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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  April 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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studio on the mats sports international. right now, the front door is locked. a note taped to the front door says a parents only meeting will be held here at 6:30 tonight. this case started in december when south dakota authorities flagged an i.p. address that was uploading child pornography. they traced it all the way back to soumbadze's bethesda home. two weeks ago detectives knocked on the karate instructor's front door search warrants in hanldd. they seized a handful of devices they say contain eight crude videos showing this instructor having sex with young men. he fled before police arrested him. authorities think he's in the republic of georgia but they're not sure. it is worth pointing out this
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studio went by the name d.c. martial arts until 2011. police want anyone who has soumbadze as an instructor or child who had him as an instructor to contact the authorities. they want to hear from you. i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news. alison: thank you. we want to get back to that breaking news unfolding near the memorial bridge in the district. two people were struck and injured this afternoon by a car. our richard reeve just got to the scene. what are you learning? rich: as you say, two people struck. i'm going to move out of the way for just one second. this happened around 3:15 we believe or are being told by the authorities that a man and a woman were hit right near those -- on the other side of where those statues are toward us. two people struck a man and a woman that were crossing the street. they had apparently gone to a median and were struck by a car heading away from where i'm standing now. we're going to bring in wendy starr brown. she was here and saw this whole
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thing. wendy, tell us what you saw. >> i was walking along the backside of the lincoln memorial and i looked out and people got out a cab. i saw them and there was a couple and they had a dog on a lead and i noticed the dog. and i also thought to myself that's a terrible place to get out because the traffic is so terrible. but they made it across one set of the lanes and they were making it across the other and i was thinking how terrible it was for them to be trying to cross at that place. and then i saw a black car come around the curve and impact one of them and i saw the gentleman fly into the air. at first i wasn't sure what i was seeing because i thought they had made it quickly enough on to the grass. but no i realized no, he had been struck. and then i just waited until the police in case they needed me to give a statement. rich: did it look like a lot of pedestrians and vehicles were intersecting at this place? >> there weren't a lot of pedestrians. they were the only ones that i saw. i know the traffic was very heavy and i take a walk several days a week here because i work in the area. and the traffic is very heavy at
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that time. rich: did you see the two pedestrians looking back and forth watching? >> that part i don't remember. i just remember shaking my own head thinking what a terrible -- that's not a good place to try to cross. and then the accident happened. rich: what about the driver? did he have time to brake or anything? >> that part i don't know. if he did, it's -- there's no expectation for him to have to break so i'm not sure if he was -- i don't know. i just don't know. rich: ok thank you so much. authorities here still investigating the scene. the car we're talking about is that black car up front. rich i don't know if you can get to it or not. we're trying to zoom into the vehicle there. officers are surrounding the car now trying to figure out exactly what is going on. we are told just moments ago that those two folks have life threatening injuries, one person was choppered out and the other one was transported by ground. but certainly, this is something we need to be watching out
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because a lot more people will be outside doing activities. summertime is coming. a lot of tourists are in the area now. but again, for now, authorities investigating trying to figure out what happened here. two people now with life threatening injuries. reporting live, richard reeve, abc 7 news. alison: thank you for the update. we want to get to the weather now. nice start to the day. but get ready for some showers out there. alison: just a beautiful day so far. chief meteorologist doug hill in the abc 7 storm watch weather center with when the messy weather will move in. doug? doug: we're starting to see some of those showers pop up right now although outside of the belfort furniture weather center, bright sunshine at the moment. let's get to it and show you the picture from the rooftop. beautiful scene but there are a few showers popping up. doppler radar shows a few heavier downpours located to the north and east of front royal and a few more west of warrenton. a couple of showers out of mount vernon into charles county. that's going to be the story the
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next several hours. you notice they're moving to the southeast towards stafford and towards southern maryland. we'll keep that in the forecast for the next few hours after that, things will settle down nicely tonight. 78 at reagan national. 77 at dulles and andrews now. 79 degrees in frederick. for this friday evening, partly sunny. isolated showers and thundershowers. light southwesterly wind as we head later tonight, all that ends and partly cloudy with temperatures in the 50's. the weekend forecast if you have outdoor weather plans, you want to make sure you stick around and hear this forecast. it's a good one. i'll share that with you in a few minutes, autria? autria: see you then, a fairfax county police officer charged with possession of child pornography out on bond. a judge allowed bud walker to be released on a $15,000 bond with supervision. he is not allowed to use computers or have contact with minors. officer walker was arrested wednesday after police received a tip from the national center for missing and exploited children. alison: a developing story now heartbreaking discovery in arlington.
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police find two young children alone in the yard and find their mother dead inside a home on 18th street south. now, investigators are trying to figure out what happened. brianne carter has been in the neighborhood all day and she is there live now with the very latest. brianne? brianne: autria, since 8:00 this morning, police have been out here and they remain on the scene at this hour combing for clues in this incident. take a look here it's all happening on 18th street south of the intersection of 18th and kent street. if you take over towards the left side of the street that brick colored home. that is where police say this all happened earlier this morning. it was a startling start to the day for many people in this neighborhood as people filled the streets after they say a 42-year-old woman was found dead inside her home. arlington county police telling abc 7 that a little before 8:00 a neighbor noticed her two young children a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old alone outside of the home. the neighbor called police and police arrived on the scene and found the woman who is yet to be identified inside that home. police say they've been called to this home and a possible
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domestic dispute before. authorities also telling abc 7 a protective order was filed against the father of those children at some point. neighbors tell us that the couple was estranged. police say the woman lived at the home alone with kids but neighbors say they've often seen people coming and going. one neighbor telling us he often talked to a man who was at that house. >> from what i could tell very nice. i talked with a gentleman who lived there a couple of times. he asked me about my house. i recently remodelled it. and he asked me some questions but always very nice, easygoing. brianne: police told us earlier this morning that they were able to talk to the children's father. at this point, no cause of death or exactly what happened. as you can see, investigators still here on the scene at this hour. now, no arrests have been made. no suspect descriptions have been released by police as this is still a very active and ongoing investigation. reporting live in arlington, brianne carter, abc 7 news.
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alison: ok thank you. meanwhile, frightening moments for a store clerk in silver spring. he was injured during an armed robbery at a shell gas station this morning. the business is on university boulevard right near blair high school. as john gonzalez tells us the search is now on for the robber. >> showed up police surround the place and they put some yellow bond around the area. john: much like the head mechanic at this shell gas station at four corners, employees rushed to work this morning as they got word of an armed robbery. >> it's sad something like this had to happen. >> we know everybody in the neighborhood. this is the strangest place for this to happen. john: it was around 6:30 a man armed with a gun and covered face assaulted the overnight clerk. gunman took off on foot an employee who was just arriving for work attempted to run after him. the wounded clerk crossed the street looking for help. from news chopper 7 you can see where he was later treated by paramedics right there on the sidewalk. >> announced the robbery. he had a black what appeared to be a semiautomatic handgun.
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john: as police searched the area even going through trash cans searching for the weapon detectives are not saying this afternoon how much money the armed crook made off with and they have a vague description at this hour of the suspect. >> white or hispanic male, about 5'8" or 5'9" black jacket black pants. john: this woman worked next to the gas station and knows the clerk who suffered the head wound. >> everything was blocked off. walked in, didn't know what was going on. i pulled in and i saw our parking lot with police so i kind of stayed in the car for about 15 minutes thinking sniper all over again. alison: police say surveillance video showed that robber running towards blair high school who prompted a shelter in place for a few hours. officers say the robber struck the clerk in the head with a gun. the clerk, though is expected to be ok. autria: a maryland man accused of jumping the white house fence has pleaded guilty. he is charged with entering a restricted building on ground. he climbed over the fence in october and was apprehended by
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secret service agents. the plea agreement recommends he be placed on one year supervised release and would not be allowed in the district for that year. a judge will sentence him at a later date. alison: switching gears now, big night for hockey fans around here. the caps are hoping to even up their playoff series against the islanders. autria: turn that 4-1 around in our favor. the puck drops in less than three hours at the verizon center and that's where we find robert burton with a preview. robert? robert: yeah, that's right everyone wants to turn that 4-1 around. but yesterday, it was all about forgetting about that 4-1 loss to the islanders on wednesday and just enjoying the day off. however, you want to come into tonight's game with a little vengeance on your mind because one thing you don't want to do is go to new york down 2-0 games. if the caps don't want this series to get away from them they'll need to act fast. >> you know we're just an average hockey team but when we're playing fast and we're playing heavy, we're a real good
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hockey team. >> we got to realize what's at stake and we got a chance -- no one is going to hand it to us. we have a good team but you can't just wait in the playoffs and hope to win games. you have to grab it. robert: in game one alex ovechkin and washington's potent offense were kept in check. don't put all the blame on the great eight. >> he knows that he can be a bigger difference maker back you know all the leaders know they can be a lot better. there's only a few -- a handful of guys that can say any level game. and that's too many guys that didn't have a level game and that's a great opponent in the islanders. robert: barry trotz saying a lot of his guys didn't actually play like they were supposed to. but come tonight, everyone is going to have be themselves. if you want to even the series at 1-1. but for now at a very quiet soon-to-be loud phone booth, robert burton abc 7 news. back to you. alison: again, you're not wearing red. autria: we have to give him a
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red tie! robert: i'll have it for you later on at 5:00. alison: we'll be watching for the costume change. all right. still to come here at 4:00, the gyrocopter pilot that caused that commotion at the u.s. capitol earlier this week it turned out to be good news for one maryland company. how that company is profitting from the incident. autria: and "7 on your side" with an alert about one of the most popular games in the world. you've probably played it. how it landed one man on an operating table. reporter: the royals are ready
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autria: we are on royal baby watch. prince william's wife kate is expected to give birth to their second child very soon. any day now. alison: that's right. suzanne kennedy is here with more on the excitement that's building across the world for this. hi suzanne. suzanne: we waited with baby george and we wanted to know what was going on and now with the same feeling, they haven't released the due date now but we know the duke and duchess of cambridge are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their second child as is the rest of the world. it's supposed to happen before the end of april. a spring baby for will and kate. london is gearing up for the event including parking restrictions near the hospital where the duchess will deliver.
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fans are already setting up shop. >> no. we've come here every day just waiting. for the news. suzanne: the big question on the minds of many -- will it be a baby boy or a little girl? >> people love george but let's face it, there's nothing like a princess in a dress. suzanne: if it's a girl many believe she'll be named in part for william's late mother diana. other possible names, victoria and alice. >> victoria or alice. rather, they tend to pick traditional names for the royal family. suzanne: possible boys' names are arthur phillip or michael. how are we going to find out the great news? kensington palace is going to announce it in a very low tech fashion. they have set up an easel outside of kensington palace that they will post a sign that says whether or not it was a boy or girl and then it of course will explode on social media. they don't have to put it on
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twitter. we will for them. alison: thank you, suzanne. all right, doug is here now with a perfect day. gorgeous! doug: really nice. couple of showers and storms popping up. not unexpected. what was unexpected to me anyway was how much sun we got today. i thought it would be cloudy and rainy all day. now we'll get the rain chances in the next few hours. this is it. live doppler radar. as it scans around pay attention to hours south and west of metro washington. we're seeing a few showers pop up and we've had a couple of lightning strikes. you notice they're moving to the southeast so most of this will miss the metro area. sunshine and warm weather out there, it's certainly possible we could see scattered showers and storms just about anywhere for the next few hours. we call it splash and dash showers. it will dump a lot of rain and be out of there. 78 degrees at reagan national. 77 in baltimore and andrews. 77 degrees in manassas. a delightful afternoon early evening. temperatures dropping into the
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60's tonight with cloudy skies. a little frontal zone moves through and most of the moisture will stay south of the washington area. big area of high pressure over michigan. that moves in for the weekend and give us the delightful day tomorrow with plenty of sunshine and the futurecast gives nice timing of all of this. look at the top of the screen. by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, we're sitting pretty with clear skies and temperatures in the upper 70's clear thu tomorrow night. sunny, the clouds come back and the rain comes in probably after 6:00 sunday evening, through monday we'll clear back out again. here's the story then for the next several days. here's the changes that we expect. sunshine tomorrow. no threat or worry of showers if you have outdoor activities the -- you know, just will be nice. no other way to put it. temperatures approaching 80 degrees. then on sunday sunshine for a while. then increasing cloudiness in the afternoon. we'll see 60% chance of showers afternoon and evening. rain on monday a good bet. clearing tuesday. more showers on wednesday. worked out just fine this weekend. alison: we love it! thank you. all right. time for a check on the traffic
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situation, your friend from the morning, autria is here. autria: good to see you! jamie: we have a big issue for you on the memorial bridge and that's actually where i want to start. so heading outbound, we have bumper-to-bumper traffic. you can see definitely in the area, it's going to be congested. we are seeing a lot of red. they did have both lanes blocked off. now, everything is open. but we are still seeing again heading outbound bumper-to-bumper traffic. as far as congestion goes on the beltway, oh, yes we've got that too, heavier than usual because of a crash. it is in the clearing stages but it is on the outer loop near gallows road where you can see this red. usually we don't see it as heavy on the outer loop. let's take a look at old sdmin dominion. i want to show you in this area. the good thing about the congestion this afternoon is it's not raining and you're able to have your windows open especially if you're in the single digits on the interstate.
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as we move to talk about the traffic right now heading outbound on 395, we're ok. typical volume near the 14th street bridge. that's a look at traffic. back to you. autria: all right. get some rest! alison: how about this next story? some georgetown university medical students won't need a whole lot of time to get their hair ready for the day or tonight. that's because dozens of them are actually shaving their heads in a big ceremony right now. autria: rebecca cooper is here to explain the important reason for the big chop. rebecca, tell us about it! rebecca: ladies you are brave. are you this brave? take a look. this is alyssa faulkner and many other georgetown medical school students, they are cutting off their hair for st. baldrick's and children cancer's research. take a look at this. alyssa, are you ready? there it goes! when we come back, we'll have a live report coming up in the next half-hour that shows you what alyssa is going to look like and all of the other ladies and a lot of men in the georgetown medical school here for a really good cause. that's coming up on abc 7 news.
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autria: rebecca, we had no idea that you moonlight as a hair stylist! lot of hair to be cut all for a good cause. alison: very brave girls. beautiful hair. autria: yeah. still ahead here another virginia university is raising tuition. where it will now cost more to attend this fall. alison: first today, a 1-year-old girl caught in the middle of a road rage incident. >> shot in the head. alison: coming up what happened moments before this shooting and why police are looking for more than one suspect. autria: we are now hearing from the volunteer deputy who says he accidentally shot and killed a suspect? what he's
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autria: police in washington state say a 1-year-old girl was shot in the head after an apparent road rage incident. it happened yesterday in the seattle suburb of kent. the child was in a car seat in the back of the silver chevy impala when her parents got into a dispute with another vehicle. two suspects in the other vehicles pulled up alongside the impala and opened fire. >> heard the shots. bam, bam, bam, bam! >> everybody was -- autria: the little girl was rushed to the hospital and right now she remains in critical condition. police are still trying to identify the shooters. alison: also today, we're hearing from the volunteer deputy in tulsa who say he accidentally shot and killed a
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suspect. autria: robert bates is charged with manslaughter. marcy gonzalez has more including what bates is adamantly denying. reporter: for the first time since volunteer tulsa deputy robert bates says he accidentally fired his gun instead of his taser. >> i'm sorry. reporter: killing the unarmed suspect eric harris the 73-year-old is speaking publicly. on nbc's "today show" bates denied allegations that he was not fully trained or certified to handle his weapon. >> that is not correct. i have a written piece of paper to say i had done a good job. reporter: the claim coming from "the tulsa world" news that cites unnamed sources in reporting the department falsified training records including firearms certifications and that supervisors were transferred after refusing to sign off. >> there are people who have been concerned about deputy bates and his lack of training for quite a while. reporter: the sheriff's department insists he completed
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all required training. the tulsa county sheriff acknowledged on a radio show this week bates' records are incomplete after one of his trainers left for the secret service. >> we can't find the records that she supposedly turned in. reporter: today, bates denied that his friendship with the sheriff and his extensive donations to the department has anything to do with why an insurance executive was allowed to take part in a high risk undercover sting. bates is charged with second-degree manslaughter. eric harris' family is asking the f.b.i. to investigate. marcy gonzalez, abc 7 news. autria: coming up here at 4:00 a woman learns her sentence for attacking an 8-year-old boy with a dumbbell. why the victim and his family chose not to attend the sentencing. alison: we'll explain how a maryland business is booming after wednesday's gyrocopter landing near the
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alison: a woman was sentenced to 30 years in prison for attacking an 8-year-old boy in prince george's county. autria: prosecutors say helen newsome tried to suffocate the child and then struck him over the head with a dumbbell. maryland bureau chief brad bell has reaction to today's sentencing. brad: we met the then 8-year-old in september of 2013 days after he survived being attacked by his father's ex-girlfriend. he still had staples in his scalp from being bludgeoned with a dumbbell. >> yeah i remember all of it. when i woke up, she was
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smothering me. brad: she was 26-year-old helen newsome. she pleaded guilty to the brutal attack back in january. in 2013 she had just broken up with jacob's dad. angry, she hid in a room in the home where jacob and his father often stayed. when the little boy was asleep under his red skins sheets, she attacked attacked. he fought back with a move he had seen on tv. >> i head butted her. brad: enraged, she hit him with a dumbbell. he fought her off again and called 911. >> ok. brad: today for her crime, a judge sentenced newsome to 30 years in prison. >> deserved every day of the 30 years, you break into a home and attempt to kill an innocent child, anybody who hurts a child deserves every day, every day that they get. brad: though victim impact statements were read by a prosecutor upstairs in the courthouse today little jacob and his mother did not appear in
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person. she told prosecutors that she felt one encounter for him with helen newsome was enough! in up upper marlboro brad bell abc 7 news. autria: a business on maryland's eastern shore is extremely busy after wednesday's gyrocopter landing on the grounds of the u.s. capitol. alison: it's one of the nation's largest manufacturers of gyrocopters and business is booming! reporter: at the bay bridge airport, it's not unusual to see small or even smaller aircraft. gyro planes are sold here and they're selling fast. >> good afternoon. thank you for calling. reporter: since the incident in d.c. on wednesday, the curious have been calling. >> it is extremely popular now. reporter: but there's a difference between these models and the ultralight unregulated aircraft useed in that stunt. >> that particular aircraft was something that was put together
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with some parts that you could have gotten at a home depot. the only thing that was really unique would have been the rotor blades on top of it. in fact, that other aircraft is prohibited from flying over congested areas and this aircraft can go land at b.w.i. before complying with all regulations. reporter: for these larger gyroplanes you need a sports license to operate. it has everybody talking about this new aviation trend. >> in europe they're the fastest growing aircraft registrations in the european market. we're starting to see that happen in the u.s. reporter: this company has sold more than 80. >> what we have here is the auto gyro which is a two feet aircraft and it has a radio and transresponder. reporter: the f.a.a. regulates them. >> this aircraft is manufactured. reporter: the controls include standard aviation equipment. >> compared to fix wing aircraft you can't stall it. so as long as that is flying you'll land very safely and comfortably. reporter: according to the ntsb
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there has only been one minor crash involving a gyro plane in maryland in the past five years. now, the man arrested in wednesday's incident is now on home detention. a judge ordered him not to operate any aircraft and he must stay out of washington, d.c. autria: all right. talking about the weather now, you might annum umbrella if you're planning to head out tonight. alison: that's right. some of us could see some rain and maybe a few storms out there. doug hill is tracking it for us. hi doug. doug: we'll check live doppler radar and most of the rain is south and west of the metro washington area. there are a few heavier downpours. no lightning strikes at the moment. any time you see red on doppler, good indication that we have heavy rain falling on the ground. it's small areas mostly west. keep our eyes open. it appears most of the rain will stay south and west of the district and we'll let you know in the next couple of hours. meanwhile, we know it's very pleasant temperaturewise. still some sunshine here at arlington at least. 77 at andrews, and manassas.
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after we get rid of this shower isolated thundershower chance we'll expect partly cloudy skies tonight. temperatures in the 50's. maybe a little hazy early tomorrow but sunny warm. and cooler sunday with rain by sunday evening. i think steve rudin is music to the ears than you are on the national mall. steve: let me tell you, it's really quiet here. maybe a couple of hundred people visiting the washington monument. by this time tomorrow the area behind me will be swarming with over 250,000 people. a lot of folks are here to celebrate earth day cam on in. you're from earth day network. what should we expect tomorrow? >> i think we'll have 250,000 people which is going to be so exciting. and they're all here so that we can educate them on the issues of climate change and poverty and, you know hopefully activate them to come up with some solutions. steve: a lot of events. eight venues eight musical bands. we heard fallout boy a couple of
4:35 pm
minutes ago. thankfully there's a lull right now. >> so no doubt is going to be there. usher. we have fallout boy, as you said and it's great to see them rallying behind these causes poverty and solving climate change. steve: starts at noon and goes until 7:30. the weather is going to cooperate for us. any surprises that you can tell us about? >> i can't divulge anything but i can tell you there are going to be some really cool announcements on it that will help solve climate change and solve poverty worldwide. steve: there you have it. thank you very much. i appreciate it. come on down tomorrow is a great day. nice weather. a lot of people great music. back to the newsdesk. autria? autria: ok, one more note here, if you plan on using metro to get to the earth day event on the mall you are urged to use stations other than the smithsonian. metro suggests using l'enfant plaza, metro center federal triangle archives or federal center southwest. metro says some trains may bypass the smithsonian station if that station becomes too crowded. alison: tuition is going up at virginia state university. the board of visitors approved a
4:36 pm
3% increase in tuition and fees for the 2015-2016 year. it amounts to about $224. the cost of a meal plan will also go up by $124. so combined it puts next year's in state for undergraduate at $18,478. autria: cha-ching! still ahead, a "7 on your side" consumer alert. trying to save money on light bulbs? why buying a specific brand might not be the brightest idea. having it all? how about making it work. by getting the most out of what matters to you. it's called maxximizing. and we help you do it, everyday. at t.j.maxx! with brands you love at prices that work for you. maxx family. maxx home. keep your standards high and your spending low. maxx what matters most to you. maxx life! at t.j.maxx.
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alison: breaking news from fredricksburg right now where police are searching for steven vanderbriel wanted in connection to a homicide. a woman was found unconscious at a home on washington avenue about an hour ago and later died at the hospital. police say vanderbiel ran from the scene. james monroe high school is near that scene and is currently on lockdown. at this hour we will continue to follow this breaking news. autria: changing gears, call the event that's getting a lot of buzz around georgetown university. med students are shaving their heads for a special cause. alison: that's right. our rebecca cooper is live to explain what's going on down there. hi, rebecca. rebecca: hi, ladies. it's loud in here because of the excitement. take a look at christian, a seminary student at virginia
4:40 pm
theological seminary and he is getting ready to lose all of that gorgeous hair for children's cancer research. it's part of what st. baldrick's does across the country on this day and here at georgetown university medical school, a lot of students are participating for a really good cause. they'll show you him in a second. this is alyssa. that was her with the long hair that i chopped off earlier in the show. she did it all for a good cause. this is what alyssa now looks like. alyssa, you look fantastic. was it scary? >> a little bit. you did a great job! rebecca: and it was a good cause. >> yes, very good cause and you can see some of the real benefits here at georgetown university. dr. jareski is a pediatric an kolgist here at the medical school and he's received a grant from st. baldrick's for some of the work he's doing. >> we're studying a rare cancer in children and adolescents and they gave us a grant to help develop a new drug for this. we're very excited.
4:41 pm
rebecca: hopefully they can find some kind of treatment or drug that works. in the meantime people like christian and some of the other students this is another student from the virginia theological seminary. and the men are getting their haircut just to show shol dart with people with cancer. meantime, the women are doing it not only to show shol dart for people with cancer but also literally to donate their hair for wigs for children who lose their hair during the treatment. it's all going on right here at georgetown university medical school. toss it back to you. reporting live rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. autria: bald has never looked so good! alison: coming up next on abc 7 news at 4:00 it's a game many of you play but candy crush left one man with a not so sweet ending. how it landed him in a hospital. autria: and a "7 on your side" consumer alert about certain light bulbs. there's supposed to save you money but they really don't. what you need to look out for.
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autria: breaking news tonight
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about nba legend karim abdul-jabbar. the former l.a. lakers star is recovering after undergoing heart surgery yesterday. it happened to be his 68-year-old birthday. it is called a success and he's expected to make a full recovery. alison: that's good. l.e.d. bulbs are the hottest thing in lighting nowadays. autria: but they're expensive. that's why cheaper c.f.l.s are more popular. why they cost more than you think sow don't waste your money. john: compact light bulbs were supposed to save us money. a growing number of people are complaining those energy savings are offset by the high cost of the bulbs and the reality that they can fail long before they're supposed to. they brought into the c.f.l. hype a few years ago and installed the energy saving compact bulbs in his kitchen ceiling light and bathroom vanity light. the bulbs he heard over and over again save energy and last many years except they didn't.
4:46 pm
>> they didn't last long. john: gene says he couldn't believe it. some of his new expensive bulbs are burning out after less than two years. >> they said they were going to last longer and pay for itself. and they're pretty expensive. i think i paid $13 for some of them. john: it's the dirty little secret of c.f.l.s that cost between $1 and $9 each. they can last up to 15,000 hours. 10 times the life span of a standard incandescent bulb. but manufacturers admit the bulb's life is much shorter if it's turned on and off constantly as in a kitchen. >> if you turn this on all the time, it would be great. they last a long time and then we waste more electricity. where's the gain here? john: the department of energy suggests not using c.f.l.s if they're not going to be on at least 15 minutes as in the bathroom. what can you do in your bath for instance? consider newer l.e.d. bulbs that use as little energy as c.f.l.s but look like normal light bulbs. >> l.e.d. is probably the way of the future. with the technology is there.
4:47 pm
price it was is coming down significantly. john: these will last for years, even in gene's kitchen or bath. bottom line, c.f.l.s are great for living rooms or outdoors where you keep them on for hours. for a bathroom consider the newer l.e.d.s so you don't waste your money. autria: the popular mobile game candy crush is not only addictive. it could be potentially dangerous to your health. a new medical report released says candy crush can lead to major injury. in fact, one says his obsession with the game led to an emergency surgery. the strain of playing six hours a day tore a tendon in his hand and suppressed the pain. >> video games can act like a digital drug that is a natural painkiller by releasing hormones in your body. and into the brain. autria: candy crush is played by hundreds of millions of people all around the world. doctors recommend setting proper
4:48 pm
boundaries and limiting how much you play. can't make this stuff up. alison: ok. good lesson there, i guess. north carolina governor pat mcquery took a tumble this week but pulled off a pretty good recovery. take a look. >> are you ok? tada! [applause] alison: that was governor mcquery attempting to take his seat for that roundtable discussion in durham. he didn't realize the chair had the wheels and we've all been there with stuff like this. he says in his 20 years of public service he'd never taken a tumble in front of cameras in durham. autria: happens to the best of us. shake it off. he handled it well. meanwhile, a group of target employees in canada wanted to pay tribute to their beloved store before it shut down for good. >> ♪ closing time ♪ ♪ you don't have to go home but you can't stay here ♪
4:49 pm
autria: hilarious! workers made their way through the empty store singing a rendition of the 1998 hit "closing time." shot whole thing in one take. all 133 target stores in canada are closing down. sound pretty good. way to make light of that. alison: there you go. let's talk about the weather. you said really the next three hours or so -- doug: best chances of rain. at the moment most of the rain is south and west of washington. there's a chance. and we'll be in good shape for a while. let's get started. take a look at what's happening around the area right now from the rooftop camera. more cloudiness that we had last time around when we looked and they're looking from arlington and you can see the washington monument out behind the washington monument andrews air force base. so we're looking to the east-southeast. now, as we look to the west-southwest a little more in the way of cloudiness and that's where we're finding most of the rain pop ut rye now. fair amount of showers. no thunder and lightning right now but a couple of little
4:50 pm
downpours. haymarket area we have some spots. in the next few hours, definitely keep our eyes on of showers pushing to the south and southeast as well. across the board, partly sunny and warm. upper 70's the next few hours with isolated showers and still the possibility of a thunderstorm popping up as well over the next few hours. 81 degrees now in fredricksburg. 78 in reagan national. 77 in baltimore. frederick, maryland right now 79 degrees. so the trend line in temperatures heading down. but it's not going to get a little chilly. only in the lower 60's by 3:00 a.m. and maybe a few spots in the mid 50's by morning. could be a little haze or low cloudiness early on. tomorrow, it looks like it will be bright and sunny and warm like today. cloudiness is moving out on the futurecast by tomorrow afternoon or even by tomorrow morning, it will be nice and sunny and definitely clear through the day. all the rain and clouds push to the southwest. things start to change on sunday. by sunday afternoon and evening, rain moving in. especially for the day on monday. kind of the time for sunday is going to be sunshine in the morning and probably clouds mid to late afternoon.
4:51 pm
by evening time the rain will move in. should clear out by late monday and we'll be in fine shape beyond that. here's the next seven days for you. close to 80 degrees with the sunshine tomorrow. and it will turn cooler. 65 for a high on sunday. sunshine in the morning and 60% chance of rain late day, evening and nighttime. higher probability of rain monday and going to clear out tuesday. wednesday, more showers. it's funny, it rains and the, you know feeds the grass and trim the roots and the sun comes out and the pollen goes crazy. autria: and you got to mow the lawn. doug: pretty much. that's the way it works. autria: we bought mornings to the afternoons today. your eyes are not deceiving you. jamie has a check on the traffic situation. jamie: it is slow this afternoon. the nice thing i said is we have to deal with a little bit of sun glare and you'll be able to put the windows down when you're sitting in this traffic. we don't have to deal with wet roads right now. it is bumper to bumper. i want to run through. this is near old dominion and this traffic is the outer loop so getting from maryland to
4:52 pm
virginia, you're going to be on the brakes. as we move a little bit closer to 50 arlington road you're still on the brakes. again, this is the outer loop that we are seeing the heaviest traffic. as we move to the maps sticking with this area for you, we've got 12 miles per hour which is pretty good even in that video that you just saw but this is on the inner loop getting across the american legion bridge and continuing closer to old georgetown 270 getting into bethesda. we're on the brakes. moving a little closer to d.c. so our traffic right now is not terrible. we had the earlier issue for you on memorial bridge. right now, we're not too bad. heading outbound on 395 congestion past the pentagon. that is a look at traffic. back to you guys. autria: thank you very much, we appreciate it. coming up next, a strange twist to what one man thought would be a normal babysitting session. how he learned the child he was watching was at the center of an
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
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alison: california health officials declared an end to the measles outbreak that originated at disneyland. that outbreak sickened 131 people in california alone. illnesses were also reported in half dozen states. mexico and canada, too. there are other outbreaks in the u.s. not tied to the disneyland illness. autria: and a bizarre case in washington state. a babysitter discovered the 2-year-old boy he was watching had been abducted and was part of an amber alert. reporter: we were right there when detectives recovered the toddler and handed him a teddy bear and he looked like a happy guy. he is the guy that ended up with the kid. >> craziest thing i've ever heard. like something out of a movie. reporter: john and his wife had no idea the child they had took in had been kidnapped. >> it was my sister who had asked me as a favor to watch her boyfriend's son. that's how he came and he was
4:57 pm
dropped off. reporter: the couple hadn't seen the amber alert until john checked his facebook newsfeed over breakfast. >> looks like the child in my bed. and i'm like oh my god! reporter: investigators say it started when the boy's grandmother and another woman possibly john's sister showed up at the child's home in des moines tased his mother and drove both of them to this house where they tied up mom in the garage. at some point, she escaped and ran next door to ask neighbors for help. >> she saw something around her ankle like something white. reporter: zip ties probably. woman was frantic and tried to explain. >> they attacked me and can you call the police? reporter: we saw a car in the driveway of the home where police say the mother was tied up. same car described in the amber alert, the vehicle allegedly used in the kidnapping. >> great kid. he didn't cry or anything. reporter: the child ate popcorn, watched a movie and played with
4:58 pm
the family dog much the happy little boy found safe and sound dropped off by john's sister. >> i feel like, you know she was probably just helping her boyfriend out and just got into this horrible situation. just crazy. autria: that was mark miller arth -- reporting. john's sister was arrested and the boy's grandmother later turned herself into police. that's it for 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. leon: local investigators unravelling a mystery. two children found playing in a yard followed by a troubling discovery inside the home. a child helping a child. >> yes! say thank you! leon: a cold hearted crime is countered by the touching generosity of an 11-year-old. and guardian angels -- >> just did what anyone would do. >> so i jumped down picked them up. leon: two people in extreme danger until brave bystander leap into action.
4:59 pm
alison: right now police are investigating the death of a woman in arlington. leon: that's right. two children were found playing alone in the backyard of a house on 18th street not far away from crystal city this morning. brianne carter is there now live. she's got the latest on this investigation. brianne, what's the story? brianne: well a lot of questions still remain here at this hour. police -- after a 42-year-old woman was found dead inside her home. >> this is a very quiet neighborhood. brianne: arlington police say just before 8:00 a.m. the woman's children just 3 and 5 years old were spotted by a neighbor outside alone in the yard. the concerned neighbor immediately called police. once on the scene, investigators found the woman inside. >> that's you know shocking. very sad. and -- brianne: for hours police searched for clues in and around
5:00 pm
the home. police say the woman lived at the home alone with her children. neighbors, though say she was estranged from her husband. police say at some point, a protective order was filed against the father. >> protective order against the father. i don't know of the possible custody arrangements between her and the children at this point. brianne: now police at this hour not identifying that woman inside of the home. they have been here investigating in and around that home for more than eight hours now. now, at this point, police are not saying much about the cause of death that happened here. they say this is still a very active and ongoing investigation. reporting live in arlington, brianne carter, abc 7 news. alison: ok. thank you very much. meanwhile, this afternoon, the washington county sheriff's office is promising a thorough independent investigation into the death of a man in police custody. the unidentified man was shot with a stun gun by


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