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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  April 19, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> stay low to the floor and close the door ok? >> the dramatic 911 tape from those terrifying moments. inside an emergency, what metro hopes to accomplish with this massive drill. back on the trail, a sweeping search in montgomery county and in new plan for a father to find his two missing children. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: a somatic rescue in prince george's county. a house on fire and two children with no way out.
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that chilling 911 call telling the story of a brother and sister trapped together as smoke fills their home. jeff goldberg has the side of the rescue you don't hear in those tapes. jeff: we have heard the 911 call throughout the afternoon and each time we hear it, it is amazing to hear the composure that was expressed by the individual who took the call and the young man. this is the 911 dispatch center. this one caught the attention of a lot of people. the 13-year-old young man who made the call initially this morning. it started at 7:40 a.m. this morning.
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it came into prince george's county, the house fire in clinton, maryland. the smoke detectors were not working. the 13-year-old made the call and his name is marcus. reassuring his younger sister, who was scared. two adults were able to get out of the home safely. firefighters were able to rescue marcus and his little sister. >> at that time, i was focused on getting in the house and not paying any attention to anything going on in the front yard.
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jeff: that is exactly what happened. that is lieutenant ward with prince george's county fire and rescue. it is amazing when you talk to people involved in the situation, everything worked, from the dispatcher to the firefighters and the dramatic composure from marcus. tonight, we will hear from the dispatcher who took the call. she has amazing reaction to what happened. we will have more on that at 11:00. kimberly: we need to talk about the weather right now because heavy rain is on its way. it could turn to severe storms. ryan miller is in the center -- the weather center tonight. ryan: it is going to be a busy 24 hours. we are watching live doppler radar, rain showers beginning to push into the region.
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especially after midnight. it could lead to some flooding conditions. current conditions, 63 degrees. rain is coming our way. southwestern suburbs have seen rain for about an hour. it will push into arlington, the district, montgomery county. we are seeing pockets of heavy rain from winchester down to front royal. we will see rain throughout the entire evening and overnight. the storm system that is pushing all of the moisture eastward will bring the moisture to us. we could be dealing with flooding tomorrow morning. chemically: 80 -- kimberly: stay connected with us online and on your smart phone. download our free app for everything you need to stay one step ahead. metro preparing for the worst.
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a large-scale drill outside the greenbelt metro station after a chaotic incident in january. richard is covering metro tonight. richard: firefighters were underground they could not use their walkie-talkies and had to use their cell phones instead. today, two big issues, getting the various emergency agencies to speak with each other and getting people out in case of an emergency. >> it could happen to anyone. richard: metro transit police, first responders, and volunteers simulating a smoke incident evacuation at the greenbelt metro station. the drill comes three months after heavy smoke in a tunnel left one woman dead and dozens
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hospitalized. >> i have my eyes open at all times. richard: among the concerns that day, onboard electrical fans were blowing smoke inside the cars and firefighters underground could not communicate with commanders about. a d.c. fire spokesman says clogged radio repeaters had been cleaned. drills like this will help in an evacuation. >> you have the fire marshals come through and explain what the options were. next you know they care about everyone safety, it is important thing. richard: time was of the essence for those folks that were trapped inside the train for 30 minutes. the ntsb is going to look into all of this, the communication the smoke, the fans. they will be holding hearings at
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the end of june. kimberly: no timetable yet for rebuilding a pedestrian bridge. a crane hit the bridge last wednesday, and knocking part of it onto the tracks below. no one was hurt, no trains were passing under the bridge at the time. green line service resumed the next day. >> we would like to see it back because it is useful. kimberly: metro says it should have a better idea of when repairs will begin and how long they will take sometime this week. the man who landed his gyro copter onto the capitol lawn is speaking out. he said he has no regrets and he expected to be intercepted as he approached washington. >> we need to be worried about the piles of money going into
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congress. kimberly: he is under house arrest in tampa until may 8. new information tonight from arlington, that is our police confirmed that the death of bonnie black is being investigated as a homicide. the mother of two was found dead in her home after a neighbor noticed her two young children alone outside. her estranged husband spoke with arlington police and is not been detained. investigators continue to process the scene. baltimore's mayor and his commissioners say they want to know how a man was injured while in police custody. freddie gray died this morning after being in a coma. protesters took to the streets demanding answers.
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a happy update for you tonight after crews in montgomery county free a nine week old puppy from a pipe. this is blue. he was freed earlier this morning after being stuck 12 feet below ground for seven hours. rescue crews brought in food and oxygen for the puppy. this is near blair high school in silver spring. he reportedly is doing just fine. a consumer crush, the that rolled out at target -- the new line that role that it target today. what the father of two missing montgomery county children plans to do as crews go back and search.
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kimberly: a sweeping search today in montgomery county for two missing children. they have been missing since seven timber and a renewed effort to find them. -- since september and now a renewed effort to find them. in the woods and on the water police scoured parts of montgomery county searching for three-year-old sarah and her two-year-old brother jacob. the two children were last seen september 7. days after the disappearance their mother, was arrested on child neglect charges. she is currently in a mental health facility. >> everything leads to they are not going to be in the ground somewhere. my babies are out there. >> today search is part of ongoing efforts to bring closure
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to this case. montgomery county police partnered with a dozen other agencies. >> two search and rescue boats and police walking through the woods. dogs and two people with the search dogs. >> because there is an active criminal investigation community volunteers good not help in today's search but the children's father says he has plans in place to get the commy back out to find his son and daughter. kimberly: oklahoma city, they stopped to remember. ♪ one by one, loved ones read the names of 168 adults and children
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killed 20 years ago today. on april 19, 1995, a rental truck loaded with explosives destroyed the federal building. bill clinton praised oklahomans for choosing resilience over hate. bill clinton: you have inspired us with the power of your renewal and you have reminded us that we should all live by the oklahoma standard. kimberly: timothy mcveigh was executed in 2001. overwhelming demand for the new lily pulitzer line brought to a grinding halt. fans stayed up late to buy pieces from the limited-edition collection. target had to make the site and accessible for 15 minutes to deal with -- inaccessible for 15 minutes. we are on storm watch.
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ryan miller is up next.
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kimberly: severe storms are pounding the deep south this weekend. we have storms of our own heading this way. brian: that is tomorrow afternoon. we may have some severe weather tomorrow afternoon. heavy rain tonight. the heavy rain tonight could lead to potential flooding after midnight. watch for the developing heavy rain. 1-2 inches of rain early tomorrow morning. that could lead to flooding. we will see a break tomorrow afternoon.
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eventually, tomorrow afternoon if we get some sunshine, that could lead to the development of some severe weather in our area. very active weather. live doppler radar indicating some showers across the d.c. area moving across the potomac river in montgomery county. southwest, we are watching all of this moisture. it is going to be with us tonight and heavy at times. all associated with this area of low pressure over the midwest. it is pumping moisture up from the deep south. heavy weather right now across south carolina, georgia. this will be moving to the north. maybe a rumble of thunder, but do not anticipate the severe weather until tomorrow. overnight period, watch for the heavy rain.
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tomorrow, we will see a break in the action. we could see some sunshine and it will be milder tomorrow. the heat and sunshine could work to destabilize the atmosphere. we are going to watch for that flooding threat for the overnight, areas and green under a flood watch -- areas in green under a flood watch. tomorrow afternoon, we will keep an eye on severe weather. temperatures will be in the upper 50's around the district. rain that looks like it should wrap up tomorrow morning. if you plan to catch the bus stop tomorrow morning, you will need the umbrellas during recess. it will be sunny and mild. tomorrow afternoon, some activities will get canceled because of the severe storms that could come our way. looks like cooler weather after all of this. we are talking potentially -- we
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will have to keep an eye on things. kimberly: you make a good point. >> the wizard started things off right. it is game three, caps
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>> day three, cap's and islanders, with the series tied 1-1. we will start off in the second period, no score. islanders on the attack.
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new chance. 1-0 islanders. third period, still 1-0 new york. we are tied at 1-1. this one would go into overtime, only 15 seconds into ot the game-winner, the islanders would win this and they take a 2-1 lead. >> i think we need the effort and gaming numerals -- in game 4. give ourselves a chance. a tough one to swallow right now , but the playoffs are all about having a short memory. quick switching gears, the
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wizards won game one in toronto. for john wall and bradley, they were still hot. here is the good thing. they just distributed it like this. >> they did some great things for us in -- as far as making plays. >> talking baseball, series finale for the nats and phillies. stephen strasburg at the mound. he was on his game. gave up one run on five hits and struck out seven. it was the changeup today that
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made things happen. that -- as for the hitting, that helped him out. ian desmond rip city shot down the left-field gaps -- rips a shot down the left-field line. they win the series, 4-1. before the nats took on the phillies, some big names were inducted into the d.c. sports hall of fame. the former national league m.v.p., former georgetown coach and redskins defensive coordinator. the o's handle business against the red sox today. they could clinch the series tomorrow. kimberly: how did it feel asking the love of your life to marry you? >> words cannot express. is that a good answer?
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kimberly: when are the storms rolling in? ryan: the rain is calling -- is falling across the area right now. here are the next seven days severe storms tomorrow afternoon. cooling off into the 60's. camilli: robert -- kimberly: robert wants to clarify. robert: i hid my nervousness.
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