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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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leon: tense moments as an inmate breaks free. >> they had them up against the car. leon: he is back in custody, and new information about his background. mayor muriel bowser lays out a plan for d.c.'s future. and apartments gutted by fire. >> everything went up in smoke. leon: how this was started by a
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child, next. >> now abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. leon: anxious hours as an armed inmate escapes custody carjacking people in between, and tonight he is back behind bars. alison: now serious questions about how wossen assaye was able to break free and steal the guard's gun. tom roussey has where this started. tom: it started here at inova fairfax hospital very early this morning. he escaped, wound up in a woman's car heading that way towards annandale, where the authorities say he wreaked havoc . it was nine hours before he was captured 16 miles from here in southeast washington. >> the first response is, are you kidding me? they totaled the car, and they are leaving the scene? tom: at the time, he had no idea
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that the car that sped from his lawn was being driven by the target of a manhunt. >> he was flying up the hill. leon: an hysterical woman ran from the car to a nearby business. >> she was driving down backlick road and somebody popped up from the back seat. tom: that was the first of two carjackings by wossen assaye. a man at the house try to stop him at the second home. >> he was going down the road staying in the middle of the road, dodging cars. he flew right bytom: the authorities say he is suspected of 12 bank robberies. they believe he is the so-called bicycle bandit. he was being held in alexandria city jail where friday he tried to hang himself. he was sent to an over fairfax where he was being watched by allied protection services, a contract company. while a male guard was using the bathroom, assaye overpowered a
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female guard, got her gun, and despite a shot fired by the male guard escaped, ultimately being captured in southeast d.c. assaye was already charged in one bank robbery, suspected in 11 others. now he is being charged in this escape as well. his next court hearing is scheduled for friday. tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: the u.s. marshall for the region says he is planning on a review of policy for guarding inmates at the hospital. investigators believe that assaye was shackled at the time of his escape, but no information as to how he overpowered the armed guard while still in handcuffs. stay with abc 7 as the investigation continues. alison: during this manhunt, a dramatic on related car chase in fairfax county. the police tried to turn over -- try to pull over lakisha
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tracy, and she took off. her pickup truck crossed for lanes of traffic and made dangerous maneuvers, right in the middle of the morning rush. eventually a police officer hit the back of the truck, spotted out. guns were drawn and she was pulled from the car. she is in custody. she was wanted for credit card and identity theft. leon: we had some rain rolling through the area, setting the stage for tomorrow, but there is good news before the end of the week. steve rudin has the word on that. steve: better news on the way. a brief cooldown, but big changes thursday and friday. outside right now scanning the skies with doppler radar, nothing at all. all the shower activity has moved off towards the east. the cold front has cleared and the cooler air is funneling in from the north and west. 43 cumberland, 40 hagerstown, 49 reagan national airport.
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tomorrow morning, a mixture of sun and clouds, lower 40's. 1:00 in the afternoon near 50. middle 50's by 5:00. if you want temperatures near 70 degrees, lower 70's, we have that on the way. a detail of the timing and what to expect coming up. alison: the police are investigating a serious crash involving a pedestrian in germantown. officer say that a woman was hit by a car near route 118 and middlebrook road. the victim had life-threatening injuries. the cause of the crash is under investigation. the driver stayed on the scene. and this just in from prince george's county -- the police identified the suspect to try to hit officers with his car. anthony skinner is now charged with attempted murder and assault. the police say that skinner dodged a traffic stop last night when he drove towards an officer. the officer fired his gun, but missed. skinner led the police through temple hills on a chase were he
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had a cruiser in a tree. leon: dozens of people were displaced when fire damaged an apartment building in suitland on southern avenue. there were no injuries, but the cause of the blaze is something of a surprise. jay korff is live at the scene with what investigators are saying about who started it. jay? jay: leon, first, the destruction. all this debris on the back side of the building, smashed out windows. here is where the authorities say the fire started, on this lower level. two units destroyed, 50 people initially displaced, at all because of a boy under 10. >> i'm very upset i'm out of a home. jay: the fire raced through the suitland apartment destroyingtwo units and displacing dozens. fire officials say that a working smoke alarm alerted
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residents with escaped without injury. >> the people were screaming. i just heard screaming for stop i was trying to get people out and grab the kids. jay: this woman rushed home and found her apartment was impacted. >> i don't have anywhere to go. everything i own went up in smoke. everything. i don't have nothing. jay: fire officials say the preliminary investigation indicates that a child accidentally started the fire. >> it appears this was a fire accidentally set by a juvenile. it's still under investigation. jay: the authorities say that damage estimates are near $50,000. jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: a former fbi agent says he is sorry for stealing heroin that was evident in several investigation. matthew lowry admitted to the crime in court. he said he was using the drug to deal with an addiction to pain medication.
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dozens of cases are now at risk of being thrown out because of the tampering. he faces seven years in prison when sentenced in june. leon: in boston, the defense rested its case in the trial of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. closing arguments are set for monday. if convicted, the jury will hear more testimony about whether he will face the death penalty. three people were killed and more than 260 were injured in the attack. the fight over religious freedom went from indiana to arkansas today, hundreds gathering outside of little rock to protest the bill on its way to the governor's desk. like the indiana law apartment say that it allows discrimination against gays and lesbians. supporters say that it keeps the government from violating their religious beliefs. d.c. mayor muriel bowser banned travel to indiana today. the ncaa is also reconsidering
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future tournament games in the state. >> the membership has been deeply to spilled -- deeply disturbed by this bill, and those concerns have not been allayed. leon: indiana governor mike pence says he wants a bill on his desk by weeks end making it clear the law does not allow discrimination. alison: d.c. mayor muriel bowser gave her first state of the district address, covering a range of topics, from policing to infrastructure. roz plater tells us how her plans will impact you. roz: after a short video presentation, d.c. mayor muriel bowser took to the stage and proclaimed d.c. is strong. mayor bowser: we are one of the strong as the economies in the country. we are the economic engine of this region. roz: before a full house, she used her first state the district speech to layout her vision. the theme, helping families get
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on the pathway to the middle class. she promised to set aside more money for d.c. public schools to close the d.c. general shelter, and and homelessness in the city. she promised more affordable housing and more police officers on the streets. the police officer she said will be wearing body cameras full stops you to overhaul the d.c. fire department and promise to not only finish the streetcar project but expanded. mayor bowser: from benning road to h street and eventually all the way to georgetown. roz: going in, the city faces a $200 million budget gap. their browser: we will have to make about -- mayor bowser: we will have to make tough decisions. roz: outside, hundreds of protesters carrying signs saying save berry farms and save public
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housing. the mayor says that she will deliver a balanced budget to the council a couple days from now and also promises no specifics on what cuts will be made. roz plater, abc 7 news. leon: new tonight subpoenas issued in the secret service scandal according to the chairman of the house oversight committee. the congressman issued the subpoenas for two agents that witnessed the incident earlier this month, during which two agents drove through a secure area of the white house, interrupting an active investigation. one week after the deadly germanwings plane crash, with the airline new and for how long. alison: amazon's new tool for instant ordering. how the dash button works.
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leon: talks over ending iran's nuclear program will continue tomorrow when switzerland. today was the original deadline. the state department says enough progress has been made to justify extending the deadline. the u.s. and five other countries are crying to -- trying to come up with a deal. alison: lufthansa admits that it knew that the copilot andreas lubitz suffered from a depressive episode. the is believed to have crashed the germanwings airplane into the french alps last week. lufthansa is the parent company of germanwings. they said that andreas lubitz passed all medical tests. detectives are investigating a death at the home of andrew getty, heir to the getty oil fortune.
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"the l.a. times" reports that a woman was escorted from the home for questioning. leon: 7 on your side with a consumer alert and new technology -- amazon is taking shopping to a new level. the device they are issuing is called amazon dash. it hangs near household items and is connected by wi-fi to your phone. when you are ready to purchase something, you just tap the button and the product order immediately goes to your shopping cart. right now it is only invitation-only, but amazon hopes to expand that. alison. [alison last] leon: the google chrome stick can hold all of the data from your laptop or tablet. google has not released the price, but they say that it will cost less than $100. alison: wow. new tonight therapeutic yoga.
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the class was held in northwest. yoga is believed to help breast cancer patients during the recovery, and the center also offers free cooking and art classes and meditation. it is funded by money raised from the susan g. komen race for the cure. leon: incredible view of flashes , thunderstorms and central africa. this was shot from 200 miles above the year. an astronaut posted this video on social media from his perch on the international space station. that is the view that he gets every night. alison: interesting. steve: pretty wild. thunderstorm season is around the corner, but nothing too bad today. leon: you sound like you cannot wait. steve: i want nice weather, i want the pollen to be washed
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away, and i want the cherry blossoms to come out on schedule, april 11 through the 14 is the target date. outside at this hour, the showers have finally come to an end. if you were out at dinner time and the wind kicked up, the cold front zip through. it is 49 degrees at reagan national, the wind out of the north at 15. a lot better than earlier this evening with wind gusts of 25 to 35 miles per hour. the almanac, a high today of 73 at reagan national. the cold front came through comedy to pictures dropped, and now we are getting the shot of colder air, just one day. -- the cold front came through temperatures dropped and now we are getting the shot of colder air. in terms of the wind direction the wind gusts are using anywhere between 17, 35 miles per hour. these will settle down in the next couple hours. will not be a problem early in the morning.
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you will need sunglasses for a change, and the sun glasses keep them handy the next couple days. high pressure builds off to the north and west, cold front moves off towards the east, taking with it the moisture from earlier this evening. once the high-pressure moves further off the coast the wind changes direction, more out of the south and southwest, warming us back into the 70's. lower 70's thursday and friday. pool of colder air over the north and west settles over us tomorrow. no problems for the rush-hour commute in the morning. through the mid, lots of sunshine to enjoy. as we head through the late afternoon come into the evening, it stays dry a few clouds, and a quiet conditions stick around thursday. a stronger colder front friday night brings us the next best chance of showers, which will continue into saturday. overnight lows generally in the mid to upper 30's, partly cloudy, the wind out of the north. tomorrow, lots of sun mostly
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sunny skies, the wind out of the northwest at eight to 20. 70 thursday, lower 70's friday. there is the cold front. easter sunday, lower 60's, and the opening game for the nationals, talking near 65 degrees. that is monday. alison: that is a nice looking sunday-monday combo. tim: the georgetown hoyas lose their star player. and capitals are still winning playing well.
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season he six time in 10 years. washington won a game they needed to win. ovechkin hitting his 50th goal of the season in the first strong stick, quick wrists. ward never had a chance. 50 goals for the second straight year. in the third, 3-2 caps on the lead. ovie how about this pass, joel more through the backdoor, man the caps are looking playoff ready. they win 4-2. >> he is a special talent. i mean, he is. i'm just in my 77th game or whatever it is. it really has been enlightening to me. tim: smith-rivera is leaving georgetown to turn pro. he will hire an agent, his decision is final, forgoing his final year of eligibility at georgetown.
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he averaged 16 points per game, first-team all big east. smith-rivera is gone. local college basketball, jim lehrer data -- jim laranaganaga miami holds off temple. the canes will play for the n,.i.t. championship. mario chalmers, the three-point shot nintendo-type shot. the shot of the night, in the loss to the spurs. the nationals play their final game in florida today against the mets. gio gonzalez looked sharp most of the start, striking out six. the heater was working, but he got into trouble in the sixth inning. nats fall to the mets. the nats play saturday, and then
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open for real on monday. tiger woods was dropped from the world's top 100-ranked players this week. yes trying to decide if he is ready to return for the masters next week. -- he is trying to decide if he is ready to return for the masters next week. i don't he is ready, but i think he will try. could be an early exit. leon: with the way he is playing now, even you could beat him. a dozen calls to 911 because of a bar tab. it was not tim's.
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alison: an armed prisoner back in custody after escaping from fairfax hospital. that is the number one trending story at a woman leads the police on a dramatic car chase in fairfax county. and the rain brings cooler temperatures tomorrow. steve's forecast and more at leon: an idaho man is accused of calling 911 12 times because of his bar tab. he was worried he was overcharged for a few beers. he was kicked out for being drunk and brought home by the police. he forgot to close out his tab and started calling emergency dispatchers over and over again.
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ultimately, it turns out he had a $30 tab, but the manager got a citation for misusing 911 $1000.
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steve: let's take a look at the weather forecast. it's looking good. 58 degrees the high tomorrow. near 70 degrees on thursday. lower 70's on friday. saturday, we look for morning showers. tim brant -- tim: what? [laughter] leon: jimmy kimmel live is next.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kurt russell. comedian jeff ross. and music from van halen from hollywood boulevard. with cleto and the cletones. and now,here's jimmy kimmel! ♪


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