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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  April 14, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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autria: jummy: firefighters are now investigating what caused this two alarm fire in silver spring at an apartment building. you can see the flames shooting from an eighth floor apartment. windows were blown out and left several people displaced. suzanne kennedy tells us what residents say they saw and heard. suzanne: the two alarm fire started around 7:00 this morning on the eighth floor of this building. residents who quickly evacuated say they heard an explosion as the fire burned. >> we heard huge rocking bang.
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suzanne: it was the sound that woke many residents and forced them to flee this high rise early this morning. 100 montgomery county firefighters were brought in to fight the blaze that started at 7:00 a.m. on east wayne street. >> it was a huge fire. it was really red. and that was not too much smoke come out of it. but it was really red and intense. suzanne: residents reported hearing an explosion. >> the window frame had blown out before firefighters arrived on the scene. so that's a little unusual. again, some people described to me that there was an explosion. suzanne: all of the tenants were evacuated safely. there were no injuries. still, a frightening situation for residents especially those on the eighth floor. >> spraying -- separating the fire from our main bedroom and i was concerned about our staff, you know typically, we work you know. suzanne: most of the fire damage
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is contained to one apartment but others received smoke and water damage meaning several people won't be able to return to their homes today. in silver spring, abc 7 news. autria: in virginia firefighters quickly contained this townhouse fire in the alexandria section of fairfax county. crews were called to the fire at ridley court around 7:20 this morning. investigators say it started on the roof of the end unit. no one was hurt. the family of a 9-year-old boy caught in the crossfire of a shooting in northern d.c. on a playground has filed a lawsuit. we have followed jaydan stancil's story for months now as he recovers from that injury. why the family says it could have been prevented. reporter: the stancil family is filing a $50 million lawsuit after 9-year-old jaydan was shot in the head last october. he was on the playground at the
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mayfair mansion apartment complex in northeast when gunfire broke out in a nearby parking lot and a bullet was lodged above his eye. he survived but not without multiple surgeries and intensive therapy. the lawsuit is against the apartment complex, the property management company & the lawsuit alleges there were inadequate security measures in place. according to the firm there's been 65 gunshots reported on the property in the last five years and repeated tenant complaints against the complex. >> he's a fighter. he's doing much better today considering he was given 35 minutes to live. i would hate to see another family going through what i've been through with jaydan. reporter: the family alleges significant delays in processing the evidence on the scene as well as ballistics test. there's been no arrests in this case. reporting in northwest, jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. jummy: we take a look outside right now, outside our studios in rosslyn.
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some of you are seeing rain at this hour. expected to last most of the day. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look at the first forecast. doug? doug: hey jummy. plenty of rain. temperatures very mild. later today, the wind direction will change and the temperatures will start cooling off. the one thing that will not change is the rain or the threat of rain every minute here through the rest of this tuesday. as far as the radar goes doppler shows wide area of rain. few breaks here and there with the patterns. little specks are heavier localized downpours. no lightning. some periods of rain at continuous times through later tonight. here's the reason for it. the rain stretches westward into kentucky. southern sections of indiana so all that rain is going to make a move to the east-northeast and will eventually get out of there. it's going to take until much later this evening. look at the numbers. very mild locally in the 60's and a little cooler north of the metro area and through the day, we'll see the slow drop in temperatures and occasional showers ending sometime between
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7:00 and 9:00 tonight. look ahead to the rest of the week and weekend for you in a few minutes, jummy. jummy: see you then. developing now is islamic extreme group al-shabab is behind a deadly attack on government office complexes in somalia. they say a suicide car bomber detonated a vehicle outside of the complex in the capital. and then gunmen entered the building and opened fire. we know at least 10 people were killed before authorities could secure the building. seven attackers were also killed. and today marks one year since boko haram militants abducted almost 300 school girls in nigeria. the kidnapping sparked a worldwide movement dubbed "bring back our girls." activists are marking the anniversary of that mass abduction today with a solidarity march. nigerian president-elect issued a somber statement saying he can't make any promises to find the girls and doesn't know if they can be rescued. iraq's prime minister is meeting with president obama today to ask for more help to defeat
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isil. he'll make his first visit to the white house since being elected seven months ago. he says the increase in weapons deliveries trainings and u.s. air strikes have helped roll back isil but he says he needs greater support from the international coalition. a senate panel is set to vote today on an oversight measure. the bill would give congress a say on potential international agreements aimed at keeping iran from developing a nuclear program. that move is a direct challenge to the white house. president obama has threatened to veto any such measure. now, to vote 2016 news. hillary clinton hits the presidential campaign trail today to make her first official appearance. clinton will hold a roundtable with a small group of students and educators at kirkwood community college in monticello iowa. although president obama declined to issue a formal endorsement, he did weigh in on clinton's candidacy. >> she is talented tenacious, was a great secretary of state. she is a friend of mine. and i think she would be an
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excellent president. jummy: meanwhile, the field for 2016 republican presidential candidates continues to grow. yesterday, senator marco rubio joined senators ted cruz and rand paul for the race for the white house. a congressional hearing under way right now to discuss misconduct of d.e.a. agents. they are accused of having sex parties with prostitutes hired by drug cartels in colombia. that's according to an inspector general's report. it also says colombian police officers protected the agents' weapons during those parties. incidents allegedly happened between 2009 and 2012. hearing began this morning on the injunction to stop sweet briar college in virginia from closing later this summer. amherst county attorney ellen boyar filed the lawsuit to fire its president and board and keep the women's college open. back in march, sweet briar administrators announced plans to close the school because of financial recruitment and operational challenges. the general assembly passed a
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budget just before the midnight deadline last night in maryland. it doesn't go far as larry hogan wanted in trimming the state's deficit. brad bell live in annapolis this noon where hogan talked about some of the disagreements this morning. brad, what did he have to say? >> well, the governor also said the definition of compromise is both sides are not entirely happy. and he says they did work out some compromise and the legislature did adjourn last night at midnight as they're required to do. this morning, the governor has been in the second floor of the historic statehouse signing 120 bills into law. before that he took time to have a press conference where he did tell us he feels like he has accomplished many of the goals he promised the people of the state of maryland. primarily that he would reduce spending and cut taxes. >> while i have a number of concerns with the general assembly's actions on the budget, we ended the session on
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a high note by reigning in spending, cutting taxes providing record investment in education and changing the trajectory of the state. brad: two primary areas of disagreement. a 2% raise for state employees. governor didn't want to fund it. he wanted to fund it but didn't believe the money existed for it. and as well a supplemental funding to school systems where it's more expensive to educate children. prince george's county schools are an example. in prince george's county 20 million dollars is at stake. the legislature put the money in last night. as a result, the state is going to be facing a $200 million shortfall when they come back next year to do it all over again. in annapolis, brad bell abc 7 news. jummy? jummy: brad coming up here at noon new developments in a police involved shooting death in tulsa, oklahoma. the next step for the
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73-year-old volunteer deputy after he confused a taser with a real gun. and a health alert this noon, how taking pain relievers could impact your mental well being. and new and improved metrocards make their debut today. up close look at the high-tech features you should know about. in the weather department more unsettled weather in the forecast. doug back with the best time for outdoor plans this week. we'll be right back.
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jummy: new developments this afternoon in the north carolina community college shooting. police say the deadly incident is now being investigated as a hate crime. they arrested 20-year-old kenneth stancil. he was taken into custody early this morning in florida. he was actually spotted sleeping on a beach in daytona, florida. stancil is accused of shooting and killing the school's print shop director. authorities in oklahoma say a volunteer deputy turned himself in in the last half-hour. 73-year-old robert bass is charged in the shooting an unarmed black man during an undercover operation. bates says he was reaching for his stun gun but accidentally grabbed his handgun. 44-year-old eric harris was shot while running from police after allegedly selling drugs and guns to an undercover officer. bates faces up to four years in prison if convicted. a fatal accident in washington state where a concrete slab fell from a highway overpass killing three people and a pickup truck. construction crews have been installing a sidewalk on the overpass about 30 miles outside
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of seattle. police say a young couple in their 20's and their baby died. investigation into that deadly incident is now under way. today marks 150 years to the day since john wilkes booth assassinated president abraham lincoln at ford's theater. to commemoradeath, ford's theater is holding several events today and tomorrow. throughout the day, living historians will hold talks about what happened that night and the end of the civil war. there will also be a candlelight vigil tonight. president obama will also declare tomorrow a day of rememberance for president lincoln. police in virginia are investigating seven weekend overdoses involving a drug called spice or synthetic marijuana. investigators say five men and two women overdosed at six locations this weekend all in the hampton area. a 47-year-old woman died shortly after she was taken to the hospital and two people remain in serious condition. police say space is a dangerous but isn't illegal in virginia.
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now to a "7 on your side" health matters report. researchers have discovered a new side effect to the popular pain reliever acetaminophen. new study from ohio state university finds that the drug not only dulls your psychological pain but dulls your positive emotions as well. this breakthrough could impact millions of people. according to the study 23% of all americans use at least one medicine containing acetaminophen. brand new high-tech. 7,000 series rail cars made their big debut on the blue line this morning. so far only one train has been put into service. riders already love it. our mike conneen was there for that inaugural ride. mike: when the state of the art 7,000 series rail cars pulled into the franconia springfield metro station this morning, most riders were not expecting it and pleasantly surprised. >> yeah i ride every day anyway. but definitely, look forward to more with a train like this. maybe i won't want to get off. mike: a few who didn't even ride the blue line intentionally came
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for this. >> fantastic. mike: following ntsb recommendations, they have ordered 528 new rail cars to replace the oldest cars in the metro rail system. >> kawasaki is making these in lincoln, nebraska and expected to be shipping them at a rate of 10 to 12 per month. mike: not just safer but more attractive with blue and white replacing that orange color scheme from the 1970s. >> old cars were showing their age. >> carpet grossed me out. mike: the flooring is different. not the old dirty carpet. also, the digital signboards show real time where your train is located and other information. riders also saying they're happy to see the aisles are slightly wider and the seats are a little bit bigger. >> that's a good thing. so it's really going to be great. mike: riders are happy to hear automated station announcements. >> this is the blue line train to largo town center. the next stop is braddock road.
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mike: for now, 7,000 series cars will only appear on blue line eight-car trains but metro says they'll start rolling out to other lines soon. in springfield, mike conneen, abc 7 news. jummy: remind me of the ones in new york city you know? doug: should be nice. jummy: yeah. doug: better taking the metro today than trying to walk because of the rain. tomorrow will be better. as we get to the end of the week, another pattern will bring more rain to town as we head to the late week. let's get started. bell haven country club in alexandria. still 62 degrees. east-southeasterly wind. pretty mild wind direction. temperatures not an issue right now. will turn a bit cooler later in the afternoon when the winds turn around to the north. it minute. when it's not raining, it will look like it's just about to and probably will rain. a lot of rain out there. as far as numbers go across the area couple of totals and current conditions. sperryville, 62 degrees. manassas at 64.
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same in fort washington. closing in on 1/2 inch. we thought that would be the average throughout the area. with more batches coming in we can see the totals go a little higher. it looks like pretty much the entire area is covered with rain. there are a few patches here and there without rain being detected by radar. every now and then with you checking on line or on the app, you see a little yellow patch. that means it's localized areas of a little heavier rain. in the rain we have temperatures in the 60's metro area and most areas to the south and a little cooler weather to the north. but it's going to be a slow process and that slightly cooler air coming to the south. we have a stationary front across the area and area of low pressure is going to ride right along it. it should come near the district or a little bit to the south. behind it the winds are out of the north and the areas are cooler up there. there, we'll see it locked up into the areas of rain moving alon the front and as the low gets close enough, that will bring in a change to northerly winds and make it a little cooler. our futurecast here set for this afternoon shows the same pattern we see on radar right now, it kind of goes into batches as we head through the early evening hours here.
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and then the steadiest area of rain goes off shore. so as that low swings out, we start to see some improvement and pretty much just tapering off and moving out of the way. by early tonight and early tomorrow morning, we'll see some breaks in the futurecast and sunshine. more rain will be developing to the south. we'll keep an eye on that. that may try to make a run on us but may hold off until later in the week. let's give you the numbers in details. tomorrow after the rainy tuesday, partly sunny pleasant wednesday with highs around 67 degrees. winds out of the north-northeast at six to 12 miles an hour. as we head into the weekend, looks like the best chances of rain will be on friday coming back. however, still some chances of showers on saturday. we're hoping they're just going to be restricted to the morning hours and salvaging sunday with a little bit of sunshine. temperatures at or a few degrees above average and then back into the shower business spoebl here by monday. nothing terrible. 50/50 for chances on friday. best chance it will improve during the day on sunday. jummy: ok. we'll take it. april showers.
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doug: they bring may flowers. there you go. jummy: thank you. coming up on abc 7 news at noon an airport employee trapped in a cargo hold mid flight. new question it's raising about airport security
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jummy: officials with alaska airlines say a ramp agent fell asleep in a cargo hold and woke up mid air 14 minutes into a flight and then began banging on the baggage compartment. abc's marcy gonzalez takes a closer look at this terrifying moment the airline worker as well as passengers. marcy: that is the sound of a man waking up from a very
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untimely nap. >> started hearing yelling for help. and soon started yelling at the flight attendants. marcy: passengers reported the banging and screaming coming from below their feats just as alaska airlines flight took off from seattle yesterday. >> i think we have noise from the baggage compartment. marcy: inside that compartment, a contractor for the airline who said he fell asleep on the job. >> started yelling loud into the ground, we're getting ready to land. hold on to something. pretty crazy. >> could be a person in there. we'll have to come back around. marcy: 14 minutes after a takeoff, the plane made an emergency landing back in the airport in seattle and inside the pressurized temperature controlled compartment used to hold pets they found that baggage handler. >> this has happened a couple of times in the past history of jetliners but it's very unusual.
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marcy: he was let on to an ambulance and treated at a hospital and sent home after passing a drug test. now left with some explaining to do to his bosses. his colleagues say they noticed he was missing. they tried calling and texting him and when he didn't respond, they assumed he'd gone home for the day. investigators are now looking into how this all happened. marcy gonzalez abc 7 news. jummy: what a story. outside here in arlington, dreary and rainy conditions. when will it finally clear up?
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jummy: here's a way to brighten up a dreary day. ben and jerry's offering free ice cream cones today to anyone who drops by one of their scoop shops. the company says free cone day is a way to celebrate and thank fans for their support. you can go to to find a participating location. might be heading there real soon, doug? doug: there you go. take an umbrella. you'll need it out there. take a look at the storm scan. areas of rain overhead now. more coming our way from the west. don't think it's particularly heavy. rain most of the day. clearing out for night tonight. tomorrow looks a lot brighter. sunshine and a little more rain. rain is a possibility on thursday and friday. talk more about that at 4:00.
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