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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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let's start and take a close look at doppler radar in the metro area. let's zoom into metro washington. showers through montgomery county right now. down the road towards wheaton and into forest glenn, silver spring and northwest washington there are more showers just developing on the southern end of that from the potomac river into mclean. but the heavier showers are restricted in a few spots. culpepper, and you get farther south through gordonsville lower end of the shenandoah valley heavier showers there. that's well southwest of fredricksburg. but richmond is the jackpot right now. stretching from the middle peninsula all the way south to richmond to petersburg. those are heavy storms. a lot of lightning there. and at least one of those turned severe a little while ago. all that is moving to the northeast towards the middle peninsula at the lower end of the chesapeake bay. just a few showers tonight we think. we'll continue to monitor that. eventually that will land the thunderstorms well south and east of d.c. and then we'll see clearing skies overnight and on tap for a beautiful weekend.
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join you that with in a few minutes, maureen? maureen: thank you, doug. a fairfax county police officer is facing possible child pornography charges tonight. the officer, a 15 year veteran whose name has not been released has been relieved of duty pending an investigation. he has not yet been charged. police received a tip this week that child pornography had been uploaded through their servers. they traced the upload to a home in fairfax county which they say is owned by that police officer. new developments tonight about the man charged in last night's kidnapping and shooting spree that went from d.c. to maryland. 48-year-old ronald anderson is accused of kidnapping his girlfriend, shooting and killing a u.s. census security guard and then exchanging gunfire with d.c. police. abc 7 has learned that anderson has a lengthy criminal history that includes a manslaughter conviction. he was recently charged with assaulting his girlfriend. anderson was shot by police
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during last night's crime spree and remains in the hospital tonight. meanwhile, we're getting reaction tonight from people who knew lawrence buckner the security guard killed last night. kevin lewis is live from suitland, maryland with how buckner is being remembered tonight. kevin: hi there maureen. lawrence buckner had worked various security jobs at a handful of buildings across the d.c. metro area for two decades. back in 2011 he took the job here at the u.s. census bureau. about two hours ago, officials reopened the front gates here. they took down all of the yellow police tape. you can see a handful of guards in the yellow vests guarding the parking lot where buckner lost his life. gunfire at the u.s. census bureau, the victim 59-year-old armed security officer lawrence
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buckner pictured with his wife, adult son and four grandchildren, buckner was patrolling the main parking lot thursday evening when he saw a couple arguing inside the car. police say the male driver, 48-year-old ronald anderson of southeast shot and killed buckner. anderson caught only hours later during a wild police shootout along eighth street northeast. today, a police cruiser and yards of yellow crime scene tape cordoned off the front gate of the u.s. census bureau. beyond these iron bars, investigators filmed the parking lot inch by inch. meanwhile, buckner's employer master security remembered the u.s. army veteran for his keen sense of humor, love of ford mustangs and passion for helping others. buckner's boss writing in a statement "lawrence was a true professional. a man of extraordinary honesty and integrity. in his final act of bravery, lawrence gave his own life to protect others. for that, all of us are eternally grateful." you know, lawrence buckner, he drove to and from work every
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day. his commute 90 minutes each way. he lived in king george, virginia. as one might imagine, his family gathered there at the family home this evening grieving privately. live in suitland kevin lewis, abc 7 news. maureen: thank you kevin. more problems today for the scandal-plagued u.s. secret service. an agent was arrested last night in d.c. accused of breaking into a home. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live from d.c. superior court where the agent appeared late this afternoon. sam? sam: yes, maureen. actually it was not an agent but an officer of the uniformed secret service branch. he was arraigned here on charges of attempted first-degree burglary and felony destruction of property. he's 29 years old. outside the apartment where police were called this morning for a burglar in progress glass from two broken windows litters the ground. a boot print dents the front
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door. in court papers uniform secret service officer arthur baldwin denied breaking the glass and admitted trying to kick in the door to the home. residents declined to go on camera but described the scene this morning. >> black s.u.v. black s.u.v. that's all it was. it was a black s.u.v. that's all it was. it was everywhere. police. sam: in court papers when they arrived, baldwin had fled and they saw a woman crying shaking and appeared to be in fear of her life saying "my ex-boyfriend won't leave me alone." adding "i don't want him to lose his job. he is a police officer." police say baldwin returned to the scene asking to talk to the woman. police say they asked baldwin if he had his service weapon. he turned over a pistol and they placed him under arrest. and this is the latest in a number of issues plaguing the secret service agency. the others albeit the much
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higher than a uniformed secret service officer who patrols the foreign missions. secret service issued a statement today saying he has been put on administrative leave pending an investigation. reporting live from d.c. superior court, sam ford, abc 7 news. maureen: update now with about the security contractor involved in last week's prisoner escape at inova fairfax hospital much the u.s. marshals service tells the abc 7 on your side i-team it's stopped working with allied protection in virginia. and won't use its services to move or guard prisoners until it completes a review. last night, the i-team revealed two of the three men listed as executives on the allied's website claim they have no ties to the organization. and their names were used without their knowledge. the penalty phase of the boston marathon bombing trial has been delayed. this week, a jury convicted dzhokhar tsarnaev on all 33 counts against him.
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the penalty phase was supposed to begin this coming week but has been moved to april 21st. the day after this year's boston marathon. the defense wanted more time to resolve logistical issues. the jury could sentence tsarnaev to death or to life in prison. coming up we now know what led to the sudden death of a beloved loudoun county high school student. and will the state of virginia step in to save an all women's college. the answer is next on abc 7 news at 6:00.
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maureen: bacterial meningitis is believed to have caused the sudden death of a broad run high school senior this week. madison small died on tuesday without warning. an outpouring of love and support from students and teachers at broad run followed. the loudoun county health department does not believe there is a meningitis outbreak and says the best way to prevent it is by hand washing. no word on how small contracted the disease. virginia's attorney general says he's not stepping into the battle over the planned closing of sweet briar college. mark herring says unless the school's board of directors acted improperly or violated its duties, the state will not get involved. the board decided to close the school because of financial problems.
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amherst county's attorney is seeking an injunction to stop the college from shutting down in august. maryland's general assembly has passed a bill to prohibit fracking in the state for the next 2 1/2 years. some areas of western maryland are possibl sites for hydraulic fracturing. governor larry hogan hasn't indicated his position on the bill which passed the house and senate by veto proof margins. more candidates are expected to join the race for the white house. inton, she would announce on sunday that she is running for president in 2016. according to those familiar with her plans, clinton will make the announcement with an on-line video posted on social media. and on monday in miami florida senator marco rubio is expected to announce he is running for president, too. next on abc 7 news at 6:00 video of the tornadoes that left scenes like this throughout the midwest.
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which town suffered the most? plus will storms hit us tonight? doug hill is back with the answer next.
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maureen: this is what many people in the midwest saw and survived this week. more than 30 reported tornadoes in the last three days cut through the region. recovery and rescue efforts continue in towns devastated by the twisters. lona zack has more including word of another storm-related death. >> obviously suffered severe tragedy here. two people lost their lives in fairdale. reporter: the governor announcing the solemn news in fairdale illinois, a small town less than two hours outside of chicago. the tornado that ripped through there on thursday evening all but wiped the town off the map! >> oh my gosh! reporter: 15 tornadoes were reported in the midwest yesterday. almost all of them focused on illinois but also hitting missouri and iowa. watch what the force of the winds does to this semi. >> oh! he's over! he's over! >> oh, [beep]! reporter: a 50-mile path of
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destruction. >> the roof blew off and the walls came down and the second floor fell on the first floor. i need a new house. reporter: residents in rochelle illinois wondering how they can put back together the pieces of their lives. since the storm hit the sheriff has been working nonstop. >> i was born and raised in this community and it's a privilege to be able to serve them. reporter: for him, deft station has been personal. >> as all of you know my house is gone. reporter: that storm front headed east and from texas to delaware, there will be warnings for extreme weather though the destruction is not expected to be nearly as severe. in new york lona zack, abc 7 news. maureen: what a mess. what a mess. doug: indeed. maureen: what about us? doug: we got pretty lucky today. nasty stuff in richmond virginia east right now we'll get to in a minute. first, i want to share some really good news. look at the cherry blossoms from today. the national park service announced today that the cherry
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blossoms are officially full bloom. if you remember some time ago when you made the prediction of being full bloom, 11th or the 13th. they were a day early. pretty good prediction. i wonder if they do stock investments, too. that would be helpful. way to go park service. going to be beautiful weather, too. let's get you started with what's happening around the area now. it was a cool, damp day. look at the almanac. two years ago today, remember this? it was 91 degrees. record high temperature. today, 66 and that's only been in the past couple of hours. we've started to warm up. average high 65. much cooler all day long. 66 now at reagan national airport. winds out of the west at three miles an hour. temperatures to the south continue to be much warmer than they are in the local area. 59 in baltimore. 4 54 degrees in aberdeen maryland. warmer air continues to move up to the southeast. a cold front moves in and temperatures falling behind the front a bit. it will be cooler than the 70's
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or 80's tomorrow. we never got in the 70's or 80's. it will be really nice this weekend. for the moment let's concentrate on that area of virginia because that's where some stuff is happening. we've got a few showers locally. i mean, littererallyliterally, a few little showers. heavier stuff to the south and west. you have to get to the riff monday area to see some big areas. no advisories or warnings close to us but a severe thunderstorm watch has been posted for parts of the northern neck middle peninsula and lower eastern shore of maryland and lower eastern shore of virginia for the next several hours because of this area of shower and storm activity that's blossoming. temperatures have been in the 80's all day. that's prime area as that moves out, we have a few other little showers and storms developing behind it. those two should stay south of the metro area and may clip southern maryland but that will be that clearing skies as we head through the evening hours so we'll be in fine shape here so gradual clearing, cool. the westerly winds will bring drier air later tonight. that sets the stage for high pressure to take control of
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cherry blossom weekend and here's the result. tomorrow, partly to mostly sunny and breezy. westerly winds 10 to 15. sunday, bright sunshine. 70 degrees and we'll continue to look ahead for the next seven days into monday. 72 with sunshine. a chance of showers on tuesday. upper 60's. back to partly sunny, 730 degrees wednesday. look at the temperatures above average for the next seven days. maureen and tim? maureen: lovely. thank you so much, doug. the smithsonian natural history museum has received a $13 million donation to support its education efforts. the donation was announced at an event this afternoon. this is the museum's largest education donation to date. it will support the museum's silent education center. that facility will be renamed the whitney science education center in honor of miss whitney the donor. the loudoun county high school
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robotics team will take part in a national competition after all thanks to some generous donors. last weekend, the team was named runner-up at a regional competition in tennessee. but an s.u.v. containing the team's robot and other equipment was stolen from a hotel parking lot. today, the students received a $15,000 donation from the loudoun county chamber of commerce and several i.t. companies. >> it's overwhelming from waking up on sunday morning to lose everything to in a few short days we're so grateful for all the outpouring of support we've received. maureen: the team will be able to use a backup robot later this month in st. louis. good news for them. what about us? tim: trying to get the nats back on track. the nats look for some brotherly love in philadelphia tonight. the orioles get smoked in camden yards. and the young gunslinger from texas shooting lights out between the azaleas in augusta. i've got sports coming up next.
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tim: a year ago jordan spieth was a masters rookie and finished second. now, with a year under his belt he's dominating the field and making it look easy. oh, what a day in augusta. the 21-year-old from the university of texas shot six birds. had no bogeys. 12 pars.
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making it look easy. that's an understatement. he's gone 64 66. he's 14 under par. that's a record for 36 holes at the masters. jordan spieth with the boldness of a burglar and the soft hands of a surgeon, great theater. and how about tiger? tiger backed up his first round 73 with a three under par 69. tiger went from tied at 41st. he has moved up to 13th and he made the cut easily. all right, for baseball fans, the nationals are in philadelphia tonight against the phillies. still shaking their heads about what went wrong against the mets. the answer is easy. not much went right. and it's not hard to figure out. the world series favorites struck out 30 times in three games. scored anl six runs. add desmond's three errors and without rendone, werth and span it's not the same team. how about michael taylor? playing well and batting 4-13. >> with consistent at-bats he continues to get rhythm and timing and good to see these
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pitchers and get a sense of them, too. last at-bat, he battled and fouled some pitches off and ended up hitting the ball off the wall. good sign for michael. tim: this was opening day in baltimore. battle of the birds. blue jays and orioles. this day belonged to tt. first inning, left-hander. navarro takes it the other day. left field. everybody is running. bau tisa scores easily. donaldson on his horse. he comes home. navarro with a double. toronto blue jays beat the orioles. final was 12-5. hockey play of the day comes from the minnesota wild. wild with 12 straight road wins. how about the spin cycle move? top shelf. bing, bang bing. shake and bake move. that's your special from the wild. and don't forget the caps play the regular season finale tomorrow afternoon in the phone booth against the rangers. big game tonight. the islanders and pittsburgh. it looks right now like the caps will have ice for the first round. home ice for that first round and they probably will play the islanders. so we'll keep an eye on that.
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maureen: we don't want too much talk about ice. doug: long time before we talk about ice again. let's talk about thunderstorms. some right now in the richmond area and over sections of southeastern virginia and down there, that's where we'll see the storm action. just an isolated shower in our area this evening and that will be that. for the weekend, it looks gorgeous. partly and mostly sunny. breezy. 730 degrees on sunday with sunshine. steve rudin you'll talk more about the trailing end of these storms and weekend outlook. let me tell you about the kickoff of the cherry blossom parade along constitution avenue, the blossoms are at full bloom. it is going to be gorgeous. absolutely gorgeous. maureen: beautiful place. beautiful place. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. join us at 11:00.
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on this friday night, bracing for severe weather hitting tonight. and the deadly tornado outbreak already. the 50-mile path of destruction. a town leveled. the tractor-trailer blown off the road. and the new video inside this school bus, children onboard. the officer charged with murder. the new dash-cam video tonight. the part we didn't see. the other person in that car. also tonight, this arrest caught on tape. late today, authorities coming forward. ten deputies put on leave tonight. we're on the scene at this hour. the discovery. authorities now fearing a silent killer yet again. their urgent warning for millions. and barbara walters with mary kay letourneau. now asking to be taken off the sex offender registry. married with children, with that same student all these years later.


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