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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  April 13, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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jummy: the so-called free range parents are back in the headlines this noon. their two children ages 10 and 6 taken into custody for the second time this year after walking by themselves in silver spring. the kids are back home now and as jeanette reyes reports, she spoke with parents who said the actions by authorities have left their children traumatized. jeanette: it's an odd assumption
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for any parent to make when their child suddenly goes missing. it was a logical conclusion for danielle meitiv. her 6 and 10-year-olds were walking home from the park sunday around 5:00 in the afternoon when someone they spoke with noticed they were alone. they were picked up at the intersection by several police officers who were answering a 911 call. they were .4 of a mile away from home. >> ok, you can walk home. at this point, they were two blocks away. they said no we'll drive you home. they picked them up in the police car and kept them for 2 1/2 hours. jeanette: around 8:00 the children were taken to child protective services in rockville. meitiv says her children are traumatized. it's not her first run-in with the agency. back in 2014 their parenting style called free range led to an investigation after the children were spotted walking alone. back in march, the meitivs were found responsible for
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unsubstantiated child neglect. the issue went viral. >> succeed in making them terrified because i'm afraid they're going to take them away. yeah i never was scared of strangers. jeanette: meitiv says they made her sign a temporary plan. she must not leave her children unattended. she's hired an attorney. >> watching too much tv. jeanette: reporting in silver spring, jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. jummy: abc 7 have put in a call with child protective services and have not heard back. he stabbed his wife and left her to die in the dunkin donuts where they worked. that's what police say happened overnight in hanover, maryland. suzanne kennedy brings us up to date on the search for the alleged killer. suzanne: the pair was working at this dunkin donuts store in the 7600 block of anne arundel mills boulevard last night when authorities say some sort of a
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dispute prompted a 24-year-old man to kill his wife. police and helicopters and on the ground are searching for this man. he is a 24-year-old hanover man who allegedly killed his wife overnight at this dunkin donuts. authorities came to the store after being approached by a concerned customer. >> patrons alerted an officer to an unusual situation. that situation was no one was working behind the counter. no employees here at the dunkin donuts, the officer we want -- went in and began checking the business where they found the victim. suzanne: the victim was 24-year-old patel. the two had a history of domestic violence. overnight and into the morning, there was a heavy police presence in the area. >> i kept hearing the helicopters all night long and i just know until we pulled up in here and this is the first time i've seen problems around here.
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suzanne: the dunkin donuts employees was shocked when he came in. >> makes me feel uncomfortable to go to work. suzanne: patel is charged with first and second degree murder first and second degree assault and having a dangerous weapon with intent to injure. authorities say he is a dangerous man and if anyone sees him, they should call police immediately. in hanover, maryland suzanne kennedy, abc news. jummy: two children are in hospital right now after an accident in calvert county. this happened on cougar county around 8:30 this morning. the sheriff's department said the two 8-year-olds got into a minivan as it was warming up and apparently got it rolling and crashed into a small tree. both children were flown to the hospital. no word this noon on their condition. a community college in north carolina is on lockdown right now after a deadly shooting. this happened after wayne county community college in goldsboro, about an hour southeast of raleigh. police say one person was shot
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in the library. that person died. the suspect, we hear, is still on the run. a perimeter has been set up around the college and the search is now under way. make sure you stay with abc 7 on air and on line for any updates. new developments expected today when we hear from anne arundel police about the shooting that seriously injured one of their officers. police have two suspects in custody in the shooting on friday. they are expected to release information about that second day. adams has been upgraded to serious condition. on metro, red line riders are rejoicing this noon. after nearly six years of manual operations, eight car trains have returned to automatic mode. as mike conneen reports, some rides say that means a smoother ride on the rails. mike: ever since the catastrophic 2009 red line crash that killed 10 people, a smooth ride depends on the driver. >> like driving a car.
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put on the brakes a lot. mike: they said after years of signal upgrades, rigorous at thing and the full i willment of eight safety disclosures, the red line trains have switched back to automatic trains. >> it seems to be moving faster. >> i don't now. it's no different. >> no different? >> maybe a little smoother. >> think of it as specialized cruise control. excel acceleration deceleration are controlled by computers. operators remain for announcements and open and close the doors. >> the drivers are very good very friendly and very prompt. mike: now that trains are automated, some would like to see the announcements automated, too. >> speaker system is horrible. mike: for now, six car trains will continue to operate in manual mode until the system gets a planned software upgrade.
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meanwhile, the five other rail lines are expected to return to automatic mode in late 2015. mike conneen, abc 7 news. jummy: we are getting our first look at metro's new 7,000 series rail cars today. the first 7,000 series trains will go into service on the blue line tomorrow. the new cars have wider aisles, uncarpeted floors and digital time boards. they'll replace cars that have been in use since metro opened about 40 years ago. and metro says it saw more than 1.1 million riders to the cherry blossom festival this weekend. that's more than two times normal numbers. that festival wrapped up yesterday but you can still get a glimpse of the pink and white flowers today maybe with some smaller crowds. the cherry trees are still in peak bloom stage through tomorrow. and with the sun and 70 degrees temperatures today it's a pretty nice day to enjoy the nice weather in the nation's capital. let's get to doug hill with a
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first look at the forecast. hey there doug. doug: hey there, jummy. live look from the belfort weather camera in alexandria. 69 degrees. few high clouds. sunny days in alexandria and throughout the entire area. temperatures will manage their way in the low to mid 70's. 72 already in reagan national and manassas. 70 degrees at andrews and frederick and 73 in fredricksburg. somewhere, it's 74 and 75 i think, for most areas, slow increase in high cloudiness through the afternoon but the sun will still manage to shine through. more clouds later tonight and then overnight tomorrow morning, then a chance of showers with the approaching cold front. with high pressure off the ocean now, looks good for this afternoon but that front will bring the showers and clear right back out later tomorrow afternoon. check out the next seven days in detail for you in a few minutes. jummy? jummy: all right, doug. the list of 2016 presidential hopefuls is getting bigger. hillary clinton hit the ground running this morning after announcing her candidacy yesterday. abc's karen traverse reports as clinton begins her campaign trail in iowa.
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karen: hillary clinton's once again aiming for the white house. >> so i'm hitting the road to earn your vote. because it's your time and i hope you'll join me on this journey. karen: clinton left her new york home yesterday afternoon en route to iowa where she'll hold her first campaign event on tuesday. differences between this run for the white house and her first are clear. the video that launched clinton's campaign doesn't even show the candidate until halfway through. instead, it highlights moms workers, black, white, spanish speaking and gay. >> everyday americans need a champion. and i want to be that champion. karen: campaign aides say this time she'll be a candidate that's more accessible and more engaging. the former secretary of state, senator and fist lady is heading to iowa in a van. one she nicknamed b.b. and last night, she tweeted this picture from a pennsylvania gas station. met a great family when we stopped this afternoon. >> the clinton team has thought
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a lot about what went wrong and went right this time. karen: no surprise the republican contenders wasted no time launching their attacks. jeb bush tweeted "we must do better than hillary." senator rand paul said a hillary clinton presidency would be a disaster. and senator ted cruz released this video. >> hillary clinton represents the failed policies of the past. karen: and the republican field will get bigger today. florida senator marco rubio is expected to announce his bid for the white house in miami tonight. reporting from northwest, karen traverse, abc 7 news. jummy: happening day in arizona jodi arias will learn her fate at a sentencing hearing. a jury in phoenix deadlocked on the death penalty taking it off the table. the only decision left is whether to sentence arias to life in prison without parole or allow her to be eligible for parole after 25 years.
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new details this noon in the south carolina police officer shooting. a group is demanding that the first officer who responded after the shooting of walter scott also be fired and indicted for filing a false report. scott was unarmed when he was shot in the back trying to run away from officer michael slager back on april 4th. slager is in prison on murder charges. the national bar association says officer clarence haversham arrived moments after scott fell to the ground and deliberately left out facts in his report. a search is on for two suspects in the abduction of a jewelry store employee in philadelphia. you can see it unfold right here in this surveillance video. police say the men kidnapped the 54-year-old woman as she was at work. the attackers beat and robbed her in an attempt to gain access to that store. they dumped her in the cemetery. an alleged accomplice has been tracked down in south carolina but the kidnappers are still on the run. coming up on abc 7 news at noon
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a deadly plane crash in florida. new video and what investigators say happened right before it went down. and it's being called the largest building move in d.c.'s history. what's moving and what it's making way for. and history at the masters. new 21-year-old champion who took the title from golf's biggest names. and you will need that umbrella tomorrow. but today isn't too bad. doug is back with what you need to know to plan for your week. that's next.
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jummy: investigators are still trying to figure out what caused yesterday's deadly plane crash in florida. the small plane went in a wooded area near fort lauderdale executive airport right after being cleared for landing. four people on board were killed. the ntsb and f.a.a. are back at that scene today. a crash involving a mega bus and a tractor-trailer in indiana injured at least 10 people. that mega bus out of chicago crashed with the tractor-trailer and two other cars around 4:30 this morning. the passengers were all treated for nonlife threatening injuries. this is the fourth time the mega bus has crashed in indiana since october. now to the hill this noon congress is back in session today and secretary of state john kerry plans to hold private meetings with members of both the house and senate today and tomorrow. he'll explain why he wants opponents of an iran nuclear bill to hold their fire until they see a final agreement. he told cbs the obama administration should be free to negotiate without interference until the june 30th deadline.
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and in maryland governor larry hogan is offering democratic lawmakers a budget compromise. an agreement must be reached before the legislative session ends at midnight. hogan is offering extra funds for schools and employee pay raises but he won't release money democrats that are earmarked for certain school districts unless there's a budget deal. to virginia now where governor terry mcauliffe has appointed a new member of the board of visitors. he will place dr. edward miller. it comes after miller resigned from the board with a year left remaining in his term. miller told the daily progress he's stepping down because issues like rising tuition and declining funding for research aren't being addressed. james madison's university board -- has a board that has approved undergraduate tuition increases. in state students living on campus will pay about $19,000 in tuition and fees. that's a 3.2% increase.
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tuition and fees for out of state students living on campus will cost more than $34,000. that's a 2.6% increase. graduate students and fees will not change. and we are learning details this noon about what's being called the largest building move in d.c. history. the first of two historic buildings in the mount vernon square neighborhood is scheduled to be moved in the next few days. the former carriage warehouse built in 1891 will be moved about 30 feet east. >> gives us the ability to dig underneath the buildings and create a three story office garage as well. jummy: that will make way for the 655 new york avenue project, an industrial warehouse built in 1907 is scheduled to be moved in june. not too far away. doug: i'm fascinating when they do that. painstakingly slow. it's incredible they can do that. it's gorgeous out there. already 70's in some spots. it's a nice day.
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tomorrow, count on the rain and umbrella umbrella, that kind of day. let's get started we army navy country club in arlington early this morning, you're up and moving around sunrise. saw the overcast but quickly the winds picked up out of the south and started lifting up the cloudiness and turned the beautiful morning. temperatures now holding close to30 degrees in arlington and already spots in the lower 70's. 72 at dulles and manassas. 73 at fredricksburg. a little bit of a bay breeze effect or breeze off the river. it's going to chill us down quite a bit. these are winds now sustained at er hour at reagan national. 15 miles per hour at reagan national. so that's helping to bring in the warmer temperatures and it will be the delightful afternoon. you may notice a few high clouds from time to time. this is running well in advance of the cold front that's still out in the midwest but it will
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arrive late tonight and tomorrow. 78 in charleston, west virginia now. 72 degrees in washington. 72 in raleigh and the warm air will overspread the mid atlantic up to the new york area late this afternoon and tonight. when it gets cooler later in the week behind the front, it's going to do that. it's going to be cooler but for this day with high pressure off shore and helping to bring in the warmer temperatures, next weather feature is a cold front that has a line of showers developing ahead of it already. the front gets closer to this evening, it will generate more cloudiness but sunny until then and then late night overnight and through some portion of tomorrow will be periods of rain as the area of low pressure and cold front moved to the south and east. futurecast captures this idea pretty well. rain in the area and then area of low pressure comes up along the front keeping the rain going at times until it hit the mid afternoon hours. then we'll quickly clear out and beyond that it looks terrific i think, for a few more days. check out the next seven days for you. 74 today. lots of sunshine.
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clouds in tonight and then tomorrow cloudy day 90% chance of rain in the morning into the afternoon. clearing out later in the day. bit cooler on wednesday and thursday with some sunshine and then the next set-up pattern changes coming here friday and saturday. 50% chance of rain on friday and 30% for the day on saturday. but temperatures we're kind of here. i think you can forget about the cold weather. i think it's done. jummy: i think it's done too. if you say so, i believe it. doug: happy about that. jummy: doug, thank you. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, golf has a new star. how he made history this weekend. and air travel troubles on the rise. why you might want to hit the road instead of the air for your vacation thi
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jummy: jordan spieth is the second youngest golfer to win the masters with an 18 under total. that ties the tournament record set by tiger woods, get this back in 1997. spieth had a two under 70 for a victory. spieth opened with an eight under 64 on thursday. and that allowed him to become the first wire-to-wire winner since raymond floyd in 1976. lost luggage and late flights. they are the complaints. more and more passengers are lodging about air travel. new report finds the quality of air travel in the u.s. has plummeted in the last year. consumer complaints jumps 22% in 2014 with the worst regional carriers like american eagle, united express and delta connection. on-time performance fell and complaint rates rose at american, united and southwest. siri is getting a new voice.
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the digital assistant will sound more like a real person with the i.o.s. 8.3 update. for instance siri's voice drops at the end of clau like ours do. siri had a voice make-over in 2013. they switched to one male and one female voice. interesting stuff. enjoy the sun today. clouds are moving back in tonight. and dad is back with when to
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jummy: look at this, doug.
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apparently a school of flying fish do not want anyone in their territory. take a look at what happened when the washington university rowing team went out to this missouri lake for practice. you can see the asian carp just shot out of the water and started attacking the row boat. no students were hurt but their boat we hear did smell a little fishy. used to wonder if this was a conspiracy from one of their competitors. doug: i don't know. that's definitely kind of took practice down a little bit huh? jummy: yeah, you could say so. doug: fun to see. allergy stuff today. it will be beautiful. sunshine and warmer. breezy at times and sotherly wind and tomorrow rain. we'll tell you about that when i join you this afternoon coming up at 4:00. it will turn cooler but not colder this week. jummy: ok see y
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