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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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there maureen. yeah, the top individuals include an investment banker, a lobbyist and even a convicted criminal. the maryland comptroller tells us he tried to collect this money civilly but to no avail. today, his office flexed its muscles going public with the top residence and business debtors. >> this is the 15th year. kevin: maryland's top accountant using public shaming to collect serious debt. >> we're communicating to these folks on repeated basis. and most of them are heavily lawyered up and you know they're in their bunkers saying hell no, we're not going to pay! kevin: maryland's top business tax cheat for 2015 c.t.s. & associates inc. officials say the gaithersburg company which provides custodial services owes $1.1 million in state taxes. today, c.t.s.'s owner told us past payment plans were totally unreasonable but added he's willing to renegotiate and then there's the rockville based
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onick dental labs. it's 14 on the naughty list with $178 grand in state back taxes. pictured here on the website, he claims his clients are, in part to blame. his logic, certain clients owe him so much money, he can't afford to pay his taxes. >> it's important. kevin: but the comptroller says no excuses. it's time to pony up. >> these are folks that just tell us to go fly a kite. >> i think 2/3 of them will settle up after a little bit of public shaming. and, you know, they deserve it. kevin: the top 20 citizen tax cheats include five people in prince george's county. three in montgomery. and one in anne arundel. the worst offender maryland says, is a laurel investment banker who owes the state more than a million dollars. live tonight in baltimore, i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news. maureen: speaking of maryland new figures show that maryland has one of the highest tax
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burdens in the nation. the report found that marylanders pay more than $6,000 a year in state and local taxes on average. that's the 15th highest in the nation. virginia was in the middle of the pack at $5700 a year. the district ranked best in the metro area. illinois had the highest taxes in the survey. alaska the lowest. with delaware coming in a close second. the "7 on your side" i-team is raising questions about that contractor involved in last week's prisoner escape at inova fairfax hospital. los angeles based allied protection services has a federal contract to move and guard prisoners for the u.s. marshals service. but the i-team discovered problems with the company's leadership. two of the three men listed as top executives on the company's website say they have no ties to allied protection. one of them is a california businessman who had no idea the company had apparently been trading on his name for years.
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>> that's all you have is your reputation so when somebody else tries to use your credibility to run an organization and then to have something like this occur. maureen: allied's website disappeared after the i-team started asking questions. the company's owner says it was a test website and any mistakes were made without malice. you can learn more about this story including the u.s. marshal service's response right now at a second suspect was in court today on charges stemming from the death of washington lawyer david messerschmitt. dominique johnson is accused of conspireing with her roommate jamyra gallmon to commit robbery. johnson will be monitored with an ankle bracelet. gallmon is accused of murdering messerschmitt at the donovan hotel in february. court documents allege gallmon stabbed messerschmitt during a robbery gone bad. developing now, a wisconsin man accused of traveling to the middle east to join isil is
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being held without bond. joshua van hasten was arrested last night at o'hare national airport in chicago after returning on a flight from turkey. according to court documents, he talked to friends about his plans and flew to istanbul last august. but the documents note that he was unable to cross the border into syria. another alarming incident for the secret service tonight. a supervising agent, according to "the washington post" has been accused of sexually assaulting another employee inside secret service headquarters. senior political reporter scott thuman is live on capitol hill with the new information tonight. scott? scott: maureen, law enforcement official confirms for me tonight that yes, anior secret service employee had his badge and gun taken away. he has been put on administrative leave due to these accusations.
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an accusation and a warning when the secret service director joseph clancy testified last month. >> it's going to take time to change some of this culture. scott: the newest accusations, the senior supervisor was at this d.c. bar for a party march 31st according to "the washington post" when he allegedly made suggestive remarks to a fellow employee. report alleges when the two returned down the street to headquarters that night, they physically scuffled when she resisted his advances. >> $1.8 billion agency that just is not in control. scott:congressman andy harris sat in on the hearings. >> the recommendation was an outside review be done and outside person be brought in. maybe it's time for that to happen. scott: the agency desperately trying to reparities shattered image. >> supposing to be guarding the president of the united states of america. we're better than that! scott: director clancy reacting swiftly to this newest incident saying these allegations as
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reported are very disturbing. any threats or violence that endangers employees in the workplace is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. while d.c. police and the inspector general's office investigate, morales is on leave told he can't enter the building and had his gun and badge taken away. the inspector general getting plenty of work these days. it was just last month that two senior agents were disciplined for allegedly drinking and then driving into an active crime scene. asked the white house for reaction in the latest allegations, we're still waiting for that response. scott thuman abc 7 news. maureen: when metro will begin using automation again for the first time since the deadly 2009 crash. plus prince george's county officials defend their decision on why not to indict a deputy who killed an unarmed man.
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doug: cloudy and damp and cool right now. all things change tomorrow. in fact, storm watch 7 will be on severe weather alert. coming up, i'll tell you why coming up at 6:00.
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maureen: an arrest in the hit and run crash that killed a man as he changed a tire on the b.w. parkway. police say 73-year-old earl teeter surrendered to u.s.
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marshals yesterday. his trial is scheduled for june. the february crash killed rick warrick and injured his fiancee. the case gained national attention when 911 case revealed an operator told warrick's frantic teenaged daughter to stop whining. that 911 operator is now off the job. the mother of a man shot to death by prince george's police is suing the county. the incident began after michael minor's girlfriend called 911 during a dispute last october. >> he has a gun on him? >> that's what he said. maureen: two officers sponldresponded and confronted minor at the door of the home. witnesses say minor taunted the officers before one shot him. it turned out he was unarmed. the state's attorney defends the officer's actions. >> the family felt they were being terrorized and felt mr. minor was armed.
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they said as much on a 911 tape. this is the information that the sheriff's deputies had when they responded to the home. maureen: the wrongful death lawsuit was filed today at u.s. district court in greenbelt. minor's mother is seeking $15 million. a former virginia delegate who resigned his seat to run for state senate is suing his own political party. joe morrissey claims the democratic party deliberately rejected petition signatures he filed to get on to the primary ballot. 750 of the 972 signatures morrissey submitted were rejected. that left him 28 short of the 250 he needed to be added to the ballot. a final settlement tonight in the case of a johns hopkins gynecologist who secretly recorded exams of some 8,000 patients. a judge has signed off on $32 million in attorney's fees much fees go to the eight law firms that negotiated the $190 million settlement.
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it's the largest of its kind. rest of the settlement goes to patients of the doctor. he took his own life shortly after the allegations surfaced in 2013. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 the status of d.c.'s cherry blossoms and what to expect from the weather as they approach peak bloom. tim: spring has sprung. putts are being made in augusta. masters is under way. latest on tying tiger who is on the course. nationals have stumbled out of the blocks. banged up and beaten down. reaction from today's matinee with the mets as abc 7 news at 6:00 continues.
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preparing for a milestone that may put some passengers on edge. on monday the red line will return to automation for the first time since the red line crashed that killed nine people in 2009. richard reeve is live near the fort totten station with what riders need to know. rich?
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[no audio] rich: here along the red line a big high-tech step in metro safety. >> reliability. it's representative of an increase in safety. rich: starting monday the red line will return to automatic train operation or a.t.o. for short. like an adapt active cruise control for a car. it will control the train's speed, braking and sensing devices. >> you have a human being to keep everybody calm. people are less anxious if they see a human being. rich: it's part of the plan to imply with ntsb rules in the wake of the red line crash that killed eight people. >> we won't have trains lagging and it's a smoother acceleration.
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rich: all this as metro board members face the choice of expanding the rail system or fixing what's in place. >> but the reality in our region is we do need some expansion. rich: that means eight car trains. the cost $1.5 billion for the entire system or $700 million or about half that 220 cars. >> you've never heard transportation saying wait, let's stop building new roads so i can repair all the structurally deficient bridges. maureen: thanks for the update rich. we've learned the likely name for the next phase of metro's silver line. the stations on the next section
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of the reston town center will probably be called herndon innovation center, dulles airport, route 606 and route 772. metro's full board must approve the names. metro hopes to have phase two open sometime in 2018. one of the district's main tourist attractions is close to being in full bloom. the national parks service says the cherry blossoms are officially in the puffy white stage. peak bloom will take place in four to six days. this is a live look of the cherry blossoms with the earth cam. and a little gray out there. but we understand the weekend is going to bring us some clearer, warmer weather for cherry blossom viewing. is that true? doug: imagine clear blue skies. it will be postcard weather. today, not so much. lots of stuff to talk about. let's get busy and first talk about what's happening now. we see the live camera shots.
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kind of a gray day, too. no rain in the area it's damp and cooley and chilly. doesn't feel like the middle of april here and things are going to change. they're going to change dramatically tomorrow. wait until you see the numbers. 49 right now at reagan national. that's it. average high is in the middle 60's in most areas. best we could do today with the heavy cloud cover and easterly winds. 50 for a high. morning low is 45. average high is 65 degrees. across the region right now, we've been pinned in the 40's all day. we continue there at this hour. 45 degrees at andrews air force base and 49 at quantico. 45 at gaithersburg. you get farther west, starts to warm up. 59 at luray and get on the other side of the mountains, elkins west virginia at 76 degrees. that's just the beginning of it. 83 at charleston. plenty of warm air. for the past couple of days we've had cold air kind of wedged in from the atlantic ocean, new england. it's 36 in boston right now. much warmer west and much warmer south. what's going to happen tonight is that area of high pressure is
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going to move out of the way. finally move and open the door for the warm front finally to get going out of the west and southwest. as it stands now, we've got high pressure and the winds coming in before the ocean keeping us cool. pushing against the warm front. as that high moves out, warm front moves in. when it moves in later tonight, we'll get some rain. rain late tonight and overnigh tomorrow, very quickly we'll pop into a warmer sector of air and going to see some sun and very warm temperatures but tomorrow afternoon, strong cold front comes in. and with that right now, there's the expectation that we're under a slight chance of severe weather. the more sunshine we get tomorrow those chances of individual severe thunderstorms will increase. take a look at what our computer models suggest is just a simulation of the weather tomorrow and the timing of it all and the consensus is sometimes 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon, the heavy showers and storms will move in. again, whether the garden variety or whether the severe both are possible. a lot will depend on what happens with the sunshine. it will clear out tomorrow night and the weekend looks spectacular. so the forecast for tomorrow, partly sunny breezy and warm
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approaching 80 with thunderstorms in the afternoon. definitely a severe weather alert day at storm watch 7 and as we get through the next seven days, we'll clear it out quickly. weekend looks great. upper 60's to near 70 with sunshine. monday, beautiful. maybe a little bit more shower activity by the day on tuesday. maureen and tim? maureen: great, thank you doug. is the good weather bringing any luck to the nats? tim: the nats are struggling. roller coaster ride at augusta for most of the field. not jordan spieth. he's going for the scoring record. who would have thought that they would be a combined 0-2 to start the year? injuries errors and strikeouts. too early to be worried or is it?
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tim: right here from the beginning when we start the baseball, i am always skeptical because i grew up watching the senators. then the nats got here and as good as they have been the nationals haven't done anything in the playoffs. now, they are the odds on favorites to win the world series but lose the very first series to the mets. ian desmond again made the game changing error on the double play ball that would have ended the inning for steven strasburg. instead, the mets scored four runs in the third inning. it was like a parade across home plate. and for the nationals, 30 strikeouts in the three game series. three errors only six runs, there are red flags everywhere. >> i know when you face
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adversity out there, you want to go out there and pick each other up. i went out there and tried to do that. didn't work out today. tim: the play of the day comes from today's white sox-royals game. k.c.'s musktakis with a shot to deep right field. makes the amazing diving grab. what a catch. that is our play of the day. for golf fans when they play the mastsers you get a little extra pep in your step. you can feel spring and jordan spieth certainly had it today. challenging the scoring record, he had eight birdies in the first 14 holes before he ever had a bogey. this is how it started early this morning. the three legends of the game gathered for the ceremonial tee shots at the 79th masters. 85-year-old arnold palmer hits the first drive. he was joined by gary player 75-year-old jack nicklaus the greatest golf tournament in the world was under way. tiger woods was inconsistent today which was to be expected after a long hiatus but played better than most expected. couple of birdies with three bogeys on the first nine. he was at plus one at the turn.
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rory mcilroy is going for the career slam. this is only major he has. not one. he finished today one under par and jordan spieth leads at seven under par through 17 holes. but he will not get the scoring record. meanwhile, jake lanham has decided to return for his senior year at maryland. maryland is already being ranked preseason for next year in the top five schools in the nation. maureen: good for them. what's the latest sir? doug: very quiet tonight. it will be partly sunny and breezy. different day. thunderstorms in the afternoon and there's a slight chance that some could be severe. we'll watch that closely for you and tonight at 11:00 steve rudin will be able to update the story as we're on severe weather alert for tomorrow. tim: i'll call you from the golf course. doug: you do tha
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breaking news tonight. for the first time the police dash cam video revealed. after that officer is charged with murder. the video shows the officer pulling over that car, a routine traffic stop. approaching the car. later, the man seen running. tonight, two major interviews. the witness who took this video, next. we ask, did they try to perform cpr? and the officer's mother right here tonight. tearfully defending her son's character. also developing right now, several reported tornadoes. severe storms from texas to michigan and moving east. when lightning strikes. yet another passenger plane hit. the hole in the nose of the plane. and sandra bullock tonight. you will hear her chilling 911 calls. her accused stalker, in her home. she was hiding in here closet.


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