
>> nobody is going to believe that. >> they believe the real housewives are real. they believe coke is going to their [ muted ]. they'll believe you're 26. >> i'm going to need highlights. >> we're going bigger than that. >> we're excited to have the entire cast with us this morning. hilary duff and niko. great to be here with us. did i miss the blue hair memo. i love it. having your 20s basically to do over again but with the wisdom of being 40 and you're the winner who gets to play 26 at the age of 40. you just turned 40 by the way. >> i did. >> congratulations to join the fourth decade. >> thank you. >> what were you like as a 20-year-old and did you bring that into the character? >> i was a mess as a 20-year-old. i was. i think in your 20s it's about
8:44 am
searching and seeking and trying to figure it all out. i don't know if i would voluntarily go back to my 20s if i couldn't retain where i'm at. >> your wisdom. >> my old age now. it's been fun to relive it in this way. >> debbie i love that you're 50 playing 40. that has to feel pretty darn good and you look good too. >> thank you. it's a number to a degree. that's what i love about darren's star. the whole age is an issue. he gives an actress a chance. he's good with women. you know with the creams and the makeup and the help that we have these days, why not? >> and i know so many of us grew up with you as lizzy mcguire. you're not lizzy mcguire anymore. >> this show has given -- there she is. this show has given me an opportunity to show a different side and grow up and show what women in their 20s right now are doing.
8:45 am
she's very motivated and makes questionable choices. >> called your 20s. >> exactly. >> this is a bit of a departure from the following. >> a little bit. >> wait until season two. >> we all kept our lives so far. >> you know just done with the blood. time for some comedy and being surrounded by these beautiful ladies. my job is real difficult. >> i understand a lot of the tattoos are real. >> a lot of them are real yeah. >> learning something new every day. i know you're the big boss lady. >> yes. >> and you get some of the funniest lines. >> well you know i'm the bad one, i'm the villain. >> isn't it fun. >> it is. you can say whatever you want between action and cut and when you're done you could say i'm just acting. >> just get it all out. >> but don't cross me. >> it's impossible to keep a straight face working with her obviously. >> and the fashion is so great.
8:46 am
we have patricia field coming back to have us all envious of what you're wearing. it's a great show. can't wait for everybody to see it. younger premiers tuesday night on tvland. thank you for joining us. >> thix thank you. >> coming up we have great tips for easy and fun easter activities with your family. don't go
8:47 am
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hi everybody, it's time now to "gma" your -- can you do it for me? >> yeah yeah. time now to yahoo your day! >> yahoo your day. >> yahoo. >> easter sunday is almost here. >> we love crafters. >> we're catching up. >> absolutely. >> you're the editor in chief of this department. >> yahoo makers. >> we're going to make a diy egg extravaganza. >> it doesn't have to be difficult. just take your napkins and fold
8:49 am
them and take a pompom and strap it in. i'll show you how to do that. >> on the website you'll learn how to make it. >> so fun. >> just be careful with the straight pins. >> one thing that's fun to do with your kids is take some kit cats and wrap them all the way around. turn a store-bought cake -- you want a wow for easter but sometimes you don't have time. tie a bow and then here. >> a fortress of kit kats. >> and eggs on top. >> that is -- yeah. >> this one is fun. take plastic eggs. ep son salt with food coloring and give it a roll. we don't have time now. she's going to do it. >> i want to modge podge and then you roll. and still put your candies in them. just a little more fun. >> exactly. >> we still have a little time.
8:50 am
don't panic. >> good. i'm going to slow it down then. this is one of my favorites. >> plastic eggs. store-bought. then you do what? >> you hot-glue some flowers right on it. isn't that cute? >> then you added spray paint. >> i added a little shimmer and shine. >> i think it would be fun to do the whole thing. >> the golden egg. look how cute those are. >> inside. you can still put something inside. a stuffed animal. isn't that amazing? >> she popped it right there. >> each one of these crafts. >> millions of candies can come out of there. you have got to take the gloves and you put a little styrofoam and you can turn them into easter bunnies. >> what do you use? >> i put a styrofoam egg in there or hot glue. or use velcro or elmer's the
8:51 am
glue and wires for the whiskers. >> only two ears. you can just put them on the back. >> from gloves to bunny love. >> there you go. then you can have your gloves because you'll still need them. everybody, these are all -- where can they find them on our website katie brown always has tips
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by danny collins in select cities everywhere april 10th. >> we're back with cookie monster. welcome back cookie monster. good to see you again. i love this idea you're going to be a life coach. >> you know me just being me. that's all me can do. >> we all have to balance the craze schedules and work and life and family. how do you do it? >> it's hard to eat cookie from both [ laughter ] >> you got to figure out what works for you. me love cookies but me got to have balance. all about the balance. >> you always have a lot of questions. let's get one from sharon. >> what does sharon say? >> cookie monster is it okay if my daughter chooses her own clothes in the morning? >> sharon, of course it's okay.
8:55 am
you know what me just guessing here but me just think she trying to, you know, express who she is, you know what me say let her choose. >> all right. >> yay! >> freedom. >> thank you. >> and she's been waiting all morning with a question. >> what's your question? >> what book should i read at school? >> oh what book should you read? >> uh-huh. >> it's important to read all kinds of books. me like that. books good to learn from. me like any book about alpha bet that has emphasis on letter c. you no can go wrong there. >> do you like the answer? >> was that good? >> yeah. >> because you know why? c for cookie. you get it? you smart. you must read a lot. >> yes. >> terrific. >> so wise. thank you. >> you're wise cookie monster. >> wise cookie monster.
8:56 am
you have another fan. >> he's a fortune cookie monster. >> cookie monster from the '80s. >> thank you for being here and thank you for sharing your knowledge. >> thank you. >> thank you all wise one. have a great day everyone we'll see you tomorrow. >> bye! jummy: good morning. we want to get a check right now on what the weather looks like this monday. brian: we are watching the last of the rain moving to the east out of south east out of southeastern southern maryland with cloud cover still out there clouds will be thinning out and as they thin out continue to watch the radar as the skies
8:57 am
clear. southerly winds right now through midday cloudy, skies clearing out looking pleasant, keeping the mild air around, pushing 70 on thursday and friday. jamie: still a heavy one for us this morning. no big crashes right now, but starting in maryland on the tops of the beltway working your way from college park closer to silver spring, averaging miles per hour. junior inside the beltway we have it mostly clearing out inbound, outside you are 27 miles per hour and as we take those are look at 395, 16 is working its with. taking a live look here at the 14th bridge you can see everyone merging together and really jammed, one of the heaviest
8:58 am
spots. nothing major, but right now there are no issues. jummy: top stories this monday an electrical failure being blamed for a house fire in glen echo starting in the wall of the home on bryn mawr avenue, moving to the attic. damage is estimated at over 600 thousand dollars. maryland governor larry hogan expected to sign a bill today making march 30 welcome home vietnam veterans day. supporters call it long-overdue recognition for those who
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, academy award award-winning acksprass stress, sissy spacek, and billy gardell. and we're looking at the hottest new cars courtesy of the new york auto show. plus, jerry o'connell joins kelly at the co shows desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are kelly ripa and jerry o'connell! [cheers and applause] ♪


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