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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  April 20, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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jummy: overnight rain left behind flooded roads and a messy commute this morning. standing water shut down parts of the major roadways. you can see it right there. brianne carter has the latest on the conditions right now. brianne: a major mess this morning. three lanes of traffic blocked during rush hour because of standing water after the overnight and early morning rain. state highway crews on the scene say one thing that credibilitied to this morning's problem was this. this mesh sheeting that was laid
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over top of the grate. they say it was put here when they were doing cleanings here to make sure those didn't get in but it prevented the water from draining. they opened a grate and then pushed the water towards the drain. with several lanes shut down traffic backed up for miles. in northeast d.c., more standing water. along eastern avenue water poured to the base of the road. tosha adams didn't realize the depth of the water and got stuck. >> just tried to pull through and wound up stopping. brianne: crews helped push her out of the water to wait for a tow truck. >> don't describetry it. just turn around. brianne: by mid morning, the road was reopened. in bowie brianne carter, abc 7 news. jummy: morning rain has moved out and now look at that. sunny skies are overhead right now. but here's the bad news. some severe weather could be on the way for the evening commute.
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chief meteorologist doug hill is here with the timing and track of the latest storms. doug, tell us about it. doug: ok jummy. we had the heavy rain this morning. skies are bright. we're sunny. 72 degrees. winds continue out of the south-southwest and may pick up. you're absolutely right. we expect lines of storms to potentially be heavy and even severe to develop later this afternoon. just east of the appalachians and as they develop, we'll watch for the possibility of strong winds and hail in some of these. 74 degrees in fredricksburg. you can see the satellite and radar showing the heavier rain. this morning moving out, you see a few lines developing west of the mountains. they'll start to really blossom once they get east of the mountains probably after 3:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. we, because of that have a possibility of that severe storms. get hail and wind probably will be the biggest features so when we get close to 80 degrees this afternoon and again, 3:00 to 7:00 that's the best time frame for the majority of the area to see the lines of storms coming in. and then as far as the effects,
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well, we expect possibility of large hail and damaging wind. everybody is seeing that orange area east of the -- of cumberland, maryland you willall across the bay to eastern shore. large hail and damaging wind is the biggest concern this afternoon. we'll share more about this coming up in a couple of minutes. jummy: developing in arlington. police beginning the next phase of their investigation into a woman's suspicious death that's now being called a homicide. john gonzalez has the latest as police recanvas that neighborhood. john: a neighborhood stunned to hear the suspicious death of 42-year-old bonnie black, a mother and psychologist, has now been deemed a homicide. >> just want to feel safe in our homes again. john: investigators will continue to go through this corner house on ken street where the mail is starting to stack up and garbage cans still sit on the curb. people keeping watch searching for clues. >> not just something random. nothing like that really ever happens around here.
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john: it was friday when her body was discovered inside the home shortly after someone noticed her two young children a 3 and 5-year-old playing alone in the front yard. >> our hearts ache for the children, the innocent little babies who don't have their mother anymore. john: since then, we have uncovered a haunted past. a broken marriage turning more violent according to court papers. police have been called to the home for domestic problems in the past. the couple's divorce was nearly finalized. while some say this has to be an isolated incident others just aren't sure. >> i lock all of my doors all the time even if i'm in the house since friday. because we don't know who may have done this or not. john: more and more police arriving here at the crime scene. investigators tell us the estranged husband is cooperating with police as they question him. a protective order was filed against him by his wife but at this hour he has not been charged or arrested. in arlington, john gonzalez, abc 7 news.
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jummy: protesters in baltimore are demanding answers this noon about the police encounter that led to a man's death. 25-year-old freddie gray died yesterday just one week after he was rushed to the hospital with spinal injuries. 1/2 hour after his arrest by four baltimore police officers. gray's family attorney says 80% of the man's spinal cord had been severed near his neck. baltimore police officials are promising accountability and transparency. and another white house security breach to tell you about this noon. the secret service arrested a suspect last night after allegedly jumping the white house fence. our sam sweeney has the details of this latest incident and why it has tourists sam: it's happened again. another person jumped the fence here at the white house. this time on the south side. it happened about 10:30 last night, take a look at some video and you can see a flurry of police activity. within seconds, secret service agents had that jumper in custody before he can make it near the building. this incident of course comes on the heels of several high
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profile security breaches here. ast week, officials here at the white house met with the secret service and the parks service to try to figure out a way to keep the grounds here more secure. right now there are temporary barriers and other plans say that they could put temporary spikes on top of the current fence but that can change. tourists we spoke with today say they hope it doesn't look like a prison. >> i don't want it looking like a -- look like a detention camp of some kind so the secret service and related just need to do their job more effectively. sam: right now, the identity of that jumper remains unclear and charges are pending. reporting at the white house, i'm sam sweeney, abc 7 news. jummy: today, we are hearing from the man who flew his gyrocopter on to the u.s. capitol lawn and getting a first look at brand new footage of his flight. take a look. doug hughes talked about the flight and his arrest in an exclusive interview with abc news. hughes arrived to his home in florida over the weekend where
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his house arrest begins today. hughes says he was never a security threat. >> i'm a mailman. i was delivering the mail. i don't think that the government is going to shoot a 61-year-old mailman in a flying bicycle. jummy: hughes could get four years in prison. he says now it's up to the american people to continue the conversation about campaign finance reform that he wanted to started with this stunt right here. more than 30,000 runners are finishing the boston marathon this noon. in fact, the elite runners are just finishing. we just got word that kenya's caroline rotish has won the women's race. more than 3,000 uniformed and undercover officers are deployed on that 26.2 route. it's been two years since the two bombs went off near the finish line killing three people and wounding 260 others. this noon we are following new developments. f.b.i. agents have arrested six people in minneapolis and san diego after a terrorism probe. federal officials have been
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tracking young people who have traveled to or tried to travel to syria to fight with isil militants. at least one suspect is from minnesota and died fighting for the militants. happening right now, a desperate search for passengers in an overturned migrant ship in the mediterranean sea. the smugglers' boat overturned off the coast of libya as many as 700 migrants on board. alex is in italy with the latest on the rescue efforts. alex: it is a fast rowing humanitarian crisis. wave after wave of migrants trying to cross the mediterranean sea from africa to europe. this video filmed off the coast of greece dramatic scenes that are playing out across the region. today, the search is continuing but hope is fading. the hundreds of migrants still missing after their boat capsized over the weekend off the libyan coast. one survivor said there were almost 1,000 people on the boat but so far, just 28 have been
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rescued. the bodies of 24 dead arriving in malta today. italy is bearing the brunt of this crisis. its coast guard receiving almost daily distress calls. its ships rescuing those who undertake the deadly journey. and the number of those risking it all for a better life in europe is growing. so far this year 35,000 have been rescued while around 1600 or more have drowned. today, we met a 19-year-old from gambia who told us the risk of death was worth his freedom in italy. >> even though you knew on that trip you could die or you could drowned. >> i knew that. i don't have a choice. alex: today, european countries are holding a session after they called for an emergency meeting. there are fears the numbers will only get bigger. alex marquot, abc news, sicily. jummy: an ame airlines jet was forced to make an emergency landing at reagan national airport this morning. the flight was headed to
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philadelphia when a light came on after takeoff indicating a problem with the landing gear. an investigation found the indicator light had malfunctioned. officials say the jet will head to philly after repairs are finally completed. and more charges this noon pending against a man who barricaded himself in an alexandria apartment this morning. aaron jones is charged with violating a protective order. when police showed up to serve him a warrant at an apartment on jamieson avenue they say he refused to open the door. police say they heard the sound of a weapon while they spoke to him. neighbors were told to stay inside and that situation ended peacefully later this morning. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, new details in that police shooting death in tulsa. the sheriff now responding to claims of falsified records for that volunteer deputy. and hillary clinton hits the road in new hampshire. we'll tell you where our new poll puts her in the race. plus a look at that storm system that pummelled the southeast and mid atlantic and
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the impact it could have here at home. doug is back with the latest storm threat. that's coming up after the break.
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jummy: the tulsa county sheriff spoke publicly for the first time since a volunteer deputy on his force fatally shot a restrained suspect after referring his staunun gun with the handgun. the training reserves records were as far as he knows not ied. the sheriff revealed that they
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completed the investigation and believes his office did nothing wrong. however, he did apologize to the suspect's family. >> we are sorry eric was taken from you. for this i'm sorry that you all were involved and my sympathy goes out to that family. jummy: bates is charged with manslaughter in the death of eric harris. the two deputies involved in the shooting have been reassigned but not suspended. that drug task force has also been shut down for the time being. to campaign news now. hillary clinton continues her 2016 presidential campaign in new hampshire today. she'll focus on smaller roundtable events of selected groups of supporters. clinton's visit comes one day after the republican leadership summit wrapped up in the state where republicans blasted her work as secretary of state. and a new cnn/orc policy shows clinton has a commanded lead among democrats in 2016 in that presidential race that is.
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the poll finds 69% of registered voters and leading democrats favored clinton. vice president joe biden came in a distant second at 11%. florida governor jeb bush is the favorite among republicans with 17%. wisconsin governor scott walker is second at 12%. the cost of a virginia railway express ticket will increase my 4% beginning july 1st. riders taking the commuter railway from fredricksburg to l'enfant plaza and union station in d.c. will pay an additional $12.20 a month for a pass. a monthly pass. a single ticket will cost an additional 45 cents. the railway says the fare increase will help cover higher operational costs. today, the navy yard homecoming dedication ceremony was held there for the newly renovated naval sea systems command air force building that sustained damage in the navy yard shooting. they were designed to repair damage and give the building a
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different layout. the employees were allowed to start moving into that building early in february. severe thunderstorms pummelled the southeast and the mid atlantic leaving just a trail of damage across many states. in alabama, more than four inches of rain uprooting entire trees and causing flash flood conditions. dozens of homes were destroyed. hundreds of people woke up without electricity. in cincinnati ohio a woman died when a tree fell on her car. and now if any of that severe weather, what is impacting us today with the rain showers? doug: those storms that caused damage moved out or dissipated. new set will develop later this afternoon. we could have similar problems in some areas. high winds enough to cause damage and maybe large hail and can't rule out an isolated tornado in some part of the mid atlantic. can't narrow down exactly where. it will be an active busy weather afternoon. let's tell you what you need to know. we'll start with the time lapse. the sky views from the army-navy
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country club after the heavy rain passed through, clouds kind of low and ragged and ugly looking for a while. then they brightened up and cleared out once the warm front got through. this is the way it looks right now. sitting pretty with lots of sunshine. comfortable temperatures and we'll continue to see those numbers rise. 73 degrees as we speak in woodbridge. 61 in frederick. 73 in chevy chase and lexington park. since the rain began last night, woodbridge, 2 1/2 inches of rain. close to two inches in other spots like frederick and chevy chase and lexington park and another fresh opportunity for heavy rain this afternoon with the next batch or batches of storms that develop. the map shows the coolest numbers to the north and west. those areas may warm up with the sunshine as well but we definitely think that the best chance for any nasty storms this afternoon will not be out here. it will be farther towards the blue ridge and especially east towards the bay. southern maryland, northern virginia and eventually on the eastern shore as well. temperatures widespread in the 70's at this noon hour. and the air is slightly cooler. we will see a dropoff in
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temperatures the next few days. not dramatic but noticeable drop compared to the mid to upper 70's. we'll experience this afternoon around the entire area. on the surface, we've got satellite and radar, you can see off to the west, it's coming. the cold front. off to the east that with which went through the area and going through the area heavy rain moving into the boston right now for the marathon. we're in this big wide open area where there's a lot of clearing skies and with that temperatures are allowed to rise. few little clouds. maybe an isolated shower may bubble up in south central virginia the next couple of hours but clearly, the biggest threat will come later this afternoon when these developing lines of storms and perhaps, a new fresh line of storms develop east of the mountains later this afternoon. if they enter into the strong air, all the ingredients are there for the possibility of numerous thunderstorms and the possibility of some severe thunderstorms. we don't have a watch out. we're just talking of potential at this point. storms will be scattered around the area and may come in a
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couple of different batches across the area through the early evening. i think the best chance of the threat of anything nasty ending is probably going to come after 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. we'll have a little clearing to follow and back to sunshine and bit cooler weather for the day tomorrow. as far as the threats, there's an isolated tornado threat. biggest threat will be high winds and hail and heavy rain. here's the story for the next seven days after we get through the nasty potential this afternoon, we'll have a breezy day. it will be noticeably cooler near 70 tomorrow with some sunshine. another system brings cooler still numbers. 60's with rain and the possibility on wednesday, 40% as we see it. the clearing skies thursday and friday and sunshine into the weekend. just a little bit on the cool side but definitely on the dry side. jummy: not too bad. doug: i'll take dry and cool vs. heavy storms any day. jummy: absolutely. thank you. officials say a cooking fire caused a huge wildfire that broke out in southern california over the weekend. firefighters say they're making
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progress containing the fire. it grew to 1.6 square miles and threatened at least 300 homes. officials say it's about 35% contained. coming up on abc 7 news at noon officials in maryland want to get you some money back. we'll tell you how. that's coming up next. and a fashion frenzy over target's newest line. why you might have a hard
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jummy: do you live in maryland? make sure you listen up. your released a list today of more than 78,000 unclaimed property accounts. these accounts are worth more than $58 million.
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he also debuted this you tube video featuring his alter ego who has a license to return unclaimed property. marylanders can also check to see if their name is on the unclaimed property list through the comptroller's website. pretty funny there. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert this noon. listen up you can expect a little relief when it comes to air fares. average round trip domestic ticket stands at $454 slight drop from this year. people heading to europe can expect to save more with an average ticket price of $1619. that's $50 less than last summer. and shopping news now target apologizing this noon for website delays after its newest collection debuted this weekend. lily pulitzer fans flocked to to buy pieces from the limited pieces collection. target had to shut down the site at times to keep it from crashing. when people could get on the
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site to make a purchase, many of the items were sold out. >> biggest appeal is you're getting access to a high end designer at a low price. jummy: the line sold out in many stores, not all of them. the clothes are showing up on ebay at huge markup prices. happens all the time. severe storms headed our way this afternoon. doug is
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jummy: if you order a beer in oregon, there's a good chance it will be made from wastewater.
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yep, that's right. the state just approved a measure that turns recycled sewage over to beer brewers. one brewer says it tastes exactly like beer and the water tastes like destilled water. health officials say the wastewater poses a low health risk and is safe to drink. bottoms up out in portland right, doug? doug: i'll take a pass. i'll wait until i see some reviews. maybe it works. you don't know. take a look outside right now. bright sunshine and warm temperatures. few clouds. as we get through the afternoon, more clouds are coming our way. all because of a cold front west of the mountains and an area of thunderstorms that will develop east of the mountains later this afternoon. with that we expect between 3:00 and 7:00, the time frame for scattered storms. some could be possibly severe. chance of damaging wind and hail. have more about those for you at the possibilities at 4:00. might have stuff on the radar then. jummy: thanks, doug. and thanks for joining us.
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