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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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carter is live at the white house. what's new here, brianne? brianne: well you want to talk about security measures that are in place, leon take a look behind me. you can see we're being kept back in the park away from the white house. the white house not only has that fence but now a temporary fence in front. after today more changes are expected. a second temporary fence, secret service standing guard in the streets. it's all part of increased security measures in place outside of the white house. soon, additional measures are expected to be added around 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> this morning, the u.s. commission of fine arts unanimously passed the plan to install temporary anti-climb features on the top of the fence. reportedly 1/2 steel spikes to deter climbers. there's also a plan to permanently replace the fence as part of a larger infrastructure improvement. >> i think this is why everybody is here, they want to see it. brianne: the proposed change comes months after several
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security changes. last september, omar gonzalez armed with a knife was able to make it over the fence and into the white house. a month later, another man climbed the north fence and was immediately taken into custody by secret service and k-9 units. >> they're going to get over and put on a show. so no i don't think there's any deterrent there. brianne: during a portion of the afternoon today, visitors were kept across the street. he's visiting from u.k. and says she understands the security but says it still needs to be accessible. >> i don't feel it will be a house anymore much the idea of the house is a home where the president lives and he's in town with all of the americans and all of the tourists. everyone feels welcoming here. brianne: this proposal still isn't a done deal. expected to be another meeting with the national capital planning commission on may 9th when they take up the vote. no timeline on the temporary changes or the permanent one. national park service and secret service are still working on it. brianne carter, abc 7 news.
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leon: thanks brianne. the man who became the face of security problems at the white house is currently awaiting sentencing. omar gonzalez pleaded guilty a month ago to federal charges for jumping the white house fencemaking it inside with a knife. he'll be sentenced in june. he's facing between 12 and 18 months in prison. a man accused of landing a gyrocopter on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol is free tonight. a judge ordered doug hughes free on his own recognizance. out of the terms of that release, the postal worker will be confined to his florida home and restricted from operating any kind of aircraft and not allowed to come into the districk. members of congress that we spoke with said hughes' landing showed a gap in security but they don't believe that anyone dropped the ball. >> can always second guess what they should have done when they should have done it. the fact of the matter is when all is said and done they did the right thing. >> i'm less concerned about who is going to be held accountable about what we're going to do forward to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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leon: hughes is due back in court on may 8th. doug hughes' plans to land in the nation's capital to raise awareness about campaign finance reform was an idea long ago torpedoed by a man that shared his mission. hughes' best friend said it was a bad idea but he thought it was buried before he got that phone call yesterday. joce sterman is here now with the new reaction to the plot. joce? joce: that friend was a postal worker and they share the same political views, they share the same passion about the cause. where they differ though was on this extreme stunt to bring attention to their mission. >> somebody, i suspect, made a decision not to kill him. i appreciate that. joce: mike shanahan close friend of gyrocopter pilot doug hughes is simply thankful his life was spared. as a native of d.c. shanahan knows all about the rules of restricted airspace. and when hughes pitched the flight that made him national news yesterday, he tried to talk him out of it. >> argued against it constantly.
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joce: shanahan says after secret service agents were tipped off he believed the plan was scrapped for good. he had no idea his friend continued to plot. practicing flights on the gyrocopter that he bought in 2013. >> i have thought about walking away from this whole thing because it's crazy. and i had thought about being 75 years old and watching the collapse of this country. and thinking that i had an idea that might have arrested the fall. joce: the flight that landed hughes on the capitol was an attempt, shanahan says to raise awareness of campaign finance reform and extension done by the civilist papers, nonprofit reform group. >> i don't want him going down in history as a nut because he's not. he's a very intelligent person. he's very patriotic. he's very concerned about this country. joce: hughes' concern now, prosecution as the feds investigate how he got so far without intervention.
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>> i'm just glad he's alive at this point. joce: shanahan says the original plan was for hughes to land in the reflecting pool.happened though. he plans to get in touch with his friend as soon as possible. first thing he'll say to him, i'm just glad you're alive, buddy. joce sterman, abc 7 news. leon: we have this just in tonight. video of a courtroom outburst this from the man who is accused of killing a community college employee in what police are calling a hate crime. take a look. we're just getting this in. this is kenneth stancil charged with first degree murder. police say he shot and killed ron lane at wayne community college in goldsboro, north carolina because lane was gay. stancil told a raleigh police station that lane was a child molester who was preying on his 16-year-old brother. stancil offered no evidence though, to back up that claim. stancil also says that he has killed before but has never been caught.
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an ohio man has been arrested accused of training with isil to carry out a terror attack on u.s. soil. federal investigators say the man from columbus ohio spent two months training in syria before returning to the u.s. the justice department says he was planning to attack a military base in texas. he has been in place custody since february when he was arrested on state criminal charges. the army is now giving additional pay to dozens of victims of the 2009 fort hood shooting. this comes a week after the army awarded purple hearts to 36 victims of that attack. army secretary john mckew says the purple heart recipients will receive extra hostile fire pay and other compensation, the army had been resisting issuing purple hearts because it considered that shooting an act of workplace violence rather than an act of terrorism. 13 people died and 31 others were wounded in that attack. a sterling man is hin bars tonight charged with murdering another man last month. fairfax county police arrested
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18-year-old moises dominguez yesterday for the death of a man in herndon. police found his body in a wooded area in the 1500 block of hiddenbrook drive on march 16th. investigators are looking into the possibility that the killing was gang related. anne arundel county police say that they have no new leads on the whereabouts of patel. they both worked there in that restaurant in college park. anybody who knows where the suspect is should call the police. they want to talk with you as soon as possible. coming up here on abc 7 news at 6:00. why the calendar could bring a big surprise for nats fans who plan to park near the ballpark. plus what happened moments before a car spun out of control and crashed killing two. doug: cloudy skies outside of the belfort furniture weather
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center. we have some rain showers getting closer to town. we'll explore those and check out the week end for you as well.
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leon: an arlington home is in ruins and two neighbors' homes are damaged after a two alarm fire this afternoon. fire investigators say the smoke alarms in this house on south rolfe street could not activate. that gave the fire time to
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spread before someone saw it and called 911. the smoke fill most of the skies with smoke and visible from the district in fact. the cause is under investigation. maryland state police say a driver was killed when he crashed his car while fleeing from a trooper who had tried to pull him over. this happened early in the morning in waldorf. the trooper noticed a toyota sion with a burned out tag light and tried to pull the car over. instead, the driver pulled off and sped away. that driver lost control and ran off the road and hit a utility pole. >> looked out my window and there was a car overturned on the side of the road and they had a sheet covering the body. leon: police have not released the victim's name but say he may have been wanted for another undisclosed crime. police emphasize that the trooper lost sight of the fleeing car and that this was not a chase. an anne arundel county man is accused of waving a gun during a road rage incident. police arrested raymond nolan of
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glen burnie. he had gotten into a traffic altercation yesterday with another driver who waved a gun at him. police tracked down that man with the gun, it was nolan. they found a pellet gun in his car along with a small amount of marijuana and several narcotic pain pills. one person was seriously injured in an accident near the key bridge in arlington earlier this morning, the victim was thrown from the car when a car crashed at ft. myer highway. he's listed in critical condition with life threatening injuries at george washington hospital and he's identified as a 26-year-oldington man. the cause of the crash is under investigation. up next on abc 7 news at 6:00 -- >> why you're going to need to pay more of this to see this on certain days if you want to go to nats park. we'll explain and tell you what the fans think coming up in a minute. leon: plus winds of change in the air tonight. doug has to break down when the rain arrives and how long it will stay in a few minutes. robert: i'm robert burton. coming up in sports why the wiz
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think they can eliminate a team they haven't beaten all season and the caps try to take a load off after a rough day at the office. that and more as abc 7 news at
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leon: senate finance committee hearings typically aren't a laughing matter. that is until you hear the cell phone ring tone for a certain long time senator. >> going to be very aggressive on that issue as well as on the geographic preferences. >> come on! >> just let it go, mister! leon: the phone belonged to senator pat roberts, republican from kansas. certainly after the hearing, senator roberts joked on twitter that someone had to tell the obama administration to let it go. nice move. visitors to the jefferson memorial will now find an interactive kiosk there that willow them to share stories about their favorite national parks. kiosk debuted today as part of the national park service's centennial and visitors can find information about all 407 national parks. the park service and the nonprofit national park foundation are trying to reach a younger and more diverse
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audience. the celebration is under way in the district to mark the beginning of the end of slavery. a parade and concert marked the district's celebration of emancipation day in the district. holiday marks the 1862 federal act that freed more than 3,000 slaves in the district. a concert will continue on freedom plaza until 8:30 tonight and followed by fireworks. because of that be advised several roads surrounding freedom plaza will be closed until midnight. plan your trip accordingly. d.c. holiday meant most parking meters were not being enforced today except the ones around nats park. new rules have kicked in requiring you pay any time thaurz a game scheduled and parking there is not cheap. richard reeve live outside of the park with what you need to know about that. rich? rich? rich: no more free parking on sundays and holidays including
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today, emancipation day and here's why. take a look. if you drive around certain streets around the park you'll see the signs here they're telling you, sorry, folks, you'll have to start paying here. this is something different from last year we'll explain that in a minute. 16 home games are on holidays or sundays this year. so that's a lot of sundays. just last year though ddot says things got so confusing, meters were saying one thing and the signs said another. they scrapped the idea for last year but it is back now the idea of paying to park has some fans crying foul. >> i'm really not a fan of it to be honest. cheap way for the city to make money. >> i think that they kind of sprung it on us without warning oochlt oochlt -- >> it's an easy way to get revenue. you get the revenue right away so it's right in your pocket. reporter: here's the important bottom line for a lot of folks. how much are you going to have
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to pay? here's my chicken scratch on the notepad. $2 for the first hour. $8 for the second hour so you're paying $10 for two hours of parking. $8 for the third hour so that's $18 for three hours. $2 for the fourth hour. so $20 for four hours of parking out here folks. now, ddot tells us they're not doing this to generate revenue but try to get people to use mass transit. i got to tell you a lot of fans feel different. reporting live richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: i don't know. that's still a bargain though. lots cost you $25 to $35 a pop. if doug fister is pitching, quick one anyway. doug: have your kids drop you off before the game and pick you up afterwards. that works. a couple of sprinkles falling at the park. let's check out doppler radar. couple of sprinkles not unexpected and a couple of little showers not unexpected. listen, they're weakening. there is that little line now that's starting to arc out across and we get over the map here to show you from all through leesburg moving across
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ashburn and from reston through fairfax here over the next 45 minutes or so. it holds together and it will move across the city and nats park here. very, very light. very brief. something not of any impact. no lightning or thunder to deal with. numbers wise, did well today. 74 and 54 the high and low. 67 and 47 the averages for this date. now, as far as the current numbers, down to 70 degrees with the cloud cover moving into washington right now. 66 degrees in gaithersburg. 67 at andrews air force base. on the mid shore in easton it's 70 degrees right now. as we head through the evening hours, scattered showers for a few more showers and most of the nighttime hours will be cloudy. temperatures will slowly drop. as you get to 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning, next larger batch of rain showers will move in from the southwest and i think many areas will have to deal with that at sunrise tomorrow and for the morning commute. temperaturewise, there's some warm air. it's headed this way but will take until saturday where there's a little taste of it tomorrow. 70 or 72. even though we'll have rain stronger sotherly winds. as we get through the day on
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saturday, it will brighten up. bright sunny day and very warm day as well. here's the first batch of showers. bit of a break. few more but the larger area to the southwest will be the one that will be moving in especially for the day tomorrow and as a result expect good day to take an umbrella with you. late in the afternoon, it should end and maybe get a peek of sunshine by late tomorrow and early in the evening. futurecast suggests that with the simulation. a few breaks and maybe a little jagged line of showers late in the afternoon. but then right behind it skies will start to clear out and we will be in fine shape as we head through the weekend. here's the friday express. showers in the morning. clouds still hanging at midday. a little late afternoon sunshine with high of 72 degrees and the next seven days shows the beautiful weather here for the day on saturday. sunshine, highs of 75 degrees. sunday, outdoor plans. sunday morning through midday look fine. but then a steady increase in cloudiness with showers late in the afternoon or by the evening. continuing into monday. it should end late monday
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afternoon and look at it tuesday, wednesday and thursday sunshine and springlike temperatures in the 70's. leon and robert? leon: good deal. doug gave us something to smile about. how about you? robert: you said it earlier, raptors have the wiz number. right? it's going to be ridiculous series. robert: leon: you think so? robert: the wizards are getting their passports ready. they'll be in toronto for game one. the caps are hoping t
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robert: the wiz will start off the playoffs on the road matched up with the toronto raptors. not a lot of luck with toronto this year. the wiz went 0-3 against the raptors in the regular season. as they always say, that doesn't matter anymore. everyone might as well be 0-0. that 0-3 against toronto still lingers. brand new season starts on saturday. a season the wizards are thankful to be a part of. >> take advantage of these moments. there's nothing like playoff basketball the intensity. the smell of the popcorn just the national televised games every night. this is where you know, good players become great players. that's what i'm trying to say
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every moment counts. yesterday they avoided a sweep by the boston red sox. today, game one of a four game series with the phillies. you can look forward to a great pitching matchup. doug fister will take the mound for the nats and cole hamel for the phillies. ugly stat right here. 10 errors in nine games. on the bright side it looks like the offense is picking up. in the last two games, they scored a total of 14 runs. first pitch is set for 7:05 at nats park. well, the caps had it pretty laid back day today. they held an optional skate around and they'll try to even the series tomorrow with the islanders who lead the series 1-0. a win tomorrow and they leave for new york with a little momentum for game three on sunday. meantime, the caps say they're just trying to enjoy this low stress thursday. >> still a good day. got to forget last game.
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when you play at the rink, you'll have fun. have a good day, go home. get some rest. come back ready to win. robert: i like that. sounds good. final note today the redskins tweeted out they've re-signed their kicker. leon: good deal. robert: good stuff. don't worry about today. leon: ok. we'll see. we'll see. we don't have much to worry about weatherwise. doug: couple of showers and sprinkles out there. live doppler radar shows a little area down and that will move through the metro area in the next hour or so. light showers and that will be that. tomorrow, more rain especially in the morning. should taper off late in the day. on again off again. 72 degrees. steve rudin is busy keeping his eye on doppler radar and have the impact that he could hav the morning commute and update the weekend, too, at 11:00. leon: all right. that's it for us. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up
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tonight, the breaking news. the terror plan. the american under arrest allegedly returning to the u.s. with a deadly platt. tonight, what authorities have most feared. an american allegedly trained by eturning to america with specific targets. also tonight, the growing outrage. the pilot who flew undetected who had tourists in a panic. our team getting answers. why was it so easy for him to slip past homeland security? trapped in the cargo hold in midair. tonight, you will hear the frantic 911 call from the bell little of the plane. >> you're where? >> i'm inside a plane. i feel like it's moving in the air. flight 448. can you believe send somebody to stop it? the hit band tonight and the mals five tour bus fire, racing to escape. and the "star wars" trailer revealed. tonight, right here the giant


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