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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  April 18, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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kimberly: saturday is almost overcome, but should we revisit? eileen: it was beautiful today. relatively low humidity tomorrow, cooler, 65 degrees. more clouds tomorrow breezy, and rain after 5:00. i think most of the day should be drive. if you have outdoor plans, do it. the monday morning commute starts off wet then sunshine in the afternoon and evening.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: we are following a barricade situation in laurel. abc 7 was first on the scene. police say the suspect is still barricaded inside of and in part men in the 900 block of eight street. you are being asked to avoid the area and shelter in place if you are already in the area. the police say that suspect fired shots earlier in the evening. a near escape for dozens of college students on a bus trip in massachusetts. smoke filled the cabin, forcing a sudden evacuation. >> it's going to explode! reporter: the students from the
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university of connecticut scrambling to get away from the burning bus, running to a safe distance. moments before, confusion as smoke filled the cabin for a second time. the first time, the bus stopped. the driver apparently fix the problem in the bus company told the driver to keep going. a short time later -- >> when the bus driver heard it and cap driving. the smoke got really thick. reporter: students still escaping from the bus when the back of the bus exploded into flames. scary moments captured on cell phones. investigator still don't know what started the fire. nobody was injured. the students were in a caravan of four buses heading to boston for a senior lunch cruise.
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they never made it to the ship and the university center a bus to bring them back home. kimberly: happening now crews are pulling out all the stops to save a nine week old puppy trapped in a pipe in silver spring near blair high school. the puppy is stuck about 12 feet below ground. crews say they are going to have to dig up that entire part of pipe. the puppy has eaten and they are giving and oxygen. firefighters and animal control have been on the scene several hours. the man accused of shooting and killing a guard at the u.s. census bureau has been charged with murder. ronald anderson is also facing a number of other charges including kidnapping. the guard, lawrence buckner, got into a shootout with the suspect at the census bureau the night of april 9. he was hit in the chest and later died. buckner was buried friday and colonial beach. he was 59. maryland governor larry hogan
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signed 121 bills this past week. governor hogan: it's finally had it in a new direction. kimberly: he was joined by leaders of the democratically controlled legislature. the sides clashed frequently during the legislative session. the spiky disagreements, hogan said most of the bills were passed unanimously by both -- despite disagreements, hogan said most of the bills were passed unanimously. a new way for families to save for children who face costly health care in the future. jeff goldberg shows us how. jeff: it's no wonder why the six-year-old puts a big smile on his mother's face. a child that today -- a smile that is even bigger than usual. >> it's a deeper emotion i don't think anybody can put into words. jeff: they joined other families
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with special needs children to celebrate the signing of the able act, short for "achieving a better life experience." thison of the virginia general assembly followed the federal government's lead to pass the able act. beginning july 1 they will allow individuals with special needs and their families to set up tax-exempt accounts like 529 's to save money for future living expenses. >> the main thing you worry about is what happens when you are not around. this will hopefully aid let them live better, more financial independence. >> many of them are stretched every day. this lightens the burden. jeff: the able act has been named after a father whose daughter natalie has down syndrome and who worked 10 years to pass the legislation. he recently died unexpectedly.
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his wife, catherine, is here today. >> it's so wonderful and also bittersweet. we miss him every second of the day. jeff: virginia is the first state to pass the able act. governor mcauliffe said other states are calling the commonwealth, looking for guidance on how to move forward on the issue. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. kimberly: hundreds of sailors from the uss oklahoma died together after the japanese attacked pearl harbor in 1941. a new effort is underway to identify those remains. here are the details for stop reporter: a remote memorial -- a memorial for the uss oklahoma, more than 400 crewmembers lost their lives. >> they lost 429 crew members most of whom were killed when the ship capsized. reporter: the marker is for the
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fallen, but for many of the crew of the oklahoma, their identities are not known. several were found buried together, as many as 22 share the same gravesite. officials have a new policy to identify the remains of the unknown, calling for researching family history, obtaining dental and medical records, with the help of dna technology. the aegon says the military will not stop with the oklahoma -- the pentagon says the military will not stop with the oklahoma. >> we will also look at other unknown graves and determine if they are eligible. kimberly: service members who are identified will be returned to their family for burial with full military honors. an 11-year-old in prince george's county has something to be proud of tonight after bringing a happy ending to a story everyone has been talking about. emanuel marshall donated a
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wheelchair to a four-year-old after somebody stole the four-year-old's wheelchair from his langley park apartment conflux. marshall and his mother saw the story and call the police, who made the delivery. >> i think it was a bad person. >> it was horrible, and i started thinking, if that would have happened to me. >> god bless her and her son. that's amazing. kimberly: the wheelchair that emanuel donated was one that he used when he was younger and has since outgrown. coming up -- flying hasslefree. what is changing at a major airport and how you can make sure that you get through security. and it's not just you. why this year has been so bad for everyone's allergies. eileen: after an absolutely
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stunning day today, changes tomorrow. the forecast coming up.
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kimberly: a new service promises faster screening at bwi airport. passengers can have their identity verified with iris or fingerprint scanning, part of the pre-check system that allows
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people to skip the lines and go directly to screening. new developments in the aftermath of a tsa scandal. two agents at denver international airport were busted for groping up to 10 passengers. a former agent said he is not surprised by the scheme. jason harrington wrote in "time" magazine when an agent cap she when you walk through the scanner, it's almost never for a good reason. they attorney has heard from several other passengers who think they were inappropriately touched. metro's next generation of railcars debuted this week. first batch of 7000 series cars began operating on the blue line, and mike conneen went for a ride. mike: when the state-of-the-art 7000 series railcars pulled into the franconia metro station, they were not expecting the surprise. >> i look forward to more trains
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like this. mike: a few who do not even ride the blue line intentionally came for this. following ntsb recommendations metro has ordered the new railcars to replace the older cars in the system. >> the manufacturer is making these in lincoln, nebraska, and they will ship them at about 10 to 12 per month. mike: they are also more attractive. >> the old cars were definitely showing their age. mike: the first impression, the flooring is different, not just old dirty carpet. also, the additional signboards chewing the real-time location of the train and other information. drivers are happy to see that the aisle ways are slightly wider and the seats are bigger. >> it will be great. mike: they are also happy to
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hear the automated station announcements. >> this is the blue line train to the largo town center. next stop is braddock road. mike: for now they will only appear on the blue line eight car trains, but metro will begin using them on other lines soon. mike conneen, abc 7 news. kimberly: ahead --allergies with a vengeance. we are breaking it down in explaining why you have been coughing this season more. and the forecast.
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kimberly: eileen and i went outside for dinner tonight, and it was so credit we could not sit outside. eileen: we got to sit next to a big window but everybody was out and about, dining outside. so many things going on picture-perfect. i want to say a big thank you to the folks for inviting me to host the event this morning. it was fantastic. i was there with about 1500 people, also putting this cause to hopefully raise enough money to find a cure for this horrible autoimmune disease. it was a great turnout. we could not have asked for better weather. blue skies this morning and the temperatures were comfortable, in the 60's. we made it to 84
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reagan national, well above our average of 68. we will have much more opportunities in the coming weeks and months to get into the 70's and 80's. 72 the high and annapolis, cooler along the chesapeake bay. just before midday, still in the 50's and 60's. 68 at reagan national, 58 dulles cool spot in manassas right now, 55. tomorrow morning, dry weather, clouds moving in. already moving in on satellite radar, saturday -- scattered clouds over the carolinas. the remainder of the rain will be in the midsection of the country and we have the opportunity for thunderstorms but that will hold off until late monday. but showers from the system arriving by late tomorrow. tonight, we are in the clear, 55 in the city, 40's in the suburbs.
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tomorrow only in the mid-60's, breezy, the wind out of the east at 10 to 20. after about 5:00, 6:00, that is when we get the rain moving from southwest to northeast. the shower south west of the d.c. metro area in the afternoon, so most of the day should be dry. heading to the nats game, it should be good. monday morning, rain is still possible but then the rain moves out, clearing midday mid-70's the highs. as the cold front comes through, 5:00 or so, that is when we could have strong to possibly severe thunderstorms. we will have to watch closely. behind the front, drier weather tuesday, with highs near 70 degrees. a slight chance of a passing shower, a big upper-level system that will best wednesday thursday, with a slight chance of a shower, but take the rain gear with you heading out the door monday morning. kimberly: it could not last
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forever and it will be back in june. eileen: it will, and the humidity as well. kimberly: many of us are dealing with allergies. stephen tschida explains why this spring seems particularly bad. stephen: springtime in the nation's capital. pretty, but the beauty can bite. >> in my throat, eyes a little itchy. stephen: along with the blooms pollen. >> just era tatian, my nose is plugged up. stephen: you cannot help but breathe it in, especially if you like to launch in the park. >> i cannot breathe through my nose. but i wanted to be a but to enjoy the weather. stephen: the sudden warm-up may have made allergies worse this spring. the winter that would not let go has the pollen hitting us harder and faster. >> when it's cold and suddenly
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start to bloom, the pollen is released quickly and people are exposed to things they have not been exposed to all winter and it bothers them. stephen: on the bright side, spring pollen season only last so long. >> it gets worse for me in the summer. stephen: stephen tschida, abc 7 news. kimberly: coming up -- 18 holes and a shaky future. the ongoing fight over a golf cour
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kimberly: the international spy museum wants to move to its current location to l'enfant plaza. if approved, the museum will relocate. a previous plan to relocate to mount vernon square fell through last year. a golf course in the rough tonight, people in reston trying to stop a developer from adding homes to a popular course near the silver line. jeff goldberg went to reston national golf course to find out what has people so wound up. jeff: residents of rest and are generally proud of their planned community and many don't like the idea of unplanned development. connie is with a group called rescue reston. >> reston cannot handle it.
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jeff: which has gathered 6000 signatures opposing the possibility of new homes built on the golf course. >> nobody ever consider this golf course space would be developed. jeff: at the moment, no planes are on the table, but the owners of the course made up a of a group of investors are taking steps that have locals worried. today, the fairfax county board of zoning appeals ruled that the owners do not have to amend the land-use plan to move forward. with the silver line station within walking distance of the golf course, residents fear that the developers will cash in. >> it's a very good course. >> it's a terrible idea. jeff: like others, david is not done yet. >> i hope somehow we will mobilize enough. jeff: jeff goldberg, abc
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