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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  April 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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leon: 8 people found dead inside of a home. family members say it may be carbon monoxide poisoning. fire trucks destroyed by flames. >> we have never lost two fire engines on a building fire. steve: and one more mild day and a big cool and a lot of rain on the way. leon: and a grizzly crash leaves
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-- grisly crash leaves two teenagers dead. how they are it being remembered, next. a tragic investigation on maryland's eastern shore. if all the rent children found dead inside of a home in princess anne. the children were between the ages of six and 16. alison: relatives believe that they died from carbon monoxide poisoning, but they are waiting on word from the medical examiner. richard: this is just devastating. normally this house would be filled with the sounds of laughter and children playing. family members say they have not heard from the father and more than a week. today, the terrible discovery. >> why do they all have to be dead? richard: for bonnie edwards and
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her husband, lloyd, it is an unspeakable loss. a man and his seven children were found dead on the eastern shore monday. family members believe the 36-year-old father and the youngsters all died from carbon monoxide poisoning. >> he is a wonderful father. he is a father that anyone would want to have. richard: the police were called here at 11 a.m. after he do not show up at his job. officers arrived, they found the home locked. inside they found the entire family likely dead for several days. >> a father taking care of seven kids by himself. i feel devastated. >> it's extremely tragic. not only is it tragic to the people it happened to in the families, the extended families, it is tragic to the city and the community. richard: family members say that
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todd had been struggling financially and was using a portable generator to heat the home. >> he had to do something to keep the kids warm in the house. they had to do something. richard: behind the crime scene tape the car that police found when they came here. such a chair terrible choice for a father, trying to keep his children warm. the youngest of the children just turned six this past weekend. richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: that is just terrible. thick black smoke visible for miles across the d.c. region. capitol heights roofing company ignited, and the flames destroyed two fire trucks. there were no injuries but there are concerns about hazardous materials at the site. jay korff has more on the damage in the investigation. jay: a really remarkable scene
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unfolded and capitol heights. teams of two tow truck operators were able to very carefully lift this destroyed fire truck onto this huge flat truck following the remarkable blaze. the volume of smoke pouring from the fire and capitol heights maryland inspired a person to take this incredible cell phone video. >> it look like a football field, right. full of smoke. jay: soon after 5 p.m., fire erupted behind the roofing company. huge stacks of styrofoam construction material, and propane tanks were ablaze during the massive three alarm fire. it also turned into potentially life-threatening. >> as they began to attack the fire, the wind shifted. the wind ultimately resulted in
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the loss of two fire engines. jay: thwee two fire trucks retailing for about $1.5 million combined, destroyed. thankfully, the firefighters aboard escaped without injury. >> when the wind shifted it was a matter of a minute or so that the pallets of the other stuff from one building came across and was on top of them. jay: on the other side of the destroyed fire truck over the fence, down the hill, there is a marshy swamp areza where they say hazardous to real may have gone. they are trying to determine if that is a problem. the fire is under investigation. jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: justin from the district, a teenager was shot in southeast.
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the victim was unconscious and not breathing when he was found. he is in the hospital, but the word on his condition. this happened in the 300 block of 37th street. no arrest has been made. leon: the police arrested a woman who they say stabbed a metro station manager. melissa langley is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. she attacked the operator in march. officers believe that it started over a fair dispute. the victim survived. steve: we have some unsettled weather ahead, rain in the forecast tomorrow after a beautiful day today. steve rudin is here, back from the ballpark with the timeline. steve: it was a beautiful today for the nationals game, a huge turnaround for the day tomorrow. rain and clouds, cooler temperatures follow. outside we go, shower activity to the north and west.
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entering western maryland, garrett county, allegheny county. this will be across the immediate metro area for the rush hour. middle 50's. we are back into the upper 60's noontime, daytime highs in the lower 70's, chance of thunderstorms. what can we expect for the upcoming weekend? details coming up. leon: two teenagers were killed when a car hit a dump truck had on in beltsville early in the morning. investigators are trying to determine what led to the crash. roz plater has a look at how the victims are being remembered. roz: those families are struggling tonight. the accident happened at about 4:30 a.m. on a dark stretch of road. five young people in the car two young men did not survive. two prince george's county families are forever linked in tragedy. >> nobody thought it would happen to us.
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roz: a 19-year-old stephan -- >> i would never think for one day he would just be gone and i will be able to see him anymore. roz: and 19-year-old marvin. >> i love marvin. i don't know what i'm going to do. roz: they were killed on the stretch of edmonton road in beltsville. the investigation is being investigated, but the police say the driver lost control of the car, crossed the centerline, and crashed head-on into a trash truck. it was only a few months ago that the families made the connection that they were friends from the past. they said that both young men were studying to be electricians, expected to graduate in september. >> to suddenly just have our children just gone at the same time, yes. roz: a third friend in the car
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is fighting for his life. two others were lucky and able to walk away from the crash. alison: no injuries after a car crashed into a lan him home this afternoon -- lanham home this afternoon. the man hit a car, jump the curb ending up in the living room of this home. calhoun walked away. he said he hit the gas instead of the brake pedal. >> i will be driving no more. it's going to be hard, but i will. alison: it was a close call for the family. they had left just before the crash. the homeowner said a nine-year-old had been watching tv on that couch just 30 minutes before it happened. leon: developing news, tomorrow morning jurors will start to
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deliberate the fate of marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. prosecutors replayed video of the aftermath of the 2013 bombing which killed three and injured more than 260. the defense team claims that tsarnaev played a lesser role than his brother who died at in the shootout with the police. a second high-profile try and boston also nearing its end. the defense rested in the case of aaron hernandez. the former new england patriots star is accused of murdering a man. before the jury deliberates, the sides have 90 minutes for closing arguments. alison: the ntsb is investigating another smoke incident on metro. in february, in orange line train operator reported smoke in the tunnel near rosslyn. the train was rerouted back to courthouse and nobody was hurt. ntsb is investigating two to see
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if there were similarities with the deadly incident at l'enfant plaza. new tonight, many weddings take months to plan, hours to pull off, but a d.c. couple had just 35 seconds. their ceremony took place at the intersection of seventh and eighth streets northwest washington. the figure skaters exchanged "i do's" while the light was red. >> my mom says it's crazy to be out in the middle of the street. she couldn't resist. alison: the couple came up with the idea after roy forgot to schedule the marriage ceremony with the judge. he said he wanted to give his new bride something she would never forget. leon: thinking outside the box.
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still ahead, a gorgeous day for the nationals home opener. alison: and the change that you leave behind at the airport add up to a big chunk
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leon: 7 on your side with a consumer alert about the change that you leave behind at airport security check once. -- leave behind at airport security checkpoints. the agencies get to keep the change. turns out it's kind of a modest collection $675,000, but it is 76% more than collected in 2008. starbucks is expanding its tuition program from two years to four years. they launch the program last year. this change comes as the improved job market is forcing many companies to raise wages and include benefits. alison: after weeks of anticipation, the nationals'
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season is underway but the nationals fell to the mets in their home opener, but fans are not letting go of their high expectations for the season. >> this is the greatest day ever. jay: there is something about opening day of the national pastime. >> we have been waiting for months. jay: like nothing else. >> it is anticipation, the hope, the smells. jay: the washington nationals' star-studded lineup began playing this afternoon. under a stunning sky interrupted only by fireworks and a jaw-dropping flyover. >> great day. jay: the hard part, getting in. the lines were long because of baseball-mandated metal detectors. >> this year it is ridiculous.
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jay: but like spring's renewal, the fans are bullish with high expectations after last year possibly exit from the playoffs. >> it will be a fabulous season. jay: for all the anticipation that comes with the dawn of a new season, patience is also required. 161 games remaining. >> baseball in washington is back. 10 years. jay: jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: all we need now are the cherry blossoms. alison: just a perfect day. steve: the cherry blossoms are out around the stadium. i brought my medicine because of my allergies. outside right now, mostly cloudy skies, the showers off to the west. showers, rumbles of thunder. later tonight into the morning
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65 at reagan national, the wind out of the south that 13. earlier today wind gusts of 25 to 30 miles per hour. the today, 77. the average this time of year is 64. if you are watching n.l. can's, west virginia, you may have heard some thunder. nothing around the capital beltway, but we are looking for the showers to arrive here during the early morning. unfortunately they will stick around all day long. at 11:00, 66 gaithersburg, 68 winchester, 63 cumberland. the frontal system off to the north, the colder air to the north. in the 30 syracuse, burlington, vermont, 34. caribou, maine, in the middle 20's. we will stay mild overnight. the temperatures eventually falling into the middle 60's, mostly cloudy skies.
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showers of the forecast with wind out of the south that 10. tomorrow, unsettled weather, the rush-hour commute early in the morning, wet roadways likely. midday, we may have a break in the action, then more rain in the afternoon, possibly some embedded thunderstorms. the frontal system will sack to the south, bringing cooler temperatures wednesday and thursday. friday and the weekend, warmer air, drying out nicely. 8:00 tomorrow morning may have showers around the capital beltway. hard to point the location, you get the point, showers through the day, into the night, into the day wednesday. thursday, another round of showers. this is as the frontal system lifts to the north as the warm front warms us up friday. you will need the umbrella tomorrow. not all day, but just to keep safe. lower 70's the daytime high tomorrow.
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the extended outlook, cooler air, only the 50's wednesday and thursday, back into the 70 did agree range, middle 70's friday. saturday and sunday should be perfect for the cherry blossoms. even though they are not at peak, they will be close. the warmer temperatures will give them a nice boost. we are getting there. leon: it would be nice to start the season off with a win. tim: they played professional baseball in washington over 100 years. opening day is always exciting and oftentimes disappointment.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. tim: they played professional baseball in washington, d.c. since the 1800s, and opening day
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is often exciting. the play that beat the nats today looked like the bad news bears. max scherzer was fabulous, a no-hitter into the sixth inning, eight strikeouts, only four hits over eight innings. he all to sue the team for nonsupport. bryce harper went 2-2 including this frozen rope liner. 1-0 nationals. two outs in the sixth inning, ian desmond goes over to the right side of the field to call off dan uggla. this is a bad play on any level. that allows two runs to score. then this happens, the next batter lucas duda takes the scherzer fastball to right center, there goes the no-hitter, two runs. nats lose 3-1, and the play in
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the sixth inning was the difference maker. >> pretty embarrassing. i feel like one of those little leaguers. i just looked up and i did not hear anything, so i kept going for it. coach: it did not get off on the right foot, but as you for it may say, we have another in a couple days. >>tim: the orioles come in the market, playing against tampa. three home runs pearce, de aza , and flaherty. the orioles beat tampa bay at camden yards. detroit, cespedesm robbing suzuki of the home run. takes it out of the air. it was about to go over the wall. the tigers win 4-0 the play of
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the day. for golf fans, this is the best week of the year. everybody wants to know about tiger. he has not played competitively since he withdrew from torrey pines in february. he had a sharp practice round today at augusta. it would be great to see him play well, and he did today. the national championship game wisconsin-duke battled back and forth. it was tied at the half. duke got the best of the badgers and win 68-62. coach k gets another national championship. leon: as if he needed another. tim: easy now, easy. leon: congratulations duke. tim: there you go. alison: some unhappy baseball fans in chicago.
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alison: baseball season is now in full swing, but fans at one stadium were not happy. the chicago cubs apologized for a long bathroom lines at wrigley field. some people said it took two innings just to go to the bathroom because of renovations. it got so bad that some fans
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took photos of cups filled with what they believe to be urine left all over the ballpark. ugh! the cubs are promising portable units for the next game.
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steve: get out the umbrella. you will need it tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, and friday. temperatures cool down wednesday and thursday, middle 50's. saturday and sunday, we are 70 degrees, lots of sunshine. nighttime lows in the upper 40's. alison: looking forward to the weekend. thanks for joining us.
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