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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  April 19, 2015 11:35pm-12:01am EDT

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kimberly: as we deal with rain and thunderstorms, the south is dealing with dangerous weather. reporter: severe storms hammering the southeast, georgia drivers getting pelted by heavy rain. in fort benning, a trail of damage, including in cincinnati, ohio, worry woman died when this tree came crashing onto her car.
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in this image from cottonwood, alabama. amazingly, nobody was hurt. in fort mitchell, alabama siding was ripped off of this house. more than 40 reports of severe weather in the region. overnight, the same system sent people running for cover at this outdoor concert in arlington texas. >> the tornado sirens were going off. reporter: sounding the alarm for the dangerous weather. not quite a tornado, but a second night of damaging storms pounding the dallas area. this is a commendation of two storms that have been stuck in place. now they are together, moving up the northeast. it will be a stormy start to the week. kimberly: it was a day that had
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much of the area on age, a violent -- on edge, a violent criminal escapes police custody. now virginia governor mark warner -- now virginia senator mark warner is reacting to the report. u.s. marshals arty have their investigation underway into allied protection services. joce sterman has more on why that may not be enough. >> i'm just glad you guys are out there. joce: the 7 on your side i-team continuing to dig into allied protection come after finding leaders advertised on their website or not connected with the company. -- are not connected with the company. he was listed as director of education and training. he says he has never worked for
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them. we have learned the agency that helped allied the millions in government contracts did not look at the company's page. the small business administration is now looking thanks to our story, considering a referral to the inspector general. under the program for disadvantaged businesses, à la protection ended up with three no competition government contracts to move and guard prisoners. there virginia jobs have been put on hold as the u.s. marshals investigate the escape from innova fairfax hospital. senator mark warner is concerned the feds are not taking this seriously enough saying public safety and lives are at risk. he is calling on the department of justice to reevaluate other allied contracts. >> if it was just this one situation, or are there others? what else is going on that may not be accurate? joce: joce sterman, abc 7 news. kimberly: even though the
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virginia contract has been stopped, two remaining contracts with allied protection services are still in force. a man lucky to be alive after he fell onto a subway track. he was walking along the edge of the platform in downtown philadelphia when he lost his balance. several people waiting there actually turned away. when he cannot get out ofn his own, a 20-year-old jumped onto the tracks to help. >> i saw him down, so i jumped down to pick them up. two other guys picked him up and they got me out. kimberly: the victim broke his back and a few ribs and shattered his knee. collins suffered a minor leg injury. collins later went to check on the man in the hospital.
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concern among parents as a karate instructor is accused of creating child pornography. the police believe the young men seen in these videos were his students. roz plater has more on the case and how it may span the globe. roz: montgomery county police have launched an international manhunt for this 26-year-old charged with eight counts of possessing child pornography. he was a karate instructor at a studio in chevy chase. investigators say they found videos that show he may have victimized some of his students. >> in the videos, the suspect was inappropriately touching the victims and they were engaging in sexual acts. we don't know for these males are. we know it took place at the karate studio in chevy chase. roz: this former student says he is stunned and horrified at the accusations. >> i was shocked when i heard about it. i went there for a long time. i used to look up to him.
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i never knew he would be capable of that. roz: investigators seized hard drives from his bethesda home april 1. he admitted to receiving and trading child porno, but before they could get an arrest warrant, he fled the country two days later. the police say they believe the videos they found were shot before october 2011 and are asking any victims to come forward. roz plater, abc 7 news. kimberly: a happy update after crews in montgomery county freed a nine week old puppy from a pipe. he was freed early this morning after being stuck 12 feet low ground nearly seven hours. -- below ground nearly seven hours. rescue crews brought him oxygen and food, and then backhoes dug up the section of pipe near
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blair high school in silver spring. blue is doing fine and is back home safe tonight. coming up -- new pressure from capitol hill when it comes to your commute. what lawmakers are calling deeply troubling. ryan: and we have heavy rain across the area the next several hours. that could lead to flooding. we also have the chance of severe weather tomorrow afternoon.
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kimberly: a fixture for the art scene in arlington is closing its doors. the county board said it should shut down and saying it was too expensive to run. arlington will save more than $2 million from its upcoming annual budget by closing the building. there is no definitive word on what will come next after the artisphere closes at the end of june. vdot has been pushing to add express toll lanes to i-66. but as tom roussey reports four powerful voices on capitol hill are saying not so fast. tom: the two republicans and two democrats have signed the same letter, expressing concern to vdot over plans for 66, saying that the far reaching implications on the commuters and neighborhoods, the rapid timetable, and the lack of public input into the planning
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are deeply troubling. outside the beltway vdot wants to widen 66 and have two free lanes and toll lanes. >> they are taking my house and did not even tell us. tom: they say that it is unacceptable that affected homeowners were not told. vdot plans to add tolls not just outside, but inside the beltway as well. >> that would be awesome. sometimes it's quicker. >> people use this road every day to get to work and get home. to pay to go to work is ridiculous. tom: but some agree with the congressional letter. the communication about vdto's plans has been poor. >> i have no idea where i would go to give my opinion. kimberly: overwhelming demand
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brought to a grinding halt. so many people logged on at once, target had to make the site and acceptable for about 15 minutes to do with the traffic. once people got back on, many learned that most items had already been sold out. ahead -- a sour side to a sweet addiction. the health risks doctors are warning about the popular candy
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kimberly: a group pushing to change the $20 bill is getting support from the senate. the new hampshire senator filed a bill creating a panel to pick which woman should be on the bill. the senator is the first woman in history to serve as governor and in the senate. the women on 20's campaign is pushing for a new $20 bill by 2020 to mark the 100th anniversary of the constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote. they have already narrow down the list of 15 candidates including former first lady eleanor roosevelt, civil rights leader rosa parks and wilma mankiller, along with harriet tubman. and also, a monument to a famous woman, but one step at a time.
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the weather, it is raining already. ryan: that's right, that's a good thing. a lot of of folks were landscaping earlier today. this will get them established. live doppler radar right now the rain in motion from the south to the north, right across the 95 corridor, moderate to heavy showers through stafford county and richmond. we continue with the rainfall, and by the time this is said and done, we can have one to two inches of potential rainfall. putting this in motion, the satellite radar combined. a big swell in the atmosphere, continuing to give us rainfall through the eastern seaboard and the potential of severe weather associated with the system. that chance will not get here until probably tomorrow afternoon and evening. the counterclockwise situation in the low-pressure situation
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over indiana and illinois will bring the moisture from the east to the northeast. if you have travel plans by car, it will be a tough ride the next several hours. also looking at a couple other items -- we have one of our weather models. heaviest rains should wrap up about 7:00, 8:00 in the morning pushing to the northeast. the other thing to concern ourselves with is the potential of severe weather tomorrow afternoon. if we get a lot of sunshine tomorrow afternoon, that could lead to some severe weather in the afternoon and evening as the cold front pushes through and triggers the severe weather. the chance would bring the potential of damaging wind large hail, so we have to watch this closely. a flood watch, so potentially flooding conditions through the morning shaded in green, the district, fairfax, prince george's county, all the way to the blue ridge. small creeks and streams are
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normally the areas, if you see a rapid accumulation of water come you have to watch for that. tomorrow it will be rainy you will need the umbrella but short sleeves because the air temperatures will be in the 70's. tomorrow afternoon, watch the skies to the west as we could have severe weather come in. looks like the temperature trend the next seven days will be heading down. near 80 degrees tomorrow, but the middle portions of the week and the later half of the week, highs only in the lower 60's. tonight, mid 40's, even 30's possible in the suburbs. kimberly: but we are drying out the second half of the week. friday at georgetown university was all about raising the shades. about two dozen students joined 40,000 people across the country to shave their heads and raise
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money for childhood cancer research. more than 100 people turned out for the festivities. it included food, music, and a silent auction. the popular game candy crush could be actually dangerous to your health. a new medical report this past week says that candy crush can lead to major injuries. a man said that his obsession with the game led to an emergency surgery. the strain of playing six hours per day to rate and and in his hand. his addiction to the game suppress the pain. >> it acts like a digital drug that is a natural painkiller, by releasing hormones into the body and the brain. kimberly: candy crush is played by hundreds of millions of people around the world. dr. suggest setting proper boundaries and limiting how much you play. coming up, and unexpected as ms. boost.
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kimberly: a business on the eastern shore of maryland is extremely busy after wednesday's gyrocopter landing in the nation's capital. it is one of the largest manufacturers of gyrocopters and business is booming. reporter: at the bay bridge airport, it is not unusual to see small or even smaller
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aircraft. gyroplanes are sent here, and they are selling fast. since the incident wednesday the curious have been calling. >> it's extremely popular now. reporter: but there's a difference between these models in the ultralight unregulated aircraft used in that stung. >> that was put together with parts that you could have gotten from home depot. the only thing that was unique was the rotor blade on top. one other aircraft, it is prohibited from flying at restricted areas, and this aircraft could land at bwi with all regulations. reporter: for larger gyroplanes, you need a sports license, but it has everyone talking about this aviation trend. >> in europe, it is the fastest growing trend. reporter: this company has sold
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more than 80. >> this is a two-seat aircraft. it has a radio and transponder. reporter: the faa regulates them. the controls include standard aviation equipment. >> compared with fixed wing aircraft, you cannot stall it, so as long as the rotor blade is fine, you are fine. reporter: according to the ntsb, there has only been one minor crash involving a gyroplane in maryland in the last five years. kimberly: the mailman arrested wednesday is on home detention ordered not to operate any aircraft and he must stay out of washington d.c., except for his court appear
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